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Lost Baggage Again!!!
Posted by COLBEARD on 01/17/2011
I am amazed that after losing my luggage in Mumbai last August travelling with Air France and spending five days waiting for it....and not claiming any money for clothing as it is a complex process.....Air France did it yet again last week on my flight to Chile. Both were Business Class and both were experienced as 'couldn't care less' by Air France.

The passenger in front of me in Manchester Airport checking in was also travelling to Chile and his luggage got there fine but not mine! The logic of losing it then makes this difficult to explain. My first onward trip to Patagonia kayaking in the mountains was also spoilt to some degree by not having clothing and some equipment that I couldn't carry on board. I was then speaking at an important event in Chile and my smart clothes of course were still not there for my first day .......four days later...........

Very poor service and no one seems to care.

In India the case arrived at 11.30 pm one evening yet it only got to me at 1pm the following day! 'The courier got a flat tyre' said Air France ground staff!


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Air France has the worst customer service in the history of the world
Posted by Ihateairfrance on 01/13/2011
Ubaka...I've just learned the name of my new mortal enemy. For those of you who have not had the displeasure of meeting Ubaka, let me spare you. Ubaka is a horrible human being who works at Air France in LAX. I'm calling to complain extensively about him tomorrow, in an effort to spare other customers from his wrath. That's right Ubaka. You're going down.

AF has been my personal hell for about 3 months now, ever since my boss got downgraded for a flight. Flying to and from Paris, she was downgraded from "Premium Economy" (which I'm still not sure even exists) to Economy. After being promised all sorts of compensation for her downgrade, she received none. I had to spend several months and countless hours by phone, fax, and email to get the refund for the difference in her ticket price, and a "good will voucher" that basically forces you to fly Air France again, (as if you would ever want to) because it's not good for any of their partner airlines.

So, I finally got this voucher, right? And my boss decided to use it. Come to find the only way to use it is to go to the air France counter at an airport and book it in person - which they charge you $35 for. I get there, and wait in line for an hour, finally get to the counter, and UBAKA tells me he just can't help me right now, because there are other people in line trying to make their flights. He proceeds to usher everyone in line behind me forward, while I wait there for another 20 minutes. When the line is empty, another attendant named Phil takes my vouchers and says it will be 20 minutes for him to book my flights, and he has to go to the back office to do it. I waited 40 minutes and approached the counter again. At this time, I was now late for work. I asked Ubaka to fetch Phil and ask him what my status was, and he refused. He said the office was "all the way down there" and he couldn't walk over there and get him. I tried to explain to him my situation - that I might get fired because I am late for work, having been here to purchase a ticket for nearly 2.5 hours. But he turned around and walked away while I was in mid sentence, rolling his eyes, purposefully ignoring me, and started talking to another customer. I tracked down Phil myself, and was told he can't finish booking my tickets until tomorrow because the counter was closing in 15 minutes. 3 hours later, and absolutely nothing to show for it, I went to work late and infuriated. I sent my boyfriend back in to LAX just to get Ubaka's name, and Ubaka was a total a-hole to my boyfriend too. I vowed then and there that I would take Air France and Ubaka down. And now, it is my new mission in life.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2011-01-13:
I don't understand how you could be late for work when you were working for you boss getting the flight. You can't fault the employee for taking care of the passengers getting ready to fly that day. Other than that, anything having to do with France is garbage.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-01-13:
Is this a complaint letter, or a threat?
Posted by MRM on 2011-01-13:
Do what I do, cast a death spell upon your enemy.
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Air France lost my baggage, don't care and aren't trying to find it
Posted by Mike79 on 01/12/2011
Friends, if you want to arrive with your baggage, don't fly with Air France.


Because if you do, when they lose it, you'll then enter the hell of their specially-designed 'no customer service' routine. You know the game:
- you call the tel #, it connects, then you wait 15 minutes to speak to someone, who can't help and sends you to the website
- the website tells you your baggage is lost (thanks for that!) and you have to submit more written notification to Air France
- Air France local sales office deny all knowledge and tell you to call the #

Repeat until you have a heart attack or give up exhausted. Air France don't care which. Really - they don't.

My baggage was last seen Dec 22 in Paris. May it rest in peace, along with the family Christmas presents it contained, and test coursework...
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NO Baggage since December 18, 2010
Posted by Ramblinrosemarielee on 01/09/2011
YARMOUTH, MAINE -- And no response from Air France.

This really is an airlines that should be shut down from all the complaints about lost luggage that I am seeing. It seems to be a very poorly and rudely run operation.

I flew from Boston to Paris on the 18th of December, with a connecting flight to Basel, which was grounded due to the storm. Eventually I made it to Basel, filed a missing luggage form with the Basel Air France service department. I was told that the suitcase would be delivered to my hotel in Lucerne. It never was. Then I was told that it would be delivered to the boat I was to catch in Basel on the 20th. This did not occur. I was told that my bag would catch up with me during my voyage. This did not happen.

I am back in the United States now, still without my suitcase or any word as to when I might expect it. What makes the matter worse is that Air France is not answering their phones, claiming to be too busy!

I will never use Air France again and will certainly advise everyone I know not to book flights with them. They appear to be a very shabby organization.

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Posted by Alain on 2011-01-09:
Wow. I really, really hope you get your bags back.
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Air France JFK December 28 Flight AF 007
Posted by Nycguy74 on 01/08/2011
Are there any passengers that were on AF 007 from NYC to Paris on December 28? My luggage has been missing for almost two weeks. I call Air France every day, check the website, etc and NOTHING. No one can tell me anything. I have no clothes, medication, etc. I told Air France about the medication part and they replied: "Go see a French doctor." Has anyone from this flight or any of the flights from JFK around this time period heard anything? The French media reported that Air France had over 10,000 bags in a warehouse.
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Posted by Alain on 2011-01-09:
Either Air France has a huge baggage problem (looks like they do) or someone is really persistent in AF luggage complaints. By the way, in the future always keep your essential medicines with you when traveling. I hope you and your luggage are reunited soon.
Posted by Charley1965 on 2011-01-13:
I was not on this flight, but I was at CDG on 20th December and can offer some insight into the luggage problem. Our flight back to the UK was cancelled after we had checked in our luggage. We decided after some time to leave the airport and try to make our way back to the UK by train and ferry as there was no prospect of a flight and we'd already been delayed a day elsewhere. When we told AF we wanted to leave we were told that we could search for our luggage in the reclaim hall which was piled high with passengers luggage from the previous day. We were told by an AF representative that there were 30,000 bags in the airport. After three hours looking we gave up and filed a claim. I was told last Friday (7th January) by my airline (not AF) that CDG still had 25,000 bags to sort through from December. I have received one bag back, one still missing. Had to share this with you because luggage was obviously piling up from 18th/19th December when the bad weather hit Europe. Hope you get your bags back.
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Inaccurate information constantly
Posted by The Prisoner on 01/07/2011
I am still trying to get my luggage from Air France after a week in Paris. I have heard they lost over 20,000 bags. This alone is unacceptable, but I would like to post about something more general that is clearly a huge problem with Air France's policies in my experience.

Every step of my journey has been fraught with incorrect information from Air France. They seem to have a habit of saying things that they cannot or will not actually do.

A simple example is this - I call "baggage services" and a recorded voice informs me that my wait time on hold will be 7 minutes. Not "approximately 7 minutes", mind you, it claims it will be a 7 minute wait. Following that I am on hold for over 20 minutes.

They do not seem to understand that this alone is already a deplorable way to treat a customer. If the recorded voice came back after 7 minutes and updated the time estimate, or if it simply did not tell me how long I would be waiting, that would be much better than claiming 7 minutes and then not delivering on that promise.

In general, this has been my continual experience with Air France. Another more extreme example occurred during take off from JFK to Paris. After 5 hours of delays, all of which contained this same over-promise/under-deliver characteristic, we were still waiting to take off after sitting on the plane for well over an additional 2 hours. When we finally moved away from the gate, the pilot informed us we still had to wait for the plane to be de-iced, but assured us this would take no more than 10 minutes. In fact, it took well over 30 minutes, and we continued to sit still for another 30 minutes after that with no information about when we might finally move ahead.

I could give countless other examples of this, as it seems to be acceptable to Air France to essentially lie to its customers and never to recognize or apologize for giving entirely inaccurate information during times when information is the most important thing they can give to a customer.

As I sit here now, I had been told my luggage (actually only one of my two bags) was to be delivered four hours ago. I actually spoke to the delivery person and was told this. When I finally called Air France to complain, they didn't even seem to understand why this was a problem until I explained that I am a virtual prisoner in Paris because I do not want to miss the delivery. They have not set up any system to track or contact the courier for an update on the arrival of the delivery.

(While the bag was eventually delivered, I still feel that Air France has no interest in taking proper care of paying customers.)
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Posted by Alain on 2011-01-08:
You're not alone when it comes to problems with Air France. Including this website, there are 12 sites (maybe more, but I stopped reading at 12) with multiple complaints about them.
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Lost Luggage Farce
Posted by Real 'n Honest on 01/05/2011
Having arrived in Toronto via a transit stop at Charles De Gaulle, I was notified my luggage was held over and will arrive the next day (today). I was given a tracking number and was told I'll receive a call this afternoon and the luggage will arrive at my door this evening.
Here are all the ridiculous things that took place since:
1. Throughout the afternoon, the number I was told to call with any inquiries had the following voice message: "we are in a staff meeting right now. Please leave a message. Thank you for supporting Air France”. I guess they never heard of leaving someone by the phone in case a customer calls!!!!!
2. With no answer on the phone, I tried using the tracking number to find out what happened with my luggage online. Despite entering the correct number numerous times, the system kept telling me that “'the number cannot be found"!
3. Attempts to call other Air France numbers yielded no results – all I found were voicemails in the US, or a person in the general number who used the word ‘unfortunately’ numerous times. Yes, she could take my money to buy a ticket, but ‘unfortunately’ she would be unable to help in any way whatsoever when it comes to lost luggage. Not even a miserable little ‘Let me see what I can do for you”. Just “unfortunately”. C’est tout.
It is now night time and no word from the company yet. There is no one to call, no online resource that works. This is totally Kafkaesque !!!!
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Air France = DIABOLICAL AIRLINE - Never, ever fly with them!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by Simmonec on 01/02/2011
Air France are absolutely without doubt the worst airline we have had the misfortune to travel with!!!
Our flight to Paris was delayed so after a ridiculous lengthy transfer from plane to terminal and no sense of urgency through the security queue we were not allowed to catch the connecting flight at Rio AF444 on 26th December despite the plane being delayed for over an hour. That meant that over 10 people missed that particular flight. The Air France desk was mobbed by dozens of people who had missed their connections - obviously nothing new for Air France!!!
The next available flight at night was overbooked by 14 people - (how can a flight be possibly overbooked by this many people = they obviously count on unbeknowing passengers missing their connecting flight thats why!!
So we had no choice but to stay overnight in Paris and get on the next das flight, 27th December.
We asked at this point where our luggage was and the Air France representative reassured us that the luggage was there in Paris and would get on the connecting flight.
When we caught the actual flight again the plane was delayed by an hour due to bags being on there without their owners. In this time, other passengers (some of them elderly) joined the plane - upon speaking to them they had also had little time to make the connection but had been allowed to board. But guess what these poor people had no seats, they had all been double booked!!! After much fiddling about and these passengers stood in the aisle they were finally found other seats.
Upon arriving at Rio some 13 hours later, it appeared that my suitcase was missing, along with another 30+ passengers!!!! However there were still about 20 unclaimed bags going round the carousel.
We queued up for a lengthy amount of time and filed a report. It was here that the airport official advised that my suitcase had never left Manchester!! That means that the Air France representative in Paris bare-facedly LIED to us.
We were given a number to call in Rio to follow up the whereabouts of the bag - tried calling it every day since (6 days and counting now) -nobody even answers, it is an absolute disgrace. I called Air France in England but they were extremely unhelpful and said only someone in Rio could help me - nobody answers the bloody phone in Rio!!!! They then gave me two telephone numbers which are both out of service...helpful, thanks for that!!
They only give you 100 euros for immediate needs - and what does that buy for a 3 week holiday??? hardly anything!!! They promise to provide you with a toiletry kit but there wasn~t any available.
Used the tracker system and it just says PENDING - to me that says that they have done nothing to even try look for this missing suitcase.
Oh and surprise surprise the details on the tracker system are incorrect = the Air France representative only had to write about 10 sentences down and couldn~t even get that information correct, just an example of their sheer incomptency. The only way you can chnage the info is by speaking to someone at the airport - that would all be okay but NOBODY ANSWERS THE PHONE!!!!!
What an absolute shambles!!!! Will never ever fly with Air France again, their service is the shoddiest I have ever encountered, they are a complete disgrace. I have flown with countless budget airlines, BA, Qantas etc, never had any problems but AIR FRANCE are USELESS.
Oh and did I mention an Air France flight from Rio to Paris disappeared in 2009 killing all its passengers and staff? Great looking forward to that flight back!!!! NOT!!!!!
If I can be of any help to make sure anyone else doesn't suffer the same as us please take my advise and NEVER fly with Air France. EVER!!!!

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Posted by Ben There on 2011-01-02:
The crash of Air France flight 447 has nothing to do with your issue. In fact, that issue was linked back to European plane maker Airbus.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2011-01-02:
"Oh and did I mention an Air France flight from Rio to Paris disappeared in 2009 killing all its passengers and staff?" That statement was uncalled for and has no bearing on your situation.
Posted by momsey on 2011-01-02:
Your situation is really horrible, but throwing in the comment about the plane crash really took away from your review.
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Lost Luggage NIGHTMARE
Posted by AirFranceSUCKS on 01/01/2011
1/1/2011 I have NEVER experienced the kind of customer service nightmare I am currently going through with Air France. We flew from San Francisco to Barcelona on Dec. 23 with a connection at Charles De Gaulle. Due to bad weather in Paris, our flight out of SF was delayed for 5 hours. When we reached Paris, 3 flights to Barcelona were cancelled, so our baggage was at CDG for over 5 hours. When we finally landed at Barcelona at about 11:30 pm, our luggage (and that of most others on the plane) was not there, even though they had 5 hours to transfer it from one plane to another at the same terminal. After literally dozens of phone calls to Spain, France and the US, and constant checking online, we still do not have our bags, after 7 days! They initially promised it within 24 hours, yet everyday their answer was the same: "sorry, no information". They consistently refused to answer whether the luggage had ever been scanned into CDG.

I am an insulin-dependent diabetic and did not have enough medication to last the entire trip in my small carry-on bag. I explained this to them immediately, and it was noted in the file, but they gave no extra consideration to this, even though it constituted a medical emergency for me.

This morning they reportedly found one of the three bags and it was supposedly out for delivery at 8:30 am, but it is now 11 P.M. and still no bag. They promised that it would be delivered by private courier given the medication inside, but instead I have now been told it is on a huge truck, and they refuse to provide the name of the service so that I might avoid having to waste ANOTHER entire day of my vacation waiting at my rental apartment to be sure I don't miss the driver.

I have received nothing but officious, rude service, and outright lies from nearly everyone I've dealt with at all levels of Air France -- no firm answers, no apologies, no accurate information -- just continuous delays and hours waiting on hold. NEVER AGAIN WILL I FLY THIS ROTTEN AIRLINE!
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Posted by olie on 2011-01-01:
And to think that this whole thing could have been avoided by your having a full vacation's-worth of insulin in your carry-on.

Is there no insulin in Paris? Or Barcelona?
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Should I Hate Air France And Should I Ever Consider Flying Air France Again?
Posted by Hkhkhkhk on 12/25/2010
As you are getting ready for another summer vacation anywhere outside of the US or just Europe, AVOID taking Air France at any cost. I’ll let you decide if the heading of this review should have been “I HATE Air France”. If you do book a flight with Air France after reading this review and have an unpleasant experience with them, then please do not complain afterwards because you are forewarned. Here is our story:
It was late June of 2010. We took a flight with Air France, from Washington DC to Istanbul, via Paris. The first leg of the trip was uneventful, thank God, because what happened afterwards was bad enough to cover many many Air France mishaps that you might experience on any given flight. After transferring to another airplane, we continued our trip from Paris to Istanbul, which is supposed to be 3 hours. A half hour or so before we were supposed land in Istanbul, the pilot announced that we were returning back to Paris because the airplane’s landing radar was not operating properly and landing conditions in Istanbul were windy. In other words they were concerned about the safety. We did not like the news, but, hey, anyone can experience such a malfunction on any airplane or airlines. While we were returning back to Paris, we found out from a flight attendant that the airplane had come from Frankfurt first and this condition was known. So if Air France knew the problem why did they assign the plane to fly? We said let’s not get upset and ruin our trip. Two and a half hours later, and a full thirteen plus hours after we left home from Washington DC, we landed back in Paris.
The airplane parked on the tarmac. We walked down the stairs to board a bus. Oh by the way, I forgot to mentioned that my wife’s knees are in such a bad condition with arthritis that we had to install a chair lift for her on the stairs of our house so that she can be mobile without pain. But enduring pain is exactly what she did - she walked down the airplane stairs. The next problem arrived when the bus let us off in front of a three story set of stairs that we had to walk up to reach the terminal. Everyone walked up, and we waited. Waited to ask someone to take us to an elevator so that my wife would not be forced to negotiate the stairs with pain. Oh by the way, I did not mention that I am a heart patient. It is not good for me to walk up three flights of stairs either.
Well, an Air France representative came. We told him about my wife’s knees, he said that there is no elevator. I questioned his statement, stating that I cannot believe that in Charles De Gaul Airport there is no elevator anywhere to take us up. All they had to do is just walk us to the nearest elevator. The man insisted that there was no elevator and we had to walk up just like all other passengers did. My wife’s arthritic knees? My heart condition? I asked him what happens if I have a heart attack while I am trying to go up three flights. His response was, if that happens we’ll take you to the hospital. At that point I told him that he should call the police because we are not going anywhere until they take us to an elevator. Yes, a few police came around trying to understand the problem. The man was insisting that there was no elevator that we can walk to, nor could they can take us to one, and if all of the other passengers can go up, we too can walk up to the terminal. I told him if he kept up that attitude we might both be on the front page the next day. At that point, my wife said that she would walk up no matter what. She and I walked up three stories of stairs in twenty minutes, while taking breaks along with the entourage of Air France representatives and a few policemen. Ironically, after we came home there was the official Disabilities month and passage of disabilities laws to provide a variety of capabilities to people like us and those in worse condition. Thank you America for trying to accommodate all disabled people and shame on you Air France for insisting and expecting us to be in the condition to walk up three floors to your terminal and refusing to take us to an elevator. I would like to ask you, should I hate Air France and should I ever consider flying Air France again?
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Posted by leet60 on 2010-12-25:
I recall Charles De Gaulle airport having some elevators, albeit smaller than those in the U.S.
These were restricted to be used by "wheelchair bound" passengers only.

It is sad that your disabilities were not accomodated, but not suprising in Europe.
Posted by trmn8r on 2010-12-25:
My answer to you would be don't fly any airline if unexpected changes are going to cause you such anguish. If you didn't come in on a wheelchair, they will likely assume you can climb stairs. This begs the question of what would have happened if a passenger *did* require a wheelchair.

The situation with returning to Paris may have been that the particular radar that was down was only needed to due to specific weather conditions (such as guiding the aircraft in under computer control). You have no way of knowing, but there was probably an explanation other than they forgot.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-12-25:
Hmm... Should you fly Air France again, or should you not now... If you do there may be trouble, if you don't, and fly with someone else it could be double... Let me consult my magic 8 ball and get back to you on that.
Posted by dan gordon on 2010-12-25:
I don't think you should ever leave the USA again. We accomodate disabilities but that is rare in the rest of the world. If you need and expect american standards wherever you travel then staying put is the best advice. Air France had absolutely nothing to do with the 'stairs' at the airport.
Posted by trmn8r on 2010-12-25:
We found the United Kingdom to be VERY accomodating when it comes to disabilities - both England and Scotland. We rode on the "Queen's Elevator" at one site. It had an insert in it to protect the Queen's velvet, and only the buttons showed through openings. We were ferried on occasion and given special treatment.

My mom had a problem walking, and they were just SO understanding. It was amazing. We went to France the following year, and it wasn't the same. I don't mean to bash France though, we had a wonderful time and I think the UK is just a standout.
Posted by Ben There on 2010-12-26:
Next time you travel I suggest that you request a wheelchair assistance when you book your tickets. As long as you notify the airline at least 48 hours before departure they will pass that along to the airport who is required by EU law to assist.

If you wait till you are at the airport they might not have the resources to provide these services to you, and there is never a guarantee that you will have jetbrides on any airline. http://www.airfrance.us/US/en/common/guidevoyageur/assistance/pmr_aeroport_airfrance.htm
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