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Posted by Swaff1627 on 06/26/2013
Traveling on AirTran was awful. The workers were rude and not helpful. They acted as if helping a big group(band) was a problem with checking their instruments. The flight attendants aren't that nice. Worst AirLine that I've dealt with.
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AirTran NOT Friendly to Family Needs
Posted by Xloeboo on 06/15/2013
I booked a flight for my entire family (including an infant) with AirTran. We have previously flown with Delta and United with the baby and they have allowed the stroller and playpen free of charge (which we were happy to find out). The playpen is a necessity as it allows the baby somewhere safe to sleep at our destination. Just before travel with AirTran I decided to review their policy regarding infant items. It turns out that they do not allow a playpen as free baggage, but they do allow a stroller and car seat. I would not be bringing a car seat (we will be renting one at the destination). So I contacted customer support through email to inquire about bringing the playpen instead of a car seat (the collapsed playpen is much smaller that a car seat- but 2 1/2 inches longer than carry on allows) and told them that other carriers allow playpens for no additional charge.

I received an email on a Saturday that stated their baggage pricing structure and stated I would have to pay $75 (each way) in additional costs, nothing more. When I called customer service the same day to address this email, I was told that the customer service department was closed on Saturdays. I did manage to speak with a customer service representative who seemed wholly annoyed with me. She asked if the playpen was over-sized (over 61" or over 50#). It is neither. When she started huffing, I asked to speak with a supervisor. The supervisor was slightly more agreeable but the complaint seemed to have hit a wall. I asked if my concern could be forwarded on to someone who could reconsider this policy as it made family travel much more costly and difficult. She halfheartedly agreed to forward it on. Ultimately, we have decided to buy a playpen at our destination as $45 (to buy a basic one) is cheaper than the hassle and cost of dealing with AirTran's policy.

Throughout the process I felt that AirTran was not interested in my concern and was reluctant to forward my complaint to the proper department. I will not choose to fly AirTran in the future and I will discourage those with infants from flying with AirTran.
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Posted by spiderman2 on 2013-06-15:
Airlines are charging for everything these days. I have traveled many times with infants and the only time I ever took a playpan (pack and play) was when we were driving. We borrowed or rented one at our destination. Much less hassle. It would have never occurred to me to basically pack a crib on an airplane.
Posted by John Nicholson on 2013-06-15:
AirTran has a policy and cannot make exceptions for you or anyone else. Period. Don't blame their customer service people. I suspect they were frustrated with you being argumentative and wanting special treatment for something they had no authority to make exceptions for. I also have traveled with children and infants. It would never had occurred to us to bring along a playpen. A stroller, yes, but a playpen? Get used to being charged for everything. The airlines are not making money and it is about time they started charging baggage fees, two seats for tubby people, etc.
Posted by Helen on 2013-06-24:
John, if you don't work for AirTran--you should. You'd fit right in! To the complaint, I say: Continue to fly the other airlines that accommodated you in the past. You have choices! I know I'll never fly AirTran again. Sub-par planes and service.
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Posted by Lewis_linda on 01/22/2013
?, FLORIDA -- Oct. 2012, purchased a round trip ticket from Pensacola, Florida to Houston, Texas. I was going out to Houston to stay with a relative for two weeks who had suffered a stroke. First disappointment was when I checked into Air Tran. I was told my agent to put suitcase on scales. At 68 years of age and having had a double mastectomy 8 months prior, I could not lift the suitcase. The agent's attitude was apparent that he didn't like to assist me with the luggage. On booking my ticket on line I had paid extra ($6.00 ) to have a window seat. A week before I was to leave to come back to Pensacola, I called Air Tran's toll free number to request a window seat. I was told by the agent on the phone that she needed a credit card number to reserve a window seat, another $6.00. I gave her all the information from my debit credit card and was told I would receive an email with the confirmation within 48 hours. 48 hours later, I had not received the email. I called Air Tran and found out they had no record of my calling to reserve a window seat. This immediately sent up a red flag. When on line to my bank and found out their agent had gone on a shopping spree with my debit credit card and had purchased $1037.00 in merchandise.
Needless to say, this almost wiped my account out. I live on SS and was left with very little monies to make it back home. I had to arrange for a trip to Wells Fargo to cancel my card, and file a complaint. I had to make a police report in Houston and was told to make one back in Florida when I got home. I did receive my $1037.00 back from the bank and had requested my air fare ticket cost back from Air Tran for all the aggravation, but have had no response I would like to warm you to not give out any credit card information to anyone on the phone when requesting a seat with Air Tran. I am not sure they have gotten rid of the person who did this so beware. Linda Lewis
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Pet Policy - Fictitious rules given & RUDE employees
Posted by Mrglover30 on 11/22/2012
Boo on you…AirTran. The pet policies on AirTran are atrocious!! FYI: I have already spoken w/ your customer service representative on Monday…day of flight…for 30 min. I haven't received any response yet. I'll see how long after Thanksgiving it takes for a response…if @ all. What's even more interesting is that Southwest's pet policy is: "Southwest Airlines accepts small vaccinated domestic cats & dogs. All in-cabin pets must be carried in an appropriate carrier, as indicated below & are subject to a $75 pet fare each way/pet carrier. The pet carrier counts as either a carryon item or a personal item." "Southwest Airlines allows only one pet carrier/ticketed Passenger."
"The carrier may contain two (2) cats or dogs & must be of the same species/carrier."
"The cat or dog must be completely inside the pet carrier & be able to stand up & move around the carrier with ease." This finding is particularly interesting as AirTran is NOW owned by Southwest & I followed SW's pet policy to a 'T'!! Also the pet carrier I was required to purchase was nearly 1/2 the size of my carrier…& provided poor Mister Charlie far less room than Bailey Sue had in the carrier I already had. He certainly was NOT able to stand up & move around the carrier with ease…as it was quite evident when I witnessed the top of the bag bulging when he stood up.

Supposedly the policies have recently changed…however the policy stated on AirTran's own website does not reflect the 'new' changes.

My problem on Monday: While flying home for Thanksgiving…as I was waiting to board w/ my 2 precious small Maltese dogs…a 'NEW' policy was presented verBally that only 1 dog/carrier was allowed. This creates quite a problem b/c in order to do this it requires an extra carrier &…according to the 'NEW' policy…would require an extra person. As it now states…"Airfare for a pet is $75 one-way & is non-refundable. Six (6) pets are allowed with a limit of one (1) pet/paying customer traveling on the same flight." And THAT'S where 'they' got me!!! Nowhere did it state that 2 dogs can not be in the same carrier…nor does the current policy even have a weight restriction. But as soon as 'they' NOW noticed the '1 pet/paying passenger' policy…the issue was now 'that'…& not '2 dogs in the same carrier' issue. :0\

See…I am a single young woman who has flown multiple times w/ dogs on AirTran & other companies…& have NEVER received this kind of mistreatment & humiliation…& @ the GATE no less!! I nearly missed my flight d/t this last minute…'Oh we can't allow 2 dogs in the same carrier crisis.' (FYI: I had been sitting @ the gate since 9:30 am & flight did not leave till 11:08 am.) This pet carrier crisis wasn't brought to my attention until the flight was about to board!? :0| First…the claim by AirTran employee Stephanie Rutledge…was that only a mother & her pup could fly in the same carrier. Knowing that the 'current' policy did not state this…I replied w/ 'This IS her son. She's 5 & he's 2.' To which her response was: The pups must be of the same litter & under 8 wks old. That's when I required this 'new' policy be shown in WRITING. As her worried eyes skimmed the current printed policy…I could tell that it obviously did NOT have her statement in it. I even had to go so far as to bring it up on my iPad to prove to her that the policy she was holding (that I currently have in my possession)…was the SAME one on the internet. Then…& only then…did she latch on to the new '1 pet/flying customer' policy. And as I said previously…THAT'S where they had me! I was told I must purchase a 2nd carrier & pay an additional $75 pet fee. Their solution ONLY created more problems for me…cause NOW I had 3 carry-ons…& 'Oh Yeah!'…2 dogs in 2 separate carriers but only 1 paying passenger. :0{

If it hadn't been for 2 lovely angels…placed in my path Monday…I would still be in Tampa Airport stranded w/ no way of getting back home…to either of the 2. First the issue was I needed to pay for an additional pet fee & carrier…which easily totaled over $100. I had only a small amount of $$ on me & they would not even speak to my mother over the phone who was trying to do anything at this point to get me home. They wouldn't even attempt to manually type in the same CC # that I used to purchase my ticket, original pet fee, & checked luggage fee. They wanted the physical card now. That's when the 1st angel walked into my life in the form of 'Kim from DC'. She ended up paying w/ her own CC & would not even give me her address to repay her…OR to even send a thank you! She must have noticed my shirt I was wearing & told me 'It's fine…I ran the half marathon w/ you yesterday". It was like a breeze of fresh comradery had entered my solo circle of it's ME against ALL of 'YOU' mentality. In a clash of irony…the Women's Half Marathon in St. Petersburg had brought 2 first time race runners together in this time of crisis. Of course that's where AirTran employees had to shortly dash my hope w/ yet another one of their problems. I still needed a 2nd paying passenger for the 2nd dog. That's when my 2nd angel entered my life…in the form of 'passenger last name Norman in row 30'. She volunteered to take 1 dog during the flight & that's the info she gave me as she boarded the plane in case I was also allowed to board. Of course AirTran employees went so far as to look the info on the other passenger to insure its accuracy. And THEN…& ONLY THEN…was I able to board my flight for my quick 2 hr flight back home. Boy!…it sure seemed like they were doing more to prevent me from getting on that plane than helping me to board.

I wish that's where my troubles w/ AirTran stopped…but NO! :0( I was either treated rudely or snubbed by the gentleman supervisor attendant & 2 female flight attendants. Before we took off…as the gentleman was walking the isles…I requested his attention. It felt as if he was purposely avoiding me w/ his back turned so I called for his attention w/ 'Sir'. Then you would have thought another CRISIS happened. He turned around & in a very rude, harsh tone barked, "WHAT'S HE DOING OUT?!?!" I looked down at my feet to see the most adorable, sweetest little head had popped out of the small crapped carrier I was required to purchase that was nearly 1/2 the size of my carrier. It was Mister Charlie…my mischievous little guy…that was only trying to get some air out from under the seat. He also was flying for the 1st time solo & was more anxious…as they made me separate him from his mommy 3 rows up. I replied that he wasn't out…he had just 'popped' his head out. I was then lectured as to how the carrier was to remain closed @ all times! Even though the pet policy only states: "The pet must remain in the carrier & under the seat for the duration of the flight." Mister was NEVER out of the carrier OR out from under the seat. Nowhere does it mention that the carrier must be zipped up completely OR that the dog's nose or head can't be 'popped' out for air. How does AirTran expect animals to get ANY water during the flight w/ this factitious statement that was being enforced. He also made it a point to mention "…cause I've already spoken to the pilot & he knows if there's ANY problems with you…" Not sure what would have happened cause that's where he ended his threat. I was & STILL AM insulted that he felt he had to report me to the pilot…like I was a possible terroristic threat!! All due to the INCONSISTENT…INACCURATE pet policies that need some major revamping & ENFORCED PROPERLY!!!

How in the world does AirTran expect anyone traveling solo to fly w/ 2 small dogs weighing roughly 10 lbs combined?!?! Well according to AirTran's 'new' pet policy…they can't EVER! Even if I chose to EVER support AirTran w/ my $$ again…I couldn't as the 'new' policy stands.

I obviously wish I had never had this undue stress put upon me…but if it had not been for AirTran's inconsistent & rude treatment…I would have never been able to experience the wonderful, generous, kindness of 2 totally complete strangers!! :0}

If I had the financial resources & personal connections…I would LOVE to start my own airline for animals…particularly canines. This airline would NOT make you pay $150 for 2 dogs one-way…& then make you shove them under hot seats in a much smaller carrier than the one you already had. INSTEAD it would cater to humans & canines equally…allowing carriers…or even better yet…dog car seats…to be placed securely fastened in the seat right next to you!! Your dog could be attended to properly…given adequate food & especially WATER! NOT thrown under a hot seat after paying more than most humans on the plane did for their one-way ticket.

In this day in age…I have a choice as to the companies I support w/ my $$. I most certainly WILL support the companies who value & RESECT both me & my dogs! BOO…BOO on you AirTran!!! :0{
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Posted by leet60 on 2012-11-22:
It does seem the policies were vague, and that your treatment was less than acceptable. I have found while flying that many times the pets allowed in cabin can be distracting and an annoyance to passengers. Whether due to the yelping in fear, being let out of the carrier by the owner, or the odors that often present themselves, I find it unfair to other passengers. Additionally, many people are allergic to pet hair/dander and this presents a problem for those passengers.

I own pets, and decline to travel with them. I put my pets in the care of a trusted friend or family member, or if needed a reputable kennel.
Posted by trmn8r on 2012-11-22:
It's perfectly reasonable IMO to require the carrier to be kept closed in the passenger cabin. Other passengers aren't interested in being exposed to dogs or cats. It may be like taking your child along to you, but not to those around you. I'm a dog owner.

It also seems reasonable to keep dogs physically separated to reduce the possibility of a disturbance.
Posted by Dakota1015 on 2012-11-22:
I am not at all bothered by someone carrying a small dog or two with them in the cabin. I feel better about that than thinking that some dogs may be traveling in the luggage compartment and relying on these uncaring airline employees for their safety.
What DID bother me was the women sitting next to me on a flight that decided to open her tray table, plop her toddler on the table, and proceeded to change his dirty, smelly diaper while I was eating breakfast in the next seat. I would have much preferred to have those two dogs next to me than that.
Posted by Helen on 2013-06-24:
Sorry to hear this sorry. Stressful. I think the key theme is that they seem to be working AGAINST you rather than trying to problem solve with you. I'll never fly AirTran again.
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Lost Baggage
Posted by Sprinkle89 on 11/04/2012
I recently flew from Charlotte NC to Orlando Fla. and they (Air Tran) lost my baggage and never once did they call me. They did e-mail me. Then when I filed claim they charged me forty-five dollars do that. The insurance would not cover the electronic equipment in my baggage. We only received half of the value of the amount of items in the baggage.
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Posted by madconsumer on 2012-11-04:
that is to bad the cost of the electronics is not covered. would your homeowners cover it?
Posted by bob932304 on 2012-11-04:
Airlines never cover electronics or photographic equipment. Did they really charge your $45 to file a claim? If so, that is ridiculous.
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Service Staff
Posted by Davnsher on 11/02/2012
SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA -- We took a trip to Cancun both ways via Airtran. The flights were on time nut absolutely no service and when there was service it was rude, rude, rude. We took a night flight and the personnel talked and giggled all night. We paid extra on the way home to sit in "Business Class" and the personnel were loud all night. I will be sure to tell everyone I know to avoid this airline at all cost. We are retired and can't afford to fly often so this was very disappointing.
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Posted by Ben There on 2012-11-03:
Besides beverage service most short haul flights don't have any service. Don't expect free meals on anything under 8 hours.
Posted by olie on 2012-11-03:
I'd prefer that my flight personnel were actually AWAKE during my flight. The talking and giggling were proof of that. Passengers always have the option of earplugs/headphones or Benadryl if they need to sleep.
Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2012-11-03:
Air Tran is pretty much a no-frills discount airline like Southwest. They are both pretty much the Greyhound of the skies. In exchange for comparatively low prices, you often sacrifice service and frills. Basically they'll get you to your destination, roughly on time, and in one piece, and that's the extent of it.
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Ruined my luggage and refuse to pay
Posted by Ela1atlanta88 on 09/27/2011
I flew to Fort Lauderdale on Air Tran. They damaged my luggage and refussed to reinburse me for it. I wrote them about 5 times ang they gave me the run around and tried to offer me $50 off my next flight. I wanted my luggage replaced. I flew from Atlanta, Ga. Hartfield Jackson, the most busy airport in the U.S. after getting off the plane I had to rust up to baggage claims, catch the shuttle. I did not notice it until the next day. When I contacted them, they told me that I had 4 hours to report the damage. I traveled over an hour home to Covington, Ga. including traffic and I really didn't notice it until I started unpacking the next day. It was the fact that they just gave me the run around and treated me like I was lying, it really put a bad taste in my mounth.
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Posted by Ben There on 2011-09-27:
What exactly was damaged? Most airlines won't pay for things like scratches or broken wheels, handles and zippers as they consider that part of normal wear and tear.

Also, airlines require that you file claims at the airport after the flight. Once you leave, there is no way for them to know that it was even on the aircraft.
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Major Disappointment
Posted by Tripper2 on 05/30/2011
ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- In the first place, on Friday, May 20, before 9 am we learned that our flight #112 at 12:21 pm from Dallas to Atlanta was cancelled, presumably due to weather in Dallas. However, the Dallas weather was perfectly fine until late afternoon, so I do not see why this decision was made. It was the only Atlanta flight of the five on their schedule that day that was cancelled, but they couldn't find us space on another flight until the next day. In addition to causing us to miss an entire day with our grandson, we were subjected to several other stressful situations involving our prepaid hotel and car rental arrangements.

The next day we got to Atlanta just fine, but then my husband and I were passengers on flight 278 from Atlanta to Boston. That plane was not able to land in Boston due to fog. We understand that kind of thing to be unavoidable. My complaint centers around the decision to divert to Providence, where AirTran has no facilities, in order to refuel. This does not qualify as a well-thought-out contingency plan, in my opinion. While we were on the tarmac in Providence, several passengers became insistent to be allowed to leave the plane; and the pilot agreed to accommodate them, which caused even more of a delay; because they had to negotiate for a gate and then verify exactly who was still on the plane. As a result, the rest of us wound up staying on the plane on the ground for five hours. Instead of arriving in Boston at 7:19 pm, it was closer to 1 am when we finally deplaned.

By that time, we had lost our car rental reservation, our hotel room, and half the time we were planning to spend with our grandson who had to go to school on Monday; and we started our vacation in a state of stress and exhaustion.

The AirTran personnel were pleasant and professional throughout. I feel that the errors were made at a level above them.
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Posted by trmn8r on 2011-05-30:
I understand that you lost valuable time with your grandson, but traveling by air comes with these issues.

Providence and Boston aren't that far apart, 51 miles by car! How could the passengers' demands to deplane have been anticipated, and how can all passengers by accommodated?
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-05-30:
Just because the weather in Dallas was nice doesn't mean it was nice in the city where the plane was coming from.
Posted by Sol Onboard on 2011-06-02:
littleshorty is right, airlines make runs to and from different states all day long, and you dont know where your flight originated from. On May 2o, severe weather was noted for Alabama and Arkansas, with hail and damaging winds. The entire month of May was brutal weather-wise, effecting air travel and lives on the ground.
I'm sorry your family plans were disrupted, but be thankful you are all safe.
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Lost Luggage
Posted by Fenchjenee on 03/22/2011
On March 1st my Son flew from Orlando to San Juan direct flight. His luggage did not arrive. He filed his claim and went off to the hotel. At NO TIME did anyone follow up with him. He tried calling every few hours and NO ONE EVER answered the phone. He finally after 24 hours located a customer service # - called it and was told not my depart., you need to call this # - the same # that no one EVER answered. I called, no answer and left a message - no call back.

After 30 hours they delivered the suitcase....A GPS was missing along with some clothing. Of course they do not cover the GPS, and with no receipts cannot file a claim for the clothing. Customer service does not exist at all with this airlines...
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Once in a life time trip ruined by AirTran
Posted by Lugene on 01/01/2011
My daughter's cheer leading squad is heading to New Orleans to perform in the half time show at the Super Bowl. We dropped them off at BWI this morning to catch their AirTran flight. They were so excited. AirTran has managed to turn the excitement into utter disappointment. Upon checking in they were told they flight was delayed which shortly turned into cancelled BUT they could fly them to New Orleans Wednesday. The day after the Super Bowl. The customer service people (used loosely) have been of no help. After going around about how to solve the situation which one of the solutions was to rent a van so the group could drive from Baltimore, MD to New Orleans. Really!?! AirTran finally put the group on a flight to Atlanta where they would rent them a van to drive to New Orleans. Their flight was to leave at 12:20 pm this afternoon. Well its 10:38 pm and I just got off the phone with my daughter. They made it to Atlanta BUT the van rented by AirTran will not accommodate 18 passengers. AirTran has absolutely ruined the trip for these girls. If the flight had gone as planned the girls should have been in their hotel rooms by 3:00 pm this afternoon. As it is they will arrive probably around 6 am tomorrow morning. The Super Bowl festivities have started and they are missing out. Thanks to AirTran the girls have missed half of this once in a life time trip. Avoid them at all costs. They are cheap for a reason. PS. To truly understand their corporate priorities visit their website. The top two choices are about investing in their company. Customer Service is buried towards the bottom. They also make it challenging to contact them.
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Posted by olie on 2011-01-01:
The Super Bowl will be held in Texas on Feb. 6.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-01-01:
That's true olie. This complaint makes no sense
Posted by trmn8r on 2011-01-01:
Your daughter will take a trip next Wednesday to Texas, and arrive a day *after* the Super Bowl? That blows my mind. The wild card games haven't even been played yet. There's a lot to be done in the next few days.
Posted by Ben There on 2011-01-01:
The Super Bowl is in Dallas in February. That said, all airlines have to cancel flights from time to time. It is very unfortunate when it happens during a busy time It does sound like they thought outside of the box looking for the van solution.
Posted by momsey on 2011-01-01:
I'm confused. The Super Bowl is not for another month and will be held in Texas. I can only assume this was referring a college bowl game.

What reason was given for the cancellation? That would make a difference.
Posted by Ben There on 2011-01-01:
The Sugar Bowl is at the Superdome on Tuesday. Hopefully they can get a second van and get them to New Orleans on Sunday.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-01-01:
Life is full of surprises.
Posted by trmn8r on 2011-01-01:
It sounds like AirTran really tried to help the girls out by voluntarily arranging this ill-fated van rental workaround, unless I am missing something.

Are they really missing half the trip? The Sugar Bowl is Tuesday. Aren't they missing more like 1/4 at most?

Airlines do cancel flights.
Posted by Lugene on 2011-01-01:
Moved From Other Review: Correction to game; they are to perform at the Sugar Bowl this coming Tuesday.
Posted by partyhero on 2011-01-02:
It does depend on the reason, but if the flight was cancelled due to weather, that's them putting safety first. I hope that that is the case.
Posted by getoverit on 2011-01-02:
This is a mess, for sure. The cancellation likely was pretty much unavoidable and AirTran could have done a better job of making alternate arrangements. It seems as if they just had gotten a bigger van, it would have made a big difference.

Be that as it may, I'd be curious to know whether another airline - more expensive or not - would have done that much better.
Posted by rendegen on 2011-01-11:
I was on the same flight. Flight 723 from Baltimore to New Orleans on 1/1/11. First we were told it was mechanical issue. Later we were told they did not have a flight crew. I was told that they would not book me on a Delta Flight getting into NO later that day. Mostly, the agents at the gate kept telling us to wait. Someone represented that we would be getting vouchers for a free flight. The weather at the airport was clear. There was no weather between BWI and NO. No real excuse. I felt bad for the people who did not have the foresight to arrange other destinations. We flew the next tday to Gulfport. Still, we had to pay $200.00 more for a rental car, and we missed out on our first night's vacation. I will likely pursue a claim in a small claims court against them. My damages are less than $1000.00, but I cannot think of any other way to get their attention.

Oh, the cheerleaders and some Maryland marching bands were playing halftime at the Sugar Bowl, not the Super Bowl. Othere people on the flight had tickets to the game. I suspect their damages are much higher than mine.
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