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Major Disappointment
By -

ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- In the first place, on Friday, May 20, before 9 am we learned that our flight #112 at 12:21 pm from Dallas to Atlanta was cancelled, presumably due to weather in Dallas. However, the Dallas weather was perfectly fine until late afternoon, so I do not see why this decision was made. It was the only Atlanta flight of the five on their schedule that day that was cancelled, but they couldn't find us space on another flight until the next day. In addition to causing us to miss an entire day with our grandson, we were subjected to several other stressful situations involving our prepaid hotel and car rental arrangements.

The next day we got to Atlanta just fine, but then my husband and I were passengers on flight 278 from Atlanta to Boston. That plane was not able to land in Boston due to fog. We understand that kind of thing to be unavoidable. My complaint centers around the decision to divert to Providence, where AirTran has no facilities, in order to refuel. This does not qualify as a well-thought-out contingency plan, in my opinion.

While we were on the tarmac in Providence, several passengers became insistent to be allowed to leave the plane and the pilot agreed to accommodate them, which caused even more of a delay because they had to negotiate for a gate and then verify exactly who was still on the plane. As a result, the rest of us wound up staying on the plane on the ground for five hours. Instead of arriving in Boston at 7:19 pm, it was closer to 1 am when we finally deplaned.

By that time, we had lost our car rental reservation, our hotel room, and half the time we were planning to spend with our grandson who had to go to school on Monday; and we started our vacation in a state of stress and exhaustion. The AirTran personnel were pleasant and professional throughout. I feel that the errors were made at a level above them.

Air Tran Airways Treats My Military Son Badly
By -

My son left today, 12-28-10, to go back to his military base in Florida. His Air Tran flight was scheduled to leave from Chicago Midway at 2:39 pm. I dropped him off about three hours before his flight. Within minutes, he called me to advised me that he did not have a seat in coach for his flight to Atlanta or Jacksonville, Florida. I said what happened, and he said that he entered his confirmation number into the kiosk and it told him that there were no seats in coach for his flights. Feeling pressured, he asked a lady with AirTran and was told that he would have to upgrade to get his flights that he had paid for.

I booked his fights and realized that AirTran had a policy that if you wanted to confirm your seat, you could pay an extra $15.00 and your seat would be held. I also read that when you checked in, you could get your seat assigned to you. So, my wife calls the airline and the airline blames the seating on my military son saying that he is the one who upgraded. My wife told the lady from AirTran that he had to upgrade to get his flights back tonight to fulfill his orders. The lady from AirTran asked my wife if he showed anyone his orders or was he in uniform.

My wife responded, "Would that have made a difference because my son did show his military ID," and the lady from AirTran said, "No". Again the lady from AirTran stated that it was my son's fault and that he did not confirm his seat. My wife asked the AirTran lady, "So his ticket purchase did not mean anything?" The lady from AirTran said again that he did not confirm his seat.

We have flown with Air Tran twice before, United Airlines, American, Northwest, Delta, US Air, Frontier, and Continental and have never, never had to pay additional to the ticket purchase to confirm a seat. They told my son that there would be no charge for his bag because he was flying first class so he was saving money. On other airline, his bags are not charged due to him being in the military. We will never do business with AirTran again and would suggest that military personnel stay away from them as well.

"Oversize" Baggage Scam
By -

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA -- I'm very disturbed by my recent flying experience with AirTran. I bought an $80 ticket from Indianapolis to Newark and thought I was getting a great deal. Apparently not. When I checked in, an AirTran employee who I can only describe as a total douchebag decided that my bag was oversize. I couldn't believe it. I'm an extremely experienced traveler and I've never had this problem with this bag ever before on any other airline. Not only did they slap me with the $20 bag charge, they hit me with an additional $50 for the oversize bag, bringing the total checked bag charge to $70. Literally, the bag charge was almost as much as the actual ticket. Unbelievable.

While I voiced my complaints to the AirTran employee checking me in, two other employees stood there laughing. Seriously, I mean, really? As if it is so absolutely hilarious that they get to screw people over behind their counters. It looked like they were having fun. Awesome, good for them. AirTran embodies everything that I hate about the modern corporate world. The company operates without any humanity, all it's worried about is the bottom line. I imagine some shady corporate executives sitting around in a boardroom discussing subtle ways to squeeze their customers for more money without causing much trouble. It disturbs me.

I bet they have a good laugh about it at headquarters. "You do what you got to do, let's squeeze these chumps for some more money, HA HA HA...." Part of the reason this baggage scam makes me so mad is that it's just bad business. Ripping people off is a horrible way to establish a loyal and valuable customer base. I would venture to guess that AirTran's shady baggage policy is actually COSTING the airline money in lost customers. Guess how much my bag was oversized by? Two inches. I kid you not. I actually laughed out loud when the guy told me that. What a joke. That measurement screams BS louder than my 10th grade English papers.

Whatever, enough. People, just never fly AirTran. Trust me.

I Smell a Lawsuit!!!!!
By -

Let me explain this stupid situation by detail to let you (the viewers) know a little bit about these snakes and their employment opportunities. It was 2008 and fall was in around then. I applied for a job with AirTran and got an interview blah blah blah to make that long story short, I got the job. I was heading to Atlanta for training. Took their plane out to Georgia (hate flying, it makes me sick) and they put me in a hotel with about 50 other people give or take. It was a 2-week stay and within those 2 weeks we were required to learn everything about the customer service and baggage handling and then we were home free.

I studied everyday, I minded my business, I was prepared to do what I had to to make ends meet. While I was at the hotel I somehow contracted some kind of infection in my testicles (lol personal) and it didn't make me unable to perform the job in any way shape or form but it did bother me a little. At the same time, I kept it quiet because who wants that kind of business put out there in front of people you are not familiar with (so much for that).

Someone else that was just hired as well had notice my limping a little and decides to bring it to the managers and supervisors' attention (nosey) and to make another long story short, I was forced (meaning I had no choice) to see one of THEIR doctors. I was checked and told that I had something that had nothing to do with what was wrong and this was before I was going to take my last test and then go home to work the exact day. They sent me home and I was unable to reapply unless I could get a second opinion saying that the diagnosis was false. What did I do????? EXACTLY!!!!! I received a second opinion and they even faxed it for me to AirTran.

No call backs, no acknowledgements, nothing. Why was I sent home?????? Was it racial profiling because I am black (and white, I am mixed)???? Was it because they had too many people for the job???? NO EXPLANATIONS!!!! NOTHING!!!!! I definitely felt a lawsuit, but instead of that I would rather just let future employees know (and hopefully they read this) that these snakes are not worth the time and effort.

Atlanta Employee, Bad Calls
By -

Let me preface this by saying that I was on a 5-day trip to Washington DC, with a round-trip AirTran with one stop. Friday was Los Angeles, Oregon, DC and Tuesday was DC, Atlanta, and Los Angeles. 3/4 trips were fine, spectacular, especially from DC to Atlanta.

So we arrived in Atlanta and because I was seated in row 11, I was in boarding zone 8. First, it takes an excruciating amount of time to board, given when we were supposed to take off, and it turns out some lady had knee replacement surgery and had to be accommodated, and she was crying about them embarrassing her when she was single-handedly holding up the flight. Then, zone 8 boarded and this employee declares that there's no room aboard the plane and everyone else needs to check their bags. I requested an aisle seat specifically so I could leave the plane ASAP.

I told her that my bag will fit. It is smaller than the dimensions on their bin. It has fit on the other 3 AirTran planes and on Delta planes under the seat. She insisted on checking it because there was no time to see if it fit because the plane would be late. I get on the plane and see that the bin on top of seat is full. With a laptop where my bag could have gone because the inconsiderate excuse for a human being behind me didn't want to jeopardize his leg room. Evidently some people don't realize that unless one is sitting in row 11 A, B, or C, their luggage does not belong in that compartment.

In another overhead compartment, there was a flat backpack where my bag could have gone. Basically the employee didn't even get on the plane to see whether all available spaces were filled before she declared everybody had to check their bags. That alone wasted half an hour of time at the airport. Their employee did not make the right call. Yes, the plane was in danger of being late, but there were empty spaces left in the cargo bins. I know they could have fit my bag because they shoved in the knee replacement lady's bags on the plane instead of checking them.

Also, if someone needed special treatment, they should have known beforehand, not 30 minutes before the flight takes off. Their lack of planning should not result in a waste of my time. Finally, the charm I had on my bag broke because it was not meant to be on a bag that needed to be CHECKED because the bag itself was smaller than most of the bags on the plane, minus the flat backpack.

Will Never Fly Again!!!
By -

I just returned from a vacation in which I had the unfortunate experience of flying Air Tran. Our trip to Atlanta from Houston was uneventful, however on our return trip to Houston, we found the customer service representatives/supervisors/gate agents at the Atlanta airport to be very unprofessional.

While checking in our bag in ATL, we were told that our bag did not fit THEIR measurement requirements and we would have to pay 49.00. Mind you my husband and I use the same bag for all our travels and have never encountered this before..I can understand weight, but we were told our bag was too wide. Funny, Southwest, Continental or United Airlines don't have a problem with this bag. The agent was rude and didn't even measure the bag. When we asked for a MANAGER, he called a supervisor over, who pulled our her tape measure to measure the bag and advised us we were 2 inches over the limit. We repacked the bag, didn't take anything out, and we were then 4 inches over the limit. We then took items out of the bag and low and behold our magic bag was now 6 inches over the limit. We asked why this wasn't done in Houston, when we flew to Atlanta, and she couldn't answer the question. We then asked for her manager and she proceeded to measure the bag, after more items were taken out, and come up with a totally different measurement.

While this was being done, other over sized bags were being accepted without any hassle. I would hate to think that this was because the flight was not sold out and this low-class airline was trying to make a buck. They may want to get some sort of consistent measuring device to measure bags, instead of having folks, who probably don't even know how to tie their shoes, to measure a bag with a 20 cent tape measure. Needless to say, we got our bag finally checked in, while other check in agents were laughing at us. We didn't have to pay the fee and we made it through security without any trouble!

Air Tran then changed the gate information without announcing this and didn't have an answer as to why this wasn't on our boarding pass. Our flight attendant also welcomed us to "Oregon" as we were arriving into Houston. All I can say is that they may have changed their name from Value Jet to Air Tran, but they will still be "no value"jet in my eyes. After this experience, I will pay the little extra to fly another airline into Atlanta or fly Southwest into Birmingham, AL before I fly with this bunch of morons again.

Wait - before you buy that ticket
By -

Purchased ticket online for niece. Arrived BWI 2 hours prior. Gate pass was pre-arranged via Air Trans 800 number. They couldn't provide my sister a gate pass due to computer issues. Finally they told my niece she would have to go to the terminal gate alone because her flight was boarding. She made it in time for them to close the doors. After missing the flight, she was on standby. The second flight she was placed on and 5 minutes before take off was told she had to get off that the flight was overbooked and the seat she had was sold. She finally arrived 6 hours late.
Return flight from Atl. I arrived with her 2 hours prior. Got boarding and gate pass no problem. Security was a mad house and we arrived at the terminal gate 30 minutes ahead of time. She was going to board but then was told she would have to wait, no seat assignment. I present a copy of my email I received two days prior with a seat assignment and was told this meant nothing, if I had not paid the extra money to get that seat she was basically on standby mode, with a paid ticket. She was allowed on the plane 5 minutes before take off.
I called corporate and due to a policy change you are basically in a standby mode if you don't pay extra for a seat assignment. Crazy me I believed if you bought the ticket you had a seat. Offered a $50 voucher but turned it down. I told the lady at corporate that this might work if you an adult but not the way to do business, especially with children. I wouldn't have had a problem if I was told this in advance, I would have paid the extra money.
The airline is consistently overbooked. There was one seat available for sale and 7 people waiting for seats when I got to the terminal that already had purchased tickets. They were begging folks to fend off for the next flight and take vouchers and food coupons. The worker at the terminal could have cared less and was rude. Sadly I pretty much had to tell her that I would prefer her getting on the plane to being on the 6:00 news for showing my butt. I asked for someone to explain and all I got was call customer service. I skipped customer service and went to corporate. Although the lady taking my call there sympathized she could only say if more people complained they would look closer at their policy.
Call their corporate office with your confirmation number and complain away. You won't get anything else from them. Never will fly them again, ever.

Customer Service is Non-Existent
By -

I had a recent experience with Airtran that was somewhat disappointing. I was flying from San Francisco to Oregon and then had a connecting flight from Oregon to Baltimore, my final destination. On the day of my flights, the weather in San Francisco was cloudy, causing many delays. Our first plane landed at 6:55 pm, right when the connecting flight to Baltimore was supposed to take off. There were at least 8 of us who needed to catch that flight. Could they have held it for 10 minutes for us to get on? Of course not. The flight took off 3 minutes early. As we ran into the airport, we were told we could jump on a flight that was about to leave for DC. After being hustled around to several different people, a lady printed us new boarding passes and told us that Airtran would pay for transportation from DC to Baltimore. We asked another gentleman about our luggage and he said "Oh, I guess we need to transfer it" as though the thought hadn't entered his mind. We got on the plane to DC and sat at the gate for at least 30 minutes while the pilot completed "paperwork." Presumably, they were also transferring our luggage to this plane as it miraculously did arrive at DC. So instead of holding the plane to Baltimore a few minutes and letting us board, they put us on a different flight and delayed that one. When we arrived in DC, they had heard nothing about the transportation to Baltimore. We paid for it out of pocket and finally arrived in Baltimore 3 hours later than we were supposed to. While I completely understand that all airlines experience delays and it is not anyone's fault, I felt this situation could have been handled with a tad more courtesy and common sense. The attitude that I got from every single person I dealt with at Airtran was that we were not their problem, they wanted to get us out of their faces and send us on to the next person (who would do the same thing). It seems that all of the Airtran employees slept through their customer service training, if there was any in the first place. I will definitely avoid flying Airtran in the future.

Lost Item, Air Tran Could Care Less
By -

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA -- I left behind a hat on flight 1156 from Ft. Myers to Indianapolis on 6/20/2010. *Just* as I exited the plane, I realized I had forgotten it and asked if I could go back to fetch it. The answer did not surprise me ('no'), but the reaction was: the two attendants turned their back on me. They offered zero service and would not acknowledge my presence. After much pleading, with little to no eye contact from either, one of the runners said that they would check the seat in which I was sitting. They had already started to board the next flight, so I waited patiently for about 15 minutes and......the next flight took off, with my hat still sitting somewhere inside. They said there was nothing they could do.

It doesn't stop there. I went home, crushed, and started calling AirTran's customer service center, who directed me right back to the terminal with the two un-helpful women, so said they had never seen my hat. I called the Indy Airport's lost and found, who said that they don't receive items left on airplanes. THEN I called the Orlando Airport, where the plane had landed. Apparently, Air Tran does not have a customer service/lost and found department there, but I could speak with someone at one of the terminals; no hat. I was then transferred back to Air Tran, and received a messaging service where I could voice my concern. One hour spent on a phone to talk to a machine. Wow.

I realize that this may not be the best story, as I only lost a hat and not my entire luggage or something extraordinarily expensive, but the amount of service I received was downright despicable. The hat in question holds a very good amount of personal and sentimental value to me, and I feel I did more than enough work attempting to get it back, with NO help from Air Tran's many departments and customer service lines. I am greatly disappointed in the lack of care and service and shan't be flying with AirTran again, lest I am helped to receive my personal belonging.

Customer service sucks!!!!!
By -

OK this is what happen to me me and my mother thought getting up at 4am to make a 7am flight would be a good idea, since we were flying to Boston that day, however getting up that early was a waste of time as you will soon find out.

We got to seattle airport around 530-6am got on the airline and the flight to alanta was fine until we go to the alanta airport and found out we got delayed by a few hrs, which in my mind seemed OK no problem we will still get to Boston around 9pm OK so 2hrs pass by and they let us on the plane we get comfy and they say we about to depart from the gate, as we did it started to poor out and lighting started to stike down and all they did was keep us on the run way for 2hrs while they waited the storm to pass which we thought OK this won't be long, were we wrong so after 2hrs of sitting on our asses they told us the airport was closed the flgiht is now cancelled and told us we could book on a later flight if we would like, so we got in this HUGE line with only one Agent with an attitude and all they had to tell us is we couldn't get on a flgiht until 3pm the next day which we couldn't do since I had to go to my brothers wedding.

so instead we complained for 25hrs straight to get us out of Alanta we didn't care where just get us out of there, so they booked us on a flight to Akron Ohio, OK fine we got there we had to sleep in the airport because of air trans stupid customer service and canceling a flight and to top it all off, they lost our baggage for 3days they wouldn't tell us where it was and when they finally did they told us we would have to pay a fee to have them deliver it to us at the hotel, so for 3days we didn't have anything but the clothes we have been wearing for 25+hrs straight, that is just nasty, so after all this B*&^&%& we went through were never going to take this airline ever again, they however give us a $100 Voucher which we couldn't use, so much for that

so what ever you guys do, please don't take this Airline go with someone else its not worth saving the few bucks and losing few hairs in the process

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