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Don't Get Scammed!!!
By -

In February 2009, I was laid-off from my interior design job in Las Vegas, NV. I moved back home to Tulsa, and saw an advertisement for All-American Fitness $25/month NO Contract! When I talked to the salesman he informs me that it is $25/month but there is a $75 sign-up fee. I explain to him that I just got laid-off and it would be a bad idea for me to spend $100 for just one month at a gym. Here's when the swindling started.

He told me if I signed up for a one year contract at $25.00/month he could waive the $75.00 sign-up fee. I told him, since I lost my job I had no idea if I was going to find another one in Tulsa, or have to move again. He says, "If you have to 'move', come in and tell me and I'll cancel your contract". Then he adds "Actually, my best friend is an interior designer and she needs a lot of help right now. If you bring me your portfolio and resume, I'll give it to her and I'm almost positive you could work as her assistant".

The whole time he is saying this he is looking down at my contract doodling on the paper, no eye contact. He eventually starts telling me what a great Christian he is, and how I should go to his church and get a free cappuccino... I did NOT care what religion they guy was, I was only there to get a one month gym membership. So after a while, he convinced me I could cancel the contract anytime and save $75.00. I signed and initialed the contract, he gave me my gym card and I left.... without a copy of my contract.

So for the next few days, I worked on making a new portfolio and resume. A few days later, I take my portfolio and resume to him and he acted like he had never seen me before. After that, I emailed him, called him to see if he gave my stuff to his 'interior design' friend. No response. No reply.

A month later, I checked my bank account and $37.98 had been taken out of my account. So I call ABC Financial (All-American's financial company) to tell them they were taking too much out. That's when I was informed that my contract was for $37.98 for 2 YEARS!!!

Soon after, I go back to All-American and tell my salesman that I need to cancel my contract (like he said I could). He looks away and says, "You'll have to call ABC financial and cancel with them." Frustrated, I go home and call ABC financial who tells me that I need proof that I am moving far (2 utilities bills with my name on it) and a $100 cancellation fee. So now I'm stuck, and haven't used the gym in months, because of its poor and dirty conditions.

A year and half later, I noticed $34.00 and $37.98 were taken out of my account from All-American. I call ABC Financial AGAIN and find out that the $34.00 is for yearly maintenance fees!!! So I tell them I want to buy out of my contract and be done with them FOREVER...the lady tells me, "Well, remember to cancel your automatic renewal" What's that? In my contract it said that my contract automatically renews after 2 years! Please report them to the BBB, if you also have been scammed.

All American Fitness Cancellation
By -

MIDWEST CITY, OKLAHOMA -- I joined with All American in January of 2010 and I have been trying to cancel my membership for a while, so I call around and try to get help form the company, but the ones I call say that they can't delete me from their computers and I ask "Why?" and they give no answer. All they say is to call corporate. So I then call corporate and I'm talking to a machine that really is, but isn't helpful, as I listen to it talk. I click the button for cancellation and what do you know the machine says that I could cancel my membership after 3 days. This information was not shared with me or my friends as I filled out the safety papers.

All the man tells me is that I could cancel my membership within 90 days, he doesn't tell me if it counts everyday they're open or just business days, he doesn't tell me that I have to stay with them for 2 whole years. When I went to sign up me and my friend told him that I just want to possibly just try it out for a month, because I am a high school student so I would only come 3-4 days a week. He says OK. Telling me that I would save a lot and only pay the same price every month which would be just 10 dollars renewal turned out that I'm only saving like $12 from the original price which is $49 for a single person. Again he tells me only $10 a month.

I DON'T want to renew my membership. I want to cancel it, and the guy that "helped" totally screwed me over. He should have told me about the 3 day cancellation. Now I have to stay in this stupid contract for 2 years. Reading the back it states that I CAN CANCEL BEFORE 90 DAYS. It didn't say anything about a fee or a written note or anything. I got screwed by All American and my friend and her husband will be paying the same amount as me for those 2 years now. How does that work if we got 2 different plans?

Scammed Into A 24 Month Contract
By -

OWASSO, OKLAHOMA -- BEWARE: they will tell you that you can cancel the contract anytime, if you move, go away to school, or within the first 30 days, but their financial management group is a nightmare; here is my complaint filed with the BBB;

Complaint Description: I had a family emergency that has caused me to move out of the state of Oklahoma, to the state of Ohio. I had joined a gym in Owasso, OK on 6/8/09, and moved to Ohio on 7/4/09. I immediately called the gym, told them of the family emergency and my current medical emergency and they assured me that if I moved more than a certain miles away, or if I cancel within 30 days.. June 8 to July 4 is less than thirty days.. also if I have moved more than 25 miles away.. ALL of these things I have done.

They said they would take a copy of my ONE way airplane ticket, I provided them that, then they said that wasn't good enough. I needed to be flying out of the USA or in the military to use that.. then they needed a copy of a new school sched on letterhead, college up here in Ohio doesn't start until the 23rd of Sept. I sent in my financial aid disbursement, and my welcome letter from Columbus State Community College in OH., this also wasn't good enough.

I also sent in proof of address change on bills, airplane tix, school verify. I OVER-VERIFIED my move, as far as I am concerned. When I called the actual gym, they said it was an easy process, since I had moved so quickly, due to a family health emergency. I can provide medical documentation that I have been diagnosed with a tumor in my abdomen, and doubled over in pain, to be taken by squad, along with ovarian cysts.

I moved to Ohio, to get better health care, and moved to Ohio to help my Grandmother remain in her home after a series of strokes and the onset of Alzheimer's. I can provide all of this info to ABC financial, and I have provided all documentation as requested, then they add MORE CONDITIONS on to it ???

I feel they are dragging it out to make it longer than 30 days. I called on the 4th of July.. and told them, it might have even July 3rd that I called and sent in emails to get this straightened out. I am worried they are going to continue to withdrawal money. Please help.

Not enough bang for your buck
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Rating: 1/51

TULSA, OKLAHOMA -- ALL AMERICAN FITNESS = 10 GYM nowadays. I haven't been to the newly named facility but I was a VIP member for 2 years. It sucked. Dirty facilities in bad repair except the BA location (sometimes messy but not for long). The rules regarding TV's, music, conduct and apparel only applied to the people the staff didn't approve of as the privileged crowd. If you weren't privileged they were rude, or too busy with their own agenda to tend to yours. I complained loudly enough and long enough to get my membership cancelled without any further obligation. I would never recommend this facility to anyone.

Do not SIGN!!!!!
By -

I received an ad in the mail for All American Fitness stating $10/mo. I only had 15 minutes to take up that offer when I checked my mail, 10 minutes later I was there. I only had 5 minutes to get the contract signed in order to get the deal. I was not told I couldn't cancel... (EVER). I tried the Better Business Bureau, but as it turns out, All American Fitness would rather have bad reviews from the BBB than let one person out of a contract due to their own mistake.

I was told I could cancel, which was the only reason I signed! Especially after they told me my $10/mo was actually $50/mo until I renewed my contract after one year. I just received a letter saying I owe $60/mo for a 2 yr contract! Spread the word! All American Fitness is a SCAM!

Great place with friendly management
By -

MIDWEST CITY, OKLAHOMA -- My husband and I went in to try the place out and everyone was friendly. I had read some bad reviews but had to check it out for myself, and nothing that was stated in the reviews was true. The restrooms and locker areas were very clean, and all machines except for 1 treadmill was working. There were lots of machines to keep me occupied. When going to leave, we talked to the manager and he gave us excellent rates for being military. So far, I would recommend this place to anyone, and will keep everyone posted about this place, the more I work out.

All American Sucks!!
By -

TULSA, OKLAHOMA -- Do not get a membership at All American. I signed up for a month to month membership. Every time I came into the gym there was a salesman in my face trying to get me to sign a two year contract. But the saleslady said, "it's not a contract, it's an agreement." **! They gave me the same sales pitch every time and it was like they thought they were giving me new information. I just wanted to work out, not deal with used car salesmen.

Even the personal trainer was complaining about the salespeople. And if you need to call customer service, there is one person for the whole company that takes customer service calls and she isn't even there half the time. Yet they can employ about twenty salesmen!! All American is a joke. I'm glad to have them out of my life.

Learn Some Customer Service Skills
By -

OWASSO, OKLAHOMA -- I would not recommend All American Fitness in Owasso unless you are willing to be harassed by the big bully at the customer service counter. I needed to cancel my membership for personal reasons; we are cutting back on extras as a family. I asked the man to let me know how I could go about terminating my membership; I knew our contract was almost up. He proceeded to ask me 20 questions about why we were canceling our membership in a very demeaning manner; I felt like he was treating me like a little kid even telling me that "walking is not exercise" when I told him I would walk at home for exercise. Since when is walking not a form of exercise!!

I finally had to ask him to stop harassing me and just please let me know what I needed to do to cancel my membership. He then scribbled a number on a post it, put it on the counter and then started walking away in a huff. I had to call him back to ask if there was anything else I needed to do or know to get it canceled. Just 30 days notice he replied. I then called the number which had no option for terminating contracts so I pressed 0 and got to an actual person after about 5 minutes.

Then I was asked for our 9 digit account number - WOW! SOMETHING ELSE I NEEDED TO KNOW TO CANCEL THE ACCOUNT - the lady on the phone was able to look up my number after a few questions and now I have to email or fax in a formal request.

Nice Gym
By -

TULSA, OKLAHOMA -- I've read a few complaints about All American Fitness in Tulsa, OK, but I cannot say I have had anything but a great experience there. I did notice that the negative reviews I read are about 2 years old. I joined the one off Lewis by the Post Office early 2007. Everyone has been super friendly and helpful since the day I joined. They always call me by name when I check in and give me a friendly "see you next time" on my way out.

The facility is clean and the equipment is all modern and in good shape. The pool and locker room is nice and clean. Even the clients have been friendly to me. I joined on a month to month membership and was a member for about 9 months. I recently moved to California so had to discontinue my membership, but would join again if I ever moved back. Nice gym. Nice folks.

Bad Fitness Company
By -

OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA -- Get everything in writing and triple read it. We fell for the year contract. We had a problem and could not afford it right after we signed up. We talked to the lady that signed us up. She said it would be cancelled. She was doing us a favor. We did not go back and even try to use the membership again. On month or two before the end of the contract my husband's wages were garnished. I contacted them and they said we could not use the membership even though we had to pay thousands of dollars and that the lady had no right telling us that she could cancel it. We were not invited there. It has been four years now and it has happened again.

NO WARNING. Just garnished wages. I do not know how they get away with this. Our legal system should be ashamed of themselves.

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