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Worse than bad
Posted by Nymark on 06/30/2010
We've been using the Amana Refrigerator for about 5 years and recently noticed something floating in the water. Our tap water is fine and it's not the filters... It seems that the tubing in the fridge is falling apart into our water! Who knows how long my family has been drinking Amana's defective appliance. Amana's has basically told me I'm on my own. One would think a company would be concerned if their product was potentially creating a health issue. Not Amana/Maytag.

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Posted by Weedwhacked on 2010-06-30:
Is it still under warranty? If not, then you are going to be on your own.
Posted by Venice09 on 2010-06-30:
I have to agree with Weedwhacked on this one. If it's not under warranty and there hasn't been a recall, you're going to have to repair this on your own. However, it never hurts to ask the company if they're willing to help. Maybe the problem has something to do with the quality of your water.
Posted by Helpful on 2010-06-30:
I'd be rather surprised if it was the tubing as you state. I happen to currently own an Amana and enjoy it very much. The tubing is a clear plastic tubing and, if it were to break apart, as you're suggesting, you'd be having leaks.

I'm assuming you see this debris in a clear glass of water. If so, I'd suggest turning off the valve that goes to your refrigerator. Then disconnect this line from the frig. Finally, get a similar glass of water directly from this line before it enters the refrigerator. This will at least identify whether the source of the problem is within the frig or not.

You don't state whether you've replaced a filter lately or not. If not, do so. Even though you're somehow convinced it's not the filter, it could just as easily be.

Finally, if you've replaced the filter and know the source of the problem is within the refrigerator, you can purge water through the system until the debris cleans itself out.

If you're absolutely not willing to take any of theses steps on your own, definitely contact the retailer you purchased it through. Although Amana appliances, like most other appliances, come with a one year limited warranty, some retailers offer to extend these warranties up to five or ten years. Further, many retailers keep a record of the transaction so you don't have to. If you don't have an extended warranty through them, I bet they would still be happy to suggest a local service center to fix the problem for you.

Let us know what you decide. I'd be interested to hear the outcome.
Posted by nymark on 2010-07-01:
Thank you "Helpful". Weedwhacked and Vince09 - not so much.

We have had this refrigerator for 5-6 years and is not under warranty. After a year or so, we had some mechanical issues with the freezer draw... which I dealt with (i.e. I do not expect thinks to work perfectly). However, this is a potential health issue which may have affected my family and myself but may also be affecting others with the same problem but unaware. So for Amana to just pass me off to a service provider link - is unacceptable. I would expect them to at least want to understand my issue a bit better and ensure that it is not a health issue.

I am using a clear glass when I noticed it. The water line come directly off the line which goes to our kitchen sink. The water from the sink appear crystal clear. When I first notice it, I replaced the filter, which was only about 30 days old (and is a Maytag filter). That did not help… So I took the filter off (and screwed in the blue plastic cap - so the water works without a filter)…. I still find stuff in my water. I literally used my kids beach bucket and filled it with water a half dozen times - still stuff in my water.

I expect to see a leak shortly.

I plan to have the water tested to better understand the substance. I can't imagine replacing the tubing in my fridge with new tubing only to have to inspect my water each time I get a glass - as I have no faith in Amana
Posted by Helpful on 2010-07-02:
I'm glad I could help in some way nymark. Don't write off Amana just yet. Have you had a chance to try getting the water out of your line prior to it entering the refrigerator. You still have a variable between the turnoff valve and the refrigerator.
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Slide in stove
Posted by Malcom on 06/22/2010
My three yr. old electric stove has been questionable from the start. bottom drawer won't stay in its tracks so is always lopsided and hard to open. oven door doesn't fit properly - looks as if it is open - tilted outward. the clincher was the digital display that controls the temperature won't work - replacement cost 160 bucks - stove itself was 500 - more than comparable stoves with 4 sides. why replace a part that will only last 3 more years? the handles are flimsy - the elements are skimpy and the trays under them disentegrated as well. this appliance accompanies an Amana dryer in my kitchen which quit after 5 years - small family - minimal usage. never again Sears - its no wonder this retailer is struggling.
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Posted by Helpful on 2010-06-23:
$450-$500 is only a starting price for most ceran top stoves. I can appreciate the frustration. No one wants to purchase a new appliance after only three years; $160, however, is still less than a replacement so would not be unreasonable to pay if you were okay with the rest of the appliance.

The truth is that Whirlpool owns Amana, as well as the Maytag name. I like all the above and actually own a Maytag range myself.

If you do replace the range, see if there's a retailer that will extend the manufacturer's warranty at a reasonable price. Be careful on selecting a retailer you can trust and will be around a long time.

Best of luck and let us know what you end up doing.
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Self-cleaning oven nightmare
Posted by Psieg on 06/22/2010
After using the self-cleaning feature on this oven it melted the hard plastic around the oven door onto the metal of the door and totally split the plastic on the oven door. As a result the door no longer seals to allow proper temparture when pre-heating and/or cooking.

Now I'm left with a damaged/broken product after only 8 years off owning this Amana Oven.
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Posted by Helpful on 2010-06-22:
99% of ovens now use a thermal gasket, not rubber to seal the doors. The first think to be aware of is that if you are purchasing an oven with a rubber gasket, you are buying a cheap oven, both in price and design.

I would have left out the eight year part. That length of time is long for a gasket to still be in order, especially if it was plastic. You may want to call the manufacturer about buying a new one for replacement.

Best of luck.
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The worst appliance I have ever bought
Posted by Emillerstudio on 04/27/2010
The biggest piece of junk, I will NEVER buy anything Amana ever again. This thing is constant expensive repairs, it is barely 7 years old. Now I went to open the oven door and it totally fell apart on one side and won't close. First after 2 years old, the computer for the oven temp. fell down and had to be replaced. Then after that the igniter had to be replaced. Then after that the broiler stopped working, and I have just been living without a broiler. Now this with the door, which lately wouldn't seem to close all the way and the light was always staying on.

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Poor service
Posted by EllenH. on 01/26/2010
I purchased this fridge 10 years or so ago. While I was cleaning it today, a tempered glass shelf shattered, and a plastic peg that held a drawer in place broke. I called for replacement parts, only to find that Amana has discontinued both of them. I consider that a breach of promise on their part. Today when we are all encouraged to be green and not fill landfills with appliances I have a large appliance which has suddenly lost a fifth of its storage. If I sell my house, which I may in the next 2 years, I will have to replace the refridgerator before putting it on the market -- something I hadn't planned to do.

I will definitely not be buying another Amana.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-26:
"I called for replacement parts, only to find that Amana has discontinued both of them."

I'm not surprised. Your fridge is about 10 years old. Chances are, the parts were discontinued because they weren't being sold anymore or as frequent.

"I consider that a breach of promise on their part."

What promise was that?
Posted by Venice09 on 2010-01-26:
I see your point. It would be a shame to have to replace the refrigerator just because the parts were discontinued. Unfortunately, all parts for all models can't be in production forever.

Try looking for the parts online. Here's a site that I use. I don't know if they have the kind of parts you need, but it's worth a try.

Posted by Slimjim on 2010-01-26:
Yeah, there was no promise made to you that a glass shelf insert would be still made a decade later. A 10 year old refrig isn't going to make or break the sale of your house, one shelf short or not. At life expectancy already, you'd be lucky if it's still running two years from now.
To tell you the truth, if they still made the shelf, you may have backed out of the purchase once you heard the price anyway (guessing around $80-$100). It would be more than you could sell the whole frig for.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-26:
Exactly how long should a refrigerator last then? I think 10 years is a pretty good life time.
Posted by Venice09 on 2010-01-26:
My first refrigerator lasted around 25 years and survived several moves. I know that's an unrealistic expectation with today's appliances, but if something works, it's better to look for the parts than just throw the appliance away. Every time I replace an appliance, the quality seems to be less than what I had, so I try to hold on to my old ones for as long as possible.
Posted by Ytropious on 2010-01-26:
They don't make em like they used to, but 10 years seems fine.
Posted by Nohandle on 2010-01-26:
Lost you are correct that the quality seems to be less than the earlier model you are replacing. Slim makes a valid point as far as the price on replacement parts. I had an OTR GE Microwave and thought I'd replace the air filters. They were $75.00 each. Hello, I decided I'd clean them as best I could myself. To heck with a tidy appearance.
Posted by Venice09 on 2010-01-26:
Nohandle, if you're happy with an appliance, sometimes it's better to invest some money even if it gets expensive. At least you know what you have. Buying a new one is always a risk. If you can clean or fix something yourself, that's even better.

And because today's appliances are so disposable, it makes me wonder how much of them are in landfills. That's another reason I try to keep what I have for as long as possible.
Posted by Nohandle on 2010-01-26:
Understood Lost. I just paid $168.60 this past week on a washing machine for replacement of what turned out to be a Lid Switch. Never a moments problem in the past. Thank you, I'll keep the washer and dryer pair for as long as it's an option and parts are available. No problem whatsoever that I recall with the dryer. I think I just lucked out with the models I have.
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Refrigerator lemon
Posted by Corporations are people on 09/23/2009
GLENVIEW, ILLINOIS -- I purchased an Amana ( Whirlpool ) top/bottom refrigerator from ABT on June 25, 2003. On September 2, 2003 the lights were fixed. Around July 21, 2004 the refrigerator stopped cooling and the food all spoiled. It was supposedly fixed on July 23, 2004. Within a few days, it stopped cooling again. On July 30, 2004 the compressor was replaced. Late in October, 2007 the refrigerator stopped cooling again. I called Abt and Whirlpool which owns Amana now. I wanted the refrigerator replaced but they refused. The compressor was replaced again on November 4, 2007. In September,2009, the freezer went out for a couple of hours and my food spoiled. I have contacted ABT and Whirl pool. Now they tell me it's out of the warranty. Only because they refused to replace it. The regular part of the refrigerator freezes and thaws off and on. I've turned the refrigerator down twice and it's still freezing and thawing.
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Posted by qualityappliance on 2009-09-24:
It sounds like you have a defrost timer problem, pretty simple and not too expensive to repair.Call a local reputable service company to check it out.
Posted by Carol on 2013-09-05:
We bought the amana side by side bottom freezer in 2008. The refrigerator stopped cooling in 2011. After supposedly being repaired, simply defrosting the coils in back of panel in freezer, it still went out every 4 to 6 months, so we just defrosted it ourselves. Now its not cooling after a week or 2. The ice maker quit working after a couple years. The bottom drawer hinge is broke. When the refrigerator does work it will freeze items in the back. Amanas customer service is the worst. We bought an extended warranty again and am waiting for that to go into effect to call them out for repair. In the meantime we are defrosting ourselves to keep it going and loosing alot of food. Will be curious what Amana will do. From other reviews sounds like nothing. A refrigerator should last longer than this, especially for the money it cost. I would never buy another Amana product and would advise anyone else not to. Maybe we got a lemon, but Amana as a compony does not care. They got your money and thats the end of their caring. Buyers stay away from Amana!
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Unhappy Customer
Posted by Tested on 07/31/2009
In Aug. 2003, we purchased Amana side by side refrigerator. Within a few months we replaced a sensor in lower drawer because everything there froze. Still didn't work properly. July 28, 2009 we returned home from vacation and noticed the unit was not starting properly. Called local repairman. He said that this particular refrigerator had been recalled. He showed me a paper stating that any model beginning with AR and serial # ending in CJ was recalled. I called store where we purchased it, and they also said this was true. Two customer service people with Amana/Whirlpool agreed. When my husband talked to recall center, they said no, it says "MAY" be recalled. So we ordered starter from repairman and he came to put it on. Then it would not start. This time it was compressor!!! Of course, we are out of 5 year warranty, six unit is 6 yrs. old! My last refrigerator was a Kenmore that lasted 30 years. I am telling EVERYONE, do not purchase AMANA or Whirlpool, or anything made by this company!!! We did not get good customer service and products are definitely inferior. Even repairman says they are poor quality, in his experience. Buyers beware!
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Posted by qualityappliance on 2009-08-01:
Have your repairman install a 3 in 1 start device. In most cases it will take care of hard starting compressors and a lot cheaper.

Good Luck.
Posted by SPYking on 2009-08-27:
I agree about AMANA..

I purchased a side by side last Saturday and the water on the door is room temp. I called to ask them what this could be. During the conversation they advised me that my warranty was voide because I did not wait 24 hours before loading food ... and I used the EXPENSIVE steel reinforced hose for the water line instead of the copper tubing as advised in the owners manual.
I called Home Depot and advised them that I wanted a replacement of another brand .... they have agreed to this.

My inside temperatures are fine ... just the water..

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Hostage To Amana Service--My Time Is Worth Nothing To Amana.
Posted by Babs1950 on 06/11/2009
It has cost me two entire days to get my washer warranty service, because Amana's (Whirlpool's) warranty service company A&E Service refuses to give customers any time slot and insists they be available any time from 8am to 5pm on the day of service. I feel I am being held hostage. Not only that, the washer should not have broken in the first place--poor design, plastic motor housing which got a hole in it and flooded my carpeted basement.

Amazing how they have trashed what used to be one of the best names in American appliances.

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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-06-11:
Look for authorized Maytag/Amana/Whirlpool servicers in your area...A&E is the worst and will only cause you more grief...Maytag.com and enter your zip code.
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Oven/Stove Is Junk
Posted by Cajun62234 on 05/25/2009
COLLINSVILLE, ILLINOIS -- They are living on a historical past reputation... the quality isn't there... the knobs can not be washed without the numerals being washed off; so better mark the oven settings with an engraver before applying soap & water... Plus, they have stopped marketing the knobs and conventional knobs will not fit (the temp settings are reverse of what is available on the market)...

Avoid this product!! I'll never buy Amana again..
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-05-25:
I checked and these knobs are indeed discontinued.I can't tell by the model how old it is,im guessing about 10 years or so.Home Depot used to carry a pretty good aftermarket knob set,haven't seen one in a while..
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Amana Ranges/Ovens Safety Risk
Posted by Justice for all on 05/01/2009
TUCSON, ARIZONA -- If you have an Amana range that allows heat to escape from the ranges/ovens when used in their intended manner and is causing irreparable damage to other components or the ranges/oven, including but not limited to, the units’ control board. This problem can discolor the units, diminishing their value and compromises the ability of the ranges/ovens to perform in their intended manner.

If so, this on going problem poses a significant safety risk to their users and property. I know many of you are frustrated and many of you have complained to Amana and have been told that, “There have been no complaints or that the problem does not exist”. Well they won’t be able to say that any more if the thousands of us come together as one and voice our concerns and complaints.

If you would like to be heard and possibly have your range replaced or fixed please send me an email of your existing problem along with your units’ serial number and model number and together we will be heard. vloredo@cox.net

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Posted by Slimjim on 2009-05-01:
This complaint seems a bit sensationalized IMO. Heat vent(s) are generally in the backguard (or behind the rear burner on a coil electric.) A discoloration of the control panel has no safety risk implications and is also not "irreparable damage". Should heat actually damage the oven or burner controls, they would simply not work. A runaway temperature scenario I don't believe exists. The burners or oven wouldn't start themselves. If the control panel was melting, I could see the risk factor as a debate.
I would agree, however, that the range shouldn't make itself ugly. That is a valid complaint in itself.
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