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Be prepared for problems
Posted by Mike&Pat on 07/23/2009
OCALA, FLORIDA -- I do wish we would have read the reviews before purchasing our furniture and American Freight. The store manager was so pleasant when he was selling us our mattresses, couch and loveseat. That is where it ended. After owning our couch and loveseat for two weeks, it started to get splotchy in color. Well we called and were told that we would have to bring it in. HOW? we have a small van!! Three monthes later our couch and loveseat have turned into what looks like 10 year old furniture. The material has big blotches on it which looks like.....I really don't know what it looks like!! It is unbelievable. We have no children, we have never sat in the loveseat...It is just changing in color (big spots) right before our eyes. Never will I recommend or will I purchase anything else from American Freight. We paid $1,500 cash for the loveseat and couch...we need a representative to come and look at the mess we have. It would cost us $250.00 to hire someone to come and transport our furniture back to American Freight. It just isn't fair.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-07-23:
Can you take pictures of the couch and bring it to a manager at the store? Is the couch exposed to the sun during most of the day?
Posted by M. S. on 2014-02-14:
After listening to the way the company yells and all of the noise that is on their commercials, it is clear that they are low class, low budget company and are trying to "unload" as much as they can. Their commercials are enough to tell you NOT to shop there!
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Buyer Beware
Posted by ConsumerTW1 on 02/01/2011
MARIETTA, GEORGIA -- I visited the American Freight store in early October 2011.
I needed to purchase a new mattress set asap, I tried several mattresses in the store;I explained to the district manager who was assisting me what I was looking for; comfort and quietness. I definitely needed something that was going to allow me to get a restful pain free night of sleep, I explained I had previously had a bed that made me feel terribly sore every morning. I picked out a nice pillow top set that was delivered the same evening, I also purchased a queen king size frame.
The horror began the moment the delivery was made, the frame wasn't delivered, I was asked if I could pick it up that evening or the next day, I stated I would not that's what I paid $60 to have my order delivered. The driver brought back a used queen sized frame wrapped in plastic, I called the store the net day to complain about my mattress not being the same as the one I tried out in the store and was told by the district manager that she would make a personal trip to my home to check out the set, I also expressed in the store that I did not want a set that would make that awful crunching sound every time I got in my bed, and that's what I got. I had to take the frame back to the store, the manager on duty pretended to express concern and assured me I would get a call from the district manager, that call never came. Ever since I've been sleeping on this mattress my body has been extremely sore, I wake up in so much pain, which has caused me to have to see my doctor, and have ex-rays done, I now have to spend more money on a new set. American Freight should be ashamed of the products they sell, in this economy consumers are looking for the best quality products for their money, and this store is not in our best interest, I guess customer loyalty
means nothing to these kind of stores, who produce junk. I will NEVER buy from American Freight again, I Will let as many people as possible know about my experience in hopes they will spend the money on quality furniture from a reputable company who can stand by their guarantee of quality products.
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Posted by Alain on 2011-02-02:
There are multiple complaints about American Freight on at least 6 websites including this one. You can give their corporate office in Mansfield, OH a call at 419-884-6178 and see if they will help.
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Poor Quality/LIMITED Warranties
Posted by ReginaO on 10/09/2010
CINCINNATI -- Two and a half years ago we purchased a sofa and love seat from American Freight for the exorbitant sum of nearly $700. We were told it should easily last for 10 years or more. Hughes Furniture was the manufacturer. In two years time the springs were falling out of the bottom of the couch and wooden slats were poking out the back. After calling American Freight I was informed that Hughes only offers a 1-year warranty on their furniture so basically I was out of luck. I can't imagine how they get away with selling furniture that is such poor quality! We're practically sitting on the floor and now have no money to replace something that we were told would last decades.

I don't know how American Freight stays in business by buying cheap furniture with virtually NO warranties and then reselling it at outrageous prices!
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Posted by Alain on 2010-10-10:
Thank you for this information. I'll be wary of both American Freight and Hughes.
Posted by Natalie S on 2012-01-31:
My furniture is less than 6 months old and the same thing happened to it. Hughes would refusses to honor the warranty.
Posted by D-Man on 2012-02-14:
These a-holes did the same thing to me with one of their memory foam mattresses. More like no foam mattresses!
Posted by Luke on 2013-01-24:
DONT BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY !! Horrible business and dont care about the customer once they have your money. Piss poor attitudes !!
Posted by B on 2013-08-09:
Hughes furniture ia horribale along with Direct Furniture Factory tent sales for military bases. Avoid and run away if you see them on base or anything made by Hughes furniture. Less than two months my sofa fell apart and no one will honor the warranty or help me. Hughes Furniture is cheap over priced crap!
Posted by Brenda Jones on 2014-04-14:
i bought a couch and love seat from them about a year ago it is already tearing in spots ill never buy from them again they r hard to deal with and dont stand behind there furniture. my friend bought a matress from them and they give her the run around to.
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Worse Company I Have Ever Dealt With
Posted by Dthompson1372 on 03/29/2013
Cracked mirror
Cracked mirror
INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA -- We ordered a bedroom set priced at over $1000 and made the required monthly payments per our contract. A final payment was made and we were told by the manager that our furniture would be ready for delivery in two weeks or less. According to American Freight’s “Terms and Conditions” it states delivery could take as much as four weeks so I wasn’t too set on getting it in two weeks or less as previously stated. We never received a single phone call from American Freight and after one month from the date we paid the furniture off I contacted American Freight and their response was, “Your furniture is on backorder and we do not have a date for when it will be here.”

Two weeks later I called again (still never received a phone call from the company). They stated, “It may come in on this next truck but we don’t really know when our trucks come or what is on them.” Again, still nothing and no phone call from the company. I finally submitted a Better Business Bureau complaint and received this response from the regional manager:

[the furniture is on backorder from the manufacture. we do not have a date because they are out of it. the customer can either wait on it to come in, which we don't know a date, come into the store to reselect even if they pick out something better we will work out a price, or get a refund

Jessie, Regional Manager]

I then contacted American Freight again and requested to speak to the manager but was told the manager was assisting a customer. I told the woman on the phone my problem and she said to call back tomorrow when the manager would be there (after she just told me the manager was helping a customer). I called back the following day and the manager was again, helping a customer. I requested the manager call me back in reference to my furniture and I never received a phone call.

I showed up at the store that following Sunday to speak to the manager and he said he never knew I called. I told him my problem and gave him the regional manager’s solution from the BBB. His response was, “Everything was on backorder and it would be another 3 weeks before anything comes in.” Frustrated, we were about to leave and he said, “Well we do have a couple things coming in tomorrow.” We decided on a set that was coming in tomorrow just to be done dealing with the company. Delivery was scheduled the following evening between 5p and 8p. At 7:45p the delivery guys showed up, unloaded our furniture, and left. We unboxed everything to find a 4” hole in the bottom of the dresser and the mirror frame was cracked on both sides. We would have to pay two additional delivery charges to get another dresser (one to take the broken one back and another to get our replacement). We decided to cut our losses and live with the one with the hole. I was able to fit the mirror in my car and took it back to the company to get a replacement and never received one apology for everything I had to go through. They also could care less about the damaged dresser and made no mention of it after it was brought to their attention.

I suggest anyone looking for a deal to pay a little extra and go with a different company. This company has absolutely no customer service experience and only cares about money coming in the door. Their last concern is making sure the customer is happy. They will not call you if your furniture is on backorder and they will not return your phone call if you leave a message for the manager. They will though act like your best friend when you walk the sales floor to pick out a set of your liking. Please, Google search this company for reviews as this is not the only negative review this company has.
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I Knew More Than the Seller
Posted by Jreview2510 on 03/27/2014
WASHINGTON, ILLINOIS -- First the wrong mattress was ordered, the sales associate didn't even ask me which I wanted, then she couldn't explain to me why if I didn't buy their $80 dollar stain protector for the mattress, that it would void the 10 year warranty. I had to explain it to her! - After it was figured out. AVOID. After reading how poorly their couches are made, it made sense, if it looks too good to be true, then it probably is. Also explains that there wasn't a soul in site other than us in the entire store or parking lot. lol

Pay the extra couple $100 dollars and get something that will last, and deal with people that know what they are selling.
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American Freight is a scam
Posted by Novrain420 on 02/12/2014
Not no where near what is pictured.
Not no where near what is pictured.
INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA -- First off this company has a lot of issues. I called them and asked how much delivery charges are and they wouldn't tell me, they said its reasonable come in we will treat you right, also asked if they still had the living room package deal, he said yes and we have several to choose from. So I go there, couldn't find the place, so I called them and the lady that answered didn't even know where she was. So I find the place and asked about the package deal they had advertised, the sales guy said they only had 1 to choose from and it did not look no where near the advertisement. It did state on website that Items shown may not be included in group package. Ok so you assume maybe a different color couch, table or lamp, but this couch was so small not even close to what was shown, very misleading. Came home empty handed later in the day I decided that id go ahead and get the package so I called back and asked if I came in today to pay for it will I get it that day? The lady said YES but you need to get in here ASAP if I wanted it today, cause there delivery is starting to fill up for the day. So I go back, I was also wanting a mattress, so I asked the sales guy where they where and he showed me, I wanted to laugh, the mattress was only maybe 1 inch thick, more like a padding, way far from a mattress. So I said never mind Ill just take the package deal, then he said it would take 6 days to arrive to there warehouse after being told id get it today. Glad I didn't give them a dime after reading complaints all over the web about them. I wasted 2 hours of driving and my time cause of this. Most of there items are out of stock, I think there whole warehouse here in indy is just models. They try to get you in there and then scam you. Top it all off there sales people are very rude.
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Rip Off On Lay-A-Way.
Posted by Sissy_simmons on 11/25/2013
MOBILE, ALABAMA -- Put a couch on lay-a-way, when we went to pick it up they had sold the couch, and could not get another one. They did not have anything else I like, so I asked for a refund. They side they do not give refunds I would have to pick out something else. I called the main office, they were rude and told me I should have read the fine print, they don't have to hold you lay-a-way, and they don't give refunds. Every time someone talks about American Freight, I tell them to run as fast as you can. Rip offs!!!
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Posted by Jemsteph on 06/06/2013
INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA -- We went there Tuesday night to order a couch, we found the one we wanted, and ordered it. They said they would have it delivered the next day. So my husband didn't leave the house all day because they said that they would call when they're on their way so there wouldn't be much notice, and they called him to let him know that the couch that we had already paid for wasn't in stock. They informed us that we had to call them the next day to talk to the manager who would tell us when our couch would be in stock.

So the next day I called. The manager couldn't even tell me when the couch would be in stock, so I said we would just go somewhere else and asked them to cancel the order, and he said we had to drive back in to cancel our order since they didn't have our card stored. This was terrible. I would never recommend them ever and I recommend a lot of people.
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Posted by tania jackson on 2014-02-24:
The Tallahassee Florida is the worst store ever. That Brooke girl is so rude and lies about furniture being in.The furniture is inexpensive because the furniture is cheap! They have the worst customer service and even if you have a problem and call corporate they still suck at there job! So not only is the furniture cheap so is the service!
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Scam Artist
Posted by Bigcash8515 on 03/21/2013
Horrible service, had a problem with my purchase and dealt with Sarah (the manager) she was useless! I would not recommend doing business here!!!
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Bad Customer Services
Posted by Mohabsl on 01/31/2013
I bought a bedroom set for my daughter on 01-12-13.I was told max 2 weeks for delivery and they will call us when order in store. It's been 3 weeks now, no call yet. When I called the store they told me that they don't know when the truck will arrive. They are guessing and they can't even track the order. It's 50/50 chance
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