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CPR Not Acceptable by School Standards
Posted on
I am currently attending school to become a Licensed Practical Nurse. Before I can apply to the program, I have to have a copy of a current Basic Life Support/CPR and AED certification for Healthcare Professionals. My teacher told me today that there were such things as online courses where you could take the course online and then go to an agency in your town and take a skills test to get the card. I googled the courses and found several, but decided to choose the American Health Care Academy's course. I was led to believe that the card would have either the American Red Cross or American Heart Association seal. I came to this conclusion because on their website, they state that the instructors are certified by these agencies and that the Academy follows the guidelines of the agencies. Here's what it says verbatim (copied from their website):

Our instructors are trained by American Red Cross and American Heart Association so our curriculum follows their guidelines and we are widely-accepted.

So, naturally, I thought that they would be accepted by my school. WRONG! When I finished the quiz online, I received the card, which does not meet the standards of my school. It possesses neither ARC's or AHA's seal. Since I accessed the website from an outside link, I was unable to view the sample card that is on their website before I paid for the course.

Their website is:

The link I followed is:

The website is very misleading with testimonials that say that their certification is widely accepted. I took this course because I need certification very soon so I can apply for the LPN program. The course I took online was $29.95 which was a huge waste. Now, I have to take an in-person class and pay over $50. I contacted the academy for a refund, but according to the main website policy:

American Health Care Academy is nationally accredited and our certification cards are widely accepted. If American Health Care Academy certification does not comply with your requirements, we will issue a full refund when you can confirm your denial. If you are not satisfied with the content that we have available within our courses, it is your responsibility to stop using our website. We cannot refund you for a course that you have already completed. Once you pass the quiz and are able to print your wallet card, we will not offer any refunds. We will provide refunds if your employer / institution does not accept our online course, and if this denial can be confirmed.

I have information that says that their card is not accepted. I have emailed them, and I'm waiting to hear a response.

I just wanted to warn everyone about these online CPR classes. Before you pay any money or take the course, make sure that it is American Red Cross or American Heart Association accepted, otherwise, you just doled out money for a crap-card.
Resolution Update 08/27/2008:
I just received word that my complaint directed towards American Health Care Academy has been resolved. I have been issued a refund:

Your refund has been processed, it may take 1-3 business days to get money back into your credit card.
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User Replies:
Starlord on 08/26/2008:
I have been an EMT and a First Responder as a peace officer, and I would never take an online course for something as important as a life-saving skill. The so-called certified instructors have no idea whether you can properly perform CPR or not, so they have no business giving you a card stating you have passed a course in COPr and AED. That is for suckers, sorry to say.
Anonymous on 08/27/2008:
I know that now. I only did what my instructor said was available. As you can see, I am taking a hands-on course this week.
Anonymous on 08/27/2008:
My refund has been issued. But I am still leaving this complaint up to warn others.
Anonymous on 08/27/2008:
I'm with Starlord, and I'm also a former EMT. And, yes, Happy, leave your complaint up. It sounds like you did not get what you expected. Stick with local ARC or AHA certification agencies.
Anonymous on 08/27/2008:
Thanks MissMarple. I will do just that. :0)
bogiwogie2 on 08/28/2008:
HappyGoLucky I see why you are upset but I did take the course with American Health Care Academy as well, as a matter of fact our entire department of 45 people took their CPR course and found it to be very good.

We got our certification through AHA instructor a few years ago and truthfully we did not learn anything with them. Maybe it was that instructor. But American Health Care Academy was Great.

MrBeanRocks25 on 08/28/2008:
I, too, have taken it, and found the course content to be very good, but Happy's right. The card does not have the American Red Cross or American Heart Assoc. seal. Glad you got a refund, Happy.
mohan26 on 03/09/2010:
Hi! while agreeing w/ all of you; I will only say that quality of course is not bad. In an online course if you have video clippings; that's all can be done. While it can't replace, hands on but it's closest to it. To accept it or not depends upon the position which you are applying for but it may serve as stop gap arrangement e.g. if you have to appear for interview tomorrow, it can at least take away your worry that night.
Anonymous on 03/09/2010:
Did they claim to be ACCREDITED?
Budlydoright on 08/20/2010:
The main issue here is saving lives. The more people who take this online course where they may simply not be motivated to go through the more intense in person course, the more lives will be saved. The new CPR form now accepted without certification see has been around for 2 years and is now getting out to millions. We will all benefit from this greatly.
You can also learn to stop a heart attack through proper breathing here: I am a certified Buteyko Practitioner and have this also posted on my web site.
one that knows on 11/01/2010:
What a joke. This company will be happy to sell you a card that is marked CPR but no one will accept the card because they do not test your skills. I called them to ask about this and they kept repeating the mantra that the card is widely accepted. Do not waste your time or money with this company.
PepperElf on 11/01/2010:
If you want valid CPR information the best place to go to is your local red cross chapter.

I don't know if they charge for their online classes (they do charge for the in-person ones though... depending on what kind of CPR you're learning)

but... if they certify you, you'll at least know it's something that will be accepted
LILOSOFSKY on 01/20/2012:
Wish I saw this an hour ago! I took the CPR and First AId course, thank goodness I have taken them before from people who actually knew what they were talking about.

Here are some examples of the high quality you can expect:

1. There is only one mention of checking for a pulse in the ENTIRE CPR course and it is not until half of the way through. And of course they make no mention of how to do or where.

2. I guess they don't want to over do it on videos because they only have six of them for the entire course but in two out of the six I (someone with no medical training) noticed big mistakes. In the adult CPR video the actor didn't pinch the nose. And in another the actor's arms are not straight while doing chest compressions. Hello! At east don't contradict what you are having us read.

3. What is a chest thrust?

4. Why do their clothes need to be removed before chest compressions? I have never heard that before.

There is so much more but ...GURR. I just hope their bad information does not get someone hurt someday! Besides the headache has already caused me!
Samestuff on 02/20/2012:
I have taken several in-person classes through the Red Cross and the same things that are done there are shown here. The tests are identical. The only difference is the Red Cross likes to charge three times the amount just because you are there in person not to mention take up half the day. If you have done these classes before then this website is perfect for just getting recertified.
Angel on 05/16/2012:
Thank you all for the helpful information posted here. I actually was about to take the American Health Care Academy CPR/AED/First Aid Certification tests! I was even about to pay them $35.95 to get the certification but because of you all helpful comments I will be continuing my research or will just go ahead and pay the American Red Cross or American Heart Assoc fees to become legitimately CPR/First Aid certified.

So again I thank you all for your heartfelt and legitimate advice.

OT student on 05/16/2012:
I am so confused!! I need to be CPR certified by Monday. This is my only week of vacation and I don't want to spend half a day at the course given AHA this Friday.
B Donnelly rn on 09/19/2012:
What a fraud, they do not address the issue when questioned. Sidesteps and smokescreens
RitchieW on 11/28/2012:
Long are gone the days of American Heart Association and Red Cross monopoly of CPR certification. There are many other options for CPR out there now. Some online, some in person. Select the ones that you know will be accepted by your agency or school. It helps to ask first what they accept. Just because it has AHA on it means nothing. They all pretty much go by the 2010 AHA and ECC guidelines now anyway.
rick on 03/18/2013:
this is OK saves a lot of hassle local dodd said this is not acceptable..however the STATE DODD said it is OK .. locals wanting to line their own pockets
Lady T on 04/10/2013:
I always make it a point to read the comments people have about a company or product on line. I need a CPR card today to start working tomorrow. This is not the one for me. I'm headed to the Red cross sight now. THANKS because I don't have money like that.
MAM on 04/30/2013:
I work for an organization that does not approve of online training without hands-on training included in the course. I would suggest you check with your employer before taking only an online course.
Debra on 05/09/2013:
Most hospitals do not accept this accreditation without skills checkoff so check with your facility before taking it. Also, check with the American Heart Association, they have Instructors that teach these classes all over the United States and sometimes offer a reasonable price for the class that includes cognitive and skills testing.
Cayman on 05/10/2013:
I had a similar experience, however, by the time I found out the certification was not accepted, American Health Care would not refund my money because I was beyond the 31 day window for making a claim. I am sure if the refund window were a more reasonable length, they would have to offer many more refunds.
busdriver on 05/11/2013:
Just so you know, taking a hands on class does not make you a "lifesaver"...did you know that you DO NOT have to perform any of the skills during the class and just because you attended they will issue you a CPR card? I bet you didn't know that but it is true, you can decline to demonstrate on the dolls how to do CPR and still be given a certificate because you attended and "completed" the class! So why not online?
I think especially for renewals, online courses should be accepted because you know how, you just need the mental refresh.
Jody on 05/16/2013:
I just took this online for recert, my card expires at the end of the month. They would show the exact same type of videos in a class room. When you have to use your skills it's not going to matter if you had a class or did it online.
Becca on 06/15/2013:
Department of Children and Families do not except this either. The director had all of us go online and take it and then after an inspection, we had to go to a course with red cross
Anonymous on 07/10/2013:
I've had the Red Cross course before, but couldn't get the local chapter to respond to set up our recertification. Took this course. In my opinion, it is very lame and the videos are super cheesy. I definitely wouldn't recommend it, especially if you've never had hands-on training.
SCAM ALERT on 08/06/2013:
This is a scam. I just took this about 30mins ago. I called first to ask if they were legitimate (as in AHA certified but I didn't say that, I said "legitimate") and the representative told me on the phone that they were "legitimate" and that I could call the BBB to verify that they were. They ARE NOT legitimate even if they are listed by the BBB. I know that my school (nursing) will reject this and I've reported it to my bank as fraud.

AHCA - American Health Care Academy - SCAM ALERT - FRAUD DO NOT USE!
Thuy on 01/21/2014:
Thank you all for you comments and advice. I have the American Health Care Academy on another tab as we speak and was about to pay the $35 fee for the CPR/AED/Frist Aid. I will be finding a local office that offers the class and take it there to be certified by the American Heart Association.
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VIRGINIA -- I brought the bundle package which included the CPR and First Aid courses. The website allows you to print out your own certification, however, they also provide free wallet size cards in the mail. The main reason I signed up for this site was because of the free wallet cards because they look more professional than printing it out on regular printing paper. My issue came along when I was never mailed any cards through the mail after three weeks! Shipping only takes 4- 5 days according to the shipping option I decided to go with. I called customer service twice and sent two emails. The second customer service representative stated that my cards were actually scheduled to go out at the end of the day... I was furious and requested for her to not send them out and to issue me a refund and she refused. This company does not guarantee their commitments! So don't be cheap. Sign up for real CPR courses and pay the extra buck. It better than losing out on $35 dealing with nonsense.
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