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VIRGINIA -- I bought the bundle package which included the CPR and First Aid courses. The website allows you to print out your own certification, however, they also provide free wallet size cards in the mail. The main reason I signed up for this site was because of the free wallet cards because they look more professional than printing it out on regular printing paper.

My issue came along when I was never mailed any cards through the mail after three weeks! Shipping only takes 4- 5 days according to the shipping option I decided to go with. I called customer service twice and sent two emails. The second customer service representative stated that my cards were actually scheduled to go out at the end of the day... I was furious and requested for her to not send them out and to issue me a refund and she refused. This company does not guarantee their commitments! So don't be cheap. Sign up for real CPR courses and pay the extra buck. It's better than losing out on $35 dealing with nonsense.

CPR Not Acceptable by School Standards

I am currently attending school to become a Licensed Practical Nurse. Before I can apply to the program, I have to have a copy of a current Basic Life Support/CPR and AED certification for Healthcare Professionals. My teacher told me today that there were such things as online courses where you could take the course online and then go to an agency in your town and take a skills test to get the card. I googled the courses and found several, but decided to choose the American Health Care Academy's course. I was led to believe that the card would have either the American Red Cross or American Heart Association seal.

I came to this conclusion because on their website, they state that the instructors are certified by these agencies and that the Academy follows the guidelines of the agencies. Here's what it says verbatim (copied from their website): "Our instructors are trained by American Red Cross and American Heart Association so our curriculum follows their guidelines and we are widely-accepted."

So, naturally, I thought that they would be accepted by my school. WRONG! When I finished the quiz online, I received the card, which does not meet the standards of my school. It possesses neither ARC's or AHA's seal. Since I accessed the website from an outside link, I was unable to view the sample card that is on their website before I paid for the course. Their website is: The link I followed is:

The website is very misleading with testimonials that say that their certification is widely accepted. I took this course because I need certification very soon so I can apply for the LPN program. The course I took online was $29.95 which was a huge waste. Now, I have to take an in-person class and pay over $50. I contacted the academy for a refund, but according to the main website policy:

American Health Care Academy is nationally accredited and our certification cards are widely accepted. If American Health Care Academy certification does not comply with your requirements, we will issue a full refund when you can confirm your denial. If you are not satisfied with the content that we have available within our courses, it is your responsibility to stop using our website. We cannot refund you for a course that you have already completed. Once you pass the quiz and are able to print your wallet card, we will not offer any refunds. We will provide refunds if your employer / institution does not accept our online course, and if this denial can be confirmed.

I have information that says that their card is not accepted. I have emailed them, and I'm waiting to hear a response. I just wanted to warn everyone about these online CPR classes. Before you pay any money or take the course, make sure that it is American Red Cross or American Heart Association accepted, otherwise, you just doled out money for a crap-card.

Resolution Update 08/27/2008:

I just received word that my complaint directed towards American Health Care Academy has been resolved. I have been issued a refund:

Your refund has been processed, it may take 1-3 business days to get money back into your credit card.

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