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American Home Shield

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American Home Shield is the founder of the home warranty industry and remains the industry leader with over 40 years of experience. With a national contractor network made up of over 11,000 independent home service contractors and 45,000 service technicians, AHS® services nearly 1.5 million customers across 49 states.
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American Home Shield
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Home Shield and HVAC Systems
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Rating: 2/51

SUGAR LAND, TEXAS -- We had an AC problem in April 2015. The vendor said it was the capacitor, he quickly fixed it and left. Six weeks later, we had relatives in from out of town and the AC stopped working. No one could come out, they wouldn't even call us or return our calls. Five days later, someone came out and put a new capacitor on.

This vendor informed us that the last vendor spent $0.10 on the part and he said these parts don't cost anything to begin with so he could've spent a couple dollars more and gotten one that were lasted for years and everyone in the industry knows the part will not last and no one uses them. So had the right part been put on to begin with and there were some kind of check and balances with home Shield. The consumer would not deal with this issue.

Now it's 2016 and we're in the heat of the summer. I'm in Texas. And the same AC isn't working again. The vendor comes out and we notice it's the same vendor put on the cheap part that lasted only six weeks. He was in our attic not even a minute and gave us a list of things that we needed that were out of code and it was gonna be another thousand dollars at our expense. Mind you, the problem we were having had nothing to do with anything that had to do with codes and there's never been a problem with codes ever since I lived in the home.

We protested about the vendor and his skinny practices and requested another vendor. We had to go round and round with home shopping day send someone else out. Now we had no code issues but we need a new coil and of course we were going to need freon which we understood would be at our expense. What was all said and done, this gentle and found some code updates they were completely different than the first vendor's code updates.

We found out that Home Shield only pays each AC and heating vendor a flat rate of like $220 or $240 something like that I forget the exact amount now. So if there's some major problems they still just get their flat rate so to make up the difference you pay for code updates. Hope she is aware of this and they perpetuate it and they tell you have to have codes updated.

Well now we had a few cold days of winter and a vendor comes out and finds that we need a new heater which is covered under our plan. He informs us that the vendor who fixed the AC did a ** job and took out the transition in our AC which is a really big deal and took it completely out which made our AC bill go way up because it wasn't doing the job right. On top of that they disconnected the over flow switches.

So they charged us for code updates while they deliberately put us in code violations. And did I mention the installers that put in the coil that was messed up didn't understand any English? I can guarantee you they did not have a license to be doing AC work. The heat guy said they fix the heater, they'll have to fix all the things that this AC guy messed us. Then I get a letter from Home Shield with all the things that the first guy messed up as an extra expense to us to pay for.

So somehow we had nothing to do with him messing up our OC and taking out a huge piece to the AC unit and turning off all of the switches. For now thanks, affect us to pay to have all that put back together correctly even though it was their fault they send a vendor to us that wasn't competent and a fraud. And I'm saying fraud because American Home Shield is very aware that these vendors are scamming the homeowner and they don't care. Their loyalty is to the vendor. I am skipping the Better Business Bureau and going directly to the Attorney General.

You've Got to Be Kidding Me
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Rating: 1/51

NEW JERSEY -- I have too many checks to put down and it only takes one... Going on a month now I have no dishwasher. The first man who came to fix not only my dishwasher but my Subzero fridge didn't even open the fridge to see why it was dripping. Just said 95% of the time it's a frozen clog and American Shield will not allow them to try to fix the problem without me turning it off for 24 hours to see if that is the problem.

Well I did that already and as I told him, "As you can see because there is frozen water under the basket." So picture he takes of that along with food that was in the fridge. Took out the food again and relocated it to turn it off again but that was after I asked if my wood floor warps who is going to fix that. He didn't know the answer so I called American Home Shield and asked them the question and also let them know that at this point the technician didn't even unscrew the bottom grate to see where and why the water was leaking...

The answer to my question was, "We don't take care of secondary problems. It's in the contract." 2 days later exactly what I said was going to happen, happened. 1 Week later another guy came from the same company and replaced the panel on the dishwasher and when I complained about the fridge and because it was still in a work order he looked at the fridge. Yes he opened the grate finally. "Oh I see what the problem is. The copper line to the ice maker is too short."

My response is, "Really, it's been that way for 10 years and never had a problem." Now he tries to locate the water turn off to this ice maker and can't find it and then says "I think I found it." Turns off this valve and starts to play around with the area that is a problem. Well behold really what the problem was is the valve to the ice maker and fridge that went bad. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that if there was no problem in the piping before why would there be a problem now. He leaves saying, "You need a plumber I will get in touch with American Home Shield and let them know. If you don't hear from them by the end of the day call them."

Surprise surprise surprise. Didn't hear from them so I put a phone call into them. Waited on the phone listening to their hold music for 48 minutes (3rd times a charm.) "Hello American Home Shield. How can we help you..." 3rd time explaining what the problem is and now within the 5 hours waiting for a plumber to call. Whatever the tech did the water is pouring out now and I can't stop it at all... trying to turn the fridge off, try to find the pipe leading to it, having to wait 48 minutes for an answer from American Home Shield for them to tell me they don't send out plumbers although they can recommend somebody.

Seriously this was a drip every 3 seconds to start. Now it is full force spray out that I can't keep up with. Had to wait for my husband to come home to crimp the line. 4 by 4 patch of brand new wood floors and they say it's a secondary problem and call my homeowners. Oh by the way second visit from the dishwasher to find out after he made the leak worse and replaced the wrong part the dishwasher still isn't fixed.

Thank God for the third guy. Did I say 3 times a charm... What is the reason for having this Home Warranty Insurance when the headache and none educated in the field you have them out for only is going to make things worse. Fridge still not fixed, floor warped so bad you can trip on it. Never Again... I warn you not to take it out either.

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Rating: 1/51

MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE -- I wouldn't even give this horrible company 1 star. I had an AC Company come out, who I have paid my $125 service call fee to them the last 2 times they came out. Finally came out to install a new unit for us. A few days after the service I receive an email stating that I was not supposed to pay the service company and that they will be charging my card. I was never told not to pay the company like I had been and they charged my card the $125 service call fee. I got in touch with an agent who told me she would process a credit request for my account and that I should see the credit in 7 days. That was the best she could do for me apparently.

A week goes by and I never received a credit. I got in touch with an agent who told me she did not see a credit on my account and that it only takes 3 business days for a credit to show up and that I should have received it by now. She puts me on hold to get in touch with the agent to see how she process my credit and to make sure she did not. After waiting 30 minutes on hold I was told she got in touch with the agent that helped me previously and that the request was processed and that I should be receiving it either later that day or tomorrow morning. She also told me she would follow up with me in the morning to make sure I received my credit back on my card.

The next day comes and I never receive my credit or a phone call. I call that evening to speak to a lady that I demanded to speak to a supervisor. She transfers me to what sounds like the exact same lady and tells me she is the account manager. I tell her my story and she then informs me credits take 15-20 business days (THIS IS THE 3RD NEW LIE I HAVE BEEN TOLD NOW), but that she didn't even see a credit even in processing status on my account because no one has reached out to the AC company to verify that I paid them in cash!

She put me on hold to call the AC company (even though it was 8pm at night and no one was going to be in their office). She told me she left them a voicemail to contact her back to get this issue resolved and that she would also email them. She told me she would also follow up with me in the morning to verify everything. I also got her name and number in case I did not hear from her.

The next day comes and I still never hear from anyone and no credit has been issued on my account. I call the number that was supposedly was this agents direct line only to be directed to a completely different agents voicemail. I call the AC company who tell me they have been having issues with American Home Shield and their owner had already been on the line with them very upset. She told me she would call me back shortly after she looked up my invoice to verify that I paid them cash so we could go from there. She also told me she never received a voicemail from American Home Shield regarding my situation. (LIE NUMBER 5).

30 minutes go by and the AC company calls me back to tell me they will be issuing me a check to take care of my issue because they did not want to deal with American Home Shield anymore. I told them I was very upset with them as well, and I am currently waiting for the AC company to send me a check for $125 service fee they were apparently not supposed to collect from me at the time of service.

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Rating: 5/51

NOTTINGHAM, NEW HAMPSHIRE -- Submitting a claim with American Home Shield always runs very smoothly and they react very quickly. In fact, my last claim was in the repair stages within 24 hours. It was for the pressure gauge and holding tank on my well pump. However, they did not have a representative in this area who could do that kind of work and I have somebody, because I've lived here for a lot of years.

So I got my own contractor to do the work and paid $1,250 for their service. I called AHS to get reimbursed and the AHS representative spoke to the contractor while he was here and got the story on what happened. Unfortunately, and this is nobody's fault, the rep had to write it down because all of the computer systems were down and that was on a Friday. She told me that when the techs finished doing what they had to do, she was going to call their office and speak to them again.

I told her that I had an issue with that because the contractor already got the money. And if the AHS rep will call them later on and get voicemails, the contractor's not going to call her back. If it was AHS' people that they have a contract with, that's a different story because they have an agreement but they had none with the people that did the work for me. However, I knew it's policy and it had to be done. I was also trying to give her some feedback on this but I knew it was not going any further. She was not rude but she just doesn't care.

The thing that really stinks about it all is that the work wasn't covered which I have a problem with. Especially, since I paid extra to have my well pump covered, because we have our own well. It is kind of ridiculous because without the pressure gauge and holding tank, I have no water. Those are the brains of the well pump and that's exactly how the plumber described it to me. Moreover, the pressure regulator is not something that breaks a lot because it's covered undercoating and lasts for a really long time.

Also, this is a brand new house for us but when we bought our own policy, it's not looked at like a new house even though we bought the policy the month we bought the house. However, if the previous owner had bought the policy, they take into consideration that the new owner inherited some broken things without realizing it. We've only been here since fall and the well pump had to be broken when we got here. It just took that long for it to finally wear out and die. That's been going on for years for it to get to the point that it did.

I've had two other claims for my washing machine and dishwasher. Those experiences went fine but their policy was to repair something until they can repair it which resulted in them spending more money. I could have bought a new washing machine and dishwasher for what they had to pay to repair those items, which is silly. Especially with my washing machine, I really went back and forth with them on it because it is 30 years old. It's been fixed now but I know it's going to break again because of its age. But in talking to the contractors, they said that's pretty typical.

Air Conditioning Service
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Rating: 1/51

ARIZONA -- I am writing this at 6:30 am on August 9, 2017. It is already 80 degrees outside and expected to reach 110. Temperature downstairs in the house is 82 degrees. Our a/c unit went out a week ago when I promptly went online and completed a request for service.

We received a timely visit from the contractor associated through AHS the following day. Our compressor went out. He said by the time the order was approved and the part shipped it would probably be Tuesday when the a/c was fixed. This would have been yesterday if everything had gone to plan. Unfortunately, I just got off the phone with AHS, yes, at 6:30 in the morning due to the time difference, and they proceeded to tell me that the part has shipped and it would be next Tuesday before the part had made it to the contractor. I am looking at two weeks without a/c in an Arizona summer!

Yesterday, I was on the phone with AHS for 3 hours (two hours of which I was on hold) trying to see if we could possibly have the part expedited. This is not an option. A voucher? Also, not an option since we had already accepted the service, which I would not have accepted had they told me it would take this long to get air. Our second unit helps to cool the upstairs but it runs 24/7 literally! How much longer will it go before it blows out?! The downstairs temperature also includes two portable coolers that have to run all day just to give us some reprieve.

I will tell you I feel defeated. Customers do not come first. If they did, they would have helped to figure out a way to get relief to a customer quicker than two weeks without cool air in Arizona. I wouldn't have been on hold for approximately 2 hours of the three hours total that I was on the phone. The wait time alone is a sign to AHS that their company has poor customer service.

Not as Reputable as Advertised
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Rating: 1/51

MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE -- 1/9/17. Beginning on or about Nov. 18, 2016, I submitted a service request to AHS for work on my hot water boiler. It seemed to be malfunctioning and was not keeping the house warm. Temperatures outside were dropping to teens and single digits at night. AHS assigned a contractor to perform the service, but he was unable to return calls or schedule a time to come inspect the boiler. I cancelled the request and submitted a new one approximately 5 days later. In the mean time I purchased space heaters at a cost of $300 to keep the house from freezing up.

AHS assigned the same contractor to the job, and he, again, was unable to schedule time to fulfill the contract and he cancelled it, asking AHS to assign a different contractor. I submitted a third request for service and AHS assigned the same contractor again! I was finally able to get an AHS representative on the phone on about Nov. 28 in the retention department, as I was ready to cancel my AHS Warranty. Retention (Shanikka **) advised me that I could hire my own contractor and that they would credit me with two $125 service fees, and that one would be applied to the current boiler work.

I failed to mention that the original contractor was 25 miles away in another town. AHS coincidentally was able to locate a contractor in my town after they had already approved my own contractor. Regardless, my contractor was able to fix the boiler in short order and billed me. I was instructed by AHS to pay the contractor, and that they (AHS) would reimburse me, including the $125. On about Jan 2, 2017, I received a check from Service Master which was exactly $125 less than the amount of the bill.

I have since been in email contact with retention (Kenitra), about the deduction and subsequently canceling my warranty because of the failed promise. AHS has been unresponsive now that I am requesting cancellation. I feel that they intend to either prolong the cancellation in order to lessen the prorated refund to me, or they have no intention of canceling the warranty.

Update 1/14/17 Kenitra has since e-mailed me and told me I am not due any refund after finally canceling because I had a claim. Nowhere in my contract does it state any such thing. It does state that I would be due a prorated amount, less 1 month worth of the contract cost. I explained that it would be unwise for me to cancel if that was the case, so it should be reinstated if that was true. No response of any type since.

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Rating: 3/51

WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA -- My water tank was making a noise, and I called American Home Shield to have them assign someone to come and fix it. Submitting the claim was fine. The part that was problematic was I feel like the company that they sent did something to my water tank so that the problem couldn't be fixed. It took six years for this water tank to start making noise and he's now telling me that because I had galvanized pipes in other places in my house, that there's no guarantee that this is going to last. He left and 20 minutes later, the tank started making the noise again. He came back out and just stood. The tank started making the noise before he got to the front door.

When I called back to AHS, I was told that if the second opinion came back as the first one then I would have to pay for the second call. The second guy who came actually repaired whatever it was that I think the first guy did. I'm not a plumber, but I stood in the bathroom and watched him and saw that there was something else that he tweaked and the noise is gone for good.

I've been with AHS for about eight years or longer and I've never had a problem before. But having this problem recently uncovered a lot of things because I found out that the first company sent was known for doing underhanded trick. However, when I told AHS that I never wanted this company to come to my house again, at first I was told “I don't know if we can do that.” I've got to see what happens from this point forward.

Also, the very next week, I called AHS about a problem with my garbage disposal. The person on the line said, "It is making a noise, but it's running, and that's probably something that you got in it, and so therefore you won't be covered." At that point I was like, "Okay, I'm done." I had my garbage disposal fixed by another company and then I called and put in a complaint. Lo and behold, when I made my complaint, AHS rectified the problem and reimbursed me for what I had paid for the repair and so I'm still with them.

I've been very trusting and I have people within the company told me that I should pursue the matter and make sure that I kept pushing. Finally, when I told AHS that I did not want to renew my warranty with them, that's when we really started getting into a conversation about why. Although there had been some complications, AHS rose to the occasion and corrected what I felt was done unfairly. So I was very pleased with them.

2 Russian Guys in a Prius Came to Fix the A/C
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Rating: 1/51

JAMUL, CALIFORNIA -- I was a customer of American Home Shield for a couple years. Never really used their services until the AC stopped working. I called and did a service request. The next day 2 Russian guys in a Toyota Prius pulled up to fix my AC. I thought it was kind of funny how they got out and pulled out their little duffel bag of tools. When they entered my garage area I explain to them exactly what was going on and one of the guys says "oh it's a leak". I explained to him I don't think it's a leak. Waters is there because it's a hot day and there's condensation. I've seen it there before.

And it was something to do with the actual motor or Freon. He was adamant to explain that it was the leak and he wanted to fix it. After he spent 20 minutes replacing a small PVC part charge me my $75 service fee and he was on his way. AC never worked! I called back American Home Shield and they said they will send him back. After he came back a second time and twiddled his screwdrivers and scratched his head, he said it should work perfectly fine now. Of course it didn't and he was on his way and at this point I had to call American Home Shield again. Also it's 100° plus in our house and we have a new baby. With no AC it is stressing out me and my wife.

After American Home Shield realize that they could not send out a capable group that would be able to fix my AC they asked me to call a professional repair man and they would cover the costs. I went and found a very good company and very professional. When the new company came out the guy instantly went inside the AC unit and pulled out something called a solenoid. He replaced it with one in his van and also another so inside my compressor. AC worked perfect and charged me $230. Before you hire or get yourself into a contract with American Home Shield you should look at the problem and get a professional out there to fix it.

It will cost you way less than what American Home Shield will charge you per year. My yearly cost was about $500 and this guy fix my AC were $230. If I were to originally never go with American home Shield I would still have $270 in my pocket instead of home shields. Is actually horrible what they do and how they treat you. They're very nice when you sign the contract and I are complete jerks when you call them and have problems. Stay far and clear of this company!

GE Stove Top
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Rating: 1/51

GARDNERVILLE, NEVADA -- On August 15, 2017 we had a contractor come out from American Home Shield to figure out why only two burners were working on our stove top. They couldn't find the parts for our stove top so they sent us a new one. I have that stove top in my garage. They sent out three different technicians that were unable to install it. They finally, after being on hold for over an hour numerous times, they offered us $150 to put it in ourselves. Do we have any clue what it will cost to do that? Nope!

Looking at my bank account today they pulled out two different payments. They charged me twice in the month for my monthly contract. I am on hold as I type this for almost an hour! Very sad to see they have become a very difficult company to work with!!

WORST Experience
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Rating: 1/51

WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA -- WORST company ever to deal with. Waited on hold over an hour to discuss my account for the 2nd time. Decided to cancel since their service is terrible and despite saying you can cancel anytime I was charged $120 to cancel both accounts. I WILL NEVER be returning and will post this everywhere to ensure people know what they are getting into. Longest hold times of any company, poor contractors that come to the house, several times where they charged me double for service visits and having to wait on hold to get those rectified as waiting 90 days to get my money back.

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