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American Home Shield

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American Home Shield is the founder of the home warranty industry and remains the industry leader with over 40 years of experience. With a national contractor network made up of over 11,000 independent home service contractors and 45,000 service technicians, AHS® services nearly 1.5 million customers across 49 states.
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American Home Shield
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Rating: 1/51

VERO BEACH, FLORIDA -- We have a tank-less water heater that had quit providing hot water. I went online but decided it would be better to call. American Home Shield logged in the issue, notified me who they had assigned the claim to and that I would be hearing from them. I did hear from the contractor later that day. Unfortunately, they told me it would be two days before they could get here.

So I called AHS back and asked if it's the only vendor they have and if they could call to see if they could get here sooner. The rep said no and they wouldn't do it because as long as the contractor say they'll come within 48 or 78 hours at the latest, then they're within the limits, and so there's nothing they could do. It wasn't the best solution. We would have to do without hot water for two days. I was hoping that they'd say they have two or three other vendors. "Let me see if anybody can get there quicker."

The contractor who came out here was a very friendly and nice guy. He explained to me everything that they were doing and did his work. He did very well with what he was "allowed to do." This water heater, as I found out when he took it apart, has three heating elements that are encased within a copper tubing. One of the elements had completely been destroyed. He pulled it out and it was in pieces. So he replaced it with a heating element that he had in his truck. We tried the water and it didn't get hot.

He called the manufacturer and said, “I've done what you've told me. It's not working.” They had him move the element to a different position that he was replacing, because what he found out is that all three elements were 9,000 watt elements and what AHS would allow him to do is only put in a 4,500 watt element. So he was replacing with an element that had half the power of what the system calls for. So he had to move the elements around to get them to work. We were able to get moderately warm water at that point, but not hot water.

While the contractor was here, I got on the phone and talked to the manufacturer's rep. He said it is not going to work. I am not going to get hot water and I'm not going to be happy. So I got online, found a 9,000 watt element, and bought it. I got it sent here, had it installed, and the water works fine. AHS cost me $100 for the visit, which is fine, but I had to spend another $45 plus shipping to get the thing fixed correctly.

The deal I thought I had with AHS is that they would put something in place that was as good as, if not better, than what I had and that's not what this contractor told me he was allowed to do. This is causing worry on my part that if my refrigerator or something important goes out, although I don't expect an upgrade, am I going to get something at least as good as what I have?

I moved here from Texas to Florida and had AHS for a number of years in a home I had there. I had a few issues, but I've never run into a problem like this. Things were fixed and replaced. I'm surprised I didn't get a survey from them. When I was in Texas and I had some issues and they sent someone to repair them, they would call afterwards and ask, “How did it go?” And didn't get any of it this time. Maybe the company is getting a little big and they're not able to do what they used to do.

Home Warranty Plan
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Rating: 1/51

Please regard this as a warning to anyone considering entering into a contract with this company. In January 2015 I signed up for 12 month protection plans for two properties. During the 12 on this of these contracts, service was simply terrible.

Almost without exception, this company hires contractors who are in most cases incapable of repairing anything and in many cases come and collect their service fees and never actually complete the work. This situation got so bad that I simply stopped using them for repairs and paid other people to do the work as there was no point in paying the service fee to them when I was going to have to hire someone else to complete needed repairs.

Beginning in July 2015 I began to make complaints to AHS about the quality of their service. The phone reps were always extremely friendly and I am sure they wanted to assist, but sending a second incompetent contractor was anything but helpful.

From July to November I spoke to numerous AHS reps and send numerous emails to them indicating I did not want to renew my contract. In addition I made a formal complaint with the Better Business Bureau against AHS for their business practices. In November I actually got two new contracts in the mail thanking me for renewing. At that point I sent yet another email message emphasizing that I did not want to renew.

On 28 November 2015 I received an acknowledgement from them regarding my desire to not renew. Because I did not trust them, I contacted my credit card company to make them aware of the problem and initiated a block on charges from them beginning in January 2016. Upon returning from an overseas trip in February, I noted that I had been charged premiums for both properties in January. I immediately contacted my credit card company who applied credits to my account and informed me that although they did have a block against AHS, that it was not a 100% guarantee because companies had ways of getting around the blocks.

On 20 February, I received two email messages from AHS that my accounts were past due and that I needed to immediately make a payment or they would take collection action. I responded to them that I had not renewed my contracts and had correspondence from them acknowledging that from back in November. I also initiated another complaint against them with the BBB. This morning I received the same message I had received in November 2015 acknowledging that I had noticed them of my desire to cancel. I followed that up with a phone call to them (20 minutes on hold) and was assured that both contacts had been cancelled.

Please do not enter to any contract with these people. If you do, you will end up paying other people to either complete repairs or in some cases to undo damage done by their contractors. You will spend hours on hold waiting to talk to someone who while friendly will not be able to help you. And in the end, when you have had enough and try to cancel your contract, they will harass you and threaten you. If reading this saves even one person the aggravation of dealing with AHS, it will have been worth the time I spent writing it.

Customer for 11 years - refusing to fix AC unit
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Rating: 1/51

WILTON, IOWA -- In the beginning of Aug., 2015 my AC unit quit working. I have been a customer of AHS for 11 years. I knew this was covered, so I called them. They sent out a vendor who replaced the motor. When temps soared into the 90's and 100's my unit WOULD NOT cool the house. I called AHS again and they set up an appt. with the same vendor. After 3 appointments that were no shows after I took off work each time to meet them, I called AHS again to send out someone who would show up. They sent a second vendor that stated the outside unit and coil in the inside unit needed to be replaced. He contacted AHS and stated, "They said to replace the entire unit".

Then someone from AHS called me and stated the vendor would be setting up and install date. I had to buy a window ac unit to be able to live in my home with the temps outside. After 2 weeks and no call, I started calling the vendor and AHS to see what the problem was. The vendor kept telling me they had not received approval from AHS and AHS kept telling me they did not receive the paperwork from the vendor. This went on until October, after I was calling every 2-3 days.

Then at the beginning of Oct. a third vendor called to set up an appt. for a "SECOND OPINION" not on replacement as promised, but repair. This 3rd vendor stated the unit was cooling. It was now 68 degrees outside, of course the unit would keep my house at 72!! He recommended minor repairs- clean the coil- not even replace it and fix a piece of ducting!!

I then filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and Consumer Affairs. As I filed my complaint I noticed they had thousands of complaints about the same thing I was complaining of. This new vendor stated he wouldn't know if his repair worked until the next hot day, which may be 6-8 months from now.

I then got my own THIRD opinion, which agreed with the second vendor that the unit and coil need replaced. I posted a complaint on their Facebook page and it was deleted and I was blocked!! I saw they did this to another person also! I am now wondering if I should continue to renew my contract and wait until next summer for them to maybe repair my or cut my losses and cancel the service and replace it myself?? Very dishonest company!!! I heard through other complaints that sometimes these dishonest vendors get a bonus for not giving a proper diagnosis!

Home Warranty
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Rating: 1/51

YARDLEY, PENNSYLVANIA -- I requested repairs through my warranty company, American Home Shield. They put me in contact with the repair shop. The repair shop called to set the appointment and said they would be at my house tomorrow between 10 and 1. Perfect. That was easy. Or so I thought. They didn't show. I called to see where they were and the ignorant ** on the phone said she meant to say Saturday not Thursday. They came out Saturday and did some work to my central air. It cost me $305. The air stopped working again Saturday night.

I called the repair shop, no answer. I called the warranty company Sunday and after a 45 min wait I was told that the repair shop has 48 hours to get to my house for a re-call. Nobody called me Monday to confirm so I called the service shop. They told me Wed or Thurs for an appointment. I called the warranty company back, waited another 45 minutes to talk to someone. They told me again, the policy is 48 hours for re-calls. I said I need another repair shop because the last one can't get out until Wednesday or Thursday.

The warranty company tried to explain to me that when they say 48 hours, they mean 48 business hours. Meaning there are 8 business hours in a day and they had 48 hours of business to come back out. I almost fell off of my chair. 2 business days now means 6 real days because there are only 8 hours of business hours in a day. WTF? This woman was the supervisor and she was seriously trying to convince me that a business day isn't Monday-Friday, it's 8 hours of Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. 24 hours = 1 business day.

They said they would send another service company but I would have to pay my deductible again. Obviously that's not happening. They said based on their crazy made up "business day hours model" the repair shop was following guidelines. As I'm speaking to the supervisor, I searched reviews for the company they sent out. I asked if they took feedback from their customers before considering calling the services they provide preferred. She said "We don't listen to reviews." There were nothing but bad reviews and a 1-star rating for this company.

One review describe a man that was squared up and ready to punch a woman while holding a baby. Ironically it was the same guy who came to my house. If this company uses these types of people/criminals to do service, I think I'll pass. I have canceled my warranty. I recommend you do the same and or avoid them and do your research first.

Home warranty AC
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Rating: 1/51

PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- We live in Phoenix, AZ and our AC went out in May. It is almost mid-July and our unit is still not working. When I called to place the work order with their customer service back in May, the girl that took my call was completely incompetent and failed to answer my questions. During a 30 minute call, I spent about 25 of those minutes on hold for her to come back with a one or two word response to my questions. She finally dispatched All Star Refrigerant to my home.

The contractor with this company called me to set up an appointment for the following day but then did not show up. When he finally arrived he indicated that my unit needed refrigerant and charged me $350 with the impression that everything would be fine. And because we were in the middle of construction on our home, he told us that we needed to get up on the roof to clean the coils once we were done.

Less than a month goes by and my unit is again not working properly. I have made several attempts to contact American Home Shield, their automated system indicated it was a ten minute hold when in reality it was 30 to 40 minutes before I eventually hung up. I eventually called the contractor that came to my home hoping that he could help me. He agreed to come to my home the following day to assess the situation. Well, you can guess it, he didn't show up.

Four days went by (Monday night at 10 pm) before I got an email from him asking if he could come on Wednesday. I agreed. He showed up on Tuesday without notice or calling anyone to advise he was coming and then called me Wednesday night (at 9 pm) to say he got on my roof and that the unit is working just fine and that was what he would be reporting to the home warranty company. Part of his report indicated that the unit was cooling the house properly, which in my opinion is difficult to report when he didn't even enter my home.

We are out $350 and nothing has been fixed. In addition, my hot water heater stopped working and they sent a technician out (charged me 75 dollars) to say that he couldn't help me because lighting it was a safety hazard. They also indicated that nothing would be covered because parts were missing from the water heater.

The hot water heater was in that condition when we bought the house (in March). He quoted me $1,100 to replace the "400 gallon water heater" for my 962 sq foot house. We ended up eating the bill for a brand new hot water heater. Overall their contractors are unprofessional and flaky. It is so good to be a new home owner and know that I am protected by my Coldwell Banker recommended home warranty.

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Rating: 2/51

NEWARK, DELAWARE -- I had a claim with American Home Shield recently. The day that the initial repair was performed, after the tech had ordered, brought and installed the needed parts, the ice maker and water filter stopped working. I have called and I've been having trouble because I am being charged a second deductible. I work about 70 hours a week at a car dealer, and I'm on call. My fiancée wasn't an authorized user at the time to call AHS, so she couldn't call to let them know about the matter after they came the first time. And I didn't call right away because I figured maybe it's like a computer that's got to reset.

Days went by and it never worked. So, I called AHS about the refrigerator that had stopped working right after they replaced the parts and the young lady whom I talked to said, "It may not be covered but the way you're saying it, you shouldn't have another deductible." Then the technician also said there wouldn't be one. Even their recording says that no matter how many trips it takes, if it's for the same thing, then I don't get charged again.

I'm not asking for them to come out and fix something else. I'm asking for something that happened to the same item and it started the day that the first repairs were made. They might have caused the other thing to break or the guy might have unplugged it while he was here to get to charge me again.

What I'm upset about is I've already paid $75, but now I've got to pay another deductible for a problem that could have been handled during the original visit had I been at home to tell the guy or notice right away. They did come out and complete the repairs in a timely manner, but it feels like they are double-dipping and it just doesn't sit right with me.

So, I'm not happy with AHS right now. I want this matter resolved and taken care of by them. I even went ahead and already registered for a second year with them, but I feel like canceling if it's going to be like this. If this had happened before they offered me the second year, I wouldn't have bought it.

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Rating: 4/51

DALLAS, TEXAS -- Recently, I had my dryer, washer, and air-conditioning unit checked out by American Home Shield, and I'm not happy. The contractor said my dryer bin is backed up and that they didn't cover it because the dryer vent hadn't been cleaned out. He said I had mold in my air conditioning. I had sent it once before for mold. So I had it serviced and paid somebody $100 to clean out the dryer vent. The contractor said he put clips on there and that the dryer was working fine. But it's not working fine because it's still taking two cycles to dry my clothes and it should only be one cycle, and it's not even a heavy load.

The contractor was nice and he gave me his personal number and told me to contact him if something was wrong so he can come back and check. But then I've got to find the paperwork because this was before the holidays and we moved stuff around during the holidays. I'm now digging through stuff to try to find his number and call him back. I want him to come back to see if they can do anything. Otherwise, I've got to get the guy with the group coupon who supposedly cleaned my dryer vent because he might not have cleaned it well.

I've been with American Home Shield for 15 years and I usually take their preventative service. I do trust this company a lot. I've recommended them to so many people, especially single women who don't have nobody else to turn to. And I've stuck with them even when their charge went from $45 to $70 now per claim. But I'm a little disillusioned with them now that they try to pitch-patch. If something is broken, they don't want to fix it. They only sort of make the appliance work and keep it going, not like when I first started with them. They would actually resolve the problem then.

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Rating: 3/51

DALLAS, TEXAS -- We have two AC units. One of them was out for several days and that was when it was around 100 degrees. We filed a claim with American Home Shield and the guy that came out from the AC company was really nice and seemed to be knowledgeable. He told us what our options were, one of which was to spend $1000-$1500 of which $600 was just Freon, which I think costs $80 each and AHS only covered $10 of it. That was upsetting, but then he also gave the option for us to install a whole new outdoor unit which would not use the traditional low Freon and we would spend $3500 for it.

We had to spend a lot more money, but now we have a new unit outside. I don't know whether AHS covered any of it, which they should, and how much of that would they cover. If they didn't cover all of it then I'd like to get the credit for the portion that they covered. Also, we ran into one problem when they sent out the new unit. They did not send the programmable thermostat, and the installer who came out happened to have one that he owns on his truck and he put that on for us. However, when he left, he didn't finish. He was here for a long time and it was 10:00 at night when he left and the AC wouldn't cut off.

He left some kind of a bypass code on there when he was testing it and forgot to take it off, so it stopped running. I called them again and he came out the next day, and he said that it had blown a fuse, not one of our house fuse, but a fuse within the AC unit and that's why it wasn't coming on. He informed me that for something like that I should have just called AHS instead of calling him back, which pissed me off because he installed it and he didn't do it right. Other than that, our experience with AHS has been okay.

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Rating: 5/51

CLAYMONT, DELAWARE -- I had a faucet leak in my bathtub and submitted a claim with American Home Shield. AHS assigns the claim to a particular provider, and I don't wait for the providers to call me, I always call them. So, I called the one that is assigned immediately as soon as I got AHS's email, and they came right away. The response was quick. My husband was at the house when the guy came out. The tech knew exactly what was wrong with it. He went to Home Depot, which is around the corner from our house, picked up the part, came back, and put the part in. The faucet has been perfect since then.

Everything was great. The only thing about American Home Shield is that they put a claim in the computer and get whichever provider comes up. What I would like is that once I like the work of the provider that comes out, I would like to request for that provider whenever I put in a claim versus the system picking somebody else the next time. I had that happen before for a claim that I had on an AC unit. They wanted to send me someone that I knew had a bad reputation, and I wanted the guy that I had before. As long as the person that I'm requesting is on their network, I don't see why that should be a problem.

In that particular case, the system automatically assigned someone and I called AHS back and told them I didn't want this person since I've heard of their reputation and don't want them coming to touch my unit. The AHS rep said they can't do it. I then told the rep to cancel the request. Later on, a supervisor called me back. I appreciate that a supervisor called me back within an hour, and said they were going to change the service provider. So it was a good experience.

Horrible Company
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Rating: 1/51

TENNESSEE -- This is the worst experience I have ever had with a company. It took 3 weeks to get someone out to my home to look at my AC from American Home Shield. As I had a 2 week old baby who couldn't regulate his temp by sweating I was very concerned about heat stroke. No one did anything until I had two estimates to fix (my cost). After that they requested that their own techs come out. A to Z plumbing came out. They estimated 1/4 the cost to replace the coil (covered by program) and 4x the amount to refill with R22 (not covered under the program). If this seems dishonest to you, you are not the only one.

I have now replace the first AC unit myself. I have requested that a manager give me a call 6 times and have never received a call back. On an estimated $2,000 repair they are offering a $400 cash out. I have had to call over 30 times to the company and been on hold for 20+ hours. They have repeated said they will email me with details on how to submit the cost of the first replaced AC unit but never have. They will say that they will do something to get you off of the phone but never follow through.

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