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American Home Shield

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American Home Shield is the founder of the home warranty industry and remains the industry leader with over 40 years of experience. With a national contractor network made up of over 11,000 independent home service contractors and 45,000 service technicians, AHS® services nearly 1.5 million customers across 49 states.
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American Home Shield
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Home Warranty company
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Rating: 1/51

As a new customer of American Home Shield (AHS), I am extremely disappointed in the quality of service I have received from my very first claim. I own two properties and have contracts for both with AHS. My first repair was a dishwasher which required three visits from two different vendors and was finally repaired after I contacted AHS and complained that it had not been repaired satisfactorily the first time.

More recently, I have experienced an air conditioning malfunction which the technician indicated was only a need to clear the line and then who actually failed to clear it which resulted in the unit overflowing and severely damaging the ceiling below the unit which I then had to pay to replace. This deficiency was reported to AHS who indicated that they would report it to their vendor relations office.

Sadly, service has only gotten worse. On 31 May I initiated a service request for a refrigerator that had stopped cooling. The dispatched vendor (A Superior Appliance) was not able to come look at it until five days later, which was disappointing. The technician inspected the refrigerator and indicated that the automatic defroster needed replacing and that it was a simple repair which required ordering a part but that the repair should be completed in 5 to 10 days max.

After 3 weeks passed, we started attempting to contact the vendor. After leaving numerous messages which were never responded to, we finally actually got someone on the phone who indicated the part was on back order and we would be contacted when the part came in. We never heard back and after numerous additional calls, they finally returned with the part to complete the repair. The technician stayed 5 minutes and indicated that the wrong part had been ordered.

We once again contacted AHS and expressed our concern at the length of time it was taking and the difficulty we were experiencing contacting the vendor. We received a message from AHS indicating the part was due in no more than 7 business days and that if we didn't hear from the vendor we should contact them directly. Again we heard nothing by that date, we attempted to contact the vendor and got a message that the number was not taking calls.

At this point I called AHS and spent 56 minutes waiting to talk to a customer service representative. She also attempted to contact the vendor and was unable to contact them or leave a message for them. Within an hour, I received a call from a different repair company to schedule a service call to look at the refrigerator and determine what repairs needed to be done. Note that by the time they come, more than 7 weeks will have passed for a non-functioning refrigerator!

On 16 June I contacted AHS requesting a plumber to clear a shower drain that was draining slowly. The vendor (Milburn Plumbing) was dispatched on 18 June and when they arrived they put chemicals into the drain and waited. Once it became clear that the drain was still draining slowly, they indicated that they needed to access the roof to clear the drain and that they were not qualified or equipped to do that and also that AHS did not cover that work. Because I am not a plumber, I accepted that and contacted another plumber who came by within an hour and snaked the drain.

Note that they did not need to access the roof and indicated that there was no need to do so, and completed the work in less than 15 minutes. Clearly, I paid a qualified plumber to do work that a vendor sent by AHS was either unqualified or simply unwilling to do. The Milburn technician indicated no need for a service fee since they had not completed the necessary drain clearing and perhaps that is because they were aware that it was work they should have easily been able to complete.

I am most certainly displeased to on numerous occasions have paid other contractors for work that should be covered under my AHS Home Warranty plan and was surprised to receive an invoice for $125.00 marked as past due for Milburn Plumbing. Especially since the Milburn representative had indicated that there would be no charge and gave us no paperwork and obtained no signature from us.

It has become obvious that AHS is not a very reputable company in that they have vendors who are not qualified to do the work covered under the warranty plans and yet customers are expected to pay them even when they are unable to do the work.

Please note that because I desire to limit contact with AHS until my current contract expires and which I will most certainly not be renewing, I have paid the invoice in the amount of $125.00. I am however, formally requesting that AHS refund to me the amount I paid to Rapid Rooter for drain cleaning that should have been easily completed by Milburn Plumbing.

Additionally, on 1 July I requested a plumber to repair a shower that was running full blast and could not be shut off. The vendor (ASAP PLUMBING SERVICE #2) did not contact me, so I contacted them to find out when the earliest they could come by would be. They indicated that it would be at least four days! So much for ASAP. Once again, I had to contact and pay for another plumber who responded within hours, not several days. I am now wondering if I am going to end up getting an invoice even though ASAP never contacted me and never actually scheduled an appointment.

Also on Friday, 17 July (morning) I completed a service request via the AHS website to have someone come and look at my air conditioning which had stopped cooling. I received a message that the request had been dispatched and that I would hear from the vendor within normal business hours. I assumed that I would not hear from them until Monday and waited until Monday afternoon to contact them since I didn't hear from them. They verified my address and indicated that they would send a technician out on Wednesday and would contact me Tuesday to let me know a time window.

I did not hear back from them so once again called them Wednesday morning to verify that they were, as promised, planning on sending someone out that day. I was informed that one of their technicians had a family emergency and that we had been rescheduled for Thursday. They also informed me that the technician would contact me Thursday morning and let me know the approximate time. Once again, the morning passed and we heard nothing.

We again contacted them and were told the same technician family emergency story and that they might be sending someone out tomorrow. Here it is, a week later and the vendor has not contacted me a single time and there is currently no confirmed timeframe which I can expect to, IAW the warranty I am paying for, actually have someone come and fix my air conditioning. This is Texas in July and I am a senior citizen and the temperature is between 95-100 degrees. Before I made the mistake of signing up with AHS, I could have paid a technician to come by the SAME DAY!

My experience with this company has been frustrating and completely unsatisfactory. The only exception has been the customer service representatives who while clearly working at a disadvantage of trying to provide service to customers for a company that appears to care little for the quality of work they perform, but also for their reputation as a company, have consistency been friendly and courteous.

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Rating: 1/51

VERO BEACH, FLORIDA -- We have a tank-less water heater that had quit providing hot water. I went online but decided it would be better to call. American Home Shield logged in the issue, notified me who they had assigned the claim to and that I would be hearing from them. I did hear from the contractor later that day. Unfortunately, they told me it would be two days before they could get here.

So I called AHS back and asked if it's the only vendor they have and if they could call to see if they could get here sooner. The rep said no and they wouldn't do it because as long as the contractor say they'll come within 48 or 78 hours at the latest, then they're within the limits, and so there's nothing they could do. It wasn't the best solution. We would have to do without hot water for two days. I was hoping that they'd say they have two or three other vendors. "Let me see if anybody can get there quicker."

The contractor who came out here was a very friendly and nice guy. He explained to me everything that they were doing and did his work. He did very well with what he was "allowed to do." This water heater, as I found out when he took it apart, has three heating elements that are encased within a copper tubing. One of the elements had completely been destroyed. He pulled it out and it was in pieces. So he replaced it with a heating element that he had in his truck. We tried the water and it didn't get hot.

He called the manufacturer and said, “I've done what you've told me. It's not working.” They had him move the element to a different position that he was replacing, because what he found out is that all three elements were 9,000 watt elements and what AHS would allow him to do is only put in a 4,500 watt element. So he was replacing with an element that had half the power of what the system calls for. So he had to move the elements around to get them to work. We were able to get moderately warm water at that point, but not hot water.

While the contractor was here, I got on the phone and talked to the manufacturer's rep. He said it is not going to work. I am not going to get hot water and I'm not going to be happy. So I got online, found a 9,000 watt element, and bought it. I got it sent here, had it installed, and the water works fine. AHS cost me $100 for the visit, which is fine, but I had to spend another $45 plus shipping to get the thing fixed correctly.

The deal I thought I had with AHS is that they would put something in place that was as good as, if not better, than what I had and that's not what this contractor told me he was allowed to do. This is causing worry on my part that if my refrigerator or something important goes out, although I don't expect an upgrade, am I going to get something at least as good as what I have?

I moved here from Texas to Florida and had AHS for a number of years in a home I had there. I had a few issues, but I've never run into a problem like this. Things were fixed and replaced. I'm surprised I didn't get a survey from them. When I was in Texas and I had some issues and they sent someone to repair them, they would call afterwards and ask, “How did it go?” And didn't get any of it this time. Maybe the company is getting a little big and they're not able to do what they used to do.

Home Warranty Plan
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Rating: 1/51

Please regard this as a warning to anyone considering entering into a contract with this company. In January 2015 I signed up for 12 month protection plans for two properties. During the 12 on this of these contracts, service was simply terrible.

Almost without exception, this company hires contractors who are in most cases incapable of repairing anything and in many cases come and collect their service fees and never actually complete the work. This situation got so bad that I simply stopped using them for repairs and paid other people to do the work as there was no point in paying the service fee to them when I was going to have to hire someone else to complete needed repairs.

Beginning in July 2015 I began to make complaints to AHS about the quality of their service. The phone reps were always extremely friendly and I am sure they wanted to assist, but sending a second incompetent contractor was anything but helpful.

From July to November I spoke to numerous AHS reps and send numerous emails to them indicating I did not want to renew my contract. In addition I made a formal complaint with the Better Business Bureau against AHS for their business practices. In November I actually got two new contracts in the mail thanking me for renewing. At that point I sent yet another email message emphasizing that I did not want to renew.

On 28 November 2015 I received an acknowledgement from them regarding my desire to not renew. Because I did not trust them, I contacted my credit card company to make them aware of the problem and initiated a block on charges from them beginning in January 2016. Upon returning from an overseas trip in February, I noted that I had been charged premiums for both properties in January. I immediately contacted my credit card company who applied credits to my account and informed me that although they did have a block against AHS, that it was not a 100% guarantee because companies had ways of getting around the blocks.

On 20 February, I received two email messages from AHS that my accounts were past due and that I needed to immediately make a payment or they would take collection action. I responded to them that I had not renewed my contracts and had correspondence from them acknowledging that from back in November. I also initiated another complaint against them with the BBB. This morning I received the same message I had received in November 2015 acknowledging that I had noticed them of my desire to cancel. I followed that up with a phone call to them (20 minutes on hold) and was assured that both contacts had been cancelled.

Please do not enter to any contract with these people. If you do, you will end up paying other people to either complete repairs or in some cases to undo damage done by their contractors. You will spend hours on hold waiting to talk to someone who while friendly will not be able to help you. And in the end, when you have had enough and try to cancel your contract, they will harass you and threaten you. If reading this saves even one person the aggravation of dealing with AHS, it will have been worth the time I spent writing it.

Customer for 11 years - refusing to fix AC unit
StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarBy -
Rating: 1/51

WILTON, IOWA -- In the beginning of Aug., 2015 my AC unit quit working. I have been a customer of AHS for 11 years. I knew this was covered, so I called them. They sent out a vendor who replaced the motor. When temps soared into the 90's and 100's my unit WOULD NOT cool the house. I called AHS again and they set up an appt. with the same vendor. After 3 appointments that were no shows after I took off work each time to meet them, I called AHS again to send out someone who would show up. They sent a second vendor that stated the outside unit and coil in the inside unit needed to be replaced. He contacted AHS and stated, "They said to replace the entire unit".

Then someone from AHS called me and stated the vendor would be setting up and install date. I had to buy a window ac unit to be able to live in my home with the temps outside. After 2 weeks and no call, I started calling the vendor and AHS to see what the problem was. The vendor kept telling me they had not received approval from AHS and AHS kept telling me they did not receive the paperwork from the vendor. This went on until October, after I was calling every 2-3 days.

Then at the beginning of Oct. a third vendor called to set up an appt. for a "SECOND OPINION" not on replacement as promised, but repair. This 3rd vendor stated the unit was cooling. It was now 68 degrees outside, of course the unit would keep my house at 72!! He recommended minor repairs- clean the coil- not even replace it and fix a piece of ducting!!

I then filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and Consumer Affairs. As I filed my complaint I noticed they had thousands of complaints about the same thing I was complaining of. This new vendor stated he wouldn't know if his repair worked until the next hot day, which may be 6-8 months from now.

I then got my own THIRD opinion, which agreed with the second vendor that the unit and coil need replaced. I posted a complaint on their Facebook page and it was deleted and I was blocked!! I saw they did this to another person also! I am now wondering if I should continue to renew my contract and wait until next summer for them to maybe repair my or cut my losses and cancel the service and replace it myself?? Very dishonest company!!! I heard through other complaints that sometimes these dishonest vendors get a bonus for not giving a proper diagnosis!

Delays in Service So Long - Toxic Black Mold Formed From Leaks in the Air-Handler in Attic
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Rating: 1/51

HUNTSVILLE, ALABAMA -- Called American Home Shield on 4-29-14 and requested service for both upstairs and downstairs air-conditioning that were thirty years old. First contractor didn't come and then second contractor came but determined that it required electrician. Electrician came and said it was an ac unit issue. Second contractor came back and we waited for parts for another month. Finally, late in July the repair was made. It lasted less than 30 days. The second contractor was about to come back to the house when I learned from the local building inspection supervisor that the second contractor's license to do business within Huntsville had been "put on hold."

The third contractor came out and he agreed that the unit had other issues, but of course the delays continued. I finally called and got a independent opinion. The independent source and three other HVAC contractors felt that the units had to be replaced because the parts were no longer available. I demanded replacement. AHS refused. Finally, I just replaced the damn units myself after giving them 30 days notice that I would sue them if they didn't replace them. After filing suit, I had the house inspected due to the leaks in a hall closet where the upstairs ac unit had leaked into my linen closet by an AHS contractor and a certified industrial hygienist.

AHS sent the first contractor to my house who walked up the attic stairs, charged me $75 and walked down and told me I did not have any mold in my house due to the air-conditioner leaks. The Certified Industrial Hygienist tested the house and sent the results to a lab and determined that I have TOXIC BLACK MOLD in my house from all the delays and from the failure of the contractors to even check the air-handlers that were leaking and the drain pans that had holes in them in the attic. I dismissed the small claims suit and I am looking for an attorney that will sue them. If you know someone, please have them contact me. This needs to be public.

Update 08/13/2015:

The Alabama Department of Public Health has advised that the mold is dangerous and should be removed. My physician has advised the mold is dangerous and should be removed.

And of course, AHS, who states that it doesn't exist has given notice that it should be preserved.

This is the most messed up Service Warranty Company ever.

Update 05/21/2016:

AHS use of Myers continues and therefore both work hand in hand to deny services.

If you live in Alabama contact the Attorney General and ask him to investigate the company and there use of unlicensed contractors that collaborate in denying services.

StarStarStarStarEmpty StarBy -
Rating: 4/51

DALLAS, TEXAS -- Recently, I had my dryer, washer, and air-conditioning unit checked out by American Home Shield, and I'm not happy. The contractor said my dryer bin is backed up and that they didn't cover it because the dryer vent hadn't been cleaned out. He said I had mold in my air conditioning. I had sent it once before for mold. So I had it serviced and paid somebody $100 to clean out the dryer vent. The contractor said he put clips on there and that the dryer was working fine. But it's not working fine because it's still taking two cycles to dry my clothes and it should only be one cycle, and it's not even a heavy load.

The contractor was nice and he gave me his personal number and told me to contact him if something was wrong so he can come back and check. But then I've got to find the paperwork because this was before the holidays and we moved stuff around during the holidays. I'm now digging through stuff to try to find his number and call him back. I want him to come back to see if they can do anything. Otherwise, I've got to get the guy with the group coupon who supposedly cleaned my dryer vent because he might not have cleaned it well.

I've been with American Home Shield for 15 years and I usually take their preventative service. I do trust this company a lot. I've recommended them to so many people, especially single women who don't have nobody else to turn to. And I've stuck with them even when their charge went from $45 to $70 now per claim. But I'm a little disillusioned with them now that they try to pitch-patch. If something is broken, they don't want to fix it. They only sort of make the appliance work and keep it going, not like when I first started with them. They would actually resolve the problem then.

Horrible Company
StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarBy -
Rating: 1/51

TENNESSEE -- This is the worst experience I have ever had with a company. It took 3 weeks to get someone out to my home to look at my AC from American Home Shield. As I had a 2 week old baby who couldn't regulate his temp by sweating I was very concerned about heat stroke. No one did anything until I had two estimates to fix (my cost). After that they requested that their own techs come out. A to Z plumbing came out. They estimated 1/4 the cost to replace the coil (covered by program) and 4x the amount to refill with R22 (not covered under the program). If this seems dishonest to you, you are not the only one.

I have now replace the first AC unit myself. I have requested that a manager give me a call 6 times and have never received a call back. On an estimated $2,000 repair they are offering a $400 cash out. I have had to call over 30 times to the company and been on hold for 20+ hours. They have repeated said they will email me with details on how to submit the cost of the first replaced AC unit but never have. They will say that they will do something to get you off of the phone but never follow through.

24 Year Old A/C - Not Normal Wear and Tear
StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarBy -
Rating: 1/51

OKLAHOMA -- I recently got screwed by American Home Shield (AHS), Ken at First Time HVAC in OKC BS at All About Comfort HVAC in OKC. I have had a home warranty contract through AHS and my 24 yr old A/C died and needs replacement. I have invested over $12,000 over the years with AHS and only had minor repairs done and AHS reps have recharged and repaired this same unit without comment about exterior blemishes or the normal wear and tear.

Ken at First Time, came and made no attempt at repair and just reported to AHS that there was damage and it was not normal wear and tear (AHS contract language) and they voided their contract obligations. On appeal, Carlos with All About did not even remove the cover or look in the unit. He wrote that it was damaged and not normal wear and tear on a 24 year old A/C.

I hired a HVAC company and they came, charged the system and the house cooled down. He agreed the unit was in need of replacement in the near future due to NORMAL WEAR AND TEAR of a 24 yr old A/C. I would not count on AHS for anything over $200 in repairs because they apparently instruct their reps like First Time and All About to write opinions in the words of their contracts which voids the customer's rights. I would not let Ken or ** in my home and you should not either. In my opinion, none of these companies are honorable or Christian as advertised, and neither are their technicians. Beware of AHS, First Time and All About Comfort in Oklahoma City.

Nothing but Great
StarStarStarStarEmpty StarBy -
Rating: 4/51

The second week of buying our house, both of our A/C units went out. AHS sent out a guy within a day and unfortunately neither could be repaired. AHS did a buyout within 2 days and I had 2 new A/C units installed within 3 days.

THEN, only a couple of days later my washer went on the fritz. One guy came out and had to order parts. This took 2 weeks and oh boy did I hate going to the laundromat. The repair company came back to install the new part and it still didn't work. He contacted AHS to tell them the washer was not repairable. AHS sent a 2nd repair guy to assess the situation as they wanted to make sure that nothing that could be done. The 2nd repairman came out and ordered a different part in hopes it will do the job. Another 2 weeks later, the part came in and it still didn't work.

Within 3 days I received an email that the washer was not repairable and that they wanted to give me a new one comparable to what I have. They did but I didn't like that one so once again we did a buyout. THE ONLY COMPLAINT I have is that it takes FOREVER to get someone to answer the phone. I'm always on hold for more than 30 minutes!

StarStarStarStarStarBy -
Rating: 5/51

STAFFORD, VIRGINIA -- Every time we've had a claim we've got prompt responses from American Home Shield as far as assigning the contractor for our claim. The work done by the contractors was excellent. We never had issues. About a year and a half ago, a part of my dishwasher got clogged. They came and worked on the tube. They let the water spray out more effectively and it worked out.

Every time the technicians came out, they took care to clean up the area afterwards. I was even partially involved one time. They were very courteous, professional, and always ask if there was any issue after they left. They told us to "Please give a call back," and they'll come out and take care of whatever issues that came up. I will continue to use them for future use.

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