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American Home Shield is the founder of the home warranty industry and remains the industry leader with over 40 years of experience. With a national contractor network made up of over 11,000 independent home service contractors and 45,000 service technicians, AHS® services nearly 1.5 million customers across 49 states.
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American Home Shield
889 Ridge Lake Blvd.
Memphis, TN 38120
(855) 816-0658 (ph)
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Won't Answer Phone or Send Repairman. Out for a Week!!! The Ac Is Out and It's 95 Outside!!!
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DICKSON,TN -- Sat on hold for 109 minutes and finally got someone who told me I had to submit online!!! I have 3 year old son, a pregnant wife and 2 dogs in a house that the windows do not open and it's 95 outside!!! I submitted the request online and was told it will be Monday of next week before someone comes out and then they will have to get parts approved before they can repair -- we cannot wait that long -- never ever use this company -- they are rip off and liars.

I want my ac fixed now, not 3 weeks from now!!! I tried calling back and emailing and I have yet -- it's been 24 hours -- to receive a call or email back from them. I will have to hire my own ac guy to come and fix it, now tell the other guy to go jump. I am going to a lawyer tomorrow about all this. I want my money back.

HORRIBLE Service - Without AC for Almost 3 Weeks
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MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE -- NOTE TO APPROVER: Exact review found at the following links:

I have been a faithful customer for almost 10 years; however, this current experience with AHS has been absolutely HORRIBLE!! An AHS contractor came to my home almost 2 weeks ago (in 2 days). AHS did not like what the contractor told them was wrong, so AHS sent a 2nd contractor 3 days later who told them the same thing the 1st contractor said. In the meantime, we are SUFFERING because our upstairs AC in not working in our home. All of our bedrooms are upstairs! After talking to 6 different representatives, at AHS, and being given the run around, I called corporate office. We still do NOT have AC on the top level of our home and have no idea when the contractor is coming to fix it. As I type this message, it is almost 91 degrees upstairs where my son is sleeping. This is RIDICULOUS and UNACCEPTABLE!!! We will NOT be renewing our contract in June when it expires and we will be sharing our experience with all of our friends and family.

Beware of American Home Shield's promises
By -

On December 8, 2009 my hot water heater started leaking. I had just opened a policy with American Home Shield and was told that I had immediate coverage. I placed a claim with American Home Shield. I have hot water heat which means that my 75 gallon hot water heater provides heat for my furnace. They first sent out a vendor that had no clue about my unit or my furnace and told me that my furnace was not going to stop working because my hot water heater did NOT provide heat for my furnace. They then sent out a second vendor that told me that I did have hot water heat. My unit is located in an outside shed which is HEATED.

The first vendor told me that the heater was working fine. The second vendor told American Home Shield that the hot water heater broke because there was no heater. It was 15 degrees below zero. I had my own vendor come in and he verified that I do have hot water heat AND my heater in my storage unit was working fine. The hot water heater was old and that is why it stopped working. American Home Shield delayed in calling me back. My insurance company told me to keep the hot water heater on even though it was flooding my unit. If I turned the hot water heater OFF then all of my pipes in my unit would freeze and my property would be uninhabitable.

Still I waited hoping that AHS would call me back. I finally had to replace the unit myself and file a claim with State Farm to restore my property from the massive flooding. Had AHS sent out competent vendors in the first place and acted quickly this would not have happened They told me I could dispute the claim, which I did but no matter how many phone calls I made, no one would return my calls. In fact, my representative at American Home Shield's voice mail was FULL.

I have never dealt with such incompetent people. They took my money and then refused my claim. I am a real estate professional and I have helped home buyers purchase many American Home Shield home warranties. NEVER AGAIN. Do not use this company. They are incompetent!

Don't buy it - keep the cash for emergencies
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CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE -- We recently called AHS for the second time due to a plumbing issue in our home. Each time we have used AHS, we inquired prior to having a service technician come out about whether our specific problem would be covered and each time we were given a resounding "yes". Each time, we paid the $60 fee for the service visit and were subsequently told that coverage would be excluded based on a pre-existing condition.

In our most recent request, everything seemed fine while the plumbing company was here. We were told that our problem was due to worn out bolts. However, after they left, AHS called and said it would not be covered because the plumbing company said that the flange (part needing to be replaced) was not installed correctly, even though the plumbers had verbally told me it was WORN OUT.

After spending hours of time on the phone to try to get to the bottom of the issue and dealing with defensive customer service reps who would talk over me rather than listen as I tried to calmly state our issues, our problem is still not fixed and we will be out $275 plus the $60 service visit fee to fix our toilet for something that was supposedly covered.

Furthermore, when we called, we gave them our new phone number to the new property we had bought and moved to (really?, that's why we got a warranty to begin with - because we moved - of course our phone number changed) and they gave the plumbing company our old number so the plumbing company never called us initially. We had to call AHS back to get the plumbing company to even come out.

Then we had issues with AHS returning our calls while we were disputing the issue we wanted fixed. Even a supervisor who promised a call back as soon as she could contact the plumbing company was given from a Friday to a Wednesday and did not return my call. If you have a problem with their service, don't expect them to call back or do what they say they will.

When buying a house, I would suggest passing up the home warranty and saving the cash in a savings account for future issues. You'll spend less money and actually get your problems fixed that way. If the seller is buying the policy for you, ask for cash instead. It's a poor deal and ends up costing you more in the long run when you pay the $60 visit and still have to foot the rest of bill yourself.

If you already have the policy and decide to turn in a request, take lots of pictures (if the area is accessible) before they come out and after they leave. Also, I would stand over the technician and ask questions. I truly wish I had not left the technicians alone in our bathroom when they were here - may have solved a lot of trouble if I had been asking specific questions and paying attention from the beginning. Finally, I read from another person that most of these companies do not want lawsuits to their name and will settle outside of court when they know they are at fault and trying to claim coding issues that are not actually there. Some place to start if you have been burned.

American Home Shield Poor Product
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TENNESSEE -- NOTE TO APPROVER: Exact review found at the following links:

American Home Provided the home warranty on my home I purchased 06/23/09. It is supposed to cover all major mechanical systems.

08/31/09 I came home to 95 degree temperatures inside my home. The next morning I call AHS to use my warranty. I was told by their service representative they contact their contracted companies and their company would contact me within the hour to make a appointment. They gave me the name and number of the company, Tri's heating and air. By the way this a/c company was 80 miles from my home.

5 hours later no call. I had to contact the a/c company and set the appointment. The scheduled me for 12 noon 0n 09/02/09. The next day 12 noon comes around no service, 1pm no service, 2pm no service. I call tri's heating and air. The representative tells me no one is coming to my house because they don't have enough repair men. Don't call me, fax me or email. Just don't come.

I call AHS and the representative contacts another company and gives me their number. I call this company and they come out within the hour to my house. Dave Broussard heating and air, I have nothing but good things to say about them, Excellent. The service tech examines the a/c unit and lets me know its the condensor and the a-coils and they need to be replaced.

30 minutes later I get a call from AHS explaining what it is and they are going to fix it By Friday. The service tech lets me know they will be out Friday when the parts come in. An hour later I get a call from the tech letting me know that AHS wants a second opinion. Think about this, they don't trust their own companies they contract with.

I call AHS. They want to send out the same company that didn't show up the first time to get a second opinion. I've talked to three about 5 reps now and they all say its to protect me.

Well today is 09/03/09 at 12 noon and no contact from Tri's Heating and Air. I've called the home office and am trying to contact the President of the company, Dave Crawford. He has some type of Presidents committee to handle complaints. Called at 8 am this morning and have not received a call yet.

The labor day weekend is coming in two days, thurs today, doesn't look like I'll have a/c till next weds or thurs, because Monday is a holiday.


They don't trust their own service people and don't honor your business.

Extended Work Order/Cancelled Policy
By -

NOTE TO APPROVER: Exact review found at the following links:

Until recently, I was very satisfied with the services rendered through American Home Shield. However, when I put in a request for a work order to check my hot water heater, the amount of time it took for a company to contact me and address the order extended from April 28 to June 3(which is date that my policy was cancelled.) When the company came to the house, they quoted an overcharged price to install the hot water heater and change the hoses given the fact that American Home Shield offered to pay for the hot water heater. After going to Lowes and speaking to one of their knowledgeable staff, he showed me how easy it was to install the hot water heater and hoses without having to change any of my hardware. I realized that the cost for the company to install the water heater was definitely over priced. As a result, I purchased and installed the water heater myself. After consulting with one of the representative with American Home Shield, he assured me that they would reimburse me for purchasing the hot water heater. To this date, I have not received any reimbursement. This is not my only complaint but rather another complaint concerning the companies that American Home Shield authorize contracts with to assist their customers. Some of these companies are very unprofessional. For instance, a worker from a company came to my house to fix my air conditioning unit. As a result, the worker did not fix the air conditioning unit but rather caused more damage to my air conditioning unit. Resulting in requesting other work orders to fix the problem. In conclusion to these problems, American Home Shield dropped my insurance policy refusing to renew it. It's amazing how some insurance companies can decipher which policies they will renew and while others they can drop with no warning or prior notificaton of a cancellation date.

DO NOT waste your money on this SCAM
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Rating: 1/51

Besides the fact that they don't cover most items under the excuse that "it was not properly maintained", I had a leak in my rental property's A/C. The first two visits at $100 copay did not fix the problem. YES the same problem. The third time a third company came. Fixed the problem (at least for now, it's been 17 days). The total bill was $75 and they demanded a check which my property manager wrote. I got a bill for $100!!! from the company.

Now I'm told that I need to pay the $25 dollar balance!!! (as a courtesy only $25!!!) So you get the privilege of giving money to these crooks for "insurance" and then pay $100 for a service that costs $75. That's on top of the other incompetent repairs. WHAT A SCAM!!! What a waste of money!!

Service Call for Repair to Dryer
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CARROLL, IOWA -- This has been the most horrible experience in trying to get service for a dryer to be repaired. One has to wait 48 hours for any service call for someone to respond to the call. I.E. if a refrigerator suddenly quits working and one placed a called waiting 48 hours seemed a slight bit ridiculous. The customer's food would have to be trashed. Is this fair? The contractor who was contacted by American Home Shield for my service request did not even know who I was when I contacted these folks, however, he stated, "You will be contacted for service by Airbus by Monday between 12 and 5 p.m. for the technician to appear for evaluation and assessment to repair the dryer."

Wow! In trying to call American Home Shield to cancel my contract, I have been on wait for nearly 30 minutes. American Home Shield is quick to take the premium from my account and just not as swift to respond to for a repair call. While this has been frustrating personally, I think there is only one solution to this company as I will notify all my many friends who has American Home Shield and have these people cancel their accounts. There has got to be a honest company out there.

I will also submit a letter to the Board of Professional Standards and Ethics to have this company evaluated. Customer service would not release the President's or CEO's name for me to write a letter directly. If a company serves the public should these names not be known? Sounds like there are hidden factors?

Home Warranty Rip Off
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Rating: 1/51

TULSA, OKLAHOMA -- I enrolled in a home warranty plan with American Home Shield about 3 months ago. Three weeks ago my kitchen faucet's hot water line started leaking out of the fitting on the side of the line that was connected to the faucet. I contacted AHS and they sent out a plumbing company called, Plumb Genius, whose technician informed us that the faucet would have to be replaced and he would come back when we had purchased a new faucet.

Called him after purchasing a new faucet and he came and installed. Then he informed me that the repair was not covered because the fittings were "over tightened" even though it was the fitting itself that was leaking not the connection between the two fittings. Charged us $215 and claimed he was giving us a "discount". What a rip-off. Two other plumbers said they would have done the same repair for $150. I contacted AHS over a week ago and have yet to get a response. What a rip-off!

24 Year Old A/C - Not Normal Wear and Tear
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OKLAHOMA -- I recently got screwed by American Home Shield (AHS), Ken at First Time HVAC in OKC BS at All About Comfort HVAC in OKC. I have had a home warranty contract through AHS and my 24 yr old A/C died and needs replacement. I have invested over $12,000 over the years with AHS and only had minor repairs done and AHS reps have recharged and repaired this same unit without comment about exterior blemishes or the normal wear and tear.

Ken at First Time, came and made no attempt at repair and just reported to AHS that there was damage and it was not normal wear and tear (AHS contract language) and they voided their contract obligations. On appeal, Carlos with All About did not even remove the cover or look in the unit. He wrote that it was damaged and not normal wear and tear on a 24 year old A/C.

I hired a HVAC company and they came, charged the system and the house cooled down. He agreed the unit was in need of replacement in the near future due to NORMAL WEAR AND TEAR of a 24 yr old A/C. I would not count on AHS for anything over $200 in repairs because they apparently instruct their reps like First Time and All About to write opinions in the words of their contracts which voids the customer's rights. I would not let Ken or ** in my home and you should not either. In my opinion, none of these companies are honorable or Christian as advertised, and neither are their technicians. Beware of AHS, First Time and All About Comfort in Oklahoma City.

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