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Avoid At All Costs!
Posted by Ambrosales on 11/04/2013
PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!! Bought a policy when I bought my new home and all was good, then 2 years later my washer started leaking and I called. I was told that my washer was not covered! Apparently when I signed up with them it was not a blanket policy that covered all my appliances and item, but it only covered my *Top 10*, so only 10 item could be covered and my washer wasn't one of them. I told them that I never picked a top 10 and knew nothing about it and what were they?

1. A/C including duct-work
2. Dishwasher
3. Garbage disposal.
4. Water heater
5. Plumbing
6. Dryer
7. Electrical
8. Heating inducing duct-work
9. Built-in Microwave
10. Ranges/Ovens/Stove-tops.

So my first question was who picked these for me and why would A/C and heat be 2 different items since they are the same machine? and why would I pick electrical and no my washing machine? I was blown away and very upset, when I asked them to fix my policy since I never picked a top 10, they told me that I would have to cancel this policy and buy a new one to add the washer, but the washer would have to be fixed beforehand and I would have to send them proof. So I fired them on the spot, and now they are sending me bills for the remainder of the contract which they broke.

NEVER GETTING ANOTHER CENT FROM ME!!! Keep sending the bills guys, they will never be paid.

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Posted by azRider on 2013-11-04:
heating and air are two separate devices. during the summer air uses a evaporator coil that air is pushed through from the blower. the coil is chilled by the condenser unit. in the winter the blower blows air over elements that are heated either by gas or electric or the reverse of the condenser unit. either way separate parts separate coverage. many home warranty's don't cover things like washers and dryers. and many require that all appliances are in good working order. the best warranty company I've worked with is first american. they cover most items including things like appliances. I have them on my rental properties.
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Took Advantage of the Situation
Posted by Jacgreenlee on 10/28/2013
MARIETTA, GEORGIA -- What a racket! Sent out plumber to repair leaking pipe. When all was finished, was informed that I need a new pressure regulator, no coverage and a $520.00 bill to pay. Still had to pay $75 AHS deductible even though they were not going to cover. I had been paying them for over 9 years! Their offer to me......$100 if I did not cancel for my trouble, but would not pay me the $100 if I did cancel. I figured I had paid them somewhere between $4500 and $5000 over the 9 years. Do your own math. Self insure yourself. You will come out on top and not have to deal with AHS and the contractors they are in cahoots with.
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American Home Shield Terrible Service
Posted by Michelle.spohnholz on 08/13/2013
ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- HORRIBLE! This is a national home warranty company that has over the 13 years I was a customer decreased coverage and increased prices. My most recent claim has been such a nightmare to deal with. the customer service representative I was on the phone with today was so incredibly disrespectful that she LAUGHED at me twice during our conversation. When I asked to hold for a supervisor she told me that she can't do that and that I need to get off the line or she would hang up on me. I would not recommend this company to any consumer who expects any level of customer service for their money. I have been without air conditioning for a week with three small children in August in Atlanta and no one there even seems to care. Our last service request they sent a contractor who claimed that severe demo was needed to fix a water leak and our tenant simply re-sealed the shower drain and the issue stopped. When asked it they would rebate the service charge for the negligent plumber, they simply stated we had 15 days to file a complaint and we missed the window. Either the management of this company is completely out of the loop as to what their customer service reps are doing, or this company which used to provide a decent service has become a complete scam. Now I can put my American home shied complaints on social media and invite the rest of the world to tell their horror stories as well to protect consumers from feeding this money grubbing company.
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No Hot Water for 3 days
Posted by Tabarrett2 on 07/15/2013
DULUTH, GEORGIA -- We've had American Home Shield for over a year. Of course the first year was great because we paid them on time every month and nothing broke down. As soon as we renewed, our hot water heater had a leak. They sent out a technician, who complained because he had to leave his date on a Sunday night to repair our water heater. The unit worked for a week, then shutdown completely. We now have no water pressure or hot water. When we called AHS to request that some one come and fix it, the contactor they serviced couldn't come for 3 days. We asked them to refer us to another contractor and they refused b/c it was "within guidelines". Apparently having no hot water isn't considered an emergency. I'd like to see them go 4 days without a shower and see if they change their opinion. We asked if we could get another company that could come sooner, they said they wouldn't cover that.

Talk about customer service....... If the first guy wasn't so concerned about his date, he might have fixed it right the first time. Needless to say, I won't be renewing this contract again. I reported them to the BBB, hopefully, I can cancel and sign up with someone more reputable.

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Posted by azRider on 2013-07-16:
if it was such an emergency you could have called a plumber yourself and had one come out. then cancel AHS and get back some of your money.
Posted by CrazyRedHead on 2013-07-16:
Having no hot water is not considered an emergency but no water at all is. You can still heat the water up on the stove and fill up your tub and take a nice bath or take a bird bath out of the sink. What do you think people in the days before indoor plumbing used to do? I know it is inconvenient not to have the luxury of a shower but it is doable if it isn't there. I do agree with az though, you could have called it a plumber and had it fixed right away if it was that important to you.
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Do Not Buy Home Warranty From American Home Shield
Posted by Doraalejandro56 on 07/02/2013
CARROLL, IOWA -- This company took our money for over 10 years and as long as we didn't use their service everything was ok. When our air started to go bad they would just come put freon never repaired to leak. They did this for 4 times when we insisted they repair or look for the leak. It cost us out of pocket over 800.00 then we received a letter that they were canceling our policy.

We contacted AHS and they said every year they look at the policies and if you had a costly repair they cancel you because it isn't to their advantage to continue having you as a customer. I believe this isn't fair when they sell you the policy they strongly advise you to get it so you don't have high repair bills. As long as my home was brand new they took our money now that the home is over 10 yrs, they cancel because they feel you will start using them. AHS IS A RIP OFF DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY.

I hope this will help someone I wish someone had told me how they do business we would have put our money in the bank and and not give it to these people.
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Still Waiting...
Posted by Ashreckengaust on 09/06/2011
Called in my broken washer complaint August 1. today is Sept 6. Still not fixed. I am put off constantly by unfriendly less than helpful secretaries. while I pay close to $400. a year for the service. with a $100 deductible.

I could by a new washer for that & have it delivered within the week. I'm looking for a new company.
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Posted by Alain on 2011-09-07:
I am not a fan of pre-paid maintenence/home appliance insurance companies since, as your review and others (on this site and elsewhere), point out that they seem to spend more time denying claims and procrastinating on making service calls than they do actually fixing a customers problem. Our appraoch is to have a home repair account (in our case checking account at local bank) that we use solely in the event of a home repair or appliance problem. We know something in the house will break or need replacement eventually, so we plan ahead so that we can choose our own contractors or buy a new appliance if necessary without putting up with a third party contractor whose goal is to save themselves money (and make maximum profit) and not to help their customers.
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Posted by Fchavira on 01/17/2011
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Posted by Kurizumaru on 2011-01-18:
Some details might be helpful here. Also, using all caps makes your review hard to read.
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American Home Shields SUCKS!!!
Posted by Cpcoronel on 06/24/2010

You were reading a complaint about American Home Shields.

Filing a new complaint about
3 weeks and still no ac. First company they sent informed the AC was in perfect working condition and my house was 85 degrees. Then they sent me a quote for a new AC (not sure why if mine was in perfect working condition according to their report) for $10,000 for an AC and Furnace. The same equipment can be acquired for 4k or less with any other local company or online.

IT took me a day and a half and HOURS on hold to have them sending another company to check my AC. It was really hard for them to understand why I didn't want the same company.

After new company goes to my house and detects the problems no one calls, we have to be calling and following up and pressuring for them to get things done. ***!!! AMERICAN HOME SHIELDS NEVER AGAIN!!!

If you want to get stressed and upset that's what you need. If you want a company that doesn't care for their customers, that's the one!!

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Lack of Communication, Failure to Follow-up in a Timely Manner, Denial of Claim
Posted by Rkmelton on 06/22/2010
This is a rip-off warranty. Upon a problem, they will not follow-up with communication, they will keep you on hold, and they will find any excuse to dismiss and deny your claim.

I have been waiting since May 24, 2010 to resolve an emergency air conditioning situation. The service company failed to submit the assessment of the problem (over seventeen days) and Home Shield stated that they could not address my problem until the service company submitted the paperwork. They also suggested that I go in person to the company to see if they would fax in the assessment. Being that the weather was 95 degree Home Shied suggested that I go purchase fans and they would reimburse me (up to $100) for a home that has over 2,900 sq. ft

This was followed by ten more days of waiting for Home Shield to contact me regarding the decision (Yes, I called them everyday and talked with the supervisor). Only to call (day 29) and was told the claim has been denied
due to the fact that the technician stated it was installed improperly even though I had the city building code inspector to come out to verify that it did meet code.

This company will not communicate and will find any excuse to deny a claim.
As another person stated who filed a complaint against this same company if I had saved the monthly cost for the warranty for the ten years I have had this warranty, I would have saved up the $9,000 not to mention the interest.

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Extended Work Order/Cancelled Policy
Posted by Mo3Better on 07/08/2009
Until recently, I was very satisfied with the services rendered through American Home Shield. However, when I put in a request for a work order to check my hot water heater, the amount of time it took for a company to contact me and address the order extended from April 28 to June 3(which is date that my policy was cancelled.) When the company came to the house, they quoted an overcharged price to install the hot water heater and change the hoses given the fact that American Home Shield offered to pay for the hot water heater. After going to Lowes and speaking to one of their knowledgeable staff, he showed me how easy it was to install the hot water heater and hoses without having to change any of my hardware. I realized that the cost for the company to install the water heater was definitely over priced. As a result, I purchased and installed the water heater myself. After consulting with one of the representative with American Home Shield, he assured me that they would reimburse me for purchasing the hot water heater. To this date, I have not received any reimbursement. This is not my only complaint but rather another complaint concerning the companies that American Home Shield authorize contracts with to assist their customers. Some of these companies are very unprofessional. For instance, a worker from a company came to my house to fix my air conditioning unit. As a result, the worker did not fix the air conditioning unit but rather caused more damage to my air conditioning unit. Resulting in requesting other work orders to fix the problem. In conclusion to these problems, American Home Shield dropped my insurance policy refusing to renew it. It's amazing how some insurance companies can decipher which policies they will renew and while others they can drop with no warning or prior notificaton of a cancellation date.
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