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Poor Quality
By -

I must agree with the two reviews before me. I had my heart set on the Casa Moda collection at American Signature. When I took it out of the box it, too, had nicks, but I ignored them. I took the drawers out of the dresser to take it upstairs and could not put them back in because the glides broke (somehow). You can bump into it with your body and cause another nick. I've been waiting now for a month for the glides to come in. I wish I would have read the reviews before I bought their poor quality furniture.

My Positive Experience
By -

SARASOTA, FLORIDA -- My compliments to American Signature Furniture in Sarasota, FL. I purchased a leather sectional couch and two matching leather ottomans from them four years ago (in 2005). In May of this year (2009), the leather on two parts of the sectional started to peel off. When I purchased this furniture, I also purchased the repair/replacement insurance that was supposed to cover rips, peeling, spill, etc of the furniture. The insurance company refused to honor the claim.

To make a long story short, this insurance company is one that many furniture stores use and it is useless. I complained to the American Signature store in Sarasota (where I purchased the furniture). The General Manager sent a technician to my house to evaluate the furniture. They agreed that the leather on the couch should not be peeling and allowed me to replace the furniture with furniture from their store for the amount that I originally paid. They were concerned, professional and courteous during this process.

I appreciate the fact that they did the right thing, when the insurance company wouldn't. I will be purchasing more furniture from this store, based on my positive experience.

Mediocre Quality
By -

MOORESTOWN, NEW JERSEY -- Bought a couch and loveseat from ASF a few months ago. I think they may have pulled a "bait and switch." The quality of the couch which I purchased and picked up didn't seem as well put together as the showroom couches. I suppose you pay for what you get, as I got them at a good price, but they should be upfront about what your buying. When I brought the couches home one of them was missing lower back supports or something and made a weird squeaking noise when you sat on it.

Customer service was pretty good. They came buy and a service technician acted like him putting extra cotton in it was going to fix it, but I didn't agree, so they eventually let me bring it back and swap it. The new one didn't' have the same problem, but still didn't seem as nice as the showroom couch. The foam in the cushions is kind of lacking and loses support after 15 minutes of sitting.

Quality Furniture & Quality Service
By -

FT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA -- 09/08/07 Fort Lauderdale Fl.
Sawgrass Mills Mall-

American Signature Furniture is the place people need to know about if they are looking for Quality Furniture-( workmanship is superior ) Moderate prices - Friendly and Professional Sales Department and Delivery Crew. This was my first experience with this store, I found them on the Web BUT needed to see the
actual merchandise- When I did I was very impressed with there furniture - all quality made. There is such a variety to see in the store and you can browse for hours if you like they do not RUSH you.

After taking your order they discuss the delivery - this is your choice again-
The night before they are scheduled to bring your furniture they call to confirm the time. The delivery is ON TIME, ( no waiting at home all day endlessly )

The drivers are as polite and extremely careful of other home furnishings when entering your home with the new merchandise. The pieces came completely wrapped in blankets and cellophane paper that needed to be removed. After setting up the dresser and attaching the mirror and making sure everything was perfect-and in the location of your choice They leave your home spotless and take with
them all discarded material.

You can be SURE I am writing today to let everyone know what good service from the beginning to the end this company offers. I hope after this review more people will shopthere. You will not be disappointed.

Failure to Back Warranty
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Rating: 1/51

WHITEHALL, PENNSYLVANIA -- Two years ago I purchased a leather sofa and loveseat. When it was purchased the salesperson told it has a limited lifetime warranty. Well the cable that operates the reclining portion of sofa broke. And now they say because they say its not ASF branded furniture, even though it has a tag on it stating made for ASF. There are lots of other furniture places out there, and I will never make another purchase from them!

"Not Quality"
By -

I won't talk much about their furniture because I haven't personally bought it and from what I've seen and heard about it, I don't plan to ever buy it. If their furniture is as poor quality as the medal bed rails I've BOUGHT TWICE in 3 years time then I'd avoid American signatures products. My husband and I were sleeping last night when all a sudden our bed rails gave in putting us to the floor. I'm going on the 3rd set of bed rails in just 3 years. My husband and I together don't weight over 330 lbs and even if we were up in weight, if these rails were better quality they would hold up for more than a year and a half.

The manufacturer's warranty is up after 1 year so as far as American signature is concerned I'm up the creek without a paddle by only 2 months. But thanks to Value City Furniture for replacing them at no cost and giving me the option to get a completely different set of rails.

Want me to pay to return defective merchandise
By -

SUNRISE, FL -- I recently purchased a 60" television stand on sale for $499. I chose to pick up my item as the delivery charge was almost $125. When we unwrapped the TV stand, it was apparent that the doors were not mounted evenly. We immediately called ASF and advised them of the situation. We were told (laugh now) to bring the stand back and they would fix it, and we could pick it up at a later date as they do not provide in-home service for picked-up items. Did I mention the stand was 150 pounds? I advised the store manager that I had an empty 5000 sq. foot house to furnish, and if I brought the TV stand back, it would be a return and not a repair.

She blew me off and said okay... apparently they do not care about my business. It is easier for me to find a different furniture store than it is for American Signature Furniture to find a customer that needs to furnish 5 bedrooms, 2 living rooms, a dining room, a library, and a loft. Good riddance that I had not wasted my time purchasing anything else there.

By -

SARASOTA, FLORIDA -- American Signature should be forced to change their name. Literally 99% of what they sell is imported from the Far East. Cheap quality, overpriced and they do not stand behind their product. We purchased 2 leather sofas and that were represented as 100% leather. Obviously this is not true as the leather is separating from the backing and looks terrible with only moderate use. We contacted the store and customer service said "Too bad, nothing we can do. They do not make leather like they used to."

Do not do business with these folks if you want a retailer that will stand behind what they sell. There are too many other choices out there that are reputable and will stand behind their product.

Resolution Update 03/01/2011:

The Store Manager along with corporate reviewed our complaint and found out that the set we bought had many complaints - they gave us a 50% refund of the damaged product to apply to a replacement. This is fair as the couch was 4 years old.

Obnoxious TV Commercials
By -

Do any of you realize how totally obnoxious your TV commercials are? If I had no furniture at all and you were giving it away... I would NOT take advantage of it simply because of the offensive and obnoxious nature of your commercials. That song is completely out of sync with the subject matter of the ad... and you repeat it over and over in the course of a program. Honestly, I immediately change channels when I hear it. In fact, I had to keep from changing channels long enough to see who the company was that the commercial was for... in order to know whom to send this complain to. Apart from the fact that it's OLD! It might be time to try something else.

Quality Has Gone Down
By -

I bought pieces from their Camp Granada line about 1 year ago. I went in the store yesterday (10/14/2010) to purchase more pieces from the same line only to find that the quality has been cut DRASTICALLY. The furniture is now made of light weight cheap wood. The drawer boxes are smaller and no longer Dove tailed. They are stapled together. The drawer boxes don't pull out the way they used to (I couldn't pull one out at all). The furniture is very light. The pieces I have at home are solid wood and very heavy. The new junk they are selling now is pitiful.

Maybe they decided it was best to make cheap furniture given the state of the economy but I don't buy cheap furniture so they have lost my business. The employees in the store I was in have noticed the change and they were very nice and understanding. One lady said she would bring up our issue in her store meeting, but I doubt it will change anything... At least I won't be holding my breath.

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