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Do not get the leather warranty!!!
Posted by on
SMYRNA, GEORGIA -- I recently purchased a leather sofa and chair from American Signature Furniture at 2540 Cumberland Blvd in Smyrna, GA. The sales lady talked me into buying the leather warranty on the sofa and chair for nearly $250. She told me that the warranty covers 'everything' as long as we tell them what ever happen to the leather was an accident.

Recently, I discovered a few very deep scratches on the leather of the sofa and called American Signature Furniture about the scratches. I was promptly told that the warranty does not cover scratches. I then talked to the warranty company and they told me the same thing. They did tell me that it covered tears but since I already told them it was a scratch they would not cover. I then asked if I took a knife and made a tear in the sofa before I called about the scratch would it be covered. They told me it would.

I have had the most difficult time with this issue. I have to call repeatedly before anyone will return my calls at American Signature Furniture. They are very rude when I try to discuss the issue.

I would not recommend American Signature Furniture to even my worst enemy! With the service I have received over this issue I will never be a customer of American Signature Furniture again!
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bizzy817 on 05/15/2010:
Well I'm sorry you had such a bad experience, and feel that way... I've working in retail for 3 going on 4yrs and have been working for Value City Furniture(American Sig. Company store) for a month and a half now here in St. Louis, MO. Now I don't know what they teach their sales associates down there, but up here they teach us to never miss lead the customers and give good customer service. first let me say this, when I offer an add on (Leather Protection, Stain Safe, etc), not just doing it to increase my sales to meet my goals. I do it so you can get the most out of it and not have to worry about replacing something within a year because it all messed. So when you're offered an extended service plan do consider it, but only after you know what all it covers. It is the associate's responsibility though to tell you what all it covers and give you a brochure about the things it cover just to assure you of the features and services. A good example the people at Best Buy don't get paid off commission but they still try to get people to but their service plans, and that's because they know things happen and some things are to expensive to be replacing after a year or even a week after you get it. But in our Leather protection brochure it says it covers; Food and Beverage stains, Human and Pet bodily fluids, Rips, Tears, Burns, Ballpoint, Pen ink, and lip stick... I must admit I think it's stupid that they didn't just look at it as a tear or rip tho seeing how a deep scratch is almost practically the same thing. But no I don't just tell my customers anything just to get a sale, that's stupid I would want to walk into a store as a customer and have that happen to me, I am a consumer too. But I can't blame you for not going back after that experience. That's not professional.
William on 09/14/2012:
Extended Warranty if the stuff was made right you would not need one its ridiculous. Its a shame its a throw away world.
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My Positive Experience
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SARASOTA, FLORIDA -- My compliments to American Signature Furniture in Sarasota, FL. I purchased a leather sectional couch and two matching leather ottomans from them four years ago (in 2005). In May of this year (2009), the leather on two parts of the sectional started to peel off. When I purchased this furniture, I also purchased the repair/replacement insurance that was supposed to cover rips, peeling, spill, etc of the furniture. The insurance company refused to honor the claim. To make a long story short, this insurance company is one that many furniture stores use and it is useless. I complained to the American Signature store in Sarasota (where I purchased the furniture). The General Manager sent a technician to my house to evaluate the furniture. They agreed that the leather on the couch should not be peeling and allowed me to replace the furniture with furniture from their store for the amount that I originally paid. They were concerned, professional and courteous during this process.

I appreciate the fact that they did the right thing, when the insurance company wouldn't. I will be purchasing more furniture from this store, based on my positive experience.
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MSCANTBEWRONG on 10/07/2009:
Nice review.
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Mediocre Quality
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MOORESTOWN, NEW JERSEY -- Bought a couch and loveseat from ASF a few months ago. I think they may have pulled a "bait and switch." The quality of the couch which I purchased and picked up didn't seem as well put together as the showroom couches. I suppose you pay for what you get, as I got them at a good price, but they should be upfront about what your buying. When I brought the couches home one of them was missing lower back supports or something and made a weird squeaking noise when you sat on it. Customer service was pretty good. They came buy and a service technician acted like him putting extra cotton in it was going to fix it, but I didn't agree, so they eventually let me bring it back and swap it. The new one didn't' have the same problem, but still didn't seem as nice as the showroom couch. The foam in the cushions is kind of lacking and loses support after 15 minutes of sitting.
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DD123 on 11/05/2010:
sf09er - THANK YOU!!!!!
It took me forever searching all over town for the sofa and chaise lounge I wanted. Only 3 colors of fabric, so I had to settle on that choice.
The cushions are garbage. A few days after the sofa arrived, I noticed that the foam in the cushions wouldn't 'pop' back up after getting up. I would pass by the couch the next morning, and the foam was still compressed, as if I was still sitting on it.
A week or so later, I went back into the showroom and sat on the floor model for about 30 minutes, I completed some emails, got up from the couch, and the cushion popped right back up like it was supposed to. Not like mine at home!!!
I sought out the store manager and explained that my sofa seemed different than the floor model. I mentioned that 'you get what you pay for'; and, the manager said that they've been in business for years and wouldn't be if they sold bad quality furniture. Yep, hard to argue with that.
When the tech came to replace the cushions, I mentioned that I believed the floor model and the product I received are two different quality pieces. The tech told me that he has heard other customers make the same comment.
The manager made a good point. However, I think I purchased when the quality began to go down, and now that I'm reading the negative comments, I know I'm right. I recommend that persons start writing to their respective Attorney General.
I feel that I have to tell my guests not to 'plop' down on the couch, it sounds like it would crack in half.
I've had the newly installed foam pieces for about 10 months, and they look like pancakes. They simply are of no quality like any other sofa furniture I've ever purchased.
What a mis-lead. I didn't spend a lot of money, but the floor model is clearly made so that it has a sturdy, sell-able quality to it.
Buyer beware!!!!
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Poor Quality Furniture
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
DULUTH, GEORGIA -- I paid $1600 for a recliner sofa and love seat. 15 months later the recliner mechanism is failing. I called and was told they only cover their products for 12 months so I'm out of luck.

I thought this was rather pricey so kind of assumed it would be quality.

I also have metal arms poking out of the drop down tray table on the sofa.

DO NOT BUY. If you want disposable furniture you can get it cheaper elsewhere.
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Quality has gone down
Posted by on
I bought pieces from their Camp Granada line about 1 year ago. I went in the store yesterday (10/14/2010) to purchase more pieces from the same line only to find that the quality has been cut DRASTICALLY. The furniture is now made of light weight cheap wood. The drawer boxes are smaller and no longer Dove tailed. They are stapled together. The drawer boxes don't pull out the way they used to ( I couldn't pull one out at all). The furniture is very light. The pieces I have at home are solid wood and very heavy. The new junk they are selling now is pitiful. Maybe they decided it was best to make cheap furniture given the state of the economy but I don't buy cheap furniture so they have lost my business.

The employess in the store I was in have noticed the change and they were very nice and understanding. One lady said she would bring up our issue in her store meeting, but I doubt it will change least I won't be holding my breath.
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Skye on 10/14/2010:
From what you described, it sounds like the Oak furniture you were looking for, is now being made from partical board. Does this store manufacture the furniture, or is it manufactured by someone else? If it is, try contacting them.
GenuineNerd on 10/14/2010:
This "Camp Granada" furniture wasn't pieced together by kids from Allan Sherman's summer camp, by any chance? Hello muddah, hello faddah, you got junk called "Camp Granada". The supplier of this furniture needs to build it to high quality again. Cheap furniture belongs to Walmart or Big Lots. Not a major furniture company like American Signature.
Anonymous on 10/14/2010:
GenuineNerd, I had to laugh. Haven't heard that song in a l-o-n-g time. Does sound like the furniture company has slipped big time.
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Posted by on
LANSDALE, PENNSYLVANIA -- Newspaper ad plainly stated that the sofa on sale was made in Italy. In the store, the model in question had signs on it also saying that the sofa was made in Italy. When it was delivered, the sofa was tagged, "MADE IN CHINA."
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SaMoore on 08/26/2010:
his does sound like fraud. Did you get pictures of the sign or clip the advertisement OP? Perhaps only their floor model was made in Italy???
MDSasquatch on 08/26/2010:
Made in China and assembled in Italy or vice-versa? A lot of semantic games can be confusing.
Anonymous on 08/26/2010:
Maybe the leather was from Italy? When Italy made the sofas, we were told the leather was great, but the wood they used for the frames was not. So we were steered clear of these.
RD on 11/07/2012:
italian leather is a way of processing the leather- parts for most furnitue come from Asia - but that's why the 100% leather sofa cost $800 not $8000
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Waiting 6 weeks for delivery...
Posted by on
FORT MYERS, FLORIDA -- I ordered a whole house full of furniture from American Signature Furniture in Fort Myers, FL. Six weeks later, I am still waiting for a sofa ( any of the two I ordered - don't care which) or any of the chairs with ottomans that I ordered. Just cancelled the order. Customer Service is awful - snarky and rude. They really don't care - some other sucker will buy it should it ever come into the store. Not a good business model and not a company I will ever do business with again. Of course, they billed me for all the furniture immediately, before it even arrived. Buyer Beware
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User Replies:
VCF/ASF Corporate Customer Service on 06/02/2010:
I am writing from the corporate headquarters of American Signature Furniture. We never want to hear that a customer has not had a good experience with one of our stores; but, if we do hear of such a case, we wish to do whatever we can to address and resolve the complaint. I have taken the time to read your blog and would like to reach out to you for more information and a chance to provide resolution. If you would like to send me additional information, please visit There you can click on customer service and contact us to submit additional details. I look forward to hearing from you.
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Poor Quality
Posted by on
I must agree with the two reviews before me. I had my heart set on the Casa Moda collection at American Signature. When I took it out of the box it, too, had nicks, but I ignored them. I took the drawers out of the dresser to take it upstairs and could not put them back in because the glides broke (somehow). You can bump in to it with your body and cause another nick. I've been waiting now for a month for the glides to come in. I wish I would have read the reviews before I bought their poor quality furniture.
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Cut These Guys A Break
Posted by on
TRENTON, NEW JERSEY -- My husband and I purchased a couch, bed, dresser, and coffee table from American Signature in Langhorne Pa. We were told our first scheduled delivery would include our bed, couch and coffee table. When the delivery men arrived we were minus our bed. Since our new mattress was being delivered the same day I was concerned. I called the store and in one hour they had a bed pulled off their showroom floor in my bedroom for us. We only had to wait a week more to get our bed and when it came they took their loner bed out and set up our new one and moved our mattress onto the new bed. Yesterday we received our dresser and mirror. We LOVE our furniture it is exactly what we wanted and are going back to get end tables and the armoire that matches our bed. Their customer service is excellent.

The prices are markedly less than other furniture stores and as long as the quality is good and they will exchange what is not to my liking I couldn't care less where the stuff is made if it is saving me money.
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Quality Furniture & Quality Service
Posted by on
FT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA -- 09/08/07 Fort Lauderdale Fl.
Sawgrass Mills Mall-

American Signature Furniture is the place people need to know about if they are looking for Quality Furniture-( workmanship is superior ) Moderate prices - Friendly and Professional Sales Department and Delivery Crew. This was my first experience with this store, I found them on the Web BUT needed to see the
actual merchandise- When I did I was very impressed with there furniture - all quality made. There is such a variety to see in the store and you can browse for hours if you like they do not RUSH you.

After taking your order they discuss the delivery - this is your choice again-
The night before they are scheduled to bring your furniture they call to confirm the time. The delivery is ON TIME, ( no waiting at home all day endlessly )

The drivers are as polite and extremely careful of other home furnishings when entering your home with the new merchandise. The pieces came completely wrapped in blankets and cellophane paper that needed to be removed. After setting up the dresser and attaching the mirror and making sure everything was perfect-and in the location of your choice They leave your home spotless and take with
them all discarded material.

You can be SURE I am writing today to let everyone know what good service from the beginning to the end this company offers. I hope after this review more people will shopthere. You will not be disappointed.

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