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What A Rip Off
Posted by Kitty1999 on 01/09/2011
We thought we had 50% on Christmas. On Jan 5 2011, we smelled gas and called Amerigas about a possible propane leak. They came out to find out our gauge was stuck and we had no propane. Wont fill us up. Told us we could get 200 gallons for $662 plus charge us $200 for first leak test and said they had to do it again before they put propane in! That is $862 for only 200 gallons.

What a ripoff!!! And to top it all off it is our fault because we should have know to take a hammer out there to beat on the gauge!!
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Posted by trmn8r on 2011-01-09:
If the leak is in your house, I believe you have to pay. Outside, no. I did my own propane piping, and I had a leak which I found on my own with a soapy brush and a couple pounds air pressure in the system.

If you have a leak, it is of the utmost importance to find it. I'd pay if you don't know how to do it yourself. You don't want your house blowing up, I assume. I believe A-Gas prices once per year. I fill up once a year, in July, and get a substantial discount. The rest of the year it is quite high.
Posted by kitty1999 on 2011-01-09:
Posted by Nohandle on 2011-01-09:
Kitty, you or someone else familiar with propane gas educate us. My home is total electric so back when I visited with my bedridden mother, before her death, smelled gas when I turned on her range. It spooked me so I called the propane company and the tank was almost empty. This was in the summertime and there was no extra charge over or above the cost of filling the tank. I honestly didn't realize the smell of gas sometimes indicates a tank was near empty. I knew nothing about a gauge.
Posted by kitty1999 on 2011-01-09:
Posted by Skye on 2011-01-09:
I'm not familiar with anything with propane, but Kitty, do you have to have regularly scheduled maintenance and readings? Who makes sure things such as the gauge are working properly?

I'm not saying this is or is not your fault, I'm just trying to understand how it works. We have gas, and have scheduled maintenance to make sure everything is in proper working order, with our furnace.
Posted by kitty1999 on 2011-01-09:
Posted by Nohandle on 2011-01-09:
Kitty, please click your caps key. It would be easier for me to read. I really never understood how it worked. I believe my mother was on auto fill but I honestly smelled gas so you explained that one. Obviously they missed her scheduled delivery or she used so little they just skipped her until called when needed. I could deal, if needed, no range working but heat is an entirely different situation.
Posted by kitty1999 on 2011-01-09:
sorry. Yea we have no heat or range. bad thing is i have a young daughter and another on the way. Until we get another propane co.(no one is open until mon) we are using kerosene and one of them edenpures to heat our whole house.
Posted by Nohandle on 2011-01-09:
Thanks Kitty, much better. If I understand this correctly a customer is responsible for reading his own gauge/meter to determine if gas is needed. If the gauge is faulty then somehow it's the customer's fault? It's my understanding some customers own their tank and are responsible for all and some rent from the gas company and the gas company is responsible. Which is it in your case?
Posted by kitty1999 on 2011-01-09:
We rent our tank from Amerigas. When the guy came out to do a leak test he said it is very common for a gauge to stick (an elderly gentleman just went through it 2 wks ago). So his suggestion was to take a hammer out there everytime we check our percentage and beat on it to make sure its not frozen. I would have assumed it was amerigas' responsibilty for faulty equipment but i guess not.
Posted by Skye on 2011-01-09:
I don't know about beating a gauge that may be frozen. It may just ending up cracking the glass and causing more damage.

But if that's what Amerigas thinks works best,then so be it. I'm not familiar with having propane for my home, but if you have a furnace, is that for oil or gas? Not sure what the propane is used for, maybe you can explain it to me Kitty,

Posted by trmn8r on 2011-01-09:
Kitty said they have no heat or range - that is what she uses propane for (and maybe a clothes dryer). She is getting by with electric heaters.

Tapping on the gauge is perfectly safe, as long as you don't do it with a hammer. The gauge is round, with a small window. You could safely use a piece of wood.

I have used Amerigas for 16 years, never had a gauge stick but it is perfectly understandable. There is no regular maintenance except they replace the tanks when they corrode. I honestly feel it would be the homeowner that monitors their tank to notice that the gauge hasn't moved but they used a lot of gas. A new homeowner may not know how fast it is used.

I'm totally confused about the leak that wasn't a leak, and if the OP had to pay $200 to find out there wasn't a leak. Where was the gas smelled? And why didn't the range/heat stop before they came for a gas leak? Coincidence?
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-01-09:
Be careful with the kerosene Kitty. It can be harmful to inhale. I use odorless kerosene in my hurricane lamps.
Posted by AmeriGas Customer Service on 2011-01-10:
We are sorry to hear about your situation and apologize for your recent experience with AmeriGas. AmeriGas prides itself on providing our customers with the highest levels of customer service and we would like to help. At your convenience, please contact Fran directly via email at customerfirstfran@amerigas.com so we can promptly assist you with this issue. To better assist you, please provide your AmeriGas customer number, phone number or the address and zip code where your propane tank is located. Thank-You. AmeriGas Customer Service.
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Not again!
Posted by Madashellatu on 12/06/2009
MIDWEST KY,OH,IN -- Here we go again. Every year that I need to fill my tanks. Amerigas customer service tries to play me like a fool. First of all I pay for my propane before it is even delivered. I tell Amerigas that I have 32percent in one tank and 35 in another. They tell me first of all that I owe them $90.00 balance, like I said that I pay before I can use. I asked how do I owe money too you? I guess she thought that I would just go ahead and pay it. I questioned her and she said someone in the office must have made a mistake. I checked the price for propane on-line before I called Amerigas the price per gallon is $1.89. After she figured out that I was not paying the $90.00, she told me that my price per gallon would be $2.39 a gallon, I guess she thinks that I am stupid of something. $.50 more cents a gallon is what they are going to charge me?? They last two time that I got my two-hundred gallon filled, that I paid for upfront and was supposed to put me @ 80%, one tank was 72% and the other was 73%. I paid to have them filled to 80%???? They rip people off all the time. This was not the first time that they had done this too me. And when I asked why was my tanks being filled at 60 degrees temp when it was 26 degrees outside?? Every answers that they give me, not one matches??If I would you I would save my money and call around to find a better price and a better company. Stop letting companies like this rip you off! I am sick of Amerigas taking my hard earned money and I am not getting what I pay for.
Fuel Recovery Fee $4.03
Hazardous Materials $9.56
Very bad customer service
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Posted by madconsumer on 2009-12-06:
what did your delivery receipt read you paid, owed and amount of propane delivered?
Posted by qualityappliance on 2009-12-06:
The gauge on the tank is just a rough estimate of how much liquid is remaining. First you said that you paid in advance then you said you paid to have them filled to 80%, you can't have it both ways. If you paid for 100 gallons and they give you 100 gallons it doesn't matter what the gauge reads.

Liquid propane is always corrected to 60 degrees F. If it wern't you would complain about that in the summer.
Posted by SadSackSam on 2009-12-06:
First do you own or rent the tanks. The $90 a year is about what my parents pay in rent. If you own the tank you usally pay more, they give a discount to those that rent. If you pay in advance you are asking for a set amount. The gauge on the tank is at best a rugh estiment. If you don't like amerigas then make arangments for another company to provide it for you.
Posted by madashellatu on 2009-12-09:
The tanks are 120 gallon each. Tanks cannot hold that much propane. Your tanks are full at 80%. I have never seen my tanks full, which I pay to have them filled. Right now propane is at an eight year low. Why am I paying $3.39 a gallon? When I first started using propane(six years ago) I was paying $1.49. We live in a name your own price world. Hello, people use propane the keep warm. Gas and Electric price are down this year and so should the propane prices.
Why should Amerigas give themselves a raise? I did not get one this year. How do we know how many gallons the driver is putting in the tanks, we have to go with what he says,they deliver it when I am at work. Like I said, I tell them what the tanks read and I need them filled. Amerigas tells me that I need 120 gallons to fill them.72 and 73 percent is not filled. Why am I being charged to fill them.
I never get propane in the summer. Propane expands and contracts. Hot weather expands, Cold contracts. Still ripping you off. I am confused and I am not the only one that feels that way about Amerigas. Propane is a by-product. The oil companies used to throw it away, until someone figured out that they can make money from it. Go look for yourself, Google it! Todays propane prices. Just like pellet fuel. When I pellet stoves came out, a bag of pellets were $1.79 a bag,40 pds, now they are $6.00 a bag for something the companies with sawdust used to throw away. If you are paying this much to warm you home, then just turn your house into all electric and don't worry about running out or refills. I don't want a rough estimate, I want to know how much I have and how much I need to have the tanks filled. Then I will know how much money that I am going to have to pay. Different prices, lock-in fees??? Give me a break. Amerigas just looks for a way to make money off of you. That is the way the world works today. I will use the rest of my propane and find another company. Did you know that you are being charged to fill a grill tank (20 gallons), when you are only getting 18 gallons??? WHAT A RIP OFF! I am sick of it, how about you?
Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2009-12-09:
Find a local provider and you might be happier. I use a local service that always weighs my portable tanks before and after filling and only charges for the LP I actually buy.

When they have filled permanent tanks, the driver makes sure you see the meter reset to zero when he starts and they charge you for the exact amount of gas that passes thru the meter. Never any question as to how much product you received with them.

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Price Gouging
Posted by Langsethnw on 01/22/2013
KENNEWICK, WASHINGTON -- Never again will I purchase from Amerigas. I was charged an extra $100 to fill my home propane tank! Price for gas is currently $2.20 per gallon from Ferrell gas home delivery plus an extra $20 for fees. I was expecting about the same price from Amerigas but I got charged $3.35 per gallon plus fees! I complained to Terry, the manager of our local Kennewick Amerigas, and he advised the extra fee was for infrequent customer charge.

Now I have a 120 gallon tank that I fill up twice a year. They sucker you in by offering a low price first time and then hit you later by price gouging you. Never, ever do business with Amerigas if you do not want to be scammed. I also told Terry that I will no longer be an Amerigas customer and he seamed fine with that.

No customer appreciation at this place. I will also advise all my friends of Amerigas scammed prices. I was a customer for over 2 years. Buyer beware!
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Posted by langsethnw on 2013-01-22:
Wow, thanks for the info. I was just going to order fuel. I'll pass the info along.
Posted by Nohandle on 2013-01-22:
It appears you are the OP. Are you answering yourself? Just curious.
Posted by At Your Service on 2013-01-22:
I talk to myself all the time too. The worst part is when I disagree.
Posted by trmn8r on 2013-01-23:
I have been an Amerigas customer for 18 years, and they are horrible. They continually look for ways to work over their customers. They do have promotional rates, which may confuse a new customer. I order only once a year, and get a discount that is supposed to lure back customers who have not bought in awhile.

The $20 "infrequent customer" fee sounds like a Amerigas tool to suck money out of loyal customers.

Amerigas supposedly "locks in" a rate once or twice a year, and it shouldn't change. However, it does change depending how good a customer you are, and by quite a bit.

I maintain an arm's length relationship with these chiselers. It's the most messed up utility I've ever worked with. Their billing function is virtually useless, sending out inaccurate bills and never following up with corrected versions when they correct their mistakes.
Posted by Stupendous Man on 2013-01-23:
Well, the letter writer did say he was going to advise all his friends.
Posted by LenHere on 2013-01-23:
I always check around my town before I buy propane, it can vary a considerable amount. The first fillup from a company is usually a low price and then it goes back to market price. Most companies will price match a competitor's price as long as it is NOT the first fill up.
Posted by CrazyRedHead on 2013-01-23:
Thanks, I just spit all over my desk when I realized that the commentator was also the letter writer. I also talk to myself, I'm like Duckie on CSI.
Posted by JINebec on 2013-01-29:
Crazy Redhead don't you mean NCIS?
Posted by Laurie on 2013-10-28:
I received a fill on 10-11 from this company, who I have done business with for over 30 years. 4.90 a gallon. Really? Checked with another local company-1.95 a gallon. And yes I am pissed off and changing companies!
Posted by JBWatt on 2014-03-15:
Just received a $95.00 tank rental bill. Called my local Kennewick Amerigas to see if I could buy the 120gal lp tank instead of renting it (had it for four years). They told me the tank is leased to them and would have to replace it with a new one. $479.00 for the new tank and $100 per hour to remove and reinstall. Tell me they aren't making it so stupidly expensive that I forget about this. I understand paying for them to deliver the fuel, but why be so unreasonable.
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Totally unbelievable price gouging. Should be criminal!
Posted by Gmace on 01/24/2010
123 E THIRD AVE, RANSON, WEST VIRGINIA -- 231 gallons propane delivered on 01/18/10. Got the bill today. Before taxes.. $4.72 gallon. Yes, you read that right shoppers.. almost $5/gallons BEFORE TAXES.

How does that compare regionally? The US Department of Energy (yeah, they should know huh) reports residential propane prices for 01/18/10 regionally at $3.28/gallon. I live in eastern WV bordered closely by MD, VA, and PA. More specifically, USDOE reports this same week MD - $3.11/gallon, VA - $3.08/gallon and PA - $3.37/gallon. No report for WV So why $1.50+ gallon HIGHER??? All I can figure is because I lease their tank and they think they have me over a barrel. Bzzzzt! Wrong. I just told them to come suck it out and I will use the heat pump rest of winter, then when the remaining gas I already paid for is gone they can come dig the tank up.

So, unless you like that warm fuzzy feeling of being raped... DO NOT BECOME AN AMERIGAS COSTUMER!!!

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Posted by madconsumer on 2010-01-24:
unless you are on a contract rate, you will pay full current market value per gallon.
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Price gouging because of hard winter
Posted by Kati on 01/08/2010
ELDON, MISSOURI -- I had my 500 gal propane tank filled Oct 7,'09 by Amerigas, 285 gallons for $1.50.9 @ gal ($438.66 w/tax). It ran down and I had to get 390 gallons delivered today, Jan 8,'10. The driver didn't know the cost so I called Amerigas and (did not catch her name) was told it is $3.30 @ gal before taxes! I owe them $1330.11! I asked how it could be over twice as much and was told the driver made a mistake and had charged me commercial rate in October. I called Goodrich Gas and they said they charge $2.15 @ gal over 200 gallons. I called the Attorney Gen's office and was told that if Amerigas owns the tank, it can't be regulated. I called Amerigas back and talked to Audra to see if there was a mistake and she assured me there wasn't. I asked her how much it would cost if I owned the tank and Amerigas didn't and she said that it wouldn't matter, it would cost the same. I am single, I am unemployed, and this has knocked the wind out of me! I have always had at least 30% of propane left in the spring and I know that it has been cold, but to have such outrageous prices in such a hard time is too much of a shame. I was given the option to come in and get put on a 6 month payment plan, but I will send in the full amount and find a different supplier next time. I am sure Amerigas will charge an outrageous fee to pick up the tank as they do when you have to pay for a gas leak check that most suppliers don't charge for. I don't know if I signed a contract with Amerigas, but I think I had to sign something when Scott's sold out so Amerigas could charge me $60 or $65 for lease of the tank. I can't stand to think of the hardship for people with children in the home. There are other companies people. Get Amerigas out of your life.
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Posted by madconsumer on 2010-01-08:
unless you are on a pre arranged contract for price, you pay current market value per gallon.

if they own the tank, you are stuck with them.
Posted by Kati on 2010-01-09:
Yes, I understand that. But, why is the current market value per gallon $3.30 for Amerigas and only $2.15 for Goodrich when Amerigas is the largest propane distributor in the nation? Why does it make no difference in the price whether they own the tank or I do?
Posted by Kati on 2010-01-09:
By the way 'madconsumer' do you work for Amerigas? I have been reading other complaints and you always seem to be on the Amerigas side.
Posted by Eloise on 2010-01-09:
Kati, so any one who has the audacity to disagree with you must work for the company?
Posted by Kati on 2010-01-10:
Eloise, No. It is just that by reading other comments by 'madconsumer' about Amerigas complaints, it seems their actions are being justified. Your right though, I shouldn't have ask if 'madconsumer' worked for the company. 'madconsumer' would be too tired to write posts because anyone that works for Amerigas surely cannot sleep at night.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-10:
Even if Amerigas owns the tank that shouldn't give them license to gouge the customer with high prices. This customer has paid a fee to lease the tank so Amerigas should be competitive to what the market rate is for the area.

Kati, can you switch out the tank and buy one? That may not be a good option because I don't know how much they cost, but in the end it may pay for itself if Goodrich has a better price.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-10:
In a free market society the seller can charge as much as the purchaser will pay.
Very helpful review though.
Posted by Kati on 2010-01-10:
Thank you ProConsumer. Goodrich said they just don't have the time right now and I didn't ask if they would pump out the Amerigas tank - I have heard that wasn't legal but, I don't know. I will call again when the temperature gets manageable around here and things slow down for them. I guess I was looking for a little sympathy when I posted. I am so tired of 'sucking it up'! Thanks again and I will get away from this company as soon as I can.
Posted by Kati on 2010-01-10:
And Thank you too, zzrokk :)
Posted by Nohandle on 2010-01-10:
Kati, I don't have propane gas in my home. I do know from a friend, who uses it for certain applications in the home, finally purchased her own tank. She is free now to call any propane company of her choice. Prior to that she was obligated to the company that owned the tank. They own it, you purchase from them. Perhaps once this is over you might look into the option of owning your own tank. I have no idea if one has to sign up for a contract for gas or any of that. Check into it as well.
Posted by Kati on 2010-01-11:
Nohandle, I took your advice and checked on craiglist for a 500 gallon tank. It is $400. If I would have gotten that and used Goodrich for propane, it would have been $104 cheaper than what Amerigas charged me! I am going to buy it as soon as I can. Thank you for suggesting it!
Posted by Kati on 2010-01-11:
I'm sorry, I meant to thank Proconsumer and Nohandle both for suggesting I buy a tank :) Brain fart.
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Posted by Polish Lady on 10/20/2009
PLAIN CITY, OHIO -- After 2 years I called Amerigas to tell them to come pick up their empty tank as we were going with another supplier. Was told that we would be charged $100 early termination fee because we had a year left on a 3 year contract. Informed customer service representative we never signed any contract. She told me that the receipt that was left on my garage door when we got our initial fill up contained information on the back regarding our 3 year contract. Basically, if we were accepting propane from them we were agreeing to this contract. I don't have that original receipt but I have others and nowhere does it mention any contract or early termination fee. Told them to go pound salt as hell will freeze over before I pay them. Before I cancelled them they qouted me a price of $2.93 per gallon. I found a competitor that locked me in at $1.49 with no lock in fee and no hazmat fee. People think all supplies MUST charge hazmet fees and this is not true.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-10-21:
Both propane companies here charge roughly $2.89 per gallon. If you buy 200 or more gallons at a time, you pay about $2.59 per gallon. If a company came along and said they would charge $1.49 I would want to know the catch. Both our gas suppliers charge the fee too.

Are they a fly by nighter? Are they insured? Are they qualified to be messing with your tank? I would be asking how they can sell it so cheap before I jump in and buy it.
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Worst Customer Treatment
Posted by Weracemckay on 11/11/2010
TEMECULA, CALIFORNIA -- So the next biggest propane company, Farrell gas was gouging me, I decided to switch to Amerigas. So I call up Amerigas they say they have a first time customer deal on propane witch was a lot cheaper than I was paying Farrell gas and that they also have a payment plan. The lady on the phone (Jan )said she didn't have the details of the payment plan the driver that delivers your gas will tell you all about it. So I say "well i`m paying Farrell gas $75.00 a month will it be like that or what" Jan states "yes". So I take delivery of my gas and tank I`m happy. I get the very first bill 30 days later and it shows I owe the full amount, no problem its the first bill and maybe someone made a mistake. So I call Amerigas and explain "Im on the payment plan" So Jan says" well you have to fill out some papers i`ll send them to you" the papers come I fill them out and send back. I was sopposed to pay around $100.00 ok no big deal. Well the very next bill arrives and of course the bill states I owe the whole amount plus a late fee. Ok so I call back and explain again "im on the payment plan Jan say`s " Oh yea let me take care of that for you, your next bill will reflect your monthly payment" of course only until I mentioned it did she remove the late fee. This same scenario goes on for over a year with me paying $100.00 a month. So eventualy I need to be refilled, so I call and say I need gas they say " we can't fill you until you pay the balence" I say " you peolpe would have been paid already if you could just bill me correctly so bring me some gas and I will set it up on payment plan again". She say`s "Ok I'm going to send the payment plan papers again" I receive and send back. Amerigas delivers gas and all is well again. The first bill for the new delivery comes and I bet you can guess, the bill shows I owe the hole amount. So I call them and say " listin I'm not paying another penny until you send me a bill that shows how much my payment plan payment is " so Thay say" we`ll figure it out and let me know. Well about three mounths go buy and here is another bill for like 250 gallons more than I even have in my tank. I only use about 300 gal. a year. So I call and tell them thay had to have made a mistake its not possible my tank won't fit that much gas. Jan say`s " oh yes we know we had a driver that was filling up his friends tanks and charging you for it" Great! I say " well let me know when you figure it out">. So they finely send me a revised bill with what I assume is the correct amount of gas, But of course the bill states I owe the full amount. So I call AGAIN and January says " just keep paying $100.00 a month and disregard the bills". OK so I pay $100.00 amonth my last payment was on 10-21-10 and wouldn`t you know it on 11-09-10 the send me to a collection company for the balence of a misley $263.44. I will prevail in this case this will turn out in my favor. DO YOURSELF A BIG BIG FAVOR DO NOT GET INVOLVED WITH THIS COMPANY. do a little research and you will find this company has lost over 40 million dollars just this year>
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Posted by trmn8r on 2010-11-11:
Amerigas has a horrible accounting system. I am not on a payment plan with them, but I still have problems. I rarely receive an accurate bill, often have late charges improperly applied, and never receive an updated bill. Well, they sometimes send a screen shot of my account, with hand-written corrections.

They are the cheapest game in town here, which is why I continue to use them.
Posted by weracemckay on 2010-11-12:
Dear trmn8r, You know Amerigas is so bad that i`m going to pay more money to another company for propane. And I`ve been unemployed for two years money is tight. non the less i`ve always paid them like clock work. I`m going to avoid any farther interaction with them and would encourage every one to never do business with Amerigas even if you have to pay more. Maybe you can stay out of collections that way.
Posted by AmeriGas Customer Service on 2011-01-10:
We are sorry to hear about your situation and apologize for your recent experience with AmeriGas. AmeriGas prides itself on providing our customers with the highest levels of customer service and we would like to help. At your convenience, please contact Fran directly via email at customerfirstfran@amerigas.com so we can promptly assist you with this issue. To better assist you, please provide your AmeriGas customer number, phone number or the address and zip code where your propane tank is located. Thank-You. AmeriGas Customer Service.
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Amerigas Ripped Me Off, They Filled My Tank And When I Got The Bill!!!!
Posted by Daffyd on 12/16/2008
WAYLAND, MICHIGAN -- Last spring when they filled my tank I paid $2.35 so I didn't think much of it when I asked them to come out and fill it up before winter and they did. When I got the bill they charged me $4.07/gal for the gas. My friend just paid $2.29/gal from another company. I pay them in advanced and had a 850 credit and after they put in 216 gals I owed them another 145.00. If there are enough complaints to the AG he will do something and in the mean time I will see if WOODTV will do a report and I'll see if Senator Levin will look into this GOUGING by this company.
I will file a compliant with the MI Attorney General. I will also write a letter to the editor which I know will be posted.

I hope they will enjoy the publicity.
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Posted by madconsumer on 2008-12-16:
i would make sure to verify the price before a fill.
Posted by Slimjim on 2008-12-16:
When I last filled my tank 3 months ago, it was about that too and I nearly hit the floor. Then I realized that WAS what gas products were going for then, remember? I mean, I don't understand the complaint unless you filled it up yesterday.
Posted by ejack053824 on 2008-12-16:
I fill my tank everyday then let it go. Course I make my own gas. LOL!
Posted by Texan connection on 2008-12-29:
I worked for them THEY ARE gouging shop around Currently they are paying about 80 cents the should be charging about 2.00-2.50 or less. They charge folks what they can get away with as well as the other big Propane Companies, You should be Mad. I hope you pursue your senators and maybe even your local BBB. Its Highway robbery, meanwhile switch to aniother company and contact the coustomer care # on your bill as well as go on line to their websight.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2008-12-29:
ejack, if you ever have kids, you could start your own gas company.
Posted by Texan connection on 2009-04-09:
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Customer Service STINKS!!!!!
Posted by Somecin on 05/16/2006
LEWISTON, MAINE -- Amerigas out of Lewiston Maine has rude office people who never return a phone call! I have been trying for six months to ascertain whether a delivery slip dropped here was actually gas delivered here. The same tank had been filled just a week and a half earlier. When I called and stated I had a question on an invoice, I was told "I will have to look up your account and call you back" in a rude voice and no one ever called me back. I have since called several times, contacted the home office via their email contact page and also have written several letters disputing the delivery made that day. I have not received one phone call or one letter back until last week, May 9 when a representative from Amerigas in PA called me and asked me if I could make a payment on my past due account!!!! I was livid. I told them I would love to IF I had a Past Due account!! I told the story to that person, who assured me the local office would contact me. For once the office did call me and assured me they would take care of this and call me right back. That was last Tuesday. In the meantime, I received a collection notice on invoices I have paid - and I have the cancelled checks proving I paid them! The Amerigas representative from this office contacted my husband on his cell phone rather than calling the office of our company where I am the Co owner and the bookkeeper and I am the one that knows about the charges! Not even the manager will return a call from this office! When I contacted the collection company I was hung up on three times after their reps talked over me and would not listen to my question! I have never encountered such rude representatives in my life. I don't know how Amerigas has any customers at all! I am in business for myself and also my husband and I own a business and we would not have any customers if we treated them the way we have been treated! I am cancelling my account with them and moving on to another gas company which has a much better rate also! (another thing amerigas does is jack up the rates sky high because their bookkeeping is so inaccurate they think you have not paid your bills!) They also have inaccurate info on their delivery tickets - they have delivered to a "temporary tank" here for several months, even though thru their own invoicing, they state they picked up the temporary tank UNUSED in December! I think someone ought to look into the way they do business. Propane is a regulated substance and most propane companies know where the tanks they deliver to are!

If you are investigating this company to purchase propane - I say run the other way. There is nothing worse than rude and shoddy customer service. I think it is worth paying more for good customer service, but in Amerigas' case, we are paying more for HORRIBLE customer service!!!!
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Posted by Doc J on 2006-05-16:
Are propane sales in your state regulated by a public utilities commission? If they call you and are rude, hang up. You're not obligated to discuss the matter with rude people. If you are being badgered by collectors over this issue and you sincerely believe you do not owe the debt. Write to the collections department or company and specifically demand they no longer call regarding this account. Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, they must then either leave you alone or file a suit against you. Most scummy companies scurry back into their dusty corner when a consumer knows his/her rights. If you can, pursue getting it cleared up rather than just changing companies. It'll help some other poor sod from getting into a similar mess. Hope this helps and good luck!!
Posted by amerigassucksballs on 2006-11-28:
Over the past year I have paid for Amerigas "Service". I have called for a refill, I think, five times which they state 5-10 biz days. On each of the requests, we have had to call 12+ biz days to check on the refill date. Each time, they have no record of our initial call. Three of the times, no record of the second call and complaint. When passed up the ladder, they immediately put you on hold and forward your call w/o telling them about your issue. So, each time you have to completely start over explaining and waiting for record lookups. When asked to speak to a manager, they did not know his/her name. We are changing our service as soon as our contract is over. NEVER has ANY compensation been offered for the complete incompetence of their managers or employees. The reason no one conserves using gas is because of poor service such as this. ORLANDO, FL
Posted by RT111 on 2008-09-08:
I've used Amerigas for the past few years. Thankfully, I'm dumping them soon. They have been the worst company to work with. Rude on the phone. Extremely delayed service calls.
Three weeks ago to the day I called for a service they said would take 2-3 weeks. Still hasn't happened. So I called back today and they admitted I called 3 weeks ago and reiterated the service takes 2-3 weeks. So they gave me a date today for my service. It will be 4 weeks from now! 7 weeks from my original call.

Awful, awful company! Stay away!
Posted by K Thurlow on 2013-03-29:
Amerigas in Lewiston, ME, has a sleazy way of doing business, and they are RUDE! The office manager was better than the initial CSR, Kim, but overall, my experience has been less than desirable. I bought a house, and the propane was supposed to come w it. They are saying they refunded the previous owner...funny thing is previous owner is saying no, actually they didnt. So basically they are trying to get paid for propane twice!! This can't be OK! I will call BBB, and maybe the local tv station to expose them. Hopefully I can get out of the contract, now that they have broken my trust, I dont want to give them one more penny. PS I moved into my house over 9 months ago, and they JUST decided I owe them this money??! WOW.
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You Suck
Posted by on 11/30/2001
MT. IDA, ARKANSAS -- It is now the start of the cold season,and the typical family in this area is not what you would call well to do,so when it comes to heating your home you look for ways other than electric to heat you home.

Having children in the home makes it all the harder to pay the outrageous prices that you charge,and when you go in with all the money you have in your hand and are told sorry we wont deliver any gas to you unless you have more than what I could afford at the time, then it makes it hard to heat your home and to provided for your children.

During our last winter season we have a freak ice storm that had done damage to our home, because of this we had fallen behind in our bills, but when we did get all of bills back up to current,we started to receive phone calls from collection agency's that want to collect money from a bill that had already been paid, and when I call Amerigas and asked about this I was told that the person that handles all of that was slow and if they bothered him about it that he would take longer to correct the problem!(How can anyone stay in business like that?)

I have found a company an hour away from where I live that will come out and provide gas to my home for less and without any hassles on the fact that I am not made of money!(yet you are in my home town and I only live a few miles from your location)

I feel that with all the wrongs in the world at these times,another crook is not what we need.

To help keep me as a potential future customer, I would like the following:

I would like for my opinion to be known.

At the very least I would like a response from your company regarding this incident. Thank you for your time.
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