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Rewards Not Fulfilled
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Rating: 1/51

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- I tried Amex Starwood before and canceled it later on. But family felt the last hotel we stayed at was not so bad (even though they did place us in a room next to the elevator) so I applied for it again in 2013. Due to lack of experience, we did not click on the offer terms (who would?). I got approved quickly. The company did not tell us upfront that we would not qualify for the 30K points as had been advertised.

In the next few months, we called at least 3 times to learn why we hadn't received the points. We were told to be patient each time, that you had not spent 5K yet, that it needs a few weeks to process. Until the last time there were no more excuse. They told us we did not qualify as we had had the product in the past 12 months.

We debate a few points: the dates they used to calculate the 12 months (even the way they did it it was only 4 days short of 12 months). 2nd why wouldn't tell us the truth earlier? Amex just replied it was representative mistake and they had given the feedbacks to the reps. But who cares about that? After many attempts we realized it's a hard to win battle. It's amazing how little they care about customer complaint.

Just a few weeks back we were shopping at a furniture store and at the time we tried to pay they found out the price of the furniture was much lower than marked. You know what the manager did? They just gave us the lower price as it was the company mistake! I was thrilled by their customer service. Compared to them Amex is a much larger and financially stronger company and it's a shame how they deal with customers. Maybe that's exactly how they get there.

American Express Gift Cards for Online Sales
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Rating: 1/51

ROCKVILLE, MARYLAND -- My company decided to give Amex gift cards to employees as a year-end thank you. I tried to use my card at a major retailer's website. The card was denied. I called the retailer and told her I was having issues and she said that she also could not verify the card. She asked if this was a gift card or actual credit card and I told her a gift card. She tried to process payment both ways - both failed.

I called Amex's 800 on the back of the card and after entering the gift card number a recording told me I had $200 available. The next day I tried the online sale again and it failed again. I called Amex again and after hitting a bunch of numbers on the phone I was finally transferred to a human. The guy said I had to register the card first before using it for online retailers. Neither the Amex website or information that comes with the card says this.

He also told me that a sale was pending on the card (the failed sale). I told the representative that the sale never was processed by the retailer. He told me to call the retailer and tell them the card was working and that Amex has approved the amount. I explained that I didn't have an order number to reference because there was no sale. He said in 8-10 business days the amount that has been reserved for the failed sale would be re-credited back to the card.

I asked for a supervisor because I felt this was ludicrous since there was no sale and the supervisor said, "I apologize for any inconvenience but there's nothing we can do; you'll have to wait for the 8-10 business days even though there was no sale because we have reserved the funds for that sale...” So I repeated, “You're holding funds for a sale that never took place?” And he "Joy" his name was Joy, said yes that's our policy...epic fail on American Express' part. They are a horrid company with laughable customer service.

Don't use American Express
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Rating: 1/51

DO NOT USE AMERICAN EXPRESS. They lie. American Express mailed me a credit card solicitation saying I would get 60,000 Hilton Honor points after applying for AMEX card and spending $1,000. I accepted the offer and in the past couple months spent about $2,000 but no Hilton Honor points were awarded. I called to inquire and they said I wasn't eligible because me or name had done in past. I don't remember and they couldn't provide any evidence.

Bottom line is they sent me the solicitation and accepted my application. This is DECEPTIVE advertising on part of American Express. They charge merchants more than other credit cards so many merchants won't accept it or they charge the customer extra for using. I found that out while trying to get the 60k points they stole from me.

Refund Website Not Working. The Information They Sent Me Was in Error.
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Rating: 1/51

I have had a long and bad history with AE that ended when they canceled my business card without notice the day after I cleared a $700 charge with them. They closed over 125,000 business accounts that day because they wanted to end the "unlimited" balance card. They sent all the accounts to a collection agency that was very confused when they discovered that in 12 years I had not missed a payment, and did not owe anything at all at the time they closed the account. Now they have sent me the refund notice.

The website is either down or their information in the letter is wrong because after four days the website still does not recognize the name and account number that AE sent me. This has been reported to AE by way of a forum and AE has denied that the website does not work every day during that four day period. And of course the telephone number is also busy. People who know me know not to use American and Express in front of me in the same paragraph. They are worse than...the IRS!

Travel Miles
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Rating: 1/51

PORTLAND, OREGON -- My family recently booked a flight to Boston using our American Express miles. An emergency arose two weeks before our flight causing us to change our departure date. We called the 1-800 number on our confirmation email and agreed to the change fees for 3 tickets of $1271.00. We were told we would receive a new flight itinerary in 3-5 minutes. We said our good byes and parted ways.

24hrs later no itinerary ever came. I called the 1-800 number again and spent the entire Saturday trying to sort this issue out. The flight was never booked due to errors on AmEx's part. They never communicated this error to us and they charged our AmEx card $1790.00 -- anyway! AmEx then stated the new ticket fee would be even higher. By the end of the day, tired of arguing and their not accepting any responsibility on their part for errors we got stuck with a $1900.00 change fee.

After 12 years as a card holder we too will be cutting up our card! As a side note, most European businesses refuse to accept AmEx cards. This caused serious problems for us when we were overseas with our young children. Something is seriously wrong with American Express.

American Express Spy On People By Going To The Cbi
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Rating: 1/51

FT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA -- Doesn't matter how long you have been with American Express. Doesn't matter how much membership fee you have paid to them at present. We paid $180.00 a year. They without permission go to the credit bureau report and without checking with you they make their own decision in lowering your credit limit. They have the nerve of stating because you "have too much credit."

What a nerve. If you're in business you have too much credit... It's useless talking to them. They just don't care about anybody. They think they are number #. Capital one is a better card with no membership, high credit limit, sometimes some memberships... Nice customer service, helpful.

American express you suck... You have no right on going to your card member bureau report without permission especially for no reason. My account is not past due. Has never been past due... Maybe someone in your office is stealing info... After all the credit bureau contains a lot of info...

When I Was Automatically Billed by Costco for a Membership Fee and Called American Express to Cancel, I Was Intimidated!
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Rating: 2/51

I have been a Costco Member since 1993 and until now have been very pleased with my American Express True Earnings Card. Recently, however, when I called American Express to cancel my membership, explaining that I no longer live near a Costco, (the nearest one is 40 miles from here) the representative told me that I was still responsible for paying the bill.

I responded that since I never requested a membership renewal, I felt that I was not obligated to pay for it and that if I wanted to make purchases at Costco, I still had a Costco Gold Star Member Credit Card. Finally, he said that I could dispute the charge, but needed to call Costco at 1(800)7742678 and tell them that I wanted to cancel the membership, which further upset me.

Reluctantly, I did call and after waiting over 11 minutes on my cell phone to speak to a real person, I was cut off and sent back to the initial recording to begin the process all over again! Now REALLY annoyed, I called 1-888-246-1076 (customer care) once again, explaining what had just happened and was again met with yet ANOTHER arrogant and rude and very hostile representative!!! WHAT is going on there that an excellent customer should be treated that way?

AMEX Charges Interest No Matter What
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Rating: 1/51

FISHERS, INDIANA -- What gives? I was doing great without any interest being charged to the card as I pay the entire balance showing on the billing statement before the due date. I recently received a statement showing an interest charge. When I phoned the customer service representative was immediately on the defensive and suggested I don't take it that way even though I gave her no indication that I would. I simply asked her for a reason why I was being charged an interest when I never received one before.

She stated I am always being charged an interest but it will not apply if I pay the balance in full by the due date. I agreed with her and asked again why I'm now being charged interest. She repeated her statement about it not being her opinion and that interest is charged all of the time.

When I read the definition of interest posted on the back of the billing statement and specifically the part where I would not be charged interest if paid in full by the due date she again went of the defensive and said I would be charged interest no mater what. Knowing I wasn't going to get anywhere with her I simply thanked her for her time and said that due to her customer care I would be cancelling the card after I speak with Costco. Keep moving forward.

American Express' Poor Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

DALLAS, TEXAS -- AMEX customer service is sloppy, inefficient, and has gone significantly down over the past few years. As a 30-year AMEX customer with an excellent credit rating, my AMEX was my go-to card and I "sang its praises to everyone" that would listen. Previously, my AMEX experience had been extremely customer-centric but now they are unforgivably ridiculous when it comes to customer service.

To recap my experience, at 4:34pm on Friday, February 1, 2013, I called AMEX to alert them that I could not find my credit card. I knew I just used it a Chamberlain's restaurant for a client lunch and had gone straight home. So I asked the AMEX representative what I needed to do. The AMEX representative told me, "No worries, an alert would go on the card effective immediately and she didn't see any additional purchases on the card."

I found my card in my pocket about two hours later and I called AMEX back on the same day (Friday, February 1) at 6:16pm to let AMEX know that "I found my card and it had never been out of my possession - and what do I need to do next." The AMEX representative told me that since my old card was expiring in February 2013, the new card would be sent to me and that nothing else needs to be done.

And I did repeat what the AMEX representative said to confirm that I understood the representative correctly, "That I could begin using the new card once it arrived." And the AMEX representative confirmed, "Yes, you will have to activate the card but you can begin using it immediately."

I received the new AMEX card on Monday, February 4 and I called on the same day to validate the new card at 1:09pm which I did by voice command. Since I'm in the middle of a major house repair and need use of my AMEX card, I also immediately called AMEX customer services on the same day (Monday, Feb 4) at 2pm to confirm that the new card was valid and that I was good to go and could begin using the new card immediately. I explained the lost card situation to the AMEX representative and he assured me the card was valid and there was no problem. And then he spends the next few minutes trying to up sell services to that new card.

I used the card several times throughout the week of February 4 to buy buy gas, food, etc. And I used it for a client lunch meeting on Saturday, Feb 9, 2013 and the charge went through with no problems. However, when I took the client and his family to purchase some gifts, the card was denied. And I ended up losing that $50K client - as accountability is one of the main qualities a client looks in me.

So thanks to AMEX, I looked foolish in front of this customer and lost this $50K customer. When I called AMEX on Sunday, Feb 10 at 1:32pm to determine why my card purchase was denied, I was told that, "The card is invalid because it was reported lost." Are you kidding me?

AMEX had four opportunities to tell me the card they were sending me would be invalid. Four times I called AMEX: 1. When I called to alert AMEX of a "lost card"; 2. To alert AMEX that I found my lost card and that it was never out of my possession; 3. When I called to validate the new card; and 4. When I called AMEX to confirm the card was valid but your representative did find time to try to up sell me more capabilities to.....a useless card. Not to mention that you have my phone an email address and could have effortlessly sent or called me about this invalid card. I'm just sick about this card and the extremely declining AMEX customer service.

Left stranded in a foreign county
By -

Have two cards and been a member since 1989 (20 years). Was in Mexico and had my backpack was lost. My ID, cash, and cards were in my backpack. Ended up staying in Mexico 3 extra days because on an injury, and the doctor recommended I not fly immediately.

So I am laid up with a back injury and my backpack, with all of my cash, ID, and cards are gone. I call my Platinum card people and speak to ** for 90+ minutes (roaming fees for the cell phone will be more than $200 USD). ** gets my information and is very assuring. I give her the police report number I got from the Puerto Vallarta Police department (who responded within 10 minutes of being notified).

** is assuring that I will get a replacement card the next day, and that they will send me cash. She had to pass my case on to the next shift to follow-up first thing in the morning. I told them I only needed about $300 to complete the trip and get home. The next day I call saying they cannot get to anyone at the police department because the lines are always busy and the only number they could get did not know how to help them. So, I was told they would not help, since they could not verify the emergency.

Thank God that I was able to call friends to wire me some cash. American Express talks about how they will do anything to help you if you are in trouble while traveling. After 20 years with them, I found out the words they were saying are in fact, NOT TRUE. They left me with no cash or credit cards in a foreign country. I could not buy food or taxis, as I had no money. My back injury kept me lying in bed, but thankfully, I was able to get cash sent to me and a friend in Mexico got it picked up. American Express just left me there, stranded.

I called today, since I am back home. I cancelled the card. When I told them why (they did ask) I told them. The representative told me she would be happy to close my account, read the required legal notice, and closed my account. Obviously they do not care about me as a member either. But simple compassion tells us that if we are told we will get help in a time of crisis, have known the person for 20 years, and a crisis comes up - the promise we made should be kept at even a minimal level. What happened to that immediate replacement card promise? What about that traveler's assist?

Today I was told by the American Express Representative that she was happy to close the account at my direction. How cold. Be warned, I think that American Express has joined to companies with little to no integrity. They were glad to take my cash, but when the service they promised was required, they no only failed to provide it, they did not care that they left someone stranded in a foreign country without means to eat, move around, or return home.

Thank God for my friends. But everyone else, I think that there are many VISA companies that might be more helpful than American Express was, at a time of crisis. I am glad my injury was not life threatening, and happened when I still had cash. American Express would have left me on the street, like they did last week when I was traveling.

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