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They Couldn't Locate Tickets Even Though I Have Receipt and Credit Card Proof and Refused Refund
Posted by 808ENT on 12/14/2013
PENN NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK -- They continue to change contract (verbal and written) and policies after already holding my funds. When they initially obtained my funds, the policy as Id known it up until that point was: if I didn't travel I was not charged or was automatically issued a refund. Then when new policies were written no staff was sure when they went into effect, if they were in effect or if there was a grace period (I asked during travel when I overheard them talking about policy change on the train). Furthermore the Refund and Research department takes 15min to an hour to get through to in order to be issued a credit voucher and they are very rude (I was hung up on for asking if she had located any of the reservations and criticized for being what she called and assumed was 'white' even though I was rightfully owed a refund and I had been extremely patient with them. This woman said her name was Karen and after attempting to call back multiple times I kept reaching her and eventually needed to get help through customer relations because she would either hangup or not answer).

Nobody should have to go through this to get credit or a refund for a service they did not receive. I'm a single parent and full time student with my own business, I can't put time aside to deal with these shenanigans especially when the hoops keep changing direction. They also admit to the misinformation due to constant changes in policy. I was issued a voucher not the refund I was told I would receive for only some of my funds, itinerary 15DE12 and 15DCFE, at the time I was issued these vouchers (2400302060744 and 2400304146293) I was not told that I had to use them w/i a year and also only with in the last two months did it come into effect that I had to apply at least a portion of them to travel booked w/i a year to extend the credit for another year. The other reservations could not be found apparently (15DC95 for $36) They make it very difficult to seek retribution to say the least. Not to mention that I missed one of the trains because a concierge at the State Fair told me my train was delayed because their was a fire on the track but he assumed I was on a different train even though I never asked for his help and told him I was on a NYC bound train after he asked multiple times.

Either way, I went to use the bathroom since there was apparently a 1hr delay and walk my dad and son to his car only to find out, when I returned, that my train was not delayed, I had been misinformed and now had to figure out how to get to Greyhound because there were no more trains out that day. That Amtrak employee ended up taking me to Greyhound after the train he thought I was on (heading upstate) had departed. I paid for my bus ticket out of pocket. That reservation (161570) was "hotlisted" and another very rude employee with R and R said she did not even know why or what that meant but that that was why who ever I spoke to that did issue me the refunds last year in customer relations (she was very nice) because R an R would not help, could not find the reservation. She did not know why I was never given credit for 15DC95 but said that there was no one else that could help me, that she was at the highest level there.

Both of them are the only people I can reach when I do get through to R and R. I am only owed a total of $131 but I would also like my Greyhound ticket refunded which was $96.

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Unnecessary Whistle Blowing Between Farmington River and Hayden Station Road
Posted by Cgamer9599 on 11/06/2013
WINDSOR, CONNECTICUT -- At any time of day or night some train engineers continually blow their whistle in short blasts any where between the Farmington River and Hayden Station Road in Windsor Connecticut. It appears that they know someone along that area of the track and they are saying Hello but it is annoying to most (all) of the people in the area. I know they must blow at the Pierson Lane crossing and again at Hayden Statioin with two long, a short and a long but not all along the track in between like playing a symphony with the trains whistle. This happens on either the northbound or southbound trains at any time of day or night with one of the engineers. Please help stop the unnecessary noise.
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Posted by Slimjim on 2013-11-06:
I would call them and see what they say. Either you will make them aware of it so they can address it, or they may come back with information that it is a requirement and why. Are you sure no crossings are in the vicinity? The must blow an alert before coming to one, no matter what time it is.
Posted by jonthethird on 2013-11-08:
There may be track work going on, which requires the engineer blow the horn in short bursts while in the area outlined in the train orders as being a work zone.
Posted by yoke on 2013-11-08:
You are not the only ones in CT to have to deal with the whistle blowing all hours of the day and night. It is happening in my area also.
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Ripped Off
Posted by Mcodonnell007 on 09/02/2013
SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- We paid for 2 business class tickets from L. A. to San Diego Aug. 30 to Sept. Nothing but disappointment. On the trip out we did not receive lunch. Were told drinks only after 12. We arrived 12:30 and never got a beverage,. It gets worse.

On the way home we called AmTrak before departing our hotel to inquire if we could take the 30'clock instead of the 4 o'clock train without any penalties. We were told by an employee of Amtrak it would be fine and no there would not be a problem to change times. Anyhow, we boarded and got comfortable in our seats, when this very rude women named Brandi, I think, she would not allow me to se her badge, told us to leave and go to coach. We explained we talked with AmTrak and they assured us there would be no conflict. Well Brandi would not listen to us. She insisted we vacate or seats, which costs far more than coach, because the train was expecting to be full and someone else would be in our seats.

Anyhow, my husband, who needs more leg room as he is over 6ft. tall was forced to sit in coach with his legs up to his elbows. This is so unfair, as no one came into those seats at all. We could see since we were in the next car and had a clear view of business class seating. I am a reasonable person and feel we were treated unfairly. What can you do to make this right? Clearly, Brandi has a power thing going on and made us feel helpless. We are seniors who use the train often, but now worry this could happen to us again.

I expect an apology from you, and at best a refund! Most sincerely, Mauren Kwasizur
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Posted by dan on 2013-09-03:
I hope you sent this to Amtrak not just posting here. Personally I use Amtrak all the time. Business class normally gives you a coupon for a few dollars credit on a snack or coffee. they don't come and serve you. They are flexible in changing tix so not sure about return but it sounds like you should get a credit for the business class portion.
Posted by cmthru on 2013-09-03:
Did you show your business class tickets? Amtrak should have issued new tickets for that train as business class is reserved. Pacific Surfliner coach is unreserved seating.

I would recommend you call Amtrak customer service with your complaint. They may not offer a refund but a credit instead.
Posted by Ben There on 2013-09-04:
Sounds awful. Most of my friends that have to travel between the two cities for work round-trip in the same day often fly because the train can be unpredictable and the 5 can be gridlocked.
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Never again...
Posted by Harmony10100 on 08/13/2013
POUGHKEEPSIE, NEW YORK -- My first Amtrak experience, I was really excited! Looking forward to the scenic views, lounge car, being able to relax instead of taking a "white knuckle" driver to my destination. It would have taken me 4 hours if I drove myself. This ride ended up taking 8 hours. I was unable to find a seat right away, not because it was full of people but every row had 1 person that used up 2 seats. Finally I found the lounge car and was able to relax, window view, free internet that didn't work at all. So lounge car shut down, had to find another seat. Finally after many stops I was able to find a window seat. Bathrooms were disgusting, pee all over floor possible sink. pissed soaked towels in overflowing garbage, toilets that didn't flush! Remember I was stuck here for 8 hours. I did mention to the employees in the cafe and they said that they would lock the door, never happened. I was truly excited about my trip and was looking forward to taking more, not now, never again!

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Posted by JoeKay on 2013-08-15:
Just imagine your government run healthcare run just the way you described your Amtrak experience. I predict that the imagery you presented is a pretty accurate picture of what to expect. Pathetic.
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Terrible Experience That Exceeded All Expectations
Posted by Kalman.zilberman on 07/23/2013
LANGHORNE, PENNSYLVANIA -- I and my wife never used Amtrak for long distance travel before and decided to check it out. We took a trip from Tampa, FL, to Trenton, NJ, in April 2013.

The experience proved to be horrifying. Following is a summary of problems and issues during this trip:
o One of the tickets was a for a handicapped person. We were promised special seats for handicapped – instead, we got regular seats but close to toilets, there were no special handicapped seats available on the train
o The seats on the train were very uncomfortable and not very well fit for a 25 hour trip even for a healthy person
o Anti-sanitary conditions almost everywhere on the train. Dirty toilet paper from the restroom lay on the floor of the train car – it got stock to people’s feet and they carried it around - the train personnel did not care and did not clean up
o The toilets were in extremely anti-sanitary condition since we boarded the train and to the end of the trip. Half-way down there was no more water in the toilet tanks for flushing. A lot of the bathrooms were out of order. The smell in and from the bathrooms was intolerable from the beginning to the end of the trip. Nevertheless, the lines to the restrooms were often long because of not too many functioning restrooms available on the train
o When we asked about cleaning the toilets more frequently – our request was met with extreme rudeness from one of the train conductors. This followed up with harassment from the conductor
o Washing hands in the restrooms was an extreme challenge. Forget about brushing your teeth
o Our waiter in the restaurant was very nice but his helper was extremely rude
o Amtrak website promises Wi-Fi and two story train cars – this happened to be a complete lie
o The train ran 1-1.5 hours behind schedule most of the way from Florida to New Jersey arriving to our destination in Trenton, NJ, 50 minutes late
o The trip proved to be disastrous, we are planning not to use Amtrak anymore for our future trips
o We contacted Customer Relations who were not very polite or receptive to our complaint. Nevertheless, they finally issued a $150.00 travel certificate good for one year for travel by Amtrak. The certificate is in my and my wife's name. To cash it in we will have to travel with a handicapped person to the nearest Amtrak station (about half an hour away) - both of us would need to be present - we were informed by Customer Relations

Such a service from a transportation company is fully unacceptable. We used train services in Europe very extensively - we loved it. Amtrak sucks!
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Posted by jonthethird on 2013-07-25:
As a frequent AMTRAK passenger, I can verify some of the complaints: especially the inability to service the cars except between runs. It should take no more then 15 min to clean the bathrooms, dump the holding tanks, and restock them. But, they fail to do so.
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Deplorable Condition of Station
Posted by Doryhowell on 04/02/2013
This station in Winter Haven is heavily used. The restrooms are disgusting, small, and inconvenient to use. The station itself is from the dark ages of railroad service, dirty, small and ugly. It does not foster a feeling of wanting to use the train again. A smaller city, Sebring has a lovely station, Amtrak should be ashamed of this one.
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Posted by Obsfucation on 2013-04-02:
I read an article in our local paper about a train station in a neighboring town being sold. I was really suprised that Amtrak would sell a station, but it turns out they didn't own it, the town did. Possibly this is the case there. i.e. Amtrak doesn't own it and cannot control it.
Posted by jonthethird on 2013-04-03:
AMTRAK rarely, if ever, owns the stations. They are owned by the city, town, or other organization from whom they rent.
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Rocking Train and Tardy
Posted by Ebailey246 on 01/15/2013
My name is Carmican. First let me say my first trip with Amtrak wasn't too bad, even though our bedroom on Southwest Chief was very cold. I had to put plastic over our vent.

Second we booked another trip from Chicago to Seattle a few years later on the Empire builder hoping to see Glacier Nat. Park. According to the schedule we were suppose to have arrived there on the
way to Seattle at approx. 6:30pm in evening, which would have been perfect so you could see sunset. Never happened, we arrived there around midnight pitch black outside. I was peeping through the window hoping to see a snow ball anything.

We booked a roundtrip, and we were suppose to arrive there on
the way back at approx. 7:00 AM never happened, because they cancelled the trip back because of flooding in Montana and South Dakota. I was totally steaming because the only reason we booked trip was basically to see Glacier park. Amtrak refunded return trip fares. So we had to fly back or take coach back on another train which would take 3 days.

I love Amtrak so please get it right or leave it alone......I haven't given up on you yet.
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Posted by trmn8r on 2013-01-15:
There appears to be a good explanation for why the return trip did not go as scheduled (flooding), but what was the explanation for why the train arrived 5-1/2 hours late going westbound? That is critical to understanding if what happened was within Amtrak's control or not.

You mentioned "rocking" in the subject line. Did the train rock back and forth? For the entire trip?
Posted by BigAl on 2013-01-15:
My suggestion is if want to see the sunset at Glacier Nat Park, go to GNP. If it was raining at GNP when you passed by would that also have been the trains fault? There have to be other qualifying events to occur in order for you to see any sunset. Time is only one.
Posted by jonthethird on 2013-01-16:
Unfortunatly, Amtrak is at the mercy of the railroads whose lines they operate over. BNSF or UP can call for a slow order over parts of the route in order to work on the track. Or a freight may be ahead of the Amtrak, slowing it down.

Having taken the Empire Builder in the past, I have found it to be a great way to travel
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Lost Ticket
Posted by Westdahlster on 09/24/2012
PORTLAND, OREGON, ILLINOIS -- On or about November 3, 2011, I purchased an Amtrak ticket to travel from Portland, Oregon to Staples, Minnesota. since I bought a roomette, the ticket cost just over $600. A couple of days later, I discovered that the ticket wasn't in my purse, where I usually keep it. I called the company, gave them my confirmation number, then the agent hung up on me! I am on disability SSI so this ticket cost me a whole month's pay. What do I do? I cannot lose this amount of money, but I am willing to receive another ticket instead of the money returned. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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Posted by Ben There on 2012-09-24:
It looks like Amtrak will give you a voucher to use towards future travel if you fill out the lost ticket form, but you won't get the voucher for at least 5 months. If your travel is not time sensitive this may be the way to go... if not, you can also buy a new ticket and get a refund for the old ticket but that also takes a long time.

Posted by madconsumer on 2012-09-24:
at the time of travel, you could have received a replacement ticket from any ticket agent with proper identification.
Posted by Tezrien on 2012-09-25:
My question for you is why have you waited almost 11 months to ask about this?
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No Refund and Left on the Street in Downtown Atlanta
Posted by Sharonvan on 09/07/2012
ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- The leg of our son's trip from Atlanta to Greenville was "cancelled" and he was told to get off the train. This is at 9:30 at night. No buses were available, so they suggested he call a cab (for a three hour trip!). The Amtrak office then shut down and left our son and his luggage standing on the sidewalk in dangerous downtown Atlanta. He had to call someone to drive hours to pick him up. Ridiculous. We have called, emailed, and waited for hours on hold - finally we received a phone call (6 weeks later) to tell us no refund will be given, and the customer service representative would not listen to our situation and actually hung up on us. Some customer service!
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Posted by trmn8r on 2012-09-07:
More details would be very helpful. Why was the Atlanta to Greenville leg of the trip cancelled? What date did this happen?

Based on the reason for the cancellation, what was your situation and what refund did you request (rail, other)? How does this square with Amtrak's policy?
Posted by madconsumer on 2012-09-07:
amtrak will cancel rail travel for weather events, and track flooding. if this was 6 weeks or more past, the east coast had some pretty bad rains and flooding about then.
Posted by leet60 on 2012-09-07:
Amtrak's policy, if the trip is not available, is to refund the portion of the trip which was not provided. It is difficult to determine what happened as there are few details regarding why the portion of the trip was cancelled.
Posted by melissa253 on 2012-09-07:
How old is your son?
Posted by jonthethird on 2012-09-08:
My experience, when AMTRAK had to cancel a portion of my trip, they put me on a bus to bridge the gap
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Filthy and tiny sleeping cars
Posted by Tinat4 on 09/04/2012
Filthy and tiny. NO help w/customer sevice !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Posted by madconsumer on 2012-09-04:
i have always had 100% satisfaction with amtrak sleeping cars. unless one get a 'family' room, the option are pretty 'slim'.
Posted by jonthethird on 2012-09-04:
The roomete sizes are clearly shown on the website. The smaller one is good for a single, though two can sleep in it if need be. I spend most of my waking hours in the lounge car, enjoying the view and the people.
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