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AOL Billing and Calls
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My story is very long but to make it short I had a 6 month free trial to AOL and when I cancelled they billed me anyway! I've since filed a complaint with the BBB and we'll see how that goes. My question to you all is have any of you ever been told by AOL that you did not call when you in fact did?? I have been told this three times and they even lost the record of me calling to cancel. The rep rudely told me that if I had called there would be a notation on the account and there is no way AOL could lose or not enter a record of a call! And I KNOW that is not true! I'm just wondering if it happened to any of you. It happened to me AND my neighbor as well!

DO NOT SUBSCRIBE TO AOL! AOL are into fraudulent business practices - BEWARE. The hundreds of complaints on this site should tell you how corrupt they really are! Also one tip to get them to quit billing you... not only should you dispute it with your credit card company but after that is finished get a new credit card number!!

By -

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- I cancelled my AOL account when I started broadband service with another company. Evidently, it was never cancelled and they continued to charge me. I was never billed for any charges but almost 2 years later received a letter from NCO Financial Services. The amount was the ever-popular $95.60. I made approximately 50 attempts to contact NCO at the number they provided, 866-372-8498. This is not a working number. I contacted AOL and explained the situation to them and agreed to pay half of that amount. They took payment over the phone and assured me that they would notify NCO that the debt had been satisfied.

I will follow up on this. I have read numerous complaints regarding NCO. I will never do business with AOL again because of their poor customer service, poor record keeping regarding the cancellation of service, failure to bill prior to sending it to collections, and for using a company such as NCO for their collections.

Beware! AOL Will Steal Your Money!
By -

DULLES, VA., CALIFORNIA -- Although I would warn against many major corporations, especially those which feel they don't necessarily, "need YOUR business to survive", this complaint is specific against AOL, which definitely fits into this category. Shortly after signing up for AOL's service, unfortunately with a credit card, I was contacted by them to purchase some vacation package. I politely declined. However, I was subsequently contacted three more times with the same offer to all of which I also confirmed my disinterest.

Later on I found that they billed my credit card for the same vacation package I repeatedly said I was not interested in. Not only that, they also billed me for two additional "services" I never heard of before seeing them on my credit card statement. When I spoke with one of their Reps., he said he would forward my concern to his bosses (Board of Directors) for resolution and call me the following day to give me feedback on the results. He did call me back the following day but only to tell me that his bosses [in a rather smug and self-assured way] rejected my request for a resolution to this problem... Next stop FTC.

Customer Service and Charging Too Much!
By -

ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- They have charged me $1100.00 for 2 months of service because I "choose" the wrong plan. I did not choose the $9.95 a month plan, I choose the $23.99 a month plan for unlimited service. I contacted them as soon as I was aware of the problem and they said they would file a complaint and to call back within 3-5 days. I called 3 more times within the next 2 months and received the same line. They are now sending me to collections and saying that I have never called them about the complaint. They have the most horrible customer service. No one wants to help me and they only give me the run around. Do not use them ever!!!

Horrible Internet Services
By -

AMESBURY, MASSACHUSETTS -- I have NEVER had such horrible service with anything as I have had with AOL. I can never stay connected as I am always getting booted off, then I have to start all over again. It took me 2 1/2 hours to complete something online when it should have taken no longer than 30 minutes! When I've called Customer Service (which has been several times) I was told that I had too many programs running and to shut them down... all I had going was AOL. All the time is spent downloading the too numerous AOL graphics and pop-ups. I can't even reload as I have to shut down completely to TRY to reboot.

Also, several times after I have been booted off and chose not to reboot, I have discovered that my phone line is still connected to "something" because I have no dial tone, therefore, I have to try to get back on just so I can log out properly so I can get my phone line back. Each time I call Customer Service I am told that I need to call my phone company or that I need to call Gateway because it's probably a problem with either of them. If I can say one thing to anybody out there, DON'T EVEN CONSIDER AOL, you'll regret it.

Cancelled Service; They Kept Billing Me
By -

GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN -- I cancelled my AOL service, and they continued to bill me. Mistake? The same thing happened to my parents more than a year later. They only agreed to give me 2 months refund (after much hassle), even though I was entitled to 3.

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