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Poor service and unethical business practices of Netscape
By -

I originally signed up for Walmart Connect ISP and that service was later taken over by Netscape. From the outset it was evident the service was actually being handled via AOL. The service was extremely slow. A fast connection speed would be 34bps, and often connection speed would be down in the low 20 range. This made searching the web extremely time consuming, and I was even unable to update my Windows 2000 with Service Pack 4 due to the slowness of the connection. Microsoft would eventually drop the download due to the length of time being taken and the amount of download information.

I tried another service (People PC) and found it even more objectionable and eventually got out of it. When I recently decided to try local LAN connection, and found it to be much more satisfactory, I began to try to get out of the Netscape ISP contract. They used many delaying tactics. First it was extremely hard to find the information on exactly how to cancel the service. Then when the page was found that had links to forms to used to email or mail in cancellation of service requests, I was met with page that said my account was denied access to these pages due to lack of authority to access those pages!

I then emailed a terse message to their e-mail address and advised I wanted to discontinue the service at the end of the current billing cycle that I had paid for. This brought a response that Netscape did not provide for "pending" cancellations and that when I notified them of cancellation that the service would be cut off at that time. Further disclaimer about this said to give them at least 72 hours notice. The last e-mail contact I had with them was within the 72-hour time frame. I decided I should call them on their cancellation number to be sure I was not going to be billed for another month on 1/28/08.

Expecting them to take a day or two to cancel thus giving me time to retrieve any email messages I had not already gleaned from my archives, and expecting that it would not be cancelled until the end of the time for which I had paid for service 1/30/08, I came home to find that the service had already been disconnected. The night prior to this I had been unable to connect...probably due to their sabotaging my account, due to "no dial tone" which was absolutely wrong! There most definitely was a dial tone!

Other problems with their service were deletion of emails, emails being unable to retrieve due to their deciding to no longer allow downloading or forwarding of messages being saved in archival files. In short, I would not recommend Netscape to anyone due to poor service, unethical delays in providing information and cancellation avenues, and blatant theft of services already paid for! It is a shame these big companies can rip people off in this manner.

I see no reason whatsoever a large "computer" information company could not program a cancellation of services at the requested date thus allowing customer access to their files for the duration of time purchased. I guess this is fast becoming the AMERICAN WAY of big business ripping the public off!

AOL Refuse to cancel services and then puts fraudulent information on your credit report
By -

BLUEMONT -- I have been trying to cancel my AOL service for almost a year now. I finally had to close my bank account and open a new one because AOL would not stop taking money out of my account. Now I have an AOL rep calling me 5 times a day at work, on my cell phone before during and after work. The total amount of calls I received a day from AOL is about 15-20 calls. They call my phone constantly. I even received a call at my home last Saturday morning at 8:30. This woke my entire house including my children. THIS HAS TO STOP. I advised AOL that they could put whatever they want on my credit report because I will dispute it. Still the phone calls have not stopped.

What do I do? These people are rude and nasty. They interrupt you when you are speaking and half the time, they don't even speak English! I will make it my life's mission to make sure that no one else goes through this with this company! AOL should be shut down and its executives lock in prison for life for Fraud.

By -

I have to say that after I found this website and read all the complaints about AOL, I am now even more disgusted. AOL simply has no respect for people's money. They play with your bank account and don't care if you complain. Last June 2005 I called to cancel my AOL account and was on the phone for almost half an hour with a rep named ** who insisted on giving me a free month to prevent me from cancelling. After listening to his list of reasons why I should not cancel, I decided to accept his offer and stay one more month "for free". He specified that I must call back on or before Aug. 2 to inform them if I wanted to continue my membership.

A month went by and I called AOL on Aug. 2 like I was instructed to. I had decided to stay with AOL so I told the rep to please continue my membership the way it has always been (unlimitted for $24.00). She said she had entered the information and that my billing date will continue as always. Almost at the end of the conversation she said that the charges of the previous month will be charged to my method of payment. I was confused and asked her "what charges?". She replied that the charges were for the month of july 2005 (the month I was offered for free when I called in june).

I immediately explained to her that I was not to be charged for that month and to please look at the history of my calls to them. She said that for the month of july (the "free" month) I was placed on a limited price plan of $4.95 that only gives me 3 hours of internet use and I was being charged $413.26 because "of course" I went over the 3 hours. I of course explained to her what I was really offered and she then said not to worry because I was calling one day before my billing day and that she would take care of that mistake. She assured me that I would not be charged that ridiculous amount.

I was so relieved and so glad that I remembered to call that day and that we caught the mistake on time. On August 5 AOL placed a charge on my visa check card the $413.26 which was immediately deducted from my bank account. I cannot explain with words how furious I am with AOL. I have called more than 12 times and every time have spoken with a different person who gives me a different story. I was promissed by every single one of them a refund and I still have not received anything. All of them have refused to email me a confirmation that I will receive my money back (it's a policy according to them).

Finally this morning I was able to speak to a ** in the billing dept. Who had no problem in sending me an email confirming that I will receive a refund (I guess the policy magically disappeared). He specified that it will take 7 to 10 days in order for the credit to reflect in my bank account. I sure hope that AOL does credit my bank account. Needless to say, as soon as I get my refund I will cancel my membership. I don't even want to see AOL commercials, they make me sick. In the mean time I have already contacted the bbb. AOL has to stop doing this to their customers.

A class action suit should be filed against them and every one who is a member should cancel their membership because they will be victims of this fraud sooner or later. AOL steals from their members. No wonder they are a multi-billion dollar company (duh..because of people like myself who became members). I hate AOL!!! If AOL was the only internet service available I would rather sell my computer and not use internet at all. That's how much I hate them.

AOL is a good ISP until you want to cancel, THEN BEWARE!
By -

COLORADO -- On March 9th, I spoke with an AOL representative and advised the gentleman that I wanted to cancel my account. I explained to him that I no longer needed AOL because we have Comcast High Speed. He started to push our security services for $14.95. I told him that I did not need that either. He had a hard time taking “NO” for an answer. He pushed me and finally I had to be just as aggressive in a negative, angry manner to make him understand I no longer needed AOL. I accessed my Credit Card statement online today and discovered that AOL had charged me again on April 3rd for my monthly fee.

I called AOL on April 6th and spoke with a lady named **. She did have record of the phone call but no notes were made in AOL's system about my March 9th cancellation. Again, she pushed for me to agree to services for $4.95 that would cover another AOL feature. Again, she didn't want to take “NO” for an answer. Finally, she cancelled my account and advised that I would receive a cancellation number via a recording.

When I placed my first cancellation on March 9th, I did not know what AOL procedures was. But, I was billed another $24.95 because of AOL's pushy representative taking advantage of me being irritated by not following through with my cancellation request on March 9th. Please note the following that I pulled from the cancellation information in AOL Billing Main Tips for Managing My Account. There is nothing about receiving a “Cancellation Number”. The only thing I should have expected from my March 9th phone call was a cancellation letter. I obviously did not receive that because the cancellation was never processed by AOL's representative.

We have been using AOL for almost 6 years. I no longer needed AOL's services. Prior to this cancellation issue, I had no problems with AOL. I do not appreciate being taken advantage of for a measly $24.95. Obviously this is how AOL trains their representatives because I had two of them treat me in the same manner. If a knowledgeable customer wants to cancel, just let them do it. The aggressive, forceful sales pitch did not work on me and I would assume that the majority of people do not appreciate it.

AOL fails to cancel online service
By -

Please whoever reads this, take note! When dealing with America Online be very careful and make sure to follow up any cancellation phone call or email with a second one. I had a free trial with AOL for several months after I purchased my Dell computer. After the free trial I continued to use AOL until I decided to switch to Road Runner in March 2003 due to my lack of overall satisfaction with AOL and its services. At the time I activated Road Runner I called AOL and told the agent that I wished to cancel my services with AOL. AOL failed to cancel my service, and it wasn't until several months later that I realized that AOL was still billing my bank account.

Unfortunately I did not monitor my banking statements as diligently as I should have, hence I would have noticed the $23.90 charge to my account for those months. Make sure you follow up any cancellation you make with AOL or you could find yourself in my situation with service you did not want, as well as a bit less money in your account. From what I have read on other sites, this does not seem to be a rare occurrence. Be careful who you do business with. I called and cancelled it again. I'll just have to wait and see if this time they actually do what I requested.

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Rating: 1/51

PROVIDENCE, RHODE ISLAND -- Why is it when I try to post a complaint about Obama or Washington on Huff Post, it gets censored then deleted. However when I go on Facebook all I see on a quarter of the page are political smears from one party or the other? Mostly Democrats attacking the GOP. I didn't request these ads and don't want them. While even though I never swear my post are continually censored and deleted because I don't like Obama or his administration.

By -

Today (09/14/11) AOL installed a new "improved???" version of a portfolio display that I have been using for about 20 years. This new version does not show stocks I have been displaying for many years and does not display one entire portfolio!! They will not connect me to ANYONE to explain the problem THEY have created and want me to sign up for a charge ($29) to fix the problem THEY created!!!!

By -

The problem with AOL is that it doesn't like to lose even in a game like hearts. The games will load you with clubs 90% of the time - this ensures that you will get the queen of spades 90% of the time. The queen of spades has a 13 point value in a game of 26 points. The object of the game is to get the least number of points, the first player to reach 100 points is the loser. You can play hearts for hrs over days and not Win one game. The game knows exactly everyone's cards and plays accordingly.

There are four player - 3 run by the game and the human player. This of course guaranties a winning rate of better that 90% of the time. This game absolutely cheats. I have gone so far a writing to the FCC in this regard. I am also contemplating writing letters to their sponsors now we know why Time Warner dropped AOL.

Breach Of Online Security
By -

I recently went online with AOL to change the billing on my account to be paid with a check - debit card instead of the credit card I had used for years. Among other personal information, I was REQUIRED to give the password to my debit card along with all the other vital information. A few weeks later, many unauthorized debit charges hit my checking account. They were originated from overseas and made to a foreign company. My card has never been out of my possession and I am the only user.

I provided AOL this information with great reluctance and now my worst fears were realized. Your system is NOT SECURE. My very private and personal information has been leaked and compromised. I ABSOLUTELY HOLD AOL responsible for this. A very angry AOL customer.

Thank You For Screwing My Business Too
By -

AOL has shut down my accounts, which I use for my business and will not respond as to why. I have submitted the info for sending emails to MY customer base. After sending out emails a week ago my accounts were shut down. All I can get is that I need to send a written letter via US POSTAL to the CAT. I have been a member for nearly 15 years. All I can ever talk to is foreigners that I cannot understand. I sent them a letter via mail, paid for next day delivery by noon.

A week later and still have no response. They get my payment every month yet I can not get any satisfaction. I have a lot of saved business material on my accounts that I can not retrieve.... How legal is that? I have always "followed the rules" and when I got a notice of a TOS I responded to ask what I did to no avail... NO RESPONSE - Imagine that. I guess they think they are so big that they can screw over their customers.

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