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AOL has shut down my business
By -

AOL has shut down my business! I have been approved by AOL to send mass emails for my business. Recently I have received error messages (3 times) when I have sent out mass emails to my customers. Each time I have called and have been told everything is OK and I can continue with no risk of interruption to my service and given reference numbers. I have been operating with mass emails for 8 years. Today my service was suspended! When I called to question what had happened, I was told my account was in violation. They would not tell me what the violation was!

I was also told that I needed to WRITE A LETTER to AOL in Virginia to find out what the violation was and to solve the problem. No one would answer my question or refer me to a supervisor. I spoke to people in India, Sri Lanka and the Philippines and they could not refer me to another person. I did ask if the person worked out of their home, since they could not refer me to a supervisor.

I do an internet business, this is the busiest time of year for retailers, in a bottomed out economy. And AOL has SHUT ME DOWN! for weeks, since the only way I can communicate with them is via snail mail. I was thanked however that I had been a customer for 12 years and 3 months, BIG DEAL! I can no longer communicate with my customers, they are holding my address book hostage! This is the busiest time of year for retailers and I cannot receive emails from my customers with their orders or send them information.

AOL - WORST Customer Service
By -

I thought I had cancelled my AOL account via phone after my computer died. Imagine my surprise at receiving a bill for 25.90 after cancelling my debit card. I mailed, to the address on the bill, a letter stating this account was cancelled. I now just got a bill for 103.60. I spoke to AOL to get the 103.90 reversed, they agree, I have not used my account in six months but I still owe the money. They settled for half (which I paid to save my credit as they said they would be reporting this bill). After being an AOL member for six years This is how you are treated!!

Their customer service people were rude and when I get a new computer, AOL will not be my provider, stay away from AOL!!! It was my error in not getting a confirmation number but for customer relations, you would think they would have helped me.

Doesn't Respond To Letters About Incorrect Billing
By -

STERLING, VIRGINIA -- AOL has backdated one month of my yearly internet service I pay by the year. I have been on AOL since Dec 10, 1996 and every year after that I am due to pay for another year. Last year they went and billed my credit card one month sooner, which actually had me paying two months to them, double charging me.

I wrote the AOL main office last Nov. 2007 and got not response. I wrote them again recently to AOL headquarters in Virginia and even to the CEO of their parent company of Timer Warner. So here it is, over two weeks later and no response from either of what I call deadbeat companies. They would rather lose a customer of 12 years than to correct a billing error.

You cannot call anyone since it looks like they outsourced the customer service to a foreign country since I guess most of us can't understand them. So I talk to some idiots on the live help and they cannot pull up the records they tell me and its like talking to a stone wall. No wonder AOL is losing long time customers. They don't care. My next step is to contact the Federal Trade Commission and the Virginia State Attorney offices. At least I will get some satisfaction of them having to respond to them. I suggest using any other internet provider other than AOL.

Customer Service Refusal To Accept Notice Of Account Termination
By -

CALIFORNIA -- Last year, I converted my broadband service and e-mail service to Comcast. After a couple of phone calls and two letters to AOL's customer service, I have been unable to terminate my e-mail account with them. This has gone on for the last six months. Each month they bill my credit card and they returned my letters instructing them to terminate the account without even bothering to open them. Trying to find a phone number or e-mail address to communicate with them is an impossibility.

America On Line is ripping off its customers by hiding from them and submitting bogus invoices to credit card companies. If you subscribe to them, don't use a credit card - this forces them to bill you direct so that they can't collect money from you without your consent. If you are having the same problem I've described, contact your credit card company and insist that they treat AOL's future bills as a disputed account billing.

Why Do They Still Bill/Take My Money
By -

I signed up for AOL in early Feb. of '08 (dial-up) for only 2 days. I cancelled because there wasn't an access number in my area to dial out for internet access. So, I was given a confirmation number from customer service and thought that was the end of it. No such luck!! They keep billing my phone company 33.00 bucks every month for the last 5 months (for a service I haven't had since Feb."08). This now amounts to 165.00 that my phone co. says I owe them. They put a block on my phone and I can't call outside my own city.

AOL promised me all this time they would credit my account through the phone co. but to no avail. What's worse, I can't ever reach anyone that speaks let alone understands freaking English. Who do I have to strangle to get satisfaction?? Why should I be put out because AOL acts like they are a bunch of pit bulls??!! All I want is for them to correct the problem and credit my phone account. How hard is that??

AOL is the WORST Company in the WORLD
By -

CALIFORNIA -- I helped my mom sign up for AOL years ago. I cancelled my account in summer '05 and went through the same things written about here. But when my mom tried to cancel a few months later, the customer service, or lack thereof, was ridiculous. She couldn't get through online via the keywords "cancel" and/or "billing" so eventually she just cleared AOL off her computer and set about trying to phone AOL to cancel her service. When that proved futile, she thought, "well, my card expires in April, so they can't bill me after that anyway." She was wrong.

AOL was the ONLY vendor who she had automatically billed to that credit card who kept billing her on an expired card. Every other company contacted my mother and told her she needed to update them with a new expiration date in order for them to bill her automatically. Finally after trying to call them for months, we decided we would search on the web for a way to cancel AOL - assuming someone out there had gone through a similar experience and written about it. We were shocked to find this site and read so many stories that were eerily similar.

We used a phone number someone posted on here and did get through to Customer (lack-of) Service and were treated like complete idiots.They used phrases with us such as, "okay - once again - to reiterate, since I don't think you are understanding me" etc. They were so demeaning and rude my blood was boiling. They kept asking when we had tried to call before. I finally got on the phone and told them that NONE of that mattered. The history of us trying to contact them was insignificant, we want it cancelled now. He then said, "Okay - well please listen to my instructions so you don't have to call me and scream at me again if your account isn't properly cancelled."

Scream at him? Please... I was reserved considering how angry I was. We were told that if we didn't listen to his "instructions" we might "accidentally reinstate the service and void the cancellation." What the flip does that mean? Finally he started to hang up without giving us a cancellation number. When we asked for one he THEN said, "do you want an immediate cancellation?" AAAHHH! "YES!" So THEN and ONLY THEN did he start the cancellation process. I asked him how many months he was going to reimburse my mom for and he said that he was going to reimburse nothing because the account hadn't previously been cancelled.

He told us it was OUR responsibility to get them the correct credit card information and the credit card company's fault for letting an expired card go through. He was so rude and condescending that I asked if I could speak with a Supervisor. He said, "well this call isn't "escalatable." I said, "Oh really? Well, I'd like to speak to him anyway" and he said, "well I can see if he 'wants' to get on the phone." WANTS???? OH MY GOD! Finally a Mr. ** got on the phone and was ten times ruder than the first guy. He kept talking down to me, and acting like we are the only customers to ever have this problem - basically calling us idiots.

He then said they would email us at the AOL address with a confirmation. I was so frustrated I said, "SIR! She hasn't used her AOL account in over six months - so emailing her there won't help." To which he replied, "well, I said it was going to be emailed there, I didn't say she had to read it." Finally he was so rude I grabbed the phone and told him all about this website and about the Attorney General's decision in New York which was to reimburse thousands of previous AOL customers millions of dollars for their cancellation schemes and tactics.

I told him we were NOT idiots even though he was talking to us as if we were and I told him he could act like this is the only time this has happened with AOL and a customer but really AOL Is known for being shady and sneaky. I said, "We will take up the reimbursement issue with our credit card company" and I hung up. I am incensed. I understand that they don't care about us now b/c we are no longer customers, but that was beyond bad customer service. I can't believe those people get paid to talk like that. What jerks. I've seen dozens and dozens of similar reviews on tons of different consumer complaints websites.

It's truly sad that AOL doesn't care about any of them. The guy I spoke to was so rude and acted like I was crazy and was so patronizing. He acted as if this was the first complaint of this sort he had ever heard. Give me a break. AOL is never going to be my choice of any type of service provider. Period. You can't make up for this kind of horrible customer treatment. Too many companies appreciate my business for me to put up with how AOL spoke to me (and SCAMMED me AND my mother).

AOL makes it easy to sign up but difficult to cancel without a price!
By -

SOUTH HILL, VIRGINIA -- I should have followed that inner feeling which almost "said" that I should not bother with AOL, but there I was with a brand new laptop, my first laptop after having had several desktops, including a good looking eMachines desktop which blew out, about a week after the warranty. OOps! That is ANOTHER story. Back to AOL; there it was beckoning me to give the FREE FREE FREE trial subscription to its internet services (blah, blah) a try. I could have resisted the temptation, but I did not.

I went for it, although I have been "around the block" so many times and for soooooo many years that I know (?) that the word "free" usually means that if I fall for it, I will most definitely get a bite in the butt or in the pocketbook! And after all that KNOWING and YEARS of experience with "stuff" I still got caught. Anyway, shortly after signing up with the FREE Free trial, I realized that I did not want AOL. It was too aggressive, took over my computer it seemed, made decisions for me. I even wondered if it would make the payments on the laptop. (meow) I wrote, emailed, that is, customer service and indicated that I did not want AOL - the FREE trial after all.

I got a nice email back extending my trial usage if I wanted to stay with it a bit longer: blah, blah, again. I thought "what the heck" and said that I would try it a little longer and maybe it would grow on me. A couple of weeks later, I knew that my first decision was right - get rid of AOL! I tried to cancel online, using whatever information they provided for cancellation, all to no avail. Finally, found online a snail mail address and fax number, both for cancellation. Mailed a snail message to address provided; sent a copy by home fax and sent email to customer service at AOL.

Next, found myself another ISP and went about my merry way until Monday when I went to the bank to check my ATM balance and discovered that my account had been reduced by almost 26.00 on that day and I had bought nothing, nor had I used the ATM and I had ordered nothing online. "So where did the almost 26.00 go?" I asked my bank customer service. "To AOL" came the reply.

I spent hours explaining and explaining and listening to AOL tell me that they had not received the Fax or the snail mail or the customer service email because all the numbers and addresses I used were not REAL AOL information, even though I got the information from AOL sites.

By the way, I had only used the FREE FREE FREE trial for 60 HOURS - all total. But because they claimed that they did not know I wanted to cancel the FREE TRIAL, since they did not receive any of my correspondence, they assumed I was keeping the account which by now was past the FREE FREE (ha!) stages although it had not been used since late December 2005 or early January. Like some other disappointed consumers, I too closed my account for fear that I will not get the cancellation confirmation number AOL promised, but instead they will get more of MY money! I could not sleep that night for thinking about what they could do.

Needless to say, the next morning, bright and too, too early, I was waiting at the bank to close my account. What frauds! Another lesson reminding me to listen to my inner voice even when I do not understand. And for anyone else who is vacillating about signing up for AOL, DON'T!!! Spread the word about AOL - a personification of deception!

By -

I have to say that after I found this website and read all the complaints about AOL, I am now even more disgusted. AOL simply has no respect for people's money. They play with your bank account and don't care if you complain. Last June 2005 I called to cancel my AOL account and was on the phone for almost half an hour with a rep named ** who insisted on giving me a free month to prevent me from cancelling. After listening to his list of reasons why I should not cancel, I decided to accept his offer and stay one more month "for free". He specified that I must call back on or before Aug. 2 to inform them if I wanted to continue my membership.

A month went by and I called AOL on Aug. 2 like I was instructed to. I had decided to stay with AOL so I told the rep to please continue my membership the way it has always been (unlimitted for $24.00). She said she had entered the information and that my billing date will continue as always. Almost at the end of the conversation she said that the charges of the previous month will be charged to my method of payment. I was confused and asked her "what charges?". She replied that the charges were for the month of july 2005 (the month I was offered for free when I called in june).

I immediately explained to her that I was not to be charged for that month and to please look at the history of my calls to them. She said that for the month of july (the "free" month) I was placed on a limited price plan of $4.95 that only gives me 3 hours of internet use and I was being charged $413.26 because "of course" I went over the 3 hours. I of course explained to her what I was really offered and she then said not to worry because I was calling one day before my billing day and that she would take care of that mistake. She assured me that I would not be charged that ridiculous amount.

I was so relieved and so glad that I remembered to call that day and that we caught the mistake on time. On August 5 AOL placed a charge on my visa check card the $413.26 which was immediately deducted from my bank account. I cannot explain with words how furious I am with AOL. I have called more than 12 times and every time have spoken with a different person who gives me a different story. I was promissed by every single one of them a refund and I still have not received anything. All of them have refused to email me a confirmation that I will receive my money back (it's a policy according to them).

Finally this morning I was able to speak to a ** in the billing dept. Who had no problem in sending me an email confirming that I will receive a refund (I guess the policy magically disappeared). He specified that it will take 7 to 10 days in order for the credit to reflect in my bank account. I sure hope that AOL does credit my bank account. Needless to say, as soon as I get my refund I will cancel my membership. I don't even want to see AOL commercials, they make me sick. In the mean time I have already contacted the bbb. AOL has to stop doing this to their customers.

A class action suit should be filed against them and every one who is a member should cancel their membership because they will be victims of this fraud sooner or later. AOL steals from their members. No wonder they are a multi-billion dollar company (duh..because of people like myself who became members). I hate AOL!!! If AOL was the only internet service available I would rather sell my computer and not use internet at all. That's how much I hate them.

AOL is a good ISP until you want to cancel, THEN BEWARE!
By -

COLORADO -- On March 9th, I spoke with an AOL representative and advised the gentleman that I wanted to cancel my account. I explained to him that I no longer needed AOL because we have Comcast High Speed. He started to push our security services for $14.95. I told him that I did not need that either. He had a hard time taking “NO” for an answer. He pushed me and finally I had to be just as aggressive in a negative, angry manner to make him understand I no longer needed AOL. I accessed my Credit Card statement online today and discovered that AOL had charged me again on April 3rd for my monthly fee.

I called AOL on April 6th and spoke with a lady named **. She did have record of the phone call but no notes were made in AOL's system about my March 9th cancellation. Again, she pushed for me to agree to services for $4.95 that would cover another AOL feature. Again, she didn't want to take “NO” for an answer. Finally, she cancelled my account and advised that I would receive a cancellation number via a recording.

When I placed my first cancellation on March 9th, I did not know what AOL procedures was. But, I was billed another $24.95 because of AOL's pushy representative taking advantage of me being irritated by not following through with my cancellation request on March 9th. Please note the following that I pulled from the cancellation information in AOL Billing Main Tips for Managing My Account. There is nothing about receiving a “Cancellation Number”. The only thing I should have expected from my March 9th phone call was a cancellation letter. I obviously did not receive that because the cancellation was never processed by AOL's representative.

We have been using AOL for almost 6 years. I no longer needed AOL's services. Prior to this cancellation issue, I had no problems with AOL. I do not appreciate being taken advantage of for a measly $24.95. Obviously this is how AOL trains their representatives because I had two of them treat me in the same manner. If a knowledgeable customer wants to cancel, just let them do it. The aggressive, forceful sales pitch did not work on me and I would assume that the majority of people do not appreciate it.

By -

Today (09/14/11) AOL installed a new "improved???" version of a portfolio display that I have been using for about 20 years. This new version does not show stocks I have been displaying for many years and does not display one entire portfolio!! They will not connect me to ANYONE to explain the problem THEY have created and want me to sign up for a charge ($29) to fix the problem THEY created!!!

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