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Still Waiting for Netscape Internet Help
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
PORTLAND, OREGON -- My hard drive had a fatal error back in August, 2013. I was not able to recover my Netscape program from the old hard drive and have been calling every week for the past 5 weeks requesting Netscape/AOL send a start up CD.

I replaced my Dell hard drive with a newer, virus free, model but am still waiting for the ISP install disks. My son-in-law attempted to download and install it from their web site, but it wouldn't install.

I'm just using simple, $6.99/month, dial-up. I would say customer "no-service" is a -1. Each time I call, they say the CD's take 15 days to arrive, are they coming from China? I've been without my internet for 5 weeks and am not financially able to switch companies. Does anyone have advice on how to expedite this? Thanks!
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Old Timer on 10/13/2013:
AOL gave up the ship with the Netscape browser long ago. They have their customers using IE10 with something called "Include AOL Customizations".

AOL ends support for Netscape >>>

You can still find Netscape as an open source item around the web, ie:

Hope you can find what you need.
FoDaddy19 on 10/13/2013:
Netscape hasn't been around for years now. Support for Netscape browers ended in 2008, and the last version came out in 2007.
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Posted by on
Today (09/14/11) AOL installed a new "improved???" version of a portfolio display that I have been using for about 20 years. This new version does not show stocks I have been displaying for many years and does not display one entire portfolio!! They will not connect me to ANYONE to explain the problem THEY have created and want me to sign up for a charge ($29) to fix the problem THEY created!!!!
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AOL Customer Service
Posted by on
For most of July, I have been having trouble with AOL service kicking me off. I finally was able to locate a phone number so I could contact them. On July 15th, I spoke with tech support because I kept getting a 1502 error. Tech support had me uninstall AOL, and we were going to reinstall it. I would have never unistalled myself. Anyway, we were going to reinstall it but something was missing so AOL couldn't be reinstalled. The tech person said that there was nothing we could do until I received a disk from AOL to reinstall it. There used to be AOL disks everywhere but not now. He told me it would take 7-10 days for the disk to arrive. I then called back because I was going to be unable to access AOL until that disk arrived. The customer representative told me to call back when I got the disk and get a partial credit. Now here is where my complaint begins. I got reinstalled on the 24th of July, unable to get online from July 16th to July 23rd. I called on Monday July 24th to get my account uncancelled and to get a partial credit. I tried to explain to the representative that I was unable to get online for 8 days and I would like a partial credit. She told me they didn't do that. I tried to explain that I couldn't get online. She asked if I was able to access tech support, I said yes but, she said that I couldn't get a credit. I tried again to say I was waiting on the disk, she again asked if I could access tech support, I said yes. She a) didn't listen, b) didn't understand, or c) just didn't care. I could call tech support all day long and they weren't going to be able to get be back online. The cust serv representative just wouldn't give me a chance to explain that. Just because I could "access tech support" didn't mean that they could help. I tried explaining that I wasn't able to get online the 16th through the 23rd. She told me that she was showing activity. It was unauthorized if there was because I couldn't get online. I only pay $11.99 a month, so that is about 40 cents a day. I guess a credit of about $3.20 would just break the bank. It is not even about the money to me, it is about the fact that I feel like without actually saying it that she inferred that I was a liar and stupid because I could access tech support so I should be able to get online. What is the point of having customer service if the representative is not going to listen or UNDERSTAND the customer? To me that is customer disservice. I am researching other internet providers, I just don't want one like AOL with bad service and bad cust service.
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Anonymous on 07/29/2010:
Cancel. The. Account.
leet60 on 07/29/2010:
+10 Alex1968 - unacceptable, sounds like someone reading from a script. AOL has always been horrible
Anonymous on 07/29/2010:
Now you know why most people no longer use AOL.
MRM on 07/29/2010:
AOL is still around?
clutzycook on 07/29/2010:
AOL? That is soooooo 1998! LOL
MRM on 07/29/2010:
That's what I'm saying, Clutzy!
clutzycook on 07/29/2010:
On a serious note, I'm guessing that the OP is one of those people for whom the only internet option is still dial-up. My advice is to seek out a local provider and see if they can help you get a better service. I worked for one back in the day and we always provided better service than the big boys :).
Anonymous on 07/29/2010:
My mom uses People PC, and she loves it.
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Unexpected Cancellation Without Notice
Posted by on
TUCSON, ARIZONA -- This is twice in 10 years these people have done this to me, cancel my account without any notice whatsoever. Possibly before I might have deserved it even though it was seriously provoked as I would click on a story about something legal and was always sent to a room full of the most despicable people on this planet, mean, angry, vicious, just bullies that would attack anyone that came into the room that wasn't a regular and I finally told them what I thought of them and then of course they reported me.

This time though I have been quite boisterous about this election and even though I have posted many times I never used the N word, I never physically threatened anyone particular person, I might have wished the worse for those that voted for a man who could sit comfortably in church while some godless individual Damed America, but I threatened no one. However I went into my computer this a.m. with no thought whatsoever of being unable to get online and I found that AOL had canceled my account due to a complaint.

If you know anything about the internet then you know you have a large number of very childish people who act just like they did in grade school when they ran to the teacher, "teacher, teacher, Johnny pulled my hair, Tommy pushed me". At this point in my life these people could cancel my account and I would not flinch except for the almost 4 years of e-mails, back log of phone numbers, various documents in my AOL file where I will save important e-mails, jokes, stories, and all this gone without warning. If these jerks want to cancel an account fine, BUT, someone needs to step in and help make sure that they give a person a warning and the ability to remove their personal information.

I have people that I have been corresponding with, not lovers, not anything but just friends and now I haven't the faintest idea how to get in touch with them. Some I can remember their IM name but just recently any number of people have responded to some ads I had online on Craig's list about exotic birds I'm selling, we've talked back and forth without swapping phone numbers, GONE! everything, GONE! I have been on the phone today with everyone from the ACLU to my Attorney General and all of this could have been avoided had they just notified me my account was to be cancelled.

When they cancelled me before I lost phone numbers of ex school mates in Georgia, I am in Tucson, I'm 65 and I have no way of getting in touch with those people. As I have tried I find no listing for them, again, everything gone!--Signed, Warren Garrison
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User Replies:
Ponie on 11/06/2008:
Reading through this rant, I think you'll be canceled other places, too. This is a new one to me. Most of the complaints I've heard about AOL is they never want to cancel.
Anonymous on 11/06/2008:
Have you tried contacting AOL cust service to see about getting access to the file, even for 1 day? Last I heard quitting AOL was the hard part--they don't like letting their dwindling subscriber base go.
Anonymous on 11/06/2008:
Why didn't you save your important files and emails to your hard drive. It has always been an option unless you were running an extremely old version of the AOL softward And last, you agreed to AOL's terms of service. Unless it is an outrageous offense you will receive three warnings before your account is terminated for a violation. If they terminated you with no warning, your violation must have been a real doozy. Besides, what do you need AOL for. The service is worthless unless you use the useless chatrooms. Anything else want to do can be done on google, yahoo, MSN and so on.
jktshff1 on 11/07/2008:
What ponie & john said.
From the first paragraph, I thought you may have been talking 'bout M3C..LOL!!
Squeaky Wheel on 11/07/2008:
I can't get rid of my spam infested AOL e mail address.

I have even insulted them but they won't kill the address as I have requested.
Sam Smith on 11/07/2008:
You should be happy that they kicked you out. Get a real service provider.
VM347 on 11/11/2008:
Same thing happened to my husband a couple of days ago. Apparently someone did not like the fact that he was not an Obama fan. He didn't threaten anyone either, just talking about his displeasure of the election. He later tried to sign on and found out that AOL cancelled the account.

We had an account with Comcast already and only used the free AOL account. I had been a paying customer with AOL before Comcast and had the AOL for over 12 years and never had this happen before.

I guess you have to be an Obama fan to use the AOL service now? It will be interesting to see if this becomes a pattern with AOL.
Anonymous on 11/11/2008:
I'm sure that's it.....^^^^^

Anonymous on 11/11/2008:
Yea, I voted for Obama... I wonder if that's why the NRA cancelled my membership with no warning whatsoever!?
Anonymous on 11/11/2008:
that damm NRA.......You'll shoot your eye out anyway
Anonymous on 11/11/2008:
They won't respond to my calls or emails either....bunch of haters
Anonymous on 11/11/2008:
Does the NRA know how to send and receive emails? lol
Anonymous on 11/11/2008:
Good point, TW, I hadn't thought of that!
VM347 on 11/11/2008:
Seriously, you guys need to grow up. Is this your immature attempt to ridicule someone who is just telling the truth in a situation? If you don't believe it, then don't. I couldn't care less. I was just interested since the gentleman that wrote the original post had the SAME experience with AOL.
Anonymous on 11/11/2008:
Who said I didn't believe it...or that my story isn't also true?
Anonymous on 11/11/2008:
I don't believe it... sounds like something a 10 year old would make up.....
VM347 on 11/14/2008:
If this isn't a trend, then explain to me why two police officers in Durham N.C. are subject to an internal investigation for comments made about Obama on their Myspace? It is reported that the police chief read the comments and there were no slurs according to him, but the investigation will still continue? I guess a 10 year old made that story up too?
Anonymous on 11/14/2008:
stop watching Fox News.problem solved..............
Principissa on 11/14/2008:
That's probably because the cops are public officials and if they have something posted that could cause embarrassment to the station, they can't just turn a blind eye. Remember, these guys actually testify in court so if they have things on there that are inappropriate that could be used against them in a defense lawyer's line of questioning, it could cost them their credibility with a jury and wind up with a wrongful acquittal. Would you want a criminal set loose on the streets because the police in your town had inappropriate things and comments on their myspace? Didn't think so.
VM347 on 11/14/2008:
Excuse me? As I stated the police chief verified that in his opinion there were no violations (slurs).

"There's no exact words that were said," said Police Chief Jose L. Lopez Sr. in a telephone interview Wednesday from San Diego, where he is attending the International Association of Chiefs of Police conference. "It wasn't a racial slur, but we're still investigating it."

Just because you are a sworn officer does not mean that you lose your 1st amendment rights. I should know this since my husband is a retired officer. I am fully aware of the code of conduct while off duty. Off duty they have a right to voice their political opinions... And trainwreck this story was posted in the local Durham paper.
Anonymous on 11/14/2008:
Hmmmm....doesn't sound any different from what the Bush administration has been pulling for years in the name of "national security" yeah.....welcome to the freakin'
Anonymous on 01/29/2009:
You want to talk about cops, let me tell you one that I'm going through. I moved to Marana Arizona just outside of Tucson in late 07 and it was kind of hard and me 65 but I did it. Got my shop all set up to do my southwest furniture and was about ready to go to work when I inherited my afflicted 60 yr. old sister because she had been in the hospital and the case worker there saw my dad come in and said, "there's no way Dona can go back home with them, they can barely take care of themselves muchless an afflicted person like Dona. It was only a few weeks later that I ended up with my 88 yr. old mother with alzheimer's and an 89 yr. old dad not far behind her in health. August of 08 my sister entered the hospital again, 32 miles one way and for a month I was travelling there and back 4 times a day to care for my parents and then rush back to be with Dona. The first Marana cop stopped me and I really thought I was doing the correct speed because after you've been driving 45 years you kind of have a sense of how fast you're going, within a few miles that is, but since I had not been looking I went along with it and he said "oh well you were just going a little over the speed so I'm just going to charge you for the seat belt violation". I actually went in and filed a compliment about his professionalism even though $65 out of my $559 SS check kind of hurt. Then I'm coming home from the Hospital at night, 2 Marana cops have a car stopped, I passed going like 37-38 in a 45 and I see one of the cops run and jump into his unit and come after me. No citation, just a harassing time consuming stop as he checked me out, 20 minutes, and have a good night. Now Sept. 7th I'm heading to be with my sister and truly did not expect her to be alive when I got to the hospital that night as she was on life support by now. A Marana cop passes me, I'd already looked at my speed, 43-44 in a 45, he whips around and follows me for 2 miles. I'm thinking, "no dude, don't do this to me at this time, I don't need this and my sister dying", but they don't give a crap about you or what you're going through. I pull into a large vacant dirt parking lot in front of a bank and taco shop in this little cotton town, no cars, no objects, no people, everything's closed because it's almost midnight on Sunday. I am annoyed so I hit my brakes and slide 7 or 8 feet in the soft dirt. Then I made the fatal mistake of asking, "what the hell does it take to come down this damn road and not get stopped?" From this he is going to teach me a good lesson and so rather than pulling me from the truck and pulling a Rodney King on me, he writes me up for 56 in a 45, and reckless driving for stopping and sliding in the dirt. We get to court, finances prevent me from hiring an attorney, I go in armed with only the truth and he lies his sorry ace off. I'm suppsed to have made this turn into the parking lot at 45 mph, and if you know anything about physics or driving then you'd know this was impossible to make a 45 degree turn at that speed and not at least have your wheels leave the ground. When asked about my tired tracks he said, "45-50 YARDS long", yes you heard me right, half the length of a football field. Lie after frigging lie. I'm supposed to have appeared to be feeling around for a weapon as he followed me, but did he follow department procedure when he stopped me and ask me if I had a weapon, hell no, he was too upset that I had asked him that question. I file a complaint, a Lt. calls to discuss it and he says, "one thing that concerns me about this Mr. Garrison is that there are approx. 2 hours missing from Officer Hensons dash cam". When questioned he said, "oh, I in advertantly left the recording portion of my camera behind". You should read the department guidelines for working that camera, they are strict and they don't say would you please have your camera working, could I suggest you have your camera working, do you mind working your camera when you're on your shift, hell no, they say, YOU WILL HAVE THAT MATERIAL DOWNLOADED AT THE END OF THE SHIFT AND THAT CAMERA WILL BE UP AND RUNNING FOR THE NEXT SHIFT", NO IF'S ANDS OR BUTS. When I asked for these documents like department guidelines and all I asked about his radar gun and the fact that I was not doing 56 mph. He goes into this long ass spill about how he did this and he did that, and he tuned it with the tuning forks and blah blah blah. Do any of you think for one freaking second that a cop who can't remember to drop the recording portion of his camera into it, is going to go through all those procedures to make sure his radar gun is working? You have a problem if you do. NO, this was just another unwarranted stop and what locals have come to call "fishing", where they stop you and then they decided what they can charge you for. OK, bottom line. The Mayor of Marana, the Town Manager, the Town Council, NO ONE in this town will respond to my complaints about this. After I had tried them all THEN I let them know what I thought of them, no threats, nothing except to say that Marana had a horrible stigma and this is why. I went to the City Hall the other day to get some paper work concerning my case for the appeal I am filing and I'm told that I am not allowed on City Property. The lady behind the desk informed me that if I did not leave she would call 911. Again, I have NEVER acted in appropriate or threatening at any time to give them a reason to act like this, this is just conformation of a dishonest and corrupt town that doesn't want to be called just that and instead of acting professional, they act like the very people on the street that they call criminals. I came home, called the City Attorney and asked how the hell I was to file anything if I was not allowed in the city. She apologized and said the Sergeant had just been over and by her saying, "I told him that they could not do this to you", I take it he was there hoping he could get some type of restraining order for my criticism of the town and his department. I said, "I know I have been very vocal and I've written a number of e-mails" and she said, "yes Mr. Garrison I'm quite familiar with your e-mails". By her saying just that shows I had not said anything threatening or she would surely have been in my face. BUT to think that the very damn people who claim to serve and protect you which is nothing but a crock of chit of a statement in this day and age where we see a young man shot 14 times on New Years day in N.O. 12 times in the back and just one of many in the past few years and getting worse all the time, I'd whole lot rather see a car load of bloods or crypts drive up to me than a Marana cop, I could probably deal with them a little better. I thought at first I was dealing with just a single rogue out of control dishonest hot headed cop, but now it's easy to see that it's the entire department I have to worry about. And when you have a Mayor, Town Manager and town council that cares nothing about its people then you know you have no one in your corner and you know that you are not safe in this town. Remember this if you have the misfortune to drive through here, MARANA ARIZONA.
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All Canceled And Yet Still Billed, "Trouble On Their End"
Posted by on
I've had AOL as my ISP for years and years with a dial up connection (yeah, I was roaming with the dinosaurs)...well we finally got high speed around March of this year (and it's amazing!!!) we didn't have a need to keep AOL since we were going through Cox Cable. We had three separate accounts going so that more than one person could be online at a time. One of the accounts was closed in 2006 actually (we'll call this one A1-like the steak sauce). The other two accounts (A2 and A3) were canceled on the phone. Everything sounds OK so far until I received my credit card bill. I was charged for it still. I called them up and after explaining and reexplaining the situation, and telling them information that really don't need in order to solve the problem BTW (like, why do you have high speed? why didn't you have it before? etc)...the lady said that one of the accounts was still showing open and the charge was for that. I told her I wanted it canceled and credited back to my account. She finally agreed and supposedly everything was fine.

Got my credit card statement the other day, no credit to my account, but was instead charged again. Called them again and had to do the same run around. The guy basically was calling me a liar in that I was still using the account and it was open...and A1 was still open (the one closed in 2006). I told him to look again at his files and he finally goes "Oh, OK, I see now, it was closed in 2006". Took him forever to understand what was going on (he didn't speak very good English). I tried my best to be patient I really did but it was very frustrating. He finally tells me that the accounts were indeed closed and canceled. I demanded to know why I was still being charged then. He said "there must be trouble on our end". No s--- sherlock! I then ask to speak to a supervisor to get everything financially straight. He puts me on hold (so I thought). I was on hold for 30 minutes, I finally realized that he must've disconnected me.

I called them back and spoke to someone and they told me that I shouldn't have been on hold any longer than 2 minutes to speak to a supervisor... hmmm... 2 minutes vs. 30...what do you think happened? Anyway, things finally got solved and supposedly I'll see a credit in a few days.

I've heard horror stories about cancellation with AOL, just hoped it would never happen to me...and it did. Beware trying to cancel an account with them.
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User Replies:
babybear62005 on 05/30/2008:
they were still charging us for the dial up service
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Finally I MAYBE get the best of AOL!
Posted by on
AOL's gotten me before. Hi, I'd like to cancel my account, which I signed up for with a 30 day free trial disk only yesterday. Oh goshgollygee, don't cancel! Why would you want to goshgolly cancel! Let us give you thirty more days of our awful service for free! Nope, cancel. [Repeat a dozen times or so.] Okay, you're canceled!

Fast forward one year and two months later. I'm billed.

Unfortunately, I'm billed at a very very bad time. A time when other minor emergencies have caused my bank account to be low. A time when a $25.90 fee is going to cause an overdraft fee.

Aw $#%!

I borrow a few bucks from a family member to cover the difference so I *don't* overdraft, then I call AOL.

"I figure you guys owe me sixty bucks."
"Oh, okay, maam, you are saying we have billed you for sixty dollars?"
"Nope, you've billed me fraudulently for 25, but you're also going to cover the overdraft fee that your fraudulent charge caused me."
"Just a minute maam. Oh, no, you have an account you never canceled!"
"Nope. Not possible. I'd never keep an AOL account. The disk is good for getting online when my real ISP is down, and the next day, I cancel."
"Okay maam, I will fix you right up! You are canceled! Have a nice-"
"No, no no. That is NOT 'fixed up'. 'Fixed up' is when you refund my twenty-five bucks and cover the overdraft fee your company caused."
"Okay, let me see...ah, I have now refunded your twenty-five dollars and ninety cents! So thank you for doing business with-"
"Wait, wait wait. What about my thirty-five?"
"Oh, maam, there is nothing I can do about that."
"Okay, give me someone higher up."
"You want to talk to my supervisor?" (He sounds utterly shocked.)
"Sure do."
"Hi, how can I help you?"
Repeat much of previous conversation.
She says, "Tell you what. I'll refund you double, so instead of 25.90 it will be [long pause] 51.80."
"Okay. I can accept that."

And AOL doesn't win just for once!!

(Of course, I'm still watching my bank account to make sure they follow up on this!)
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User Replies:
MRM on 02/21/2008:
Steph, very well written article and I would sure watch my own account , cautiously, for any trickery involve.
MRM on 02/21/2008:
Next time, as a ISP back-up, use NetZero as it is free. You don't need to input your credit info.
Anonymous on 02/21/2008:
So let me get this straight... you stole $25.90 from them, and that makes you the winner? If that's all your self respect is worth, I guess you win.
CrazyRedHead on 02/22/2008:
Did you get a confirmation number?? If you didn't then you never canceled, I learned that the hard way once. I have never heard them refunding more than 23.95, nor any overdraft fees. Even though the rep told you that they will refund that amount, the computer will probably kick it back and say no, and the reps will probably go by that. Good luck, you'll need it where they are concerned.
jjop on 02/22/2008:
jjop on 02/22/2008:
There is no way you are going to get to AOL. And if I am wrong, I wouldn't consider it stealing.
Fedup-Timeout on 02/23/2008:
Watch your account. Unless AOL has changed, your account is still open and you will be billed next billing cycle.
imjustasteph on 02/23/2008:
Darn. Should've known it was too good to be true. Just checked- they refunded the 25.90 and nothing more.

And no, it isn't stealing from them. They fraudulently charged me. Had I not been able to borrow a few bucks, they would have, with a FRAUDULENT charge, cost me an extra $35. I don't think there's anything wrong with costing them for once.

I tried to call them back and demand the rest of the promised money, but, alas, their 'customer service' is closed.
imjustasteph on 02/23/2008:
And by the way, since when is AOL such a small company that they 'close' on the weekend????
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AOL Refuse to cancel services and then puts fraudulent information on your credit report
Posted by on
BLUEMONT -- I have been trying to cancel my AOL service for almost a year now. I finally had to close my bank account and open a new one because AOL would not stop taking money out of my account. Now I have an AOL rep calling me 5 times a day at work, on my cell phone before during and after work. The total amount of calls I received a day from AOL is about 15-20 calls. They call my phone constantly. I even received a call at my home last Saturday morning at 8:30. This woke my entire house including my children. THIS HAS TO STOP. I advised AOL that they could put whatever they want on my credit report because I will dispute it. Still the phone calls have not stopped. What do I do? These people are rude and nasty. They interrupt you when you are speaking and half the time, they don't even speak English! I will make it my life's mission to make sure that no one else goes through this with this company! AOL should be shut down and its executives lock in prison for life for Fraud.
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User Replies:
CrazyRedHead on 03/30/2006:
When you cancelled, did you received a cancellation confirmation code? If you haven't received one then you never cancelled in the first place.
yoke on 03/30/2006:
AOL refuses to let you cancel. You can tell them you want to cancel, but if they don't send the cancellation number, which they won't, you are not cancelled. It took me about 6 months to finally get them to "agree" to let me cancel.
Saracg on 06/06/2006:
I used to have an account with AOL. They refused to stop taking the money from my account & I ended out closing my account to stop the charges. I spoke with the Bank VP and he confirmed they have many many people who are having trouble getting AOL to stop taking money from their account. My advice would be NEVER sign up with AOL.... once you do, you will have to close your bank account and change your phone number to get them to leave you alone.
TallowHill on 08/19/2008:
I had to pay them for an account I thought I had cancelled, via phone, even though they could see I had not used their service for six months. Their customer service people are rude too and I will NEVER use their service again
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ONLY solution to AOL billing scam - terminate credit card
Posted by on
I complained about AOL a few days ago. This is the follow-up. Everyone was right... the only way to stop the crazy AOL billing is to terminate the credit card and get a new card with a different number.

After I thought AOL truly understood that my account was terminated months ago, they bill me AGAIN.

I cut my losses and called my bank to have a new debit card issued. The bank rep asked why I was requesting a new card. When I told her it was due to AOL charges she replied that she gets lots of calls from customers terminating credit cards/debit cards to escape AOL.
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User Replies:
Sparticus on 12/28/2005:
I feel sorry for Google. They just spent 1 billion dollars to partner with AOL's sinking ship.
Mad Eye Moody on 12/29/2005:
Be mindful of the fact that they'll likely refer what they can't get from your old debit card to a collection agency. I would keep on them to make sure that your account has a zero balance and will not incur any more charges due to any clerical errors.
spiderman2 on 12/29/2005:
In our local paper there was an ad from a lawfirm trying to start a class action suit against AOL. I usually don't agree with that kind of stuff, but I hope they put AOL out of business. They are horrible.
Mad Eye Moody on 12/29/2005:
Class Action Law Suits ROCK!
Ms.Consumer on 12/30/2005:
Thanks for all the tips. I'm mindful that AOL might try debt collection. But actually they owe ME money. I'm caught in this limbo where they bill me, I call to tell them the account is closed, they reimburse me, then bill me a few days later. Crazy! When I closed the credit card they had just promised to reimburse my account... so if anyone is losing $$ it's me. I decided it's worth the loss to get rid of AOL.
fishwater on 01/06/2006:
I canceled the credit card number, at advice of credit card company, got new number, and before I could activate the new card, aol had charges on the new card. Does aol own Chase Bank???
DebtorBasher on 01/09/2006:
There is a class action against AOL right now for the very issue you described.
Salchipapa on 12/04/2008:
This doesn't work because I received my credit card expired in March and they sent me a bill in August for charges since March since they couldn't charge my cc. Now it is in collections and I am still fighting them over it. Funny thing is, I nver owned this account. I was formerly employed by Time Warner and had a FREE account which apparently was not cancelled by the company and I STILL cannot get them to clear up the issue. Shows how screwed up the reallky are if they can't take care of employee accounts!
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AOL billing services
Posted by on
Beware of AOL billing services. Internet services is OK but watch out when you terminate services. My computer broke so I had no way to connect to the internet. I called AOL to terminate services. The AOL rep gave me the hard sell...offering all kinds of options to keep me as a customer. I kept explaining, "I have no computer". About three months after I had terminated services a $23.90 charge appeared on my checking account. It took 30 minutes with two AOL reps (apparently located in India) to clear up the situation. One of the agents kept implying that the $23.90 charge appeared because I had asked for a temporary suspension of my account, not a permanent one.

I got my $$ back but will not use AOL again. It's not worth the aggravation.
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Ms.Consumer on 12/24/2005:
Thanks for the advice.

The irony of all this is that I was going to re-open (is there such a word?) my AOL account when I got my new computer. But their fraudulent billing scams turned me off. I'll NEVER use AOL again.
Mad Eye Moody on 12/27/2005:
AOL just got a hard slap on the wrist for giving people grief over cancelling service. It's actually been addressed by the FTC, so it should get easier to get AOL off one's back in the future. Besides...AOL isn't all that great...all ISP's go to the same internet, right?
Slimjim on 12/27/2005:
I used an AOL trial account, knowing I probably wasn't going to keep it but also I was in for a go around to cancel. And it was, but at least I wasn't billed improperly and certainly didn't have to report my card stolen. That sounds a bit extreme. Anyway, glad they are being "asked" to dial it down on their tactics. Everyone knows they are (or were) over the top.
Ms.Consumer on 12/28/2005:
You don't have to report your card "stolen". Just tell the bank the truth...someone keeps charging you improperly. They are OK with it. The only convenience is waiting a few days for the new card.
miketech on 01/10/2006:
It took me 8 hours one day to get AOL canceled. I decided to do it that day because I was changing banks and knew my credit card # was going to change. Never heard another word for them. I think they just bill your credit card as long as they can.
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Poor Service, slow speed
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For the past few months I've been using Netscape ISP. None of the telephone numbers they provided me are V92 modem capable. Many times the connect speed is 33 kbps and sometimes even lower than that. About one time in ten I am able to connect at 40 kbps (which is still slower than Walmart Connect). Now for the bad news. When I tried to cancel my service on Oct 3rd 2005 the operator I spoke with told me that a confirmation letter would be mailed to me. Instead of cancelling the service I received a confirmation of continued service. I called back in only to have a wait time of over 20 minutes. Netscapes web page comments on the possibility of being charged after the canellation date. If that happens then a person only has to call Billing for a refund - IF YOU CAN GET THROUGH TO BILLING. I don't recommend this service and whatever you do, don't sign up for their 30 day free trial. You will need 30 days to cancel it.
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KenPC on 10/13/2005:
Netscape is AOL.... what did you expect?
Sparticus on 10/14/2005:
I remember the good old days when Netscape was Netscape. AOL is like the grim reaper. Google is now looking to buy a share of AOL. A mistake if you ask me. AOL is synonymous with low end performance and bad customer service. Perhaps Google can help turn that around, but I doubt it.
effervescent on 11/09/2006:
My year with Netscape ISP has been a frustrating combination of very slow speed, scads of pop-up warnings and questions, multiple re-signin requirements, and spotty to rude customer service agents. I have just discovered that this ISP is a division of AOL, and all I can say is that it does not surprise me.
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