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Apple Bank "customer service" is unable to resolve problems
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NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- I've been an Apple Bank online customer for at least 5 years with their Grand Yield Savings account. I infrequently log in and the first problem that you should be aware of is that if you don't log into your account at least once every 120 days they will remove your online account.

As you might expect, this is a particular problem for online customers that don't frequently access their savings account online but I have always been able to get it reestablished so up to now it has just been a hassle.

However this last time when the account was reactivated I can no longer access the money transfer section. As a Grand Yield savings online customer, I don't have any other method of accessing money from the account, except online.

I exchanged message with Apple Bank customer service and their only answer was to call a toll number for support.

I called for support and was immediately told that there wasn't anything that Apple Bank could do (no attempt at understanding or troubleshooting the problem) and of course blamed the customer and computer. Since I have tried 3 different computers and all have the same problem (they have different browsers and OSs) and they meet Apple Bank's "online requirements", it seem quite unlikely that this is a 'customer computer problem'. More importantly is the simple fact that if Apple Bank requires such an unusual and special configuration ( i.e. not a standard "out-of-the-box" browser and/or browser configuration) that requires 'fine tuning' to get working, then this probably isn't a good bank for online banking.

Yes, for those whose online banking is working, I'm sure you didn't have to make any special configuration changes. Additionally it has been working fine for me during the time that I've been a customer until recently. Yeah, maybe something got changed on one computer, but on all 3?? So, back to the point about unusual/specific configurations.

It seems pretty clear to me that Apple Bank's online customer services is completely out-of-touch with their online system and therefore expects their customers to go away when there is a problem. Considering the old 80/20 rule, perhaps it is cheaper to dump the 20% of your customers that have problems.

Most importantly is that Apple Bank was unable to:

1) Explain or identify the error message that was displayed by their system.

2) Understand and perform any basic troubleshooting on problems with their online system.

3) Even if it is a customer computer problem, Apple Bank should have enough ability to understand what their system doesn't like to help guide the customer to a resolution.

4) The configuration that Apple Bank "requires" for the browser is not a secure privacy configuration. The insecure configuration is the first thing that their customer services tells you to change, which of course also didn't resolve the problem.

5) Apple Bank is apparently unable to design or write requirements such that web site errors display clear error messages rather than meaningless messages ( i.e. Error SS24) that only the programmer that wrote the code understands.

Bottom line is beware of Apple Bank. As long as you never have a problem with their online system you may be OK, but at the first problem you might be left without any access to your money and don't expect any assistance from the bank.

My only option was to close the account and I'm sure that I'm much better off without it.
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Apple Bank Doesn't Give You Your Money
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BROOKLYN, NEW YORK -- I have had a checking and savings account with Apple Bank for about 12 years. A little over a year ago, I had deposited a large sum of money into my checking account. A few months later, I wrote myself a check to deposit some into a bank closer to my home in another state. Because the check was over $5000, I was required to verify the signature and had some conversations with the bank after they bounced my check. I verified the signatures and wrote a new check. That was finally deposited. I was instructed to fill out a new info card that had my SSN and new signature on it (my last name changed due to marriage). I did that. About three weeks ago, and over a year since I had deposited the original amount, I spoke to my mother who talked to the bank that I would be coming to this branch to get a large amount of cash from my account. They told my mother that all I had to do was give them two days notice and I could order the money. I went to the branch and I wanted to withdraw more than $5000. They told me that they do not allow that much cash to be withdrawn. I told them that I was told I needed to order it in advance. After speaking with the branch manager, they told me that they are not "obligated" to give me cash and that I could get a cashier's check which "is legal tender." I asked her how I was going to cash such a check. They told me that I can go to another bank and they could cash it. She told me about how "dangerous" it is to have that much money and that in "this day and age" you can have your money in other forms and that "what if everyone wanted to take out that much money." I told her that that I did not care about other customers taking out cash. I asked if I could take out the daily max everyday and she told me that I "would get in trouble for money laundering." I said that I would consider closing my account. She didn't care and told me that she could give me a cashier's check. The next day I called the main office and explained my situation. The man on the phone was very rude and said that Apple Bank doesn't give out more than $5000 in cash and that was the policy. He told me that since I deposited a check, they don't have to give me cash. He said that no bank will give out that kind of cash because of 9/11. I said Chase bank had given me that kind of cash after I deposited amounts by check. He said he "never heard of that." That day I went to the bank and closed my accounts and no one cared. No one asked me why or if there was something they could do to keep me as a valued customer. It was very easy to close my account. I went down the road to another bank and deposited the check and within a week, I had the cash I needed. I am very disappointed in Apple Bank and will never bank with them again. Please be aware that if you deposit large sums of money into an account at Apple Bank that you will not be able to get cash if you need it. I used to think this was a good bank, but now I know why they claim to be a strong bank: they take your money and do not give it back. Good luck.
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Obsfucation on 01/22/2011:
They were doing you a service, even though you won't recognize it. Large cash transactions, by law, are reported to the IRS. Your new bank, by giving you that much cash has set you up for an audit, and you're now being looked at for money laundering.
zuzax on 01/22/2011:
A service? Of taking my money and not giving it back? Who cares if "the bank" thinks I'm laundering money? The burden of proof is on them. It is not illegal for me to carry cash around.
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A Very Big Rip-off
Posted by on
NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- Apple Bank for Savings, to which I switched to escape the underhanded tactics of "big" banks, has a scam going that even Citi doesn't have the gall to try. Apple Bank for Savings charges an "ATM Fee" for every swipe of your debit card. They charge customers TWO Dollars every time the card is swiped at a merchant's register as if you were using another bank's ATM. This is a rip-off and should be illegal. I am switching banks again. I think a credit union is the best bet.
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User Replies:
FlShopper on 05/20/2010:
On their website, it states "Please refer to our maintenance and service charges brochure for related account charges". So what did the brochure state about fees associated with the debit card?
ClutterLivedHere on 05/21/2010:
"On their website..." Exactly. I opened the account in person. Nothing was mentioned re: a two dollar fee every time the ATM card is used outside of Apple Bank. According to the brochure, the only way to "avid" the fee is to specify "credit card" when paying for purchases, although it is very clearly pointed out that this ATM card IS NOT a credit card. It's a very underhanded way to suck money from a depositor's account.
kingsnyc on 01/10/2012:
I opened up a "no fee" account with Apple Bank and am receiving these tow dollar ATM fees...ridiculous!
DebtorBasher on 01/10/2012:
Kingsnyc...hang in there...I have a No Fees account with USSA and they wait until the end of the month and refund any fees from ATMs. It would be nice not to be charged at all...but that's the way they do it. Check with your bank, I have a feeling that's the way they all probably do it.
Tom C on 09/16/2013:
I am in the same boat, and will be filing a lawsuit against Apple Bank for Savings over these practices.
Tom on 02/17/2014:
I just found out the same thing, that I was being charged two bucks for every swipe. My question is where you able to get some sort of refund?
Who did you have to talk to if yes.
Details please. Thank you.
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Bill Pay leads to Returned Checks
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NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- Apple Bank for Savings offers an online savings account and within this account has functionality to access their bill pay services. I did just that and created a new payee and then proceeded to add myself as the payee and generated a check. The check arrived a few days later and I deposited the check which was written from Apple Bank. 5 days later I received notice that the check was denied and I received an overdraft notice from my local bank where the depost was made. I subsequently called the bank and spoke with customer service. Joe stated that the online bill pay service was not supposed to be available from my account and that I should not have assumed that I could write checks from a checking account. He said that I should be lucky though because he has taken several calls just like mine where people had used the checks to make mortgage or credit card payments. He requested that I contact customer service using the email functionality within the account. I did request that they close the account and 5 days latter, they have yet to respond.
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tnchuck100 on 11/24/2009:
First, bill pay systems generally work from a checking account, not a savings account. It sounds like you had money in an Apple savings account and a zero balance in an Apple checking account. I suspect you did not even realize you had that checking account.

Second, bill pay systems are not for sending yourself a "payment".

Third, I think they issued a check to you against your zero balance Apple checking account. They will do that to assess fees.

You really need to educate yourself on the in's and out's of how these accounts work and the agreements associated with them.
Anonymous on 11/24/2009:
As well intentioned as you were, the situation you created raised a great big huge red fraud flag. Chalk it up to experience and know better at your next bank.
Angel Cruz on 11/05/2014:
I went with my mother to the Apple bank on 170 st in the Bronx
There they had two tellers with a very long line, one teller was taking to a co worker that was just sitting down doing nothing so here comes another worker and now you have three workers just talking to each other and no one is helping us ,we had to wait for this one teller that was helping everyone one on the line at 11:48 in the morning when the bank is most busy. I ask to speak to the manager so the Vice President comes out and ask me what's the problem I told her what was going on and she said they were talking about something important . Which did not look like it was this is there way of getting back to you for complaing.i call customer severice they never got back to me , when they said they would. they took my report and wrote everything wrong by the name of Alana . I don't think I'll will keep my saving in this kind of a bank that dos'nt care about you or your money. I get better severice at chase were they treat you with respect.
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