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Totally Unbelievable Customer Service – Read This!
Posted by DaveW4U on 12/01/2008
SANTA ROSA, CALIFORNIA -- I never thought a company would (seemingly) set out to screw up simple supply orders until I worked with Apria. They may have won first place for the worst customer service in the healthcare industry.

My complaint is not due to a few botched up orders, but over 30 in the last 9 years. I order cpap supplies, such as masks, filters, chinstraps, etc. Most of these are repeat orders. Not one time in over 30 attempts have they sent me a complete order correctly! These guys must have to work hard at screwing up orders! Please understand, if I don't use this cpap (a machine that pumps air in my lungs when I sleep), I could have a stroke and die. A few quick examples:

• On my order three months ago, I mentioned the problems I have had and requested that they get the order right for the first time. You'd think that would assure a correct order, right? I ask them to send me the blue neoprene chinstrap, NOT the white 4" one. They see past orders, identify the correct strap and orders it for me. What do I get but the white one!

• I need filters for my cpap machine. I have dust allergies and have sneezing attacks. I order the filters and they assure me they will be there in two to three days. I call to complain I haven't received the filters after a week-I'm beginning to wake up sneezing. They say the filters are ordered and should arrive any day. Another week goes by, same response, any day now. Three weeks go by and I'm not getting much sleep because I wake up at night sneezing, blowing my nose. They say it should arrive in the next day or two. A full month later, I'm waking up with a bloody nose and my mask full of blood...! I tell them to do whatever it takes–GET IT HERE! I call national Apria customer service number. They apologize profusely and assure me they will have the Santa Rosa, CA office looked into and that this is an isolated incident. Here we are, FIVE WEEKS LATER, I ask where my filters are – THEY HAVEN'T EVEN BEEN ORDERED!

• After sending me the wrong filter twice, I email them with the exact part number, taken from the package. I even take pictures of the filters they sent me that were wrong (pink and yellow) and show them the right one that's white. What do they send me but more of the pink and yellow ones!

• The last time I got the Northern California manager to look into my need for a Bi-pap machine (I want to be sure I get the right one for my needs). He assures me he'll take care of it. A week later, he's too busy, so he refers me to "his expert in Bi-pap machines". After going round and round with this lady for 45 minutes, it turns out she doesn't know much about Bi-pap machines at all and I know much more than she knows!
I don't have time to go on about this, this is crazy!
They have had three managers of the office in Santa Rosa in the last three years, still they promise me the world and assure this will not happen to me again, but each time it does! Even the people who work there think that they are a joke! Now I see that others have had the same kind of experience elsewhere in the US. God, help them!
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Posted by jenjenn on 2008-12-03:
Avoid Lincare...they're no better.
Posted by Beth on 2013-04-24:
I was actually crying in the office of my respiratory healthcare provider this week, over how frustrating it is to work with Santa Rosa Apria personnel. I don't get the information I need. However, all my orders from them have been correct and prompt. I think DaveW gets all the messed-up orders.
Posted by LAWRENCE ASHLEY on 2013-06-01:
I have been going around and around with Apria's billing for things I didn't order or receive. I thought it had been settled, until today, when I received a bill for BIPAP ST. I don't know what that is even. My only contact with Apria was by phone 2 days ago, when I told them the only thing I needed to order was Part Number AF30907 for 2 small filters, called Resmed s7, autoset spirit, vpap lll Filter 2 per bag. I received a bill for $71.91. This is ridiculous, they are small filters approx 3/4"x1" in size and go into the back of my Resmed VPAP Adapt SV.
Posted by Charles Richmond on 2013-09-20:
We have had similar experience with Apria here in the SF Bay Area. One of the regular supplies my husband gets from Apria (thru Kaiser) is a little adhesive device to keep his larynx hole cover in place. It cannot cost more than 10 cents to manufacture, but Apria refuses to keep it in stock. So they always have to "special order" it from "the warehouse". In three years we NEVER got the order within 5 days of when it was promised, and many times it was over a month. The customer service people would lie through their teeth about the status order (It's on the way, It's in the warehouse, it's on the truck, we put it on the wrong dock...UGGGGH). I hate them with passion.
Posted by leah on 2013-10-01:
I was going to say I have had no problems with delivery...only billing problems. But then I remember they sent me the wrong mask once ... no problem. I used the nose pillow for a while and it was sorta ok. And then they sent the wrong filter several times. No problems ... the filter they sent was bigger and I just cut it down into 4 smaller foam filters. I was thinking I got may masks on time. They were sent every 6 months for years and I did not always start using the new mask right away, so I had spare new mask in reserve. (I probably was using them for too long.) I really have no idea if the masks were sent on time.

No, their service was NOT ok. I just let them get away with bad service.

And now I am finding out that all the years they were sending equipment every 6 months they never asked for a prescription renewal, as they are legally required to do. No one ever said I needed to go back to the sleep specialist every year. Because of this I am having problems finding a new DME that is approved by Medicare. (I fired Apria due to billing problems.)
Posted by Melinda on 2013-10-10:
I was ordered by an ER Physician that I could not leave the hospital until I was placed on oxygen. Apria was ordered by the Physician and three hours later an Apria representative Frank T. arrived at the hospital and escorted me back home with the oxygen concentrator. I was told that oxygen bottles for use outside the home were not in his truck at the time so they would deliver them in 2 days. I was given a concentrator, and told to see my Primary Physician in 4 days post ER room experience. In 4 days I still did not have any portable oxygen and could not keep the appointment. Another week went by and I called Apria daily, my husband called Apria daily, and my daughter-in-law called Apria daily to get equipment to the house. Weeks went by and they promised it was enroute,or coming first thing in the morning, then between 12 and 2pm the next day. This went on for 5 weeks, each of us got a different representative from a different State with a different story. Then our Visa card started to show billings from Apria for equipment that was not delivered, and I was still house bound, being able to go only as far as the hose they left me with, not even being able to get to the mailbox for days, when a neighbor or friend would visit and bring it to me. Today five weeks late Apria called to say I should be happy that my shipment of 10 oxygen bottles had been delivered the day before and they would bill my Visa for the shipment. I had NOT received a shipment of 10 bottles of oxygen the day before and told the woman (Carmen) on the phone not to bill my Visa as my Insurance would pay for the Apria oxygen equipment in full when I got it. Then two boys arrived around 12:30 pm today with 9 bottles of oxygen and a defective "O" ring, which made usage of the bottles impossible. I asked for new "O" rings and they both told me they didn't carry them on the truck but they would bring me some within the week. I got angry and threatened to call the police for their fraudulent behavior, and they found three "O" rings on the truck they could give me. I asked about the promised attachment for the concentrator to fill smaller oxygen bottles to carry out in a shoulder bag and they said I had to have a Rx for that. Not only did I have a prescription for it, it was promised to me after the hospital sent me home 5 weeks ago, but they didn't have it on the truck. Then with all the repeated calls to Apria we faxed a total of 5 more prescriptions for the attachment and smaller bottles until the Dr. refused to fax them anymore prescriptions. I see the Pulmonologist tomorrow and plan to ask him to please take me off Apria equipment and use a local Oxygen distributor for my oxygen needs. I have Pulmonary-Hypertension and cannot deal with this Apria company. They would rather I die from lack of oxygen than deliver what is prescribed to me, this I am sure by their incompetence and lack of accurate information. I will forever suggest that anyone NEVER trust Apria for care, they don't care.
Posted by apria cares on 2014-01-05:
Here is some numbers you can call to avoid not talking to a robomachine.
AZ customer service is 623-760-3712
Branch at Albuquerque 505-252-0016
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Apria's horrible service and billing problems
Posted by Nebkan on 03/09/2010
Just want people to really checkout other peoples experiences before signing up with Apria. We had all kinds of problems with late deliveries, delivery of wrong product, and billing the insurance company for products we hadn't used in months. We also had billing problems which I thought we had resolved. I spoke with a representative and we agreed they owed me a small amount and about a month later I received a check with a stub stating I had overpaid.

A month later they turn our account over for collection for $27. This after their own representative told me they do not refund amounts less then $25 to patients unless the patient requests it. What an outfit! I don't think the left hand knows what the right hand is doing.
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Posted by anne51 on 2010-08-16:
I'm a senior citizen and I've dropped Apria as a provider due to their decision to give American jobs to Indians. No wonder the billing is messed up, India is doing this and they have zero experience in American health care regulations. I'll never go back to this company due to their outsourcing to a foreign country doing this recession/depression. It's easier to call another provider, also easier to understand their English
Posted by wheelchair customer on 2012-01-24:
If you use Apria- be prepared for frustration. From beginning to end, they did not ever do anything they said they would do. They changed delivery/pick-up dates without telling. Continually used my home phone instead of cell #, which I kept giving them, so I wouldn't get their calls. People on the phone are nice, but again, nother ever happens as they say it will. Don't call with ETAs as they say they will. If they mess up your schedule, be persisitent and say, "That is not acceptable. You are coming TODAY as scheduled."
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Apria Home Healthcare Service Sucks!
Posted by So cal gal on 03/28/2009
EL SEGUNDO, CALIFORNIA -- I have never complained online about a company before, but my experience with Apria was so bad that I am furious. We had some medical equipment from them -after the patient no longer needed it I called them to pick it up. Over a series of two months, I was promised by three different customer reps that it would be picked up. I finally called and asked for a supervisor, who actually put in the work order -it seems none of the others had bothered to do that important step- and promised it would be picked up the next day between 10:00-2:00. No problem, I arranged my day to accommodate. Well guess what? The next day I finally received a call that they would be picking it up, but between 4:00-7:00. No change to the original time could be made, I was told.

At this point I just wanted their crap out of my house, so I cancelled my birthday dinner for their convenience. I hope your marketing department realizes that all the telephone on-hold messages aren't worth the money you spent to set them up, when there's such a lack of service behind them.
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Trying To Get Money From Me Instead Of My Insurance Company
Posted by Propaneman62 on 02/23/2008
SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA -- In Jan. 2007, I was refered by Sacramento Ear Nose and Throat Specialists to do a sleep study. I was told I have Sleep Apnea, and I have a Dieviated Septum. I was instucted to contact 2 companies that provide durable medical equipment. I was told I may benifit from useing a CPAP breathing device when I sleep. I contacted Apria Healthcare. I provided all the necssary Ins. info and they said they received athorization from my ins. Co. Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey. I was told there would be no out of pocket espense.

In April 2007, I made an appointment to go to a local Apria Healthcare location to receive the equipment and to be instructed on proper use of the unit. It is now Feb. 23rd 2008, I have received bills approx. every 2 to 3 months from Apria, trying to get me to pay for the equipment. I have contacted Apria by phone several times regaurding this matter. I have also sent the bills back to Apria, I have contacted my ins. co. and receive E. O. B.'s (explenation of benfits) stating that before my Ins. Co. will pay Apria, that they need additional info.

Apria has received notice that my ins. co. requests more info. and they keep denying this claim until more info, (and probaly the correct billing codes, and Refering physicians info) I an uable to get them to stop billing me and I can't get them to understand they will not be paid until they provide this info!
This kind of thing is part of the problem with healthcare in the USA!
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Posted by jenjenn on 2008-02-24:
You need to be more proactive & call your insurance company to see what information is missing/needed. It is your responsibility to follow up with Apria to get the issue resolved. When you call your insurance company, you may want to verify with them that DME is covered @ 100%. Most policies cover this benefit at 80%. Also, most insurance companies cover this type of equipment as a rent to own.
Posted by propaneman62 on 2008-02-25:
Apria told me there would be no out of pocket expense at the time I made the appointment to recieve the equipment.
Posted by girlscout1 on 2008-03-05:
BEWARE OF THIS COMPANY! My 80 year old mother has breathing equipment from them. They send in bills to Medicare but refuse to send them to her supplemental insurance company. They instead send her account to collections TWICE! They refuse to return phone calls and do not cooperate in solving this issue. We are going to be filing complaints with who ever we can.
Posted by DME provider on 2008-08-23:
I am a regional billing Manager for Apria. Apria is the one and only compliant company in the industry. We welcome numerous audits internally and externally and are one of the only companies who have not been found to be fraudulent with their practices. In regards to these issues- 95% of people do not understand insurance benefits and billing. Even with a secondary insurance which states it covers any copays, there are charges that are not covered and are the patient's responsibility. I suggest anyone file a complaint with the corporate office which is submitted as a PCCR- a 'concern report' for the department managers responsible to respond and resolve the issue. Apria is NOT cheating anyone out of money. In regards to the Cpap bills being denied it is your responsibility to investigate what the denials are at this point. As far as a Cpap- there is only one HCPC/Billing code for a cpap and one for a bipap. It is highly unlikely that the coding is incorrect. The supplies do have other codes. Reimbursement can be extremely tricky with healthplans. Again- ask for a collections manager in your billing center.
Posted by tennessee on 2008-09-04:
My husband also was sent to them for the CPAP equipment and the first person we dealt with confirmed to us that they had contacted our insurace company and there would be no out of pocket expense to us. However, since then, we did find out that our insurace company only pays 80% so we are paying our monthly 20% for the machine. When I call Apria to ask questions no one seems to know exactly how much we are paying for the machine. I know we should have checked into our insurance ourselves but most people tend to trust their doctors, etc. when they tell us they have already call the insurace company. I would assume that the healthcare providers are very familiar with insurace carriers and would know what is covered and what is not. We are very unhappy with Apria Healthcare. We feel as though they were very dishonest with us from the beginning and just wanted to get us in their doors.
Posted by KBUG912 on 2010-09-03:
you need to own up and get involved i deal on a daily basis with horizon bcbs of nj --they are like most insurance companies very difficult to get paid from but this ins by far is the worst ever. you need to understand your benefits better -more that likly you had a deductible to meet -apria only collects the co-in upfront and bills your ins the remaining portion if your deductible is not met you get a written letter in the mail stating your INSURANCE'S DECISION with the amt due -this could span over months if you have a high deductible. lets use some common sense people this is not apria's fault i can assure you that there is no room for error a bipap is one code and a cpap has one codes and if you have an insurance as a secondary that does not pay for benefits that is explained to you prior to getting any equipment - there has to be a contract with certain insurances to bill in network, you cannot honestly tell me no one informed you of your benefits or what you were signing
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Non Informed-Terrible Service
Posted by BMW DOLL on 12/22/2007
SSF, CALIFORNIA -- I have been a customer of Apria healthcare. This company is worldwide.
Wondering if it is just terrible service here in ssf calif or everywhere throughout the company.

I have had nothing but bad service-mistakes-attitude from this mixed up company.

I have to buy cpap machine & accessories there since they deal with my HMO.
Today I was suppose to have a current correct size mask waiting for me.
Duh no one knows-dud no one cares and they never came up with the order.
They made a mistake with the equipment they gave me and now have no order to replace it.

They don't even seem to care.

So what you can't breathe just wait till another day.!
Any comments on this company?
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Posted by jktshff1 on 2007-12-22:
I don't understand??
Posted by Principissa on 2007-12-22:
Stop yelling at me.
Posted by Principissa on 2007-12-22:
Now that it's fixed, I realize that you needed the mask, but if you are having breathing problems you should have a back up at all times. If you are having problems breathing now, I suggest you call 911 immediately and go to the hospital. If you are not, call you doctor ASAP and see what he can do.
Posted by Principissa on 2007-12-22:
Now that it's fixed, I realize that you needed the mask, but if you are having breathing problems you should have a back up at all times. If you got one from the doctor use that one as a back up. If you are having problems breathing now, I suggest you call 911 immediately and go to the hospital. If you are not, call you doctor ASAP and see what he can do.
jk, sounds to me, and this is my professional opinion, that this person most likely has sleep apnea and this is the machine and mask that they need at night. They ordered a fitted mask, never received it and nobody knows anything about ever ordering one.
Posted by Starlord on 2007-12-22:
I know what Princip means, and she is right, CPAP machines are used in Sleep Apnea, a condition I share with BMW Doll. We stop breathing in our sleep, and CPAP stands for Constant Positive Air Pressure, which keeps us breathing from one breath to the next. I was started out with a mask that covered the nose only, before we discovered that at night, my mouth opens and I breathe through it. They tried a chin strap, but I overcame it and continued to mouth-breathe. I had to have a full-face mask as they call it, which looks like the ones you see on TV and in movies, a clear mask that covers the nose and mouth, and allows exhaled air to escape. Fortunately, I have an alternate company if Apria cannot get me the material I need, it is inexpensive enough I can go to RTA Home Care. BMW, do you have another home care company you can establish a relationship with? I hope so, it can seem to be an eternity when you can't breathe. Hang in there.
Posted by Skye on 2007-12-22:
OP, are you talking about your oxygen cocentrator?
Posted by BMW DOLL on 2007-12-22:
Posted by jktshff1 on 2007-12-23:
Thank you all for clearing that up.
Posted by Wanda0719 on 2008-03-05:
Apria does not care about their patients. This company doesn't deliver oxygen on time, I cannot get anyone to call me back to make appointment to have a mask fitted for my bipap, they just don't care. I am a new bipap users and am so tired I am about to give up and let the apnea do what it will and throw their stupid machines in the trash.
Posted by LuvBreathing on 2008-10-17:
I agree that Apria Healthcare is horrible. They tell you one thing, then something else happens. Prior to receiving my CPAP machine, I was mega adament about what I would be paying as my portion of the machine. Since my terrible insurance would only rent the machine, then Apria stated that my rent cost would be $15.79 a month. They sent me a bill for $171.00 stating that is what I owed. IN calling their billing department, they stated that is what I agreed to pay in writing, and I proceeded to tell them that I signed NOTHING!!!! They said they would have to research this, and if they didnt have my signature, then they cannot legally charge me. Make sure you get everything in writing!! They messed up and then expected me to pay for the shortages. My Sleep Doctor is now providing CPAP Equipment, so I will use them for my needs.
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Apria Negligent
Posted by Sallie on 03/04/2010
LOUISVILLE, COLORADO -- The person I lived with signed up for oxygen with Apria. Many problems with them. First, it took them months to get him into their billing system.
Then, errors with the bills.

When his oxygen level had to be increased, by doctor's orders, it took Apria literally months to record the change. So, when the delivery guy checked the concentrator to make sure it was working, he turned the level down from 4.5 liters to three. My partner lived in a sick, confused daze for three days, until we realized that the level had been turned down.

And when his level had to be increased, when he was working all day away from home, APRIA REFUSED TO GIVE HIM MORE THAN TWO PORTABLE UNITS!! He would run out of oxygen every day, and they kept saying that their "allowables" are only 2 portable units per day.

My partner died (from cancer) and after he died Apria billing would call 4-5 times per day - no message, nothing, just calls. I called them, told them to stop calling me, they argue with me, saying they have a right to call. I tell them that they don't leave a message and there's no one on the other end when I answer, so what's the use of calling? The agree to never call again, and then in one hour I get the next call.

I write a letter saying I want no more calls (I am not responsible for partner's medical bills), and when I called a few days later to again tell them not to call, they tell me that they threw away my letter!

This company is mismanaged, disorganized and unethical. To agree to take care of a patient's oxygen needs and then flatly refuse to do it is MALPRACTICE!
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Posted by Anonymous on 2010-03-04:
My friend is an Apria manager. They go by what your doctor prescribes, what your insurance will pay, and no more. They are very detailed and efficient. If your friend was as dazed and sick as you claim, why did no one take him the the emergency room or call 911? His O2 levels would have shown a decline and the problem could have been corrected immediately.

I am not saying Apria couldn't have dropped the ball, but the one here would not.
Posted by tnchuck100 on 2010-03-04:
My wife just got a CPAP machine through Apria. Their billing department is a disaster. If not an outright scam. They charged me for each item separately that should have been included with the machine. (Example: 1 inch square piece of foam rubber filter: $7.00) They billed the insurance company only for the base machine. Collecting from me all the rest. Deception. My mistake was paying my co-pay before seeing what was submitted to the insurance company. DO NOT PAY THESE JERK-WEEDS ANYTHING until you see your insurance do their part.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-03-04:
Chuck, it probably is needed, but not included, and broken down on the billing statement. As for billing the insurance only for the machine, perhaps the machine is ALL the insurance will pay for. There are a lot of things that are needed to make something work, but have to be purcahsed separately.

As to seeing your insurance statement, simply ask them for one. With my husband's insurance, we get a quarterly statement that lists all procedures and what was paid and how much.

Apria is a very detailed company. In fact this is the first complaint I have ever heard of for them.
Posted by tnchuck100 on 2010-03-04:
LadyScot, I have all of the details and have been in touch with my insurance company. Apria has failed to provide them with requested information. I am about to file a credit card dispute and recover the overcharge.

I have also been in touch with Apria billing. VERY evasive bunch.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-03-04:
Then, I give over. Report the local office to corporate.
Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2010-03-04:
I think a complaint with your state's medical board may be needed here.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-03-04:
Soaring that too.
Posted by Grieg Mayberry on 2012-06-02:
I hate this company. They are a bunch of liers! They told me they would write-off a rental that I thought was purchased by my insurance company but my COBRA benefits ran out before that could happen. No one called to let me know the problem. After telling me they would take care of it they said oh we're sorry we should not have promised that. I would not recommend APRIA Healthcare to my worst enemy!
Posted by my experience on 2013-04-25:
Google Apria complaints or law suits, I was shocked of the business practice,you will find how bad this company is, never been so disgusted with a company as Apria.
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Abysmal Customer Service
Posted by Laclabra on 07/15/2008
BROOKLYN, NEW YORK -- I am going to detail here some of the unfortunate dealings I have had with Apria. The long and short of it, however, is this: there is a terrible disconnect between the customer service representatives who take orders, the dispatch offices, and the drivers. Moreover, the Brooklyn dispatcher in particular is obnoxious and unhelpful.

My baby was born with respiratory distress syndrome and was discharged from the hospital on oxygen. Because of foul-ups from Apria, her discharge had to be postponed by five days. Here are the series of the events that led to that postponement:

The deliveryman from Apria called one morning to announce that he would be arriving at my house “soon.” My wife and I waited for hours, even though we were supposed to be at the hospital with our baby. Finally, at around 4 pm, he arrived, but with the wrong materials. He had a tank for an adult and a regulator for an adult. We explained that these were the wrong materials. He left with them, and we left for the hospital. At 6:30 pm, another man named Dave called to say that the deliveryman was outside our door in Brooklyn. We were at the hospital and no one had called to tell us someone would be coming back that day. We informed Dave that we could not be there in time to take the materials (the hospital is more than one hour away from our home). He promised that someone would arrive on Monday morning with the proper materials.

Monday morning arrived, and no one showed up. I called the Brooklyn dispatch office and spoke to a brusque "gentleman" who I believe is the manager of that office. I asked him where the driver was; he informed me that the driver would arrive "anytime" that day. I told him that I had been told by Dave on Friday that the driver would arrive in the morning. He informed me that I was mistaken: supposedly no one is ever told what time deliveries will come.

Later that afternoon, the materials arrived (again, forcing my wife and me to lose an entire day with our daughter in the hospital). Again, the delivery materials were for an adult: "M" tanks with regulators that deliver no less than 2 liters of oxygen. As every prescription from the hospital and every bill from Apria makes clear, my baby is supposed to be receiving no more than .2 liters of oxygen. The adult delivery system does not work for her.

I called Apria to complain and was promised that the proper materials would be delivered – the next day. The next morning, a respiratory therapist arrived, again without warning (luckily we were at home), with only a pulse-oxymeter. She had no new oxygen tanks or other equipment. She explained to us how the pulse-oxymeter worked, but without any of the proper materials, my wife and I had no idea what was to be done. She called the Brooklyn dispatcher to inquire about what was happening and put him onto the phone to me. I complained about the conduct of Apria, and he began shouting at me to quiet down. At that point I hung up on him.

Eventually we received the proper equipment, with the help of the Elmsford branch manager. I thought that we had finally figured out how to deal with Apria.

This past weekend, I again had to order additional oxygen tanks plus a stand for the E tanks. I called Apria's emergency number. I was told I should have called on Friday, not Sunday. I said fine, but placed the order: 3 E tanks and 6 M tanks and one stand. On Monday morning, someone called to say that they could not deliver the tanks before Tuesday. I insisted that they deliver the tanks on Monday. They agreed to do so. So on Monday afternoon, a driver showed up at my house. He had three D tanks, 3 M tanks, and no stand. I asked him to leave all of the tanks and to take the empties. He would not take the empty E tanks because he was not delivering any full E tanks. I then called the Westchester office to place my order (3 E tanks plus a stand plus 3 M tanks) again. The woman who took the order was very helpful. This afternoon, a driver showed up at my apartment with an M tank and a stand. My wife (I wasn’t home) protested that this was not the proper order but the driver insisted on leaving it. She pointed out that the M tank is for adults and that my baby needs less than .2 liter of oxygen. He insisted on leaving it.

When I got home, I called the Westchester office one more time. I placed the order one more time. A driver then arrived – less than one hour ago – with… another M tank! I had to explain to him the situation. Thankfully, he took the M tank away and gave me the proper materials.

So, there are two problems here that need remedying:

1. The Brooklyn dispatcher. As I mentioned above, he is extremely rude. He has a terrible reputation in Apria itself. Several of the drivers informed me that he views the customer as the enemy, and some of the dispatchers in Westchester claimed that they had received multiple complaints.

2. The disconnect between Apria customer service representatives, the dispatch office, and the drivers. Every single time I place an order, I end up having to repeat myself to various individuals. Every single time, I invariably receive the wrong materials and have to replace the order. Every single time, I have to wait for hours on end, sometimes two days, sometimes three days, for drivers that show up with the wrong materials. Not only is this frustrating to me as a customer, but it must cost Apria many dollars to keep sending out drivers over and over again. It also must cost CIGNA (my insurance provider) as the contracting company, many dollars. Simply put, I think Apria is probably the single most badly managed company I’ve ever had to deal with.

Apria's poor customer relations and bad management could form the basis of a lawsuit, particularly since life-sustaining materials are being delivered in such a shoddy fashion.

I wrote to Apria's management about the above issues, but received no response.
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Posted by KBUG912 on 2010-09-03:
Posted by Starlord on 2010-09-03:
I had great experiences with Apria, and will not type in all caps, as I respect my fellow members. When I was put on oxygen due to COPD, the Apria driver brought me the concentrator, set it up and carefully explained how to operate it, including what to do if something went wrong. He also left two 'D'tanks and a cart, with more than enough hoses, cannula and fittings to last me a year. When I was prescribed a mobility scooter, they delivered a Pride Victory, showed me how to operate it, and made sure I could handle it safely before he left. When I had troubl with my CPAP machine, they got me a full-face mask and saw that it was properly fitted to my face. I have no complaints about Apria.
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Billing Issues with Apria
Posted by CRACK 1956 on 11/20/2010
HARLINGEN, TEXAS -- I rented a CPAP from them in October 2009 and made a copay for October at the time of receipt of the machine. I have made the 13 monthly rental copays but received another bill yesterday which will be the 14th one, even though my insurance company said, and Apria confirmed, that only 13 monthly copays are required. When I attempted to speak with customer service, I was immediately transferred to the billing center in India, which I was told that they can only receive payments. I called back and spoke to a Lorie in Overland Park, KS who said repeatedly that I owed just one more payment, even though she went down the list of payments I had made and I counted each one with her over the phone and I had all ready paid 13, but this did not stop her from claiming that the bill I had just received was for October making it the 13th. No matter, that I had counted with her 13 payments that had already been made. She kept rapidly repeating the same claim verbatim. This is only one recent extremely negative and frustrating experience with them. Everyone stay away from Apria. They are customer unfriendly and seek to over bill you.
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Abusive & incompetent customer department
Posted by Abuse & incompetent customer service on 04/18/2010
4095 PIKE LN CONCORD -- In November 2009 I contacted Apria Healthcare to see if my CPAP machine replacement would be covered by my medical insurance. I was advised by 2 different people at Apria that it would. After some delay I finally received my new machine in December 2009.
On March 31, 2010 I received a call from Sandra who claimed to be with Apria Healthcare claiming that I was renting my CPAP maching and that my insurance was no longer covering this in 2010. I told Sandra that there is no way I agreed, nor signed any document agreeing to a rental machine over the direct purchase as I had done with my previous CPAP. She just kept raising her voice saying "this is a rental, this is a rental, and then if she was going to send someone out to take the machine back". I asked to speak to her supervisor and she said she could not get her on the line and hung-up. I did get a second call from someone claiming to be her supervisor who again said they had processed my machine as a rental.
On Friday, April 16, 2010 I received a bill from Apria for $214.00. No explaination, just demanding payment.
Why would I rent a CPAP machine for $107.00 for month that can be purchased on the internet for as low as $289.00?
Threatening to take a CPAP away from someone who has Sleep Apnea is endangering my life. Are they serious?
There is no document that I signed, nor have I received anything in the mail from Apria which specifies terms for a rental machine. I would never have agreed to such nonsense.
I feel they are attempting to bully me into paying for a machine because they did not properly bill my insurance company. I changed insurance in 2010 and have a deductible that would not have been the case if they had handled my order in a competent manner to begin with.
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Posted by Alain on 2010-04-18:
See if your state's attorney generals office has some advice for you regarding this and be sure to keep any documentation you have related to this incident.
Posted by tnchuck100 on 2010-04-18:
I know exactly what you are up against. Those jerk-weeds are attempting to bill me for equipment my insurance will cover -- IF they will send the documentation requested by my insurance co. I have already sent them a certified letter and telling them they will receive nothing until my insurance actually denies the claim. They don't listen...they just keep on billing...they are incompetent idiots.
Posted by Alain on 2010-04-18:
Having heard that from tnchuck I would now say definately contact your state's attorney generals office.
Posted by raven2010 on 2010-04-18:
Does your insurance company have a patient advocate department? if so, a lot of times these folks can do wonders in clearing up messes like the one you describe.
Posted by Brenda on 2012-10-25:
I offer my empathy to you re your problem. I have been trying to get a bill paid since 2009 that my insurance would have paid and have given the correct information multiple times and they now have sent me to a collection agency. I refuse to pay it because I had insurance to cover it if they had only filed it under the correct information and the correct company. The only answer I can get is: we don't have to bill your insurance, we do it as a courtesy. I now have written letters disputing bill and will take it as far up the ladder as I can. APRIA is the worst company. They could care less about your health...they want your money.Very incompetent people.
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Not Customer Friendly - More Like Incompetent
Posted by Bret48 on 02/15/2011
I have had a CPAP since September 2010 when I need a new mask seal in the start on January 2011 I received one and paid my co-pay. Near the middle of February I received a voice mail from Apria that they had tried to collect on an outstanding balance. I called and after a 20 minute phone conversation with an indian who had a difficult time understanding English I finally figured out that my insurance had not paid for the seal and that I was said to still owe them the balance. I told them I would call my insurance and confirm that they had not paid and why. This was on a Friday night and on Tuesday morning I received another call when I was on the phone with my insurance. It was a voicemail from Apria that they had once again attempted to collect payment. I called Apria when I got home from work and after a 30 minute wait on hold listening to terrible music I was once again talking to an Indian who was unable to understand me. When I asked to speak to his supervisor he grew belligerent and after several heated exchanges with him he transferred me to his supervisor, who promptly hung up on me after saying she couldn't hear me. I work in a call center and qc phone calls as part of my duties.

I think I would fail the customer service representative and the supervisor, and any company associated with these people. I am mailing in my payment and am switching to another CPAP supplier. I don't mind speaking to call centers in foreign countries but I do expect quality service, but this was a case of getting what you pay for. By the way the supplier I am using is located in the USA.
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Posted by Alain on 2011-02-16:
Apria has numerous complaints here and on other sites. The BBB has them listed 'NR' (Not Rated) and indicates unresolved complaints and issues under review. None of this speaks well for their customer service or product.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2011-02-16:
Alain, Probably not rated because they won't pay the $$$$ to Bad Business Bureau
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-02-16:
I managed a sleep disorders center a few years ago. Apria was a problem then and I see their service has not improved. We actually decided to start providing CPAP equipment to the patient's ourselves. They couldn't believe the difference in service. It's good you found a new supplier for your very important piece of medical equipment. Thanks for warning others too.
Posted by momsey on 2011-02-16:
My hubby has had a CPAP for about 2 years, and he gets his supplies from Nationwide Medical. They seem to be a good provider. They call regularly to check in to see if he needs anything or has any questions. Every person that I've spoken to is clearly American.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-02-16:
I am happy my company doesn't outsource, but I talk to outsourcing agents everyday who call into my work. They do get upset if I can't understand them and ask them to repeat themselves. They also think they know more than I do when it comes to doing my job. I work in health insurance and I have had customers complain about Apria too. 9 times out of 10, Apria doesn't bill correctly. Then their outsourcing agents will call and get an attitude with me
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