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Do Not Use Apria In Any State
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Rating: 1/51

CHANDLER, ARIZONA -- 1st and only order for monthly homecare supplies from Apria: I provided manufacture part numbers via a fax for equipment and supplies I needed. I received 2 correct items of 7 ordered and 1 item that was not part of my order... The 5 items that I did order that were incorrect, only 1 was corrected and 1 of the 5 was unusable and very expensive, several hundred dollars. After a half dozen calls, none of the remaining incorrect items were corrected, including the very expensive item.

I contacted Apria's Corporate Office and submitted a formal complaint... their corporate office did nothing to assist or get the items corrected. My insurance paid for everything, including the wrong items. BCBS... I complained to them also, for paying.

I cancelled all future orders and I am now ordering the items I need directly from the manufactures. I buy in bulk and everything is great. Though I am paying for everything myself, but it is well worth it, not having to deal with Apria or any other company that is paid by insurance.

If you haven't used Apria before, please don't... if you are currently using them, please find a back-up so that when they mess up, you or your loved ones don't have to pay the price of wrong or missing supplies when they need them.

Fraudulent billing
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PASADENA, CALIFORNIA -- Apria is billing me for an unspecified service which I did not order by sending me invoices marked "past due". They have part of the name of my health insurance correct and my name and address right. They will not discuss the bill on the phone with me because I will not give them my birth date. I think they are preying on senior citizens by making it look like I have a past due bill.

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I am new to this state, I had healthcare when I came and immediately got a new healthcare provider upon arriving. Apria, hoever, told me that they had to have a credit card for my account. Well that would be fine, but I have one and the limit is $500. healthcare insurance, I told them in thdee begginning that it didn't have much left!
Although I have paid $200. on it during all this, I wondered just what they were trying to charge?
Then a month came and went, no oxygen delivery, no call, no nothing, the 23rd of the next mon I called they said I wasn'r on any route, so I went through 2 people the 1st was OK and the 2nd was rude and gave me some cockeyed story, I may be a senior citizen, but I am not stupid! I didn't live this long and not learn a few thing, It made me cranky for him to assume I would go for his nonsense!
Well finall after running around the bush a few times he said they would deliver in 2 days, but they would call, he didn't know when and I offered to call he said"NO I personally do not know how they do any business, not with that attitude!!
I have been using this company for almost 16yrs and have never had this problem until I came to this state, and by the way they all said"thisn't California" we do not do things the same way", well maybe they should take a trip down and watch, learn and listen, I had no problems with CA. ha

Ms. Senior Citizen

Apria Healthcare has incompetent customer service
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JACKSON, TENNESSEE -- On 2/9/11 I ordered CPAP supplies and gave my FSA card info. I asked if they accept FSA...they said if it did not go through, they would not ship supplies. We received the CPAP supplies and thought all was well.........
Call #1..."This is Apria. The card you used did not go through. Please call us with another card." I called my FSA...apparently, unknown to me, because I am a postal worker I have to manually submit the charges. I called Apria and explained this. They said they would send a bill for me to pay and then submit to FSA. 3 days later received the bill. Call #2:One day later received phone call..."This is Apria. The card you used did not go though....yada, yada" . I called again....Explained I just got bill yesterday. I reminded them they should not have even shipped product. I gave them my Visa info and I submitted bill to FSA. Guess what??? Call #3:Week later got call.."This is Apria. Your card would not go through". I thought they meant my Visa....I called Visa...It was put through on 2/21/11. I called Apria...they showed payment went through..I asked why the call? They said it could take up to 7 days to reach system..I said it had been 9 days! They assured me I would not be called again. Call #4: One week later :This is Apria. Your card did not go through". Called them again. Why do they keep putting it through FSA card when it is already paid in full. Asked where they are located....a call center in India. Asked that they stop calling....Assured it would not happen again. Call #5: One week later. After being transferred 3 times and explaining the situation I finally got a representative. I asked if the computer showed my previous calls. "yes mam". I asked if they showed my payment. "yes mam". I asked why they were still trying to bill my FSA. No answer. I asked why I have been called 5 times. No answer. I asked how we can stop this. She deleted the FSA card info, made a note to stop automated calls. She said that the next time we ordered supplied it should not be a problem. I agreed as there would not be a next time. They had lost a customer. If I receive one more call, The BBB is getting my next phone call! Stay away from this inept company. Pathetic!

Billing Issues with Apria
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HARLINGEN, TEXAS -- I rented a CPAP from them in October 2009 and made a copay for October at the time of receipt of the machine. I have made the 13 monthly rental copays but received another bill yesterday which will be the 14th one, even though my insurance company said, and Apria confirmed, that only 13 monthly copays are required. When I attempted to speak with customer service, I was immediately transferred to the billing center in India, which I was told that they can only receive payments. I called back and spoke to a Lorie in Overland Park, KS who said repeatedly that I owed just one more payment, even though she went down the list of payments I had made and I counted each one with her over the phone and I had all ready paid 13, but this did not stop her from claiming that the bill I had just received was for October making it the 13th. No matter, that I had counted with her 13 payments that had already been made. She kept rapidly repeating the same claim verbatim. This is only one recent extremely negative and frustrating experience with them. Everyone stay away from Apria. They are customer unfriendly and seek to over bill you.

Apria Negligent
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LOUISVILLE, COLORADO -- The person I lived with signed up for oxygen with Apria. Many problems with them. First, it took them months to get him into their billing system.
Then, errors with the bills.

When his oxygen level had to be increased, by doctor's orders, it took Apria literally months to record the change. So, when the delivery guy checked the concentrator to make sure it was working, he turned the level down from 4.5 liters to three. My partner lived in a sick, confused daze for three days, until we realized that the level had been turned down.

And when his level had to be increased, when he was working all day away from home, APRIA REFUSED TO GIVE HIM MORE THAN TWO PORTABLE UNITS!! He would run out of oxygen every day, and they kept saying that their "allowables" are only 2 portable units per day.

My partner died (from cancer) and after he died Apria billing would call 4-5 times per day - no message, nothing, just calls. I called them, told them to stop calling me, they argue with me, saying they have a right to call. I tell them that they don't leave a message and there's no one on the other end when I answer, so what's the use of calling? The agree to never call again, and then in one hour I get the next call.

I write a letter saying I want no more calls (I am not responsible for partner's medical bills), and when I called a few days later to again tell them not to call, they tell me that they threw away my letter!

This company is mismanaged, disorganized and unethical. To agree to take care of a patient's oxygen needs and then flatly refuse to do it is MALPRACTICE!

Not alone!
By -

JACKSON, TENNESSEE -- I reordered my CPAP supplies through Apria, a company recommended by my Sleep doctor. I had such a bad experience that I vow to NEVER use this company again. I happened upon this website and see that there are others out there...like me....who are had such a bad experience that they needed to vent. I too wish to vent.

Here is my story.

In February 2009 I ordered supplies and gave the girl on the phone my Healthcare Savings Account credit card number to pay for the order. She said I would receive a confirmation in the mail. My supplies came. The confirmation never did.

March: I honestly forgot about it for the next couple of weeks. Then I received my first Statement for the amount that was supposed to have been paid for when the order was placed. So I called in to the customer service, and I use that term loosely here, and told them that there must be a mistake as I have already paid for my supplies. They took my account number and said the order was processing and that I should have confirmation soon.

April: The next month goes by and another statement arrives. I talked with the "customer service" again and was told that the charge actually did not go through. I gave my Healthcare Savings Account number again and was told that I would be receiving a confirmation shortly.

May: Another month goes by and another statement arrives saying that All or part of my bill is seriously delinquent. OK. Yes, I am furious. I phoned the "customer service" folks again and was told that there was NO OPEN BALANCE, that the account had been paid in full. Fabulous. Finally.

June: You guessed it, another statement with a seriously delinquent threat on it. When I call in to speak with the fantastically inept customer service department, I am told....wait for it....the account has NEVER been paid. The young man on the phone checked my Healthcare Savings credit card number and said he would again try to run it through.

I phoned my Healthcare Savings Account company today to verify if any charges for the amount owed were ever processed. Yes. On the June phone call to Apria, it was finally charged through.

This is why I will NEVER deal this company again. Now I have to go through the process of finding a company that I can trust to provide me with reliable CPAP supplies.

Incorrect Billing Again. Billing Number Goes to Full Voicemail Box
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Rating: 2/51

PEARL CITY, HAWAII -- Incorrect bill, again. Called to correct. Billing number goes to voicemail box. Voicemail box is FULL. Incompetent billing, incompetent phone system, I am now calling my doctor to see if we could get CPAP machine from ANY other provider. I would pay more, if the bill were just accurate!

Google "Apria billing complaints" and see that this bad business has been screwing customers for more than 10 years, and they are apparently getting worse, not better. But the employees tell me they get free cookies ;-)

Lousy Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

NATIONWIDE -- It's impossible to contact Apria's billing department to resolve a simple payment problem. I paid my wife's invoice on time, but it got credited to my account instead of my wife's account. Now I'm receiving continual overdue notices. They didn't respond to my written explanation, and they don't answer their computerized phone system, so it is impossible to talk to anybody who could resolve the issue. Completely worthless customer service system.

Terrible Customer Service and False Charges
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Rating: 1/51

LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY -- If you need a CPAP machine, choose anyone BUT Apria. Bottom line, we were charged hundreds of dollars for things we did not authorize, had to cancel our debit card and our flexible spending cards, and are STILL fighting to get our money back. It's just not worth it. This has been a nightmare for months.

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