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Rating: 1/51

FREDONIA, NEW YORK -- On 10/7/2013 at approx. 1:30 Pm, my wife and I went to arbys to get a Reuben sandwich, our favorite. I ordered a medium, and all I can say I would of hated to seen the small. We usually order a med and split it because it's so big. The fries, the amount very little. We did get a medium drink and plenty of napkins. My wife went to use the ladies room and said it was filthy and the toilet seat broke, and decided not to use the bathroom.

We looked more closely. The floors were filthy, the chairs were disgusting, they looked like they years of scum on the backs. It's been awhile since we been to arbys fredonia. We have been to others in nc, fla. Tenn. Ky. etc., this one was the pits. Please send someone to inspect and make corrections. We would like to go back but not until then. Or I could call the health department.

Asked for Arby Sauce and Was Ripped Off!
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Rating: 2/51

FARMINGTON, NEW MEXICO -- Well, actually, it was the packets of Arby Sauce that were ripped off! I went to the drive through and ordered a couple of Arby melts and the cashier politely asked if I'd like any sauce with my order. I told her that I would like a few packets of Arby sauce.

Imagine my surprise when I returned to work and opened up my bag, only to find two out of three packets already had the corners torn off of them. It was as though they had gathered up extra packets from the tables and instead of throwing them away, they tossed them back into the sauce bin. All the while not realizing that some had been opened and partially used. Absolutely disgusting! Will I boycott that location for life? Probably not. Will I check my sauce packets from now on before driving away? You betcha!

This Is a Reuben?
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Rating: 1/51

PANAMA CITY BEACH, FL -- I admit I was lured in by the ads for their "Reuben" sandwich which has been my favorite sandwich for many years. I've had really good and some not very good ones, but Arby's won the award for something so opposite from what a Reuben is and also inedible even if you accepted the fact it wasn't a Reuben. I was shocked.

First, the "pastrami" in it looked like they had taken some type of very thin lunch meat and put it into a paper shredder. Unfortunately, I didn't open it until I was at home so did not complain on-site. One look and one bite was all it took and knew I had been scammed by Arby's. How could they possibly advertise this as a Reuben. Aside from that experience, the corporate offices should know that this Arby's location has a very poor appearance. It looks uncared for, not clean, which is why I never went there until they advertised their new sandwich, which they called the Reuben. I should have known better to even drive into such an unappetizing place.

Poor service
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Rating: 1/51

SAULT, MICHIGAN -- My family and I walked in to Arby's restaurant in Sault sainte Marie Michigan 49783 store number 6188. We come in and placed order and half food was not available. - turn overs for one. This is one of main reasons we go to the restaurant there and when ordered turn overs, they said they had none made up. I ask if they could make up one and it was only 330 pm in the afternoon. They said no they're not making anymore up for the day. I ask to talk to a manager, they said they were busy and we set down ate the food that they did have only cause my kids wanted to stay there to eat. Ask to see a manager 3 times, not once did he come to our table and there was only 3 other customers in the restaurant, so not like they were busy, just lazy is all.

Invalid balance on my gift card, which had been a gift at Christmas

LOGANVILLE, GEORGIA -- I attempted to use a gift card given me at Christmas. Since I did not purchase it, I had no idea what the value was. When I attempted to use the card the balance on the card was shown to be $4.71, which can't be correct as I had never used the card before. The manager was very rude in attempting to address the problem. I have another Arby gift card which I received at Christmas, but hesitate to use it feeling that it too will incorrectly reflect the balance available.

I attempted to go through your system indicated on the back of the gift card. I attempted 3 times to insert the 19 digit number asked for. The automated voice asked me to repeat the number as it was incorrect. After that I attempted to talk to an individual by calling the number on the receipt; it too refused to respond in a method by which I Could make contact. Is it possible to get a problem corrected by your company or should I just stop using your business? I will definitely pass the information I just relayed to you to the Sunday School class members who gave me the gift cards.

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TEMPE, ARIZONA -- I was violated by am employee by the name of ** while at the drive through window at the Arby's Location on 48th Street and Southern. I was waiting at the drive through menu trying to decide what to order. There were no cars waiting behind me for approx two min. Once a car pulled up behind me I choose to drive through and wait behind that vehicle and decide on my order. As a courtesy so that they didn't have to wait for me to decide. As I waited, my windows were rolled down allowing me to Hear the conversation between the Car ahead of me and the drive through employee. It was a lady in the car ahead and she asked the employee to give her free food.

He then said to her "what do you want?" she ordered two meals w/out drinks. She made it clear to him that the food is for free coming across as someone who frequents that location for free food. Once she proceeded to the window I then pulled up to the intercom and questioned in a joking manner "How do I get free food?" He then said you have to be a family member of mine. I was not pleased w/ the response therefore I proceeded to pull up to the window and asked ** for his Managers contact information. He got irate and pointed his finger at me and leaned out of the drive through window into my car as though he was going to lay a hand on me.

I then leaned back to avoid him placing a hand on me. He began yelling "You are trying to cause a problem or get me in trouble, you can go to Wendy's and order". He paused for a moment. I believe it was after seeing how scared I appeared. He then leaned back into his window and slammed the window hard and got right on the telephone refusing to take my order.

I was on the verge of calling the police but I was so shook up I proceeded to go home as it was late and I had a work schedule the next morning. I was not prepared for such service. After leaving I thought it would have been better if I would have involved the police as it was a scary situation for a lady, in a car alone at night. Shook me up...

Wrong sauce... right attitude.

FARMINGTON, NEW MEXICO -- For those that know me, Arby's and I have deep underlying issues that would send Dr. Freud into a mental spiral. However, this time around, Arby's sword of justice swung mightier than mine. I got off of work and decided to pick some up for dinner for my son and I, as it was going to be just the two of us tonight. I ordered a few miscellaneous sandwiches, fries, and some mozzarella sticks, which my son loves to no end. The wait was horrendous, long enough that I had to shut my vehicle off a few times in fear of overheating while idling stagnantly. After what seemed like an eternity, I arrived with my turn at the drive through window.

The cashier, who also happened to be adorned in what I credited as a manager's uniform, was having EXTREME difficulty opening the drawer to give me my change. She was already on the phone with "headquarters" when I arrived at the window. No complaints from me, or snooty comebacks, just patience. I was in one of those moods that I didn't care how fast the world was spinning on its axis. I was in no hurry at all. She finally won the fierce battle with the register and produced the correct change. She offered me a large beverage of my choice for the apparent inconvenience. I readily accepted and thanked her for her patience in the situation as well.

I told her she deserved a comp for her patience and courtesy during such a stressful situation. I must admit, this location has made great strides in the past couple of months. New management has been brought in, as well as new front line workers. Great job ARBY's! P.S.- The title of "wrong sauce" refers to me getting home and realizing I was given the incorrect sauce that I asked for, but at that point it didn't matter, I was still happy to see such great service in our town again.

Medium or Large?
By -

I hate the way corporate has told their employees to ask after you order, "Would you like that to be a medium or large today?" This implies that you ordered a medium combo meal for the listed price, (like the current $5.01 combo) not realizing that $5.01 price is for a small and if you answer medium or large there is an extra charge for it. Just another sneaky way for corporate to increase earnings. This is the old "Bait and Switch" routine. The poor souls that work there are forced to asked that question and they don't like it either.

Arby's, you have a good product already and you don't need to do this. It makes you look bad. Your focus should be on getting the orders right and if it's not, then give the customer something for free for his or her trouble. This is just good basic public relations.

Poor Customer Service at Arbys in Arlington TX
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ARLINGTON, TEXAS -- I am never going back to Arbys again, and I will tell everybody I know just how bad the service is there!! I have sent 3 e-mails asking to be contacted, and even sent one to their corporate office, telling them about the food that was knocked on the floor, and the manager picking it up, and putting it in a bag, to be given to a customer in the drive through. I told them how we had to clean off our own tables, and that the 2 chicken sandwiches for 4.00 was a total rip off... (It's one sandwich cut in half which makes it 2 sandwiches) My daughter who is 9 yrs old thought it was a happy meal with no toy..

Nobody gives a ** at this place!! We complained about the bad service to corporate, and received 3 free coupons .. We took the 3 free coupons, and went to go eat at the same Arbys we received bad service, it's the only one that's close to our house...

(I brought my camera this time) The place was very messy, trash overflowing out of trash cans (it was a lot worse when I left), soda area very messy... They screwed up our order again (as always). We walked in and waited in line. We were not even greeted (as usual). We placed our order, a total of 4 meals. I then mentioned we had 3 free meal coupons, the cashier said (oh damn, I wish you had told me that before I started ringing you up). I said "I am sorry, I did not know there was a procedure." She rolls her eyes, and sighs "huhhhh let me get the manager.") The manager comes over, and says "what do you want??" Rudely!

"These people have free meal coupons, and I need to take it off..." "How did you get these", the manager asks me ... I said "I got them because of a bad experience we encountered here last week", and she says, "oh you are one of those people.." We just got classified as complainers!!! Is this the way Arbys trains managers??? I cannot believe the way Arbys managers treat people!!! Whatever happened to (Hello, how are you doing) or (oh I am sorry you had a bad experience, let me make it right for you). We paid for the one meal with a 100.00 dollar bill, and I swear the cashier cannot count back change.

She counted it back 3 times, and each time it was different. When she handed our money to us, I told her "do not close the change drawer", I counted each bill to her one by one, and showed her that she shorted us $10.00... So we get our food, and the first thing is obvious... We ordered 4 meals, and got 3 fries.. I asked the manager about it, and she brought a small order over. I said "no, I got the extra value meal (large fries)" You know what...

I am tired of typing!!! DO NOT GO TO THIS ARBYS ON COOPER STREET in Arlington TX!!! They do not care, the managers do not care!! The employees think that customer service is a joke!!! Not to mention if there is food on the floor, they put it back up to be served to you!!! You get much better service at Taco Bueno next door, or Long John Silvers close by as well...

Attitude of Manager
By -

My husband went up to Arby's to pick up food for us late one evening (about 9 p.m). He was going to get food from the "pick 5 for $5.95" offer, but when he arrived he was told that offer was no longer running. So he grabbed the cell phone and called me to ask what I wanted (and being the courteous man that he is, he pulled out of the drive through and back around while he called me so that nobody had to wait behind him).

I told him what I wanted and listened on the phone as he placed the order for a super roast beef, a roast beef sub, and 2 orders of fries. Knowing that they are typically slow, he talked to me after having ordered and I expressed my concern that the order may not be accurate since I did not hear them repeat it back to him.

So when he was handed the back he quickly glanced in and saw that instead of a roast beef sub he had been given a turkey sub. He got the attention of the young lady in the drive-through and told her that he had been given the wrong sandwich. She proceeded to argue with him that he ordered a turkey sub and that is what he was given so there was nothing she could do about it. He asked for a manager, and was told that he would have to come inside to talk to the manager. He parked and went in. The manager then argued that she had heard the order and that she knew he ordered a turkey sub.

So my husband being very mild mannered took the food and came on home. Well I was very upset, and seeing as it neither of us will eat turkey I decided to call up there and let them know I would be bringing the food back in for a refund. They answered the phone and I asked for the manager. She got on the phone and I made sure to get her name, then began to explain the problem to her.

I said to her "my husband was in and was given the wrong food, we would"... and was interrupted by her saying "oh, let me guess, the ** turkey sub!". She had a nasty attitude and came across like she was looking for a fight. I then said "yes, the turkey sub, as a matter of fact.

"We are bringing the food back for a refund." To that she replied, "He DID order the turkey, I heard him. I do not know what lies he is there telling you, but he was up here cussing and throwing that food all over and I told him to get his ** out of my store." I was speechless for a moment because in 3 years of being together, I have never seen him throw things and have a tantrum like she was describing.

Trying to remain calm I repeated the request for a refund to which she said, "I am sick of you people trying to rip us off. He got what he ordered and that is that." Now I have no idea what people she was referring to, but I am certain that I do not make a practice of ripping anybody off, in fact we had not been to that Arby's for more than a year because of the problems we had with them before (inaccurate orders).

I tried to explain this to her by saying, "I am not sure what you are saying. We have not been to that restaurant for at least a year because there was a history of service problems and we were tired of the hassles." She said to me, "well, I am not the only ** person that works here. Bring the ** in and you will get your money back!" and slammed the phone down. We did get our money back and will not return.

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