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Nobody Cared
By -

COWETA, OKLAHOMA -- My 2 kids and I went Arby's in Coweta, OK, we only chose that place because there are very few places in Coweta to eat. We went in because I have waited up to 20 minutes in the drive-through line before. There was a guy that worked there sitting out front, sprawled out, leaned against the building, smoking. He got up when we pulled up, he walked in before us, didn't hold the door, and just walked to where they prepare the food and didn't let anyone know we were standing there, and there were at least 3 people back there at the time.

So after about 5 minutes, a girl was walking down the hall from the bathrooms, she was mopping, and said she was sorry and kind of laughed. We ordered our food, and when we were going to sit down, this family, the only one in there, was leaving and she said very loud, "BYE! THANK YOU!" No response from anyone in there.

So we got our food, and an older man and his grandson walked in and stood at the counter for about 7 to 10 minutes. He finally left, nobody came to the front to acknowledge them. The place was empty, and it was probably around 9:00 pm and the girl who waited on us started mopping right by us, and told us to just ignore her, she wanted to hurry and get out of there. I always hated going to the drive-through there, but I will never go back again, they absolutely did not care at all about any of the 3 families that chose their place to eat.

And that is just what I witnessed, how many times does that happen. And the guy who was smoking outside when we got there, went out 2 more times and sprawled out about 5 feet from the front door to smoke, so that was 3 times he took the time to go smoke, and didn't take the time to say "Hi" or let anyone know we were there. No more will I ever go spend way too much money to get treated like that, and watch it happen to other people.

By -

EL CAJON, CALIFORNIA -- I am a frequent customer of Arby's for ten years. Both of my children started their work history at Arby's. I usually dine at this location since I've moved to El Cajon, Ca. However, after this experience I do not plan on dining at another Arby's location again. I was mortified at what I saw.

I arrived at 5:39 pm and left at 6:01 pm. During this time James ** was preparing the fried foods. He was sniffing, scratching his head (his hair was cut really low), face and neck while standing over the products. With the same hand that he scratched his face he re-arranged the french fries by placing his hands over the top of the fries. I like the idea the employees wear visors. I understand that it can gets hot behind the counter.

However, I feel if someone has long hair they need to have a hair net on as well. Stephanie did not. She was placing the fried products in the bags and handing them to the customers at the counter. I was going to complain to the Manager. I decided against it when I noticed that ** (I'm not quite sure of the spelling, I heard an employee call her by name) corrected an order that was given out at the drive through and brought back in by the customer.

After, the customer told ** that his wife opened the sandwich because she had a special order and realized it wasn't correct. The sandwiches that were brought back inside the restaurant by the customer were re-wrapped and handed out again.

My daughter was shocked. She told me that when she worked at Arby's they "wasted" food that passed the counter. I was so glad I finished my food because I would not have wanted another bite. I realized that I didn't trust the employees at that Arby's. Sad to say that it also reflects on the other Arby's establishment. I will pass this story on to others in hopes that they will decided against spending their hard earned money at any of your restaurants. I still have my receipt if you need any further evidence of my being there.

Never Returning To This Establishment
By -

LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY -- We live very close to this particular Arby's. As such, we visit the drive-through and dining room quite often. Today was most likely the worst experience we have ever had at an Arby's. The inside of the restaurant was filthy. There has been an infestation of flies and other bugs for quite a while, but it was even worse this visit. We could not eat without almost swallowing a fly.

I ordered a large fry, and only received half of a large container, which was filled with what looked like leftover burned pieces of fry crumbs. I ordered the number 4 combo, and the Beef and Cheddar sandwich was cold. There was very little actual meat on the bread, and the cheese sauce was spilled all over the wrapper, as if the person who had constructed it did not care.

The employees were rude and apparently did not know how to work a cash register. There was one in particular whose behavior really prompted me to send this complaint. Her name was Becky. She was in what looked like a manager's uniform. She was walking back and forth between the back and front of the restaurant, screaming to the party of about 8 or 9 people in the dining area, who seemed to be friends or family. She was very loud, inconsiderate to the customers in the restaurant and, at times, crude.

She was complaining about her job very loudly, and complaining about wanting to just go home. There were also some curse words used in front of children in the restaurant. Other customers in the store also were taken aback, and said so to me before walking out.

Bottom line, the restaurant was filthy and overrun with insects. Becky, the manager/employee, was disrespectful, and definitely not worried about what image she gave of your establishment. The food was not up to par at all, and not worth the money we paid for it. And, needless to say, neither I nor my family will be returning to your "restaurant".

If You're a Nasty, Miserable Creep, Arby's Has a Job for You!
By -

PEMBROKE PINES, FLORIDA -- On the evening of 6/20/08, I had a bizarre and extremely unpleasant experience at an Arby's restaurant. I used the drive-through at about 11:30 PM, and my kids and I ate in the car. When we were ready to leave, I put all of our trash back into the bags in which the food had been served, and left the vehicle to throw it away.

I discovered that nowhere on the property was there a trash can, so I approached the restaurant door; I could see three crew members inside sitting around and laughing with one another. I tried the door, which was locked, and called through the glass, asking about where I could put the trash. I was ignored, so I neatly folded the tops of the two bags closed, and left the two bags carefully against the corner wall where they wouldn't be blown around and easily could be disposed of the next day.

Moments later, one of the same crew members who had ignored me now opened the door and launched into a string of horrible obscenities ("** you! Pick up that ** trash!"). I calmly explained that there was no proper place to put the trash, and I was told that "I should take the ** trash home with me." Ultimately, I ended up walking to the back of the restaurant, in the dark parking lot, and placing the trash in the store's dumpster.

While it is only mildly aggravating that one of their stores isn't equipped with the most basic piece of restaurant equipment imaginable (a trash can), I am absolutely stunned by the attitude and behavior of the Arby's staff. There may not be a more hostile and inappropriate crew working in any fast food establishment in America than the pathetic group of future felons that Arby's employs in Pembroke Pines, Florida.

Although I've enjoyed Arby's for more than twenty years, I will never again visit any of their locations, and most certainly not with my children, who are still asking about "Why those crazy people were cursing at us last night." My advice to Arby's customers: bring a can of mace or pepper spray with you on your next visit so that you can defend yourself against their staff.

I Will Never Be Back
By -

ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- I wrote this letter to Arby's about their restaurant in East Point, GA. I love Arby's but seldom go because the one nearest my home has notoriously bad service. I gave in yesterday and hoped I would at least get some good food. I had a horrible experience with some of the most inept customer service people one could imagine.

I had to repeat my order 4 times in the speaker. When I pulled up to window, I had to repeat it to the man/boy in charge of the window, twice. He told me it was $5.55. I knew that was not enough and I repeated my order, now for the 7th time. He said $9.61. I gave him $10.01, he gave me $3.40 in change. I returned the three dollars saying it was not mine. He told me to pull up and wait for my chicken. Not once did he apologize for his incompetence, or thank me for my patience, or even thank me for not stealing the $3.

That exchange took ten minutes. I waited another 5 for the food. When it arrived at my door, the deliverer just held it out to me, not a word was spoken by him (thanks for waiting? hello? nothing!). When I looked in the bag, the order was completely wrong. Now furious, I parked my car and went inside to get my money back. The lid to my soda popped off, having not been applied correctly by this person who works for you and it spilled all over my shorts.

Once inside, I asked politely for my money back. The woman who took my food disappeared for 5 minutes. She finally returned and gave me my money. AGAIN, no apology, no words at all. It could not have mattered less that I was angry or disappointed. It could not have mattered less that I was alive to her. This location is filled with the most amazingly rude, incapable people. I pity your company for having them as ambassadors. I will never, ever eat there again. And I intend to tell everyone I ever meet about this experience. You should be ashamed.

By -

SALISBURY, MARYLAND -- I just want to say that I've been very disappointed about some of the things that have happened to Arbys. I guess the restaurants have been sold to someone else in Salisbury, and boy has this made a huge difference. The Last time we went to dinner on Ward Street in Salisbury, it took around 20 minutes to get food. I later found out that they had erased my order from the board and I didn't get any help with a new order for a very long time.

It seemed that I was bothering them by being there. This in itself would have been bad enough except I now work across the street at the new Salisbury University Building that is now under construction. I have tried to cross route 13 at break time and get some food for break, except it takes all of my 15 minutes to get a small order of food.

Today I was very disturbed to see one of out employee trucks being loaded onto a flatbed truck and being towed away because he was parked in their parking lot for around 3 hrs. because there was no parking left behind the store in front of railroad tracks. The manager didn't even give him a warning that this was going to happen, and the employee had to pay $175.00 to get his truck back. I have asked the people of the construction job to boycott the restaurant and not to eat there, I will never, never eat at another Arbys again and I will encourage others to do the same.

I work hard for every morsel of money I can get to support my family. Not only do we "The construction workers" risk our lives trying to get across Route 13 to get to our cars. Why just this past week I heard about an incident about a car actually trying to hit one of the guys trying to cross the hwy.

We now have been moved a block further away because of the manager. We were parked by the Railroad traks in the back of the store, I don't think Arbys owns this property but it has been OK so far for over a year to park there, until today. It is going to be very hard to carry 50 lbs of tools from a block away to the job. Thanks and I will be eating elsewhere from now on. There is around 200 workers on this construction job and many of them won't be eating across the street anymore.

The Black Man who plays the BEE/TEARS OF SADNESS
By -

DETROIT, MICHIGAN -- I am appalled, angered and saddened by your portrayal of a black man as the human bee on your Arby's commercial. Do you realize or care to realize how you used the two white men and one black man to represent your restaurant? Your interpretation of the African Americans is without a doubt one the most racist commercials in history. You display racism at its finest.

First of all your so-called bee is not anatomically correct. The bee has two antennas on the top of its head that are closely netted together. It ceases to be amusing when you turn a black man into a picaninny for the public to laugh at and ridicule on National T.V. or anywhere for that matter.

You should be ashamed of yourselves. You know as well as I do that a picaninny has braids which are extended and in disarray all over the African American's head. By using three braids spaced apart you exhibit immaturity, recklessness and thoughtlessness for a person race, creed or color.

Let's be real. When have you seen a bee with three braids aka: antennas all over its head that is a representation of a picaninny with a black face which is a reincarnation from hell and very disturbing! Your commercial and your sense of humor disgust me; you did not take into account how some of your customers would view your commercial and the connotations attached. Review the African Americans history; note the pictures of picaninnies or get a listing from your local History Channel and hopefully you will get a clue. You ultimately relegate African Americans back to the cotton fields and black sambo days without thought.

Your company is ignorant of important factors. NOTE: When you have two white men standing back watching a black man work and laughing at him sends me chills. You show a black man reading a sign without comprehension; he just listens to the white men, not comprehending, looking extremely stupid while the white men stand back laughing. That is totally degrading for any African American who knows their history. Sometimes you have to work harder to find real comedy instead of abusing another person's history. TRULY DISGUSTED.

Medium or Large?
By -

I hate the way corporate has told their employees to ask after you order, "Would you like that to be a medium or large today?" This implies that you ordered a medium combo meal for the listed price, (like the current $5.01 combo) not realizing that $5.01 price is for a small and if you answer medium or large there is an extra charge for it. Just another sneaky way for corporate to increase earnings. This is the old "Bait and Switch" routine. The poor souls that work there are forced to asked that question and they don't like it either.

Arby's, you have a good product already and you don't need to do this. It makes you look bad. Your focus should be on getting the orders right and if it's not, then give the customer something for free for his or her trouble. This is just good basic public relations.

Asked for a Super Arby and Got Classic
By -

CHAMPAIGN, ILLINOIS -- Went to Arbys store # 24 on Springfield. Mom and I have not had a Super Arby for a long time, so that is what we asked for. Opened it up and it was a regular roast beef and on the receipt it said classic - it did have lettuce and tomato. To me the sandwich was awful. What happened to the super. It had some kind of french dressing stuff on it. We did not complain or take it back but was very disappointed. We both love Arbys. But if they did away with the super, they should have said something I would of got one of the other choices. Just disappointed in what I was expecting.

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Rating: 1/51

WASHINGTON, INDIANA -- We went to Arby's in Washington last night for dinner. It took us 10 minutes just to place our order. The manager on duty was outside smoking when we pulled in. When we seen her come in she never washed her hands and proceeded to handle the food. As we just and ate our Food we could hear her cursing and being very loud and UNprofessional. We will not be returning to Arby's if she is working. We were very disappointed in her ability to manage the store. We always pick a restaurant. Once a week to eat dinner at and the service we received. Monday evening was horrible. She looked very young and in our opinion had no business being in charge..

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