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Aussie Hairspray Glued My Head to the Pillow!
Posted by on
Now I know what everyone is complaining about. I've read quite a few complaints about the clogged nozzle on Aussie's Mega hairspray and have advised people to just clean it after each use. I was wrong.

I guess Aussie finally got around to changing the formulation of my hairspray, Aussie Instant Freeze. This is the umpteenth time they have changed it, and I have to tell you, it's starting to get on my nerves.

Whatever the new ingredient in this formulation is, it behaves just like glue. It's so sticky that my head is actually stuck to the pillow in the morning. If anyone dares to smell my hair, it will make sniffing glue a thing of the past. Just sniff hairspray! But here's the thing. It doesn't hold any better, it's just stickier! I can only assume that Aussie is using a cheaper ingredient in an attempt to cut costs. However, I think they will be cutting customers in the process.

I've been using Aussie products for at least twenty five years and have suffered through all the changes. I honestly don't know why I am so loyal, as I feel completely betrayed. This last change may be the one that puts me over the edge. As others have said, the nozzle is constantly clogged. You have to press so hard for the hairspray to come out, that when it finally does the force sends your hair into another galaxy. It's so difficult to use that I just don't think I can continue to buy this product any longer.

I never thought I'd say this, but I wish Procter and Gamble would cut Aussie's R&D budget. They seem to have more money than they know what to do with. Either that or they have too much time on their hands. Why can't they just leave well enough alone?
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 09/20/2010:
That's tough, Venice. I don't use this sort of thing, so I guess I won't have to worry about gluing my head to anything. I could sort of see it getting stuck to a bus seat too, especially once the humidity did it's job to it. My weapon here is products that help your hair not to frizz!
Alain on 09/20/2010:
Even though I don't use the product, I'll pass this along to my wife!
MRM on 09/20/2010:
Aye Caramba!
PepperElf on 09/20/2010:

I guess Proctor and gamble are running the Aussie name into the ground?
Anonymous on 09/20/2010:
Sorry Venice, but you got to admit, imagining your head stuck to your pillow is funny. I don't use hairspray, but if I did, I shower every night so wouldn't have that problem. Have you tried their non-aerosol sprays? Paul Mitchell makes a pretty good freeze spray.
trp2hevn on 09/20/2010:
I'm sorry too Venice, but that visual just makes me laugh.
Mrs. V on 09/20/2010:
Anyone remember Adorn hairspray? That was the best one that was on the market at the time. Held in ANY type of weather but was still not sticky and had a nice smell.
DebtorBasher on 09/20/2010:
The Aussie products smell soooooo good! I use their spritz spay to super glue the legs of spiders so they can't run away, then I kill them. I really did buy the product to use as a bug spray, it works great.
shootingstar1284 on 09/20/2010:
Yikes, I use that! It used to be my favorite hairspray when I didn't want my hairdo to budge in a wind tunnel. I haven't bought a new bottle recently, but thanks for the warning Venice!
Skye on 09/20/2010:
Good review Venice!

Now that I'm thinking about it, maybe I should have looked into Aussie Instant Freeze for the paper wasps invasion, instead of calling the Orkin man!
Sparticus on 09/20/2010:
I used this brand as a kid in high school (I think it was the same brand). I remember it smelled and felt a lot like glue! ;-)
Venice09 on 09/20/2010:
I know that hairspray is supposed to be sticky. In fact, I don't even bother using anything that says it's flexible. I have straight, fine hair that needs all the help it can get. If I didn't use hairspray there would be no point in styling my hair at all. And non-aerosol spray makes it worse. It's too heavy and wet.

I switched to Freeze when Aussie Volume became too sticky. Freeze had just the right amount of stickiness and washed out easily. However, everything this new formula comes in contact with is sticky, such as the floor, countertop, but it doesn't hold any better! That's the part that gets me. Well, that and the darn nozzle. I'm tired of nothing coming out of the can. I was a little skeptical about the other reviews, but now I see what everyone means.

My biggest complaint is that they change the formulas so often you never know what you're going to get. Sometimes it says 'New Formula' on the can, but most of the time it's a surprise. I really don't know why I keep buying their products. I think it's time to look for something new.

And yes, I have used it to kill bees and wasps. I never thought to use it on spiders. I have an arrangement with the spiders. We've agreed to coincide as long as they don't come anywhere near me. So far it's been working nicely.

I'm not kidding about my hair being stuck to the pillow. That's how sticky this stuff is. And the awful humidity isn't helping.
Venice09 on 09/20/2010:
I do remember Adorn and Aqua Net. Those are my first memories of hairspray. Maybe it's time to go back to the beginning. If they're still around, I'd be willing to try them again.
Anonymous on 09/20/2010:
Doesn't that stuff make your hair break off?
Don't know this personally but next to gold and silver spray paint, Aqua Net is pretty popular with the huffers so don't pick up a nasty habit with that stuff!
Mrs. V on 09/20/2010:
Unfortunately, Adorn and Aqua Net is almost only found online (Amazon, Ebay) now :(

I have found Adorn once or twice in 10 years at Big Lots, though, lol ^_^

I've heard some nice things about Biolage (though, I haven't used it).
Venice09 on 09/20/2010:
Thanks for the info, Mrs. V. We have a few dollar stores here. One of them might just have it. I hesitate to try anything expensive because chances are I won't like it. I have so many hair products that I've only used once or twice and are stashed away under the sink. At least if it's cheap, I don't mind throwing it away.
CrazyRedHead on 09/20/2010:
I used to be a big user of super extra hold Aqua Net when I was younger (80's big hair phase). You could style your hair with a pillow and it would stay put. Imagining the commotion in the morning when you try and get out of bed. Puts new meaning to the term "bed head". LOL. Luckily, I don't need that stuff anymore, I've gone to the long straight look. Getting caught in a downpour now isn't as upsetting, since I'll look the same when wet as I did when dry.
Venice09 on 09/20/2010:
I was never able to wash and go, CrazyRed. There's an advantage to straight, fine hair because it doesn't get frizzy, but mine just does nothing if I don't attempt to style it. I was never able to keep it long. It just looked bad.

If I get caught in a downpour with this hairspray, my head will look like Fisher Price little people!.. haha
Anonymous on 09/20/2010:
venice, I have fine, straight hair, but it does get frizzy in this humidity. I think the best way to find a product you like is to ask your hairdresser. That's what I do and I've been introduced to Kerastace products that work great here in this always humid weather. I'm hoping it works well at home too because I really like it. (Does anyone know if this line is carried in the US?)
Ytropious on 09/20/2010:
Nothing worse than sticky hair products. I don't use hairspray, but I've used aquage before. Stuff sprays like butter and holds well. Too bad it's one of those pricey salon brands.
Alain on 09/21/2010:
Aqua Net makes the best explosive charge for potato cannons. We used it on a 'target area' on the Shenandoah River in Virginia and it gave us an extra 50 feet in range. You need that to hit a moving raft sometimes.
Venice09 on 09/21/2010:
I think I've seen Kerastase in Target in the aisle with the more expensive haircare products. That's where they have the L'Oreal EverStrong shampoo and conditioner that I like so much. I don't think there's a hairspray though, and it would probably be more than I want to spend. I've never seen Aquage, but that is also probably too expensive. I've tried just about every styling gel/mouse/spray out there, even the expensive ones, and I always go back to Aussie Volume gel and Aussie hairsprays. The gel has hops in it, which is my favorite styling ingredient. Ever try rinsing your hair with beer? The hops works great.

I wonder if Aqua Net still uses the same formula it did years ago. It does seem a bit scary, Alain. Kisha, I never thought about hair breaking off but that makes sense if the hairspray makes the hair too stiff. I could see that happening. Ript, I do admit that my head being stuck to the pillow is pretty funny.

Maybe I'll just invest in a good razor and shave my head.
Anonymous on 09/21/2010:
Thanks, Venice. I'll check out the aisle when I get home! That way I won't have to bring it with me in my luggage.
Venice09 on 09/21/2010:
Hopefully you'll come home to cool, crisp autumn air!
Sassy2 on 09/25/2010:
Your review was hilarious!!
Venice09 on 09/25/2010:
Thanks, Sassy! I wrote it in the heat of the moment and was hoping that came through. I'm still annoyed, but at least now I'm laughing!
raven2010 on 09/25/2010:
Venice, I use pantene Ice hairspray---hold really well, never ever sticky.
Venice09 on 09/25/2010:
Raven, I've tried Pantene but I don't remember which one. I'll have to check my stash to see if Ice is in there. I always check the sample bins so I can try new ones without having to buy a big can. I haven't found too many hairsprays though. I'm hoping that if Aussie gets enough complaints they will fix this. But even if they do, they'll just change it again. Like I said, I don't why I've remained so loyal to this brand. They don't seem to care about their old customers who get hooked on the products. They even told me once that they change formulas to attract new customers. What about me?
raven2010 on 09/25/2010:
I know venice, it is annoying when something tried and true suddenly changes!
chrissiann on 09/25/2010:
I'm sorry about the hairspray, but your review had my boyfriend and me laughing out loud! it is hilarious!
Venice09 on 09/25/2010:
Thanks, chrissiann! I like nothing better than to make people laugh. It does the heart good.
heliot52 on 09/26/2010:
I haven't used any hair styling products in 2 yrs. Reason is that I developed a reaction to the plastics used in spray, gel, and mousse that had not only my hair falling out more than normal, but also my lashes and brows, too. The products made my scalp burn, and caused my face to look like I had 1st degree burns. After 2 yrs of not using the stuff, my brows and lashes are back, skin is normal, and hair is thicker than ever! If you have any of those symptoms, you might want to stop using the products for 2 weeks, look for any changes that might indicate what is pretty much an allergic reaction to your hair products. The only downside is that I can't use mascara any more, but I can live with that.
Venice09 on 09/26/2010:
Sounds awful, heliot. Thank goodness it wasn't permanent and that the hair grew back. I'm not having any of those problems, but thanks for the warning and advice. I'll keep it in mind.

I don't use mascara. It's too rough on my eyelashes. I use Ardell Brow and Lash Growth Accelerator instead. It's like a lash conditioner. You can get it at and other places online. But I understand if you're hesitant to use anything on your lashes under the circumstances.
Lifemates on 10/04/2010:
I agree it sounds nasty
Venice09 on 10/04/2010:
As I'm getting to the bottom of the can, I noticed that there's an overwhelming smell of alcohol. I never noticed that before. It really IS nasty.
Venice09 on 01/21/2011:
I thought I'd post a follow-up to this review. I contacted Aussie through its website, and they sent me a coupon. But that didn't solve anything. However, I noticed that the design of the can changed, so being a glutton for punishment, I tried it again. I think they actually did alter the formula to make it less sticky. The nozzle still gets clogged, but my hair is no longer sticking to the pillow. Ahh, the power of feedback.
Mrs. V on 01/21/2011:
I'm glad that it work out better for you ^_^ And thank you for letting us know the outcome!
awagz on 03/17/2012:
I'm having the clogging/breaking problem with Aussie instant freeze. tried soaking nozzle in hot water, baking soda and vinegar (not at the same time though :O). still clogged. going to try other stuff now. anyone know of a comparable? used to use pantene but became sensitive to the panthenol. makes my nose, scalp and skin around my hairline itch. thanks!
sherry on 01/21/2013:
This hair spray is the only one that will keep my hair in place..I Love it..keep making it please!!
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Aussie hair spray
Posted by on
I have been using Aussie hairspray for many years now and am finding I am getting very frustrated with their product. The last 3 large size hairspray bottles have plugged up on me after a few uses. Run under hot water after every use and does no good. This product is not the cheapest and I cannot afford to keep throwing them away half way through. I am also very frustrated that I cannot find an email or way to contact them other than phone. I don't have all day to stay on hold. They really need to evaluate this and come up with better contact services. I am done buying this product till I know it is resolved...
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 01/20/2010:
There's a form you can fill out found here:
Anonymous on 01/20/2010:
OP, you can't just run it under hot water. You have to pump hot water through the spray nozzle to clean it out.

Venice09 on 01/20/2010:
I have been using Aussie products for as long as I can remember and have never had a problem with clogged hairspray nozzles. I find the best way to keep any hairspray nozzle unclogged is to give it a few wipes with a wet paper towel each time you spray. It may seem annoying at first, but after a while you get used to doing it. If you really like the product, first give that a try before deciding to switch.

My only complaint with Aussie is that they keep changing the formulas, but that's a whole other story.
PepperElf on 01/20/2010:
I'm surprised the OP couldn't find the contact information.

It took me less than 30 seconds to find it.

I went to google and type in
Aussie products contact

Page 2 has an "Email Us" link

I'll Tiny Url the link for you

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Clogged hair spray nozzle and broken mousse nozzle
Posted by on
4 cans of hair spray I bought in the last year have had clogged hair spray nozzles and cannot be used. I also recently purchased a can of Mousse and when I pushed down on the dispenser it broke off the can and is unusable. I am wasting too much money. I like the product and that is why I have put up with these issues this long. I have been using Aussie products for many years and do like the results, but I can no longer afford to throw money away on faulty products. If it has happened to me this many times in 1 year, I can only imagine this happening to a lot of other people. I am not sure I will be a loyal patron to this company any longer.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 04/21/2011:
That's very annoying to have happen. Did you try running very hot water over the clogged hair sprayer? I've tried that on mine, a different brand, and it worked. It looks like others have had the same issue with Aussie hair spray.
clutzycook on 04/21/2011:
I had the same issue with a can of Aussie hairspray a few months ago. I ran warm water over it, stuck a pin into the nozzle hole and it worked like a champ. As for the broken mousse nozzle, I don't have a solution for that. On the back of the bottles, there's a customer service number. Have you tried calling them?
Venice09 on 04/21/2011:
Don't even get me started. I, too, have been an Aussie user for as long as I can remember. They change formulas more often than I change underwear. When I first started reading the complaints about the clogged nozzles, I gave the same advice. Just run it under water, wipe it off, etc. But then the formula of MY hairspray changed (again!), and it too became impossible to use. I wrote a review about it.

I have contacted Aussie many times over the years, and all they do is send me a coupon while continuing to change formulas. This has been the worst formulation so far. The hairspray is so sticky now that it actually glues my head to the pillow! (I think that's the title of my review.) Of course the nozzle is going to clog. It's glued shut.

I found an old can of Aussie Real Volume hairspray in the back of the closet. The original Real Volume was my absolute favorite hairspray of all time. I tried using the old can and couldn't believe how superior it is to what they are making now. The only thing I can say is that the new formulas must be based on cheaper ingredients. How expensive is glue, after all?
Razzel on 04/22/2011:
We have been using Aussie for several years now and learned early on to wipe the nozzle after each use. We use our thumb, water works also. If it clogs just scrape it with your finger nail.
Venice09 on 04/22/2011:
Razzel, I've been using Aussie hairspray for at least 20-25 years, and it has never been this bad before. I wipe the nozzle with a wet paper towel after each spray, and it still gets clogged. It was never this sticky before, and the old, less stickier versions worked just as well. So what's the reason for all the stickiness? It is literally like glue.
Linda on 01/03/2013:
I have alway used Aussie freeze and until the last year or so, the nozzle is alway glued shut. I have tried everything. I placed a white rain nozzle on the freeze bottle and although it doesn't fit very well it works like a charm. Come on Aussie get with making a neww nozzle.
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Aussie Instant Freeze In Aerosol Are You Nuts?
Posted by on
Rating: 2/51
SANDUSKY, OHIO -- I used to love Aussie products and they keep changing them over and over. Please where did the spritz pump bottle go? Now the instant freeze is in an aerosol, give me a break it's clogs constantly and now it's not working.

I tried running it under hot water, pin in the whole to unclog nothing works. I still have half of a can left. What a rip off!
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Clogged Sprayer
Posted by on
I have used Aussie for years and for some reason the last couple of cans I have purchased have worked for almost a week and then the sprayer gets clogged and I can no longer use this product. This only happens in the large cans of Aussie Hairspray. This is costing me to much and I really enjoy this hairspray compared to others. I guess am going to have to start buying a new product.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 03/03/2010:
Run the top of the can (the nozzle) under hot water and it should unclog the can. I use Tresseme and it does this too. Even the pump bottles do it.
Anonymous on 03/03/2010:
You can clear the nozzle with a straight pen as well.
Anonymous on 03/03/2010:
Zz...good idea!
Venice09 on 03/03/2010:
To prevent the problem, I wipe the nozzle off with a wet paper towel each time I spray it. It sounds like a nuisance, but it's actually easy.

However, there have been several reviews about this from people who have not had this problem in the past, which makes me think something else is going on. I use Aussie Freeze and haven't noticed a difference in the nozzle, but I think you might be referring to a different variety in a bigger can. You should call Aussie and let them know. The number is on the can.
Anonymous on 03/03/2010:
This may not work for hair spray, but when nozzle on spray paint cans get clogged up, you can hold the can upside down and spray for a few seconds and the nozzle will clear. This is because there is something in spray paint to allow this to happen. I don't know if hair spray has this feature or not.
Crown Jules on 03/03/2010:
I have a large can of Aussie hairspray and have been having the same problem lately but I figured out that if I just keep pressing the nozzle it clears itself up in a few seconds and goes on perfectly. It's a little annoying, sure, but no big deal. If only all of life's problems were so minor.
old fart on 03/03/2010:
Invert the can and wait til the hairspray stops... then us it normally..
Funinthesun on 07/28/2012:
I have had this same problem and it's beginning to be on a consistent basis. About every third can I buy only works for a week or so. I've used the instant freeze for years but it's about time for me to find a new product. Nothing pisses me off more than only being able to do half my hair before work!
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Aussie Hair Spray Remedy
Posted by on
301 EAST 6TH STREET, CINCINNATI, OHIO -- I, too, have used Aussie Mega Hair Spray for years and struggled with the nozzle clogging. After returning the product twice to the store, I was determined to get the 3rd can to work as I did not want to change hair spray. I replace the nozzle with one from another aerosol product (cleaning it thoroughly, of course). Tah Dah!! It works great, now.
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User Replies:
Razzel on 03/06/2010:
We've used Aussie hair spray for several years now and learned early on just to wipe the nozzle off (we use a finger) after each use.
Venice09 on 03/06/2010:
Good thinking! Just keep a clean nozzle on hand at all times and switch them out when necessary. Great idea.

Wiping it after each spray works too, as Razzel said.
Nohandle on 03/06/2010:
I might be the only one on the planet but actually before purchase test an aerosol product. Yes, I actually give it a test right there in the store. If it works then I toss it in my grocery cart. I'm through returning a product that doesn't squirt when I get it home. And yes, you can many times swap out a nozzle. Some fit, some don't.

Let me add, no I don't test something that might take the finish off the grocer's shelf nor do I test spray paint. They might not let me back in the store.
Venice09 on 03/06/2010:
Nohandle, from what I'm getting out of these complaints is that the nozzle works at first but then becomes clogged. It's a problem with hairspray because of the stickiness, but the nozzle should be able to be cleaned and not clog beyond use.
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Clogged Hairspray
Posted by on
I have had a similar experience with Aussie hairspray. I have been using it for years with no problem and the past three purchases have resulted in disappointment. The nozzle clogs and it cannot be cleared by running it under hot water as suggested. I just contacted them by emailing the address found on the can to voice my complaint. I am anxiously awaiting a response.
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User Replies:
Razzel on 02/15/2010:
We found that problem when we first stated using it. A finger nail would scrap it right off and it worked find. We just wipe the nozzle with a finger when done and have no more problem.
Biznessgirl on 06/11/2010:
I never had a single problem with the hairspray until they changed the bottles!!! Now almost EVERY SINGLE BOTTLE I use now clogs on me after just a few sprays!!! I will not keep using this product cause I cannot afford it!! Its ridiculous!!!
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Defective Cans Last 5 Times
Posted by on
CINCINNATI, OHIO -- I have used Aussie Flexible hairspray faithfully for at least 10 years and for some reason the last 5 cans have clogged up to the point they couldn't be used again after only a few uses! This is no longer affordable! I tried every remedy for clogged nozzles I could find and finally gave up! Can this be corrected?
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User Replies:
goduke on 02/04/2010:
You might want to contact the customer service wing for both Aussie and the place where you purchased the item. The retailers can get the complaints back to the manufacturer, and often do as they don't want to be on the hook for returns all the time.
saj80 on 02/04/2010:
If you rinse the spray nozzle with warm water after every use, it won't clog. It 's a pain in the butt, but at least you can keep using it. This same complaint, from a different person, has been posted here previously. Goduke is correct; contact the company and file a complaint.
Anonymous on 02/04/2010:
I used to 'blank' this chick that used that Aussie stuff..smelled good
Venice09 on 02/04/2010:
I use Aussie Freeze and have not had this problem, which is surprising because Freeze is probably the stickiest version.

To prevent the nozzle from clogging, I wipe it with a wet paper towel each time I spray. It's not as annoying as it sounds, and you'll eventually get used to doing it. But if you didn't have this problem in the past, then it's possible something is wrong with the newer cans.

You can call them at 1-800-947-2656 and report the problem. They are pretty good at listening and responding.
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