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Amazingly Bad Customer Service
Posted by Fork on 05/17/2010
CALIFORNIA -- This is legendary customer service, in a bad way. I went all the way up to Rex, the Sales Manager. They quoted me a price based on their alleged "Price Match Guarantee", which is only a guarantee if they decide they want to honor it. The secret is that they have a list of who knows how many parts that are restricted (no price matching). They took my payment and shipping info and told me they would match the price. It wasn't until I called Rex to complain about a shipping problem that he told me they could not charge me less than full price.

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Posted by Weedwhacked on 2010-05-17:
So you already knew it wasn't going to work out?!
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Do they really exist?
Posted by Uidiot on 04/14/2010
I called 3 times. SCAM!!!! Do Not Order from them!!
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Waste of time!!
Posted by Chris_welden on 08/22/2009
Terrible Experience. Waited 1 week til product status changed to shipped. Waited 2 more weeks and nothing. Called 1-800 # and waited 30 mins. Finally got someone and after explaining my problem, I was told there was a warehouse error and my order was cancelled and I would get a refund in 3-5 bus. days. Never happened. I called back and same thing. 30 min hold. When someone answered, I was transferred to a voice mail for the "refund department" before I could even finish explaining my issue. Left voice mail and waited 2 more days with no results. I had to make a claim with my bank and it was out of my hands from there. Dealing with AUTOPARTSGIANT. COM is a huge waste of time!!!!
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-08-22:
I've ordered a few hard to find items over the years from JC Whitney, with no problems. Not sure they have what you were looking for, but I highly recommend them.
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Company fraud
Posted by Edbracer on 08/03/2009
This company is a scam. ordered parts, never received them and the company never returns your money. They hang up on you, and are very rude. I believe this company should be put out of business. Filled with the federal Gov. and other agencies

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Worst customer service I have EVER encountered
Posted by Goanytime on 07/02/2009
Terrible customer service. Wouldn't return calls or emails or cancel an order soon after it was placed and before it was sent, wouldn't refund express charges when parts failed to arrive. Literally hours spent on the phone on hold and in conversation (mainly hold) with them to resolve. STAY AWAY FROM AUTOPARTSGIANT. COM. They don't know how to treat a customer!!!!!
Here is more detail and a bit of therapy for me.
I ordered parts on Friday, June 19, late in the business day, that I needed rushed. On the 21st I opened the email I had requested with the specifics of the order and realized that there was an express charge that I missed (phone conversation - my mistake, theirs, who knows). At this point I wanted to cancel the order because the express fees were huge. I called first thing Monday morning, figuring I couldn't have processed yet and was told it was too late. I asked for a supervisor and got his voicemail - left a message and followed up with an email. The order was delivered by them to UPS 10 hours later. They couldn't cancel??? Then the following day (the 23rd) they placed an order with the manufacturer of the gasket set that was the only thing I actually needed ASAP. I had been told I would get the parts on Wednesday, the 24th. I got all of the parts for the END of the repair on that day. They are useless without the gasket set. It turns out the manufacturer messed up the adDress and I won't receive the part until probably tomorrow (July 3rd) and my mechanic can't finish the repair for my road trip next week. They can't seem to understand at Autopartsgiant.com that regardless of the fact that I got PART of the order, that part could get here next week and do me as much good as it's done sitting on my counter. My mechanic can't start the job without the gasket set! They won't budge off removing the $45 Express Lane Service Fee since I got part of the order. This isn't a product they bought, it is just a "service" they provided, although it didn't achieve what I needed. I have literally spent hours on the phone with them and the manufacturer of the gaskets to work this out and figure out where my parts were, and they aren't willing to concede on the cost of their special "service". Don't they understand that losing a repeat customer and having a dispute by the credit card company isn't worth their lousy extra charge?
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Auto Parts Giant, Scam!!!!
Posted by Capablanca on 06/02/2009
I ordered a part from Auto Parts Giant (APG) and saw the days pass by and my mechanic kept calling me to tell me that the part had not arrived. The funds were rapidly drawn from my credit card yet any attempt at calling APG was futile...just as you will read in any of the other posts. Realizing that I was dealing with a fraud, I quickly called my credit card company and made sure that no other orders were placed on my card from this merchant. Futhermore, the total amount was credited to my account (Chase Mastercard just in case you wanted to know). I asked the customer representative at Chase if there was anyway of flagging APG's account so that they can't continue to do this to others and she rightfully told me that they can't. However, if enough people begin to call with the same complaint, that Mastercard may suspend their account. All I can say is:

1. We are on this forum because we didn't do our due dilligence...duh!
2. We can do something about APG and other scammers by informing our financial institutions (they keep tabs on these things) This is not a plug, but Chase was absolutely fantastic about this. My funds were returned faster than APG could withdraw them.
3. These guys are out of California, does anyone know if there is any legal action being taken against these guys? Maybe someone has filed a complaint at the attorney general's office...?
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-06-02:
1) What kind of part was it and for what kind of car?

2) Did you check local auto parts stores first?

3) Did you do your homework on APG BEFORE ordering the part?
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Shady Deals And Bad Service Add Up To A Scam
Posted by Uriel on 04/16/2009
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- My story is very much like all the others that have been posted here about this company. The saying "caveat emptor!" definitely applies. High tech has made it increasingly difficult to determine who is legit and who is not.

This company has gone to great lengths to make itself look professional and legitimate. Lots of nice web pages of the supposed inventory, a tool free customer service line, and all the trappings of bona fida company. Nothing more than a wolf in sheep's clothing.

My first tip off that this company was scamming customers was the shipping. The part was to be shipped via UPS ground. A reputable and trusted company to be sure. When I saw the email invoice there was no tracking number. Warning Will Robinson! UPS never ships it packages without a tracking number - ever!

The company provided me with a login password to track the status of my order. Guess what? Another dead end. No information was available. Just a comment that it may take up to 72 hours to receive a tracking number. Right, and I have some beach front property in Arizona for sale.

The customer service number is useless. You will be told that they are working hard to assist you when you call. Then you are told your position in the queue. If you hold long enough, 15 or 20 minutes, perhaps you will get to talk to someone. Generally, your call is conveniently disconnected when your time finally comes.

I decided it was time to bring pressure on this larcenous lot of snake oil salesmen and filed a formal complaint with California State Attorney General's office and the BBB. I then contacted my credit card company and disputed the payment. If you don't do this, they will get your money.

If you have had dealings with this company, you too should file a complaint with the Attorney General and the Better Business Bureau. Theft is a crime. Take action!
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Take Your Business Somewhere Else
Posted by Abbas on 04/14/2009
It took me many hours of phone calls, emails, being put on hold for 30 minutes each time to find out they never shipped the product I ordered. They kept claiming it was shipped, but they kept refusing to provide a tracking number.

I wish I had done some due diligence before ordering from this company.

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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-04-14:
thanks for the warning....I like to get my auto parts needs from the local Kragen...
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Posted by DANIELLE1 on 03/31/2009
VISALIA, CALIFORNIA -- I ordered a window regulator and an interior mirror on March 14, 2009. They had printed on the receipt that I would receive it within 3-8 working days. It had been 12 working days and I still have not received it. I sent an e-mail to inform them that I have not received my car parts on March 24. They sent an e-mail out on March 25 and said that it had been shipped. Even if it was shipped that day. It now has been 5 business days. I called them several times before that e-mail and 2 times after the e-mail and could not get a hold of a live person. Except on March 26 I got a hold of a live person. He told me that he could e-mail me a tracking number within 48 hours. Which I never received. I asked him if he could just tell me where my package is and the tracking number. He said that he didn't have it and that he can only e-mail it to me within 48 hours. I then asked to speak to a supervisor and waited.

I hung up because I waited for awhile and [snip] from extension 202 called me back to have me return his call. I called back the next day on March 27. Left a message for [snip] to call me back and no one called me back. I am still waiting for my order to arrive by UPS. Today is March 31.

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Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2009-03-31:
Did they already charge your credit card? If so, find out when the dispute limit is, and if they have not fulfilled your order by a few days before the dispute limit, then proceed with disputing the charges and cancel the order.
Posted by DANIELLE1 on 2009-04-01:
I did pay with my bank, check card through paypal. I have not recieved my order. How do I cancel my order?
Posted by DANIELLE1 on 2009-04-01:
I recieved the window regulator but not the mirror. Th reciept shows that they have credited the amount. I have checked my bank account and there is no credit. Please help!
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Buyer Beware - They Will Charge You But Will Not Ship Product
Posted by Miltc484 on 12/10/2008
BELLFLOWER, CALIFORNIA -- On November 20th 2008 I ordered a Heater Core for $109 from these crooks online. They immediately charged my credit card but has never shipped the item. On November 26th I got an email saying that the item has shipped but there was no tracking number or shipper provided. I went back online to their website and it too says the item is shipped but no tracking number or shipper provided. I clicked on their link to track the item based on the order number and it says the item cannot be tracked. I called their customer service number about the order and no one picks up the phone. I called their customer service number to place a new order and no one picks up the phone. Save yourself some grief and stay away from this company. Just put "Auto Parts Giant complaints" in your google search engine and have fun reading how many others have been scammed. Stay away from them.

Their website is: www.autopartsgiant.com
Auto Parts Giant
16429 Lakewood Blvd.
Bellflower, California, 90706
Ph: 877-654-4268
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