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Beware of Avis' Rental Car Insurance
Posted by Payaso on 01/24/2014
SAN JOSE, COSTA RICA -- I recently planned vacation travel to Costa Rica. I made car rental plans through Avis well in advance and went over all details on the phone before booking. I was told that comprehensive insurance coverage would cost about $100 for the rental period, (about 8 days). When picking up the vehicle, I was shocked to find out that the insurance coverage would actually run over $59/day. The car rental as a little of $600. The insurance coverage was over $600. I have 3 other people with me and our destination was about 100 km away. I had no choice and I our vacations plans would have been ruined had I declined the vehicle. I was in complete shock. Two other customers picking up their cars at the same time at either side of me at the pick-up counter were going through similar shock and were pulling out their credit cards, as landing in a foreign country with plans already made, none of us had any choice.

Had I known this situation in advance, I could have easily arranged for rental car insurance from another source. For example, American Express offers such coverage for about $25 for over 30 days of coverage.

I complained to Avis on returning home only to be blown off, with their e-mail response containing an attached copy of the contract I signed in Costa Rica when I picked the vehicle up. Of course, I already had a copy of that contract which I signed with no choice when I picked up the vehicle, as did the other two customers at the pick-up counter that day.

I have rented cars internationally on multiple other occasions, (not through Avis), and have never been so blatantly taken advantage of. I would caution any one considering an internal car rental to avoid Avis and to have whatever company they are selecting verify (in advance) the rental insurance charges IN WRITING and to consider other rental car insurance options.


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Car Rental Insurance Lie
Posted by Payaso on 01/15/2014
SAN JOSE, COSTA RICA -- I pre-paid for a rental from Avis in San Jose, Costa Rica for 10 days. It was a little over $600. They specifically told me when I booked & pre-paid that mandatory insurance had to be purchased at the time of pick up and that it would cost me about $9/day...about $100. When I pick the car up they said it would cost $59.99 day...over $600...as much as the car rental itself. I had no choice and two other customers who were picking up their rental cars at the same time were also in complete shock. We had all been lied to and, being in a foreign country ready to pick up our cars with no other choice, we had to pay the requested fee. I could have paid as little as $24.95 for 42 consecutive days of insurance coverage through American Express and similar inexpensive premiums for rental cars through other independent insurers. Avis totally screwed me and others I observed when we picked up our vehicles. We were all in complete shock with no options. Be smart and don't fall for this trap. Get your insurance if you are renting a car in another country, (especially Central or South America), through American Express or other company and avoid getting grossly over charged.
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Worst Car Rental Experience in My 65 Years
Posted by Schnallb on 10/25/2013
QUEBEC CITY -- The worst car rental experience of my 65 years! They promised to pick me up at the cruise terminal - WRONG. They promised to reimburse me for my taxi ride (they forgot). There were 10 people in a single line that took 45 minutes to process with one employee only on a Sunday morning. The promised to get me back to the cruise terminal - WRONG! They left me to wander thru a huge hotel into the next building and down three flights to an enormous parking garage to find my car. They never responded to five e-mails subsequent to the awful experience.

Stay away from this particular rental facility of Avis at Hilton Hotel in Quebec City. The company is a great company -- the manager here should be beheaded.
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Avis Rental Car
Posted by Lodiswiss on 08/13/2013
PORTLAND, OREGON -- Dealing with Avis Rental Car this weekend was a positive experience. We didn't have to wait in any lines (Hertz was 20 back) got our car promptly - without any hassle to who was driving, (oh and they have a husband/wife policy with no additional charge) no hassle for buying extra insurance, buying extra this or that. Got our car and left.

No problems with the car...it was a little more cramped for 5 people than what we would have liked but, the trunk was huge! Return was just as easy as the checkout! Next time AVIS is for me!

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Ripoff With Damage Report
Posted by Flockie99 on 06/13/2013
MUNICH -- Upon returning the car they noticed a scratch. In our estimate a $20.00 buffing job. We were not aware that we received a scratch (about 2 inches). Upon return to the US we got a $1100.00 overcharge on our credit card, no explanation, no bill. I wish I had taken a picture myself to prove what the reality of the situation was. I have asked our credit card company to sort it out. But in the meantime, be warned about AVIS in Munich. I saw someone else had this experience.
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Adding Extra On Credit Card
Posted by Pim Doornmalen on 06/10/2013
CAPETOWN -- Rented a Avis car through British Airways. On arrival Cape Town International Airport, went to collect car which was per booked via BA, this is after flying for 11hours. The gentleman could not speak very good English printed of paper work, he was babbling away at hundred miles a hour .Told to sign in various places, queried why he said something about fuel. Returned the at end of week. When looking at our credit card statement we saw that £70.00 is added on to credit card. Rang Avis customer services and told me they would come back to me and never did, than I phoned them again to query the payment, they said it for for extra insurance which I did not know about, apparently I signed the payment to which I told them that it was not explained to me, only that they need my credit card details in case I returned the car empty of fuel.

They never had the decently to come to me to discuss this further at later date. Never will we use this company ever again .there customer service is silts, they think that they are and customer is wrong.
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Posted by Weedwhacked on 2013-06-10:
Those agents make commission on all extras they can add to a rental agreement. They "bank" on the fact that many people (like you), don't actually read what they are agreeing to.

It's a contract, and you signed it!
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Charged fees though I wasn't told about them
Posted by Madewithtlc4 on 10/30/2012
LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY -- I have rented cars through the years and NEVER had an issue like I did with Avis. I wanted to rent the car for a weekend. And because I knew where the AVIS location was in Lexington KY went with them. Had I known how dishonest and unhelpful they were I never would have used them!! We added a driver who was over the age of 25. Same last name as mine. I was NOT told that there would be a fee for this. They charged us 52.00 to have an additional driver for three days without telling me there would be a cost involved. I have used Hertz and Enterprise in the past and will use them in the future as they DON'T charge for this. I have used Alamo once, but they told me there would be a cost so I didn't add a driver. AVIS is NOT HONEST! The crazy thing is only ONE person drove all weekend we didn't need the extra driver and NEVER would have done it had we know there was a cost. I have called four times and gotten NO where. They won't give back the money and trying to talk to a manager has not happen though I have asked! DON'T USE AVIS! Any other company will serve you better! I had wrongly assumed that all rental car companies were easy to work with and had good customer service. From now on I will be loyal to one company as HONESTY works for me! Never again will AVIS get any of my business and I will tell on my friends to never use them either. After all that's what social media is for getting the word out about BAD companies.

I would like my 52.00 dollars back. There should not be an additional charge to have a driver for a car. ONLY one person drove all week and last I check renting a car meant someone was going to drive it. Why should you have to pay an additional 52.00 that you weren't warned about to leave the parking lot!
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Posted by CUontheFlipSide on 2012-10-30:
Actually, Hertz and Enterprise DO charge for additional drivers. (Although a little sweet talk often gets Enterprise to waive the fee). The bigger question here is what did the contract you signed say?
Posted by trmn8r on 2012-10-31:
Did you ask if there was a fee before you rented? How were they "dishonest" with you - did they tell you that there was no fee?

The AVIS policy, as with many rental car companies, is to charge for an extra driver:

What matter most, I believe, is what is on the contract that you signed. Did it quote a rate for the additional driver?

Posted by Bee on 2012-10-31:
Hertz and Enterprise both charge for additional drivers:

From Hertz website:

"What is the cost for the additional driver?
There is a $13 per day fee for each additional driver with a maximum charge of $91 per rental/per driver at corporate locations. Maximum of 4 additional drivers per rental contract."

From Enterprise:

"Additional Driver Policy / Enterprise
Can there be an additional driver on the contract?

All additional drivers must meet all renter requirements.
Appear at the rental counter with the primary renter.
Present a valid driver's license.
Present a major credit card in their name at the time of rental, or meet the locations cash qualifications requirements.
An additional daily fee will apply for Additional Drivers."

Directly from the Avis Website:

"For all US states other than CA, NV and NY, the charge for additional drivers is $13 per day per additional driver, with a maximum charge of $65 per rental per driver. The additional driver fee in New York is $3 per day per additional driver. The additional driver fee in Nevada is $11 per day per additional driver, with a maximum charge of $55. There is no additional driver fee in California."

The ONLY exception I see is that Enterprise will waive the fees if the additional driver is a spouse. You state they were over 25 and have the same last name, but that could be a sibling, parent, child, other relative or even non relative with same name.

But otherwise, your argument does not hold as the car rental companies you named also charge additional driver fees.

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Bad service and instructions
Posted by RAPHI on 10/27/2012
We rented a car from avis Israel Tel aviv airport and we experienced the worse ever service and directions to return the car at the airport bengurion going to return the car we followed a sign says ALL RENTAL CARS RETURN somehow they told us it is the wrong place for returning the car, but yet it says in big all cars return. we got to troubles and almost late to our flight with EL AL. if you rent a car in Israel make sure you do not go to AVIS, unless you want to through hell .

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Posted by Alec on 2013-04-20:
I had the same nightmare experience. It took me an hour to return the car. Verbal instructions are provided to only some of the customers. All the signs are wrong, you can't drive in to the Avis return section if you don't have the right card that was stapled to the original order. All the instructions on entry boxes are in hebrew only! The agent did not apologise and basically told me to get out of his sight.
Posted by Gil on 2013-10-02:
We also had a bad experience with Avis. Returning the car at TA Airport was a nightmare and cost more money by going into the wrong carpark. Also within a few hours of picking up the car in Jerusalem we got a flat tyre and we ended up having to fix the tyre ourselves after being promised that they would replace the car. The car itself was a nightmare, had more dents on it than any hire car I had ever seen.
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Rude Agents
Posted by Ripped13 on 08/15/2012
I am sick of getting ripped off from the Denver, CO. airport agents at Avis they make up their own prices, and do not comparison shop. They go home fat cats after ripping you off, might as well take my wallet and steal that.
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Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2012-08-15:
Generally speaking, rates at an airport will be higher than those at car rental places away from the airports, there are also often location dependent, surcharges that airport car rental like to tack on. Also they are not in the business of comparison shopping, that's your responsibility as a consumer.
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Manager has poor customer service skils
Posted by Didomenij on 08/12/2012
WILMINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA -- I rent from Avis almost on a weekly basis and always had good luck, that was until this past Friday. I returned my rental to find the manager on the prowl in the parking lot looking at vehicles. She finds a rub on front bumper and claims I am liable. I explained to her that if I did it my credit card and company insurance would cover it.

It is just a matter of principle, trying to rip off the consumer, you would need to be an attorney to understand all the clauses in the contract. I also discovered that the Wilmington, NC site is a franchise and not a corporate location, so be careful in renting cars in small airports.

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