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Avon, nothing more than a pyramid scheme, check it out
Posted by on
I have tried to sell Avon for 2 years, my taxes show I have been in the red for 2 years, I gave it all I had.

Avon managers could sell swamp land in Florida, but they need to disclose the truth on the amount of money to be made!!! You may sell enough Avon to make 20%, but by the time you buy your book, bags, samples, and demos, you owe the company.

The way Avon is set up, they never have to pay payroll tax either!!!

Customer service even for the reps is in India, you can't understand a word they say.

I vote to boycott Avon, ASAP, before any more women are sucked in.

Lets get someone to look into this procedure of so called selling????

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Starlord on 2010-01-09:
OP is singing sour grapes. I have known several women who made a nice income selling Avon. States that managers could sell swamp land. Has she stopped to consider that may be sales is not her forte? Not everybody is cut out fro sales. I sold books and pots and pans when I was very much younger, and my manager always had a $100 bill pinned to the inside of the vest of his 3 piece suit. I did okay, but so much of it involved lying to people I left after a year or so. If you can't sell, don't blame the managers. Oh, and the reason they don't pay payroll taxes is because you are not employed by Avon, you are an independent contractor. Buck up and take responsibility for yourself.
Anonymous on 2010-01-09:
There are direct sales people who make lots and some who make beans. I make carrots at Party Lite. Just because YOU couldn't make it work doesn't mean it is a scheme. You get what you put in.
Anonymous on 2010-01-09:
I have tried Avon, Mary Kay, Partylite, Tupperware and pampered Chef. The all work on the same basic premise, yes. The more people you have under you, the more you make.

However, based on my numbers alone, I made the most with Mary Kay. That venture also took the most time, effort, tracking, etc on my part.

They all disclose everything up front, too. I agree with Lady. You get what you put in. Sure it depends on how saturated the market is in your area, whether you choose to sell on eBay (most of these companies forbid this, but folks do it anyway_, etc. Ultimately, its up to you how much you make.
madconsumer on 2010-01-09:
ALL Avon reps are self employeed. your self is responisible for all taxes due. books and demos items can be declared as business expenses.
Anonymous on 2010-01-09:
Avon a pyramid scheme? Hardly. I know a couple of ladies that make quite a living off of being an Avon lady. It's not for everyone. I've also happened to know other people that have failed miserably at being an Avon lady. It all depends on where you live, who you know, and what type of skill you have in being able to sell products. If, OP, you're not making any sales take a look at yourself, not at the company.
laklisa on 2010-02-11:
I don't know how much my cousin makes from selling Avon, but I know she has good support between me, my mom and her mom!
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Big Color Eye Color Pencil
Posted by on
TORRANCE, CALIFORNIA -- I purchased an AVON BIG COLOR eye color pencil a few weeks ago and the sharpener I already had does not accommodate it. This last campaign AVON had the pencils & sharpener on sale so I ordered 2 more pencils plus the sharpener thinking they must have come out w/ a new sharpener that accommodates the BIG COLOR pencil. The problem is, this is the same sharpener I already have and the BIG COLOR eye pencil is too BIG for it. Why would AVON sell a pencil & sharpener that don't accommodate each other?

Now I have 3 BIG COLOR eye pencils that I can't sharpen. Anyone else come across this problem?
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Anonymous on 2009-03-15:
I don't use Avon, but I've had the same problem with some eye pencils. The solution I found was a "jumbo" pencil sharpener for regular pencils. I bought in the school supplies section of a drugstore for a couple of dollars and it worked like a charm. It might work...
jktshff1 on 2009-03-15:
Ya got a pocket knife?
Anonymous on 2009-03-16:
financiallyfit---best answer! I do the exact same thing. Less expensive and works like a charm.
Cristy on 2013-03-27:
If you have the 3 in 1 sharpener, there is an incert in it that you can take out to make it bigger. I think it's the medium size that you take out, under it is the large size and it fits well.
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Avon Has No Customer Service
Posted by on
When returning products ordered online, you are instructed to send an email to dearavon at avon.com. This email address is a farce -- a reply is never received. Not even its CEO, Andrea Jung, replies to emails.

I finally mailed the product back. After 15+ years of being an Avon customer, their lack of concern for customers has prompted me to stop using its products.

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Anonymous on 2008-05-30:
Perhaps Avon needs to return to its roots? When their overpriced (IMHO) stuff was hawked by the neighbor ladies, purchasers knew whose doorbell to ring when there was a quality issue. (I remember 'Blue Blazer' cologne for boys...think roadkill with a urinal cake in its mouth.)
madconsumer on 2008-05-30:
Avon is no longer what it was once.
woodsk1 on 2008-05-30:
have to agree- Had a tube of face cleaner break at the bottom while travelling. They wanted me to package the tube and mail it back to them before they woukld refund my 5.00 Did not order again.....
MyDogsMom on 2008-05-31:
You really should get an Avon lady. Yes....they are still around and speaking from personal experience, my Avon lady goes the extra mile for me. I get my order correctly in a timely manner all the time. She helps me find the products I need and even gives me freebies and samples all the time. Finding a rep is easy here: http://shop.avon.com/shop/find_a_rep.asp

I hope this helps.
Anonymous on 2008-12-17:
In response to AlleyS they should refund your money if you have a complaint. You don't even understand the insane mark-up Avon applies to it's products. Avon should refund the money to the loyal customers based on there word. We are pushed to do whatever it takes to make our customers happy, why shouldn't it apply to the company that is pushing it on there represenatives. You want to see poor practices, become a rep.
jktshff1 on 2008-12-18:
In response to Sharihh...You need to send the product back for a refund.
Their customer's "word" yea right, that meant something years ago.
Anonymous on 2008-12-21:
to jktshff1, I stated to the LOYAL customers. one's who have been customers of Avon's for a long time with a good track record... LOYAL. missed the key word there.
jktshff1 on 2008-12-21:
Maybe the Avon Rep (who knows and trusts their loyal customer) could reimburse them out of their pocket, and have Avon reimburse them when they return it, but I just can't see any retail company refunding anything without getting the product back first.
Loyal folks will stab ya in the back also.
treym on 2011-01-31:
"Their customer's "word" yea right, that meant something years ago"

Just like how Avon was a trusted company once upon a time. It goes both ways, Avon has lost its way and will lose customers based upon how they treat them.
Augustus2099 on 2011-03-09:
Blue blazer huh Wow If I want to smell like roadkill I would go roll in it.
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Spent More Money Than Got Out
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
FALL RIVER, MASSACHUSETTS -- I never got paid for what I sold, everything was expensive.
You'll need a full time job to work with Avon.
Will never work for a company like Avon, because they don't communicate well with the people selling their products. Also no one is buying Avon anymore.
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Cwazychicken on 2014-01-07:
Unless you have tons of friends and they want to join you and they sell too, you won't get much commission. While I like Avon's products, I would never sell their stuff.
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Nothing but a scam
Posted by on
Products are good to use but wheres the money I'm making? I've been running around like a headless chicken for these people & I'm fed up with it. since I've started selling I've made NO MONEY WHAT SO EVER. wheres the business? in their hands. they charge all these unnecessary fee's. I pay on time I order on time & I'm getting charged late fees like theres no tomorrow. I'm so done with them. all you Avon defenders are nothing but a bunch of scammers too that recruit people to fall into these games. its wrong & unprofessional.
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Old Timer on 2011-08-23:
As a rule the only people that make any money at all in any MLM biz are the ones that got in early. Unless you have a large downline selling under you it's hard to make anything with most network marketing companies, Avon included.
DebtorBasher on 2011-08-23:
There used to be good money in selling Avon...but as the years gone by, it pretty much IS a scam. They make their money, but the people doing all the work for them get nothing. I quit buying Avon years ago because all they sell now are overpriced products that you can by in any store. They used to be good when they sold the decanters, now all they have is makeup, clothes and movies. It's not the same Avon Grandma used to sell!
Skye on 2011-08-23:
I think there are so many people that are watching their money these days, Avon is on the low list of priorities.

Avon is good for someone who works in a large company, that has lots of people that you can sell Avon to.

Sorry you were not able to achieve the financial freedom the Avon commercials advertise.
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Be wary if you're buying for children
Posted by on
My twin girls have had their ears pierced since they were 4 months. They're now 2 1/2. I bought them the Disney Mickey Mouse Stud Earrings assuming they were safe for children. On the 3rd day I was drying my daughter's hair after a bath and noticed that her ear was red. I removed the earring and a chunk of her earlobe came off with the earring!!! I was never so horrified. I'm not sure if you can see the pictures but I thought I'd share.

I asked my Avon representative to take the 2 boxes back. She declined. I'll be asking Avon for my refund.

Crystal rhinestone in goldtone
Pierced - 0.8cm (0.31") long.
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andbran on 2009-09-15:
I don't think earrings from Avon are suitable for children.when my niece had hers peirced at 6 months her mother was advised to use real gold. I love to wear Avon jewelry but I do take them out before I shower. the rep should have taken them back. I would contact their head office
karleebarlee on 2009-09-15:
you probably shouldn't ever assume that anything is safe for children. maybe they are allergic to nickel?
Anonymous on 2009-09-15:
I'm surprised they you weren't given a refund immediately. Those big direct selling companies, like Avon, Amway, etc. have good return policies. At least I thought they did. (I know Amway does.)
Diabolical on 2009-09-17:
Maybe it's just me, but when I have children, I'm waiting until they're old enough to consent to an ear piercing! Maybe they don't want to be like everyone else. If they want one, they'll ask.

And btw, I'm 20 and can't wear anything but titanium or acrylic in any of my piercings, ear or facial. It likely had nothing to do with Avon. Your children probably have a sensitivity to one of the alloys used.
Diabolical on 2009-09-17:
Oops, I missed this - "goldtone".

It's nickel coated in a gold color. Nickel is cheap and I know very few people who can wear it.
PepperElf on 2009-09-17:
At all ages earrings will hurt and the area will get red after a piercing

you are supposed to repeatedly sanitize the area to prevent infection.

it doesn't matter if you think the earrings are "safe for children" this is a requirement for all new earrings regardless of age.

sanitize the area, and take the earrings out at least every other day (if not daily) and put neosporin on the post to help prevent infection
Diabolical on 2009-09-17:
PepperElf, I have to disagree.

Infected/inflamed piercings should be handled GENTLY and left in. The more you mess with them, the worse it will be.
Neosporin is one of the worst things you can use because it keeps the piercing too moist. It won't heal/re-heal properly. Dial soap and warm water are perfectly acceptable. If you take out an infected piercing, there's a chance of abscessing. See a doctor before removing their earrings.
PepperElf on 2009-09-17:
well you're supposed to do that before they get infected or inflamed...

but I somehow suspect the OP did nothing at all to keep the area clean... just assumed 'safe for kids' meant it could never get infected
Diabolical on 2009-09-17:
Yes, I agree with you. I'm biting my tongue to keep my personal opinions on these kid's ears out of the picture!!
Anonymous on 2009-10-02:
OP. I am going to try to say this nicely. You bought el cheapo earrings for your girls. They apparently are allergic. You would have gotten the same reaction out of dollar store earrings if your children have an allergy to metals.

My eldest has to wear gold only. My youngest can wear anything. Just a note though. Even gold can irritate if the nickel alloy content is too high.
jktshff1 on 2009-10-02:
First thing I learned MANY years ago 'bout the Mrs. Don't buy plated, fake etc jewelry. Save up and buy the real thing.
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Customer Service
Posted by on
CINCINNATI, OHIO -- ON campaign 24 in December 2008 I purchased the 24oz SSS bathoil having ordered this product as a buy one get the second of that same item for only. 99.
The original product was delivered to me by a local representative She stated that the second bottle was not shipped but that she would look into it. No product for the. 99 bonus buy was ever delivered to me. After numerous phone calls and emails to the rep., which were never acknowledged I attempted to take care of it myself through contact with the company. My call was transferred to India and I reported the problem to him being assured that he would contact the company directly and that I would receive an immediate response. Someone did contact me several days later. I was told that they would contact the representative and find out about the missing SSS bath oil. It has been months and nothing has been done about shipping the product to me. I even offered to pick it up at the Springdale office in Cincinnati, OH. Avon was given the Avon lady's name and email. Not only are their gift and clothing items now made in China and have become junk, but now they are serviced in India!

As a previous Avon rep., I could not be more disappointed with the product and the service!
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Avon Sucks!! They Aren't Even Taking Your Calls In America - They Are Outsourcing Them To India!!!
Posted by on
Are you kidding me??? I have never in my life seen such a huge company make their reps and customers call long distance numbers to get service. THEN the call is actually going to India!! Are you kidding me I ask again??? The co putting all these commercials out to Americans to recruit them due to our terrible economic times and all the lay offs and here they are giving all the jobs to a bunch of "script reading" foreigners!! Talk about not supporting your own country! WHY doesn't AVON give those jobs to people right here in America?????????

On top of that, as a new representative I had several questions. Once the District Manager took my money to start with them, I couldn't get a return call, a return email or anything. No return emails from corporate and then you have to call them long distance because they don't provide a toll free and after going through their prompts forever, they tell you to hold 8-10 minutes or enter your number and they will call you back. I did that 3 times and each time they called back they hung up!!

So after 2 HOURS of trying to get a live person all they do is repeat everything you say!! Over and over!! VERY FRUSTRATING!!!!
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User Replies:

Anonymous on 2009-02-20:
Frustrating as it may be, outsourcing of call center and other customer service type jobs overseas is nothing new in the US. Until we stand up and stop doing business with these companies, it will continue. When I am considering doing business with a company, asking about outsourcing is now one of the first questions that comes out of my mouth.
Anonymous on 2009-02-20:
Excellent John.
jktshff1 on 2009-02-20:
ditto with super
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Avon Defenders, I Have A Challenge For You
Posted by on
HIBBING, MINNESOTA -- I dare each and every one of you to find a way to contact Avon above regular customer service. I also would love to hear about all of you whom did receive free gas cards, and other perks Avon so proudly advertise, the spectacular Atlantis vacation. How did you get them?

These are for the life long sellers, the top sellers, president club members, not for the average representative, when I say top, I mean the TOP.

If you cannot resolve issue or get a call back from Avon, where is the alternative? How do you get into contact with them? Also if you're looking for help from the Office of the President call 866-253-2866 ask for Connie. She claims to be the top of the chain when it comes to Avon, is she really? Absolutely not. But they do have the power, from Avon to pretend that they are. Avon practices and deceptions have hit a new high. Please really research before you dive into that fabulous job that you can never loose.

FYI they will jerk it away as easily as it was for you to get it. $10 start up fee...huge joke. You can expect to invest an additional $50-$70 into packaging, samples, catalogs, and sales material.
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Augustus2099 on 2011-03-08:
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Avon Sucks!
Posted by on
This is what you will find with AVON - unprofessional business ethics, lack of Business ethics no return of emails when there is a problem, the head office tells you to deal with their irresponsible reps.

The items are of dollar store quality. They keep adding fees and don't respond to you. Don't get in their trap!
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User Replies:

tander on 2008-04-27:
Ding Dong..Avon calling, we used to say that when we were younger kids :)
Anonymous on 2008-12-17:
I agree with you that Avon is fastly falling when it comes to customer service, they even treat there representative badly, we are terminated over 1 complained filed to the company. The best advice I have to just avoid Avon. Eventually they will bite you.
Sam on 2013-10-16:
Used to be an Avon rep and I had very little customers even though I lived in a big town and a small one.Other women had already established themselves,I had no luck at all.In addition they just changed the way they pay their reps now you have to sell a certain amount to make any money! It's really hard and they suck you into it like there is a future for you,while everyone and their Mom already has an Avon business right next to you! Their products generally are awful you are better off going to the grocery store...
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