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Application Screw-up
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WILMINGTON, DELAWARE -- The first week of September, I applied for an ArrivalCard through Barclays Bank and told the person on the phone that I was leaving for England on the 17th of Sep. He told me the application would be reviewed and I would be notified when approved. I was Emailed my approval on Sep 5th. On the 10th of Sep. I called Barclaycard and was told they mailed my cards on the 9th. Today is the 14th so I called Barclaycard again and was told they would mail my card express and I would receive it on the 17th, maybe receiving it before my flight leaves.

Each person I spoke with were made aware that I needed the card before the 17th but not one of them made any effort to make sure I got the card. d I feel that I have been lied to and the people I dealt with at the Delaware phone number (all of them) are either incapable of doing their jobs or just don't care.

I wanted the Arrivalcard so I wouldn't need to pay all the extra fees you get stuck with when using American credit cards overseas.
Since I probably won't have my the Arrivalcard when I need it I won't be activating it and will most likely will be cancelling my other Barclaycards.

CapitalOne is looking very good to me right now.

The Usual Story Of Bait And Switch And Proof Means Nothing
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PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA -- After cruising on carnival 3 times, I took the bait. Did my homework and the sea miles card seemed like a good fit for us. Had the one year 0% tag as well. All was great in the beginning did some balance transfers and scheduled an e-payment monthly for literally 30 times the minimum monthly. In December I noticed the rate jumped from 0 to some ridiculous rate in the 20's. So I got on the phone and they advised a payment was received hours late. So, knowing I was right I tracked the e-payment through the system with the help of the payment group, got dates, times, confirmation numbers, etc. So when that ended me at a processor facility in philly I found out that the payments are electronically batched and transferred to the juniper system. Well, more research took me to the fact that the area had huge snowfalls and power outages, etc. And that they were way behind on the validation and processing due to absences and "technical challenges". After getting all this back to Barclays on the phone they said no problem, they would reset everything. Well, they didn't. Then I moved up the food chain and got a gal who had more information but no more help or authority. They set the rate to 12% and never replied. So I sent the entire proof of payment, their electronic transfer failure documentation, etc. To the BBB. The balance will be paid off immediately. Two days later I got an invitation to join sea miles and get a MasterCard. So, BBB will take it and see what they can do. Got them cold so I may request arbitration. It's just the principal, the proof and their lack of commitment, education or willingness to work with anyone if the computer doesn't tell them to. Too bad. We were so po's we cancelled our April cruise on carnival and went to royal carribean instead. The carnival representative was concerned but they didn't follow up ror follow through either.

By -

WILMINGTON, DELAWARE -- All of your complaints are valid.

Statements- When 50% of your calls say you did not receive a statement, it's believable. Of course they are not mailing them in an appropriate time frame and the great old United States Postal Services gets all the blame, it's 99% of the time a lie. It would be different if it were only a couple here and there, but such is not the case. Of course they will tell you there are laws that mandate a time frame for mailing, but any company can cook the books. If you receive e-mail alerts make sure your SPAM filters are lowered, or you will stop receiving alerts possibly default which leads to higher APR.

Fees- There are 2 tiers of card holders Prime (worldcard) and Middle market (platinum). If you are prime you may be given a one time courtesy fee adjustment, if you are middle market forget about it. Overlimit fees, again middle market customers will receive one at any time they go over their credit line within the statement cycle. There is NO grace period. Fees are profit for the bank, yes they've got to earn money.

Payments- If you have experienced a payment hold, think about it the longer the bank holds your money on the books, the more interest they earn (profit). Payments posting one day after the due date, to keep the processing low the payment processing center has up to 4 days to post your payment. Use the FREE payment options (web and auto phone system) by 7 pm EST (safest bet).

Complaints- The supervisors, managers, and executive office do not care, they will read you a scripted line of ear candy. The only complaints that get any attention are those filed with the BBB or FTC, they do not want the scrutiny of their business practices. But, the bank knows that 98% of those who threaten to contact these agencies do not follow through, they bank on it. So, follow through and you may get results.

Solicitations- for Account Protector, Vip and other CRAP, OPT OUT people. You can do so on the web site under the "Alerts and Profile" section, under "Profile"

As a personal consumer and credit card carrier for 10 years I have never had the problems with any of the 3 cards I carry that I have heard day in and out from my customers. We actually pity the fools who use our cards because we know at some point they will be burned. If your card is affiliated with one of our partners (Apple, US Airways, etc there are 61 partners) complaints to the partner will have them thinking twice about the company representing them. And it works Apple ended the contract with Barclays quietly switching to the Juniper Visa with iTune rewards because of the complaints that they received and not wanting the affiliation to tarnish their reputation.

Protect yourself, read the fine print. Always request promises made to you in writing (so you have proof, duh)

Online banking bollocks
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UK -- I am very disillusioned with Barclays Bank and am currently having a problem with their online banking (which must have serious security problems) and their apparent inability to help me. It is the case that I travel a lot and am therefore not able to get to a bank very often, once a month max.

On 24Nov06 I tried to set up a new payment online. Having gone through the correct procedures I kept getting a failure message so I called the Bank. I was told that they had added a "new facility" that stopped me setting up new payments online to people I had not paid before. I made it very clear that I was not amused at being told that a 'new facility' was added that takes away functionality. A very interesting use of the English language.

They said that with a 5 digit telephone banking number, which I did not know, they could help. I said that this was unbelievable considering that to do online banking I already needed 4 pieces of information: my surname, my unique 8 digit number, a 5 digit pass number and to be able to quote two random letters from my secret word.

To solve this problem I was told that I must go into a bank and get a member of the bank staff to set up the payment and save the payment details so that I could then use them online in the future. The fact that I was out of the country and would not be able to do this for at least a month was, "none of their concern".

So on 28Dec06 I finally got to an open bank and it took two (yes two) 'Personal Bankers' 15 minutes to realize that they did not know how to do this. They said that they could make a payment but could not save the details. Their work-around was to set up a standing order with a single payment. This way, they said, it would be possible to save the details. I told them that I did not want a standing order I wanted a one-off payment with the details saved. Needless to say I had to accept their only offer.

Yes, you guessed it, when I used Barclays online banking I could see the standing order payment had been made but there were no details saved. So I am now stuck, again. Service? What service?

I have now made two email complaints via the Barclays Bank web site, one on 24Nov06 and the other on 8Jan07. Both have not been answered. It is also interesting to note that neither complaint was given a tracking number, either on the complaint page of the website or in the automated email response. Yes, I do have dated proof that I complained. I assume that this lack of a tracking number is their way of facilitating the loss of awkward complaints.

It should be noted that the automated email response says:
"We aim to respond to emails received before 5pm on the same day. Otherwise we'll contact you before noon the next day."

Am I the only one who thinks that Barclays Bank has a serious security problem and that their online banking and help desk suck? Any comments?

Bad interest rates, daily compounding carry over for 2 months!
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SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH -- DON'T GET ONE! They are cheats and have bad India customer service. I had to threaten to contact the BBB to get my interest rate based on last month's bill which was paid in full taken off. To Heck with these guys there are better cards out there. My interest rate was changed from 12.99 to 24.99 in one month. Always paid more than the minimum only two months during two years did I have a carry over balance but still paid more than minimum.

With me, they behaved as crooks. Be aware
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I had a USAirways MasterCard issued by Barclays Bank Delaware (formerly Juniper Bank). I had scheduled with them an automatic payment in full as I always do with my credit cards. Surprisingly, Barclays unilaterally skipped my payment in November 2007 and then charged me a fee in my next statement. They never asked/informed me about that! When I called two of they representatives explained that Barclays had given me a payment break because of the fire situation in California. Note that I was never told they were giving me such a break (I had scheduled automatic payments in full). I spoke with two of their representative on Jan 3 and about 2PM PT (the second one said her number was 2977).

She was quite inconsistent in her explanations - and she refused to credit my account with the finance charge for their unwanted 'fire payment holiday' without any explanation. I found her behavior unprofessional and in fact rude. I asked her to cancel my card, although with this Bank One cannot be sure what happens.

With me, they behaved as crooks. Be aware.

Resolution Update 01/04/2008:

I see now that Barclays has (1) credited my account with the unfair finance charge and (2) closed my account as requested.

Barclays Juniper DESPICABLE
By -


I have a Barclays Juniper issued card from them with USAirway miles rewards. Recently had a total balance payment put on hold -- you get the idea from others here. I was about to start using this card for monthly purchases and pay the total off each month as I found out they barely add anything additional to their minimum payments -- it's like 90% interest. Well I am not going to use this card period and I am going to ask for a refund of my annual fee as well as contact USAirways with my displeasure and concern. I have another USAirways card, a Signature VISA, through Bank of America which is really good for minimum automatic payments as they take the payment out on the date the statement comes out so you don't pay interest on interest. In addition, a few years ago I disputed a charge with Barclays Juniper to no avail.

DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH Barclays Juniper, A TRULY DESPICABLE BUSINESS! I cannot believe what they are getting away with!

Credit card help
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LAKE OF THE OZARKS -- I've never worked with a company that tried to help me out like this company. I've been going over limit the last couple of months and wasn't happy at all. The representative explained the amount of money being charged for interest. That helps, now I don't have to worry about the card budget anymore.

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