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Poor Employee Training and Inadequate Staffing
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Rating: 2/51

PEARLAND, TEXAS -- My husband and I visited this location to purchase my 13 yr old his first shotgun on a Saturday evening. We have him signed up for a gun safety camp so we were needing to purchase one within the next couple of weeks. We were asked if our current address was on our driver's license and unfortunately it was not (we had just moved 6 months ago- I know, I put it off. My bad). The salesman told us to update our address and bring the print out in as proof and we would be able to purchase the shotgun.

Today, just two days later, I went to the DMV to update my address. The nice person at the front desk told me that the wait was almost two hours but since my license wasn't expired and all I needed was to update my address, I could do that online. Awesome!! So I did just that and was on my way to Bass Pro Shops feeling quite good.

When I arrived there were two workers, three people waiting, and they were serving number 73 (I guess a few had given up). I was 79- not bad right? Wrong.
After 45 minutes of waiting at a gun counter (not easy for a woman who is four months pregnant and close to lunch time, lol) I was finally helped by an obviously exasperated employee. I explained my situation about the address, handed him the printout as well as my license and he retrieved the shotgun that was being held for me. We filled out paperwork, he would go the back for 5-10 mins, I completed an online questionnaire, he would go to the back for 5-10 minutes again, then he said he had to make a phone call and would be right back.

He returned with my license and printout, looked me square in the face and said, "I don't know how to tell you this but it's our company policy to only accept printouts from the DMV and not ones that are done online. If you would have gotten this from the DMV I could accept it". So after ONE HOUR AND FORTY FIVE MINUTES of standing around and signing paperwork stating that I was purchasing a firearm, I had to leave with nothing. I tried to complain to a manager but was left to wait at Customer Service for 15 minutes before deciding I would never set foot in a Bass Pro Shop again.

Why the anger? Surprisingly it's not because they wouldn't break company policy for me (I understand it- kind of). I'm hacked off and never going back for a couple of reasons:
1) It took 45 minutes for someone to even ask me what I needed help with. No excuse
2) The salesman had my information in his hands for one hour. ONE HOUR!! If he would have told me when I gave it to him that it had to be a copy issued from the DMV I would have been disappointed but not enraged. All the hoop jumping on my part was only rewarded with an "I don't know how to tell you this...". Poor training is an understatement.
3) When I tried to point out this ridiculous charade to the store's manager, I was just left to wait. Again. Before I left I asked the girl at the Customer Service counter if they had a business card for the corporate office she told me to call 1 800 BASS PRO. Really? Ugh.

I am partially thankful for this complete abuse of my time- I will be going to an independent gun seller that knows enough about their product and policy to not waste my time. Shame on you Bass Pro for not caring enough. You just lost a customer.

Ammo Purchase Refusal
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Rating: 1/51

BOSSIER CITY, LOUISIANA -- May 24, 2013, I was in the Bossier City, Louisiana Bass Pro Shop attempting to purchase some 5.56 Winchester ammo. The store only had three boxes left and they were in the glass show case next to an AR 15 rifle with an Eotech holographic sight and magnifier and a bi-pod attached to the weapon. I asked the clerk behind the counter how much it was for a box of the 5.56 ammo and he stated $12 dollars and change (don't remember the exact amount). I informed the clerk that I would like to purchase all three boxes, to which he replied, “you can't they go with the weapon”.

I was confused and asked for clarity, he then stated that if I wanted the ammo I had to purchase the weapon (the price of the weapon was well over $2,000.00 dollars). He further stated that those were the last three boxes of 5.56 ammo they had so, if I wanted them I would had to purchase the weapon to get them. I then asked, “So if I purchase the weapon the rounds come with it?”, to which he stated no, you still have to pay for the rounds also. I then asked “What if I purchase the weapon but don't want to purchase the ammo?”, he did not have a response for that.

I then showed him a box of .45 Cal ammo I had in my shopping cart that I took off the shelf, I informed him that this was the last box of .45 Cal ammo they had left on the shelves and asked him “Are you saying that I have to purchase a .45 Cal weapon along with this ammo or you will not allow me to purchase this .45 Cal ammo?”, to which he replied “No”. At that point I was frustrated and did not want to escalate the situation; I could see that the clerk was enjoying the fact that he was denying me the right to purchase the ammo, so I simply departed the store.

Unless I am missing something, Bass Pro Shop is a store, they sell merchandise, this merchandise had a price tag associated with it, I or any other customer should have the right to purchase that product, this is the whole principal behind a merchandise store. If the store had a packaged deal with the ammo and the weapon together I would have been fine with that but it wasn't a packaged deal, as the ammo did not come with the weapon, you still had to purchase it separately, the package was the weapon, the sights and the bipod. Maybe the young clerk was miss informed, maybe he was holding that ammo for a friend to purchase, or maybe he just did not like me and decided that I was not going to get that ammo. I was calm and courteous throughout the attempted transaction, either way it is wrong, plain and simple.

Never go to the gun counter at ANY BASS PROSHOP/ OUTDOOR WOLD
By -

AUBURN HILLS, MICHIGAN -- First, I've never had good luck at any time going there. Last weekend was the 3rd strike.

The first bad time:
I am a gun collector, I collect vintage rifles and hand guns. I am not a gun nut, but a true collector. I have an old ww1 hand gun, in. 32. Its a semi-hard to find round, and lower power (but in ww1 was the standard). So, I ask the guy behind the counter, do you have. 32. He gives me this long song and dance, why I need to buy a new gun. I say, I collect guns for historical value, and I can't afford that one right now." He says, "Well then you know nothing about guns, and I can't sell you any ammo, please leave the counter." He starts to talk to the next guy. I tell him where to get off, and I am actually removed from the store, physically.

The second Bad time:
Every one gets a second chance, so I went back. To use their range. They have an indoor range. So I get my rifle checked in, the check my ammo. Then they say I can't have this because its army surplus. I say, "so?" they then say they have to keep it, per Michigan law." I said, I don't think so. I reach over the counter to get my ammo can back. And they physically push be back, and threaten to keep my rifle too.
I talk to the manager, and 2 hours later, they loose my ammo. I get "loud" and they remove me again.

Third time: last weekend.
There was an add they ad for vintage rifles. Good price too. I was willing to deal with the B. S. for the sale. So not only did they not have it. they called me stupid, for not seeing it was only at select stores. They told me, I was obviously too stupid to pay attention to detail, and would not sell it to me anyway.... and, you (me) was taking up my (his) time." I went to the manager. He said, I agree with Ross, get out of my store!" Now, that's for the Great Lakes Mall store. In Auburn Hills, Michigan. Go to Dunham's... they really are better all ways around!! Also, they have a better selection of ammo too!! I am a major fan of Dunnham's!

Bass Pro Shop in Destin FL
By -

FLORIDA -- I'll make this short. Went to Bass pro shop to buy a rifle. I asked the associate behind the counter to hand me the one I wanted to buy. I asked him could he take off the trigger guard because I wanted to see how it felt.( I had heard this particular rifle had a good trigger, wanted to find out myself) He looked at me and said no I value my life. What? I said what are you talking about? He said you could put a round in the chamber I value my life. This kind of rubbed me the wrong way, so I asked him could I speak to a manager. He rudely said I am the manager. I said can I speak to someone over you. This must have enraged him because he said, sir I am not taking that trigger guard off for you as a matter of fact give me that rifle cause you are making me feel uncomfortable. I could not believe what I was hearing and I looked at my wife in disbelief. He then turned around and told me that when he is behind that counter that he is in charge and I will listen to what he is saying! I was at a lost for words. Then as I tried to put some words together he said you need to leave the store and my wife is pulling on my arm to walk away because I think she thought I would loose my cool. But I never did. I walked down stairs and talked to the store manager. I explained to him what happened and he apologized and offered a gift card. I declined and took my number down and told me he would call me.

I never received a phone call. I have been in the military for over 12 years, been deployed all over the world in time of war and peace. Never have I been treated with so much disrespect. I must say I hope I never feel a need to go to another Bass pro shop again. Oh the manager told me that even if your buying a gun they will not take the trigger lock off. What is America coming too. thanks for listening.

Coupon Code Issues
By -

I recently received a gift card for Bass Pro Shops, which is perfect for me because I recently bought a boat and could use a lot if accessories for it. There are no Bass Pro Shops near me so I decided to use it online. Well, I also received a postcard from them for my birthday stating I will receive $20 off any order over $100 placed online or through their catalog. The card had a coupon code to redeem for the $20 off or it said to go to (where XXXXXX was the coupon code).

So I proceed to place quite a few things in my cart (around 25, lots of lures, fishing line, etc) and go to checkout. Well, there is not place to enter the coupon code at checkout. So I look all around, go back to my cart, and check the FAQ section-there is no mention of how to use a coupon code. At this point, I type in the web address shown with the code and it takes me to a page that says free shipping on orders over $50-so I click on it and log in and bring up my cart with the items in it. The order form does not show the $20 off nor free shipping, they are still charging me $15 for shipping.

Frustrated, I contact them via live chat and ask how I use the coupon. The CS response to me was there is no way to use the coupon online other than entering the web address and clicking on the current offer. When I told her the web address says free shipping but my card says $20 off, she stated that the website was mistaken and the offer should be $20 off and as long as I start my order on that site, the $20 will be taken off of my order. It would not be reflected in the total invoice at the end but that I should trust them to charge me the correct price when it goes to ship.

I told her this was not acceptable to me, how can they present on invoice for a total that I authorize them to charge me, only to have them charge me a different price later (even if in this case the price is less, it wasn't what I agreed to). She said my only other option rather than trust them to get it right after the fact was to call an operator and place the orer over the phone. I asked her if she could just place the order for me, with the discount applied (since she had it up in front of her) and she said no. I would need to call it in and read each item and part number to the operator, that was my only other choice. I told her no, I was going with I thought was my best choice-I would be purchasing the items elsewhere.

Why would Bass Pro Shops send me a coupon code that is not redeemable on their site? And they expect me to trust they will get the offer right after I place my order when they can't even keep their site up to date with what offers they have available? Not to mention, the rude and unhelpful tone the CS rep had with me, if they don't want my business I'm happy to take it elsewhere.

Terrible experience!
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Rating: 1/51

ONLINE, IOWA -- I used a gift card to purchase some insulated bibs. I made the order from my phone which was exceedingly difficult. My billing and shipping addresses are in different states as I travel for work. Bass Pro states, I used an incorrect shipping address, and shipped the item to my billing address 1100 miles away, its been 18 days since I contacted customer service and still no product, and now their service department will not return my communiqués.

I know for a fact I entered two addresses on the order form and a credit card will not run if the billing address does not match it, so where is my stuff? Bass Pro lies, craps on their customers, and steals their money. Never again. Don't even deserve a star!!!

Online Purchase/Lies
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Rating: 1/51

SPRINGFEILD, MISSOURI -- I bought a single item from the online store and after two days I received an email stating that my order was being cancelled because the product is no longer available for purchase.I went online to see if I could find a comparable item to purchase and was shocked to find that the item IS available but under a different SKU and at a higher price (Same product description/color and everything).

I contacted Customer Service via their online chat service and spoke to Bryan who was not at all helpful.

He offered me a 10.00 store credit.I declined the credit as I will NOT being doing business with a dishonest company!

Rude store employees
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Rating: 1/51

NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE -- I purchased a crossbow in Sept 2012 and to my error I did not receive the warranty card or owners manual.So I went back the next day to get the paperwork.I was treated like it, s just a bow, like I was a second class citizen.Well after waiting 30-40 minutes for the clerk to return from lunch he pulled out 15 owners manuals with serial numbers on them, could not find mine.I guess they don't give them out when they sell important merchandise like crossbows.And I was further told that Barnett does not deal with the public.I contacted Barnett and they sent me an owners manual and a warranty card along with the installation tools to set the bow up for the first time, next day air.And yes Barnett deals with the public, they will service all your needs.I was called by the Manager and told him what happened he said he would call me back and never returned my call and never sent me a reply.No excuses he had my phone number as well as mailing address.I have never stepped foot in that store since and never will.I spent over 1000.00 dollars in one sale and was treated like a bum off the street.Never again Bass pro I will take my business else where

Bass Pro Shops uses Fake Sales and Predatory Store Policies to Rip You Off
By -

You should take your money elsewhere. They have fake sales, deceptively overcharge you, and then leave you no recourse, hiding behind predatory store policies and hidden signs. Their practices amount to scams.

I bought something there that was supposedly on sale for $17, so it was quite a surprise when I found the exact same product at another store the same day selling for $9 at regular price. I went back to bass pro shops to return the item. I was told that on this particular item, there were no returns or exchanges. The woman at the service desk told me there were signs posted in the area indicating that all sales were final. The woman was being incredibly rude, so I asked to see these signs. After searching for several minutes with the help of a stock boy, we finally found a single sign, not in the 2 main aisles where these items are stocked, but above a small display on the other side of the department. Bass Pro Shops refused to refund my money. And they refused to do a price match. The service lady was rude. The manager was better trained about smiling and saying there's nothing he can do, it's store policy, but what he was really saying was "Go f*** yourself". At this point, the money wasn't really the issue.

$17 is only a drop in the bucket compared to what I spend on fishing gear each year. Out of the several hundreds if not thousands of dollars I spend on fishing, hunting, and camping gear every year, not a single cent will be spent at this or any other Bass Pro Shop as a result of this incident.

Bass Pro Shop Calling From 501 Area Code
By -

The reason they are calling you is because you or someone you know (or may not know; maybe you have enemies?) signed you up for a trip. I actually went to the shop in Nashville in April 2009 and signed up for a drawing. Even after reading the fine print, I knew what I was getting myself into; it's a time share company; you go to a seminar or whatever and they provide you with a trip to your destination choice.

I have only received two calls (one in June 2009 and one today, August 12th, 2010).

I hope this helps.

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