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Roof on New Home
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EBENSBURG, PENNSYLVANIA -- My home is now three years old. When it was three months old, my roof was leaking so bad that water was dripping off my light fixtures, over the kitchen sink. The water was running down the walls and going into the basement, I caught that water with buckets. Bastian said it was a seal in my skylight that needed replaced, which they did, after three months. The seal never was broken. I have seven skylights in my house. The walls below five of the skylights leak water down the walls.

Bastian's fix has been to send a man on the roof to break ice, put buckets and tarps in my attic to redirect the water. They did send a person to repaint the inside walls, that were stained by the water. The last contact with Bastian was, it was an act of GOD and I shouldn't have had them build my house in a wooded area where the wind could not blow the snow off my roof.

When I ask them about ice guard around the skylights, they said the specs. didn't call for ice. They said they built the house to specs. and it is on me to have it fixed. I had a one year agreement to fixed any problems. I ask what it would cost me to fix the problem, they said they were not interested and they didn't think they could fix the problem.

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