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Review of dog breeder
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FT. WORTH, TEXAS -- I have structured this review simply to tell my story about an experience with Belkay kennels.

When I looked at the web investigating this kennel and breeder, even the second time I bought an animal from her, I never found any untoward writings. Hence, I believed my experience would be positive (in combination with my first experience in 1997). However, that was not the case. I feel certain other individuals have also had bad experiences but I can find no record of those detailed on the web. Only today on a web search, I did find public record of a court decision where Ms. [name removed] was fined $14,800 for selling animals without an Animal Welfare license. That particular document can be found at the following URL as a PDF file:

Here is our story:

I purchased my first Brussels griffon from BelKay kennels in 1996 for $400. At that time, I found Ms. [name removed] to be pleasant, knowledgeable, helpful and attentive. She bred only Brussels griffons (or so I was told by her), and I was required to go through a phone interview before I was even told her address to view the puppies. I have been very happy with my first Brussels, hence, when I wanted to get my daughter a griff for her birthday, I went to the same breeder: Belkay kennels, Ms. Belinda [name removed], in Ft. Worth, TX.

On the second go-round, even from the start, I found her behavior a little odd. She was not interested at all in the fact that I’d previously purchased a puppy from her. She didn’t ask me the parent’s names or show any interest in our previous transaction, which is odd behavior for a breeder. When I went to pick out my puppy and leave a $300 deposit, I saw several other breeds of puppies on the premises, including about 7 other griffs and a pen of yorkees. When my husband and I went to Ft. Worth about 3 weeks later to get the puppy, we came with another check for the $700 balance. We noticed a grayish discharge on the puppy’s nose and two patches where the puppy's hair had been shaved. Ms. [name removed] told me he had a “slight skin infection” but she treated it with antimicrobial cream and “it’s better…see the new hair is growing in.” She stated he’d just been bathed and some of the bathing supplies left the nose discolored. We accepted this explanation and went directly to a veterinarian in Dallas, who is an outstanding DVM.

He examined the puppy and did note the discoloration on the nose and the skin lesions; he looked for ringworm with a black light but because of the recent scrubbing, there were no scales to fluoresce under the light. We opted to wait on a skin culture, seeing what the skin would do. He gave us an antibiotic for the rhinitis, noting it was probably viral but he didn’t want the puppy to get pneumonia.

Within 24 hours, the puppy began to cough, and our world hasn’t been the same since. To make a 3 month story short, the puppy developed pneumonia and has required referral to a veterinary internist who specializes in canine pulmonary disease. This has cost us > $2000 in medical bills for the puppy, not including the original cost of the animal. When we had to make a second veterinary appointment within 72 hours of obtaining the dog, I called Ms. [name removed] from the veterinarian’s office detailing the situation. From the beginning of our conversation, she was hostile and aggressive, talking over me and continually referring to her “handouts” which are given to new owners; she asked if I was using vaporizer treatments. She informed me that the dog developed pneumonia because I didn’t use the vaporizer as instructed when he began to cough. My perspective was that I paid $1000 for the animal: I shouldn’t have to use even a suction bulb. I might have even said as much, but because of her aggressive demeanor (talking over me every time I tried to speak), I hardly got a word in edgewise. She exhibited no concern for the animal and said only that the veterinarian and his antibiotics would not help us as the puppy has a virus and “antibiotics don’t work against viruses.” It was only at this time that I informed her I am an infectious diseases physician, and I know about the use of antimicrobials. She then stated, verbatim, “well then you should know the difference between bacteria and viruses. And if you’re trying to impress me, I am not impressed that you are a physician. Your kind let my husband die right in front of my eyes and all the while telling me that everything was OK. If you’re going to return the dog, you’d better do it before he’s dead.” (Of note, I was not involved with her husband's care in any way. I am an Asst. Professor at a medical school in Louisiana; she lives in Texas.) Then she hung up the phone before I could respond. I stood in the veterinary office absolutely speechless. She never contacted me again to see how the puppy fared.

We had the option to return the dog within 72 hours to the breeder should he be ill. I decided I would not return the dog to her, as I was concerned she would only use vaporizer treatments and not give him the needed antimicrobials for the secondary bacterial pneumonia he suffered after his initial respiratory infection (which no doubt resulted from over-crowding at the breeding facility), and he would surely die. Additionally, he was far too sick to be transported back to Ft. Worth from Louisiana late on a Sunday evening. We decided to focus our attention on the dog and worry about the breeder later. The contract I signed said the breeder was not responsible for any medical bills under any circumstances. I assumed this was a standard contract. She does allow for refund of an animal who develops a congenital defect within the first 3 years of its life.

Fortunately, the puppy bounced back and has done well, although he remains on antibiotics now, even 12 weeks later. He gets chest radiographs every few weeks. We are not out of the woods, though, in that if he doesn’t resolve the pulmonary infiltrates or begins coughing again, he will need bronchoscopy, another $1000. His course has been complicated by coccidia (an intestinal protozoa) and ringworm, both of which he came with from the breeder. (Of note, my first dog also was infected with coccidia in 1996.) Treating both of these other infections included additional expense, especially the ringworm. And we didn't get it treated before everybody in my home got infected with ringworm: my daughter, me, my husband, my daughter's schoolmates, my babysitter and her son, and my dad. As I write this, I still have a lesion on my shoulder, even though the dog is now well.

Fortunately my husband and I have the resources to care for this animal, although it has not been easy. I worry about the people who put all their money into the purchase price of one of Ms. [name removed]’s animals, then have nothing left to care for a very sick puppy, to which they’ve begun to love.

I decided to write this review while I was sitting in the vet internists office reading through a dog magazine, and I saw several ads for various puppies through BelKay kennels (Brussels griffons, Cavalier King Charles spaniels, Yorkees). This morning, I saw another ad on the web for shih-tzu's. I don’t want anyone to have the experience we did, and ALL of these infectious complications could have been prevented through hygienic breeding behaviors.

I can not in good conscience not tell our story. I am willing to accept some responsibility: when I saw the warning signs, I didn’t run the other way. I was too overzealous to get a puppy from a breeder who was close in proximity. I didn’t want to order a dog by mail. I thought I might “get a sick dog”. There are many good breeders out there. If you’re reading my review, then you’re savvy with the web. Stick to the advice about how to pick a breeder, and run away if the breeders don’t behave as expected.

Under no circumstances can I recommend BelKay Kennels or Ms. [name removed] for any animal.

My best wishes for all of you who are searching for a new puppy for your home.

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User Replies:
lisas3cents on 06/21/2005:
Thanks for the review!
ATT is robbing US on 07/06/2005:
Texas is bad that way. There is a "kennel" called "PoosRUs" near Lott, Texas, that has no less than 600 dogs on premises, all locked in tiny cages, countless breeds and diseases. Running feces everywhere. The dogs are NEVER allowed out of their cages. The owner does experiments with the dogs: cross breeding various breeds with poodles to see how they will turn out. I saw 8 great pyranese dogs penned up in a 6 foot by 6 foot enclosure, permanently, for what reason I don't know. There was a pen with approx. 40 mixed breed dogs, it was muddy like a pigpen, the dogs could barely move. The crazy lady called these her "rescue dogs" It is a horrible place, I have been there. Texas has no real regulation on this. Many people in the Lott area have tried to close this place down but have been unsuccessful, as the owner doesn't let anyone in her barn or behind the privacy fence, where the atrocities are taking place. It is disgusting.
Think very hard before purchasing from a puppy mill. But it is a quandry, isn't it, because you become so concerned with the welfare of the animals that you will do anything to help them out.
debra2005 on 08/04/2005:
we just read your article regarding BelKay Kennels, as we our selfs were discussing getting her to send us some dogs, and would love to hear your thoughts regarding belinda, our email address is thankx
cmitch4 on 01/26/2006:
UPDATE to story by initial poster.
Well, it's been a year now, and our Atilla is doing just fine. He finally got over his pneumonia, didn't have to get bronchoscopy, and he's a lovely pet. I have not changed my mind in any way about my initial review, in spite of a year of reflection on the subject. And, I am satisfied that my review is one of the first google links to pop up in search of her kennels. I think this will help prospective buyers to make informed decisions about her dogs. If you want a brussels griffon, use the links on the Brussels kennel club webpage for breeders.

An added bonus: My dog has grown into an unusual creature. Understand: I love him no matter how he looks, but he is not a pure-bred Brussels. He has grown into a long body, with long legs, weighs 16 lbs (max they should weigh is 10) and his eyes are wide-spread. His face looks like a Brussels, but the body is definitely NOT! I suspect he is a mix between one of her cavalier spaniels and a BG.
devil on 02/08/2006:
I bought a Brussels Griffon puppy from Belinda in February 2004, about one year ago. After reading this review, I couldn't believe that I spent $1,300, and trusted this breeder to send me a "quality puppy". I was very upset when my puppy arrived. Much like the other author, my puppy was not in good condition, nor was he what I expected him to look like. I specified several times that I did not wish to purchase a puppy who would be blonde in color. My puppy was already mostly blonde at 14 weeks old. He had an extremely bad underbite, which was never mentioned before I bought him. His underbite was so bad, he looked like a bulldog with his teeth actually sticking out from his lips. I had requested that his ears be done, and they looked horrible. Belinda charges me an extra $100 for this and his ears were two totally different shapes. It looked as if she may have done it herself. My puppy was sick as well and ended up costing me an additional $300 in vet bills to clear up his nasal infection. He coughed so horribly, and had green snot all over his nose. My puppy did not look like a full breed Brussels. His legs are much too long, which I also stipulated that I did not want a long legged Brussels. They are small compact dogs, with short legs. I was so upset that I was tricked into receiving a puppy that was not what I wanted or expected. I fell in love with him anyway, and decided that I would make the best of it b/c I did not know what would happen if I sent him back. He was already sick and I did;t want his condition made worse b/c of another flight across country. When my puppy was 10 months old he suffered from a horrible seizure that left him unable to walk or even hold his head up. It cost over $500 in tests, and they were still inconclusive. The vet believes the problem may lie in my puppy's brain. My puppy regained his ability to walk ad run, but I always fear that he will be hit w/ another seizure. I certainly learned my lesson about trusting breeders. I did not have a pleasant experience w/ Belinda and she was not very friendly during the process in which I was buying my puppy. I was very excited and she seemed like she didn't care and that I was bothering her every time I asked her a question. If I had seen that she was fined in the past for operating w/ out a license, I would have never considered buying a dog from her. I will definitely check out the next breeder b/c I would love another Brussels one day, but I won'tbe calling Belinda...
Interested on 04/24/2006:
I would like to obtain more information from "ATT is robbing us" or anyone else who has had experience with PoosRUs. Please email me at Thanks.
js00031 on 04/24/2006:
I too can speak to Belinda and Bel-Kay Kennels. My wife and I purchased a rough coat female from Bel-Kay a couple of years ago. We had many health issues in the initial much so that I took out an insurance policy on her at 45 dollars a month...ended up being well worth it! She's since stabilized...but to date has the most sensitive stomach I've ever seen in a dog. Throws up often. She is not a full-bred Brussels she now weighs 15lbs!!! We spent over 1K on a sickly mut...I feel badly for all the dogs in her kennel...she should not be able to carry on the way she does. We have friends that live in her rural community who informed us that it is a well known fact that her methods are unsound.
maltmomma on 01/10/2008:
We bought a Maltese from Belinda (Bel-Kay) in 1999. At the time she told us she bred Maltese and Shih Tzu's. We didn't see any other breeds besides these two on the premises but (a red flag) the sire and dam were not there at her house and she was in a rush to get us out of the house. I had found her ad in the Fort Worth paper and several months later I went to see if there were any more ads for Maltese and there were 6 (SIX!!) different breeds listed with her phone number. I was just sick. She is either a puppy miller or a broker. I love my dog but he definitely is very poorly bred and has some major behavior issues. I hope she reads this and can only pray that she straightens up her act. Shame on her!
yorkie on 03/17/2009:
I also bought what I thought was a Mi-Ki from (Bel-Kay). I was never told it was anything else but a Mi-ki. Only to find out it was 90% shihtzu. I'm very disappointed. PH in CA.
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Please read if you are considering buying a puppy from Belkennels
Posted by on
REWEY, WISCONSIN -- I would like to share my experience with Belkennels.

I bought a Goldendoodle puppy from Dan in October of 2009. Upon arriving, Dan met us with my puppy and we didn't move from his driveway. I noticed other puppies that he was breeding were walking around in an inch or two of mud. I wanted to see the siblings of my puppy, but he informed us they were all sold even though I looked online a couple days later and there was still one for sale.

The morning after we picked her up she sneezed up a worm. It's normal when puppies have worms to poop them out, but when worms are coming out of the puppies mouth that isn't good. This is my first puppy so I freaked out and called Dan. He informed me to just go to Farm and Fleet and get a pill. I did that but she was pooping out so many worms I was concerned. The next day (two days after picking her up) I went to the vet. They informed me that she had a severe case of worms and was underweight. The vet gave my puppy a stronger pill then the ones you buy from Farm and Fleet. I was so disappointed and upset I wrote Dan explaining what happened and if we would refund my vet bill because I didn't expect having my puppy for two days and running her to the vet. Dan did send me a check for $25, but that didn't even cover half of the vet bill.

This last Saturday morning, my puppy started pooping worms again. I was shocked. We had been to the vet three weeks ago and they had checked her poop for the worms and she was clear. I called the vet immediately and made an appointment for later in the morning. The vet said that usually puppies get rid of the worms right away but since she had worms so severe that's probably why she got the worms again.

I love my puppy to death. This was my first puppy and dealing with the worms have not been a pleasant experience. My puppy is still underweight because of the worms. It is heartbreaking to know that she has worms inside her and they are taking her nutrients. I wrote this review to let people know what to expect if they decide to buy a puppy from Belkennels. If I would have read a review like this before I was considering buying a puppy from him, I would have passed it by.
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User Replies:
goduke on 11/23/2009:
Important question: did Dan represent that the pups had been wormed and given shots?

Puppies get worms. Probably because they eat everything they can find. The OTC stuff is pretty worthless, but the vet can take care of them.

I know it's a bit distressing, but the pup will probably be o.k., and it probably won't be the last time you have an unexpected bill for the little beast. It's worth it, though.
goduke on 11/23/2009:
Oh...but the part about him refusing to let you see the kennel area should have set off all sorts of alarms. Likely a puppymill.
Abbie13 on 11/23/2009:
If your puppy poops outside and gets into it the worms will keep coming back. Was there two pills my puppy had worms and he got two pills one for right away and the next dose a few days later to take are of any eggs.
Anonymous on 11/23/2009:
I always thought most puppies get worms from their mom. I've always had to have my puppies dewormed.

Abbie13 on 11/23/2009:
Also there are several different kinds of worms dogs can get and you need different medicine for each.
Fleas are another way dogs can get fleas be sure to check him for those.
Hope everything goes well and enjoy your new puppy the grow up so fast.
PepperElf on 11/23/2009:
this is probably why.. if I ever get a dog I think it'll be from the dog pound.
I've never gotten dogs, just cats, but they usually have vet paperwork on the animal before it heads out.
Abbie13 on 11/23/2009:
Miss Marple they can come from eating other animal poop, fleas, bitten by a mosquitos
Anonymous on 11/23/2009:
Abbie, I guess it depends on the kind of worm. I have had an adult dog get worms from *ahem* supplementing her diet with yard treats.

Abbie13 on 11/23/2009:
Pepper I got all my dogs from animal rescue leagues and they are the best. Only had the problem with my last one having tapeworms 2 pills and he was fine.
Abbie13 on 11/23/2009:
Miss Marple my dog did the same thing but the cats litter box was her treat jar.
Anonymous on 11/23/2009:
LOL! We took in a puppy that someone dumped, and she hadn't been dewormed yet. I didn't even think at the time that my older dog would do *that*.
PepperElf on 11/23/2009:
ya, I figure screw getting purebreds.. all I need is a pet that choses me.

my own cat... got him from an animal shelter that kills unwanted cats & dogs. he was just so adorable and very cuddly. it was weird that he didn't have a tail but I got used to it... never had to worry bout stepping on his tail at least ;)
Nohandle on 11/23/2009:
OP, sorry for your misfortune but it sometimes takes many, and I mean many, treatments from the Vet's and not the OTC medications to rid your pet from worms. A bit like a pest infestation in your home. First treatment takes care of the visible but later they will reappear unless you treat again. That's the way it works
Abbie13 on 11/23/2009:
I've heard that purebreeds tend to have more health problems too due to all the inbreeding. I'll take my mutts any day.
Principissa on 11/23/2009:
It's funny abbie, I heard the same thing as well. I don't know of anyone personally, but one of the guy's my husband works with bought his wife a goldendoodle (like the poster's dog) and it has nothing but issues. When they got her she had parvo (almost died from it), then she started having breathing problems, and now she's got problems with her joints. She's only 3 years old.
luvmygoldendoodle on 11/24/2009:
goduke- Dan did give me card that said he had de-wormed my puppy at 3 and 5 weeks. I think the living conditions had something to do with the amount of worms she has. I'm sure all the puppies had worms, they would poop them out and other puppies would eat them. I make sure to pick up her poop right away to avoid her eating anything.

The vet gave me two pills, that were given at the same time. I have an appointment in 3 weeks to have her poop tested again. Lets hope this is the last of them. I did notice that there was considerably less worms being pooped out the second time she got them.

Thanks everyone for posting!
JHozz on 06/17/2013:
I bought a puppy from Dan four months ago. I read this comment before I went to go pick up my black lab and was concerned, but the puppy I received turned out great. I'm nothing but happy with my experience. My dog is GREAT!!
Rainy101 on 06/27/2013:
I'm getting my puppy from belkennels and I have got a lot of pictures on the land he has with my puppy in the picture ad it is a very clean environment. I think that everyone has nothing to worry about. Trust me I know
Jenny on 07/03/2013:
I picked my puppy up in November of 2012, he's 7 months now I think? Best dog we've ever had. No problems with worms at all, and he had an open door policy as far as welcoming any questions or concerns we had, and he encouraged us to visit and send him pictures of our pup. Our neighbors have now purchased two pups from them, about two years apart - both of their dogs are also great! The land was nice and all the puppies looked great. I have no concerns, and I will recommend Dan to my friends!
Brooke on 07/04/2013:
We purchased a yellow lab from Dan in feb 2013. After bringing sweet little rosebud home we started to noticed some weird ways about how she sat, walked and ran. We brought her to the vet and found out she had severe problems with her hips at only 4 months old. I reached out to Dan several times and when he finally responded he was very defensive and almost accused me of injuring my pup because he didn't believe that she had hip problems. He claimed in all his years of breeding he never had a lab with hip problems. Well soon after that visit our pup underwent surgery to have a Juvenile Pubic Symphysiodesis. Well after much hope that procedure failed and now is requiring Femoral Head Ostectomy (FHO) in both hips.. All this suffering and she is only 6 months old. He has yet to contact me back after receiving the vet report etc.. I'm so disappointed and broken hearted for our family and our pet. Please just keep all this in mind. We have had a terrible experience with him. I just want him to show sympathy for her like a true breeder would and help us with the vet bill or simply refund our money so we can afford the thousands of dollars this is costing us.
rAin girl on 11/04/2013:
The reason why your puppy had worms was maybe because of another animal in the house? Our goldendoodle had worms because of licking the cats butt...later we were informed our cat Monti had worms.
LuvMyBuckyDoodle on 11/12/2013:
We purchased a goldendoodle from Dan in 2009. I think that he had worms big deal. Puppies get worms and sometimes it takes a couple of treatments to get rid of them. Our goldendoodle is the smartest dog we have ever owned. I would definitely purchase another puppy from Dan and would ( have) recommend him.
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BelKay Kennels
Posted by on
FORT WORTH, TEXAS -- I too have had a bad experience with BelKay kennels. My daughter spent hard earned money at BelKay kennels for what we believed was a full blooded papillon that she wanted to learn to show and do agility with. I asked to see the puppy's parents and were shown two full grown and full blooded papillons. I read the parents names on the contract of the puppy we were buying and called them by that name. They did not respond. Ms. Atherton's son also called them by those names and they did not come. I did not think much of it at the time. He also stated to us that if the puppy is sick that he wants the puppy back and the contract is void if we do not follow the instructions to the letter. One of the instructions was to feed our new puppy buttermilk every other hour (which the vet said "no" too). We asked to see where they kept the puppy, and we were shown a nice room indoors; however, upon leaving, my daughter saw through a gate that there were many crates with many dogs in them. While she was looking through the gate, Ms. Atherton's son got between her and the gate as he tried to escort us off the property. Two days later, our puppy became ill with kennel cough. This was very frightening and costly. As the puppy did not get better after taking medicine and had to return to the vet for chest x-rays and a different round of stronger medicine. Of course, my daughter was attached to her new puppy, and we were not about to give it back for fear of what might happen to it. Now that our "puppy" is a year old, she is obviously not a full blood papillon. She is mixed with another breed. She has the opposite of papillon attributes - she is way too tall, short stringy hair, and her normal weight is 19 pounds. We love our new dog, but felt like BelKay kennels mislead us in telling my daughter that the puppy was full blooded (which the vet and our eyes know otherwise.) She was also sick from being in crowded and unsanitary conditions. Please do not purchase a puppy from this breeder. I know pound puppies are wonderful pets, and next time we are ready for another puppy that is where we will look.
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User Replies:
tander on 10/01/2005:
Humane Society Pets are the best, they already neutered and have vaccinations, and are pets that need homes. Adopt from them!!
AZJEM on 10/02/2005:
I'm glad you decided to keep the puppy anyway. I always feel sorry for the dogs that are given back. They too get attached to the owner as the owner does to them. I do have to say, you did everything correctly when you made the purchase. Asking to see the parents and the papers and asking to see where the dogs were kept. Sorry to hear they did this to your daughter. Hope it wasn't too much that she spent on the puppy. Also, hope you have many years of fun and love from your pet.
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Puppy Mill
Posted by on
I just returned from the vet with my beautiful Brussels Griffon female that I purchased from Bel-Kay in 1998. She has had several health issues over the past ten years - from coccidia (which all the other reviewers noted) to disc problems and arthritis. The newest issue is an enlarged heart - She has truly been the best dog I ever and when I purchased her I had no idea of what Bel-Kay really was. Now I have to live with the fact that I am going to have to slowly watch my dog die because of the kennels unethical practices and complete disregard for the health and safety of the breeds that they sell!!

Do not buy from this kennel period.

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User Replies:
Jay04 on 10/01/2007:
I'm so sorry! This should never happen to people. Poor inocent animals are getting hurt from all this and why isn't this damn country doing anything about it.
sabletaz on 10/01/2007:
We need to shut down these "kennels" a.k.a puppy mills and put these irresponsible people out of business for good...That is what it is to them just a business, it's all about making a fast buck.
Anonymous on 10/01/2007:
Jay04 and sabletaz--I totally agree with both of you. How can anyone live with themselves if they have a business like this? And why do they continue to thrive? Everyone, please adopt your pets.
Starlord on 10/02/2007:
Alley, unethical breeders who operate puppy mills breed their females every time they come in heat and keep it up as long as it will perform. The result is that the puppies quality suffer. We should have a system like the breedmeister program in Germany. You have to be approved to breed your dogs, and the breedmeister examines the litter when it is born, and substandard dogs are put to sleep. They do not allow unlimited, uncontrolled breeding the way we do here, and the dogs there are of the very highest quality. And then they are treated like champions.
jktshff1 on 10/02/2007:
Alley, starlord hit it on the money. While ethical breeders do a service by properly and humanely maintaining bloodlines, there are the puppy mill operators that are in in for the money only. His description of a mill was very mild.
If you are not really concerned about "papers" for your pet, your local rescue shelter or humane society is a wonderful place to shop, and you help society as a whole.
warddw1526 on 10/02/2007:
While I agree that animal shelters are a great place to get a dog, and there are dangers from getting a dog from a breeder. The post lists the dog as being at least 9 years old. Some of those health problems might not be the result of faulty breeding procedures.
Sparticus on 10/02/2007:
We recently adopted a puppy from our local anti-cruelty shelter... He's been a great addition to the family and it was only $50... They neutered him... gave him his shots... everything... plus they gave us a lease and collar and big bag of dog food...

We looked at a few breeders online... they all wanted hundreds of dollars... and in some cases near $1000 to buy a puppy...

Adoption from a shelter is a win-win... plus mix-breeds often found at shelters are typically healthier than pure breeds... since they have not been inter-breed too much.
jktshff1 on 10/03/2007:
Sparticus right on.
It known that the first generation of mixed breed pups from 2 pure breds lab/spaniel, shepard/lab are more intelligent and less prone to chronic problems that pure breds.
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