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Warning About Belle Tire Customer Service
Posted by TJnMichigan on 07/22/2006
TAYLOR, MICHIGAN -- A long vacation to our cabin in the mountains of Kentucky was just what my wife and I needed . Getting away from the grind of the Detroit area to the isolation of the wilderness had been on our minds for the last year , finally we had the time and money to do it .

2 weeks prior , I had a tire replaced at Belle Tire (along with other service work at different companies so that my vehicle was set to make the nearly 600 mile trip) I had not used Belle tire before , but was trying to save a buck . BIG MISTAKE !!!!!!

The processionals at Belle , noticed that my rims required a key to remove them and came out to the waiting room and asked me where it was . I keep my key in a little box in my glove box and i told them to make sure to put it back (as you cannot so much as change a tire without the key) As I'm sure you can guess , the key was not put back.

I understand that I should have checked for myself , but in my defense I had a million things going on in the weeks prior to the trip , and besides when i opened my glove box to put the receipt inside, my box sat closed , in its spot and i had no reason to think otherwise . Also , i am not mad , nor am i placing complaints concerning my key being lost. I'm just giving background info .

So , last week (5 days ago now) I had to pull the tire off to get at a brake line when to my surprise I did not have my key . I pulled the car apart looking , hoping to god .....No such luck .

Called the Taylor store and spoke with store manager "Rick" . Explained my situation and in about 30 seconds realized that if management has this level of incompetence , its a wonder my tire wasn't somehow put on backwards . He kept saying that if i could get it to his store he could pull it off in 30 seconds . I kept explaining that i was 600 miles away , in the Appalachian mountains with no brakes . He said if i took it to a shop down here he could reimburse me the money when i got back . I explained there IS NO TOWN near here to get my car to . He said he found it hard to believe theres no town around here , in a sarcastic tone . I couldn't even relay all the ill informed and rude things this manager was saying . He did admit fault , said it happens all the time (as if it were no big deal) gave me an 800 number and said theres nothing more he could do (as if giving me an 800# was doing something).

The 800# told me that there is NO WAY to remove the locks without having it towed and cutting the wheels off and they couldn't do that anyway . They said to call Rick back and tell him to call his district manager and figure something out , they sounded sincerely sorry.

Rick was a little annoyed to hear back from me .I'm sure he was busy and I was wasting his time because he said again "I told you I've done everything i can do , i don't have time to call right now , but i can give you the # . I told you , you get the car here and I will pull the wheel off".

I explained that he needed to call , because I was using a neighbors phone and had been already almost 40 minutes worth of toll calls and the # he gave was long distance . He didn't have time .

I called the district manager , left a message with one gentleman and minutes later my call was returned by Joe Conway ... Joe was helpful , understanding and seemed sincere . That day he did legwork concerning how to fix this and called me within the hour with an answer . I need to take a press with a Styrofoam cup and send it to the manufacturer who would make and send me a key which i would have in a couple weeks . Belle tire would pay the cost's , i just needed to include his email in the letter and he would authorize it . He said to call the manufacturer and find out who to send it to (he gave me the address and phone # just no dept or C/O ).

4 days ago- Called mcguard in the morning so i could mail it that day . Was told that belle tire has no account with them and with no authorization # or account they could do nothing . I asked if I sent it with Joes email would it work , she said no , Belle tire needs to set up an authorization first . I tried to contact Joe , he didn't get back with me.

3 days ago- received a short email from Joe saying "We need a contact person to authorize to take care of this" Also emailed corporate . No response.

2 days ago- called the manufacturer again , they said they cant give me a contact since they process a hundred claims a day and cannot do ANYTHING WITHOUT BELLE TIRE AUTHORIZING OR PROCESSING THIS THEMSELVES. .... Left another message with Joe .

Yesterday- Called the 888 belle tire # and explained my situation as NO ONE IS RETURNING MY CORRESPONDENCE . Was promised that someone would call me that day .... Yeah, right.

Today- We are trapped in the mountains still. We ran out of food yesterday but were lucky that we have good neighbors a few acres away which gave my wife a ride to town (about a half hour away) We are afraid to even go outside and enjoy what's left of our time here as having no car can make this a deadly place as we have poisonous snakes , spiders and wildlife which generally are not a problem but I would hate to have an emergency and no car . We sit and wait as the days pass by , waiting to hear from belle tire . I'm sure they're busy with lots of stuff , too busy to worry about one of their customers being stranded . Hell , I already paid . That's what's important .

Anyhow , I don't expect any help at this point , and am trying to figure out my next step .... All I know is that I intend to tell this story to the world , as this is the worst , most uncaring customer service i have ever encountered in my life . Don't try to save a buck at Belle Tire because you get what you pay for . I hope this doesn't happen to anyone else .

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Posted by Sparticus on 2006-07-22:
What a nightmare!! I am very sorry to hear of your situation. I think the blame is shared by both parties in this one. They should have never kept the key, but I'm guessing it was an honest mistake. The second problem, you should have checked for the key knowing you were going on a trip and wouldn't be near any where for help/service. Seeing how they did offer to reimburse you if you got local help, that was an appropriate response considering it all started due to their mistake. However it now appears that they have given up on you for whatever reason. The only bright spot I see is that you are still on vacation and not at work! I would try to enjoy myself as much as possible and just hope they get this resolved in the meantime. Make a call (once a day) checking the status, but other than that try to just relax and laugh at the situation. I hope it gets worked out soon. Good luck!
Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2006-07-22:
No food, but internet service? I think I would pay the wheel company myself in order to get the key made and fight with the tire company when I got home.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-07-22:
Good reminder for those of us with keyed rims. Though I always check for the key after tire service, I'll be sure to check it again tomorrow, along with a can of fix-a-flat and a 12v-DC tire inflator in the trunk ! (tr)
Posted by JoulesWinfield on 2006-09-13:
I feel some amount of empathy. But the lock is like $15 bucks. You have a number that came with the lock and they can ship it out in like a couple of days. Fight with Belle Tire later. Or just consider the $15 dollars a cheap price to pay to know not to buy a set of tires from them.
Either way do you think this guy should drive 600 miles with an impact wrench to take off your rim?
Posted by Torqued on 2007-07-26:
Two weeks ago my husband took his car into the Belle Tire location listed. He asked to have the brakes checked. As we only live a block away he walked home. They called and said the brakes were fine but there some problems with car and it would be about $700.00. I took him back down to get the car and find out what was going on. It was explained to us that the rear struts and shocks were shot and needed to replaced immediately along with the two rear tires. When I questioned this the explanation was that with a heavier vehicle this was not unusal. It was also stressed as a safety hazard. the price had also gone up to over $800.00.

The car is a 2005 Mercury Mariner SUV with 50,000 miles on it.

This did not make sense to me so I took the car to another repair shop - the struts and shocks were fine - all it needed was a 4 wheel alignment and the tires rotated for a total cost of $94.95.

My concern is that this location has developed a reputation for this but no one seems to be doing anything about so I am listing it with you. I have tried twice to find the manager with no success but I will keep trying.

I am not looking for resolution from you - only for investigation into their practices.
Posted by beenscrewed on 2007-08-02:
belle tire should look at store 46 and drug test management
Posted by WildCleotis on 2007-08-03:
I think some of you folks seem either naive about sales practices or rather whinny about simple mistakes.

TJnMichigan, what did you expect them to do? Drive down to Kentucky to unlock your tire? And Torqued, all you have to do is say "no", you need a second opinion, take your car, and get one.

I have been a Belle Tire customer for years and have had good experiences with them. They told me my struts were bad once, then I asked and they showed me the damage. I said "no", I didn't want to sink the money into the car at that time, and drove home.

Whenever I've had a flat, or tire going low, I take it in and it's fixed fast and free. (It is a little extra when you buy the tire to get this protection) I like them.
Posted by Babs431 on 2007-09-12:
I agree with the guy, BELLE TIRE is not a reputable company. I took my 95 Riviera in to have the front end checked out in March 07 and they informed me that the my front end was shot,I need to replace both lower control arms $759.00, both fr. sway links $37.98,both fr. struts $191.98 and both fr. mounts $199.98 and with labor and tax it will cost $1,710.18.Sooo I was taken back by the price so I figured I'd have to wait, that's alot of money and I only pay cash no credit.(luckly)Well I thought now it's time to bite the bullet and get it fixed (September)So I just took the car the MUFFLER MAN ON DIXIE HIGHWAY, WATERFORD,MICHIGAN and guess what!? I needed to replace ONE sway link at the price of $30.85 that is labor and tax incuded.Absolutely unbeleivable, I have not been driving my car for months.So what do you do about a company that has no reguard for they're customers? Spred the word that they will LIE not just a little but in the thousands. What if I went ahead and had work done that was not nessecary.Like I said $1,700 is a lot of money to any one.So I will never recommend Belle Tire to any one just the opposite I say no one should go to Belle Tire!!!! However I must say how thrilled I was at Muffler Man. Alsoo the couple that got stuck in the mountains that must have been terrible thank God you have good neighbors.babsMI
Posted by thumper0001 on 2007-09-30:
Wildcleotus said:

"I think some of you folks seem either naive about sales practices or rather whinny about simple mistakes.
TJnMichigan, what did you expect them to do? Drive down to Kentucky to unlock your tire? And Torqued, all you have to do is say "no", you need a second opinion, take your car, and get one.

I have been a Belle Tire customer for years and have had good experiences with them. They told me my struts were bad once, then I asked and they showed me the damage. I said "no", I didn't want to sink the money into the car at that time, and drove home.

Whenever I've had a flat, or tire going low, I take it in and it's fixed fast and f..."

Thumper replies:

I don't know where you come from but "sales practices" like selling and installing parts that are not needed by claiming they are defective is usually considered fraud and as for expecting them to drive the key down there I expect them to do whatever it takes to correct the problem, period. It would have been easy to overnight the key to them via Fedex and toss in a wheel alignment for them when they got home, here's the key and a free aligment for your trouble You then have a happy customer instead of a very displeased one that just convinced me not to shop Belle Tire. They screwed up, thsy do what it takes to fix it. I need truck tires and wife needs car tires, that 8 tires Belle will not be selling to me.
Posted by who_dat on 2007-12-10:
Any auto repair shop, tire dealer, Snapon, Matco, Mac, or Cornwell tool truck has a socket to fit on wheel locks. Even the smallest town with a repair shop has access to these tool dealers, so at least it's good to know in the future.
Posted by euphorbia on 2008-01-04:
Belle Tire Gratiot, 23 Mile Rd.
Tires yes, Front End Work NO!

December 07. gave me an $1102.00 estimate to repair front end.wanted to replace everything except front left bearings(30 dollars).including a part that they had replaced previously(Lifetime warranty??) Turns out the only part that needed replacement were front left bearings. Mechanic Missed The Obvious! Went for the Big Bucks!! There are better places.
Posted by euphorbia on 2008-01-04:
December 07. gave me an $1102.00 estimate to repair front end.wanted to replace everything except front left bearings(30 dollars).including a part that they had replaced previously(Lifetime warranty??) Turns out the only part that needed replacement were front left bearings. Mechanic Missed The Obvious! Went for the Big Bucks!! There are better places.
Posted by storage on 2008-06-14:
I can believe this. Belle Tire does a bad job and the leaves it up to the victim to fix. I have been having trouble for months and the same things happen. Call, get promised, then insulted. AAA informed me they dropped them from the recommended list because of complaints. Keep trying, someone will eventually listen. Maybe someone should try getting in touch with Roger Moore the film maker.
Posted by old fart on 2008-06-14:
I have had excellent service at a fair price from Belle Tire in Saginaw Michigan...I guess it depends on where you are....
Posted by FrankArtanis on 2008-07-31:
Too often it seems like people tend to share their bad experiences with companies, but I’d like to share a positive story for a change. The other day I was driving down I-75 in my ’05 Saab, when without warning my front-right tire blew out. As a mother and a lawyer, every minute of my day is priceless so I needed to find help quick. I immediately called my Saab dealership. To my dismay, they seemed very unfriendly and the quote that they gave me was outrageous. So instead, I took my car in to a nearby Belle Tire at Woodward and 13 Mile. I was swiftly assisted by a sales representative named Mark. He was very pleasant and helpful. In the end, I was charged $128.99 for my tire to be replaced and there were absolutely no extra charges or hidden fees. That was less than half the cost it would have been if I had gone to the dealership. Additionally, Belle Tire balanced my tires, replaced my valve stems, disposed of my tire, mounted the new tire, and even filled my tires with the new environmentally-friendly Nitro-Nize all free of charge!

And for all those skeptics or if you’ve ever been dissatisfied with Belle Tire’s services, you can contact their customer care team at BelleTireService@gmail.com. If you share your grievance with them, they are able to offer you coupons and discounts on your next purchase to make up for any problems you’ve had with them in the past.
Posted by lz3broc on 2009-03-09:
I've been to Belle Tire many times. Now they have had problems once and awhile. I've never had an issue like the one described by TJnMichigan. So many typing/spelling mistakes I wonder how much of his post is fiction. Anywho, what people don't realize is Belle Tire is just a simple Tire company. They claim to do a lot, but overall they are really only good at one thing, selling tires.
Posted by jolit1234 on 2009-09-02:
I am curious to know which order you went to the shops in. Was Belle Tire first, last or in between? Unless they were the very last shop, then they are not responsible! Also, if you took it to other "different companies so that your vehicle was set to make the nearly 600 mile trip" why did you need to get at a brake line? Shouldn't that have been caught during any one of your many inspections?

Also, any town anywhere has some sort of repair shop, and repair shops have tools to remove locks in just such an instance.

Yes, your situation was unfortunate, but I think you are blaming Belle Tire a lot more than you should be. What exactly were they supposed to do from 600 miles away?
Posted by superchuck81 on 2009-10-16:
Belle (Hell) Tire and Discount Tire to Rescue

January 9,2009: I sent my son to Belle Tire 6780 West Main Oshtemo, MI 49009 to purchase a new set of Goodyear TripleTred for my 2007 Grand Prix with about 40,000 miles on the car. Bought set of tires.

January 16 or 19: Son went back to Belle Tire because of tire shake. They rebalanced all tires. Chad at Belle Tire gives a quote for tie rod ends and says there is a bent wheel (out by ¼”). I called and talked to Chad and I refused repairs. I had my son bring the car 60 miles to my house to my auto shop.

January 20, 2009: Appoint at my auto shop and my bucks to check it out: no bent wheel, no bad tie rods, and no bad front end parts at all, so no repairs needed. What a surprise. My mechanic rebalanced the tires and suggested that we had bad tires.

January 23-30: I called Belle Tire and asked for a regional or district manager. I got a guy named Pete and I discussed my problem. We made an appointment for February 9, 2009 at 5:30 pm.

February 9, 2009: I took off work early to make the 5:30 appointment (I work to 5:00 and it is an hour drive). Pete put the car on the alignment rack, we waited, he came and got us, nothing wrong with front end. Pete offered to balance tires, said that the quote for front-end repairs should never had happened (nothing wrong) and gave us his apology. At this time I asked him what he was going to do about the scratched wheels from the tire changer? (Car had OEM tires on when I purchased the car two weeks before the tires were installed) I had inspected the wheels just before the tire purchase; they were like new, no scratches or nothing. Pete would do nothing for me.

February 16: talked to Pete again, he agreed to have the tires rebalanced or replaced at the Portage store per my request. Son took car to Portage store that week and they replaced one tire and rebalanced all tires, took for test drive and tires shook, returned and replaced one more tire, test drive and seemed Ok. Within two days tire shake is back.

Between Feb 10 and March 5: I found the phone number for Don Barnes, CEO of Belle Tire and I left no less than 5 messages for him. No returned calls from Don Barnes.

March 5, 2009: I called Don Barnes again; I got to talk to him. He was very helpful and wanted to know if I had pictures of the wheels. Asked for me to send and he gave me his cell number. Same Day, I emailed pictures of the wheels. Mr. Barnes called me and said that they would replace the wheels and they were on order and should be in by Feb. 10 at the Portage, MI store. I was not happy with the Oshtemo store after Chad had tried to replace front-end parts that were not needed. Sound good.

March 13: I called Don Barnes to ask about wheels, will check and call me back.
March 13: Pete called me (per talking to Don Barnes) Pete said they can not get new wheels and they want to put their 16” rims and tires on car and send wheels to Keystone for remanufacture. About a 4 day turnaround. I asked Pete for several hours to evaluate his offer.
I went to local Cadillac-Pontiac dealer with the car. Local dealer can have wheels in two days, in stock at dealer warehouse.
I called Pete and gave him the dealer and part number and price. I said that his wheels on my car would be like holding my wheels hostage; I was not comfortable with that option.
Don Barnes called me back and said he needed more time to get wheels at his cost. I told Mr. Barnes that I wouldn’t be held hostage with my wheels gone after the track record of Belle Tire this far. Don Barnes wants more time to get wheels. I said that is fine.

March 17: Pete called and told me that wheels will be at the Portage store today and Kevin will call when in.
11:30 Kevin called and wheels are in. We made appoint for 2pm for install.
2:00pm My son called from Portage store, 1 wheel is not same color as other 3wheels, paint has overspray obvious that the wheels are used and not any better than ones on the car now.
We refused to take the wheels offered. Don Barnes and I had agreed that I would get either New (OEM) or remanufactured (Keystone) wheels. Offered wheels were neither.
I called Pete and he offered a new set of Belle Tire wheels. I reminded him that new wheels will not resolve the tire shake and that I liked the stock wheels. I just want to be restored to my condition before I came to Belle Tire. No I do not want your wheels, thus far you do not stand behind your products. I called Don Barnes and left a message. I got no return call

March 25: I sent email to Don Barnes asking again for resolution of this issue, I just want to be restored to my condition before I came to Belle Tire. Don Barnes returned the email and the just of it was “What is it exactly that you want Belle Tire to do because it seems that everyone of our efforts are going by the wayside?”
This is the last that I heard from Don Barnes.

April 3: I sent an email to Don Barnes asking for resolution to this issue.
I still have damaged wheels and tire shake.

Discount Tire Benton Harbor, Michigan to the Rescue.
I call my local Discount Tire and made an appointment with Darryl. Had my son bring the car 60 miles home and took the car in and they inspected the wheels and tires. Had some out of round tires and they ordered new set of tires for us. Several days later we returned and had the new set installed. Problem resolved with the tire shake!
I still have the damaged wheels on the car, obvious damage from Belle Tire and their tire changing personal and equipment. Belle Tire Sucks.
Posted by sceptic on 2009-12-15:
Wheel locks are stupid. If someone wants your wheels and tires badly enough, they'll get them. Wheel lock removal kits are readily available at auto supply stores or hardware stores. Remove them and keep them off, and maybe you and your wife won't be 'stranded in the mountains' and only be able to post complaints about a company who made a simple (and easily correctable) mistake.

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Belle Tire UPSALE LIARS!!! 33535 Ford Road Garden City, MI 48135
Posted by Kx_kid on 11/09/2010
GARDEN CITY, MICHIGAN -- I went to Belle tire to get 4 new tires for an 01 Taurus I just recently acquired. AFTER the new tires were installed they tole me they couldn't do an alignment because I needed front\rear struts, front lower ball joints, front outer tie-rod ends, and rear sway bar link.

Ok, apparently this cars needs tons of work but that is ok since I got it for $500.00 and had recently been out of work and flat on my ass all year. It just would have been nice if the told me they couldn't align my brand new tired before they installed them.

Anyhow, I took the list Belle Tire gave me and told them I'd be back in a few weeks because I could not afford the 1600.00 plus dollars they wanted for the work that needed to be done.

I took it upon myself to order the parts online and install everything myself. My total cost was 600 and that included new rotors\pads, and shoe\drums. Saved myself 1000 but it was a lot of work.

Anyhow, I finally was finished with the work so I took the car back to Belle Tire to have the tires aligned and the manager told me he would be done in an hour and he would call my cell when he was finished. After going home to get my wife and returning the manager told me there was a "problem". He said they couldn't do the alignment because the lower ball joint was a "4" and the alignment would work. He said the ball joint nut wasn't tightened and the drive up there must have damaged it.

BS. Because my father in law and I replaced the ball joint and he is a retired certified mechanic. Also I only drove the car 1/2 mile up the road to Belle Tire. I asked him how much to replace and he said 250 plus 65 for the alignment. I told him to just align the tires and I'd take my chances.

I asked him how long until the car would be done and he said not long. I asked if it was going to take an hour because I'd rather go home 1/2 mile away for an hour rather then wait and he said it wouldn't take that long. So I asked a THIRD time how long it would take and he said 45 minutes. So I left and went home and they called my in 30 minutes to tell me it was complete.

After I picked up the car and drove home it smooth and quiet as can be.

Belle Tire lied to me about my lower ball joint being bad. Then they got mad at me and wasted my time because I refused to have them fix it and told him to just do the alignment like I asked in the first place.

I assume they figured I just spent all that time and money having the car fixed so they could upsale me $250.00 on an each ball joint change because it was all just replaced.

And yes I was in dress pants and a sweater. Must have looked like I didn't know anything even though I'm an automotive test engineer and for the most part mechanically inclined.

Crooks. I was pretty upset with Belle Tire and can honestly say I won't go back. Simply because the managers attitude was so rude and they wasted my time. If they truly believed the ball joint was bad they should have called me while it was on the rack because I would have had the alignment done regardless.

Whatever. That's my 3cents.
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Posted by Carguy6664 on 2010-11-10:
Did you even go back and have a look at what they were describing to you? Or just assume because you are some kind of engineer and your dad is a retired mechanic that you knew better than them? I'm sure they would have no problem showing you the issue, obviously they did the first time, or you would have never done the initial repairs.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2010-11-10:
Good review, why did you not go someplace for the alignment or to get a 2nd opinion?
Posted by Starlord on 2010-11-10:
You don't align tires, you align the chassis to protect the tires.
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Thee Employee"S At This Place Are Not Very Caring.
Posted by Jan.leiter on 03/20/2014
We are loyal Belle Tire people for 20 years. At the Southgate location we were not even given the time of day. We had a very flat tire that would not hold air and ask if they change it for us. The time was around 5:55pm. and they said they were closed and would not help us. I know it was getting late but it would only have taken 5 minutes. We are truly disappointed with Belle Tire.
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Double Check Their Work....
Posted by Djbrettmichaelz on 03/09/2014
MADISON HEIGHTS, MICHIGAN -- My second time visiting this store for tires and alignment. They are friendly and fast, my car sat home all weekend after I visited the store Friday...walk out near the car to take trash out and notice some of the lug nuts (5 out of the 20)way off of the studs (literally on the last thread)....I'm 2 weeks away from making a 1,600 mile round trip to Mississippi and don't think I have to be going over their work like this after I pay them to do it properly. If I didn't notice this and had a wheel fall off on the freeway potentially causing a major accident, they would have quite a lawsuit on their hands.

So if you are going to visit a tire shop, make sure your wheels are on all the way after leaving....you could be in for a surprise that you definitely don't want to happen.

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Don't Go Here!
Posted by Monique.keefer on 02/21/2014
ROYAL OAK, MICHIGAN -- Do not go to Bell Tire if you care about your car or your safety!!!
I brought my car in for them to check when it was hiccuping and jolting strangely. I knew nothing about cars and trusted them to diagnose and take care of it. They looked it over and gave a diagnosis. They charged me $450 to change plugs and wires that they quoted, then another $75 to turn off my check engine light, which they simply added on without asking me prior. They didn't check the oil before resting the light. Within 5 days my engine blew.

Apparently because of two errors on their part, as I have learned since:
1. Gas got into my oil when the car was misfiring causing poor viscosity and
2. The oil was low. The combination blew my lifter, thus my engine. When I came back to this location complaining that they turned off the light and didn't check the oil, they towed my car to their "friendly trans shop" with the Bell guys, manager included, all saying it "sounded like the transmission" to them. Their trans shop agreed with my other two diagnoses, blown lifter due to low oil and gas in oil.

I'm a single mom, working 3 jobs and a grad student and they wouldn't take any responsibility. I’m basically broke and this was a very big deal for me and my little boy. I had to sell my car on Craigslist "as is with blown engine", 5K less than it was worth prior to Bell touching it, and borrow down payment money to lease another car. This was after spending almost 2K at Bell Tire earlier in the month on Ball Joints, U Joints, and then plugs +. I feel very used and thrown to the curb by their neglect and lack of accountability when I trusted them with the smallest detail of checking the oil. Thanks for absolutely nothing Bell Tire, when I asked you to take responsibility for your mistake and you have insurance for errors like this. Shame on you guys, you took advantage of a single mom who trusted you, knowing very little about cars.
***All potential customers consider your self forewarned, this could be you.
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Posted by Paul on 2014-02-22:
Do you check your oil regularly as described in the operator's manual? If so, you would have been aware that it was low. If you take your car to a shop, and there is no sign of oil leaking on the bottom of the engine, low oil isn't an obvious cause of an engine "hiccuping".
Posted by jktshff1 on 2014-02-23:
Gotta disagree Paul. Any shop worth the time handles that any time you bring it in. My last car had 250k on it an I never checked the oil. My current one has 100k . I do service it at a very good shop, according to the manual.
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Tire Replacement Disaster
Posted by Rev.bjorn on 12/20/2013
CLINTON TOWNSHIP, MICHIGAN -- My stepson brought a car in to get new tires. When removing the tires the mechanic broke a stud for the lug nut. The mechanic pulled the caliper and tried to get the stud out. He was unable.to. When he put it back together he put a brake pad on backwards. When the car got back home the car was growling when the brakes were applied. The backward brake pad wound up chewing up the rotor. I wound up replacing the front pads, rotors, and I knocked the broken stud out. Belle Tire took no [responsibility]. I would up eating the cost of the rotors and brake pads. Would I go back no. A letter to Allen [snip] did no good.
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Unsatisfied - Pissed - Lost All My Business
Posted by Bradh70 on 12/05/2013
TAYLOR, MICHIGAN -- Let me start off with I have been going to this business around 17 years for all my vehicles needs. I bought a set of Toyo open country tires for my truck from them and also had a alignment done at the same time. After they were installed and I left the parking lot I immediately noticed the truck was extremely difficult to drive and maintain lanes. I went home (around 3 miles away) and checked the tire pressures and the front tires were 28 and 30 pounds (way under pressure) and the rear tires were at 82 and 84 pounds ( way over pressure).

I then called the Belle Tire and explained what happened and they said bring it back. In my drive way I personally inflated the tires to the correct pressure front and back. I went to drive the truck again and my truck felt like it was on ice or driving on a bed of marbles. I could not control the truck properly. I then took the truck back to Belle Tire Taylor and Rick (the manager) took my vehicle for a drive and came back and pulled it directly into the alignment bay. It stayed there for about 15 minutes and then RICK came out to the waiting room to tell me he thought the truck drove fine. Then Rick decided to tell me I need new shocks. So I left the business and ordered BILLSTEIN SHOCKS (top of the line shocks)for all 4 shocks plus I ordered a new BILLSTEIN steering damper shock . I installed all 5 shocks and the truck still was all over the road. Mind you my truck handled perfect before the new tires were installed. I took the truck back up to Belle Tire Taylor and told RICK I wanted to get new tires installed under the TOYO 500 mile 45 day guarantee. I knew it was a bad set of tires but Rick kept telling me its not the Toyo tires - he has sold thousands of tires with no problems.

We got into a small argument and I left the store. I drove down to Belle Tire Southgate and explained the situation to the assistant manager RICK and they warranted all 4 tires with no problems. I got all new tires put on the truck at no cost to me. I thanked the assistant manager RIck and drove the truck home. The truck drove perfect as soon as the new tires were installed. No weaving or swaying. Now I will give all my business to the Belle tire in Southgate Michigan.

I have 3 vehicles that Belle Tire Taylor will never see again. The Taylor stores sales people have all been nice and courteous to me except RICK (the manager). Thanks to Rick he lost all my business.
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Stay Away
Posted by Abyars96 on 07/03/2013
I took my car in to get the tires looked at because my car kept telling me that it had low tire pressure. After 2 hours of sitting there they told me there was nothing wrong with my tire. I left the store and the next day the tire pressure light came on again so I took it to Ford only to find out there was a huge nail in my tire. Really? NOT pleased.

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Unsafe Tire
Posted by Turnipseedcraig on 06/30/2013
JACKSON -- About two years ago I purchased two front tires for my Chevy truck and had an alignment done at the same time. The drivers side front tire had worn very much on the inside and this concerned me as I also noticed a bumping noise from the drivers side front when driving. I took my truck to the Belle tire store where I purchased the tires and explained the problem to a man at the front desk. I should mention the passenger side front tire did not show the same wear problem. The man at the front desk said they would be happy to check the alignment and tire. They did and the man from the front desk told me the alignment was off but not enough to be a problem and that the extreme wear was caused by not rotating the tires. I was also told that as my truck was a 4 wheel drive they could only sell me a set of four tires. I did not have the money for four new tires so I left the store. When I got home I decided to rotate the two front tires. When I removed the tire I had complained to Belle tire about it had two bulbs on it and the cords were showings through. My complaint is that if Belle tire did inspect the tire and check the alignment why was I not informed of the unsafe condition of the driver side front tire. My self and my family's safety was endangered due to their lying or their failure to do what they said they did. This is not over, I am going to return to Belle tire with the tire in question and see what their reaction to this problem will be. I will return here and describe what happens.
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Company Response on 07/01/2013:
Good Morning,

Thank you for bringing your recent experience to our attention.

I would like to review your invoice with our team and follow up with you. Could you please send an email with the name and phone number associated with your account to CustomerService@BelleTire.com?

Thank you in advance for your assistance. I look forward to working with you to resolve this issue.


Kelsey Ruder
Belle Tire
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Posted by Tezrien on 2013-06-30:
He was probably correct about the tire rotation. You should rotate them every 7500-10000 miles and when you do the right front and left rear should exchange places just and the left front and right rear exchange places.
Posted by trmn8r on 2013-06-30:
How many miles are on the tires?

If you have directional tires, they should be swapped front to rear only. If not, then the manufacturer may well recommend a cross pattern.
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Stripped Caliper Bracket and Bolt
Posted by Jnut1977 on 11/12/2012
I’m writing in regards to a recent experience with Belle Tire. Let me say I have been a faithful and royal customer to Belle Tire for years now. On Thursday November 8th, I went to the Belle Tire in Garden City at 33535 Ford Road, Garden City, MI 48135 to have my tires balanced and rotated. The Garden City Belle Tire did the rotation and balanced the tires and informed me I needed an outer tie rod as well as a lower control arm and recommended shocks and struts. I declined the work and left. When I left I noticed the car was very wobbly so I decided to get a second opinion, and was told the only thing needed was a control arm. I let the other dealer replace the control arm. I took it back to the Garden City after the repairs to find out why it was wobbly. They checked it and said they balanced the tires and if it doesn't stop I probably have a bent rim. Sure enough it was still wobbling. On Saturday November 10th I took my vehicle to the Belle Tire in Canton at 45875 Ford Rd Canton, MI 48187 to have them reevaluate the wobbling. I was helped by salesperson Thomas [snip], he told me it was probably just a balance issue but the mechanic couldn't find the wheel lock. I told him it was in the car probably in the passenger seat. After a few minutes he came back and said the mechanic (Jeremy [snip]) still couldn't find it. I asked if I could go look, I walked in the garage and looked in my passenger seat but it wasn't there as I started to open my back door I saw the wheel lock clearly sitting on the back seat. If the mechanic wasn't so busy eating he may have saw it the first time. After awhile Thomas came back to the waiting room and said that all my tires were off balance and they didn't notice a bent rim and that the other Belle Tire in Garden City stripped one of my studs and they were going to replace it and charge the other Belle Tire, I said ok. A little while longer passes and Thomas comes back out and sits down and asks who did my brakes, by this time it’s 4:35 and they close at 5:00. I said why what’s wrong with my brakes, he says whoever did your brakes stripped the bolt and the caliper bracket by using an impact gun. He also said that whoever did the brakes just stuck an aftermarket bolt back in and that it was very loose. I told him that I never had a problem with my brakes and that they were done in the earlier part of this year so there would have been an issue with that loose bolt by now. He just shrugged and said I can’t give you a price right now and their parts person said the whole caliper would need to be replaced. At this time the mechanic (Jeremy [snip]) comes out and sits and stresses to me that its really really unsafe and he suggest I not drive it but he knows I got to get home so be very very very careful. I told them that the mechanic who did my brakes would never do anything that could jeopardize my safety as well as others out on the road. I left very upset, My brakes were done June 12th, 2012 I have driven all over from that time up until now with no issues what so ever. I took my vehicle to a GM Dealership for an oil change and a multi point inspection on November 1st, 2012 and they did not mention anything about a bolt being loose. The Belle Tire in Garden City said nothing about a loose bolt nor did the mechanic who repaired the control arm. I took it to the mechanic who did the brakes back in June and when he looked at it he said look at this bolt (that I watched him pull out by hand) if I had placed this bolt in here back in June it would have been rusted. He showed me a shiny new bolt that clearly Belle Tire had placed in my caliper bracket. So after spending my entire Sunday searching for a bracket and bolt I was out of a hundred dollars, to repair what Belle Tire did. I went back to the Canton Belle Tire Monday November 12th, 2012 and asked to speak with the manager. I spoke with Doug [snip] and told him the situation and he states that the person who did my brakes stripped the caliper bracket and used an aftermarket bolt. I pulled the bolt out of my pocket and said my brakes were done earlier this year and if this was the bolt placed in the caliper bracket it would show some signs or rust (which it had none). He snatches the bolt and the repair paper and says who worked on this car and storms off to the back. He came back and said I believe my mechanic. I snatched the bolt repair order and stormed out. I as well as my family have been faithful customers of Belle Tire for YEARS sadly to say I will no longer patronize this establishment. It was very unprofessional to send me out with such a huge safety issue. What happen to honesty and integrity? I will be heard!

Khalia Storrs
Customer for 10+ years
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