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Bidallies, an Seller RIPOFF!
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Rating: 1/51

BIDALLIES -, a Seller through eBay, ( from New Jersey), sent me a cell phone that I purchased through eBay, that arrived cracked and broken. The gave me a return authorization number and I sent the phone back two weeks ago and have NOT received a replacement yet. I've sent them multiple emails with no response. I've now been without a cell phone for 2 weeks. Called the complete foreign MORONS over at eBay customer support a total of 4 times now to resolve this and still nothing.

BIDALLIES generates thousands of dollars per month to eBay in seller commissions so obviously eBay will side with them. eBay could care less about little buyers like you and me. They are all about the money. How else could sellers get away with selling counterfeit products on Scams!

Cell phone seller
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Rating: 1/51

The history of my transaction with Bidallies:

  1. I purchased a used Blackberry Q10 from Bidallies on EBay.
  2. I was sent with the wrong charger with the phone.
  3. I contacted them and I was sent a charger that (literally) was 6 inches in length and virtually usable.
  4. I contacted Bidallies and we agreed that I would return the original phone, pay an additional fee, and I would get a new phone with Blackberry supplies.
  5. I sent back the original phone and supplies (I had to pay shipping) and paid the additional fee.
  6. I received an email that the new phone had shipped.
  7. I was subsequently informed by Bidallies that the new phone they offered me was out of stock.

In sum, a terrible experience. Moreover, Bidallies tried to blame eBay but it is clear that the fault was Bidallies: they offered me a phone and failed to keep one in stock for me.

I received a refund of my payment for the original phone and the additional payment for the new phone that Bidallies failed to supply. But it was a terrible experience and I ended up wasting a lot of time and losing opportunities to get other phones.

Bidallies - Caveat Emptor
By -

BIDALLIES Bid - 150519088642

Purchased this phone from BIDALLIES and in NOV 2010, and all probability is supposed to be a great phone, but CAVEAT EMPTOR...(Let the buyer beware!!!!!) when buying ANYTHING from BIDALLIES. Purchased a "MINT" phone from them and it arrived scratched and with pocket lint and hair inside the battery compartment. Then within the hour, the trackball was useless. Called Bidallies up, and they promptly setup an RMA. I was extremely please with this as their CS person was very nice and helpful. Received another phone promptly and was set up and worked....for a while. Seven months later, the phone basically went to sleep and could not wake it up. Reported it to Square Trade Warranties, who promptly accepted the phone for checkout and repair. Problem here was that when they opened the phone for inspection, there was massive corrosion in the phone already from water. Square Trades repair department deemed the corrosion to be so much that the phone was damaged way before I even received it. They even sent me photographs to prove it. I called BidAllies back and they claimed there was nothing they could do because it was out of their 90 day warranty, and the Squaretrade repair department was just trying to get out of doing the repair.

I asked them first, why would they say that about the repair department of Square Trade when they advertise it on their own website? AND how could they deem that my purchase could not be covered because it was for a MINT Blackberry, not a Pre-Waterlogged phone that was dried out. If it was MINT, it should have been checked out and cleaned in the same way Verizon does their refurb checkouts. They still would not budge and when I asked for the manager, the CS person went to find them and said they couldn't come to the phone, but that their decision stands that it is out of warranty. So I asked for everyones names and the girl prompyly hung up. So I am stuck with a $180 paperweight.

Remember, Let the Buyer Beware!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anthony Manoleas
amanoleas@Hotmail. com

Bad BlackBerry Cell Phone From BID ALLIES
By -

NEW JERSEY -- I recently decided to buy a phone for my boyfriend and I. I didn't want to sign up for another 2 year agreement so I surfed EBay. I found us each a BlackBerry Pearl 8130(mine red/ his black). I ordered them with a 7 day return policy. When I received the phones mine looked shiny and almost brand new, well his was scuffed up and worn out. In the box they shipped it in there was a website for general questions or comments about the phone and the return policy. Obviously not satisfied with the phone I went to the website given, mind you they sent no phone number or e-mail address. Come to find out the WEBSITE WAS BOGUS and the web page was expired. I then decided to try an alternate route and go back on eBay and try to find another phone they were selling to ask a question or post a comment. I tried both telling them my dislikes about the phone and leaving them my actual e-mail address. It has been days with no response back to my e-mail address or my eBay account message box. I am still very unpleased with the 1 phone I received and I don't know what else to do. I am afraid if I send the phone back to sender they will not return what my credit card was charged for the phone. SCAMMING ME!

Excellent Customer Service And Fast Lightning Shipping
By -

NEW YORK -- I have read a negative review on here regarding BidAllies which is a Cellphone retailer on eBay and other channels. Honestly, this review does not do any justice to this company. I have bought 5 phones from them within the last 3 yrs and they have been perfect.

Their products are superb and their customer service is outstanding. For each purchase, they sent me about 4 emails informing me about the process of my purchase which includes payment receipt, tracking info, and a follow up email few days after the product arrives to make sure that I was fully satisfied. My last purchase was an HTC 6700 for Verizon that I received swiftly about 2 weeks ago. During that time, a friend of mine bought the HTC 6850 from Verizon for $649 and told me that she loved the phone features so much better than the Audiovox XV6700 that she used to own. She recommended that I return the XV6700 to BidAllies and purchased the XV6850 from the Verizon store. It sounded like a good idea so I emailed BidAllies requesting a refund and explained that I'd rather purchase the latest HTC 6850 from Verizon.

I received a response within 3 hours with instructions on how to return the phone for a refund, and they also added a note stating that they also carry the HTC XV6850 and that they were willing to upgrade me for just another $160 which means that the HTC XV6850 will cost me only $295.
I agreed immediately and everything else went smooth as usual with these guys.
BidAllies, I want to tell you this: you guys rock and you have me as a customer as long as you sell phones.

Anybody who wants to buy a phone from Bidallies, please do not hesitate. Their reputation on eBay speaks loud.

Buyer Beware Bidallies Cell Phones
By -

I purchased an Lg ax8600 cell phone from Bidallies on eBay. The first phone he sent me had a faulty keypad. I paid shipping to return and got another phone with a faulty keypad that was damaged. I wanted my money back so I shipped the phone back. After two weeks I emailed Bidallies and he called me at home. He said he had received the phone and would refund my money if I changed my negative feedback. I told him I would not and he got angry and hung up. Now I am stuck with pay pal resolution and they side with the seller. Bidallies is claiming I never sent the phone back. I read Bidallies feedback and they change from hour to hour. He is doing this to others and they have no other choice but to change the feedback or he will do nothing. He will harass you on the phone.

Bidallies is on eBay buying guides and all have the same story as me. Unfortunately eBay guides is hard to find on the eBay site.

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