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Beware of the Big Bunny Motel in Denver Colorado
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DENVER, COLORADO -- I would like to share with you all the most horrifying experience of my life in a Motel. I was in Denver Colorado visiting some friends. At the time I was not making that much money and had to settle with a less than ideal hotel situation. Because I was staying up there for a week it was much cheaper to rent a room from a place that rented by the week rather than fork over hundreds of dollars to a traditional hotel chain. This is how I ended up at the big bunny. The first night I arrived it was late and I was tired so I went right to bed.

The next morning I got up early to do some sight seeing and enjoying visiting my friends. That night when I returned I smelled something terrible that hadn't been there the day before, after searching through through the mini fridge, all the cupboards, drawers and bathroom, I thought that the smell must becoming from the dumpster outside. The next morning the smell was even worse and it seemed to be coming out of the bed. So I got down on my hands and knee's and found rotting food under the bed. I was mortified, wondering if there was anymore I flipped the mattress and realized that I had not only been sleeping on top of rotting food, but I also was sleeping on needles and some sort of pipe. I immediately called my friend who brought her camera to document pictures and then we brought management in. The manager started screaming at me for flipping over the mattress, and proceed to call the cops on me. When the police arrived they did nothing, they simply said it was her word against mine that those things weren't mine and I was lucky they weren't arresting me for possession of drug paraphernalia.

I was mortified not only by the manager but also the police. I learned latter that the manager was running a prostitution ring out of the motel, and that many people had filled complaints about both the manager and the police officers that were involved. My advice for anyone visiting Denver is to spend the extra money for a good hotel and don't try to mess around with the cheap ones.
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jktshff1 on 05/03/2009:
Not laughing at your predicament, but did not the name big bunny send a message?
Anonymous on 05/03/2009:
This is something Zz needs to get to the bottom of. Between the tigers in the trees and this hotel, Denver is getting pretty scary.
Soaring Consumer on 05/03/2009:
Horrendous. This room should never have been given to you in that condition.

Contact the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment Consumer Protection Division. Their website is
Anonymous on 05/03/2009:
Okay.....*in tears*
Where do I start? First of all this flea bag hotel is in LAKEWOOD COLORADO and is located on a horrific part of West Colfax. Hookers, junkies, transients....You name it all congregate around that area.
Heavenlee, was just plain naive to settle for a dump like this. Too funny!!
You get what you pay for Heavs, and welcome to our fine state. (VH)
GenuineNerd on 05/03/2009:
You probably should have gone with Motel 6, Red Roof, Days Inn, or Super 8. Not the best hotel chains (judging on the number of complaints about them on my3cents), but much better than the "Big Bunny" (or should I say, "Bugs Bunny", judging on the filth there.) You stayed at the type of motel that has seen better days, and is mainly a den for prostitutes, pimps, and drug dealers.

Once I visited friends in Columbus, OH several years back, and stayed two nights at "Motel 23", which is a rundown motel on East Main Street. That was an experience in itself. The room smelled, the bathroom was dirty, the complex was noisy, and I was awakened at 6:00 in the morning by a man who knocked on the door, asking me if I wanted to buy drugs. I politely declined. That had to be the worst "motel hell" I've ever experienced.
jktshff1 on 05/03/2009:
You seem to know the place well ZZ!!!LOL!!!
Anonymous on 05/03/2009:
I live off of East Colfax and there are some bad sections there as well but on West Colfax where Heavs, is talking about, it is a h@llhole!!!
Anonymous on 05/03/2009:
I thought it was a crime to cut the tag off a mattress, not flip it. The Big Bunny..... lmao!
Anonymous on 05/03/2009:
Are you sure this wasn't the Moonlight Bunny? Oh wait, that's Reno...nvmind. lol
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