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Bill Me Later Is A Ripoff Company
Posted by on
Well here's my review of the biggest scam operation I've ever known. Bill Me later, and here's what happened. I got an email dated 7/8/08 from bill me later which says my statement was available to view online. Upon viewing it I see there is a late fee attached for what said that the payment was due on July 3rd. So they send me a payment update 5 days after the payment was due. So with that, my late fee was $19.00, upon which they increased my APR from 19.99% to 53.19%. Very criminal to me and very scammy, they sent me a payment due 5 days after the payment was due and then increased my interest rate 33%.

I have proof too (see below), as soon as I saw that I took a screenshot of it and I also have the email from July 8th which can be shown as the date the email for me to make a payment. They never called my house telling me my payment was past due, nor did they tell me through email either. They WAITED 5 days after the payment was due to tell me this, and I'm always making my payments on time. Don't use this scam operation, matter of fact I'm beginning to believe that all banks or lending institutions are scam operations who don't care about anything more than making a quick dollar. So if you've ever thought of using this garbage service, don't.

I should have just used my CC, which I had the option of doing, but even now I believe that Visa and MasterCard and all these banks are all crooked. Just remember one thing, THEY COULDN'T CARE LESS ABOUT YOU.

They don't care, period, they only want to get your money, never forget this.

Bill Me Later - APR Increase - Ripoff
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 07/09/2008:
Here is a link you may find helpful:
Anonymous on 07/10/2008:
53%??? Holy moly! It has been my experience that the Buy Now, Pay Later stuff only means that you have longer to pay it off without some of the interest charges put on it. I did that a while ago with my bedroom furniture and they sent me a bill telling me I had to pay a small amount each month, starting the month I bought the bedroom furniture. Although it pinched a little, I paid them in full that same month.
DBone on 07/10/2008:
ARE YOUR SERIOUS? You were paying 20% on 15 Dollars!? If you would have paid the 15 dollars you wouldn't have had any fees or charges.
And any company with a name "Bill me Later" stay away from.
HFields on 07/10/2008:
I work for Bill Me Later and came across your comment. I'd be happy to discuss this matter further. Please feel free to contact me via email:
DoTheMath on 11/23/2008:
Due to what appears to be a minimum $2 finance charge per billing statement you would get an effective 53.19% APR on a $45.12 balance figured as 2.00/45.12 for a monthly APR of 4.43% multiplied by 12 months for a 53.19% APR
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They Are Working Together
Posted by on
MONTANTA -- May of '06 - Newegg gave my son a $2000 line of credit to purchase computer parts - 6 months interest free.

June of '06 - my son received his shipment - started opening packages - we stopped him -repackaged all that had been unopened - returned to Newegg with an RMA. They waived restocking fees. Promised Newegg a check for the full amount when a corrected bill was received for the opened items that we kept.

Received the following refunds - note the dates of the last three - after the 6 months of no interest has elapsed.

-$169.99 On 7/10/06 (transaction # 1525851281540169609488)
-$383.07 On 7/10/06 (transaction # 1525851918800169609488)
-$199.95 On 1/24/07 (transaction # 1696595835260169609481)
-$129.99 On 1/29/07 (transaction # 1700933781700169609486)
-$208.76 On 1/30/07 (transaction # 1701809765770169609488)

Not done yet:
Final refund issued 14 mos. Later - countless e-mails in between
-$199.95 On 8/15/07 (transaction # 1872043037580176177166)

In doing the math - me not them
$1949.65 - $1292.38 = $657.27
Have never received a bill for less than $1200.00

Talk to Newegg - it's a Bill Me Later issue!
Talk to Bill Me Later - it is a Newegg issue!

Now it is a Penncro issue - they are the collection agency that it has been turned over to - to the tune of $1300 plus. Not that it matters - my son's credit is not an issue due to personal matters I won't go into.

Have been reading all the negative reviews for all 3 companies - amazing they are still in business.

Would be different if we were skirting the issue - but all we have been trying to do, for almost 2 years now, is pay our bill!

Have also been reading about settling for pennies on the dollar. Would they go for that instead of just accepting what we owe.
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User Replies:
MRM on 04/11/2008:
I love shopping at Newegg! Please see my informative review. Never had any problems with them. I will shop with them next week for my computer upgrade.
MRM on 04/11/2008:
You are probabaly a new customer to Newegg. The negative reviews for Newegg only accounts for %5 of the total reviews and they are excellent company to deal with.
jktshff1 on 04/11/2008:
MRM, that would translate loosely to a 95% customer satisfaction rate.
That's pretty good except for the 5% they don't satisfy to them is is 100% unsatisfied rate.
The op seems to have taken the proper steps in resolving the problem to no avail.
Maybe someone here could offer some advise,
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Bill Me Later credit scam with
Posted by on
8-11-2005 Placed an order that was to be billed through Bill Me Later with the terms of 90 days same as cash.

8-22-05 Received a bill from Bill Me Later for immediate payment.
Called and was told this is Bill Me Later's error and to call them.
They were closed. Sent email.

8-23-05 No email response. Called Bill Me Later who said will contact and have this corrected.
Then received an email from Bill Me Later saying this is's error and to contact them.
Tried to call again but their phone system was down. Sent an email through the customer service web page on their web site but it bounced back.
Tried several other email addressed listed on BBB website, they also bounced back.

8-26-05 Received email shipping notification from Replied explaining problem with billing and requested it be corrected.

8-27-05 Received email from saying the billing error is Bill Me Later's and to contact them.

8-28-05 Since neither company will correct this error, filed this complaint.

I want to be billed as per the agreement of the order I placed on 8-11-05. It is supposed to be 90 days same as cash. If I had wanted to pay interest on the purchase, I could have used my credit card at 15% LOWER APR than Bill Me Later. Now they want me to pay them a bozo interest rate for several years. This is a new twist on an old scam: bait and switch.'s web site stated that in order to get the 90 days same as cash you have to use Bill Me Later as the payment method.

Now that the order has gone through, Bill Me Later knows nothing about it and swears is in error and swears Bill Me Later has made some kind of error. I will not use either company again.
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User Replies:
lorrwill on 09/23/2005:
Update to my complaint. did NOTHING to resolve this issue. Bill Me Later, however takes my 3 seriously and called me directly to resolve this. Not only did they fix the billing issue they took $25 off, too.

It is highly unfortunate that they are partnered with a crappy firm like
Hooper561 on 11/12/2006:
This is the same crap that happened to me with

From now on, whenever I see the BillMeLater logo, I will NOT use their service. If you are one day late, they will call you on a Sunday morning at 8 a.m. without any amount of regard. They did this to me over being late on a payment I owed of $10.

These guys are a joke.
nmtistw on 12/15/2006:
BillMeLater is aweful. "Run away! Run away!!!"They get accounts from other companies, then disavow any responsibility. "You must contact someone else about this. There is nothing BillMeLater can do."
What a crock!
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Not Bill Me Later Run Through Your Checking Anyway
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
I have had satisfactory use of Bill Me Later in past. My balance was paid in full. Attempted to use at Christmas and payment was run through my bank account instead. Attempted again and once again ran straight through my account. I called customer help and my only advice was to send package back and attempt to again use Bill Me Later. I don't think so. If I wanted to run the payment through my account I would have done so and not chose the Bill Me Later tab. Closing my account with Bill Me Later because it's just not worth the mix up.
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Wins A Prize For The Most Misinformed And Misstated Information
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
CALIFORNIA -- I complained to Bill Me Later (r) that I always pay my bills on time, and that I didn't know how my payment on PayPal got routed in this direction. To my knowledge, I never gave my permission and never received a statement when asked about what my balance and specific charges were, Josh couldn't give me the source of two of the charges. He said they were 6 months before I found out they had occurred; instead I also owed on something I paid by a previous credit card. When asked why I wasn't charged interested, he said it must be because of a promotion and that I had until April 2014 before my charges would occur.

All this information was wrong; I canceled my Bill Me Later, which had to be done on the phone. I think this company for should be investigated for misleading the public.
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Beware of Clicking on the Wrong Circle and Using Bill Me Later
Posted by on
Rating: 2/51
ATLANTA, MAINE -- I have used Pay Pal for years. It was a good and fast way to pay for products in a safe manner. But Pay Pal began their Bill Me Later program and, at first, it appeared to have some usefulness. As time when on, they began to change their entry choice field to make Bill Me Later to be the default circle choice and by doing so get the consumer get in debt when the consumer's intent was to pay directly through the credit card. Once you inadvertently don't change the default, you end up in their quagmire of weird payment times, amounts, and you have to call to get it corrected...if you can. The default change I believe is a subtle variation on the "bait and switch" and may be illegal...but this company probably has very good lawyers to just get by the intent of fair practice.

If they are honest, they should clearly make the default Pay Pal and the other choice, Bill Me Later, as a condition to be chosen specifically by the user.
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Paid Account in Full then I received a "new" statement saying I owe $100. REALLY?!
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- I wanted to pay this account off in full. I called bill me later to verify that my online statement balance was the correct balance on my account so that I could pay it in full. The assistant assured me that was my correct payoff. The assistant then took my payoff.

The next day that payment cleared my bank. I go look at the statement to be sure it was at a -0- balance and it was. Days later I received a new statement stating I owe them another $100.00. Really?! Bill me later!! Never again! I do not recommend them to anyone. Please take this advise. I am an honest person and believe in doing the right thing. At the payoff time I would have paid that balance if I owed it.

I do not feel I owe then any more money. I also contacted the merchant and the merchant also assured me I did not owe them any more money. They have not heard the last from me.
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User Replies:
Old Timer on 10/09/2013:
You're dealing with the idiots at the gang of three: eBay, PayPal and Bill Me Later. Any one of them is a nightmare, put all three of them in the room together and its Freddy to the power of 100.
CU on 10/09/2013:
Personally I'd never use them, but maybe it's just a mistake. Perhaps they misquoted the payoff. All you have to do is request a full statement of your account and you can see what you charged, and what you paid.
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Worst Pathetic, Unreliable, Brain-Dead Service EVER!
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
TIMONIUM, MARYLAND -- I regret applying and getting approved for a Bill Me Later account. I have been using PayPal for years; transferring, paying and receiving money, and making purchases every month with no problem at all. My transactions were detailed and in plain sight, easy to read, etc.

PayPal kept showing this advertisement asking me to apply for Bill Me Later. I finally did. It has been a nightmare since then. The moment I choose to use bill me later, the money comes out of my PayPal account and my bill me later account...both, then credited back to my PayPal account later, on the same transaction. It is too crooked. Too misleading and completely unnecessary.

When dealing with the service on the phone, they have been nothing but total idiots; obviously with no skills at all.

They need to be shut down. Their business is crooked to say the least. I was given a measly $1250 limit when opening the account last month. I used nearly $1100 and paid it off right away. The spending/usage experience with extremely unpleasant from the beginning. This company is a SCAM!
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User Replies:
nikalseyn on 09/21/2013:
It would be much simpler to just open up a regular account at a bank or credit union and then pay by check or even online bill payment that most banks and credit unions now offer, tho some credit unions want to charge you. I use my bank's bill paying for free and it is safe, fast and easy.
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BML Messed Up Bill and Difficult to Resolve
Posted by on
Rating: 2/51
TIMONIUM, MARYLAND -- I made a deferred purchase in May 2013 and then made various charges each month. For several months, all was fine. I paid off all the new purchases and a little towards the deferred purchases. Then suddenly months before the deferred purchase promo ended I am being charged interest and the separate promo value seems to have disappeared.

I called once and got the interest charges removed. They had mistakenly used my last payment towards my deferred purchase first rather than my new charges (despite doing fine for several months). The customer service was frustrating, the lady went on and on before she understood the problem. But even through the interest was removed, the website still had my promotional value tied up with my new charges.

I called again and the customer service person was very nice, but after several days the problem still had not been fixed. I called again and again got a customer service person that goes on and on without understanding the problem. I finally spoke to a manager who was helpful and HOPEFULLY the problem will finally be resolved. This is the only time I have had a problem with a credit card and from other reviews this seems to happen a lot with BML. Either the company is trying to defraud customers or they are incompetent. I strongly advise people to not use BML.
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I Over Paid My Bill Me Later Bill by 700.00 and They Will Not Give It Back!
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
MILTON, FLORIDA -- I accidentally paid my $288.10 bill. I meant to make a payment of $100.00 and accidentally paid $1000.00. I was on medication at the time and made a mistake. I paid the bill and it was cashed on August 12th. I called on August 13th and was told that the check for the difference of $711.90 would be sent out that day and I would have it by Friday the 14th...Monday at the latest. I didn't receive it on Friday and called back, check had not been sent out. Told it will be sent out that day! Didn't receive it on Monday the 19th and called back. Check was sent out. Still didn't get it and I still had a 711.00 credit on my account so I figured it was not sent.

I spoke with a manager and was told it was not sent out and it wouldn't be sent out for till the 29th of August!!! The check had already cleared and they wouldn't give me my money back!

We will make an exception and send it out today. Nope credit still there the next day. Called on the 21st and they said it was sent out that day. It is now the 27th and my money is still not here. I have bills that are now past due and they will not do anything till 30 day after the day the check was sent. When was it sent???????? This is my money...not their's to do what they want with it. Also, they are changing banks at the end of the month and I believe that they will not give me a check and pass the buck and then I will be lost in the shuffle.
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User Replies:
cabletech on 08/27/2013:
Most places have 3 things that have to happen before you get refund of an over payment- a) you have to fax a copy of your bank statement showing that you in fact are the person who did make the payment. Due to some tightening of laws the company wants to make sure that you are not trying to pull a scam to get cash back if you made the payment via credit card and they also want to make sure that they are refunding the funds to the right person. Lets say you make a payment to an account but for some reason it goes on your neighbors account. You wouldn't want your neighbor to realize there was a good chunk of money showing up in their account and get a refund sent to them for it and then you be out the money because when the mistake is discovered the money is already gone. Sorta the same concept here. b) to cut down on operating expenses most places only cut refund checks once a month no matter what..........they all go to print at the same time. They will not waive that policy because they do not want to spend extra money to give you back money.And c) I am sure the money is sitting in a high interest bank account somewhere and they are making money off of it the longer they hold on to it. I am wishing you the best of luck but if you didn't prove a copy of your bank statement showing the payment you may not get your money until you do. You probably want to give them a call
trmn8r on 08/28/2013:
I understand you have bills to pay, but unfortunately many companies don't make a big priority of issuing refunds. I don't agree that BML "stole" anything from you. You made a mistake, and it has taken 2 weeks so far and you don't have your refund. Two weeks is not unreasonable to get a refund of this kind.

I can't tell if they say they sent a check on a certain date or not, and maybe that is part of your issue. I also was confused that you said a check "already cleared". You don't mean the refund check, do you? That is a whole other issue if true.

I would keep calling and pestering them every few days. Hang in there - you'll get your money eventually.
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