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Awesome to Use
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Rating: 5/51

I have been using Bill Me Later and I have had no problems, They have not added any unwanted fees to my account or anything. This is a legitimate credit worthy account for you just be sure and read the small print and yes you can pay by credit card but you have to specify electronic billing or by mail billing. Had a problem with that in the beginning but was corrected promptly upon my inquiry about that, It is not a scam. Read every contract for credit slowly and thoroughly, I am not a dissatisfied customer of Bill Me Later and I do not take kindly to scams or anyone who tries and scam anyone so believe me when I say they are legit.

Will Wait and See
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Rating: 2/51

VANCOUVER, WASHINGTON -- It looks like they have pulled a bait and switch with me. I opened up a Bill Me Later account with the mindset that I would only use it for one purchase at a time and would only use the six months same as cash option. Basically, like my own personal lay-away. It was no problem with the first item, a ukulele, which I paid off in full around two months after I purchased it. The day I paid off the Ukulele, I also purchased a pair of shoes, ON SIX MONTHS SAME AS CASH FINANCING. You can most likely tell what the issue is.

I hadn't looked at the account for two months and my wife said we got something in the mail about pay my bill or be sent to collections. I called and they stated that the item was not a promotional item and that instead of owing 89.96 I owed $ 156.00 due to late fees. Of course the first person I talked with was happy to take off the last financing charge if I paid in full. Nope, asked for a supervisor, which I did get. She stated that the item would be put up for review which is currently in the works. I told her I would call her next Wednesday to see what they found out.

If they jack me around, I will probably get some fees waived, pay it in full, and then ask for a written copy of the dispute, hang up the phone and call the attorney general for my state to be added to the list of people against Bill me later. I will also cancel my PayPal account. No use in dealing with anyone associated with Bill Me Later.

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Rating: 1/51

Bill Me Later never sent me an invoice for the amount I owed them. Months later, when I finally did receive one, there were 2 months worth of late fees on there. I called them, and the operator I spoke with told me the late fees would be waived if I paid the amount owed. I did.

Now three months later, they are sending me invoices saying I owe late fees for not paying the late fees. I have tried communicating with them via email, since I don't trust them on the phone, and every response I get is from a no reply email address. They call me constantly, my stance hasn't changed. How can you charge someone late fees for a bill not sent? I am turning this over to my state's attorney general.

Bill Me Later Predatory Lending
By -

OMAHA -- Bill Me Later is a crap company that is ripping people off! I ordered contact lenses through VisionDirect which offers the BillMeLater option. When I got the statement for the lenses, my BillMeLater account said the payment was not due until mid-September. I just logged into my account to pay the bill and guess what? They are trying to claim they issued me an invoice in early August to make a minimum payment of $35 and of course, I NEVER GOT THE BILL so I didn't€™ pay it. Now they are trying to slap a $25 late fee on top of my pre-existing charge!!! I AM LIVID.

I called customer service and they tried to claim I set up my account for electronic statements only (which I NEVER DID) and they are also claiming they emailed me the bill (THEY NEVER DID. I thoroughly checked my email, even the SPAM folder.) The customer service nimrod said he would issue a credit for the late fee as a "€œone-time courtesy only". Oh, how generous of them. Don'€™t doubt it for a minute. I will be contacting the California Attorney General'€™s office about their scam business techniques. In the meantime, I'm warning all my friends not to use them!

Bill Me Later & PayPal - Do Not Use Either
By -

Be guided accordingly. BML and PayPal are finding ever so creative ways to pirate your money. Most documented problems have been PayPal passing on a purchase to BML. Here is the latter. I went through BML to a vendor website and made two purchases using my BML account. No denial... all approved. Turns out that the money was taken direct from my checking account. Once again, no signal, flag or otherwise notification that this was not going on my BML account. This one company flying under two banners are low, sneaky and crooked. Fine print aside... this is an excuse to make your life miserable. Stay away from both!!! Class action lawsuit where are you???

By -

I did not sign anything to have PayPal start using Bill Me Later yet, PayPal switches my charge over to Bill Me Later. PayPal was notified that no charges were to be made through BML, but within three months I had another charge to BML.

I contacted PayPal and was told this had to be handled by BML. I have since cancelled my long time PayPal account. I would like to know what monetary connection PayPal has with BML and I would like to know who the principals are at BML.

I have heard that members of the Mormon church run the company and it is being sold to other members of the
Mormon church. As a former investigator for the Texas State Bar Grievance Committee, I have many questions for any individual in charge at Bill Me Later.

Bill Me Later Does Not Honor Promotional Financing Offered Online on Website
By -

TIMONIUM MARYLAND -- I made a purchase on over the required amount of $500 to get No Payments for 6 months through Bill Me Later, where I've had an account for a couple of years. Bill Me Later refused to honor the promotional financing offered, instead putting my purchase through as a standard purchase. After promising to 'investigate" they did not resolve my complaint nor allow me to speak to a supervisor, insisting no 'managers' are available, and I would get a phone call which has not happened.

Instead of No Payments for 6 months Bill Me Later put my purchase through as a standard purchase at a staggering 25.99% interest rate - a classic Bait and Switch technique. They claim since I checked out using Bill Me Later through PayPal I was not entitled to the terms on the Bill Me Later website. Of course, there is no mention of that anywhere when I checked out using Bill Me Later. I will have to balance transfer this amount onto a reputable credit card company after having closed my Bill Me Later account.

These people provide no customer service and will not help you after they have deceived you. There is currently a class action suit pending. It appears Bill Me Later is a subjective term and customers should be warned, "We'll bill you when we feel like it and you can't do anything about it."

Bill Me Later Was Deceitful.
By -

OMAHA, NEBRASKA -- Back in February of 2010 I accepted an offer by Bill Me Later for 6 months interest-free purchase of a computer. I paid $500 the next two months and was planning to pay it off prior to the 6th month. However, I found out from my statement that they started charging me 20% interest from the second month. When I called them and asked about the charges, they said their offer was never an interest-free offer. I immediately closed my account and paid the remaining balance. This company is dishonest and I would never do business with them. Just stay away.

Checkout on Website Sent Me to Bill Me Later
By -

Be aware. I purchase (3) items from a company and the checkout process sent me through Bill Me Later. I received two of three items with a note on the packing list the final item was back ordered. Bill Me Later sends a statement with the total cost and appeared to not be asking for money but waiting on the final item to arrive and then auto bill me with the info I set the account up with. Two months later I still have no back ordered part and call them up. They tell me I have a late fee of $19.00. I explained to them first, I'm not paying the late fee and second, close my account.

I was reminded of the website name of the company and called to find my missing part. It so happens the back ordered item fell in the cracks and was not on any list to be shipped when inventory came in. I asked the company where did Bill Me Later come into the picture as I remember having to go through their checkout process to get my items. The girl at this company had never heard of Bill Me Later and now I'm sitting here wonder what in the ** happened to cause me to travel down the road of stupidity. There is something strange with Bill Me Later but I will never fall victim to their pre-established rope-a-dope policy. Beware.

Beware of Bill Me Later
By -

Bill Me Later is a service which operates like credit card company. You can use it when you purchase an item and want to make payments. My experience is that it is like a loan shark. I paid for the item on the first bill - which I never got in the mail, by the way, only a notice on the internet. They claimed that the payment was late and extorted - that's a fair word for it - a $19.00 fee, then several dollars more for 'handling fees'. Don't know what companies are getting in return for using this company, but anyone wanting to pay later should just put it on a credit card and not deal with this company.

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