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Fraudulent Business Practices
By -

As a first time customer of, I would like to warn anyone who is considering doing business with this company of its fraudulent business practices including: 1. advertises products as available on their website and does not tell you the item is on backorder until the items delivery due date has expired. Then fraudulently refuses to cancel your order, saying your item is “in shipping” only to tell you later that it is again on backorder.

  1. routinely restricts customer complaints by preventing calls to their customer service via the only contact number on their website: 1-800-821-5744. If you call this number it will always tell you: “We are currently experiencing unusually high call volume and are unable to handle your call at this time. Please try your call again later.” This message has gone on for two months now! Call it and see for yourself.

In November I purchased items as Christmas gifts. The shipping policy on the website clearly states: “In-stock merchandise typically arrives in 7-10 business days with standard delivery.” After 3 weeks of not receiving my items, I tried to contact at the number on their website listed above. This is when I first encountered the message “We are currently experiencing unusually high call volume and are unable to handle your call at this time. Please try your call again later.”

After trying to contact them by phone for a week, I completed the Contact Us form on their website. It took 5 days to get an email back from someone at the company who said the item would be shipped in the next few days. By that time, it would be too late to receive the items before Christmas. So, I sent an email back requesting that they cancel my order. I sent a second request by email to cancel my order, but never got a response. I tried once again to contact the company at the customer service phone # provided but just kept getting the same phone message to try back later.

After two more weeks of failed attempts to cancel my order I contacted my credit card company. Luckily, they were able to reverse the charges made to my credit card by Here's my advice: DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY. If it's too late and you're reading this because you are in a similar predicament, try contacting your credit card company and getting the charges reversed. Then, if your items ever do get shipped to you, refuse delivery. If the items are delivered when your not home just return them to the Post Office, UPS or whoever delivered them – and GOOD LUCK!

Scam, They Defraud and Are Rude to Customers
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Rating: 1/51

WARREN, PENSYLVANIA -- I placed an order and it was initially "suspended" and never delivered. I spent an entire day trying to solve the problem by dealing with their employees who broke their promises to call me back by the end of the business day. I spoke to the post office extensively, getting nowhere, as well as my credit card company as a last resort. I strongly advise against doing or conducting any business with them. A scam from the get go!

Easy Saver Coupon
By -

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- Watch the pop-up on this website offering a $15 coupon on your next order. I was at work trying to sneak in an order and grabbed at the coupon. What I learned later was that in order to qualify for the coupon, I had to subscribe to a service. Since I didn't want that, I called on my cell phone - while standing outside on break in the rain at work - and explained that I wanted it cancelled less than two hours later.

I was left on hold (pending customer service finding the number to cancel it) for the remainder of the 15 minute break. Leaving someone on hold that long without coming back on the line with what should be easily accessible information is not acceptable and I will not pay the charges.

Blair Corp./Get Your ACT Together ...Please
By -

Ordered 2 pr. of "IP tailored shoes". They were half price, thought it was a good bargain. They were very nice in the advertisement. The shoes were horrible when I got them, had what looked like a 'glue spill' when they put the shoes together. The glue was all over outer sides of shoes and the soles. The leather was of a very low quality, it wrinkled severely when you took a step... plus they were painful to walk in. Soles were thin as construction paper.
Also got a cap-sleeve eyelet blouse, armholes so big that it couldn't be worn. Sweater in order was not true to size, like two sizes smaller than it should have been. I returned all but one jacket.

I kept calling the company to guarantee that I got a refund, I didn't want to wait up to 4 weeks for a credit. It took almost a week for them to credit my account AFTER they received my order back. Watch what you order from Irvine Park. Blair owns this company too so an account for one is good at both companies BUT...Irvine Park's clothing runs much smaller than the Blair stuff. Customer service is getting a little better, they aren't as rude as they usually are since I emailed the company a complaint.

Watch buying the 'sale' stuff because they'll tell you they have the merchandise when they really don't. You may await an order 'to be shipped' out for close to two weeks then you'll come to find out they never had it. I also purchased a men's silk sportcoat and when it came it wasn't the color shown, it had glue marks left from scotch tape on back kick pleat. Kick pleat seam was unraveling AND the lining was soiled... as if it had been previously worn. They did return my shipping costs so that was good. Like I said , beware ordering the 'sale' items. I tried to order a men's suit on sale for 1/2 off. This suit sat in the shipping dept. for 10 days.

I called numerous times to find out what the holdup was. Never got one truthful answer. I called the home office and spoke to a man that assured me they indeed had "hand picked" the suit, (since it was in the shipping department) and he was going to check to see why it hadn't shipped. He called my home to tell me they no longer had the suit coat in stock, (they did have ONLY the slacks). He offered to get the order cancelled since that is not an option to customers NORMALLY....NOT AN OPTION!!! You cannot cancel an order with BLAIR.

Anyway...TODAY (Oct.19th).. after he cancelled the suit that was half-price on Oct. 17th.. Well, big SURPRISE!!! The suit is BACK on their website.. the size I needed IS available but of course on the website it is not half off. Amazing how that happened, isn't it??? OK, so now I'm calling Blair every day to see where the Oct. 12th order is, it hasn't shipped out BUT no one at this company knows WHY. I'll update - after - we see how this fiasco goes.

Blair Corp. Listened!
By -

After a lot of phone calls from me regarding an order of a men's suit AND a lot of bad online reviews Blair stood up and took notice of my complaints. They have now shipped out all of my purchases AND not one person has been rude to me. All I have to say now IS thanks.... For once a large company has shown that they truly care about what the customer thinks... PLUS they get to keep me AND my relatives across the country as customers. Of course I have a bit of advice for them... Get rid of your ordering & shipping Software! You need better software so the reps Know what is going on with people's orders.

Prompt Service
By -

I have ordered clothing from this company 3 times. Every order has been PERFECT & shipped very promptly! I really enjoy doing business with this company!

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