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Shipping problems
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I bought a new Bose Lifestyle T 20 a couple weeks ago and when I set it up, the base component was D. O.A. I was going to return it to the store, but decided to call Bose support first. There support is very friendly and talked me through a bunch of tests to find out the problem. He finally decided they would ship me a new system and they would send me the shipping label to send the defective system back. I got and e-mail from Bose saying they received the order and allow 1-2 days for processing and there chart showed it would take 5 or 6 business days to receive the system. I then received the shipping label to send my system back and I put it on the box, ready to go. As in the past I expected UPS to pick up the return system when they delivered the new one. I waited 6 business days and nothing came. I called to find out what the delay was. It turns out, they do not process the order until your return is on it's way back to them and then it is 1-2 more days for processing the order. This was never mentioned by anyone or the e-mail they sent me. Now instead of 7-10 days it will be closer to 20 days before I get my new system. I wish I would have taken it back to the store and exchanged it for another system or got my 2G's back. I could have either had it set up by now or have a fatter wallet. Hopefully they'll learn to be more complete in there instructions from now on.
Bose lifestyle 48 gone bad
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SOUTH CAROLINA -- We have 2 of Bose products in our home, the Lifestyle 48 in our living room and a Bose 321 system in our family room. Until this year we were very satisfied with Bose. The CD/DVD system started shuffling the door open and closed on its own, basically we needed to unplug the unit in fear it would overheat and cause a meltdown. Here is where the story gets good, as of this writing the media center is in a box waiting pick up by UPS for the 5th time, yes that is correct it is going back for the 5th time attempting to get my $3,999 stereo system working.
1st attempt (returned CD/DVD door was shuffling open and close).
2nd attempt (the door opened and in went my DVD never to be seen again)
3rd attempt (Bose said they would transfer music from hard drive and send a new media center.)
4th attempt (Took the media center out of the box hooked it up lifted the CD/DVD door and the door and all the parts fell out, the media center had been take apart and returned.
5th attempt (the service support person on the phone with my wife said he believed we asking for too much.)
WARNING, buy a system for $300-500, after a few years if it dies just throw it out.
As a profession I am a Quality Manager, if this was how I supported my customers I would have been on the street years ago
Serious Reception Problems With Their Media Interface Cards
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PORTLAND, OREGON -- I very recently purchased Bose Life Style V20 home theatre system and it keeps dropping the signals from other components such as DVD Player and cable box. Tried to resolve the issue with Bose customer service and each time they went through connections to check if it was right and the adjustments on the TV and their system. The system will have reception and the once you turn the system off and turn it on the problem of "NO signal" will appear on Bose console.

Despite my good faith attempt to work with Bose to address the technical issue and they have failed to resolve the problem. My conclusion is Bose has been duping and defrauding customers by selling their V20 Life Style system despite their acknowledged flaws.

Now I'm trying return the system to Best Buy. My recommendation is don't make the mistake of going in for Bose Life Style V20 home theatre systems. I'm very disappointed with Bose products now. They have breached express, merchantability and fitness for specific purpose warranties. My last resort, if Bose or Best Buy fails to accept the return of this product as it is bast 40 days, I will be left with no option but to sue both Best Buy and Bose.

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