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Bose Blows
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I purchased a Bose wave music system multi - cd changer. I had the original before my divorce and my ex has it. I enjoyed the Bose so much I went out and spent over $850.00 for a full system which I could not really afford. I believed in the product of the brand name. All I had was trouble with my new system. First of all it does not read all CD’s types. I call tech and they wear no help at all. They keep sending me update CD’s for the system however the up dates was not for my WAVE Radio. No one had an answer at all why some of my CD would play and some not. I use a cheap SHARP CD Player to play three CD’s.

I also used my Pioneer from my car with no problem. I Send back the player and I still had the problem of CD’s not able to play. I would get an ERROR system? WHY? No one at Tech Bose could say. They just sent update CD just to keep me quite. By the time I got the wrong update Cd’s by Bose it was to late to return the system. They would not take it back. It got to the point where I had to label my CD’S if they wear playable on Bose or not.
BEWARE OF BOSE……………………………….......................................................................
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Anonymous on 03/25/2007:
BOSE has a 30 day guarantee. If you called before the 30 days then they have a record of your call. I believe you should be able to get a full refund.
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Broke down two weeks after 1 yr warranty expired
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I bought a $146.99 pair of Bose around ear headphones from Best Buy in April 2009. The product was extremely well taken care of, always kept in its protective case. It lasted until early May 2010 - the headphones on one side completely stopped working exactly one year and two weeks after purchase. The Bose warranty was for one year. I will never again buy another product from Bose. Buyer Beware - very low quality merchandise, especially for the ridiculous price Bose charges.
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bcd on 05/13/2010:
“… very low quality merchandise …”

Bose? Low quality? I don’t think so.

Have you tried the headphones on another stereo (or whatever you are using them on)?
Starlord on 05/14/2010:
Bose is a reputable company and they do not sell subpar merchandise. As with anything man-made, any product can have an occasionallemon, I have heard of lemon Rolls-Royces before. Contact Bose and explain the situation. I cannot guarantee they will make it right, but they are a firm who cares about their customers and their reputation. What's the old joke? Couldn't hoit.
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Couldn't believe it!
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We just developed a problem with a Bose product and mu husband was storming and ranting at the thought that he'd have to call the company about it.

He just now got off the phone and said, "I don't believe it. That was the most courteous, most intelligent, most helpful customer service representative I've ever talked to."

I don't write reviews, but, being so old I remember when excellent service was the rule rather than the exception, I decided to put it in writing.

Thanks, Bose!
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MSCANTBEWRONG on 10/07/2009:
Nice review. Thanks for posting.
Apple Mac on 10/07/2009:
I have two (2) Wave radios - owned them for 15 years and never had a problem with them. It is a quality, well built product, that has a great sound.

Bose is pricey, but they make a good product, and is worth checking out,
BMonster on 12/10/2009:
I was given a Bose Wave CD-2000 to repair. Bose will *not* supply service literature or parts (even at the assembly level) to ANY independent servicemen. This is *not* standard industry practice; most companies do provide parts and literature.

Regardless of Bose's stance on supplying parts or literature, I was shocked by the, um, "cost-conscious" design of such a high-priced unit. The speakers themselves are cheap, the power stage consists of a chip originally designed for car stereos (not exactly an audiophile application), etc.

I speak not as a disgruntled consumer, but as a disgruntled engineer with a university degree in electrical engineering... don't buy into the hype! You can get equivalent or better performance at a lower cost from other makers.
Anonymous on 12/10/2009:
BMonster, why not give us some examples of the models we can purchase that you speak of? That would be helpful.
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