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Brava Breast Enhancement Does Not Work & Causes Breast Damage!!!
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NORFOLK, VIRGINIA -- I began using Brava about 1 and 1/2 years ago. For those of you who don't what it is, Brava ( is basically a huge suction cup plastic bra that you wear for 10 hours a day for 4 months, and the suction is supposed to promote breast growth. The Brava system costs about $1500, and they claim that you grow 1/2 to 2 cup sizes. I used it for 5 months.

The first thing I didn't like about it was that it is huge and uncomfortable. You typically wear it when you are sleeping, so you can only sleep on your back because the cups are so huge. The suction does not hurt, but the cups leave your skin red and irritated around the edges even if you use the lotion and everything. So basically I couldn't wear any V-neck shirts for 5 months because I had huge red circles around my boobs.

The main this that I didn't like about it... WAS THAT IT DIDN'T WORK!!! Initially, when you take the cups off, your boobs are swollen and bigger, but the swelling subsides after several hours. I wore Brava for 5 months, and I went from a 32B to a 34B. I did gain a few inches, but they were just more "plump" than any actual growth. BUT, after a few months of not wearing Brava, my boobs shrunk back to their initial size. And Brava says the breast growth is supposed to be permanent! IT'S NOT!

The thing that is most disappointing is that my nipples are huge and they haven't shrunk back!!! The suction makes your nipples bigger and bulbous, so they always look puffy. Brava claims that this means your breasts are growing. But I have been off Brava for a year, and my nipples are still twice the size that they were! I contacted Brava customer service and they said my nipples would shrink back. THEY HAVEN'T! I even went to a dermatologist to ask about it, and he said that I have lost sensation in them and that is why they stay puffy more than they used to.

So, in short, BRAVA is a waste of money, your boobs will shrink back after you stop using it, and your nipples will be permanently bigger!!! STAY AWAY!!!

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Principissa on 04/23/2008:
I think you should go see your primary care doctor or gynecologist immediately. I'm sorry but unless it was a breast pump, I would never put a suction cup near my breasts. I would have an augmentation (which actually costs just as much) before trying something at home without consulting my physician first. I really hope that you have no permanent damage and I feel so bad that this happened to you.
madconsumer on 04/23/2008:
from their website
"When you buy the System from an authorized physician and results are documented, a money back guarantee is available."

their sites does clearly state it is available from a physician. this would be the safest way to use this product.
AuronJS on 04/23/2008:
I seriously think you have a lawsuit on your hands, you really need to talk to a lawyer.
Anonymous on 04/23/2008:
This is nightmarish. I have to agree totally with Princi and I sincerely hope that everything returns to normal and no permanent damage has been done. This company should not be allowed to be in business.
madconsumer on 04/23/2008:
if the poster did not seek a physicians approval beforehand, as stated on their website, she is at her own risk.
Bathory on 07/23/2008:
Why in the world would ANYONE use something like this to begin with? Perhaps you should look into surgical augmentation if you are that unhappy with what nature gave you.
Squeaky Wheel on 09/22/2008:
Boob size is not the most important thing to most guys. You can make up for it in other ways.
freeborn81 on 09/05/2009:
I used Brava for three months in 2007 and I went from a 32b (small b) to a 34 full C (actually they shrunk down to a full c three months after I stopped using it). The fda regulates and condones this product. I prefer natural to 9000 dollars for silicone, I am sorry that it did not work for you. I am assuming you went to a certified plastic surgeon for help in the fittings and coaching, so .........
curious on 06/30/2011:
Freeborn, I am so glad to hear that you went fro a 32b to a 34 full c by using Brava for 3 months. I'm curious as to how many hours a day were you wearing the system for in order to get to that size in such a short time, and I am also wondering if you are still a 34 full C since quite some time has passed about 2 years now. Did you have to use it again since then or have you maintained your growth without any decrease. Please let me know as I am using it now, and I pray my results will be as great as yours.

Plase respond freeborn.

curious 2 on 02/03/2012:
curious I was wondering if it worked for you? Thanks
DW on 08/17/2013:
I've read about this product. From what I read this product is used 1 month before and after a surgery. The expansion allows for more fat to be injected into the breast to keep it the size it expanded to. Otherwise the tissue will maintain its elasticity and go back to normal. There is a breast surgery centre in Miami that does this surgery. Its done for single and double mastectomy patients. And anyone who has assymetry. I've only read about this. but I am intrigued about the surgery being that nothing foreign is put in the body.
DMSC on 07/09/2014:
thank you so much for sharing your story and helping others, sorry you went through this
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