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Oil change service
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CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- It's a shame you have too wait 3 or 4 hours for something as simple as an oil change get the little work out first then the big work, then they won't be so backed up common knowledge.

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RIVERVIEW, FLORIDA -- Took my car to Firestone located at 10135 Bloomingdale Avenue in Riverview Florida for a simple oil change. The next morning I see oil on my garage floor. I returned to the shop immediately. When they put my car on the lift, the tech saw that the oil plug was not replaced properly. The tech said my engine would be fine. Lies!My engine threw a rod 28 days later. Filed a claim with them, but they are refusing to take responsibility for the mistake. The damages came to $4500.00.

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SUGAR LAND, TEXAS -- For annual inspection sticker they said they must change the wiper blades. They said the Bosch cost about $5.00 more and the cost was around $13.00 and $18.00, but they said that if I went along with Bosch they would refund me $5.00 by coupon. I told them to go ahead with the Bosch. When I got the invoice the blades were a cool $33.98.

They were hiding the fact that the rebate was for two blades and the price to be charged was for each blade. That's a lie for business. I call it cheating.

I think that auto businesses pay commissions based on parts sold and so employees are encouraged to lie or in better words hide the truth to get the business.

I wish they call me and apologize. I have been their customer over years & years.

Auto Scam
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DOWNINGTON, PENNSYLVANIA -- Went to Firestone complete auto care (?) For an oil change, wheel alignment and balance. Told I needed struts, and boots. Cost,$1,039.6O. Never shown anything ! Went to get a second opinion. Told the strut boots were wearing but o. K. The struts were fine, all 4 of them. Called the corporate office who wanted me to go to another Firestone. I refused. He said he'd look into my complaint. I also gave them the name and number of the second shop. He said he'd call to confirm my complaint. He never did anything ! Never called me back either!

This Firestone is running a scam, beware of all Firestone's ! No more Firestone for me ! Dishonest !

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TENNESSEE -- Last week my car starting smoking and so I took it to my local Firestone Complete Auto Care center. They took a look at it and stated that the rear main seal was probably my source for a leak causing the car to smoke like the dickens. So needless to say they began to work on it and found another leak of oil and it would be Monday before that part would come in. Well I called Tuesday and they told me the part would not be in til Wednesday morning. So they finally got finished with it today, however the car is now sluggish and when I took it in it was not that way. Ugh now my car is a piece of he-double hockey sticks thanks to Firestone.

A/C Stopped Working After Oil Change
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I went in for an oil change and left with my air conditioner no longer working. My a/c worked all summer, including the morning I pulled into A&R Tire. As soon as I left the shop my a/c only shot out hot air. What is really infuriating about the situation is that on the invoice they gave me (the list of things they think I should fix) there was a note that my a/c has a leak! This implies that the a/c was not in proper working condition before I had it checked but it worked only minutes before A&R got their hands on it. Coincidence? I think not.

In addition to this I overheard the manager on the phone say that there are lots of bad reviews of A&R Tire on the internet but he said they were all untrue. I doubt there are many people who would take the time to write a comment on the internet if it was untrue.

I do not trust A&R Tire - they get you in with good coupons then find ways to get more money out of you than you expected. I will not go to them again even for a free oil change for fear they will mess up something else on my car.

Hidden Expenses and additional charges
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INDIANA -- I've been a loyal customer of a local Firestone service center. I have two older vehicles and in the past, they always did right by me (as far as servicing my vehicles).

However, over the last 1.5 years I've notice that my repair bills have been quickly increasing in cost. It took some investigation on my part and some honest answers by the local management. What corporate (Firestone) has done is greatly increase the amount they charge for parts, NOT the labor.

For example, they want to charge almost $400 for a new distributor for a 1991 Honda. Pep Boys and other local service centers want to charge about $200. The auto part store of course charges even less than that.

They (Firestone) has done this (from the local manager's mouth) to increase the bottom line profitability while not appearing as though they have raised their prices. That is, they expect consumers to compare the price of labor, but not the price of parts.

I just thought that others should be made aware of this tactic undertaken by Firestone.

What is wrong with these people?
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DENVER, COLORADO -- My Wife and I were driving through the mountains of Colorado into Denver. On the freeway the car was shutting off and starting up again, it was jerking and jolting and was all over the place.

We were near a Firestone that was near where we had to sign papers for our new house. We pull in and ask them if they can go through the car and see what's wrong.

They tell us that it will be $370.00 for a tune-up...........and that it will be fixed. I thought that was a little high for a tune up but we needed the car because we had to drive back through the mountains that night.

4 hours later they still had not called so we walked from the store we were at (killing time) and asked if the car was done........1 hr later the guy drives the car out of the shop and parks it. I get in and the car does not start. So I am wondering what is going on why did I spend 400 dollars for them not even to fix it? They tell me that the battery is dead. So pissed off I leave.......we got a jump and I went to Napa to get the battery exchanged because it was three months old and still under warranty.

The lady at Napa could not test the battery because her tester was broken but she just replaced the battery. But a day later that is still not the issue. I end up taken the alternator out myself and having it tested and it was bad. So these guys just ripped us off and did not fix anything.

I think that anyone who does not believe that this is going on should call Consumer Reports at any news station and have them investigate this issue. Firestone is ripping people off and sadly are putting people in danger by not fixing the cars the right way the first time.

I went there thinking they were of the best quality but after reading similar stories I am just so pissed off. DO NOT TAKE YOUR CAR THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EVER!!!!!!!!!


We now have a car that shimmy's from side to side, the right brake rotor is messed up being warped because of how they put their tire back on. And there are multiple other things wrong that I believed they caused.

Somebody should find out who is causing this:

  1. Employee's who just don't care?

  2. Employee's/managers who get bonuses by selling more products?

I will never go there again......this is the Bush administration of care care. Believe it!!!!


Overcharged again
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TOLEDO, OHIO -- I have been to my local Firestone dealer in Toledo, Ohio several times within the last 10 years with various vehicles for various reasons. They are less than a mile from my home and are more of a convenience than anything else.
In the last three years I have taken three different vehicles to them for tire repair. Each time I was told the nail/screw was 'on the side' so the tire couldn't be repaired. They said the tires are very worn and they suggest four new ones. Expected cost going in: $20. Actual cost coming out: $220. The next trip was for tire repair but again was told it couldn't be repaired. Expected cost going in: $20. Actual cost coming out: $100. My third and final trip was yesterday. I had a screw in the left rear driver tire. Almost dead-center. Well, I received 'the call' at 10am. Surprise! The screw is more on the side and the tire can't be repaired. I argued with the salesman but to no avail. He also said the tires look like the originals and should be replaced. I agreed that they probably did need replacing but here's the issue:

I was charged $21.99 for a patch-plug, balancing, labor to take the tire with the screw in it, and flat repair------for a tire they never repaired!
The tires were $87/each. Belle Tire had a sale for $59/each. (A savings of $112)
Then I was charged $11.96 for lifetime wheel balancing-parts, $40 for Lifetime wheel balancing-labor, lifetime rubber valves for $16 and $48.72 for Lifetime labor for tire replacement/repair.......none of which I asked for. I also asked that I have the tires back, which weren't available when I picked up the van but they went back to retrieve...but was charged $4 for tire disposal. Basically I paid $254.68 more than I should have or 54% of the total bill. Expected cost going in: $20. Actual cost coming out: $550.91. Of course they said I needed front and rear wiper blades (they always say that too) Cost: $9.99 each plus $3 each labor for a total of $39. I did not have them replaced as I just did them all 3 months ago......You've got to be kidding. Oh, lets not forget the $69.00 alignment charge for the new tires. Here I spend $87 per tire ($348.00 total) and they charge me an additional $69 to balance them? Get real. Let's not forget the $7.62 for shop supplies whatever those are. Rags????
Firestone just got their last dollar from me. I am going back to the dealer tonight to rehash all of this. If I get no satisfaction, Firestone Corporate will be hearing from me.

Do Not Trust Firestone
By -

MEMHIS, TENNESSEE -- I am writing in reference to service I received at Firestone on 11/13/2005. I went to 5010 Park Avenue Memphis, TN 38117 for car maintenance. I requested the following services:

· Oil Change
· Tune Up
· Wheel rotation and balance
· Front brakes
· Radiator system flush

I was preparing my car for the winter. I spoke with Herman at the front desk and he gave me a total estimate and told me that my car would be ready in a few hours. When Herman called me and told me my car was ready, but I had a hole in my radiator. My car was running fine and had not been smoking or running hot till I picked it up from them. When I asked if there was a leak in the radiator, could it be repaired? Herman responded by saying I would need a new radiator and that he could check on the status of how much it would cost me. He told me he was weary of giving a guessed estimate over the phone.
Once I arrived to pick up my car he did not charge me for the radiator flush service but gave me a $750.00 estimate for a new radiator. I was to call him the next day to confirm the price. My car was in fine working order before I took it to Firestone. It had not run hot or started smoking under the hood till they serviced my car. I am filing a business service complaint to the following:

· The Better Business Bureau
· The Census Bureau
· US Federal Dept. of Labor
· Community Legal Center
· Firestone Corporation.

I will be getting a second opinion on my car. I do not plan to do any business with Firestone in the future and will highly recommend to my family, friends, co-workers and clients not to trust Firestone with their car due to my experience.

This is a situation of price gouging and tampering with my car when there was no damage to my radiator prior to taking it to Firestone for car maintenance. I would like to have this problem corrected before proceeding with additional action to correct this problem.

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