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Empty Gas Tank!
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Rating: 1/51

LOS ANGELES INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT, CALIFORNIA -- On Monday, April 7, 2014, I had a terrible experience with a Budget car rental. I had been awake for 18 hours, flying across the country after a week away from home. Aircraft mechanical problems had caused me to miss my connection to Santa Barbara in Phoenix, and the two remaining flights were full. After failing to get a seat on standby, I decided to change my plans. I would fly into LAX, rent a car and drive home instead. I called Budget from Phoenix and arranged to pick up a car at LAX after I'™d landed.

The plan seemed to be working. By 11:30 that night, I was half an hour from home. It was then, on an empty stretch of freeway at least ten miles from the nearest service station in either direction, that the engine shuddered and died. Luckily, there was no traffic nearby. I was able to coast from the center lane to the shoulder of the freeway and come to a stop next to a huge erosion abatement wall. I don'€™t think I would have made it if I'€™d been boxed in by other traffic. If I'€™d been stranded on the freeway itself, I would almost certainly have been rear-ended eventually. What had happened?

I tried re-starting the engine, but it wouldn'€t run. The fuel tank warning light had also come on. I had, apparently, run out of gas. I was shocked. Budget had charged me $400 for a 1-way, 1-day car rental, and then had given me a car that didn'™t even have enough gas in the tank to register on the gauge?

Well, that did explain why the gas gauge display didn'€™t seem right. I had looked at it when I started the car, and I wondered why there was only a single, thin line connecting the Empty and Full marks. I guessed that may be the line itself might disappear as the tank emptied. It didn'€™t even occur to me, especially in my travel-weary state, that the tank might be too empty to even register. Of all the times that I'€™ve rented cars, and I'™ve rented a lot of them, I have never been given one that had less than a quarter tank of fuel.

I was lucky in one regard: I'€™m a AAA member, and I had a cell phone signal. AAA sent a service vehicle with two gallons of gasoline, enough to get me to the next service station. Forty-five minutes later, I was on my way again. The Highway Patrol dispatcher told me that if I'™d been another mile or two further up the road, I would not have had a cell phone signal at all, and I might have been stranded for hours.

I called Budget'™s customer service number the next morning. The man who answered seemed unperturbed by my complaint. "I'€™m sorry this happened to you." He said without much real concern in his voice, €œ"but there'€™s not much I can do." I just changed the initial fuel level to a quarter tank, but that'€™s the only adjustment I can make.

Steve, the desk agent at the Santa Barbara Airport Budget desk, was much more helpful and empathetic when I returned the car. He gave me a significant discount on the rental, under the category of €œon-the-road expenses,€ and said he was very sorry that I'd been put in such a potentially dangerous situation.

I wasn'€™t so concerned about the money. I knew the car was going to be expensive when I rented it, and I was desperate enough to get home that I agreed to the rate. What mattered more to me was having a feeling that someone at Budget actually regretted what had happened to me. I appreciated Steve'€™s obvious concern, and his sincere desire to make amends for the situation.

As it stands, despite Steve'€™s good efforts, I doubt that I will ever rent from Budget again. You can bet, too, that whenever I rent a car from now on, regardless of how late it is or how tired I am, I'€™m going to make sure that the tank is full before I drive it anywhere.

Frontline Flea Control Cats
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Rating: 2/51

MISSOURI -- I had purchased several times in the past - but the last Frontline Cat flea product did not work for our cats after we tried 2 months - couple of doses…(once a month, tried twice) Company was courteous but kept saying maybe cats are immune to it now… Then suggested try another one of their flea control products used on the cat food? I suggested just exchange the product (maybe it was from an old or bad batch) and I will try again, but after 2 or 3 calls, emails and other back and forth, it was not worth the hassle.

They wanted me to return un-used portions then they would refund or credit or??? I just wanted an exchange of what I bought to try again!! Too much trouble - I said never mind - I am done with your company. Don't have the time to spend on this return issue!!

Worst Customer Service Ever and Charges, Charges, Charges
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Rating: 1/51

PORTLAND AIRPORT, NEW MEXICO -- I rented a car at the Portland airport so I could attend my grandmother's funeral. I was thrilled that I got a good deal on Priceline at 60% off. My week long rental was only $179. I rent cars at least twice a year for travel and have never had any problems previously. How was I to know that I was about to engage in the worst customer service I have ever experienced in my life and be charged and erroneous $476.

One day in NE Portland, I accidentally parked in front of someone's driveway and my rental car was towed. It took me 42 phone calls, two days, and 11 direct hours of dealing with the situation to even talk to someone who was helpful. 80% of all the customer service reps I spoke with were some of the most non-empathetic people I have ever come across. They were rude, sounded annoyed from the start, had wrong information, I was hung up on three times during transfers, and all around unhelpful.

Apparently it is Budget's policy that the customer cannot pick up the vehicle if it were towed. Every customer service person I asked (most of them just kept transferring me to the wrong person) could tell me that this was the policy, but no one could tell me where this policy was located or how I could get a copy. I finally found someone who could help me. He calls the manager of the PDX airport Budget and I am granted special permission to go pick up the vehicle from the towing company.

I get back home and the vehicle I rented from Priceline for $179 is now costing me $1000! My debit account, that I used as the security card when picking up the vehicle, has been charge $350, the full cost of the rental. I also just received a bill in the mail for $211 from Budget. Let me break this down. I completely take responsibility for the fact that I parked in front of someone's driveway. I paid $202 for the impound and I have the $90 parking citation to pay. Forget all of the illegal parking fees and I will have paid $476 directly to Budget (this does not include the Priceline rental fee I already paid).

Upon calling Budget customer service again to discuss this issue, I am told that the $350 that I was charged was for the towing fee and that I needed to prove that I paid the fee directly to the towing company. But $350 was the exact amount for a full price (non-Priceline) rental of the vehicle. I am convinced that no one knows what they are talking about. To top it off, the bill I received for the parking ticket states that the violation amount was $181.50. I have the ticket in front of me – it was for $90 and is not past due. Then they have a line item for $30.00 handling fee. Where did the other $91.50 come from??

This company does not have their act together and they are taking it out on the consumer. Not only was I two days without a car I rented, but they are charging me $476 in fees that they appear to have just completely fabricated. I am writing reviews every where I can and making a complaint to the BBB. I have never experienced such bad service in all my life.

Worst Service Ever
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Rating: 1/51

NEW YORK, WASHINGTON -- Today I received yet another $8.95 charge on my credit card from Budget rental cars. Here is the original experience: I rented a car yesterday at the 304 W 49 St. facility in Manhattan yesterday. I can honestly say it was the worst experience in my rental car world. ** was the initial rental agent. I have to say, her customer relations skills are nonexistent. The previous customer was in tears because S was so unhelpful. While waiting on me she continuously repeated, “Jesus Christ.” But, that is just her customer relation skills. Her agent skills are worse.

I asked the ** if I could add the E-Z Pass to my contract as I am from out of state and as I was going to be using the Henry Hudson Bridge, which is a toll bridge. She assured me I could pay cash. WRONG. Now I know, from a previous experience with Budget in Denver, that I will receive not only a bill for the toll, but also a fee for this “service” from Budget, which (4 years ago) was $10 and I predict the “service fee” will be nearer to $25 now, for EACH time I used the bridge. I am beginning to think this is a money-making racket Budget uses to increase their revenues. When I rented the car, I was told the gas tank was full, when I checked, I saw it was only a quarter full.

I returned to ** who snapped, “Tell the security guard.” I replied, “I did, and he told me to tell you.” After she cursed, she scribbled on my contract and gave it back to me. As I could not read what she wrote, I took a photo of the dashboard. Good thing. When I returned the car that evening and told **, the rental agent, she asked, “Did you take a picture?” I replied, “Yes I did. Now, tell me why you are EXPECTING ME to do the job of the rental agent?” When I told ** about the no cash lane on the bridge, she said, “Most of our cars don't have the EZ-Pass, but the car you rented does. Did you open the box?”

I asked, “What box? And if that is so, don't you think the rental agent should have told me that when I asked about paying for the EZ-Pass?” She began to give me another song and dance until I walked over and pointed to a sign on the wall about EZ-PAss. (This sign was so unhelpful, it did not explain anything, which was probably the point.)
Now, most people rent cars to get out of Manhattan and unless you swim, the only way to do that is via a toll bridge or tunnel. Do not tell me the rental agents at Budget do not know this. When I get my “Service fee” letter I am reporting this to the Better Business Bureau.

And if Budget insists I pay this “service fee” I will charge them with fraud in Small Claims Court. I will NOT be taken advantage of again. So, Mr. **, here's the thing. You can help straighten this out, meaning, NOT CHARGE me for that “service fee,” or I will post this letter everywhere in the social media world that exists. Let me mention that I write about travel for newspapers and websites. And before I write about this adventure, I'll give you the opportunity to do something about it.

Worst Experience Ever!
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Rating: 1/51

LOS ANGELES, NORTH CAROLINA -- Never again! My 9 year old son & I were traveling to Simi Valley, CA to see fam. to celebrate my son's 10th birthday, Spring Break, & Easter. Very special trip. We were traveling from CLT, NC where we live. We left at 11:40 ET, connected @ Cincinnati airport in KY for almost 3 hours. We finally arrived in LA, it was around 6:10pm, was on-time, & had been a long day for my son. I am more than familiar w/ the LAX airport & the area as I have been traveling to California for over 30 years back & forth from Charlotte.

My husband & I did book our rental car through Priceline which we don't usually do (we are Enterprise customers.... to save a little since it was Easter weekend/Spring BreakI Fully regret now). Our reservation was for 6:30pm PT (like it mattered). We weren't able to catch the first 2 shuttles to the LAX Budget location due to both shuttles being full, so that was a 30-45 min wait at the airport. When we were able to "Squeeze" onto the 3rd shuttle, it was a 15 min ride to the Budget Rental Car destination.

As we were on the way over, I thought to myself, dang, there were two FULL shuttles before us, we are going to have to wait behind all of those people. I accepted that, but thinking that may be 30ish people.... Boy was I wrong when we arrived! When we got off the shuttle, it felt like we were at Disneyland walking up to a brand new ride! At least 50 people in line outside & kids wandering around bored and complaining..... parents cursing & complaining... I'm excited about this since we'd already Pre-Paid for this rental car!

As I'm standing in line outside, I'm texting my husband who is on a different flight due to scheduling issues. I am pissed and my son is beyond tired from the East Coast/West Coast time change. Every 15-20 min someone would come out the front doors (Where I thought this HELL line ended) saying they were either going to AVIS or elsewhere, this place is BS, or this place wasn't worth the wait, or I waited 2 hours for this crap. That's just great! Look what I have to look forward to! We waited in the line outside the door for at least one hour and 15 min, maybe a few min more, just to see that the line wrapped all around half the area inside the doors!!!!! REALLY?

I'm beyond pissed and just over this place already! There was not ONE person in this place w/ a smile on their face, customers, workers, no one! As I watch all of the customers and the 3 employees working, this was just a bad situation all around! The employees didn't look the least bit friendly, they didn't want to be there, looked like they could give a damn less about how busy they were, all the pissed off people, etc! Why the hell do you only have 3 people working on EASTER/SPRING BREAK WEEKEND? Either they weren't prepared or didn't care!

After we finally got through the front doors, I saw that there were some seats over in the corner so my 9 yr old could go sit down. I felt so bad, my son was one of like 6 kids over there sitting down bored & tired beyond belief! Kudos to the little boy dressed as Batman walking around asking if he could save us lol, if not for him, most of us would have cracked! I am about 10 back in line, & a 4th employee decides to join the madness at the counter. It seemed as if he actually gave a damn and was trying to speed the line up. So that was a tad comforting.

When it was my turn to go to the counter After over two hours! I was helped by the one I didn't want to help me, the girl that looked like she was the least caring, worst attitude, rolled her eyes, bad customer service!! Just my luck! I was already pre-paid, so I had to give my CC for the $100 hold, fine, I knew that. Unlike Enterprise, you have to purchase their insurance at an $11 a day minimum. So I agreed to that, totaled $55 so I was fine with that, like I had a choice. I would've taken a moped at that point I had been waiting so long!!!

So I finally get my car, get my paperwork & tell me where to go.... B37, so I walk all the way back there w/ my son & our luggage. They DON'T walk around the car to check damage, check fuel, etc, which really bothered me. When we got to the car, the keys were already in the car. So I start getting my son & I settled in & our luggage inside, a guy walks up behind us and asks us if we were assigned B37... yes we were!! (This guy was behind me in line.) We were assigned the same car! How does that happen?

I told him he needed to go back inside and check them on that! I had waited over two hours w/ a child. I was done. He was behind me in line anyway, so I said you can go get another car! Screw that! The next morning (4/06/15) I noticed damage on both sides of the front-end & had transmission issues not noted on the paperwork, so my husband drove the POS back not trusting it w/ my son & I on 4/8 to return. The guy questioned my hubby about the damage! It was already there along w/ bad transmission! BS charges, disputes if needed. Never rent from these jokers again. You get what you pay for!

Incompetent Personel, Greedy Company
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Rating: 1/51

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA -- Two or three years ago I had very pleasant, courteous and professional experience with BUDGET in Sunnyvale, CA. And the price was right too. At that time, I decided to stay with BUDGET for my future needs. Disclaimer: I do need to rent a car once, sometimes twice a year. In other words, I am not a heavy user of the rent-a-car service(s).

My experience from Jan 14th, 2015: I needed a car for 5-7 days from Sunday Jan 11th, 2015 onwards. Called BUDGET's 800 number to make reservation. A lady on other side was very nice, polite, friendly and fast. Her name was Aisha, Usha or something similar - Japanese name. We agreed about the car (Ford Focus or similar). She gave me a quote for CCA $580, including full insurance, unlimited mileage and taxes. She said that cancellation of the reservation will cost me $10. If I do not pick up a car (or something similar) I have to pay $50. I agreed and gave her credit card number.

Unfortunately, my traveling plans changed before the pickup day. I needed to cancel or change the reservation. I was willing to pay $10 fee. Called 800 number. After many automated questions, I got on the phone a live person. I do not remember his name. His attitude, during the conversation was "I do not care about anything, I have to do what I am paid for." No friendliness, very annoying attitude.

On the bright side. He understood what I want to do. I wanted to change the reservation day from Sunday, Jan 11th. He said "No." He also said, "The full price is going to be $40 less than the original quote ($580)." I said, "Great, I like to Wednesday Jan 14th, 2015." He said, "No problem, I can do it for you." I asked him if I need to pay for the chanthe outcome.

On Jan 14th 2015, I've showed up at the BUDGET office (San Jose International Airport) to pick up the car. The sales associate asked for the reservation number. I gave it to him. He checked his computer and said that I need to have another reservation number, because my reservation number was for the past Sunday Jan 11th 2015. I told him, I do not have any additional or new reservation number.

He said, in such a case, he will use the original reservation number to proceed with the process. The price is going to be $880 + $80 for GPS. Total of $960. I could not believe my ears. The price went $300 UP just because of the change of the pickup date. If I would have known that, when I changed the pickup date, I would cancel the reservation and go shopping elsewhere for the better price.

Reminder: the person, who made a change over the phone four days before, told me that the price is going to be $40 less than the original quote. I told sales associate that I am going to one of the competitors to get a better deal. Another reminder: I was at San Jose International airport where are CCA, 10 other Rent-a-Car offices in one row. He said, that I will not find a better deal, because today was a very busy day for all of them. Most of the cars in my category were gone. I said to myself... "Hmm this is a bummer."

Then I told him that I would like to talk to his manager. He said, "Ok...just wait, please, for a sec." Then I waited, 5 - 10 minutes. Nothing. I got bored and decided to talk to another car rental company (SIXT). The lady was very polite and friendly. She said, "Yes, we have car for rent, but not in Ford Focus price range. It is going to cost you $680 all included + GPS as a complimentary." So, I got 4-door BMW with GPS.

Went back to the BUDGET front desk. The manager did not show up yet. The initial sales representative was not there either. Few minutes later another gentleman came to the front desk. I thought... "Wow...great." This is the manager. I approached him and started to explain my case. He listened to for a minute, saying nothing. Then a lady next to him said, "No, he is not a manager. He is sales associate on training." Few minutes later the first sales associate came back (no manager yet) telling me that they cannot do anything to accommodate me. The price is $880.

I said to him "Ok, then please cancel my reservation." He answered, "No, I cannot do this. You have to talk to the company who gave you the reservation." I told him, "The company was the BUDGET and you work for BUDGET." He was firm. He said few times in a row, you have to call the company who gave you reservation. I wished him a nice day, left the BUDGET's desk and went to SIXT. Paid $680 to SIXT. Got a better car, paid $200 less than BUDGET and got GPS for free.

Came home, called BUDGET, one more time, to cancel the reservation. I explained to the gentleman the whole situation and asked for refund. He said, "Ok, I can cancel the reservation. It will cost you $50." Again, I could not believe what I heard. I told him that I was in the BUDGET's office to pick up the car on time. He still did want to waive the $50 fee. Then I asked him to transfer the call to his manager.

A nice person (Daryl) answered the phone. He was very polite, he listen to me, and he apologized for all troubles I had with their sales representatives. He also told me that I will get a full refund in 2-3 days. Conclusion: Stay away from BUDGET. You can spend your time better.

AVOID Budget Rent-A-Car and Priceline!!
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Rating: 1/51

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA -- AVOID Budget Rent-A-Car and Priceline!! This was the first time I used Budget but also the last time. I would tell everyone not to use this dishonest company. Reasons: Did not get the car I reserved. Talked into getting a larger car. Initially, I reserved an economy car on Aug 23, 2014 for 2 days. At their SFO airport counter, I told the staff I would need it for 4 days instead of only 2 days (before the deal was concluded and paid, NOT after!) and I wanted to make sure there would be no penalty. The staff assured me that there would not be any penalty except the additional rental for 2 more days.

After I returned the car 78 hours later, my credit card was charged not just for 4 days but also a late charge of $20, a transportation fee of $20 (what is this??) and miscellaneous expenses. The final bill was more than double than what was shown on Priceline's website where I reserved my booking. I contacted Priceline for assistance, and got an auto-reply saying that they needed 10 business days to check with Budget to reply. I waited for 10 business days, but nothing happened. So, I wrote to Priceline again, and they sent me another email telling me to contact Budget at ** direct.

I had called Budget at the no. given by Priceline more than 10 times during their said office hours of 07:30 - 19:30 San Francisco time over 3 business days, trying all the different options by pressing different numbers for billing, airport manager, etc but nobody of Budget Rental would ever answer. The auto-recording just kept repeating the same info (our contact hours are blablabla... or you can reach us at budget.com 24 hours a day, 7 days a week...).

I have also tried their contact us links of their website (as their recording machine advised) many times but none of their 'contact us' links works. As I'm writing this email, I just tried the "contact us" links on their website again, there was still no response, and I'm not surprised anymore.

While I've spent hours to follow up on this complaint over the last 2-3 weeks, two days ago Budget Rent-A-Car further charged my credit card another US$22.80 for passing by Golden Gate Bridge once (one-way only) on Aug 25. The pay-by-plate toll should only be US$7 but this is how Budget Rent-A-Car would suck its customer's blood without any advanced notice! As advised by my bank, I had no choice but terminated my credit card because I had then seen countless rip-off cases by Budget Rent-A-Car for even much larger amounts online.

Although Priceline's Support Team did reply to my emails (I've dealt with 5 officers so far, because every time I reply, there would be a new officer responding, making me repeat the same stories again and again until I'm totally fed up). I have just received another email from Priceline today, saying that since Priceline is not (but Budget is) charging my credit card, I have to chase Budget direct instead. What about the fact that I actually had to put my credit card details on Priceline's website when I made the reservation online at the very beginning only to let Budget rip me off afterwards?

As of today, I have spent many hours, making countless long distance calls (I am based in Asia now) to follow up on this issue but I cannot contact with anyone of Budget. Lesson well learned. That money lost does not bother me but I am not going to give in mainly for the benefits of other potential customers as dirty business practices like those must not be indulged. Good luck everyone!

Excessive mandatory insurance sprung on you at the last minute
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Rating: 1/51

GLASGOW, SCOTLAND, CALIFORNIA -- I live in the US (California) and traveled to the UK. Before leaving, I reserved a Budget rental car through Argus. The agreed upon price was $490.97. In the confirmation email I got from Argus, it refers to "Optional Extras or Fuel Charges are payable at the rental desk". When I got to the Scotland airport, after traveling for 24+ hours, and I was delirious with jet lag, they demanded I buy insurance for 501.50 pounds, which, at the current exchange rate, worked out to $796.36! That's 1.62 times as much as the original rental price!!!

Because I'm not used to either driving on the left side of the road, or driving a car with a manual transmission, I felt having a car with an automatic transmission (which I reserved) was mandatory. Those were getting to be in short supply even when I was making my reservation, and were likely sold out by the time I arrived, so I reluctantly agreed UNDER DURESS to buy the insurance. I was standing there with two suit cases in hand. My friend that I was meeting there had taken two weeks of vacation to spend time with me. I had made numerous non-refundable reservations, etc. I pretty much didn't have any options at that point.

I contacted Argus the next day through their website, and they opened a ticket, but said the issue could not be investigated until I returned the car. Now, why on earth would that be the case? I'll tell you why: it's so that I would be more likely to hang on to the car, rather than shopping around for a better deal and returning the car early.

I called Argus a few days later, and someone assured me (and I questioned it and clarified) that this $796.36 insurance charge was a deposit, not a premium, and that it would not be billed to my card so long as I didn't damage the car, which I didn't.

I returned home on April 2, and on April 4, they had attempted to bill me for the entire $796.36. They only got $671.33 because that's about all I had in my checking account. They got a little more than what I had due to the overdraft protection, and of course I incurred overdraft fees.

I emailed Budget, and they beat me over the head with the fact that I had signed their contract, and basically told me to go to hell. Argus is expressing a little more sympathy, but I have yet to get a refund. The guy said he would pull the audio tape of the conversation I had with the Argus customer support woman, and if indeed I was assured that it was a deposit rather than a premium, I would receive a refund. That was stated on April 8. Today is the 12th, and I have not been given any updates, and I couldn't get the guy on the phone who was assigned this case, and he hasn't responded to my emails requesting updates.

I think Argus and Budget are co-conspirators in this. If Argus had given me correct information, I would have shopped around for a new rental car, and returned the old one, thus, at least minimizing the carnage. But, I was misled, I was put off until it was too late to do anything about it, and now, I'm out an extra $671.33. This is highway robbery.

To summarize: I agreed in good faith to pay the stated amount of $490.97, and I did indeed pay this amount at the time I made the reservation. They ended up charging a total of $1297.33 for the rental car. That's 2.62 times what was originally agreed upon.

A rental company is well within its rights to charge insurance, but they should state their requirements UP FRONT and IN ADVANCE!!! They shouldn't spring this one someone at the airport! Even their own contract lists these charges as "Optional Services", but they refused to rent the car to me without me agreeing to pay these fees.

This is worse than bait and switch. Bait and switch at least gives the person the option to walk away. I had flown from California to Scotland, and I NEEDED a rental car, and had reserved one, and had paid the agreed upon price for it. Then, after they had me over a barrel, they extorted another $796.36 out of me. I will never rent from Budget/Avis ever again. I suggest you do likewise.

Taken Advantage Of
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Rating: 1/51

ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- Picture this. We rented a car via Priceline. When we arrived to pick up our vehicle we were met by ** at the airport in Orlando. Our understanding was the vehicle had already been paid for. Mr. ** was a mumbler with a heavy accent and failed to inform us of numerous details on the contract and the items he was offering us. First off he offered us insurance at approximately 60.00. Great! We will take it.

Failure one is he forgot to mention it was per day. Offered us a GPS. Approximately 12.00. Failure two. Didn't tell us per day... again. Keep in mind we just got off the plane, we are excited and believe that all people have good intentions especially companies who want our business.

As the staff member continues to not only speak with a heavy accent he mumbles. After several times of asking him to repeat himself (my husband and I had clearly indicated to him we could not hear or understand him) it was very clear we were confused and had the deer in the headlights look. As a result an additional 730.00 was charged to our credit card in addition to what we paid to Priceline. This was a preplanned trip. My husband just lost his job before the trip but because it was paid for already we chose to go anyway. Then we get hit with a bill we simply cannot afford.

When I spoke to the Company what did I typically hear throughout the conversation..."did you read the contract....you signed the contract." Yes we did... believing you were good people and trusting you would not rip us off. WOW!!! Not at any time did this ** inform us IT WAS PER DAY for the insurance. He also said he was going to give us the GPS for free. DIDN'T HAPPEN. Charged us per day.

Good customer service is training your staff to inform the customer. NOT RIP US OFF AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. And of course the supervisor that I spoke to at Budget say "I'm sorry ma'am but I can only tell you what the contract says not what the staff member says." Really. So you're not accountable for your staff!!! Who is then. This is a real cop out and I will never rent a car from this service again. I really truly feel like we have been taken advantage off and will never rent a vehicle from this company again. I feel ill informed and I believe that the company should take responsibility for their staff.

Reservations Mean Nothing and Neither Do You to Budget Rental Car

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- On June 11, 2011 my wife and I made four future reservations for cars in Las Vegas, Nevada for trips from January 2012 through April 2012. The average number of days for each of the four rentals was five days. We used Travelocity to book but we also called Budget's 800 number to confirm and printed each reservation from the Budget Company website. All seemed to be well but I must say that I was relatively new to dealing with Budget so I did not expect either their lack of concern or their lack of honesty.

On January 2, 2012 (approximately 7 months after our booking) we received emails (2) from a representative of the Las Vegas branch of Budget Car Rental stating that unless we were willing to pay approximately $1000 (yes, one thousand dollars) more than the confirmed price that they had no intention of honoring our reservations. We called immediately and the person who sent the emails refused to come to the phone although we had been informed that she was there.

So we filed complaints with both Travelocity and with Budget customer service (now there is a misnomer) and neither of them felt like that a confirmed reservation meant anything as far as I could tell. In fact a Travelocity supervisor promised to call us back either way in two days and he, of course, did not keep his promise.

So apparently someone at Budget got the word and the supposed manager from Las Vegas did give us a call. She contends that Budget has the right to refuse service to anyone they choose and that she was choosing to refuse service to us because our rate was too low. They did not desire to have customers like us who sought out a bargain.

Plus, she was sure the whole affair was simply a computer error and they couldn't be responsible for that, could they? Well, just to clarify this part of it we checked Hotwire.com, Travelocity, and Budget.com and all of them had the same rates that we booked. So to say that it was simply a one time computer was a blatant lie and Ms. T certainly knows that.

In conclusion, add this complaint to the hundreds of others on the internet at this very moment and you can find about a 1,000 reasons why Budget Car Rental Corporation is headed for bankruptcy. People will put up with a lot but dishonesty will eventually put you out of business.

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