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Safety Issue- My Child Injured in Burger King Restroom
Posted by on
Rating: 2/51
SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA -- This is a safety issue regarding the restrooms of the Burger King Restaurant at the Blossom Hill Road and Hillview Avenue location in San Jose. The door of the women's restroom has a very loose hinge.

My husband said that it is the same issue with the men's restroom, as well. If you give either restroom door a slight push, the door swings inward very quickly. Two days ago, as my children and I were about to exit the women's restroom, a customer pushed the door open. The door swung open so quickly, it slammed into my daughter's right ear. My daughter was screaming in pain. When I brought her outside, the staff took no notice. My daughter’s ear is now swollen and bruised. I explained the situation to the manager. I asked her to request for a sign to be installed cautioning people to open the restroom doors carefully.

If you have a young child, or use a stroller for your kids, please be careful when using the restroom facilities at this location.
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User Replies:
Alain on 05/14/2012:
You might want to notify the City of San Jose Department of Planning, Building and Code Enforcement about this incident at (408) 535-3555.
jktshff1 on 05/14/2012:
good info, thanks
whythelongfaces on 05/14/2012:
That is a very interesting issue. Check back in a few days and see if the doors have been fixed. If not, confront them again, this time with the notice of contacting as lawyer. How is your daughter's ear?
CowboyFan on 05/14/2012:
What exactly does "loose hinge" mean? The review implies it merely means that the hinge works well, and that it is not sticky so that you have to push hard.

A suggestion would be for the mother to approach the door, any door, first with the child behind her. Whenever I approach a swinging door, for instance, I make a fist with my hand so that if someone pushes in, I do not have the door hit the end of my fingers, which can cause injuries. Then I just push the door with my fist.
redgrommet on 05/15/2012:
My daughter's ear should be better in a few days, thanks.
When I wrote "loose hinge," I meant that the door swung open wide at a slight push. My daughter took a step ahead of me just as I turned to toss a paper towel. The lady who opened the door felt very bad. Another customer who was also inside the restroom made insensitive comments, which we all ignored.
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Whopper is a Whopper bun that's all
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
YADKINVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA -- Why do they have this nice fat Whopper Burger ads on TV and pictures all in the Sunday news paper even posters on the outside of the building of this Burger about 4 inches tall with MEAT, TOMATOES, ONIONS, AND LETTUCE hanging out all the way around the bun ???????????? Then when you get it and get home it looks like someone stepped on it or sat down on it . You can find the lettuce OK, a couple of rings of wilted onions. You might find 2 ( If your lucky ) small slices of green tomatoes on one side of the small meat patty. The only thing about a Whopper is the BUN .. I say false advertising. They say well don't eat here, Hummmmmmmmmmm.

So I eat at home.
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User Replies:
Weedwhacked on 06/20/2013:
All restaurants do that. Advertising is done in a way to get you through their doors.
reavisweld on 06/20/2013:
Really !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks
FoDaddy19 on 06/20/2013:
What you see in the ads takes a "food artist" a good hour or two to painstakingly prepare. BK *could* make all their burgers match the ads, but it would be both cost and time prohibitive. It's not false advertising.
reavisweld on 06/20/2013:
I say it is , I have been in business since 1973 and when a customer ask for one of my products it has to be what they ask for or I don't paid ..... I take you work for BK .... It not only them they all do it . But when you work hard and your hungry and expecting a sandwich like you see o yea ( It the customers 4.00 ) They should get more than one or two little green tomatoes ...Just saying ... Guess I'm wrong about this whole thing . Its trains me were to spend MY $$$$
TheyLostMyBizz on 06/23/2013:
Whoppers no longer have that fire grilled flavor they used to have - and they haven't for years. Blah! Horrible burgers, no matter what the picture looks like.

Please bring back Red Barn in its old original form. I could so go for a BarnBuster right about now.
reavisweld on 06/25/2013:
Red Barn ,,,,Thumbs up !!!!!!!!!
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Worst BK Restaurant on the Planet: 3040 Ella Blvd. Houston, TX 77018 (Restaurant #571)
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
HOUSTON, TEXAS -- I arrived at the BK restaurant on 3040 Ella Blvd. Houston, TX 77018 (#571) at 6:45 P.M. on Sunday, December 16, 2012. Before ordering I went to the bathroom and was greeted by a toilet filled with defecation, right to the brim. Very nice! A sign indicated that the toilet was broke and to flush by pulling a “yellow cord.” No such cord was present and it was obvious that the toilet had been broken for greater than one day. I immediately retreated and, in a terrible decision I would greatly regret, actually got in line to order.

I placed an order for 4 Whoppers and a French fry, to go, at 6:56 p. m.; hardly a complicated order. Lexis, the Manager, took my order. Much to my chagrin and the other patrons waiting for their orders, she and her staff moved as if they were in molasses, with absolutely no sense of urgency. Numerous other drive through customers received their orders before me and the other walk-in customers, even though the customers inside had placed their orders before the drive through patrons. We stood there fuming as the staff members preparing our burgers would leisurely stroll to the “cold room” and retrieve one solitary piece of cheese and then saunter back, like their customers’ time was absolutely worthless. The customer in front of me said “good luck” when he finally got his burgers and then left, upset. I finally received my order at 7:18 p. m., 22 minutes after placing a simple order. I expressed my displeasure with Lexis over the wait. To her credit, she did apologize indicating she had only one cook.

I took my order home and my family and I ate cold Whoppers and fries -- not one new batch of fries was cooked during the time I was there. I was haunted as I ate by thoughts of a toilet bowl full of turds. What a miserable customer experience! This is not the first instance of atrocious customer service/ cleanliness at this particular BK. Approximately one year ago, while in line, I witnessed one of the African American kids who prepares the burgers and fries rummaging his fingers through the fry bin, sans sanitary gloves! My daughter actually got sick later that night, even though I did not order her any fries. I cannot say if she became ill from that BK meal, but upon reflection after this latest experience, it would not surprise me. After that instance I vowed never to return. Unfortunately, I caved. I admit it; I like the taste of BK burgers. The second Whopper for $0.55 offer Drew me in! Laugh! Never again. Ever! At any BK! Fool me twice, shame on me!

BK has now dropped to the bottom of my fast food burger list. I used to own shares in BK before they were bought out by a Private Equity firm 2-3 years ago. The name of this PE firm eludes me. Some free advice to the managers of your BK investment: Police your BK franchises! If this is a company owned store and not a franchise, you have serious problems! I currently own shares in MCD. There is one right across the street from this BK on Ella Blvd. They are not perfect by a long shot, but the level of service and friendliness from their workers and cleanliness of their operation is 180 degrees opposite from what I experienced at this particular BK. The contrast was startling.

I believe in giving my vendors, restaurants and service providers feedback, both good and bad, both at the point of sale and, if warranted, to their superiors at the corporate level. I encourage others to do the same. Do not tolerate substandard or even mediocre service. Give them feedback and make them accountable! If you accept this level of service, they will think it is acceptable! Don’t fall in this trap. It is part of what is wrong in America today!
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User Replies:
trmn8r on 12/17/2012:
I avoid public restrooms when at all possible. At all costs, unless I am in distress. They can go south in a short period of time, though your description does indicate this may have been a "regular" problem.

As for cold food, I am wondering how far you live from that BK. I've tried driving 10 minutes to my home from a FF joint, and the food it cold even when I keep the bag shut.

Like you say, it is tempting to ignore that previous bad experience. Over the years, I have come to listen to the little man inside, and fight the urge. Needless to say, the little man is doing some snickering today
PissedatBK on 07/06/2013:
I just had the worst experience today at Burger King on Biscayne Blvd in Miami Fl. I walked in and noticed that the line was extremely long but I waited anyway. The door that leads to the restrooms was locked so diners had to ask permission from the guy sweeping the floors to go in. He continued to lock the door each time a customer came out. Once I finally got to the cashier I realized that he didn't speak or understand English to well. I had to repeat myself several times for him to input my order. I checked the receipt and noticed that he gave me incorrect change for my order. I didn't complain at this point even though I had been waiting for 10 minutes just to place my order.

I noticed the line was growing and growing as many of us had placed orders and still had not received food. Several of the patrons in front of me demanded their money back as we had been waiting 30 minutes at the point. I had ordered a Whopper Jr meal And decided to try the new Oreo Shake that they were advertising. Needless to say I finally received my food after 40 minutes and still no shake. So I present my receipt to the bag prep lady and she snatches it and throws it away and yells at the cashier for not making my shake. He goes off to make it and brings me back a vanilla shake with 2 pieces of Oreo on top.

By this time I had lost my appetite and I just threw it all in the trash and walked back to my hotel.

This was by far my worst Burger King experience ever!
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Appalling Customer Service and Management
Posted by on
MILRORD, OHIO -- I am a very reasonable person. I am aware that customer service employees are very rarely paid what they are worth in terms of the effort they put into and the abuse to which they may be subjected during their employment. I am also aware that one should not expect gourmet cuisine and extensive personal service when patronizing a quick-service restaurant. However, I do not think it is asking so terribly much that persons working in a purportedly customer-focused industry be expected to at least feign the appearance of being competent and considerate. Sadly, at the Milford OH Burger King, almost no employees are capable of displaying competence or consideration to even the most rudimentary degree; I am certain that, however paltry their compensation may be, it far exceeds their merits.

I attempted to use the Milford OH Burger King's drive-through to obtain breakfast combos for my husband and myself this morning. I placed my order at 0812 and, after paying, was asked by the drive-through attendant to pull to the front of the restaurant where my order would be delivered when ready. I waited in front of the restaurant for 10 minutes, during which time I noted several cars exiting the drive-through with completed orders, as well as six or seven parties obtaining orders from the front counter. Understandably frustrated after a 10 minute wait for "fast food," I entered the restaurant to check on the status of my order.

After the cashier's perfunctory, barely intelligible "Can I help you," I inquired as to when I might expect my order to be ready. The cashier directed this question to the clearly overtaxed drive-through attendant, who stated that "we're waiting for hash browns." I asked if perhaps, since I had been waiting for more than 10 minutes for 2 small hash browns, my order could be completed with the next batch of hash browns, as I had witnessed more than twenty transactions during my 10 minute wait time and I was fairly certain that some of those orders had included hash browns (as they were clearly visible on the trays of patrons choosing to dine in). The drive-through attendant said, "None of those people had hash browns." I replied that this would not seem to be the case, as several parties had either driven away or sat down with their full orders, some of which had visibly involved hash browns. The drive-through attendant said, "Then they must've all ordered before you," to which I replied "Really?!"

At this point, a young female shouted from the kitchen area, "Is there a problem?" I calmly stated that I had been waiting nearly 15 minutes for two meals, and that I simply wanted to obtain my completed order and leave. This young woman then stated, "Look, ma'am. Here's how it works. I have to go in the back to the freezer and get the hash browns, and then I have to cook 'em. Everybody who you said already got them was here before you. Okay?" This statement was delivered in such a nasty, snide, and sarcastic manner that my only rational response was, "May I please speak to your manager?", to which this individual replied, "I am the manager. Assistant manager." I asked if her general or district manager were available, or if I could please obtain their contact information, and she fired back, "My GM's right back there, you want to talk to 'er?" After my assent, she yelled, "Hey, Kelly! This NICE LADY at the front wants to talk to ya!", then turned away from me and began to mimic me and comment about me to one of her coworkers.

The general manager approached me immediately and inquired about my concerns. After listening, she stated that she had only been managing the Milford OH Burger King for two weeks, and there were many issues about which she was concerned regarding personnel, but she couldn't address them overnight. I greatly appreciated her candor and respectful, appropriate demeanor. I made extremely clear to her that the behaviors exhibited by her assistant manager were grossly inappropriate for a customer service environment, the most troubling being the fact that she was literally speaking disrespectfully and derisively about me to her coworkers within clear sight of myself, her general manager, and the other customers. After some assurances on Kelly's part that the problems I described were clear to her and were being addressed, the front cashier had assembled my order. Before departing, I thanked the manager for her time and inquired after the identity of the extremely rude, unprofessional, and immature "assistant manager," and found that her name is Ashley.

I called Burger King's corporate Consumer Relations line immediately upon returning home and filed a complaint about this incident and, specifically, Ashley the Assistant Manager. After I speak with the owner of the Milford OH Burger King store later today, I believe Ashley may find herself job hunting, and it is my sincere hope that this young female does not seek further employment in any customer-focused environment, as it is not a career for which she is well-equipped.

I will certainly not be returning to the Milford OH Burger King until I have received assurances from both the store's owner and the corporate consumer relations staff that, in the future, suchlike behavior will not be tolerated by any of the store's employees, let alone someone in management.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 10/18/2010:
good review.
Anonymous on 10/18/2010:
I applaud your handling of the situation. Too often consumers accept this kind of treatment, grumbling to themselves and others around them, but take no constructive action. Hats off!
Anonymous on 10/18/2010:
That, or if it was me, I would have had to walk away in the event that I may just explode and yell and cuss. I don't have patience for rudeness.
Anonymous on 10/18/2010:
From sitting in your car in front of the store, could you really see hashbrowns being served on the trays all the way inside the store? Or did you just assume? Other than that, great review!
getoverit on 10/18/2010:
Sounds like you scored some points, well done! Maintaining your composure at times like that can be difficult but is so very important.

It will be interesting to see whether that GM was just blowing smoke, or what.
Anonymous on 10/18/2010:
Prince: If that is in reference to me, then please note that I commended the OP on a nice review. But we as consumers ourselves and members of a consumer complaint/compliment forum have every right to dissect the statement to properly evaluate the situation. I was just trying to put myself in the eyes of the OP, to help better "see" the situation at hand. She complained that she witnessed several orders of hashbrowns being delivered to both the drive-through and to the dine-in guests. I only questioned this as an assumption. It has nothing to do with the validity of their complaint towards the rudeness or uncalled-for behavior of the assistant manager. I merely questioned one aspect of the post, which as a member reviewing complaints, I feel I am entitled to, and shouldn't be branded a villain for it. Shame on you.
Anonymous on 10/18/2010:
If she was in the restaurant, you can see the drive through window from the front desk area. I've always had. And they normally have the hashbrown/FF fryer by the window, so she COULD see the hashbrowns being served to drive through and dining guests.
jktshff1 on 10/18/2010:
Well written review. Bad manners are no excuse. I could also see where there may have been others ahead of the OP, but that is not an excuse for the behavior. Seems to be a very busy ff joint with quite a few problems.
Anonymous on 10/18/2010:
I disagree. She pulled to the "front" of the restaurant, not to the side and adjacent to the drive-through window. She would have had to look through the front wall/window, the lobby area, over and around the counter, since the fryers are never directly behind the counter, but as you stated and validated my theory, off to the side by the drive through. She could not have possibly seen the food being assembled into the drive-through bags unless she had her nose pressed against the window, which doesn't seem to be the case since she was in her car. Regardless, I only pointed this out as an assumption she made that she was being passed over while others were being given hashbrowns instead of her. Perhaps she over-reacted and incited the incident? But it still doesn't excuse the behavior of the assistant manager. Again, from that aspect, it was a very good review.
Anonymous on 10/18/2010:
She only went inside after the fact...and after her assumption.
Anonymous on 10/18/2010:
she said she was fairly certain the 20 transactions had hasborowns. Since its breakfast, more than like ly I can agree with that statement. Hasbrowns in the morning are like French Fries in the afternoon.
Anonymous on 10/18/2010:
"fairly certain" is still an assumption nonetheless. Sounds like the weatherman being fairly certain it's going to rain. We all know how accurate they can be at times!
Anonymous on 10/18/2010:
now wait a minute, PM. Isn't the pot calling the kettle black here? You're also assuming you know what she saw. So you're no better.
Anonymous on 10/18/2010:
If the OP can sit in her car, parked in the front of the restaurant, and see through the front wall/window, through the lobby, over the counter, and around the corner to the fryer...then I owe both her and you an apology. But I think for now, I'll bite my tongue on giving that out.
skelly39 on 10/18/2010:
Not to add fuel to the fire, but I can see through the front door of any fast food restaurant when I have to pull ahead. Aside from that, I agree with Prince that it's a reasonable assumption that at least one person got hash browns. I don't see why we have to dissect the OP's story. Unless posters make really outrageous claims, I think we should give them the benefit of the doubt. Besides that, it does not take 15 minutes to make hash browns.
trp2hevn on 10/18/2010:
OK what if the OP saw, say "certain person A" enter the restaurant after the OP's order was placed (while waiting 10 minutes in the car), and upon entering the restaurant in which you have to walk through the dining room to get to the counter, the OP sees "certain person A" sitting at a table with their breakfast order that includes hashbrowns. Hopefully this may be a theory that some will accept as to how the OP might have known that other patrons orders were dispensed before the OP's.
Anonymous on 10/18/2010:
The discussion was over the OP's choice of vocabulary. They claimed to have "felt fairly certain". That is very subjective. It is an assumption. While I would probably make the same assumption if it were me in line, it is still an assumption at the end of the day.
Anonymous on 10/18/2010:
What does it matter the choice of words used? She also stated she went inside as she clearly stated in her review, and saw the same thing.

The real issue here was poor customer service. It doesn't matter if the OP thought everyone else was being served before her and was completely wrong, she was treated poorly. Kudos to the OP for addressing her concerns in a calm, professional manner and for recognizing the manager's respectful response to her.
Anonymous on 10/18/2010:
Kudos to the OP for speaking up and thank you for the well written review. So many times we just swallow this poor treatment and move on. If this happens to you again, I suggest you just request a refund. Do NOT eat the food. Just trust me on that ;-)
Ytropious on 10/18/2010:
OP, there are enough people out of work in this economy. I don't think you need to hound BK to fire this manager. You have no idea what kind of day she was having. No one deserves to be fired because one person was upset over hash browns. I've had complaints and I've had compliments. Do I deserve to be fired from my job because someone complained? I don't think so. As long as the manager is addressed, I don't think she she have to lose her job over this.
jktshff1 on 10/18/2010:
The employee in question should be disciplined in some manner if this was the way it went down.
Venice09 on 10/18/2010:
This is an excellent review, well-written, easy to follow, great points, everything that makes a review worth reading. I can't help but agree with your opinions because they are set forth so clearly and believably.

I feel sorry for the new general manager. She certainly has her work cut out for her. I hope she isn't the one who ends up leaving. It sounds like this location really needs her professionalism and work ethic.

Great job on the review and on the way you handled the problem.

Very helpful on all counts.
Anonymous on 10/18/2010:
BTW, when they ask me to pull up I politely decline. What I find happens is they bring out the order and forget something - no sauces or napkins or straws or sometimes even missing food. Then, as if I have not already been inconvenienced enough, I have to pull back around and come through again making the food cold. So when they ask me to pull up, I give them the crazy as hell look and say NO, thank you! I'll just stay right here and roll the window up. They don't know how to handle that and it usually makes them haul tail on your order to get you out of there before you go postal or something.
bcd on 10/18/2010:
I would expect that more than 5% (one out of twenty) of the breakfast orders include hash browns. It is apparent that the OP’s order was forgotten or neglected. One major drawback to pulling forward and waiting is that part of the order is bagged and getting cold while waiting on the order to be completed. Very good review.
ontario_girl on 10/19/2010:
I don't necessarily agree with the "pull forward" action but I also see how it's necessary in certain situations. I used to work in a coffee shop and I'd have one drive-through customer order 6 sandwich combos, each with different toppings, and 3 medium coffees, 5 large coffees and a dozen donuts. Then the person in the car behind them would order a single coffee. It would kind of suck for the person in the second car to have to wait all that time for the first person's order to be made, just so they could get one coffee. I would politely request the first car pull forward so I could serve the person in the second car their coffee and they could move on with their day.
Ytropious on 10/22/2010:
Anyone who says no to pulling up is just being inconsiderate to everyone behind them. Happened at Arby's recently. I was celebrating my promotion at work and went into the drive through for a chocolate turnover. Some jagoff said no to pulling forward and I was forced to wait forever for MY chocolate turnover, which was already done and ready to go. Don't punish the store, don't punish the people behind you, don't have a me me me attitude, just pull forward! YOU wouldn't want to be trapped behind you.
bcd on 10/22/2010:

I agree with your comment but prior to paying for an order a customer should be informed that their order will be delayed.
myexperiences on 11/18/2010:
Just out of curiosity, what was your full order? Did you order the hash browns without salt (do they put salt on em, I'm never up early enough for breakfast) which would have caused them to need to make a special new batch, etc...
Could be relevant to how long it took, or even that you saw other (salted) hash browns going out.
LuvBreathing on 11/18/2010:
I went to a local Burger King, and discovered that ordering what I wanted individually, was 22 cents cheaper. The manager told me it would be cheaper to buy the combo. I pointed out that the combo price was higher than the individually-priced items, and he continued to argue with me. I reported this incident to the Corporate Office, and all they did was sent me a coupon to get a burger for $1.00. It appears to me that the lack of Customer Service, and non-caring attitude starts at the top. You can tell by past TV Commercials, that BK doesn't have their act together.. Some commercials were filled with sexual innuendos, and attempted murder by trying to run over the King with a car. Children watch this stuff,and even though I voiced my protest with Burger King, they sent me another $1.00 coupon. They totally lost my business.
Anonymous on 11/18/2010:
dbtaylor> That was my point! If that's how you'd spend your breakfast time, then fine, but don't condemn everyone else and irrationally stereotype them as fat and lazy. The OP's post was about service time, and shouldn't be shunned because they chose a drive-through breakfast over your organic feast at home.
dbtaylor on 11/18/2010:
momsey the relevance is the act of going inside to make sure you are getting what you order and all this could have been avoided, also believe me when I tell you the drive through orders get bad treatment... why? because 98% just drive away, I prefer face to face contact. My son worked at one of these "fast food places" and what he told me about the drive through food is the reason I stopped using it, and why he quit!
chenbo on 11/18/2010:
I believe I'd have done the same if I received that kind of treatment. Great review.
Anonymous on 11/18/2010:
You can just as easily check your order at the drive-through before driving off db.
Anonymous on 11/18/2010:
I always check mine. I do it very quickly as to not hold up the line, but nonetheless, I will make a quick check to ensure my order is complete and correct. So much easier to deal with it right then and there.
dbtaylor on 11/18/2010:
Bud- true and I'm sorry I do enjoy good service and an occasional breakfast combo, however I do go in sit down and enjoy it. I guess what I'm trying to express is a lot of time the fastest way is not always the best bet.... slow down and enjoy the ride
jangleton on 11/19/2010:
I believe that you should get off your car seat, walk the few feet inside and order your food and wait. It is more personable, it allows for some exercise and you may find you get your order faster - I always do! It is so funny to see those come around the same time I walk into the store still not served after I leave with my order.

As you may get from this , I am not too impressed with the fast food nation; oh I go there now and then , but to see people get this kind of food while sitting in their car waiting for it is really disgusting and the height of laziness.

Anonymous on 11/19/2010:
Good for you jangleton! Have you ever worn heels all day? Have you ever had to hold a toddler's hand and unhitch an infant to go inside and get your food?
jangleton on 11/19/2010:
sorry incrediblelee. That's different
jktshff1 on 11/19/2010:
What does different have to do with the post. Good post, well written, BK dropped the ball on this one. What is the use of a drive through if it don't work? BTW....I do not use drive through
MacNasty on 11/21/2010:
Burger King is steadily going down the tube, not just in Ohio but New Jersey as well. Suffice it to say that $8 an hour does not buy you much in the way of competent fast food employees. It is a national trend. I am happy to say that the BK restaurant that displayed similar traits and also served up badly prepared food, went out of business a few months ago. It was located in Somers Point, NJ.
Anonymous on 11/21/2010:
Would never have thought Somers Point had a bad ANYthing. It used to be all the rage.
hermy on 06/09/2013:
Burger King on air port hurghada nooooooooooo good iwant ask why because I like burgerking very derty and all stuff not smail I think all stuff have big problem thank you
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Trash In My Whopper Burger
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
MCALLEN, TEXAS -- The Burger King at McAllen, TX. 78501 on 10th street, very bad serving, I bought Whooper Jr to go and when I got to my office to have lunch, the burger had a piece of plastic transparent trash inside. I had my last bite of the burger and thought that it was a piece of lettuce but it wasn't.

I'm starting to bring my own lunch from now on. Oh, and in addition I kept my receipt and called the manager, and he just said to me "Oh I'm Sorry Mam I'm Sorry". Be Aware People!!
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User Replies:
trp2hevn on 03/13/2012:
Did you order it with cheese? One time something like that happened to me. I saw them open up a brand new stack of cheese, and the next thing I know, I have a piece of the wrapper from the cheese on my burger.
clutzycook on 03/13/2012:
Well, he apologized. I don't know what else you wanted him to do.
BigAl on 03/13/2012:
That looks like the bubble wrap that is put on lettuce prior to shipment. Seems as if when the wrap was removed a piece stuck to the head. This is going to make me open all my sandwiches and give a quick visual before consumption.
trmn8r on 03/13/2012:
He did apologize, which about the best he can do.

I got a nail in my tomato pasta dish at Red Robin, and they said it came from the crate that the tomatoes were shipped in. I got a garment tag in my burger, and they said it came from a side towel. Same deal - they apologized. Well, they also gave me the meal but I was still there.

Mistake happen, you just have to hope they don't happen to you.
Anonymous on 03/14/2012:
No, the manager most certainly didn't "do the best he could". He shouldn't have simply stopped at an apology. What about refunding the entire meal? How about, "I'm terribly sorry this happened Ma'am, but if you'd like to come back in at your convenience, I'd love to make it up to you by refunding your meal and buying you one on us."
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20 Minute Wait On Average For Food Drive Through Or Lobby
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
BLOOMINGTON, INDIANA -- Burger King Bloomington, Indiana W 3rd Street. I went into the lobby a pregnant lady waiting to be served, I walked in with one of their works who had been outside smoking, 5 min later the guy that was outside smoking finally asked me what I wanted the pregnant lady beside me said I have been waiting over 10 minutes and no one has asked me what I wanted, so the guy asked her and she told him, he said we no longer care that item, she said it is right there on your menu, he said yeah we need to take it down, so she ordered a sundae and told them that they have the worst customer service that when a person is standing in front of you for 10min you might want to ask them what you need.

Then a lady from the lobby comes up and said this sandwich I ordered was supposed to come with cheese after a little argument the work gave the lady a cold slice of cheese on the side. Then he finally took my order, then a guy walked in behind me half blown out of his mind and I said you better be ready to wait, he said not me I work here, he went around the corner, went in the back made him a sandwich fries and a large drink and came back out before I had got my order, then they kept having to redo the drive through orders because they kept making them wrong, a lady comes from outside and says in a extremely mad voice I want to talk to the manager now, they started to argue when the manager said come over to the side, I still do not have food.

Finally when I got my food it took 21min I times it and the lady who was yelling was still waiting for something, and not one employee even seem to care, even the manager who I overheard said been do this for 19 years, get some people in there that care. I will not be there again the place was dirty in the back and the works looked that way as well. I went through the drive through 2 weeks ago and it took over 20 min and 2 cars ahead of me just left, I feel stupid just saying I waited that long, I ended up getting the 2 people in front of me order and had to tell them sorry they left, then with my order setting right at the window paid for and almost in arms length the window work left went out the door I am guessing the bathroom, came back a few minutes later, looked at the bag an seen that he had forget to give me my order and handed it out to me and said sorry I though I gave it to you. I am guessing they do not drug test there or they would be out most of their works, go try it and see if your luck is any better and watch how surprised you are on how bad the serves is, this is my first time ever writing a review but I though it was my duty to let people know.
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Nasty Attitude
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MIAMI, FLORIDA -- Today I went to Burger King about 3:40 pm and ordered two large onion rings and a raspberry smoothie. The girl that took my order told me that the price was about $9.98. I proceeded to the pick up window,and waited there for more than 15 minutes wondering where was everybody, because there was no one on site. When finally somebody showed up with the food. I asked this person how much the onion rings were and he tells me about $3.89. He proceeds to charge me and he tells me that the price was ten something, then I replied "no" the girl that took my order told me $9.98. How come you are charging me differently?

He calls the girl to correct the problem, then they started laughing and playing while she corrected the mistake. When she was done correcting the mistake the guy that is handling my order takes my money without saying anything about the price and charged me like $12.90 and gives me the change, that is when I realized that he was charging me the wrong price again, so I say to him, "listen you made a mistake this is not the right price", then he tells me "well that is what the total is", then I said "no the price is $9.98 call the girl that took my order", so he did. The girl comes and fixes the mistake, then this is when it all started.

While the guy was getting the right change to give it to me I made a comment and asked the guy, why did they take so long to bring me the food and how come they made this mistake with the price? "Because I am entitled to know". "I am the client being served and I am spending my money here". So this guy got this very nasty attitude and started screaming at me, that the mistake was because the girl that took the order had put down three orders of onion rings instead of two, then I said well if you would be paying more attention to what you are doing this would not happened in the first place.

Then he kept on the defensive throwing words in a very bad attitude at me, then I said "why are you talking to me with that attitude you should not talk to me in that way". "I am your client and you should have a little respect towards me". That is when he got really mad and said "I don't care" then told another girl that was around, "you take care of this I am not putting up with this anymore", so he left. The girl comes and fixes the mistake and gives me my change back, then I started complaining to her about what had happened and asked her if she heard what happened and she says "yes" and then takes the employee's side in a confronting way, then I asked her for his name and she refuses to give me the guy's name and tells me in an also very bad attitude that the guy didn't have a bad attitude towards me. When in fact he did.

Then at that point I said to her "well can I talk to the manager"? Then she replied to my surprise, "I am the manager", then I asked her very confused "why are you taking the guy's side"? Then she replied, "because I want to". So at this point I asked her to give me the guy's name and her name, that I was going to file a complaint against him and her, and her reply was "no I don't have to give you either my name or his", but then my wife and my daughter that were witnesses of everything that happened remembered the name, that was on the guy's name tag, because he was wearing a name tag with the name CARLOS.

The manager was not wearing any name tag at all and refused to give her name to me when I asked, so these are the kind of things that can not be tolerated because these are public places that are supposed to give a service to the people in a nice way, because the people are the ones who pay for that service and expect it. Thank you.

The name of the place: Burger King 9866
Order # 77
At: 10 SW 8th
Miami, FL 33130
February 11 2013. 4:08pm
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WAUSAU, WISCONSIN -- My complaint takes place over a number of visits to Burger King (all at the same restaurant) and over a couple of years. The first complaint is that on a couple of visits, I received moldy sandwiches. The second visit was just last week, at which time I ordered one of their cones. When I came to the window to pay, I gave the clerk 2 quarters, at which time she asked me if I wanted my change back. I was so taken off guard that I stammered out that I didn't. I had in mind that McDonald's does have a basket in which you can tell them to put the change in there for charity use. Anyway, I took my cone and left.

Then today really tops everything! I ordered a fish sandwich (no fries), a raspberry smoothie and a cone. When the total came up on the screen, it was for $14.+. Now I knew this couldn't be right and mentioned it to the clerk and asked her to over what I had ordered with me and the price of each thing. She said I had ordered a chicken sandwich at which time I stopped her as I had really ordered a fish sandwich. She then said, "Oh, that was for the car in front of you." OK, now that was straightened out but we aren't done yet!

I proceeded to the pick-up window with one car ahead of me that had already been there for a while, while I was straightening things out at the order spot. I waited......and waited...and waited. By this time there were several cars lined up behind me. I finally got to the window and thought OK, finally I'll get my food and be on my way. Nope! I waited....and waited...and waited some more. It probably took me half an hour all told to get through this line!

A woman finally came to the window but did not open it and totally ignored me. I honked my horn, thinking maybe they didn't know I was there. Nope again! She completely ignored me. I again honked my horn. I think I did this 3 times. She finally opened the window and asked me what I wanted. I told her, "my food would be nice". She said, "Oh, it'll be here." Then someone did come up with the smoothie and I took it but then she wanted my money and I told her I wasn't going to do that until I had the rest of my food. She said that was OK and closed the window. Then someone else came up with the cone and attempted to give it to me and I said that I didn't want it until I had the rest of the food as it might melt while I was waiting for the fish sandwich.

He was kind of confused and turned to someone else inside the store at which time they finally produced my food, I took it and the cone and then went to pay for it. They then told me it was free for the aggravation I had endured. Now, that was fine, but I still feel something should be done about this whole thing. This shoddy service, etc. has been going on for a few years now.
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User Replies:
Alain on 09/01/2012:
time to stop going to Burger King. They aren't going to change their habits.
trmn8r on 09/01/2012:
You have a few choices - you could bringing issues to the attention of management, and be disappointed when nothing changes, or start going elsewhere.

I gave up on BK 6 years ago, and have been happy at McDs. This varies by region, but it works here. I'm skeptical that large scale change is realistic at a fast food joint.
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Spitting On Food
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Rating: 1/51
ELIZABETHTOWN, KENTUCKY -- I had just left the BK store #7194 of Elizabethtown, Ky. I wish to make my self very CLEAR that I am beyond mad; beyond angry, beyond outraged, beyond furious with what happened a short real ago.

An employee (female to be exact), said (on her way out with food) she has been SPITTING on some meat. Here, I had eaten more than half a double Whopper and fries as she sad it, she was walking out with an unknown size bag of something for a drive-through customer. I can’t help wonder if she had done that to that customer and with mine.

As the lady came back in, her coworker (who is new) says, “you did not just say that?” and the girl says (sounding proud of it) “I most definitely did.” I could feel my blood purser SKYROCKETING in anger after hearing that. I nearly said something to a manager about this, if I was not so angry and outraged. In many ways I wish I had when she (I believe could tell) seeing me that upset would have asked if everything was O.K. I nearly would have expressed how angry I was and still am. That made what that girl said just as bad (judging from her voice behind me) ‘there won’t be a phone call…and what are they going to do to me anyway?’ I though of getting up and answering her. It was bad enough listening to her complaining while on the floor about she hates being at there (BK) and can’t wait to quit in April. But to hear the rest of what she said…If I where THE UNDERCOVER BOSS I would have fired her for what she said she did, but that’s up to the management and owner/CEO. In some ways I hope this complaint gets to him/her. Hearing what she said mad me sick to my stomach. I do not know if she did do it or not, I will never know.

The second complaint is that a lady kept asking for the fish sandwich to be made and how long and never heard anybody answer her the first four-six times she asked and a guy had the nerve to bark back to her saying, "I just got here and you can’t blame me." The guy whom said that, I know had been there long enough to have answered her the first time and I felt that was extremely rude. Regardless if one just got there or not. If it’s that person's job to do so when calling for them, then that person should do so without barking back. How many times should she have to ask for fish sandwich before somebody does what she asks? I was about to buy some to take home to my handicap mother whom can’t get out. Before going in for some of those fish sandwiches, but out of fear of the girl spitting on food and not knowing if they are thoroughly being cooked I did not buy any.

I used to work in restaurants and my family has owned restaurants for sometime and I perfectly understand the demand that it takes to run and keeping loyal customers and to bring in new ones, but it’s those kind of people whom are (in my mind) destroying it by saying what I had heard today.
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User Replies:
DebtorBasher on 02/22/2012:
If I heard that, I would have had to say something to SOMEONE...and believe me, it would be loud enough for other customers to hear.

You mentioned she said she hated being there and couldn't wait until April when she can quit...sounds to me like she's doing these things on purpose to get herself fired...people will do that so they can try to collect unemployment, which they couldn't do if they quit.
Cwazychicken on 02/22/2012:
Yuck, Makes me not want to eat out any more and prepare my own meals. People actually do that to get fired? Well getting on unemployment is temporary, being fired probably stays on her record for a long time (or forever), making it a little harder to get another job when she wants. Its a stupid thing to do! And people like that actually use our government to make money for being lazy and not wanting to work when they are fully capable of working? And people on disability get lashed at for not being able to work? If that's why she did it then shame on her....Either way what she did is wrong and I would've told her that I heard everything, and would definitely report it to corporate and the manager.

By law, it should be anyone who is laid off of a job because of reasons that the company has to short people, should get unemployment but people fired for their own actions should not be able to.
Venice09 on 02/22/2012:
You can't collect unemployment in New York if you were fired for a valid reason.

It's one thing to read about spitting, but to actually hear it from a guilty employee is pretty shocking. You really should have pointed this person out to the manager while you had the chance.
DebtorBasher on 02/22/2012:
Yupper, I've known collectors at NCO who would do that. One of them used to fight with the manager (and got physical with her by throwing a phone at her)...but she didn't get fired because she was in the
"protected class" and HR said they COULDN'T fire her! I wondered who is going to protect the manager from her. I think HR was just a coward and was intimated by her. She made it known to everyone that she wanted to get fired.
Starlord on 02/23/2012:
I would definitely inform the Board of Health and provide them with sufficient information to identify the employee. In a case like this, I would not bother with the store manager, I would go directly to the franchise holder.
CrazyRedHead on 02/23/2012:
Although the spitting comment would have upset me, eavesdropping on someone conversation can get you into a lot of problems, since you were not there for the entire conversation.
jktshff1 on 02/23/2012:
well written..even the race factor was left out!
DebtorBasher on 02/23/2012:
LOL CrazyRedHead, I didn't think about the possibility that the entire conversation may not have been heard...but, you're right, she could have been talking about her date the night before.

*Did I just say that?*

Anyway, I don't think the OP was eavesdropping when the woman said it right there in front of him as she came out.
Anonymous on 02/23/2012:
I don't think reviews like this should be left up. The OP OVERHEARD a conversation and made a blatant accusation that an employee at a specified restaurant is spitting on customer's food.

Who knows how many have seen/will see this from that area and what negative impact it may have on that restaurants business?
Old Timer on 02/23/2012:
A number of FF and restaurants are putting video in the food prep stations, bars and cash register areas now. One, to cut down on theft. Two, in order to catch bad employee's doing bad things.

We started getting paid to review suspect video for a couple of companies that are trying to monitor higher than normal food costs. We hired a college intern to view video. Very boring job even on high speed viewing. Restaurant work is so repetitious. She says it's not too bad as something is always moving in the video. She has been trained in to what to look for.

I asked her a few months ago if she has caught people spitting and stuff. Not yet but guys scratching their privates and some other disgusting stuff though. Then they go right back to cooking and food prep. Streets and less frequented areas are set to capture when it detects movement. The storage of all of the video is huge even when it gets written over every 14 days.

Security video forensics and related areas is fast becoming a growing market opportunity.
trmn8r on 02/23/2012:
Spitting on food - that's not world class customer service, regardless of what planet you're on. Unacceptable.
Cwazychicken on 02/24/2012:
evesdropping or not, I think this is a valid complaint and I agree with starlord, please go to the board of health because this is unsanitary and uncalled for. Maybe if she didn't want to be heard, she should've spoke quietly. I don't see how the OP was deliberately trying to listen to her conversation. It seems he just heard the wrong thing at the wrong time, and therefore, should be able to complain about it. I still think its ridiculous that people act this way to get fired.
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Manager errors
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CLAREMONT STORE #13133, NORTH CAROLINA -- When a manager makes a mistake and talks to someone so ugly. He or she should, check the records to see who the mom is. I am someone who will never back down.(NEVER) When you screw up and dirty my name, you dirty my family name. I take this, very seriously. I have 1 son and if he was wrong about something, I would teach him the diffence between right and wrong. But, if he was right about something, I would want him to stand up and take action on the problem. Any mother or father, would be proud of there child. I am a mother that would give her life, to save her son. If by chance the managers lies about anything, this problem will get very bad.
My comupter works very well. I hope you understand that statement?? Burger King store #13133 address: 3005 Centennial Blvd, Claremont, NC. 28610-9694 telephone #828-459-1558 manager name: Diane
My son was offered a job in the end of the 2nd week of November. He was given a shirt and they talked about his start date. She said, Saturday, Dec 5th, be here to work at 5am. He said, yes thank you and I will see you Dec 5th, correct? She said, yes, Dec 5th. He called me and was so happy to have a job, after a long time of looking for a job. I told him to write this down on the refrigerator on the calendar, for Dec 5th start date. My son and I talked about it for the next few weeks. He went to work Dec 5th, got there at 4:40am. The manager, Diane showed up and talked to him. She told him he was to be here on Saturday not Monday. My son said, you said Dec 5th and I am here to work. She said, you screwed up and that's the end of that. She fired him before he ever got started. She was so ugly to him. He was so mad about what happen, he called me that morning and I asked for the managers name and the telephone number, I called and yes I was mad. I just wanted the store (# 13133) so I could call, Miami Corporate office on how she talked to him. She asked me what was this all about. (She was nice to me) but, when I gave her my name, everything from that point went wrong. She said, your son was not here Saturday to work and he was wrong and that's all I have to say and she said good-bye and hung the phone up. She never gave me a chance to say anything or talk to her at all. I called the store back and no answer. No one would answer Burger Kings phone. If she took the time, as a professional manager for Burger King,
look at the calendar. She was looking at Novembers month. November 5th Saturday, not December calendar. December 3rd, was Saturday. December 5th was Monday. Do you see how something so small can turn so ugly so fast. All the store manager should have done was, call my son, talk to him. Say she made a error on the day to the date and could you please come in. My son would have been there with bells on. WHY, WHY, can a store manager talk to people this way. Maybe, if she took the time and talked to me, I could have saved her a lot of headaches over her errors and this problem could have been resolved. To the district managers and regional managers, this problem will not go away that easy.
(I promise you) You can not buy me off with a gift card or send me a sorry letter. (I am one mad mother)
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User Replies:
trmn8r on 12/06/2011:
This is a she-said he-said situation.

It's unfortunate that this job didn't work out. I'm not sure how it drags anyone's family name through the mud though. It sounds like a miscommunication.

Unless the manager reverses course I don't see this working out, but good luck.
Anonymous on 12/06/2011:
You can't fight your son's battles for him in the workplace. It's very unprofessional for you to call and speak to the manager. Your son needs to work this out on his own.
SADDAD on 12/06/2011:
the truly sad thing is that this happens all the time. my son was hired to work at our local Burger King and after 2 years asked for a week off for a family trip, after getting managers OK and ffilling all paper work off we went. when we returned home the manager had left a message on our phone letting my son know he was fired. We took it to court and he got his job back but a week afterwards the district manager shows up and fired him with no explination.
CowboyFan on 12/06/2011:
The op is not helping her son learn the lessons he needs from these entry level jobs. The Op admits that the manager said "SATURDAY, December 5th." When the son wrote it on the calendar, why didn't he catch it? The manager did tell him to show up on SATURDAY.

I would have taught the son a) to call a few days ahead of the start date to verify that was the date they needed him since it was 3 weeks between being hired and starting work; and b) to be nice, because they thought enough of him to hire him initially. If the OP had not gone ballistic on them, perhaps the son could have had an opportunity to be hired at a later date when an opening appeared.

Instead the OP taught her son to be demanding, entitled, and argumentative. Even when the company makes a mistake, one frequently progresses farther in life by focusing on the solution instead of trying to blame others (especially if you have your mother do it).

Good luck to this son on trying to learn a good work ethic which will result in rewards later in his life.
Anonymous on 12/06/2011:
Littleshorty> Spot on advice!
Venice09 on 12/06/2011:
OP, I know how hard it is to fight the urge to protect your child. My son's been working since he's 14, and there were times I had to be tied to a chair and gagged to keep me from speaking up. But it's really better for kids to handle these situations on their own. My son would have been mortified if I interfered. Your son may feel the same way. It can be embarrassing when parents get involved in their kid's battles.
SteveWiginowski on 12/07/2011:
When someone gives me two conflicting dates (such as Saturday, December 5th), I try to confirm the date and day. While your son may have confirmed for the 5th, the manager was looking at that day being a Saturday. Mentioning that the 5th was a Monday may have been needed.

I agree with what people said about your son fighting his own battles in the work place. Sometimes assistance is needed, but for something like this, it would have been better for parents to stay out of it.

It's a shame that the miscommunication happened and it wasn't corrected before it was too late.
clutzycook on 12/07/2011:
I agree with all the above folks. I know in this age of helicopter parenting, moms and dads want to make sure nothing bad or even unpleasant happens to their children. It's instinctual, I understand. But, if your son is old enough to work, then he's old enough to fight his work battles himself. You, as his mom, can offer him support, advice, help him research his options, rehearse how he will present himself in a given situation, etc. But when it comes down to it, HE has to be the one to go in there and fight for his job. Unfortunately, what trmn8r said is correct, it's going to be your son's word against the manager's and unless he had a start date in writing, he's kind of SOL. His best option is to chalk this all up to a learning experience and start hunting for a new job. On the bright side, he really wouldn't have to mention this episode on any applications since he really never worked there.
Nohandle on 12/07/2011:
This in no manner is intended to be offensive to the OP. I've known of parents who always fought their children's battles and wondered when the parent passed away who was going to take care of problems for that child. Perhaps a bit of an overkill but their children seemed to not be able to think for themselves because someone else had always done it for them.

I had a mother come to the office and sail me over the moon because her daughter had been terminated. I said absolutely nothing and let her vent until she was out of steam. The daughter obviously didn't bother to tell her exactly what had led up to the termination. It was pretty bad, actually really bad.

When even making a doctor's appointment I flip my calendar over to the correct month and repeat back the month, date, day of the week and time. You'd be amazed the mistakes made on both my part and theirs. It saved me a trip.
Venice09 on 12/07/2011:
I think everyone has made that mistake at some point. I certainly have. The good news is the OP's son probably won't make it again.

Also, kids have to get used to dealing with managers. Some of them are real pips. The first job is always the hardest. It gets easier with more experience.
Churro on 12/07/2011:
Eh, I don't know. People of my bloodline always go to bat for each other especially in matters of money and employment. I see no problem there. That seems pretty normal to me.

Nothing stated in this review indicates the OP's son made a mistake. The manager screwed up and instead of doing the right thing they instead chose to be a jerk. Although disappointing it’s probably for the best because, really, who would want to work for such a boob.

Despite what my esteemed colleagues say any rational view of the world shows tribes that stick together do far better than those who insist on pulling themselves up by their bootstraps which BTW is impossible. Never let anybody shame you for sticking up for your family. It's served my DNA well for centuries.
Nohandle on 12/07/2011:
Churro, who the daylights is casting shame for sticking up for your family? That's well and good but choose your battles wisely. You won't always be around. I wouldn't stand around either and allow a family member, or anyone I knew, to be mistreated if there was something I could due to help.
Churro on 12/07/2011:
Whoa now woman I didn't call anybody out and I'm certainly not going to now. All I merely said was, "Never let anybody shame you for sticking up for your family". It wasn't an indictment on anybody or any comment in particular but rather my *OWN* heartfelt life advice applicable to the world in general. You know me, I'm a big picture guy.
Anonymous on 12/07/2011:
I'm actually surprised at the comments that Mom should butt out and let her son fight his own battles.

The way I read it, the son got the job on his own (called Mom to tell her), and then when the poo hit the fan over the start date, he did his best to explain what happened and save his job…but the manager, Diane, was not having any of it. Sure, we as grown adults know that you check and double check something as important as the start date, but this was a kid...and quite possibly his first job, makes sense that he wouldn't have thought of that. Finally, Mom stepped in to see if she could reason with her, but Diane wasn't going to budge an inch and admit that she'd made a mistake. That’s not a parent interfering and fighting her kids’ battles for them…that’s a parent that stepped in only after their kid tried to resolve the misunderstanding themselves, which is good parenting IMO.

I read comments here all the time about how parents don't parent anymore, aren't involved in their kids' lives, etc, etc...then we have a parent that is involved and they get hammered for being a buttinsky and embarrassing their kid. I guess I’m in the minority here, but I give Mom kudos.
Anonymous on 12/07/2011:
We have a simple policy at work, and it seems to be fairly effective. We don't talk to family members, friends, or anyone else regarding personnel issues. That is strictly between the applicant and us. Period.
Anonymous on 12/07/2011:
Despite so many comments telling the OP she has no standing in this, I am glad the OP wrote this so that I know never, EVER, to eat a piece of what I can only imagine is pretty much like sh&% from the Claremont, N.C., Burger King (#13133).

The quality of a fast-food burger is equal to the quality of its managers, and this place clearly is lacking. It's just a shame Burger King does not care. Sorry, OP, for all the attacks.
Nohandle on 12/07/2011:
I'm glad the OP wrote this as well which might account for me casting a helpful vote because I thought it was. I don't plan on being the the Claremont, NC location anytime soon but I'll keep that in mind if I ever pass through.
CowboyFan on 12/07/2011:
Those who stick up for the op's actions, inadvertently overlook that she says "I am one mad mother." Why is she mad? Her son had no right to the job. Life at times is unfair and difficult. It would be one thing to call calmly to work out a resolution, but to be mad only inflames the situation and guarantees no positive outcome. If anything, it teaches the son to respond in anger, which will ill serve him in life.
Venice09 on 12/10/2011:
The statements "I am one mad mother" and "I called and yes I was mad" did not go unnoticed. They made me wonder if what transpired between the OP and the manager affected the outcome of this situation.
barbie65 on 03/22/2012:
Do you realize that most Bk general store managers make in excess of 42,000 a year plus bonus.. and many are college educated. When a manager is put in a position of running a million dollar store per year he or she has to make decisions that may not be happy for everyone. But the best interest o the store has to be considered. And we also had a policy that if you are old enough to work here then you are old enough to speak for yourself. Without moms interference there could have been a different outcome but she was just showing the manager what the future was going to be like if her son was hired.
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