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Overcharged Again and Again?
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Rating: 1/51

MANSFIELD, OHIO -- For the second time in 2 weeks we were overcharged for Whoppers. For the second time we complained and for the second time they blamed the computer for the mistake and gave us attitude when we pointed out the mistake. Really? How many customers has Burger King ripped off trusting them to get the order right? We will not go to the Lexington/Springmill restaurant again. There are plenty of other honest restaurants to go to for us to put up with this one.

Rip Off Crooks
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Rating: 1/51

FLORIDA -- I stopped at your outlet at 776 International Drive Orlando FL and ordered 2 double cheeseburgers and off the menu a 16oz fountain drink. The server gave me a cup that was obviously smaller than 16 ounces. I questioned her but she insisted it was 16oz, so I asked for the manager. She also insisted it was a 16oz cup. It is the size of a standard 12oz can but they both insisted it was 16oz. First your employees could hardly speak English and when I told the manager (Menna) I would be writing a letter to Burger King she could have cared less. When I got home I measured the cup and as I thought it was a 12oz cup.

I do not like to be ripped off and a couple of ounces of soda might not seem like much but multiply that by thousands of times and it is a major fraud. This is the sort of thing I will report to the proper authorities and you could find yourself involved with legal problems. Fix the problem at this outlet because it is located in the heart of an international tourist area and non-English speakers are being robbed; not good public relations. FYI: Your company is in deep trouble, why! Just look at the following websites, ALL BAD REVIEWS (one star).

Unethical Business Practice
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Rating: 1/51

AUSTIN, TEXAS -- I went to Burger King located at 3001 Montopolis Dr, Austin, TX 78741 to order some food. I pulled up to the drive through menu to place my order for a number 8 with cheese. Yet this Burger King employee taking orders assumed (instead of listening attentively) that I requested an ice tea. Then instead of allowing me to explain what I actually requested this employee just told me "ok sir pull up to the second window" without trying to get my order correct.

So, I decided that I would go inside of the restaurant to place a complaint with the manager ** because I did not have time to repeat my order over several times. Let me add that on a few sporadic occasions in the past, I had this same issue with poor customer service at this particular Burger King. I also had to place a few complaints in that I assume ** was aware of.

Moving on with the story, ** became very evasive towards my complaint. I always thought that in customer service a restaurant manager was supposed to show empathy and listen to a complaint rather than disputing it. ** then told me in a very condescending way to leave what she claimed to be her establishment. Wait a minute her establishment as if she is the owner of the entire Burger King franchise? I replied by telling her that she was not the owner of the entire Burger King franchise loud enough for her to hear me as she stood back in a defensive manner.

Then, I asked for her name so that I could complain about her conduct. While standing back in her defensive manner, ** told me again to leave her establishment in a condescending manner. Once again before leaving I asked for her name. Finally she told me that ** was her name and that she was going to call the police. I began to leave at that point ok.

** was aware of my intentions to place in a complaint on her. That is when ** decided to follow me outside to get my license plate number in order to report me to the police. Why would that be so necessary when there was never any threats, assault, vandalism, or vulgar language used? Yes I made previous stops at this particular Burger King but the only issue was to address poor customer service. I had no interest in dealing with ** personally outside of my complaints regarding the poor quality of service where she so-called managed.

Continuing with the story there was a female off duty officer who happened to be there after the incident with **. This officer asked for my side of the story. After telling her she asked for my ID she then advised me to wait until the officer that ** called arrived. I complied and waited. After the other officer pulled up he got my side of the story. This officer then told me to wait while he got ** side of the story and not to interrupt. With that I also was compliant.

I overheard ** deceitfully telling this officer how I was in some manner harassing her place of business and causing problems where she worked (due to prior complaints regarding poor customer service) yet Nancy wanted to play the victim role instead of truthfully explaining my previous visits to that Burger King.

** then had a criminal trespass placed against me just because I had made these previous complaints (that ** claimed to be harassment) where she worked. I'll assume that she was attempting to save face prior to me being able to place my complaint in on her. Other than that I feel that her actions were too over the top and disrespectful towards me as a customer.

This is a practice of bigotry. This manager named ** does not seem to be well-rounded enough with interpersonal and customer service skills to be in the customer service field. She should be fired in my opinion and placed on some type of psyche medication. I'll advise anybody in the Austin Location to avoid the Burger King located at the 3001 Montopolis. Date of incident 03/03/2015.

Unsatisfactory Experience All Around
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Rating: 1/51

MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN -- Originally, I had a negative experience because my order was completely wrong and I found out when I got home. Instead of calling or going back, I contacted their customer service on their website, because I wasn't completely confident it would be handled well at the store level. I didn't hear back and sent another message two weeks later as well as tweet BK. I got an immediate response via email and then a phone call from the store manager, who was less than helpful, to put it politely.

He told me that because I said I didn't know if I ever wanted to eat there again, there was nothing he could do for me. I suggested he refund me the items that were incorrect or missing and he proceeded to haggle over every item I took issue with. Then he told me to come pick up the gift card and I asked that it either be mailed or delivered to me. He told me his delivery drivers cannot leave the store 'with that kind of money' (essentially about $10).

When we realized we weren't able to resolve the issue, we hung up. I contacted corporate again and Mary, head of operations called me. From the beginning, she was nothing but rude and unprofessional. She asked why I even placed the order with the restaurant if I was just going to turn around and complain about it all. I had to ask her several times how we could move forward and resolve the issue because I didn't appreciate her calling me at home just to argue over my $23 order.

Several times she reminded me how polite and professional she was, while I was angry, confrontational and rude (her words, just what you want to hear after trying to resolve a mistake on their end after a month). I asked if we could just move forward and she said 'Wow, are you pausing long enough to let me speak?" and I asked if she was sending me the gift card or not and she answered 'I don't know'.

At no point would I describe any of this as customer service. I wanted nothing more than reassurance that the issue would be handled to my satisfaction so I could get off the phone with her. I'm still unsure if I will get a refund, as she wasn't very clear on whether or not she would even send it. In her words, she works for a restaurant, not the post office, so who knows when I'll get it. Overall, the most disappointing experience I've ever had with a company.

All Louisiana Burger Kings
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Rating: 1/51

BATON ROUGE, LOUISIANA -- Please learn to give out napkins and if you ask for some they give you one and look at you and get mad. Like don't ask for more - this is all you get. Next take those awful drink machines out of all areas. Those are the most horrible tasting drinks in the world. They taste like medicine are in them. All kinds have same bitter taste. I hate buying food here because you can't enjoy the drinks. They have bad manners. Slow as a turtle. Never seem to care. At one time you had best food and best employees. But now - it's crap food and service.

Worst Service Ever
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Rating: 1/51

NAPANEE -- July 10, 2014. Burger King Eastbound off 401 between Napanee and Kingston. At "On The Go" highway stop. WORST BURGER KING EXPERIENCE EVER! Waited more than 20 minutes for my food while others around me were served. I ordered two standard burgers - no changes. Manager and Supervisor both rolled their eyes, were rude, were confrontational and threatening when I questioned when I would be served and if I could have my money back.

Eventually left as my bus was leaving without my money or food. The Manager was incompetent and her staff incapable of doing their jobs. Worst experience ever. Will never return to this highway stop. Will never return to a Burger King.

Worst BK Restaurant on the Planet: 3040 Ella Blvd. Houston, TX 77018 (Restaurant #571)
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Rating: 1/51

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- I arrived at the BK restaurant on 3040 Ella Blvd. Houston, TX 77018 (#571) at 6:45 P.M. on Sunday, December 16, 2012. Before ordering I went to the bathroom and was greeted by a toilet filled with defecation, right to the brim. Very nice A sign indicated that the toilet was broke and to flush by pulling a “yellow cord.” No such cord was present and it was obvious that the toilet had been broken for greater than one day. I immediately retreated and, in a terrible decision I would greatly regret, actually got in line to order.

I placed an order for 4 Whoppers and a French fry, to go, at 6:56 p.m.; hardly a complicated order. **, the Manager, took my order. Much to my chagrin and the other patrons waiting for their orders, she and her staff moved as if they were in molasses, with absolutely no sense of urgency. Numerous other drive through customers received their orders before me and the other walk-in customers, even though the customers inside had placed their orders before the drive thru patrons.

We stood there fuming as the staff members preparing our burgers would leisurely stroll to the “cold room” and retrieve one solitary piece of cheese and then saunter back, like their customers' time was absolutely worthless. The customer in front of me said “good luck” when he finally got his burgers and then left, upset. I finally received my order at 7:18 p. m., 22 minutes after placing a simple order I expressed my displeasure with ** over the wait. To her credit, she did apologize indicating she had only one cook.

I took my order home and my family and I ate cold Whoppers and fries -- not one new batch of fries was cooked during the time I was there. I was haunted as I ate by thoughts of a toilet bowl full of turds. What a miserable customer experience! This is not the first instance of atrocious customer service/ cleanliness at this particular BK.

Approximately one year ago, while in line, I witnessed one of the African American kids who prepares the burgers and fries rummaging his fingers through the fry bin, sans sanitary gloves! My daughter actually got sick later that night, even though I did not order her any fries. I cannot say if she became ill from that BK meal, but upon reflection after this latest experience, it would not surprise me. After that instance I vowed never to return. Unfortunately, I caved. I admit it; I like the taste of BK burgers. The second Whopper for $0.55 offer Drew me in! Laugh! Never again. Ever! At any BK Fool me twice, shame on me!

BK has now dropped to the bottom of my fast food burger list. I used to own shares in BK before they were bought out by a Private Equity firm 2-3 years ago. The name of this PE firm eludes me. Some free advice to the managers of your BK investment: Police your BK franchises! If this is a company owned store and not a franchise, you have serious problems! I currently own shares in MCD. There is one right across the street from this BK on Ella Blvd. They are not perfect by a long shot, but the level of service and friendliness from their workers and cleanliness of their operation is 180 degrees opposite from what I experienced at this particular BK. The contrast was startling.

I believe in giving my vendors, restaurants and service providers feedback, both good and bad, both at the point of sale and, if warranted, to their superiors at the corporate level. I encourage others to do the same. Do not tolerate substandard or even mediocre service. Give them feedback and make them accountable! If you accept this level of service, they will think it is acceptable! Don't fall in this trap. It is part of what is wrong in America today!

Appalling Customer Service and Management
By -

MILRORD, OHIO -- I am a very reasonable person. I am aware that customer service employees are very rarely paid what they are worth in terms of the effort they put into and the abuse to which they may be subjected during their employment. I am also aware that one should not expect gourmet cuisine and extensive personal service when patronizing a quick-service restaurant.

However, I do not think it is asking so terribly much that persons working in a purportedly customer-focused industry be expected to at least feign the appearance of being competent and considerate. Sadly, at the Milford OH Burger King, almost no employees are capable of displaying competence or consideration to even the most rudimentary degree; I am certain that, however paltry their compensation may be, it far exceeds their merits.

I attempted to use the Milford OH Burger King's drive-through to obtain breakfast combos for my husband and myself this morning. I placed my order at 0812 and, after paying, was asked by the drive-through attendant to pull to the front of the restaurant where my order would be delivered when ready. I waited in front of the restaurant for 10 minutes, during which time I noted several cars exiting the drive-through with completed orders, as well as six or seven parties obtaining orders from the front counter. Understandably frustrated after a 10 minute wait for "fast food," I entered the restaurant to check on the status of my order.

After the cashier's perfunctory, barely intelligible "Can I help you," I inquired as to when I might expect my order to be ready. The cashier directed this question to the clearly overtaxed drive-through attendant, who stated that "we're waiting for hash browns." I asked if perhaps, since I had been waiting for more than 10 minutes for 2 small hash browns, my order could be completed with the next batch of hash browns, as I had witnessed more than twenty transactions during my 10 minute wait time and I was fairly certain that some of those orders had included hash browns (as they were clearly visible on the trays of patrons choosing to dine in).

The drive-through attendant said, "None of those people had hash browns." I replied that this would not seem to be the case, as several parties had either driven away or sat down with their full orders, some of which had visibly involved hash browns. The drive-through attendant said, "Then they must've all ordered before you," to which I replied "Really?!"

At this point, a young female shouted from the kitchen area, "Is there a problem?" I calmly stated that I had been waiting nearly 15 minutes for two meals, and that I simply wanted to obtain my completed order and leave. This young woman then stated, "Look, ma'am. Here's how it works. I have to go in the back to the freezer and get the hash browns, and then I have to cook 'em. Everybody who you said already got them was here before you. Okay?" This statement was delivered in such a nasty, snide, and sarcastic manner that my only rational response was, "May I please speak to your manager?", to which this individual replied, "I am the manager. Assistant manager."

I asked if her general or district manager were available, or if I could please obtain their contact information, and she fired back, "My GM's right back there, you want to talk to 'er?" After my assent, she yelled, "Hey, **! This NICE LADY at the front wants to talk to ya!", then turned away from me and began to mimic me and comment about me to one of her co-workers.

The general manager approached me immediately and inquired about my concerns. After listening, she stated that she had only been managing the Milford OH Burger King for two weeks, and there were many issues about which she was concerned regarding personnel, but she couldn't address them overnight. I greatly appreciated her candor and respectful, appropriate demeanor.

I made extremely clear to her that the behaviors exhibited by her assistant manager were grossly inappropriate for a customer service environment, the most troubling being the fact that she was literally speaking disrespectfully and derisively about me to her co-workers within clear sight of myself, her general manager, and the other customers. After some assurances on ** part that the problems I described were clear to her and were being addressed, the front cashier had assembled my order. Before departing, I thanked the manager for her time and inquired after the identity of the extremely rude, unprofessional, and immature "assistant manager," and found that her name is **.

I called Burger King's corporate Consumer Relations line immediately upon returning home and filed a complaint about this incident and, specifically, ** the Assistant Manager. After I speak with the owner of the Milford OH Burger King store later today, I believe ** may find herself job hunting, and it is my sincere hope that this young female does not seek further employment in any customer-focused environment, as it is not a career for which she is well-equipped.

I will certainly not be returning to the Milford OH Burger King until I have received assurances from both the store's owner and the corporate consumer relations staff that, in the future, suchlike behavior will not be tolerated by any of the store's employees, let alone someone in management.

Rude about no tomato
By -

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA -- I went to Burger King to get my husband and son a sandwich because my husband had received a flier and the picture of one of their new extra large burgers with everything on it had made my husband hungry. When I was waiting for the sandwiches the woman in front of me complained that there was no tomato on her salad. The manager informed her there were no tomatoes. The customer then complained that there also were no carrots on her salad. The manager said it was not supposed to come with carrots that it was a house salad.

That got me wondering whether the sandwiches I had ordered would come with everything like they were supposed to. When I got the sandwiches (to go) I took the bag to a nearby table and inspected one of them. No Tomatoes. I asked the manager if I could get tomatoes on the sandwiches and he said "Did you read the sign" and pointed back to the beginning of the line. I said no and asked about the tomatoes again and he said they were having a hard time getting them. I told him that he should tell people when they order that there are no tomatoes available. He said again that I should read the sign. I said I didn't want to read the sign that I was trying to talk to him.

He said that I could talk to his supervisor if I wanted his phone number. I felt that this was very rude of the manager **. I came in to get sandwiches with everything on them. Not to get hassled or tricked into buying a product that was not advertised. The flier had a picture with tomatoes, their picture above the counter showed the sandwich with a tomato and I shouldn't be expected to have to read their signs to see if I am going to get something other than what was advertised. They should change their picture on their flier's and above the counter or at the very least inform the customer when purchasing a product.

Instead of being contrite or apologetic (as I feel they should have been) for trying to pass off a lesser product for the same price they were rude. When I told him I thought they should inform the customer that there were no tomatoes before the purchase was made or lower their prices he once again said I should read the sign or talk to his supervisor. I turned to walk out and as I was walking out the manager and a female employee ** were giggling and smirking about the situation. I informed the manager that I had changed my mind that I would take his supervisor's number ** to report their rudeness, smirks and laughing. I told him I wanted his name and the girl's name.

He refused to give me the girl's name saying that she hadn't done anything to me. I said you know that's not true because you were just smirking along with her. He gave me the girl's first name and his first name and said if I wanted anything else I could talk to his supervisor. I left a message with the supervisor and have not heard back. I went to McDonald's to get a fish sandwich for myself right after this incident and out of curiosity asked if their extra large sandwich came with tomato on it and they said yes. It was nice to be treated with respect at McDonald's.

Boycott Burger King
By -

I have a real problem with Burger King and this "Spongebob Squarepants" commercial. This commercial has nothing to do with selling food but is promoting "BUTT" fetishes and the viewing of women in a substandard way. What I find most disturbing about this commercial is that most little kids usually mimic what they see on TV and what adults do.

Clearly this is focused on women's butts regardless what shape they are and that it's perfectly OK to go "checking" them all out because "butt is butt". I can mentally see little kids dancing to this and acting out what they are actually promoting in this commercial - checking out women's butts. It has nothing to do with food or anything else associated with it. And, you'll get rewarded with a kid's toy for acting like this.

Having sexual attractions for butt is illegal and immoral in most states. It's called sodomy. I don't believe the police should start going around trying to arrest everybody that partakes in this sexual practice, but I also don't believe it should be promoted on national TV either especially tied in with a kid's meal and toy and a child's TV program/movie.

I've been told that if I don't like it just simply change the channel. It's pretty hard for me to change the channel when I'm at work and my children are at home watching TV. I can't block a particular channel because I don't like the content of its programming, or tell them that I don't want them watching TV at a particular time of day because something I find offensive is being broadcasted then. My only alternative is to deprive my children of TV totally because this commercial is being aired on several channels and at different times of day. It's not about ME. It's about CHILDREN and, MY CHILDREN particularly.

I do believe the Government has and the FCC has a responsibility to the consumer when it comes to commercials and that they should heavily sensor them for content; both morally and for validity. When any company attempts to do something considered inappropriate or dishonest, I would like to see the FCC come down on that company very heavily. It's damaging to the fabric of our society by their being permitted to pollute it in this way either by immoral portraits or attempts at ripping Americans off.

Needless to say, I will NOT be buying anything "Burger King" or companies/commodities associated with this company. That means "Spongebob Squarepants" products, "Nick", "Nickelodeon", "Nick at Nite", "Nicktoons Network", "Nick Magazine", "Noggin", "Nick", "Neopets", "Nickelodeon Family Suites", "Nick Arcade" and "Nickelodeon family Cruise. They are also associated with "VIACOM INTERNATIONAL, INC." So, it's not JUST "Burger King" involved here.

I honestly believe that the TV syndicates like ABC, CBS, NBC, ABCFAM, TBS, USA, SPIKE, SCIFI & TNT hold viable responsibilities here because they are permitting this exceptionally bad commercial on their channels. If all you're interested in is "THE ALMIGHTY DOLLAR" then I guess it wouldn't matter much what contents are in anything being aired on your channel. However, if you have ANY sensibilities at all, you'd pull this junk off something YOU own real fast.

When you have adults doing EVERYTHING within their powers to influence children into buying their products as Burger King and Nickelodeon do, and want to portray themselves as "child friendly", then there should be a GREAT deal of responsibility placed on their actions and image.

Without strict scrutiny on their conduct, they start to resemble entities that are more predatorial than anything. Using false pretenses in order to profit from it and dismissing any damages that it may cause as nothing, is wrong. If you wish to file a complaint over this commercial - or anything else for that matter, please follow the link below. If you wish, simply copy and paste this review into the complaint box. **. Thank you!

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