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Burger King
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Safety Issue- My Child Injured in Burger King Restroom
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Rating: 2/51

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA -- This is a safety issue regarding the restrooms of the Burger King Restaurant at the Blossom Hill Road and Hillview Avenue location in San Jose. The door of the women's restroom has a very loose hinge. My husband said that it is the same issue with the men's restroom, as well. If you give either restroom door a slight push, the door swings inward very quickly.

Two days ago, as my children and I were about to exit the women's restroom, a customer pushed the door open. The door swung open so quickly, it slammed into my daughter's right ear. My daughter was screaming in pain. When I brought her outside, the staff took no notice.

My daughter's ear is now swollen and bruised. I explained the situation to the manager. I asked her to request for a sign to be installed cautioning people to open the restroom doors carefully. If you have a young child, or use a stroller for your kids, please be careful when using the restroom facilities at this location.

Whopper is a Whopper bun that's all
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Rating: 1/51

YADKINVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA -- Why do they have this nice fat Whopper Burger ads on TV and pictures all in the Sunday news paper even posters on the outside of the building of this Burger about 4 inches tall with MEAT, TOMATOES, ONIONS, AND LETTUCE hanging out all the way around the bun??? Then when you get it and get home it looks like someone stepped on it or sat down on it . You can find the lettuce OK, a couple of rings of wilted onions. You might find 2 ( If you're lucky ) small slices of green tomatoes on one side of the small meat patty. The only thing about a Whopper is the BUN... I say false advertising. They say well don't eat here, Hummm. So I eat at home.

Worst BK Restaurant on the Planet: 3040 Ella Blvd. Houston, TX 77018 (Restaurant #571)
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Rating: 1/51

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- I arrived at the BK restaurant on 3040 Ella Blvd. Houston, TX 77018 (#571) at 6:45 P.M. on Sunday, December 16, 2012. Before ordering I went to the bathroom and was greeted by a toilet filled with defecation, right to the brim. Very nice! A sign indicated that the toilet was broke and to flush by pulling a “yellow cord.” No such cord was present and it was obvious that the toilet had been broken for greater than one day. I immediately retreated and, in a terrible decision I would greatly regret, actually got in line to order.

I placed an order for 4 Whoppers and a French fry, to go, at 6:56 p.m.; hardly a complicated order. **, the Manager, took my order. Much to my chagrin and the other patrons waiting for their orders, she and her staff moved as if they were in molasses, with absolutely no sense of urgency. Numerous other drive through customers received their orders before me and the other walk-in customers, even though the customers inside had placed their orders before the drive through patrons.

We stood there fuming as the staff members preparing our burgers would leisurely stroll to the “cold room” and retrieve one solitary piece of cheese and then saunter back, like their customers' time was absolutely worthless. The customer in front of me said “good luck” when he finally got his burgers and then left, upset. I finally received my order at 7:18 p. m., 22 minutes after placing a simple order. I expressed my displeasure with ** over the wait. To her credit, she did apologize indicating she had only one cook.

I took my order home and my family and I ate cold Whoppers and fries -- not one new batch of fries was cooked during the time I was there. I was haunted as I ate by thoughts of a toilet bowl full of turds. What a miserable customer experience! This is not the first instance of atrocious customer service/ cleanliness at this particular BK.

Approximately one year ago, while in line, I witnessed one of the African American kids who prepares the burgers and fries rummaging his fingers through the fry bin, sans sanitary gloves! My daughter actually got sick later that night, even though I did not order her any fries. I cannot say if she became ill from that BK meal, but upon reflection after this latest experience, it would not surprise me. After that instance I vowed never to return. Unfortunately, I caved. I admit it; I like the taste of BK burgers. The second Whopper for $0.55 offer Drew me in! Laugh! Never again. Ever! At any BK! Fool me twice, shame on me!

BK has now dropped to the bottom of my fast food burger list. I used to own shares in BK before they were bought out by a Private Equity firm 2-3 years ago. The name of this PE firm eludes me. Some free advice to the managers of your BK investment: Police your BK franchises! If this is a company owned store and not a franchise, you have serious problems! I currently own shares in MCD. There is one right across the street from this BK on Ella Blvd. They are not perfect by a long shot, but the level of service and friendliness from their workers and cleanliness of their operation is 180 degrees opposite from what I experienced at this particular BK. The contrast was startling.

I believe in giving my vendors, restaurants and service providers feedback, both good and bad, both at the point of sale and, if warranted, to their superiors at the corporate level. I encourage others to do the same. Do not tolerate substandard or even mediocre service. Give them feedback and make them accountable! If you accept this level of service, they will think it is acceptable! Don't fall in this trap. It is part of what is wrong in America today!

Trash In My Whopper Burger
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Rating: 1/51

MCALLEN, TEXAS -- The Burger King at McAllen, TX. 78501 on 10th street, very bad serving. I bought Whooper Jr to go and when I got to my office to have lunch, the burger had a piece of plastic transparent trash inside. I had my last bite of the burger and thought that it was a piece of lettuce but it wasn't. I'm starting to bring my own lunch from now on. Oh, and in addition I kept my receipt and called the manager, and he just said to me "Oh I'm Sorry Ma'am. I'm Sorry." Be aware people!

Unethical Business Practice
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Rating: 1/51

AUSTIN, TEXAS -- I went to Burger King located at 3001 Montopolis Dr, Austin, TX 78741 to order some food. I pulled up to the drive through menu to place my order for a number 8 with cheese. Yet this Burger King employee taking orders assumed (instead of listening attentively) that I requested an ice tea. Then instead of allowing me to explain what I actually requested this employee just told me "ok sir pull up to the second window" without trying to get my order correct.

So, I decided that I would go inside of the restaurant to place a complaint with the manager ** because I did not have time to repeat my order over several times. Let me add that on a few sporadic occasions in the past, I had this same issue with poor customer service at this particular Burger King. I also had to place a few complaints in that I assume ** was aware of.

Moving on with the story, ** became very evasive towards my complaint. I always thought that in customer service a restaurant manager was supposed to show empathy and listen to a complaint rather than disputing it. ** then told me in a very condescending way to leave what she claimed to be her establishment. Wait a minute her establishment as if she is the owner of the entire Burger King franchise? I replied by telling her that she was not the owner of the entire Burger King franchise loud enough for her to hear me as she stood back in a defensive manner.

Then, I asked for her name so that I could complain about her conduct. While standing back in her defensive manner, ** told me again to leave her establishment in a condescending manner. Once again before leaving I asked for her name. Finally she told me that ** was her name and that she was going to call the police. I began to leave at that point ok.

** was aware of my intentions to place in a complaint on her. That is when ** decided to follow me outside to get my license plate number in order to report me to the police. Why would that be so necessary when there was never any threats, assault, vandalism, or vulgar language used? Yes I made previous stops at this particular Burger King but the only issue was to address poor customer service. I had no interest in dealing with ** personally outside of my complaints regarding the poor quality of service where she so-called managed.

Continuing with the story there was a female off duty officer who happened to be there after the incident with **. This officer asked for my side of the story. After telling her she asked for my ID she then advised me to wait until the officer that ** called arrived. I complied and waited. After the other officer pulled up he got my side of the story. This officer then told me to wait while he got ** side of the story and not to interrupt. With that I also was compliant.

I overheard ** deceitfully telling this officer how I was in some manner harassing her place of business and causing problems where she worked (due to prior complaints regarding poor customer service) yet Nancy wanted to play the victim role instead of truthfully explaining my previous visits to that Burger King.

** then had a criminal trespass placed against me just because I had made these previous complaints (that ** claimed to be harassment) where she worked. I'll assume that she was attempting to save face prior to me being able to place my complaint in on her. Other than that I feel that her actions were too over the top and disrespectful towards me as a customer.

This is a practice of bigotry. This manager named ** does not seem to be well-rounded enough with interpersonal and customer service skills to be in the customer service field. She should be fired in my opinion and placed on some type of psyche medication. I'll advise anybody in the Austin Location to avoid the Burger King located at the 3001 Montopolis. Date of incident 03/03/2015.

20 Minute Wait On Average For Food Drive Through Or Lobby
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Rating: 1/51

BLOOMINGTON, INDIANA -- Burger King Bloomington, Indiana W 3rd Street. I went into the lobby. A pregnant lady waiting to be served. I walked in with one of their workers who had been outside smoking. 5 min later the guy that was outside smoking finally asked me what I wanted. The pregnant lady beside me said "I have been waiting over 10 minutes and no one has asked me what I wanted."

So the guy asked her and she told him. He said "We no longer carry that item." She said it is right there on your menu. He said "Yeah we need to take it down." So she ordered a sundae and told them that they have the worst customer service that when a person is standing in front of you for 10 min you might want to ask them what you need.

Then a lady from the lobby comes up and said this sandwich I ordered was supposed to come with cheese. After a little argument the worker gave the lady a cold slice of cheese on the side. Then he finally took my order. Then a guy walked in behind me half blown out of his mind and I said "You better be ready to wait." He said "Not me I work here." He went around the corner, went in the back, made him a sandwich, fries, and a large drink, and came back out before I had got my order.

Then they had to redo the drive through orders because they kept making them wrong. A lady comes from outside and says in an extremely mad voice "I want to talk to the manager now." They started to argue when the manager said "Come over to the side." I still do not have food.

Finally when I got my food it took 21 min. I timed it and the lady who was yelling was still waiting for something and not one employee even seem to care, even the manager who I overheard said been doing this for 19 years, get some people in there that care. I will not be there again. The place was dirty in the back and the workers looked that way as well.

I went through the drive through 2 weeks ago and it took over 20 min and 2 cars ahead of me just left. I feel stupid just saying I waited that long. I ended up getting the 2 people in front of me order and had to tell them sorry they left. Then with my order sitting right at the window paid for and almost in arms length the window worker left, went out the door (I am guessing the bathroom), came back a few minutes later, looked at the bag and seen that he had forgotten to give me my order and handed it out to me and "Said sorry I thought I gave it to you."

I am guessing they do not drug test there or they would be out most of their works. Go try it and see if your luck is any better and watch how surprised you are on how bad the service is. This is my first time ever writing a review but I thought it was my duty to let people know.

Nasty Attitude
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Rating: 1/51

MIAMI, FLORIDA -- Today I went to Burger King about 3:40 pm and ordered two large onion rings and a raspberry smoothie. The girl that took my order told me that the price was about $9.98. I proceeded to the pick up window, and waited there for more than 15 minutes wondering where everybody was because there was no one on sight. When finally somebody showed up with the food. I asked this person how much the onion rings were and he tells me about $3.89. He proceeds to charge me and he tells me that the price was ten something, then I replied "no" the girl that took my order told me $9.98. How come you are charging me differently?

He calls the girl to correct the problem, then they started laughing and playing while she corrected the mistake. When she was done correcting the mistake the guy that is handling my order takes my money without saying anything about the price and charged me like $12.90 and gives me the change. That is when I realized that he was charging me the wrong price again. So I say to him, "listen you made a mistake this is not the right price", then he tells me "well that is what the total is", then I said "no the price is $9.98 call the girl that took my order", so he did. The girl comes and fixes the mistake, then this is when it all started.

While the guy was getting the right change to give it to me I made a comment and asked the guy, why did they take so long to bring me the food and how come they made this mistake with the price? "Because I am entitled to know. I am the client being served and I am spending my money here." So this guy got this very nasty attitude and started screaming at me, that the mistake was because the girl that took the order had put down three orders of onion rings instead of two. Then I said well if you would be paying more attention to what you are doing this would not happened in the first place.

Then he kept on the defensive throwing words in a very bad attitude at me, then I said "why are you talking to me with that attitude you should not talk to me in that way. I am your client and you should have a little respect towards me." That is when he got really mad and said "I don't care" then told another girl that was around, "you take care of this I am not putting up with this anymore", so he left.

The girl comes and fixes the mistake and gives me my change back, then I started complaining to her about what had happened and asked her if she heard what happened and she says "yes" and then takes the employee's side in a confronting way, then I asked her for his name and she refuses to give me the guy's name and tells me in an also very bad attitude that the guy didn't have a bad attitude towards me. When in fact he did.

Then at that point I said to her "well can I talk to the manager?" Then she replied to my surprise, "I am the manager", then I asked her very confused "why are you taking the guy's side?" Then she replied, "because I want to". So at this point I asked her to give me the guy's name and her name that I was going to file a complaint against him and her, and her reply was "no I don't have to give you either my name or his," but then my wife and my daughter that were witnesses of everything that happened remembered the name, that was on the guy's name tag, because he was wearing a name tag with the name **.

The manager was not wearing any name tag at all and refused to give her name to me when I asked, so these are the kind of things that can not be tolerated because these are public places that are supposed to give a service to the people in a nice way, because the people are the ones who pay for that service and expect it. Thank you.

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Rating: 1/51

WAUSAU, WISCONSIN -- My complaint takes place over a number of visits to Burger King (all at the same restaurant) and over a couple of years. The first complaint is that on a couple of visits, I received moldy sandwiches. The second visit was just last week, at which time I ordered one of their cones. When I came to the window to pay, I gave the clerk 2 quarters, at which time she asked me if I wanted my change back. I was so taken off guard that I stammered out that I didn't. I had in mind that McDonald's does have a basket in which you can tell them to put the change in there for charity use. Anyway, I took my cone and left.

Then today really tops everything! I ordered a fish sandwich (no fries), a raspberry smoothie and a cone. When the total came up on the screen, it was for $14.+. Now I knew this couldn't be right and mentioned it to the clerk and asked her to over what I had ordered with me and the price of each thing. She said I had ordered a chicken sandwich at which time I stopped her as I had really ordered a fish sandwich. She then said, "Oh that was for the car in front of you." OK, now that was straightened out but we aren't done yet!

I proceeded to the pick-up window with one car ahead of me that had already been there for a while, while I was straightening things out at the order spot. I waited...and waited...and waited. By this time there were several cars lined up behind me. I finally got to the window and thought OK, finally I'll get my food and be on my way. Nope! I waited....and waited...and waited some more. It probably took me half an hour all told to get through this line!

A woman finally came to the window but did not open it and totally ignored me. I honked my horn, thinking maybe they didn't know I was there. Nope again! She completely ignored me. I again honked my horn. I think I did this 3 times. She finally opened the window and asked me what I wanted. I told her, "my food would be nice". She said, "Oh, it'll be here."

Then someone did come up with the smoothie and I took it but then she wanted my money and I told her I wasn't going to do that until I had the rest of my food. She said that was OK and closed the window. Then someone else came up with the cone and attempted to give it to me and I said that I didn't want it until I had the rest of the food as it might melt while I was waiting for the fish sandwich.

He was kind of confused and turned to someone else inside the store at which time they finally produced my food, I took it and the cone and then went to pay for it. They then told me it was free for the aggravation I had endured. Now, that was fine, but I still feel something should be done about this whole thing. This shoddy service, etc. has been going on for a few years now.

Spitting On Food
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Rating: 1/51

ELIZABETHTOWN, KENTUCKY -- I had just left the BK store #7194 of Elizabethtown, KY. I wish to make my self very CLEAR that I am beyond mad; beyond angry, beyond outraged, beyond furious with what happened a short real ago. An employee (female to be exact), said (on her way out with food) she has been SPITTING on some meat. Here, I had eaten more than half a double Whopper and fries as she sad it. She was walking out with an unknown size bag of something for a drive-through customer. I can't help wonder if she had done that to that customer and with mine.

As the lady came back in, her co-worker (who is new) says, "you did not just say that?", and the girl says (sounding proud of it) "œI most definitely did." I could feel my blood purser SKYROCKETING in anger after hearing that. I nearly said something to a manager about this, if I was not so angry and outraged. In many ways I wish I had when she (I believe could tell) seeing me that upset would have asked if everything was O.K. I nearly would have expressed how angry I was and still am. That made what that girl said just as bad (judging from her voice behind me) "there won't be a phone call and what are they going to do to me anyway?"

I thought of getting up and answering her. It was bad enough listening to her complaining while on the floor about she hates being at there (BK) and can't wait to quit in April. But to hear the rest of what she said, if I were THE UNDERCOVER BOSS I would have fired her for what she said she did, but that's up to the management and owner/CEO. In some ways I hope this complaint gets to him/her. Hearing what she said made me sick to my stomach. I do not know if she did do it or not, I will never know.

The second complaint is that a lady kept asking for the fish sandwich to be made and how long and never heard anybody answer her the first four-six times she asked and a guy had the nerve to bark back to her saying, "I just got here and you can't blame me." The guy who said that, I know had been there long enough to have answered her the first time and I felt that was extremely rude.

Regardless if one just got there or not. If it's that person's job to do so when calling for them, then that person should do so without barking back. How many times should she have to ask for fish sandwich before somebody does what she asks? I was about to buy some to take home to my handicap mother who can't get out. Before going in for some of those fish sandwiches, but out of fear of the girl spitting on food and not knowing if they are thoroughly being cooked I did not buy any.

I used to work in restaurants and my family has owned restaurants for sometime and I perfectly understand the demand that it takes to run and keeping loyal customers and to bring in new ones, but it's those kind of people whom are (in my mind) destroying it by saying what I had heard today.

By -

I bought the hype, visited my local Burger King for lunch and added a 3-piece rib to a Whopper meal for an extra $3.99. What I found I had purchased was three bone-in ribs ranging from 2" to 2.75" long. (Pull out a ruler, see how short that is!) I wish I could weigh them but I don't have a food scale handy at work.

Everyone in the world is familiar with the chicken nugget and knows what they are about to get when they order them. The rib that BK is now selling is grossly misrepresented in advertising that shows a rack of traditional ribs being grilled. Also grossly overpriced - I don't know anyone who would pay $1.33 per rib for this size serving! It's like paying $1.33 per chicken nugget!

I could go to a real BBQ joint and get a plate of BBQ with sides for under $10.00; my Whopper combo plus the 3-piece came to $10.05. BK succeeded in fooling me. And in losing a customer for a very long time. Do yourself a favor, do not waste your money on this menu item!

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