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Manager attitude
Posted by on
Burger King, Mackinaw City, MI

As every time, after I stop working, I go to BK to have my dinner about 10pm or 11 pm. Because BK is the only "open" restaurant in this little town at mentioned time. This time, when I go there, saw the "open" lights on and tried to go in, but the door was closed :s In the meantime, drive through was still open and tried my chance to get my order on "drive through". but the thing is I don't have a vehicle, I walked to "drive through",waited couple minutes for the car in front of me, when my turn comes, here we go, started to speaking for my order. but what do I see?? cashier girl didn't even let me talk and called the manager because of me trying to get order from drive through. when manager comes out, I explained to him that, on the door, it is written that BK is open between 10 am to 11 pm but, even though, it is 10:30 pm, door was already closed, "the manager" didn't even let me talk more and started to "explain" that the time I had been waiting in drive through line, I could get crashed or mashed by a car, so its not possible that the could take an order from me, and he closed the window on my face :s so where was this manager when my life is in "danger" waiting in drive through? I thought manager is for "warn" the people instead of giving lessons or keep the place open as it is written on the door so that people who doesn't have a wehicle could go "in" to get an order, instead of drive-through!

After a week, I was going to get my lunch from the same BK cuz, "unfortunately", this BK is the only one in this little town, so I had to go there. thanks god this time, door was open, I was happy to be able to go in for my order. but the thing is, I had only my coins with me, about 15$, consisting of pennies, dimes, etc.. so here we go, before I order sth, asked the cashier "the manager from drive-through night" that is he going to accept me trying to pay by coins or not? because I don't want to seem as if I am trying get my revange by paying it all with coins, I am here because this is only BK in mackinaw and the coins are all I have got. so, he asked me that what did I have as coins? I said they are all mixed with dimes, pennies, etc but about 15 bucks. he called another manager looks like ranked manager or sth, explained the situation to her and, in front of my eyes, she accepting taking the money of order by coins, so I did my order which is about 8 $ and gave coins to him, he started to count the whole money, but "however" the "drive-through night manager guy" was tired of counting the coins, he said that he d be back, after a while he came back with ranked manager, and she told me that "they are not going to accept my coins, Because I didn't declare them that I did have - pennies - " I was totally shoked, told her that "you guys, exactly, accepted me paying by coins few minutes ago but now, don't want to do that, so what am I going to do with all coins lying on the counter? " by keeping myself calm. but what happened right after that? she s become total freak, started to Shout at me in front of BK crew, so called drive through manager and customers, and moreover she was saying me that "calm down" excuse me!? who have to "calm down" ? I caught up couple sentence when she is totally angry about me, she was saying that " we are not a bank that is able to accept your coins! pay it with another way or order will be cancelled" :S after that I was just standing there in front of her "the ranked manager" trying to understand is this a joke? where is the cameras? but unfortunately it was not a joke. I thought those kinds of situations only happens in the movies but that happened in real life, I was humiliated by the manager herself in front of people and crew of BK, just because of , "drive through night manager" didn't want to count the whole money and they covered whole their wrong by insulting me in front of people. at that time, I did not want to continue that conversation and started to gather back my coins. in the mean time, she stopped speaking, and I asked her that what was her name? she heard of it, I am totally sure that she did, but did not response to answer to me, as customer. and then I asked the same question to the "drive-through so-called manager guy" but same attitude, he didn't even open his mouth :s how come it is possible giving such a terrible attitude in BK ? so, when I finished my job gathering my coins, they came up with "roll paper" !! she said to me that I could roll my coins with the roll paper so that they could accept my paying :S are you guys kidding me?? is it for real?? I just left the place! and I am never going to go there, never! terrible approach to cover their fault, and moreover, treating to a customer with such insulting way! but I have seen her name on her t-shirt, it was "jamie", so that I could complain on her and the place. I wish this is going to end on the side of right person!

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User Replies:
Venice09 on 09/17/2011:
The quickest way to get you out of the drive-through and to safety was to close the window. I'm sure they have a policy about only serving people in vehicles at the drive-through, for safety reasons. I agree that the door should have been open until the posted closing time.

If they said they would accept your coins, then they should have. However, it's inconsiderate to use loose, mixed coins (especially pennies) for payment. You might want to consider planning ahead next time so you don't have this problem again.

Employees should never Shout at customers.
jktshff1 on 09/17/2011:
Drive through means just that.
Cwazychicken on 09/18/2011:
Restaurants always seem to close early but keep drive thrus open, so they can clean up. Unfortunately, that means you can not get service without a car. As far as change goes, well I would definitely try not to pay in pennies or nickles or even too many dimes (quarters, seems to be the best change to use. If you do not have them, go to a bank and maybe they can get your changed put into a higher amount), as that can be very time consuming to count. I once went to a gas station where this woman had 10 bucks in pennies, yes pennies, and it took like 15 minutes maybe longer as I came in while they were counting them) for them to count it and make sure it was correct before I could pay for my gas!
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Horrible Service, Listening to Manager yelling at everyone
Posted by on
Please do not go to this Burger King.

I avoid Burger King in Branford, CT for its shabbiness and dirtiness. But I went there this Saturday morning to buy breakfast for my staff, on their request. I should have fought their choice.
When I walked into the restaurant at 9:30am, there were two customers in the seating area and no one in line. I walked up to the counter and stood there waiting. The manager walked passed twice, the counter person walked passed twice, but no one acknowledged me, not even with a look. Slowly, over the next 4 1/2 minutes, I was ignored, and a line of customers grew behind me. I know the amount of time because there is a digital timer clock posted where you can see it from the counter.

Finally, I stopped the counter person, and asked if the counter was open. She said they were all busy waiting on the drive-through customers. At this time, the manager started to yell at the cook about hash browns. She returned to the drive-through area.

The counter person then took my order and payment, then walked away to the drive through, leaving a line of customer behind me. The manager walked back to the kitchen and again started yelling at the cook for being slow.

The manager returned to the drive-through, yelling back that there was a customer in the lobby who hadn't paid. She then stuck her head out and yelled at the customer directly. The customer said he had waited so long for someone to come to the window, he thought they weren't coming and came inside. The manager yelled again at the customer, yelled at the front counter person and yelled at the cook to hurry up.

At this time, I asked for my money back. Counter person ignored me. When I got the manager's attention and asked her for a refund, she just stared at me and walked back into the drive-through area.

During all this time (15 minutes) only one other customer at the counter had is order taken and one drive-through order given out. I asked the counter person to give me my money back or give me my food. She said she was trying, but they were busy.
Then manager yelled again at the man who had come in from the drive-through that he hadn't paid, and you can't have your food if you haven't paid. He said he’d pay if someone would wait on him.
I asked again for my money back, and finally the counter person started to bag my order. I didn’t want to put the customers who were in line to any more delay so I took the food and left. I had been in the store for 25 minutes.
My store is next to the Burger King, but I was still surprised the hash browns were still hot when I distributed them to my employees and myself. They were disgustingly soggy and grease-filled, but hot. The sandwiches were cold and the biscuits were burnt and hard as rocks. And the Cini-minis were Blueberry Biscuits. Nothing in the order was good or correct. So I had waited for 25 minutes, was treated rudely and didn’t even get the orders for my staff.
I know it is only fast food, but it’s so unprofessional. The manager was horrible. She can only yell. She has no customer service skills. She was irresponsive and nasty. She is not an asset to the company. I wish I had gotten her name, but since she would not come to the counter, I did not see her name tag.
Please do not go to this Burger King.

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User Replies:
Anonymous on 06/11/2011:
Wow. With service like this, there is no way this store will stay in business. It sounds like there is no organization and proper management in place. Definitely pass this on to BK corporate. They would want to hear about something like this.
Skye on 06/11/2011:
Sounds like nothing but chaos. Do as Nicole says, and contact corporate. Here is the contact information:

Burger King Corporation
5505 Blue Lagoon Drive
Miami, Florida 33126

Corporate Headquarters
(305) 378-3000

Consumer Relations
(305) 378-3535
trmn8r on 06/11/2011:
The old "drive through gets first priority" thing, eh?

That's BOGUS, man! Very helpful reivew. This manager needs to go back to kindergarten and see if second time through she can become educated properly.
Skye on 06/11/2011:
This review reminds me of an exercise training video, of what NOT to do.

Passing Through on 06/11/2011:
This would have driven me mad. There is no way in hades that I will ever go to this Burger King. Forget them. It's been quite a long time since I ave found a Burger King worth going to
Nohandle on 06/11/2011:
It sounds as if half the help didn't show up that day. I'm not making excuses for anyone but good grief, lock the doors or shut down the drive through. Obviously that place can't handle both at the same time.

In this area, it's my understanding, all Burger Kings are franchised and happen to be owned by the same individual. It just turned out that way but they do attempt to please every customer. Don't like your food? Refund. Got an incorrect order? Let us make it right and no charge. I don't eat at FF much anymore but it seems to be working for that owner.
Anonymous on 06/11/2011:
Perhaps not everywhere, but in our town the Burger Kings have gone severely downhill in their service and appearance. It has become so disgusting that I stopped visiting a couple of years back. I only go on the rare occasion that my daughter asks for it. She still holds a fascination for the Whopper. Those "used" to be my favorite back in the day. Not so much anymore. Tis' a shame...
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Posted by on
I bought the hype, visited my local Burger King for lunch and added a 3-piece rib to a Whopper meal for an extra $3.99. What I found I had purchased was three bone-in ribs ranging from 2" to 2.75" long. (pull out a ruler, see how short that is!) I wish I could weigh them but I don't have a food scale handy at work.

Everyone in the world is familiar with the chicken nugget and knows what they are about to get when the order them. The rib that BK is now selling is grossly misrepresented in advertising that shows a rack of traditional ribs being grilled. Also grossly overpriced - I don't know anyone who would pay $1.33 per rib for this size serving! It's like paying $1.33 per chicken nugget! I could go to a real BBQ joint and get a plate of BBQ with sides for under $10.00; My Whopper combo plus the 3-piece came to $10.05.
BK succeeded in fooling me. And in losing a customer for a very long time.

Do yourself a favor, do not waste your money on this menu item!
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User Replies:
skelly39 on 06/01/2010:
They don't look like a full rack of ribs in the commercial. They look like little brown squares.
goduke on 06/01/2010:
Looks kind of like they boiled 'em as well. Thanks for the warning. I saw that on a sign as I was going from point A to point B one day, and thought "hmmm." Then I remembered the McRib. Then I saw the commercial and said "hmmm" again. Now I know.
Anonymous on 06/01/2010:
I wonder what kind of meat these things are supposed to be? Thanks for the info
Anonymous on 06/01/2010:
You can't expect to get authentic Ribs at BK.
goduke on 06/01/2010:
Ever been to one of those buffets that serve "riblets"? That's what these look like.
Anonymous on 06/01/2010:
Where I come from we call them rib tips or ends.
DebtorBasher on 06/01/2010:
Kisha, I thought you and I were from the same place? Where I come from, we call Whoppers "burgers", not "bergers". Now, don't get me wrong. I'm not correcting your spelling, that would be a TOS violation...I'm just saying what we call them here in my part of Ohio.
As for the ribs, they looked pretty small on TV and I told my Dad if they look that small on TV, I can only imagine how small they really are, since them actually make it look bigger on TV.
Anonymous on 06/01/2010:
Debtor, they all look disgusting and are way overpriced.
DebtorBasher on 06/01/2010:
I agree they are way overpriced. It's like those chicken armpits I've seen advertised for ONLY .50 each! Are they NUTS???
Starlord on 06/02/2010:
Anyone who has seen the TV commercial for the ribs has a darn good idea how big the rib tips are. At least it is not like Head-On, that the commercial makes their product look like a roll-on deodorant, but the real product is more the size of a Chapstick. The ones I got were prepared properly, and I can only feel for those who got them overcooked. If they are not to your liking, take them back to the counter and talk to the manager. He or she can not fix the problem if you don't let them know there is a problem.
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Rude about no tomato
Posted by on
INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA -- I went to Burger King to get my husband and son a sandwich because my husband had received a flier and the picture of one of their new extra large burgers with everything on it had made my husband hungry. When I was waiting for the sandwiches the woman in front of me complained that there was no tomato on her salad. The manager informed her there were no tomatoes. The customer then complained that there also was no carrots on her salad. The manager said it was not supposed to come with carrots that it was a house salad.

That got me wondering whether the sandwiches I had ordered would come with everything like they were supposed to. When I got the sandwiches (to go) I took the bag to a nearby table and inspected one of them. No Tomatoes. I asked the manager if I could get tomatoes on the sandwiches and he said "Did you read the sign" and pointed back to the beginning of the line. I said no and asked about the tomatoes again and he said they were having a hard time getting them. I told him that he should tell people when they order that there are no tomatoes available. He said again that I should read the sign. I said I didn't want to read the sign that I was trying to talk to him. He said that I could talk to his supervisor if I wanted his phone number. I felt that this was very rude of the manager (Carmelo). I came in to get sandwiches with everything on them. Not to get hassled or tricked into buying a product that was not advertised. The flier had a picture with tomatoes, their picture above the counter showed the sandwich with a tomato and I shouldn't be expected to have to read their signs to see if I am going to get something other than what was advertised. They should change their picture on their flier's and above the counter or at the very least inform the customer when purchasing a product. Instead of being contrite or apologetic (as I feel they should have been) for trying to pass off a lesser product for the same price they were rude. When I told him I thought they should inform the customer that there was no tomatoes before the purchase was made or lower their prices he once again said I should read the sign or talk to his supervisor. I turned to walk out and as I was walking out the manager and a female employee (Chris)were giggling and smirking about the situation. I informed the manager that I had changed my mind that I would take his supervisor's number (Phil) to report their rudeness, smirks and laughing. I told him I wanted his name and the girls name. He refused to give me the girls name saying that she hadn't done anything to me. I said you know that's not true because you were just smirking along with her. He gave me the girls first name and his first name and said if I wanted anything else I could talk to his supervisor. I left a message with the supervisor and have not heard back.

I went to McDonalds to get a fish sandwich for myself right after this incident and out of curiosity asked if there extra large sandwich came with tomato on it and they said yes. It was nice to be treated with respect at McDonalds.
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User Replies:
Ytropious on 03/18/2010:
There are fliers up at every fast food place about the tomatoes. They aren't going to amend every picture of every sandwich to remove tomatoes when there are none available. You did not read the sign, he did not have to inform you of anything at the time of ordering since it is within reason that the patron should see and acknowledge the sign before ordering. No tomatoes on the sandwich is not the end of the world. I think you're being a little unreasonable about it.
Anonymous on 03/18/2010:
Why should they have to say anything if there's a sign, right there, saying exactly that?
There's Wendy's, I frequent, that has two signs in the drive-through, and one sign each, post at the two windows.
I haven't been inside, but sure there's multiple signs there as well.
Anonymous on 03/18/2010:
I always take the tomatoes out of my sandwich.

op it would have done u good to read the sigh.
Anonymous on 03/18/2010:
Agree on the sign reading. The menus are posted, as well. People can't expect the CSR to recite the entire menu to each and every customer. Signs are posted for ALL people to read, even those that think they may be special or it doesn't apply to them.

That being said, it wouldn't take much effort on the part of the order taker to say, "We're out of tomaotoes." I mean, it's only 4 words. 5 if you want to get technical.
FlShopper on 03/18/2010:
You mentioned several times that you told the managers that the customers should've been notified about the lack of tomatoes, but yet you dismiss the fact that customers were, in fact, notified about it via the signs.
Sorry, but I can't see where BK did anything wrong here.
Anonymous on 03/18/2010:
I wonder why the store ran out.
Venice09 on 03/18/2010:
I was just at the supermarket and they had all the tomatoes you want.. at a premium price! Fast food places can probably get tomatoes, but it would be cost prohibitive. Posting a sign is sufficient, and you can't expect them to change the pictures/menu for something that is only temporary. That's the purpose of a sign. You need to be a little more reasonable.

And yes, McDonalds told you that the sandwich comes with tomatoes but might have neglected to mention that they are temporarily out.
PepperElf on 03/19/2010:
I don't see what they did wrong either

yes the op is upset BUT they did put up a sign

it is not their fault if she ignored it
andbran on 03/19/2010:
did you think the sign did not apply to you?
Anonymous on 03/19/2010:
If the sign had not been posted then the OP would have a valid claim, but for whatever reason they didn't read it, or didn't see it, or they were not paying attention. It is anyones guess. I do like tomato on my sandwich but it's not the end of the world if they are not available. I would be pleased if the only thing that went wrong in my day is the unavailability of tomato on a burger.
Anonymous on 03/19/2010:
Re-reading it, the sandwiches were to go. Just put a tomato slice on when you get home. Shouldn't have to do that but if they don't have any tomatoes, you got to do what you got to do.
RedDazes on 03/19/2010:
People put signs up for a reason...if you walk into a place of food and you notice a sign that doesn't belong... READ IT! FOR THE LOVE OF PEAS! I can't tell you how frustrating it is when you spend time, making the signs, waist your money printing the signs, make them big make them colorful make them HARD TO MISS... and no one reads them and you end up repeating yourself to five thousand people just because 'they shouldn't have to read the signs'

On another note..
Why do I have a feeling that the store personnel were actually polite in the beginning and OC was not, and the whole thing digressed from there?

Anonymous on 03/19/2010:
What is OC stand for? I'm guessing you are referring to the original poster which I abbreviate as OP.
Starlord on 03/19/2010:
Ignatz, I am sorry, but this post made me ashamed to be from Indy originally. the sign was posted and clearly visible. the manager asked you twice to read the sign, but no, you have to get on your high horse and say you don't want to read a sign. FYI, I just saw in the news that Florida lost 70% of the tomato crop, due to freezes. You need to cut back on the attitude and realize that it is a hard time, but that BK is not going to post totally new pictures because of a tem,porary condition. Yes, there was rudeness here, but it came from you.
Venice09 on 03/19/2010:
Actually, the OP knew that her sandwich would not have tomatoes on it because she heard the manager tell the person in front of her that they didn't have any tomatoes. She still asked the manager for tomatoes even though she knew they didn't have any. It just seems like she was determined to give the manager a hard time over something that was beyond his control. She didn't want to accept the fact that they had no tomatoes, and in her own words "didn't want to read the sign".

All that over a slice of tomato.
PepperElf on 03/19/2010:
in a way she was just trying to start a fight then?

and since when does not wanting to read a sign actually negate the sign?

DRVROFRED on 03/19/2010:
Well I got a traffic ticket today. I am wondering if the officer was upset due to the tomato shortage. On the "other" serious side I managed a Wendy's for several years. Yes, it happens for many reasons that you will run out of tomatoes or hamb.buns, cheese and certain sodas. I'm sure you get my drift. There's no way the company could afford to alter every picture for a temp. problem. OH...HERE IT COMES...That's just stupid!!! WHEW! I see another customer wanting some type of refund or discount for not real reason. I wonder why happens if the weather man says it's going to rain and it doesn't. Must he/she pay restitution for no rain and NO SIGN???
Venice09 on 03/19/2010:
I think she just wanted something that she knew was impossible to get, so instead she made an issue about the description on the menu/pictures, etc. Honestly, what is to be gained by doing that?
Anonymous on 03/19/2010:
No tomatatos. I suspect this is a much bigger problem for the people who are growing them, have had their crop ruined, and now have no money than for someone who wants her sandwich to look like a picture. Perspective is everythng, man.
Venice09 on 03/19/2010:
So true, sherdy. Whenever I feel the urge to complain I just turn on the news. It always reminds me how lucky I am. My life is far from perfect, but I have a roof over my head, heat and hot water and food in the refrigerator. I try not to make light of people's complaints, but sometimes you really do have to put things into perspective.
i_am_canadian on 03/19/2010:
So you wasted a considerable amount of your time, the manager's time and that of anyone who may have been waiting behind you over a tomato? You may have a lot of free time on your hands to spend with such petty concerns, but most of us do not. Your'e lucky that I wasn't the person behind you, you likely would have gotten an earful.
Anonymous on 03/19/2010:
The manager Carmelo sounds like a real peach. Just another of a generation who spent too much time being raised on TV, video games and text messaging. What kind of reply is, 'Did you read the sign' - Well of course not Carmelo or the customer wouldn't be asking. Ya know basic reasoning.

The problem today is that there are too many Carmelo's in the world on the front lines. People who haven't got the slightest clue how to tactfully interact with the public. I guess Carmelo feels its his birthright to be an ass. So be it. He'll never amount to anything anyway.

ignats, You are absolutely justified to feel slighted by the rude and ignorant way you were treated. If it were me I wouldn't go back there anymore. Who in their right mind wants to put up with rude smart ass behavior of the likes of Carmelo. Good review!

skelly39 on 03/19/2010:
Stew-Like Venice said, the OP heard the person in front of them complaining about lack of tomatoes and heard the BK employee say they were out. The OP was looking for a fight. She could have just as easily turned and walked out if tomatoes were the deal-breaker.
Anonymous on 03/19/2010:
skelly39, Correct me if I'm wrong but don't they use cherry tomatoes on salads and sliced tomatoes on hamburgers. It would be possible to run out of one and not the other.

Regardless though Carmelo the manager handled it completely wrong. Responding to the customer's question with a flippant 'Did you read the sign' shows Carmelo has no business dealing with the public.
Sheldonrs on 03/19/2010:
They have signs and you heard the other person asking about tomatoes and STILL you complain? If that's the case, did you ask if the sandwich had Aardvark kidneys on it? Cuz I'm betting that there were no signs for that and that nobody asked about them.
i_am_canadian on 03/19/2010:
Okay, Carmelo was perhaps a bit rude but consider that he may have answered the same question from 50 other people that day who also ignored the sign. He could have handled the situation with a lot more tact, but the customer shouldn't have picked a fight with him (as I gather from this he/she did.)
From the perspective of another customer, I also would not have appreciated having to wait who knows how long to place my order while this person argued with a shift supervisor over a slice of tomato.
skelly39 on 03/19/2010:
Stew, I don't know. I don't eat salads at Burger King, but if I heard the person in front of me complain about no tomatoes, and then I heard the employee say we don't have any tomatoes, and if there was a sign that said "we don't have any tomatoes", I would not throw a tantrum when I got no tomatoes. Judging by the OP's tone, I'm not sure that Carmelo was necessarily flippant or about ready to toss her out the window, but since we only have her version to go by, I will agree that he needs to learn to deal with an angry, entitled public if he's going to work in customer service.
momsey on 03/19/2010:
i_am_canadian....BA. You said all that needs to be said.
PepperElf on 03/19/2010:
not to mention there may have been other people who didn't bother reading signs
who then felt that "I didn't read it" means "it doesn't apply to me"
FlShopper on 03/19/2010:
I have a feeling that no matter what Carmelo did or said, the OP would've taken issue with it. She was mad, felt she was being "hassled and tricked", and it's really hard to reason or satisfy someone with a chip on her shoulders.
If she felt management was rude then by all means she should no longer take her business there. But the bottom line is that she was wrong about BK not notifying the customers.
i_am_canadian on 03/19/2010:
I think that a way to possibly diffuse this situation would have been to place the signs AT the registers if possible, rather than at the beginning of the queue. You'd still have the occasional complainer who claimed they didn't see it/chose to ignore it, but it would a lot harder to miss (as if it was really that hard to see at front end of the queue.)
Anonymous on 03/19/2010:
Good answer IAC and skell39.

I delivered pizza's during college in a college town no less. Anybody who's ever delivered pizzas can tell you that you deal with a lot of crap from customers sometimes justified and sometimes not so much. I don't care how old the pizza was or how screwed up things got or how irrational the customer I never had an irate customer I couldn't safely land. A little empathy, a smile, a bit of humor and a pat on the back. Works every time.

It's amazes me today that so many working with the customer don't even try. Sometimes all people want is to be heard and to be validated. Pretty simple.
i_am_canadian on 03/19/2010:
Thanks, Stew. Sometimes I am capable of them, you know :lol:.
skelly39 on 03/19/2010:
Totally agree, Stew. Sometimes you just have to suck it up and say "sorry" even when you're not or have no reason to be. I'll bet that conversation would have been about 15 minutes shorter had he just said that. I still think the OP is wrong, but I also think that this complaint wouldn't have been posted if he just held her hand a little.
Anonymous on 03/19/2010:
I'm amazed. 35 comments over tomatoes!
skelly39 on 03/19/2010:
Marymc, tomatoes are a contentious issue. Just ask the OP ;)
i_am_canadian on 03/19/2010:
It's not just about tomatoes anymore, though. This argument shall we say, spun out of control into a real 'he said/she said,' 'who's right and who's wrong.'
I think we can concur that both sides could have handled it a little bit better and that spending that much time arguing with a customer or employee over a hamburger topping is pretty ridiculous.
Anonymous on 03/19/2010:
Stew..humor may have worked in your college days with irates but it's not advised now. Maybe pizza irates and airline irates were a different breed but humor was not suggested in defusing irates in my biz.

Anyway, they had no tomatoes, she heard the conversation in front of her and there was a sign. Case closed in my opinion.
PepperElf on 03/19/2010:
more signs

eh. maybe but... in all honesty I saw one complaint over at PFB involving signs where the sign was at the register and the letter-writer *STILL* complained and said "it's not big enough" and said the sign should fill the entire window or something like that.

I think at that point it's more a case where no matter what the company does, they're going to be yelled at, and signs will still go unread
Skye on 03/19/2010:
It wouldn't be cost efficient to have to change all the photo's of food with tomatoes. Then you would be complaining how much all their menu items increased.

I don't understand, you heard them tell a customer they didn't put tomatoes on her salad, because they didn't have any available. You then examined your food, and when you found there weren't any tomatoes on your items, you went and spoke them. I don't understand what you wanted them to do? They told you, read the sign, and you said you didn't want to. That's just silly. Stop sweating the small stuff. Since they are having a hard time getting tomatoes, what did you expect them to do?? If it wasn't for the decent writing skills the poster has, I would swear this was Tabitha.

Inat on 03/19/2010:
from where would you like them to conjure tomatoes for your sandwich? If it is so bloody important for your hubby to have a falvorless tomoatoe, stop at the grocer on the way homw
CrazyRedHead on 03/19/2010:
You should have read the sign. For all you know it could have said that you would get a crack in the head for any silly questions. With the trouble with tomatoes and other produce from the south you should bring your own tomatoes with you if you want them. I'm growing my own tomatoes and can now have fried green tomatoes since I started them kind of early. Tomatoes are easy to grow, even if you live in an apartment, as are some other produce.
Slimjim on 03/19/2010:
They ran out of tomatoes. They put up a sign. You got a burger without a slice of tomato. Is this really worldwide web material? I'm guessing the fish had too much tartar on it too.
Ytropious on 03/19/2010:
I'm a huge fan of signs. I remember one time we were having a Pokemon download, which draws huge crowds, and Nintendo never sent us our download cartridge, meaning we could not do the download as scheduled and needed to wait a week later. I posted a sign about it over top of the large event sign right in front of the entrance to my section. You had to walk past the sign to get in. NO ONE wanted to read the sign and kept coming up to ask me how to download. After explaining the situation every couple of minutes, I got angry and started pointing them to go back to the sign at the entrance and read it. You can only stay friendly so long but I had other work to do and this was getting annoying.
i_am_canadian on 03/19/2010:
'If it wasn't for the decent writing skills the poster has, I would swear this was Tabitha.'

Tabitha? No. At least this person conducts themselves in a somewhat dignified manner and isn't demanding a lifetime supply of free food for her inconvenience.
There's also no mention of perpetually toddler-aged children that she must have sit on her lap and that ruin her meal.
Starlord on 03/19/2010:
I was first on the scene one day in Picacho, AZ when a young lady T-boned a family in a station wagon. When I asked if she was all right, all she would say was that there was no 'stop ahead sign on the frontage road. I pointed out that there were two 4' X 4' stop signs, one on each side of the one-way road. When the DPS officer arrived and I turned the accident over to him, we had a chuckled about people and signs. Sometimes I think sign painters are crooks, knowing no one will pay attention to signs. The worst thing a painter can do is put up a wet paint sign. Everyone just has to test it.
punxnotdead80 on 03/19/2010:
So why did you continue through the intersection, without stopping at the stop sign, thus causing the other driver to T-bone you?

"I don't want to read the signs. I shouldn't have to."
Venice09 on 03/19/2010:
Stew, I'm not willing to condemn Carmelo or call him an ass based on the review, which is dripping with attitude. How far was he supposed to bow to a customer who admittedly did not WANT to read the sign and only wanted to speak to him? She knew they had no tomatoes, she was angry and took it out on Carmelo. It's possible that we are not hearing the part of the story where he WAS tactful but to no avail. I wish I had been the next customer in line behind the OP. I'll bet it was quite interesting.
Anonymous on 03/19/2010:
I went to Wendy’s and they had a Sign at the Register saying they didn’t have any Tomatoes.

and sure enough I didn’t get any tomatoes with my bacon deluxe sandwich so I already knew by reading the sign. Its due to the Freeze that happened in Florida ruined the tomato crops.
Anonymous on 03/19/2010:
I went to Subway today and got tomatoes on my sammie
beanbagbritches on 03/20/2010:
"...because my husband had received a flier and the picture of one of their new extra large burgers with everything on it had made my husband hungry."

My husband gets hungry when he gets hungry...pictures don't turn him into a raving hunger-maniac. This sentence just made me giggle.
Ghost of former member on 03/29/2010:
They put up a sign clearly stating no tomatoes. What do you expect them to do, pay someone to stand at the door and inform everyone who comes in that they have no tomatoes? It's not their fault that you did not read the sign.

You sound like the person I had back in my call center days, complaining that his cable had been shut off for non-pay. He said he did not know his bill was past due. I told him the notification is on his bill. His response was he did not see it, it's not his fault that he did not read his bill.
melissa_blanton36@yahoo.com on 03/30/2010:
Anonymous on 03/30/2010:
Melissa -- Who's Angry Denise? Are you sure you're commenting on the correct review?
PepperElf on 03/30/2010:
I dunno. I know there was a complaint over at pfb about a mcdonald's that didn't have water at the soda fountain and only sold water bottles

but other than that I'm not sure either....
Soaring Consumer on 03/30/2010:
Cups of water in all of the Burger Kings I've been to are free. Why the heck is your store charging for them?
melissa_blanton36@yahoo.com on 04/09/2010:
To the tomatoes complaint...I work for Burger King and we have signs posted next to the cash register,and in drive through about the shortage of tomatoes,and we apologize for any problems concerning the issue with the tomatoes...it is not the employees fault...we just work there....complain to the head honcho's that own the company. And to ''soaring customer'',yes, we charge for cups pf ice water...we the employees have to pay for it as well.
melissa_blanton36@yahoo.com on 04/09/2010:
and to ''bearkatkitten'',YES...I know how to respond to a review.thank you
PepperElf on 04/09/2010:
I don't see any comments here about water or this Angry Denise...

Alain on 04/09/2010:
I don't think BKK really is too concerned about your latest response, Melissa. Just an observation.
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Boycott Burger King
Posted by on
I have a real problem with Burger King and this "Spongebob Squarepants" commercial. This commercial has nothing to do with selling food but is promoting "BUTT" fetishes and the viewing of women in a substandard way.

What I find most disturbing about this commercial is that most little kids usually mimic what they see on TV and what adults do.

Clearly this is focused on women’s butts regardless what shape they are and that it's perfectly OK to go "checking" them all out because "butt is butt". I can mentally see little kids dancing to this and acting out what they are actually promoting in this commercial - checking out women’s butts. It has nothing to do with food or anything else associated with it. And, you'll get rewarded with a kid's toy for acting like this. Having sexual attractions for butt is illegal and immoral in most states. It's called sodomy. I don't believe the police should start going around trying to arrest everybody that partakes in this sexual practice, but I also don't believe it should be promoted on national TV either especially tied in with a kid’s meal and toy and a child’s TV program/movie.

I've been told that if I don't like it just simply change the channel. It's pretty hard for me to change the channel when I'm at work and my children are at home watching TV. I can't block a particular channel because I don't like the content of its programming, or tell them that I don't want them watching TV at a particular time of day because something I find offensive is being broadcasted then. My only alternative is to deprive my children of TV totally because this commercial is being aired on several channels and at different times of day. It’s not about ME. It’s about CHILDRED – and, MY CHILDRED particularly.

I do believe the Government has and the FCC has a responsibility to the consumer when it comes to commercials and that they should heavily sensor them for content; both morally and for validity. When any company attempts to do something considered inappropriate or dishonest, I would like to see the FCC come down on that company very heavily. It's damaging to the fabric of our society by their being permitted to pollute it in this way either by immoral portraits or attempts at ripping Americans off.

Needless to say, I will NOT be buying anything "Burger King" or companies/commodities associated with this company. That means "Spongebob Squarepants" products, "Nick", "Nickelodeon", "Nick at Nite", "Nicktoons Network", "Nick Magazine", "Noggin", "Nick Jr.com", "Neopets", "Nickelodeon Family Suites", "Nick Arcade" and "Nickelodeon family Cruise. They are also associated with "VIACOM INTERNATIONAL, INC." So, it's not JUST "Burger King" involved here.

I honestly believe that the TV syndicates like ABC, CBS, NBC, ABCFAM, TBS, USA, SPIKE, SCIFI & TNT hold viable responsibilities here because they are permitting this exceptionally bad commercial on their channels. If all you’re interested in is “THE ALMIGHTY DOLLAR”, then I guess it wouldn’t matter much what contents are in anything being aired on your channel. However, if you have ANY sensibilities at all, you’d pull this junk off something YOU own real fast.

When you have adults doing EVERYTHING within their powers to influence children into buying their products as Burger King and Nickelodeon does, and wants to portray themselves as "child friendly", then there should be a GREAT deal of responsibility placed on their actions and image. Without strict scrutiny on their conduct, they start to resemble entities that are more predatorial than anything. Using false pretenses in order to profit from it and dismissing any damages that it may cause as nothing, is wrong.

If you wish to file a complaint over this commercial - or anything else for that matter, please follow the link below. If you wish, simply copy and paste this review into the complaint box.


Thank you!
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 04/23/2009:
Neither will anybody else and it's making me want to beat my head against the wall from all the complaining
Anonymous on 04/23/2009:
Who keeps voting these reviews helpful???
Anonymous on 04/23/2009:
Probably all the other BK complainer groupies little.
BokiBean on 04/23/2009:
Maybe the person who wrote it? Dunno though...
Anonymous on 04/23/2009:
They probably formed a club with a secret handshake and everything
Soaring Consumer on 04/23/2009:
I've seen the commercial and I can understand where it can be seen as offensive. Some people have different opinions than others have about it. I'm not offended but I don't particularly like the commercial either.
Anonymous on 04/23/2009:
The commercial just came on and they cut the end off where Sir Mix A Lot says "booty is booty"
BokiBean on 04/23/2009:
I don't mind the excess complaints on site. I just skim, get the gist of it, and go straight to the comments...basically just commenting on the comments haha.
Anonymous on 04/23/2009:
3 helpful votes, I call shenanigans
Mario The Great on 04/23/2009:
Why don't you just change the channel? I know it has to be one of the most difficult things to do, but it's really easy. Instead of sitting there and WATCHING the entire commercial and reciting it VERBATIM on this board or other boards, why would you let something eat you alive and make you WANT to make other people miserable? We get it, you don't like the commercial. Change the channel and move along little doggie.
shayen on 04/24/2009:
The part where they measure the woman in the slinky red dress's butt should be edited out. Other than that, I love this commercial and have eaten at BK twice in a week to show my support because I am SICK of these people whining about it.
Alain on 04/24/2009:
I use the mute button frequently and tend to ignore all the ads that bother me. The BK ads are intended to grab attention. They don't particularly worry if it's a negative or positive response. I don't eat there anyway. Their food gives my stomach a negative response.
jenjenn on 04/24/2009:
What exactly about this commercial makes it "pimpin?!!" Ridiculous!
Anonymous on 04/24/2009:
Well I for one proudly clicked this review 'Very Helpful' because of all the BK Spongebob commercial complaints this was by far the best one. One should always recognize and reward excellence.
Anonymous on 04/24/2009:
I think the OP is on to something. BK gives out cheap, smaller meals to kids. They get hooked. Now addicted, they keep coming back as adults. Clearly we need a Department of Fast Food Addiction and a 'Burger Czar' to curtail what is a cleverly designed ploy to addict our young people to foods peddled by garishly dressed men with big, plastic heads. Voted very helpful.
jenjenn on 04/24/2009:
Excuse me poster, but clearly you are the one who's lost. I'm pretty sure BK sells burgers, not "butt." If you think that's what they're advertising, then clearly you should get your mind out of the gutter.
Anonymous on 04/24/2009:
BK's ad's are working. Their stock is up and they have everyone talking BK these days.
probillygun on 05/07/2009:
you're spot on computerhorn. It's a trashy and crude method to market to kids. Shame on the FCC and BK for putting trash like this on for young impressionable kids to watch.
ruz on 11/11/2009:
why don't you turn off your tv when you see this commercial, stop trying to make other people boycott something because you don't like it, this is America. grow up
Anonymous on 11/11/2009:
ruz, think the commercial went bye-bye a few months ago. no one's complained about it in ages.

*don't wake the monster*
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Unsatisfactory Experience All Around
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN -- Originally, I had a negative experience because my order was completely wrong and I found out when I got home. Instead of calling or going back, I contacted their customer service on their website, because I wasn't completely confident it would be handled well at the store level. I didn't hear back and sent another message two weeks later as well as tweet BK. I got an immediate response via email and then a phone call from the store manager, who was less than helpful, to put it politely. He told me that because I said I didn't know if I ever wanted to eat there again, there was nothing he could do for me. I suggested he refund me the items that were incorrect or missing and he proceeded to haggle over every item I took issue with. Then he told me to come pick up the gift card and I asked that it either be mailed or delivered to me. He told me his delivery drivers cannot leave the store 'with that kind of money' (essentially about $10) When we realized we weren't able to resolve the issue, we hung up. I contacted corporate again and Mary, head of operations called me. From the beginning, she was nothing but rude and unprofessional. She asked why I even placed the order with the restaurant if I was just going to turn around and complain about it all. I had to ask her several times how we could move forward and resolve the issue because I didn't appreciate her calling me at home just to argue over my $23 order. Several times she reminded me how polite and professional she was, while I was angry, confrontational and rude (her words, just what you want to hear after trying to resolve a mistake on their end after a month). I asked if we could just move forward and she said 'Wow, are you pausing long enough to let me speak?" and I asked if she was sending me the gift card or not and she answered 'I don't know'. At no point would I describe any of this as customer service. I wanted nothing more than reassurance that the issue would be handled to my satisfaction so I could get off the phone with her. I'm still unsure if I will get a refund, as she wasn't very clear on whether or not she would even send it. In her words, she works for a restaurant, not the post office, so who knows when I'll get it. Overall, the most disappointing experience I've ever had with a company.
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User Replies:
FoDaddy19 on 11/14/2014:
I think it would've been a better choice to have given the store a chance to correct the problem before going to directly to corporate. That might've been construed as an insult to the store manager, which would make any further action involving him an uphill battle.

They did offer you a gift card to make it up, but you chose not to go get it.

If you made a statement inferring that you would not be a customer any longer, then there's very little reason for them to continue any further, as you apparently made your decision.
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Worst Customer Service I have ever had!!!!
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
1804 W. FRANCIS AVE., WASHINGTON -- I placed an order online because Burger King delivers in my town. We have done this in the past with no problems. After a hour and a half I and no order (the say 60 minutes or less on the web site) I called to see if there was a problem. A female answered the phone, I told her I placed an online order and it there was an issue. First she said she called me to let me know my order would be late, I told her no one had called me about anything. She said yes she did call me, and she was very busy with backed up orders and only had two delivery drives. ( She never asked which order was mine) and didn't have time for this. I asked her when my order would be coming and she said when she had a driver. I told her I didn't want food that had been sitting there for an hour and she got really rude, I asked for her name she said no, I asked for the manager she said she was the manager. I asked to speak to the general manager and she said she was the general manager and then hung up on me. I called back and yes I was irate but I never raised my voice or was rude. I told her her customer service was horrible and I did not want my order and wished to speak to someone in charge, she said she was in charge and hung up on my again. I called 5 more times same thing. I even called the next day to try to talk to someone and was hung up on again. This is a very condensed version of what happened. I did make three different complaints but have heard nothing back from Burger King. When I was younger I worked at Burger King and if would of talked to a customer that way I would have been fired ASAP. They have lost a customer in me.
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User Replies:
Dante on 01/10/2014:
Did your food ever show up!!
Paul on 01/11/2014:
I gave up on BK several years back due to a bad experience. I'd advise you do the same. It depends on whether McD's is better in your area - they are in mine. However, delivery I have never heard of.
clutzycook on 01/11/2014:
I've heard of BK and McD delivering, but not in the States.
FoDaddy19 on 01/12/2014:
It sounds like they were really overbooked with deliveries. I would've just canceled the order after an hour. It sounds like the manager was stressed out over the situation and was at her wits end. It was wrong for her to get short with you. But repeatedly calling her back was doing nothing but antagonizing her.

With all that said, it probably would've been easier just to go get the food yourself.
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Drive Thru Got Order Wrong Twice
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
SHORELINE, WASHINGTON -- I ordered one of the temporary specialty chicken sandwiches and an order of the large loaded tots with a drink. Was excited when told I could order it as a meal deal to save a little. Even though cost me almost $9.00. Paid, got my order, went to work, and was disappointed to find fries instead of the loaded tater tots. Finally cooled off, thinking potatoes are potatoes. Finished fries, and reached in bag to try what should have been a chicken burger, only to find a Whopper. I was extremely disappointed to say the least. That was probably the most expensive Whopper meal ever. I didn't go back, since I already ate the fries, and I sure as hell was not going to go through the garbage can on the way out of the drive through, where I tossed my receipt. So fast forward to two weeks later. After thinking okay, give them a chance. So I go through the drive through again. I order the crispy specialty chicken sandwich,( does any part of that sound like rib? don't worry I will explain later). Ask about the tots. Told yes they still have them. They ask me what flavor? What flavor? After minutes of explaining what I want. A crispy specialty chicken sandwich and a large order of the tots. Oh the tots are no longer available. That was great communication. Okay I will just get a small fries. Along with a crispy specialty chicken sandwich. Thinking every thing is cool. I go up to the window. Pay for food. And just on chance I looked at the receipt. And saw the word rib. Wait a minute....How do they get rib out of my order?

I have not been that upset in a long time. I was thinking okay they screwed up my order once. But to screw it up when I tried to let BK redeem itself. I said don't even hand me that bag. just give me my money back. I am done. This is ridiculous.
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Poor service...poorly Trained Employees
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
XENIA, OHIO -- 1) my spouse developed a serious allergic reaction to sesame seeds. We were taking our granddaughter through the drive through and I told him how good the original chicken sandwich was so I ordered him one. Telling the clerk of his allergy and asking for a no sesame seed bun. He ended up in the trauma unit literally almost losing his life. The response from BK was poor and resulted in no change in their policy. On our receipt it stated no sesame seed bun but after the fact BK informed me it is their policy to replace the top bun only so the bottom bun still had plenty of seeds...

2) When I pick up my granddaughter from school she is often hungry so we go to McDonalds or Wendy's drive through. McDonalds always has a long line but are very efficient. Wendy's food is often lukewarm and they don't get your order right at least 50% of the time but when the food is hot and the order is right I like them.

3) Burger King is seldom busy in Xenia so a couple of times I have taken her through there thinking to save time...I forgot! 4-18-13 at 3:30 1 car was in the drive through in front of us, none behind. I was asked to wait she would be with me in a minute...this has happened the last two times I ventured through. I gave my order, 6 piece kids chicken meal with ketchup. The clerk asked me what kind of sauce? I responded I asked for ketchup. She was offended and then was very cool telling me to pull forward and not giving me the total...when I got to the pay/receive window there were two people very nice but my order was not ready. They are very slow and only a few cars were in the parking lot. Having worked in retail for many years it is not hard to discern the problem...poor training and inspecting what you expect. They have a track record of poor customer response.

It is not the current manager or the manager before him because the type of problems are consistent so therefore it is a lack of corporate unwilling to fix the problem from the top. The manager at our local BK has been a long term Rest. manager at other chains and I know this is not his mode of customer service. If BK ends up closing the Xenia location due to lack of volume guess who will be at fault...Burger King Corporate for not putting customer service at the top of their agenda...it always flows from the "the top"
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User Replies:
BigAl on 04/19/2013:
Let me try to explain something to you about fast food service and why when a place is not busy it takes longer to get your food. I see many people complain that it took forever to get served and the place wasn't even busy! Fast food rstaurants are designed to put out food on a continuous basis peaking at certain hours of the day. When the customer demand is not present the "assembly line" of food must be shut down. So when you visit a fast food restaurant when it is not "busy" you will get either food that is only marginally warm or a longer than expected wait for your food. This is just the way life is.
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"Soup Nazi" Store Manager
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
MASON, OHIO -- Burger King
5558 State Route 741
Mason, OH 45040
(513) 398-2764

Visit was Sunday, April 7th, approx. 3:15 pm.

Soup Nazi is store manager

The "Soup Nazi" works here as the store manager. We went through the drive-through to order. Half way into our order, the lady stopped taking our order and the store manager started to take our order. I asked him to repeat it back. Only the first 3 sandwiches (we ordered 6) were on the order. We tried to repeat the order. He DID NOT LISTEN TO US and only repeated the 3 sandwiches again. We pulled up to the window so that we could get our order right. We again tried to tell him our order. He spoke with a thick indian accent. He told us to pull over without us giving him our order. I asked to speak to someone who spoke English. He said that he spoke the King's English, he had read the whole book (it's been the Queen's English since Queen Elisabeth has been reigning, by the way). He got irate with us and told us to pull over or he would call the police. I asked him for the manager. He said he was the store manager. I asked him for the name of the area supervisor, wanted him to spell his last name (he didn't want to) and the area supervisor's phone number.

Now all this time, I have been speaking to him in a business-like manner. He was the irate one. I have worked in restaurants for decades, including in management. I am absolutely flabbergasted that someone who is in management has not learned how to speak to customers. It was more important to him that the time at the drive through was within the specified goal than it was to get the customer's order right. Finally, a woman came over. She was the one who had taken the first part of the order. She was also in management, said that he was her boss. She also said that there must have been phone interference with our order (I did not have a cell phone with me), which was a start, but she also did not want to get our order right and only wanted to sell us the 3 sandwiches and not all 6 that we had ordered. She did not want to take the rest of our order but told us to pull forward to get the rest of our order. She was not apologetic. In this day and age when most people have cell phones that are video-capable, it is not wise for a manager to be irate to customers.

I wish I did have my cell phone with me to record his irate behavior and show it on youtube.

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User Replies:
Alain on 04/10/2013:
You could send feedback to
It's possible they might respond or actually mention something to BK who may send a note to the manager, but I wouldn't count on it. You can also casually mention this to friends and colleagues when the opportunity presents itself. If you do, maybe eliminate any reference to the manager's nationality since that would make it look like that was the reason for your complaint. Mention, in a puzzled way perhaps, that the manager's behaviour was not very nice (the words 'strange', nasty, etc. can be useful). Probably the easiest solution: The manager clearly demonstrated he doesn't want repeat business and you don't want to go there again, so don't bother going to this BK (or any other, if you can avoid it). It's fast food, so there are plenty of other places that can serve you in a much friendlier manner and be happy to have your business.
MRM on 04/10/2013:
I love the Soup Nazi episode in Seinfeld!
sabletaz on 04/10/2013:
I loved that episode too!
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