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For Shame Buy Owner!
Posted by Katehenry on 07/08/2005
FLORIDA -- I cringe when I see the Buy Owner commercials on TV. Buy Owner is a rip off for most people. Sure, anyone can sell a house in 3 days if they price their house so low it can't miss. I think that's what happens with these people. The other people either lie or are tricked into saying things that are taken out of context.

A "marketing specialist" came to my home to "design a custom marketing plan specifically for *my property."

This woman should be ashamed of herself. The day before my 24 year old daughter explained to the woman my devastating financial situation where I was being forced to sell my home. She also told her how distraught I would be when we met. The woman assured my daughter that she only had my best interests at heart and would come up with a plan so that I could sell the house in just days.

She told her (and the next day told me) that she could accomplish this because she is a Realtor as well as having gone to school for marketing etc. and has her broker's license. She said that 90% of all her properties sell because "I am a detail oriented person." She showed us her Rolls in the drive way saying she got it for cost because she saved the owner of the dealership $75,000.00 using Buyowner.

We fell for everything hook line and sinker. In reality all her "skills" that she was enticing us with are useless. She is nothing more than the sales person who talks you into buying one of their 3 high priced plans. I chose the middle plan for $4,000.

I didn't have the money for it so she "suggested" I put it on my credit card. I told her I wouldn't be able to make the payments on my card (which was zero balance) but she said, "Just put it on the card and you'll only have to pay $100 or so for a month or two. Then your house will be sold and you can take the money and pay the card right off."

I bought that too. She was very pleasant and very persuasive. I guess she eased her conscience by asking me several times if I was sure or if I could handle people coming to the house & telling me how much she loves her work.

She told me I could sell the house in 3 days & she would put me on the internet that same night. In reality it took several days of communication with customer service and me waiting for them to get back to me with papers I had to sign.

That woman gave me 3 signs and took some pictures and I've not seen hide nor hair of her since. She had indicated she would be there for me throughout. To the average person that translates...being helpful and keeping in touch.

When I called customer service about her they said, "She's just the sales woman." I said, "Then why did she convince me to buy with all her stories of success and her education etc.?" Customer Service said, "Gee, I don't know why she would mention anything like that."

So for $4,000 I was given 3 signs to stick in my yard. A fellow came by the next week and took pictures for a virtual tour and "professional" pictures. I looked at the pictures and liked them well enough. It took a week or more to have the old photos removed & the new ones put in even though customer service told me it was already done when I called them. "Oops"

It took well over another week to have the virtual tour people remove the big tripod out of the tour of my bathroom. And then it was only done after me calling CS 3 times to complain.

I have received one phone call about my house and the woman wanted to know if I would drop the price $60,000.

Don't use BUYOWNER. Save your money. If you want to sell it yourself you can put pictures on free sites on the internet yourself. You can make brochures yourself on your computer or have a local company type one up for you for $100 or less. You can go to Wal-marts and purchase For Sale signs and a box to hold your self made brochures. You can advertise in the newspaper yourself. All for far less than wasting your money on Buyowner. I ended up going with a Realtor.

Today I had to take the last of my savings out of the bank to pay off the credit card. Now on top of paying 6% to a realtor I have to sit with a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach over the wasted $4000. Please, be smarter than I was.

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Posted by LegalCollector on 2005-07-08:
I'm sorry this happened to you, but this is what happens to extremely gullible people. Anyone who starts pressuring you to use a card for a large payment after you've expressed that there's no way to pay it...is either an a**hole,....or a collector...lol.
Posted by Ang41 on 2006-02-21:
I got a similar sales pitch from our salesperson. I too put the payments on my credit card. I have been contracted with BuyOwner for about a month and have had 2 realtor calls to switch to them and one nut call that wanted to rent to own my home because she couldn't get a mortgage. I have contacted them numerous times to change the ad due to spelling errors and a ridiculous, lengthy description of my home. It is truly a waste of money. DON'T USE BUYOWNER.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-02-23:
My law firm is prosecuting a class action lawsuit against Buy Owner, Inc. (buyowner.com) for the Company's alleged deceptive and unfair trade practices. The lawsuit has been brought on behalf of customers of Buy Owner, Inc. As part of our factual investigation in connection with that litigation, we are interested in speaking with current and former customers of Buy Owner. If you've purchased the services of Buy Owner and are available to speak for a few minutes about your experiences with the Company, please call me toll free at 800-952-8897. You can also contact me via email at classlaw@dreierllp.com.

Thank you.

Daniel B. Scotti
Posted by little1ontheway on 2007-04-30:
Run!!! This company is a total scam!!!!
Posted by monicak on 2007-09-25:
I am sorry to hear you had a bad experience with Buy Owner, I other the other hand have used them twice and I am very thankful that I did. My first experience was in Granbury Texas in 2002, after using 3 of the so called " Top Agents" for a total listing time of a year and a half, I was frustrated with them telling me I needed to lower my price( of course they wouldn't lower their fee's) I decided to try Buy Owner. I was very impressed with the young lady who came to my house, she seemed to have my best interest at heart, (she gave me her cell # and was always available if I needed anything) and I sold my home in 59 days for my full asking price of 549,000 and instead of paying 33,000, I paid 5,000. In March of 2006, I contacted the same young lady who assisted me before to help me sell my new home in Keller Tx, again she was very helpful and again my home sold very quickly. I have referred several friends, some have had better success than others but we all agree, that Buy owner is the best way to sell your home, professionally without greedy agents. So all I have to say is Thanks Buy Owner.
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Run Away, And Don't Look Back
Posted by Luke7 on 05/10/2006
I thought I was being smart, saving a lot of money, teaching those overpaid real estate agents a lesson. I'm the one learning the lesson. I first signed up with Buyowner, paid my $4000 for their premium package. Told I would sell quickly! When the add first came on the internet, I had to make many corrections, it was as if some just closed their eyes and wrote. I realized in a week I had made a mistake but I knew it was too late. I decided to sign up with their MLS real estate comp, and put in on the MLS. What ever you do, do not do this!!! And do not sign their 6 month contract, industry standard is 3 months, and that's with competent companies! Make them add an addendum, that if you are unhappy with their service, that they will give you an unconditional withdrawal, and out of your contract!!! But avoid all of this buy NOT selling with BuyOwner in the first place. Don't believe the commercials, those testimonials are few and far between. And if you are selling a house over $300K Sell with the professional! I was told when I finally went with their MLS company, that they would allow me out of my contract and I wouldn't have to pay the $750 cancellation fee. That moment came quickly, and they refused to honor their promise. Most real estate companies, will freely allow you out of your contract if your not happy! This is good business. But the Sharks at MLS, will lie, as they did with me, to get you to sign. Their ethics are reprehensible, and should have their license revoked by the Real Estate Board. You can negotiate with your real estate company for a better rate, do that, but stay away from "BuyOwner.com".

I regret this decision every day, don't you make the same mistake!

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Posted by Violet on 2006-09-13:
We've only been with Buy Owner for 2 wks, but feel it's a scam. We've already been contacted 3 times by their sister MLS company wanting us to sign with them. I think it's the old "bait and switch" hook. We've only paid $900 of the total $3700 fee. Considering not paying anymore and seeing what happens. Any one done this or had any luck getting a refund from them?
Posted by justsayno on 2006-10-30:
I am now right where you were and am looking into contacting the BBB on both MLS reaty and buyowner. they have to fall under misrepresentation somewhere.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-02-23:
My law firm is prosecuting a class action lawsuit against Buy Owner, Inc. (buyowner.com) for the Company's alleged deceptive and unfair trade practices. The lawsuit has been brought on behalf of customers of Buy Owner, Inc. As part of our factual investigation in connection with that litigation, we are interested in speaking with current and former customers of Buy Owner. If you've purchased the services of Buy Owner and are available to speak for a few minutes about your experiences with the Company, please call me toll free at 800-952-8897. You can also contact me via email at classlaw@dreierllp.com.

Thank you.

Daniel B. Scotti
Posted by R.E.Solutions on 2007-04-18:
The Facts: First, always check a company out with your local BBB to see how they treat their customers. This company has been in the Dallas-Fort Worth area for over 16 years and 24 years in the country, so they should have had thousands of customers in those years, right? Well, check it out for yourself: their record is outstanding! If they had a lot of customers like this one, would they even be in business? Look, this is an advertising company. Thousands of dollars a month are spent to attract buyers to view properties that are for sale by the owner.

Now, let's address this gentleman's complaint. First, a six month listing or longer in MLS is not uncommon in a slow market. That gives the agent and the brokerage time to market the property. The buying public is going to decide the marketplace, so give them the time they deserve. The agent only gets paid when it closes. If you jump from one agent to another, you do not understand the market. Typical days on market are anywhere from 70 to 90 right now, and that's only if the house is a 'typical' house, and each house is different. Be reasonable about the marketing time of your property, and start early in the process, so you don't have to stress over it!

As to the testimonials, guess what- they are real. These are non-paid clients, and there are plenty of them!

Also- there are many houses over $300K and they do sell though the system. In fact, the higher the sales price, the greater the savings. Have you seen the TV ad were the couple saved over "$84,000"? Well, their property was over $1,500,000!

Why was this customer unhappy so soon into the process?Perhaps his expectations were unrealistic. Again, give the advertising and/or the agent time to work.

We are always concerned when a customer is unhappy. We here in the customer service department try very hard to work out an equitable situation and a solution.

Bottom line: our goal is to help you sell and save money. We look forward to serving you in the near future. Thank you for taking time to read this.

Customer Service Department
Posted by Flippinlady on 2010-01-29:
I don't see any RECENT comments. Did BuyOwner get Better?
i was too late and didn't cancel in time.
now i am poor again, and still have the house.
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Pay up front to MAYBE sell your home!
Posted by Reallyfedup on 03/16/2006
Can you believe a company is actually making a fortune having us PAY THEM UP FRONT FIRST, before they get our house sold? I tried! It costs ALOT for a magazine (people just BROWSE through), and websites (they WINDOWSHOP from), and lookey lucys emailing silly questions to you! I have learned, Real Estate companies bring buyers in who they KNOW INFORMATION about. Not suspicious, nosey people that are probably just "casing" our place! I say Thanks buyowner, for taking my money! and NO SALE. Now I say NO Thanks, to me doing all the work and paying all the money too!
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Posted by dsmith68 on 2006-03-17:
$1600 appears to be just to list your property. That is a lot of money just for a listing. The stats for their website mean nothing, 140 million hits could be one 1 person going to 1 page if you places 140 million small icons on the page. I also noticed that the 'people browsing now' number cycled.. ie, it reached a certain point and then dropped down and seemed to reset to a new lower random number. The number of people visiting will always go up and down, not slowly up and then drop by 40.
Posted by Violet on 2006-09-13:
Wish I had seen your comments b4 I signed up. My husband and I both had second thoughts about it but got hooked by the salesman. Now, I find I could have gotten what we're paying $3700 for on another website for about $300. And, how do we know that the "hits" our ad is getting is accurate or simply made up?
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Buy Owner's Prices
Posted by Bigloss2 on 05/24/2005
OAKBROOK, ILLINOIS -- I would not recommend Buy Owner (www.buyowner.com) to anyone. They promise marketing tools that aren't really available. This is what they charge:
For internet and a magazine ad 1 page
$900.00 down payment, 4 installments of $699.50
For the 2 page ad $1200, and 4 installments of 699.50. They are no help and you get no calls or hits. The commericals are insane as if you really saved $20,000 using buy owner your house would have to cost well over a million dollars! Don't use them! Use a realtor or just try on you own without their help when selling your house! Please pass on the word so other people don't have to suffer what I went through. I am not the first person to have problems with this company.

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Posted by ladunlap on 2005-06-16:
My experience with Buyowner.com was a nightmare. I was pressured into payin the entire fee the day the salesperson visited me, because that was the last day to save $500 or some such probably invented reason. I paid $2000. In one year of having my house listed with them I recieve one phone call from someone who lived in Florida. I live in Texas. They were just curious, asked a few questions and hung up. THATS IT!!!. Im not kidding, there was no activity. And the house was a great house, priced reasonably as well. I feel sick every time I think of how I wasted $2000 of my hard earned money for nothing!
Posted by njriverman on 2006-06-10:
In fact I too am selling my own home on BUYOWNER and Realtor.com.
I (probably like you) want my home sold yesterday!

I don't know where you are I am in New Jersey.

To increase my “BUYOWNER web hits” and hopefully “foot” traffic I placed “free” ads and links to my property on several free web sites.

My suggestion is you may want to take ten to thirty minutes and place “free” ads of your home as well. I would suggest you “link” back to Realtor.com page (if you have one) or your BUYOWNER page.

You will see all I had to do was put in a link to my BUYOWNER webpage!

First website:

Second Website

Also allows free ads.

Third Website

Fourth Website
Here is my property:
for free listing click.

Fifth Website

I am sure there are other free advertising websites in fact if you know of any good ones please write me.

Of course I feel three of the best websites are
(check it out over 500 views and 400+ matches)

Buyowner complaint, then get your advertising rebated.
BUYOWNER has rebate program with MLS Realty to subsidize your cost on REALTOR.COM. That helped me get the transferees that are working with agents. I am in three MLS Services!
Posted by hootie on 2006-10-26:
ATTENTION PEOPLE WHO ARE MIS-INFORMED...Buy Owner is an advertising company. They do the advertising while YOU sell on your own. They don't sell the home YOU do. Buy Owner provided me with flyers & yard signs, they even posted open houses for me! Yeah, I did have to pay what I though was a lot of money, but I would have paid ALOT more in commissions if I would have listed with a realtor. I had a great experence with Buy Owner, I sold in 1 month!
Posted by justsayno on 2006-10-31:
Well, Hootie I'm happy that you had a great experience with them unlike all of us. After several months of nothing we went with MLS realty (part of Buyowner) thinking that they work for us since we now have to pay them a commission on top of the large payment we gave buyowner and we are working for them while they sit in their office or work from home. Ask njriverman he is a agent for MLS realty seems he can't even sell his properties and they also lock you into a one year contract with them.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-02-23:
My law firm is prosecuting a class action lawsuit against Buy Owner, Inc. (buyowner.com) for the Company's alleged deceptive and unfair trade practices. The lawsuit has been brought on behalf of customers of Buy Owner, Inc. As part of our factual investigation in connection with that litigation, we are interested in speaking with current and former customers of Buy Owner. If you've purchased the services of Buy Owner and are available to speak for a few minutes about your experiences with the Company, please call me toll free at 800-952-8897. You can also contact me via email at classlaw@dreierllp.com.

Thank you.

Daniel B. Scotti
Posted by R.E.Solutions on 2007-04-18:
Mr. Sotti: As I said before, that's what we all need, another class action lawyer- so why don't you solicit all the people that were ever unhappy using an agent too? That's got to be, oh say, 5 to 10 million...
Posted by R.E.Solutions on 2007-04-18:
Bigloss2: 6% commission of $340,000 is $20,400. You could save that amount by using BUY OWNER, buying an ad package, and not paying the commission.

I was not involved in your situation, but I would first take a hard look at your asking price and see if it was in line with the local market. Get comps for the last 6 months of sold homes, or pay for an appraisal if you need to. It will give you the confidence you need to make the sale!

Hope this helps-
Posted by DirkJorgen on 2007-04-23:
R.E.Solutions: please stop this campaign misleading information. Even as a FSBO, you are 95% likely (based on home sales statistics) to be selling to a party represented by a Realtor, who you will have to pay 3%. So, cut that purported $20,400 savings in half.

That leaves $10,200. Remove at least $2000 of that for BuyOwner fees (maybe more).

Then you'll be left with $8000 in potential savings. Then you need to consider the "opportunity cost" (e.g. how much longer are you willing to leave your home on the market?). This is not a statistical certainty, but it only stands to reason, since the vast majority of people buy through MLS, it is likely going to be far longer wait to sell via BuyOwner (if ever).

Add up the mortgage financing across these extra months and it becomes reasonable that the suggested BuyOwner savings are nothing but vapor; idle promises with little hope of fruition.
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Buyowner = worthless
Posted by Rynoh on 07/02/2007
HOUSTON, TEXAS -- I placed my home on the market with BuyOwner in October of 2006. There was an upfront fee of about $3000. It sat on the market with 4 showings until May. I got fed up an listed it on the MLS. I received 3 written offers in 72 hours and closed the next month. BuyOwner can compete with MLS in Texas.

BuyOwner took over 6 weeks just to get the pictures and virtual tours up on their website!!! The claim to be only a marketing company, but they don't even do that. They simple cash your check and send some high school kid buy with a low res digital camera to take some pictures that could be duplicated with a decent camera phone. They eventually, with many complaints, sent a decent photographer out and got the paid for pictures up on the web site but it took months.

Stay away from these guys! I used a flat listing service to finally sell my home $400 to list on MLS plus the 3% buyers agent commission. This gave excellent results.
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Posted by Noneill on 2007-07-02:
Good to know. We used gotofsbo.com and while they were helpful and advertised in their FSBO magazines, we got ZERO views from that. Fortunately we also at the same time signed up for the MLS with them acting as the broker and that was the only way we got any action.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-11-02:
TROLL ALERT! FSBO Jane looks like a schill for Buyowner.com. The Internet has thousands of complaints about this company and now they are trying to do damage control. To late, everyone knows about Buyowner.com now.
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Dont Waste Your Money
Posted by Ricky0213 on 05/16/2007
They tell you all the good things about there.. Service you pay up front in my case 5600.Oo dollars. We had a lot of calls and hits on the web site in 1st month. Then the calls stopped, web slowed down, i had one yes one serious call that i believe came from 1 of there people in there office we never showed the house. This went on 7 months. We went and got a real estate agent and sold in 2 weeks for more than we were asking on byowner.Com. And they put a lien on the property so that we had to use there title company we did not know that and it cost us another 1441.00 Dollars. Don't get fooled by the smooth talking sales rep there good real good at playing it up.
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Posted by Sparticus on 2007-05-16:
Is this the service that doesn't even get you listed in the MLS? Definite waste of money of that is the case. Sorry to hear of your wasted investment... thanks for the warning... We've been considering selling FSBO...
Posted by adzidek on 2007-05-17:
If you read the reviews on this site about buyowner.com, you'll see there's many, and not a single one positive. I used a similar service in Canada; I didn't have the same bad experience or financial loss, but I still wasn't able to sell my house until I got an agent. Live and learn, I guess.
Posted by poppapia on 2007-05-17:
Good post, except we've all heard it a thousand times already.
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Exorbitant fees for BuyOwner.com Services
Posted by Little1ontheway on 04/09/2007
FORT WORTH, TEXAS -- I would echo the complaints listed on this site. Save your money and either list it on the MLS (and pay the 3% commission to the buyer’s agent) or bit the bullet for a full service broker. The amount of traffic we received from BuyOwner.com was minimal: 3 phone calls and 2 visits. Since the BuyOwner.com debacle, we have begun to advertise in the local paper. Thus far, advertising in the local paper has generated more interest than BuyOwner.com.

I realize BuyOwner.com is a marketing service and will not sell my home for me. I think most buyers still require the hand holding that a buyer’s agent provides. This was a real disappointment and a good lesson learned – even thou it cost 3K: Perform more research and don’t rush decisions.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-04-09:
I am amazed that BuyOwner.com can still get money from people with all the complaints on the Internet about them. Does anyone know of a home that BuyOwner.com has actually helped sell? Seems like every complaint reads the same, BuyOwner.com takes a load of money off someone, then they end up listing with an agent anyway.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-04-09:
Marketing cannot guarantee selling anything. Even though I have not looked at their web pages I can figure that all they do is post your listing for a fee. About 7-12% of homes offered by the owner do successfully sell in a reasonable amount of time. I'd still say using an agent is the best way to go.
Posted by DirkJorgen on 2007-04-18:
BuyOwner succeeds because of the same reasons companies like Rainbow are still around: they thrive on consumer ignorance.

Nothing would make me happier than if these collected reviews prevented any more people from handing their money to BuyOwner, but I realize that's not about to happen soon.

Posted by R.E.Solutions on 2007-04-23:
Sure, you can advertise in the paper, and you'll get calls, maybe. Most will be agents that want to list, buyers that want you to owner finance or take back paper. The rest will want to play 20 questions, because they can not get enough information out of your little ad in the paper. That's why the local, national and global exposure on the internet is so powerful. Put plenty of photos and plenty of text on there, and you will weed out the non serious buyers.

Plain and simple: price your property at the fair market price, and your will get the exposure to sell your property through BUY OWNER! I personally sold one house, $300K+, and am getting ready to advertise another. We have lists of hundreds of sold properties through the system in each market area.

By the way, the advertising packages are good Until Sold, no time limit, and we can help you price the property through our affiliate.
Posted by DirkJorgen on 2007-04-23:
The logic of R.E. Solutions (an obvious pseudonym for a BuyOwner staffer) I've read in rebuttal to these complaints is questionable. Consider this: less than 5% of homes are sold (in total) through FSBO marketing. That includes all FSBO activities ... BuyOwner, their competitors, homeowner advertising, etc.

I am no fan of our Realty-controlled system, but even so, one must agree it is by far the most effective home advertising. That means for every 9.5 homes sold, only 1/2 a home sells directly from consumer to consumer. Given this, how effective could BuyOwner possibly be as a marketing mechanism relative to equivalent flat-rate MLS options?
Posted by kelly0322 on 2007-10-29:
I have to agree. Ignorance does help a lot of knock off companies strive. Buy Owner is not one of them. I have recently sold a home through them. I was on the market for 150 days. I was over priced at first. I had their realty company call and give me some comps. As soon as I lowered my price I sold the home. If I hadn't used them it would have cost me 12k to sell my home instead it cost me 3k.... I'll take the 9k....Even if I were with a realtor...I would have been on the same amount of days and paid out more.
Posted by rjffla on 2008-02-21:
If one wants to truly see how effective such concepts are all you have to do is go to their site, do a search and then email 10 using the program. Ask them if they are happy with the service. you will find half are already using an agent. In a strong sellers market with few homes and lots of buyers one can sell as a "FSBO" save even more just put up a sign and some fliers. But finding a buyer ins such a market is easy, you had better know the process as well or you can lose far more then the agents fee.

I am in the Tampa area with lots of homes on the market, buyers don't need to hunt for homes and they certainly are not going to take the time to find your sign, write down a code and then have to go get on a computer for details. They certainly are using the Internet but not going to a limited site but a site like realtor.com where every listing can be found not a few.
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Posted by Shocked on 03/24/2006
My husband and I consider ourselves consumer savvy. We are reasonably intelligent and highly educated (we both have post-graduate degrees), but for the first time in our lives, we have fallen hook line and sinker. Buyowner is one of the biggest scams ever. The initial agent promised us a write-up for the website and photographs. The write up was so generic as to be meaningless - competing properties had chunks of identical wording. Needless to say, we substituted our own wording. They used generic photographs - the pool was not our pool, the tennis courts were not our tennis courts, the beach was not our beach. We excused that and got on with our job of trying to sell the condo. We had virtually zero response so decided to hand over our property to MLS Realty. Our initial contact had promised us (in writing) a deal whereby we would pay 2.5& commission if there was no buyer agent involved, 4.5% otherwise with a 25% rebate of the seller side commission. The MLS realty rep (who was also our BuyOwner Title rep) refused to honor the agreement. Not only that but he refused to acknowledge that the standard 6% commission had any "seller side" component. After arguing with him till we were blue in the face, we gave in and accepted his terms. We're already regretting it - we doubt his competence, he doesn't have an office in the area, and if he sells our property the commission + Buyowner fee will be around 7% of our selling price. We could have done one of realtor acquaintances with a local office and clients a favour by letting her list it and still have paid less. The problem is that you lay out so much money upfront to Buyowner. And when you fail to sell the house yourself, you feel trapped into accepting their terms for MLS listing. I think their services work very well for people wanting to BUY property, may work ok for sellers on a sellers' market, and they are a godsend for incompetent MLS realtors who get listings handed to them on a plate. But for the average Joe wanting to sell his house, they are sharks waiting to devour him.

My advice to anybody considering their services is this: (1) Don't sign any deal at the initial interview. That agent may make promises based on your signing immediately that hold no water. (2) Don't assume that agent will describe your property correctly - he is probably a relatively incompetent fish in the real estate pond (3) Be prepared to be tied in knots by their deceptive wording on their agreements. Either my husband and I have lost our marbles, or our MLS Realty agent doesn't respond to normal logic.

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Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2006-03-27:
I think people keep missing the point about this company. Although it's called BUY owner, it's a play on words - the idea is BY Owner - that is, you are selling the house yourself. You still have to do all the work - write the description, take the photos, show the property if need be. People want to save a buck selling a house, then become upset when they don't get the services of a full service broker. You are getting what you pay for.
Posted by 1honestrealtor on 2006-07-14:
I totally disagree with you Hugh - I'm sorry. I am a full-service realtor, and I do EVERYTHING for the client and they pay me NOTHING unless I sell their home. For people to expect something for their 000's of dollars paid upfront is no surprise. These poor folks are being seriously misguided and for my own investigative curiosities, I called Buyowner as well to see what they were selling. They are very easy to believe if you have not spoken to a realtor. They promise you the sky - "there is no way that your property will not sell within 6 months with BuyOwner.com" so they don't spend too much time on the secondary percentage charges (or alternative selling methods as described above). Well, bottom line - we've all made seriously expensive mistakes. We learn and move on... Good luck in your future endeavors!
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-02-23:
My law firm is prosecuting a class action lawsuit against Buy Owner, Inc. (buyowner.com) for the Company's alleged deceptive and unfair trade practices. The lawsuit has been brought on behalf of customers of Buy Owner, Inc. As part of our factual investigation in connection with that litigation, we are interested in speaking with current and former customers of Buy Owner. If you've purchased the services of Buy Owner and are available to speak for a few minutes about your experiences with the Company, please call me toll free at 800-952-8897. You can also contact me via email at classlaw@dreierllp.com.

Thank you.

Daniel B. Scotti
Posted by R.E.Solutions on 2007-04-18:
That's just what the world needs- another class action lawyer. Why don't you also solicit every one who was ever unhappy with a real estate agent or broker?

Watch out for the counter suit, it will be a doosie!
Posted by little1ontheway on 2007-04-30:
I wouldn't bother dealing with Buyowner.com. Its a big scam. Any company worth there salt wouldn't take a 100% of there payment upfront. There packages range from ~$1500 to over $10,000. We spent ~3000 and received 2 visits plus 1 phone call. In my book that’s a lot of money for no real benefit. I am not a real fan of lawyers or even class action lawsuits; however, if there was ever a reason for a class action lawsuit, this is it. Buyowner.com deserves to have there pants sued off!!!!

I'm cheering for the lawyers on this one!!!!!!!!!
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New president cheats sales rep out of $100 and admits company is failing
Posted by Pjberg200673 on 10/30/2011
DELRAY BEACH, FLORIDA -- I want to disclose fully that I am a former sales representative for BuyOwner out of the Chicago area. The new owner took over in 2011 and the headquarters is located in Delray Beach, Florida. I only went on appointments for a little over a month (July 2011) before they closed the office. I certainly wasn’t involved long enough to be disgruntled and I liked the people who worked out of the same office. I am glad that it is over though since the service is way too expensive and sellers are much better off taking their business elsewhere. Once someone pays them to advertise their home, a couple of hourly employees put the home on their website within a couple hours and the cost is $2000 to $5500 depending on the number of photos and virtual tours included. That’s very little work and a lot of money to simply be put on a website that hardly anyone visits anymore. Their website still shows a ‘customer service’ address in Woodridge, IL which is the ‘Chicago’ office that closed. I guess they decided to leave it up on the website to give people the impression they have a dedicated customer service department.

If the customer pays the balance over 4-6 months then the representative is suppose to be paid a percentage of those payments. My last sale with them opted for payments and paid one payment which I was paid on before the office closed. After that, the owner decided there was no need to pay me a little over a lousy $100.00 in commissions on the other payments the customer made. I asked him to pay me in an email and he ignored my request. I guess he figured since there was no longer an office in Chicago why bother paying me. So I let the rest of the representatives know about this in a mass email and one of them actually physically threatened me if I put this information on the Internet.

Hard to believe that people with short tempers like that are going into people’s homes. They do not do background checks on the independent representatives (at least they did not with me) so you could be letting felons, rapist or child molesters into your home.

Anyway, the new owner did respond to my mass email letting everyone know that he cheated me. He didn’t deny it but instead went off on some tangent pleading for sympathy ADMITTING that the company has failed by not changing their old ways. I feel sorry for all the people he let go in the Chicago office and those still aboard his sinking ship then I do him. I gave him another chance to make good on the commission letting him know he was not leaving me many options but to take this information to the internet. I purposely did not share the final request with all the others in my email. He responded that I forgot to not realizing it was intention and asked me to share the links with him. Hard to believe he doesn’t have better things to do and would want this information on the Internet when it could have been avoided for a little over a $100. It is my hope that this information does cost him business although he is doing a pretty good job on his own making that happen. Do you really want to give your money to someone who would cheat someone else out of $100.00 or to a guy who admits his company is failing?
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Posted by Alain on 2011-10-31:
You can try small claims court, maybe, but I don't know if it'd be worth the effort.
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Not Worth The Money
Posted by Kelti on 12/27/2008
JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA -- I wish I had read the reviews of Buy Owner first. I was "sold" on the same sales speeches of hundreds of hits per month, etc. $2000 and three months later...not one contact let alone an offer. Their copy writing leaves something to be desired also. They will make changes via regular mail and will not record the audio until turned in. So with processing time, one week. That is if they get it right (which they didn't) and you don't have to do it all over again. I'll be working with a real estate agent now on as I'm out of time.

If you have the time, search for free listing sites and try "Craigslist". Just as much coverage, if not more. So much for saving money.
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