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Cabelas Refuses to Issue Refund Check for Returned Merchandise or Respond to BBB Complaint.
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Rating: 1/51

SIDNEY, NEBRASKA -- My wife purchased a pair of Danner boots as a gift for me online, order # 212541534. The boots were defective and returned for exchange. Cabela's no longer sells these boots so they were going to issue a refund. Cabela's received them on Sept 23rd according to the USPS tracking.

They called my wife and left a message (Sept 24th or 25th) saying they were going to issue a credit to the VISA they were purchased with. I called customer service on Sept 26th at 655 PM and spoke with Judy. I explained that the VISA card they were purchased with was cancelled as we have changed financial institutions and asked if a check could be mailed to us. She offered a Cabela's gift card which I declined as this would limit me to Cabela's but they no longer sold the boots and they are still available elsewhere. She put me on hold to check with someone to see if a refund check could be issued instead of the VISA refund. She got back on the phone and told me a check would be mailed out.

They promised a refund check but credited my wife's cancelled VISA card instead. On Oct 4th my wife (Judy xxxxx customer # 35534313) go an email saying “Dear JUDY A xxxxx, This note is to verify that a Credit in the amount of **308.49 has been issued to your VISA account on 10/03/2013.” This is not what I asked for and not what Judy the Customer Service Rep from Cabela's told me they would do.

On 7 OCT at 914am I called Cabelas customer service and spoke with Jan. She was nice but no help resolving the problem. She said I had to deal with my financial institution getting them to send me a check for the amount they refunded to the canceled VISA. I shouldn't have to deal with this headache of getting the credit union who I no longer have an account with to issue me a check for a credit to the non active VISA card and when the customer service representative Judy told me they would send a refund check in the mail, that's what they should have done. That afternoon my wife called Members Credit Union and they told her that if a business credited our no longer active VISA then the funds would be returned to the business.

On 30 OCT my wife again called Cabela's and spoke with several customer service reps. One CSR told her that the money had been returned to Cabela's from the financial institution and then another told her they were still waiting on the money to be returned. My wife complained that this has been going on for over a month and we've been switched from one customer service representative to another with no results and we are still out the money for our returned boots. There was no resolution.

Cabela's has yet to respond to a complaint I filed with the Better Business Bureau (#300097760) on Oct 7th. What kind of company won't even respond to the BBB after 3 weeks?

Cabela's - Never Again
By -

BUDA, TEXAS -- After proving myself as a loyal customer who spends entirely too much on my hunting and fishing addictions ( i.e. the perfect Cabela's customer), I decided to become a Cabela's Club member and applied for their Visa card which they happily gave to me with a pretty outrageous credit limit. I then proceeded to spend about $5K in several pre-Christmas shopping blitzs at their Buda, TX location which is about 1/2 hour from our home in Austin. The day after Christmas, I took my sons to exchange about $500 worth of various gifts that didn't fit, etc. As it turned out, I had the sales receipts for several shopping trips, but had failed to bring one of the receipts for about $300 worth of merchandise which I was initially unaware of. The "customer service" guy started by acting like he was really ticked about his job - which I have to say looked like he was struggling with. When he told me that several items were not found on the receipts, he informed me that he could give me store credit for what turned out to be about $100 less than the price tags still on the garments. I told him that I had just purchased the items a few days before on my brand new Cabela's club card (which at that point I was still kind of excited about). He got pretty nasty about that comment, and told me that it didn't matter, the best I could do would be to get the lowest (sale)price listed for the items for the last 12 months refunded as a store credit. He then threw in a comment about how shopper fraud had become a big problem for them - hint: I think you're a crook who may be stole these items and now want to return them for cash (another flash of genius customer service). Now, it seemed peculiar that he could look up the lowest price for these items over the last 12 months, but he could not look up my transaction receipt two days ago which was made on a store credit card. GREAT customer service. Really smart. I will take my annual outdoor budget and apply it to local stores who really aren't any more expensive and a lot more customer friendly.

Cabela's is not the store I thought it was. I won't be back - ever - for any reason. I have cancelled my recently bagged club card membership.

Done with Cabela's

Can't buy optics at Cabelas
By -

During the past 8 months I have gone to Cabelas specifically to purchase rifle scopes on three occasions where I was treated extremely poorly. I would wait at the counter, clerks would walk by and help other customers, no they were not calling numbers on any of these occasions. The shortest wait was 20 minutes when I asked for help and was told to take a number by the clerk who had just helped a woman who had just walked up. He then went into the back room, they lost a sale on a $900 scope. A while back I went in and after waiting for 30 minutes I left, the clerk would look at me standing at the counter and just walk away. He came by and helped several other customers who had just walked up. I waited while some friends of his came in and were talking about his jeeps. They lost the sale of a $500 Eotech and a $600 scope that day.

I went in recently to buy a scope. I waited 40 minutes, a customer a head of me took a long time to decide what he wanted, the clerk had to come to where I was standing several times to get other scopes out. After he had finished helping that customer he had to walk to where I was to put scopes away. After putting them away he walked down the counter and helped a couple that had just walked up. While I was still waiting a second clerk came over and helped 2 guys that had also just walked up. When I asked the first clerk for help he told me to take a number and I would be helped. Again Cabelas lost the sale of a $500 or a $1400 scope. I was debating between the two. When I called the store the manager offered to take my order over the phone and was told it would be shipped to my house. I let them know I didn't want to spend any money at their store and why would I buy something I was never able to look at.

I have been treated really well by a lot of other Cabelas workers, but I have also spent a lot of money at their store and also on line. I know that most of their workers are great people but 3 workers have cost them a customer.

Resolution Update 08/20/2009:

08-20-09: I have not heard anything from Cabela's beyond the initial email response to my complaint. I was told the complaint would be forwarded to the store management and corporate management. After nearly 2 months I don't think there will be a response.

Cabelas - Not Customer Service Oriented
By -

In early May 2009, I ordered some ammunition for my handgun. As I am writing this, it is June 22nd and I still have not received the ammo! I have received 3 emails from them stating the order was on backorder. I emailed their customer service department with my complaint and they said there is nothing they can do about it and they will not provide compensation of any kind. Cabelas has also done this to both of my parents who ordered from them as well as my husband. Hopefully this post can help others see how disappointing and un-customer friendly Cabelas is.

Resolution Update 06/24/2009:

I am ending this message board simply because I received helpful advice from 3 users - I thanked them in my final message. I am going to wait a little longer for Cabelas to hopefully send the ammo while I look elsewhere for ammo. Hopefully this review on Cabelas helped some people know more about Cabelas. Thanks!

Bought a Lemon, Out the Money and They Won't Do Anything
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Rating: 1/51

Gun doesn't fire and was told because the site says all sales are final there is nothing they can do. Lied about the return and shipping laws (I got it to my door, black powder pistols are not considered firearms)and I am out the $220, nor did they offer an FFL return.

Did not have the manufacturer's information to contact them.

Bad experience all around. Bad product that they won't do anything about, poor customer service and last time I will order from them.

I am correct, you are wrong
By -

I wrote Cabelas and told them that their advertisement for the Mag touch rods is incorrect. Other people and companies have used this incorrect info and it is on several websites online. The rods were introduced PRE 1987-1988 for a fact. My uncle bought at least a dozen of them in different actions and fished with them for a couple years before his death March 19, 1989. My Aunt gave me those rods. Cabelas told me that they bought the line of rods from another company, I was told that the Cabelas name is NOT on those PRE 1990 rods. MY RODS ALL ARE PRE 1989 AND EVERY ONE HAS CABELAS MOLDED INTO THE ROD HANDLE END PLUG !!!!

Just want the truth be told about these Quality, Quality rods. The 20+ year old rods are much better than ANY rod made today. I have 1 of the ulra-light models that has caught in excess of 10,000 bass, 10,000 on the safe side !

Thanks Andrew Prichard

Very Satisfied With Customer Service
By -

My family are avid hunters and sports enthusiasts, and since we do not have a Cabelas within driving distance, we always order from their website.

Anytime we have decided to return a product, no matter the reason, the process has been a breeze. We were mailed either a check or gift certificate within a week of the return.

The "live chat" with a customer service representative on their website is an excellent tool as well, and came in handy when we had to return a pair of $180 hunting bibs. They were a gift, but with no receipt or paperwork included. We asked the representative if they were exchangeable, and he said to just ship back the wrong size, with a note on what size/style we wanted, and we got the right ones in about 4 days.

Way to go Cabelas!

Cabela's Sporting Goods... Customer Product Review System Is Dishonest!
By -

ONLINE SALES -- You know what gets my goat? Cabala's sporting goods.

I recently purchased some sporting products from there on-line store and was later asked (via email) to rate the items I had purchased.

Well I took the time to write what I thought were three well written reviews, two were of products that worked out OK, the third being a product that I was disappointed with. I wrote a respectful review saying that the item did not meet my expectations.

Well, Cabala's must have some sort of review of reviews... Because My not so favorable review never made it up on there site (The other "good reviews did).

I decide to test there review system at this point and write another unfavorable review about a product I had purchased from there store some time ago. Sure enough..... This review also did not make it to there site.

I have to say, if someone like Cabala's is going to ask someone to take the time to write a review, they should have the decency to post said reviews to there site.. Good or Bad.. it should not matter!

I find this dishonest! And will not purchase anything more from Cabala's, seeing that there product rating system is biased and a total farce! And they do not respect there customers opinion.

Unfair practices - Dishonest sales system
By -

Don't do business with them. They offered a very good deal online. After the purchase, they provided a tracking no., but never shipped the merchandise. When I called in, they tried to find different reasons to cancel my orders. Bad business. Stay away!!!

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