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Cable Shopping Network
15945 N 76th Street
Scottsdale, AZ 85260
1-800-975-6351 (ph)
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CSN Network Scams People
By -

LAVALE, MARYLAND -- On February 1st of 2009, I watched a "Live On-Air" presentation of a salesman offering the 50 States Quarters. The salesman said, "Order now as supplies are becoming limited. We currently have them in stock and available for immediate delivery." The salesman said that you could call or order online. I placed my order online. After preparing the online order and clicking submit, I received an order confirmation with an order number. At the bottom of the receipt it stated that the estimated delivery date would be March 2, 2009. I'm saying "WHAT?" How is that considered immediate delivery?

So I waited until March 3rd to receive my order. Whenever it didn't arrive, I called the customer service number to check on the status of my order. I received an automated message stating, "Due to overwhelming demand for our 50 States Quarter collections, please allow 8-10 weeks for delivery. To say the least I was angry, but I decided to wait a bit longer.

Today Is March 27th and I have still not received my order. I once again called the customer service number. This time a live person answered. I was told that the quarters were on back order and they were just starting to ship the December and January orders now. I told the man that I was not happy with their company and their shady business practices. His response to that was to try to sell me more coins to complete the set that I have not yet received. I then asked him why they would advertise that they had them in stock and available for delivery when they did not.

His response was, "The show that you watched was prerecorded and at the time of its original airing, the coins were in stock." I then informed him that the show I viewed did not show anywhere that it was a prerecorded show. It was presented as if it were live and the salesman even said several times during the airing that it was live. His response to that was to tell me I'm a valued customer and he once again tried to sell me more coins. I asked him why they would rerun a show that says they are in stock and available for immediate delivery if they knew they were currently not in stock. His response was to once again tell me that I'm a valued customer and to try to sell me more quarters.

It was at that time that I exploded and used a few "choice words" with him. I told him I had no intentions of ever ordering from CSN again and if he wanted me to feel valued he could get my order to me as I was promised. I then tried to pin him down on a date. He said that as soon as they arrived, they would ship them out to me, but he never did give me a specific date. He then once again went into another sales pitch about buying an additional coin set. At that time I just hung up on him.

I will NEVER deal with CSN again. Hopefully you will read this review and will be wise enough to NEVER buy from this company. We need to put this company out of business by NEVER buying from them again. These people are scammers. They will exploit you. BUYER BEWARE! I will post an update to this review as soon as the coins actually do arrive so that you will know just how long I actually had to wait to receive my order.

Ripped Off
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PHEONIX, ARIZONA -- Cable Shopping Network is a corrupt early morning con show, watch out. I can't think of any of their practices that are above board. They took all pertinent info while I supposedly purchased 40 oz of silver bars. Thank the Lord I didn't make the huge purchase I was considering. I've made lots of transactions in the past, with reputable precious metals dealers and never have I been witness to such an outrageous theft from myself and as as I have learned, the public. I am not a sophisticated investor, by any means however I can say this ain't my first rodeo.

They said they had the product on TV, nope. They said they would email me a confirmation, nope. They said I would receive this today or the next, 10x, nope. Did they get money, yep + service close to 50 bucks. They never told me of this charge or I would have bought it in town. There is plenty more deception but I am happy that my bank is dealing with them. The refund is great but I, for once, feel bad for my bank. Also, even though the bank won't say it, I'm sure this gives me somewhat of a idiot rating with them.

The moral of the story is, if you're up late with nothing to do and you see a clown of a snake-oil salesman telling you that silver is 4$ cheaper to buy here than in your hometown, go back to bed and buy it in the daytime, if you must.

Don't Buy From Cable Shopping Network
By -

SAINT PETERSBURG, FLORIDA -- I ordered the complete 50 State Quarters Collection from Cable Shopping Network on December 29th, 2008 and received an estimated shipping date of 2-3 weeks. After 4 weeks I sent 6 emails to the company through the company website, never received a reply. I then called the customer service number and there was a recording that due to a high volume of holidays orders for the Quarter Collection, "please allow 8 weeks." I waited 8 weeks and called again and was told by a representative to wait 10 weeks and the company would 'investigate and push the order out'.

I waited 10 weeks and the next representative did not offer me any information except to cancel my order if that's what I wanted. He then told me the reason it was not sent out was there was a problem with my Discover Card. Which is a lie because I have a zero balance on my card, and I saw the authorizations that Cable Shopping has run every 30 days to verify the account is still good. I was told to wait 2 more weeks and a supervisor would get my order 'force shipped'.

Another lie because after waiting the last 2 weeks the last representative I spoke with told me that she has no idea when the set will ship, and there is no way to get the set 'force shipped' and that anyone in the company that told me otherwise didn't tell me the truth. So, after 3 months, I still have no idea when the set will be shipped, but every night on cable TV the same advertisement runs, selling the same product I can't get shipped to me. If you are smart, stay away from Cable Shopping Network.

CSN stole my Grand Daughter's X-mas Gift
By -

SCOTTSDALE, ARIZONA -- I ordered a set of State quarters from the Cable Shopping Network in July 2005 and I paid for them with my Visa Debit Card. The sales person asked if I wanted to join an auto-renewal program. I told them no. I said that this was a one-time purchase and to not send me anything else. That December they charged my Visa Debit Card for another set of coins. I called the Cable Shopping Network and told them that I had told the original sales person that I did not want them to send me any more products. I told them that I did not order this second set of coins and I wanted my money back.

They told me to return the coins for a refund but they would still charge me the Shipping & Handling charges. I told them that this was unfair and to take me off of their list. However, despite this emphatic request, this December (12/08/06) the Cable Shopping Network took $39.90 out of my bank account, using my Visa Debit Card, for another set of coins. I am on a small fixed income and live on a very tight budget. However, this year I managed to save $40.00 for my Grand Daughter's Christmas gift. But now, because the Cable Shopping Network made this unauthorized withdraw from my bank account, I cannot purchase her gift.

The Cable Shopping Network said that they would send me back my money, but it is too late. Now to me, in effect, the Cable Shopping Network stole my Grand Daughter's Christmas present. Also, because of this I had to cancel my Visa Card to prevent them from ever doing this again. My lesson learned is that the Grinch is not the only thief of Christmas.

Illegal Practices
By -

SCOTTSDALE, ARIZONA -- The Cable Shopping Network (CSN) is a fraud. They charge customers for products that are not in inventory, holding their monies for months on end. They lie about their products, have their sales people lie, return money to credit cards after calling and hounding them for months. I've experienced a sales person stealing from me. I threatened to send him to jail, he was fired. I am aware of sexual harassment by managers. I have a friend to was given ** by a sales gal there in order to sell him coins.

I believe this company takes our money to purchase items to sell or why else would they charge for something they can't produce, why would it take months to get money returned? This place should be under investigation. I filed a complaint with the AG's office, all the AG's office did was sent them a letter. Somebody do something with these dishonest people, please. Thanks.

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