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Beware of their scam...
Posted by CAT on 08/08/2004
I had a "no fee" card from Capital One, which to me (and any other consumer I would think...)means that there is no annual fee to carry their card. I contacted Capital One for a payoff balance and was given the amount. I informed them that I would be paying off the account and to cancel the account immediately. I was advised to put that in writing when I paid off the account and I did so. Next I get a statement in the mail from Capital One showing my payment in full and a new charge of an "annual fee" ($25) added to the account. Mind you, I had a "no fee" card and had already notified them both IN WRITING and verbally that I wished the account to be closed. I contacted customer service regarding this charge and was told that it was a "mistake" on their part and that the account was indeed closed. I was told to "ignore" the charge. The next month I received another statement from Capital One - still showing the "annual fee" charge PLUS a LATE FEE of $25. By now, I am getting a little steamed - this is really poor customer service!! Again, I contacted customer service and was told that I did owe the "annual fee" as well as the late charge. I informed the person on the other end that I had cancelled the account 2 months ago and had a copy of the letter to prove it (thank goodness I keep these things). I was asked to fax it to Capital One which I immediately did. The next month I received still another statement - yep - you guessed it: still another late fee on top of it all. Fast forward a few months - (with me calling AND faxing after each statement and getting the usual run around) and the account - which was paid off and closed - is upward of $250.00. Capital One then proceeded to turn me over to collections. I got a call from a collection agency - and the woman was most friendly. I went through the entire story with her and she asked that I mail her all my paperwork - and she would get back with me. I did so and about 2 months later, she called me. She had reviewed my paperwork and said I was definitely in the right and also mentioned that she "had seen Capital One do this to other customers." (whoo-hoo - vindicated!!) She said she would see what she could do and get back with me soon. I waited 3 more weeks and when I didn't hear from her, I tried to call her myself. I was informed that that particular person was "no longer working on my account" and someone else had taken over. I couldn't believe it - I was going to have to start all over again!!!! However, I never did get another call from a collection agency - I DID get another statement from Capital One - WITH A ZERO BALANCE!! What happened - I don't know but as long as the account was cleared, I was glad. This whole incident took almost a year to clear up - and it wasn't even my doing. I will NEVER EVER do business with Capital One again and I have told everyone I know about this incident to let them know that Capital One tries to scam people. PS - I recently got a solicitation from Capital One (can you believe the nerve??)credit card - which I promply sent right back to them in their very own postage paid envelope, mind you - telling them I would NEVER EVER do business with their company and to remove me from all of their mailing lists. Knowing Capital One, they will probably ignore my request...

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Posted by creditwrench on 2004-08-08:
Your story isn't all that unusual. Capitol One Sucks with an awful lot of people. And if you go to Google
or most search engines you and put in Capitol One you will find one of my webpages proclaiming that fact. There is also a message board that deals with Capitol One as well. Complaints against them are rampant all over the internet.
Posted by Mad Eye Moody on 2004-08-09:
As a side note...them and NCO are in bed together.
Posted by wizang on 2004-10-02:
Your lying. Capital One doesn't have a $25 annual fee and hasn't in about 7 years. More than likely you did pay your account off, but you paid it late. Then they billed you a $25 late fee that you didn't feel you were responsible for. If you are going to complain about a company, at least try telling the truth.
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2004-11-26:
You owe the poster an apology for calling them a lier. They said the charge showed up on the statement as "annual fee". They said the customer service rep. told them it was a "mistake". Not once did they say customer service said the charge was for anything else. If it was because they payment arrived late, the customer service rep would have told them that, instead of saying it was a "mistake".
Posted by NobodyCares on 2005-02-25:
My experience with Capital One was very similar to the person who wrote "Beware of Scam". I had a card several years ago and I paid the balance off in full and they started charging me monthly (on a no annual fee card) and then sent me to collections. The collections person was very understanding and he said to write them a letter stating that I had not made any charges on the account and to remove the charges and close the account. Well, judging from the other entries I read on this site I should consider myself relatively lucky because they did close the account and removed the charges however, they never bothered to tell me that they wrote the charges off as "bad debt" and reported that I have derogatory credit to the credit bureaus. The worst part is that it has been on my credit report for 4 years and I never knew because I recently obtained a copy of my credit report and saw what they did. It was incredible to me that they could get a tax write-off for charges I never made! Of course I sent them a certified letter explaining that this is unfair and ridiculous to charge someone for a no annual fee card and then to put it on my credit report as derogatory credit after I cleared the mess up and without any notice. Of course, I never got a response. When I tried calling the company, the person I spoke with was extremely rude although I was trying to keep my composure and he refused to identify himself when I asked for his name. This company knows it is untouchable and treats us like dirt because we don't have any power. However, there is power in numbers and if anyone posting their bad experiences with Capital One is interested in getting organized and maybe suing the company to contact me at senta68@hotmail.com. I am not happy about having to go this direction with them but they are clearly making it their policy to cheat consumers who are powerless. I don't know enough about these laws to know if we have a strong case but it seems to me that the company habitually does not act out of good faith and takes advantage of the people who are putting money in their pockets. To me it's not about the money because they have not taken any from me but they did damage my credit and a lot of people out there did lose money. To be honest I doubt we would get any money even if we won, but it might force them to improve their policies and clear up the dishonest things they've done to us and others, also if the public finds out about it they'll lose a lot of business because no one wants a credit card from a company that habitually cheats people. I don't know...it's just a thought.
Posted by disfibulator88 on 2006-12-02:
Wow. I had a similar thing happen, only I stopped using the card, zeroed it out, and cut it up. I thought I cancelled, which was pretty reasonable considering I never received a bill after that. The card even expired (though I didn't know b/c I cut it up and disposed of it) and I never received a new one. Then, out of the blue about 15 months later (yesterday) I got a call from their collection department saying I was 45 days delinquent on charges and asking for a minimum payment of $60. She also asked for some personal-type info that I was not about to give her, yet they would not tell me my balance. I tried to explain how strange this was to me and how I do not understand how this could have happened. Basically, the only thing she would tell me was that I was enrolled in some sort of payment protection plan that caused some of the charges. I made it clear that I NEVER say yes to these plans and that I have NEVER been delinquent on a bill in my entire life.
She wouldn't transfer me without me giving her my SS# or account information I no longer had.

Anyway, after routing around for information I figured out the card number and expiration date, as well as the payment protection phone number. I called and got the plan cancelled, all the while adamantly denying any involvement or permission to be enrolled in the plan. After that I was able to find the right number to the people who could zero out my bill. The thing that freaked me out was that I had to go through the whole thing and when they found out that I physically had no card, there were no charges other than some "membership fee" and "protection plan," that I never received any bills or notice of changes to my account, and that I had tried to get this account closed over a year ago - after finding this out: 1) they didn't seem all that surprised, 2) they very quickly gave up and zeroed out/cancelled the account. My balance that they ended up zeroing out was about $200. They were trying to rip me off to the tune of $200.

Their practices are disgusting and it's good to know other people are speaking out. It's just unfortunate that you could not get your problem solved without a great deal of effort. Still, you have given me reason to make sure that in 30 days my account really is closed out and to never trust them until the account closing process is really finalized. Thanks.
Posted by Mittens on 2006-12-11:
Same thing is happening, and I'm still trying to get it all to stop. I'm up to $200, and I closed out my account about a year ago. I have called a dozen times and I keep getting shuffled to different departments and different people who are of zero help to me. It's been a headache.
Posted by ASAP Credit Card on 2008-01-14:
It seems like a lot of people have negative things to say about Capital One. Rediculous fees, low credit limits, APRs that change without notice - the list goes on and on!

We'd love to get your feed back. We recently started a poll on the Worst / Best Credit Card Issuers at:


Feel free to stop by and give us your opinions.
Posted by corey b on 2008-04-22:
I signed up for a $300 limit Capital One card in December 2007. They promoted no payments until May 5th 2008. That was the only reason I signed up for the card. I spent just under $300 so they charged my cad with fees to put me over $300 so they could charge me with more fees. Thats not the worst, I can live with that. Next they charge me evey month for not making a payment starting in December. I called them and reminded them that no payments were due until May 5th. They said there was no promotion like that and I needed to prove it. They are charging me for being over $300 every month and charging me late fees for not making payments and its not even May. Can someone he? This has also had a negative effect on my credit.
Posted by Westchaser on 2008-06-17:
June 2008: Capital One raised their "Minimum Payment Calculation" on my account to 3% of the card's balance. Since my balance is approx $10k, that one-percent is a significant increase to each month's payment.

Previously, it was 2% but I was late on one payment - a first since obtaining this card more than five years ago.

I received a call from Capital One's collections department, asking me to bring the account into good standing. I obliged and paid the late payment, their late fees AND the current month's payment in one shot, brining my account into good standing ($600+). The caller failed to tell me that he was raising my Minimum Payment Percentage. Guess he overlooked that little detail.

I wrote the company, asking to please put me back to 2%, but they responded with nothing more than a definition of how the minimum payment is calculated. Their letter closed with "You are a valued customer and we thank you for choosing Capital One".

How's that for a slap in the face? So much for "customer appreciation / service". Googling this company, I see that I am not the only one with the misfortune of being a Capital One card holder and experiencing similar frustrations with this shady company.

I am going to pay off the entire balance and close this account forever. Capital One is the worst credit card I have ever owned in my 38 years.
Posted by Westchaser on 2010-07-23:
I have been a Capital One cardholder for 10 years. In Feb 2010, I received a letter from them stating my "Introductory" APR expired. The net result was my rate immediately changed from a steady (for numerous years) 4.95% to 15.9%. After reading that letter, I immediately called their customer service line to ask (1) why since I have never exceeded by limit nor made a late payment and (2) what options did I have to get my rate back to what it was or at least lower. I was told (quote) "We understand your frustration but apologize as there's nothing we can do at this time to lower your APR. Please call back next month to see if it's possible at that time to reduce your rate. In the meantime, I'll notate your account that you called to inquire about lowering your rate." Since Feb 2010, I called each month with the same question and was literally given the exact same (scripted) reply. In the meantime, my monthly minimum payment more than doubled to Capital One. I've struggled but paid each one and did so on time. July 2010, after six months of struggling and calling Capital One, I called again with the same question and was told by "Seth" that I could "OPT-OUT of the NEW terms" that caused my APR to jump. I immediately reacted, informing him that I've been asking this question for six months .. why only now was I offered this wonderful news? His answer: "We are DISCOURAGED from telling customers about the opt-out option which also places your account in RESTRICTED status." I asked what "restricted status" meant and he clarified that "the card could NO LONGER BE USED for purchases BUT would reinstate your original APR of 4.95%." I nearly shouted "PERFECT!" when he told me this news. He said he would need to transfer me to a "senior account specialist" to complete my OPT-OUT request. I waited approx 5 minutes and another gentlemen took over the call. He was quick to tell me: "You've unfortunately MISSED the window of opportunity to OPT-OUT of the new terms and, therefore, you are STUCK (he actually said STUCK) with the new APR of 15.9%" WTF? I was LIVID. I told him how I've called for six consecutive months asking how I can get my old APR of 4.95% back but was told to call back .. and that my inquiry would be noted on my account. He proceeded to tell me "I'm sorry but there's no record of you ever calling - to ask about your APR or any other reason". If I could have jumped through the phone to strangle someone at Capital One .. I would have. I told him this is a SCAM and that I would be blogging this online on as many websites as I could locate. He said (quote) "I would do the same if I was in your situation". Either way, Capital One are running a DIRTY business of lending. Just google "CAPITAL ONE SCREWED" and you'll find a ton of posts like mine. I wish I could dump this account but, unfortunately, I'll be stuck paying off the balance well into the foreseeable future.

I have since submitted a complaint at: http://www.occ.treas.gov/customer.htm
Posted by Michael Mennenga on 2013-07-03:
I have just had my first experience with this. Card was closed in feb of 2013, now in july I get a statement telling me that my account is 5 months past due and I still owe them $198. When I called C.O. the woman assured me that the account was closed and it showed a zero balance.
Then why send a statement showing that I owe 200 bucks? Why make it sound as tho I did something wrong?
Evil company with evil practices. You doubters need to wake up. This company will take your soul.
I hold solidarity with all you that have gone through this.
The FTC is the next stop and I urge all to do the same.
Posted by Harry on 2013-07-06:
I AGREE with all these comments!!! Capital One should NOT even exist in America!!! They are low-profile company that I've ever dealt with!!! Poor customer service, they don't know how to handle problems!! They give you Hassle from customer service, to the manager. WARNING: Stay away from this company. It's a F-ing SCAM!!!
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Capital One Cardholder For 5 Years NOT ONE INCREASE
Posted by Andguy22 on 04/01/2013
Well, Where to start ? 5-6 Years ago I applied for a Capital one card. I was approved and was given a $500 credit limit. I paid the statement on time each and every month. After a year had went by of having the $500 card. I called in and asked for a credit line increase. I was denied, and told that the reason for the denial would be mailed to me. About 10 days later it arrived. The reason ? Well here's the reason that they stated to me. In fact, I received 2, Yes, 2 separately mailed denial letters. And they BOTH stated the same thing. They both stated that the reason for my denial was:

"We are unable to verify your billing address"

Okay, What !!?? Unable to verify my billing address ? But yet they mailed me 2 letters, and mailed them to my billing address ? What kind of excuse is THAT???

Well, I just blew it off. Thinking, Okay, Maybe I just need more time to show them my credit worthiness, fine. I'll wait for my time to come.

The following year came, Year 2 denied, Year 3 denied, Year 4 denied, Then finally, In Nov-Dec of 2012 ( Year 5) I again called in but well prepared this time. This time I had a copy of my credit report AND my FICO score in hand .

My credit report doesn't have a single blemish ( Yes, From all 3 credit agencies). And my FICO score was 686.

Again I was denied a credit line increase !!! The reason ??

" Capital One is currently not accepting customer initiated credit line increase request at this time "

Well then why not state that to me on the phone when I had called in to ask for an increase ?? Why play make believe on the phone and pretend like your reviewing my account for an increase ???

Now, This time I told the Capital One representative that I was getting sick and tired of getting BS reasons, and that If I don't have an increase by March 2013 that I was going to close my account at that time .

Now, Just to let you know my account balance had been paid in full since October of 2012. So I would give them 6 months to give me an increase, or I was done.

I then hang up with Capital One. I now turn to my other credit cards. And begin to call them and ask for an increase on those cards.

Discover Card = I had only had my Discover card for about a year. They started me at a credit line of $1, 000. So I call them and ask for a credit line increase, They gave me a $4, 000 credit line increase.

Best Buy Mastercard ( Now owned by Capital One ) I had them for about a year and a half. Started me off at $600, 7 months later raised it to $1, 000. Now when I called in and asked, They raise it $900.00.

Citi Bank Diamond Preferred Credit card + I apply for the first time and they give me a $3, 000 line of credit.

But the Capital One card that I have had now for 5 years won't raise my credit line one single cent ????

So now March 2013 is here. No increase !! So I then state, Since you won't increase my limit, what's my interest rate ?? The guy says , "It's 22% ", I say, well then lets get THAT lowered at least. He says , " I'm sorry sir, I'm unable to do that for you " . You know what ?? Just close the account then. And he did so without even a whimper of trying to keep me as a customer.

So I close the account, Then immediately file a complaint against Capital One with the BBB.

3 Days go by, And a lady from Capital One Corporate Offices calls me regarding my complaint to the BBB.

I pretty much tell her exactly what I'm telling you here. About my 5 years of denial, yet other companies either giving me substantial credit increases, or other credit card companies STARTING ME OFF at $3, 000, and yet nothing from Capital One.

She asks me how much credit I have on my other CC's. I tell her $5, 000 on Discover, $2, 500 on my Discover ( Walmart), $3, 000 with Citi Bank, $7, 000 Wells Fargo CC, and $2, 000 with my Best Buy Mastercard.

She asks me then, " Sir, If we were able to get you a credit line in the ballpark range of your other credit cards, would you consider, or be willing to re-open your Capital One card that you closed with us " ??

I said , Absolutely !!

She then states that she will " talk it over with her colleagues " and see what they can do.

This was on Wednesday March 27th. So I'm waiting to see now, If Capital One will FINALLY step up to the plate and finally TREAT me like a " Valued Customer " , rather than just SAYING those words.

Now, right before I wrote this, I logged into my Capital One CLOSED account to see if anything had been changed. Well, To my surprise my account was reopened on Friday March 29th, By whom, I have no idea, I assume the lady at corporate that I had talked to. But the credit line still states $500, we shall see what happens the next few days.

I don't mind waiting my turn, But darnitt 5 YEARS???? To the poor guy that stated he was a member for 10 years, WOW!!!!

I don't want to hear the words " Conservative " ever again from Capital One . " Conservative " could of been giving me a nickel or dime credit increase, NOW THATS CONSERVATIVE!!!! But not giving a penny in 5 years ??? To a so called " Valued Customer " ?? That's what they tell me each year, that I'm a " Valued Customer ", LOL, So that's how you treat all of us " Valued Customers " ???

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Posted by Obsfucation on 2013-04-01:
Maybe they think that you already have enough outstanding credit. When they decision, they look at your FICO (which is just OK), then they look to see how much exposure you have on other cards. There are many variables that go into these decisions, not only your payment record with them. Look at it this way: if you maxxed out every card in your wallet right now, and then got laid off, could you continue making payments? That's the question they are also asking. It's a fair question.
Posted by Eggs and bacon!!! on 2013-04-01:
I think that is the problem you have too many cards.
Posted by trmn8r on 2013-04-01:
This is the bank's money we are talking about, so you are asking them for something they aren't obligated to give you. There could be a lot of truth in this statement: "Capital One is currently not accepting customer initiated credit line increase request at this time".

One problem may be your timing - the economic collapse of 2007/8 is having lingering effects. Many banks are still reluctant to increase credit lines. I am surprised that you had so many others do so.

Obfuscation above penned an excellent reply. Banks have raised their standards, and honestly a score below 700 isn't considered great today.
Posted by JR in Orlando on 2013-04-01:
Although not discussed by the OP, it may be that he pays the balance off every month. People who use credit cards and pay the account off in full each month are "not good customers" for the credit card company. They make money on the interest of someone who carries a balance. People who pay off their account each month, cost more than they are worth.

Also, if one carried a balance for a while and then asked for an increase, it may be more readily granted. From the credit card company's point of view, why give an increase to someone who pays off the account every month.
Posted by Slimjim on 2013-04-01:
I'm not sure I agree with JR's statement,"People who pay off their account each month, cost more than they are worth. ".
Fact is any merchant who takes a credit card pays a percentage on the transaction. While finance charges are a big revenue from those who carry balances, it is not the only revenue the lenders receive. Straight American Express accounts work primarily off the revenue generated from charge transaction fees from the merchants.
Posted by JR in Orlando on 2013-04-01:
The American Express fees to merchants are some of the highest in the business also. The point I was trying to make is that people who pay off their accounts each month think they are good customers. But from the viewpoint of the credit card company, they are not. The ideal customer for the credit card company is someone who carries a balance, but makes regularly payments each month.
Posted by Anonymous on 2013-04-01:
As a 7 year Capitol One customer, I just want to say that we have had an opposite experience. We carry a balance as high as $15k throughout the year, but its always paid off within a few months and we've been given a $4,000 increase over the last 4 years. Now we don't have any other credit lines (other than an old GM card with a $250 limit that hasn't been used in years) and we have never made a late payment & our credit score is close to 800. Capitol One gave us the increases, we did not ask for them. We make regular payments every month and like I said, we make very large payments (5k-10k) several times a year.
Posted by Karnamay on 2013-04-02:
I believe JR is absolutely correct. My husband and I have a credit score of 825 and 820. We asked for an increase with Visa for our honeymoon and they flat out refused. My friend, who works for Visa said it was because we always pay the card off in full every month.
Posted by be persistent ia on 2013-06-05:
Email executive office for cap one. Got call back and increase. Have been granted $2,000 in credit limit increases in less than a year. Opened card last summer.
Posted by Tim on 2013-08-03:
I have had the exact same problem with Citibank! Five Year Customer $500 credit line that they refuse to increase. Never late once, carried high balance over months, paid off with zero balance over months on/off for FIVE YEARS! They refuse to raise my limit every year! I'm done with them. Cap One $3000, Discover $6000 FICO 750, Salary 90k I just don't get it???
Posted by RJ on 2013-09-21:
The question I have is: Why do you want/need to continue carrying a Capital One product when you've graduated to, two "Prime" companies
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Credit Rating & non-notification of judgment attained
Posted by Scrtdrvr on 04/05/2002
RICHMOND, VIRGINIA -- . Dear Consumers,

This letter is to inform you of the back-door actions of Capital One Financial Services. I will start with the background of the story.
With the bills mounting, I sought the help of a consumer credit counseling agency. With six revolving accounts, they helped out a lot. I started the plan in December of 2001, and have made every payment early. It worked great, the letters stopped arriving, no more phone calls at dinner time, and the financial companies were sending receipts for payments made including Capital One. In fact, I received a letter, which was a receipt, from Capital One dated March 4th 2002, stating that they received my payment on February 28th and attached a payment coupon for the next month’s payment. Then, on April 3rd 2002, I received another letter dated March 25th 2002, that Capital One has obtained a judgment against me in Richmond General District Court for the amount owed. Not once was I notified that they were taking me to court, nor did I receive a summons from the court requesting my presence for a case against me.
I contacted the counseling agency, who after a day’s research, stated that there was nothing they could do, so I turned directly to Capital One. I finally reached the recovery specialist assigned to my account, who will remain as M. Baker, and she stated that they were prepared to offer a settlement or I would face garnishment. The settlement offer was for $750.00, out of a $1036.00 balance. After further discussion, she advised that she could set-up an installment plan as to which I would be required to pay approximately $330.00 per month, for the next three months. She gave me until April 15th to make a decision. After arranging to make the $750.00 payment, through the aid of my family, I contacted M. Baker to advise her that I would be able to make the settlement. At that time I asked how it would be reported to the Credit Bureaus. She stated that it would show as settled, but still at the current R9 rating.
After considering the situation, I have contacted my attorney, in an attempt to correct my credit bureau standings. I am not, in any way, disputing the amount owed, but the rating reflected. I know that financial institutions have the ability to “amend” credit ratings as they see fit, and this is my purpose for this letter. I am requesting my attorney to seek at a minimum, an R5 credit rating, so that my credit rating will not be hankered by this wrongdoing for the next seven years. I am hoping that no one else will be lured into the trap that Capital One sets for it’s customers.
There are many avenues out there that they use to manipulate their customers and even though I am not at liberty to discuss them because I am a previous employee, but here’s how you can gauge your “worthiness” to your credit card company. Call them and request to close your account. If they don’t make an offer to keep your account, i.e. lowering interest rates, yearly fee, etc., then they don’t think very highly of you. I can guarantee that if you recently opened an account and you call with a request to close it, 9 times out of 10, they will not make any offers to keep you as a customer.
If you have any advice, comments, or concerns, please feel free to e-mail me at any time at the e-mail address stated below.


To help keep me as a potential future customer, I would like the following:

Restore the credit rating on this account to a 5 rating, and cease and desist on all contact, with exception of proof in writing that the adjustments have been made to both my credit report and Elaina McGraw's (secondary cardholder) as well, in return for full settlement payment by the 30th of April 2002, as you requested.

At the very least I would like a response from your company regarding this incident. Thank you for your time.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2003-03-28:
You settled this account. That means you can't pay the full balance. Capital One issued you a card in good faith and expected you to honor the agreement, and now you blame them because you were too much of a dead beat to handle making minimum payments every month. Credit is a priviledge, not a right. They didnt put a gun to your head when you charged up the card, and now you are too much of a loser to pay up in full, much less pay up on time. The R9 is a warning to other companies not to lend to someone like you... you think you deserve less? Yeah right! Next time pay your bills!!!
Posted by browneyedgalof67 on 2004-07-17:
Some years ago my husband had a capital one account also before they were bought out by First Resolution Investment Corp. He was behind on payments and they called and offered him a settlement of accounts. He took them up on their offer adn mailed them a money order of $600.00 and gave them a promise of another $600.00 the next month to settle in full. After which someone from capital one called and verified recieving payment adn confirmed that the other payment would be mailed. Within a week after the call someone from First Resolution Investment called wanting payment in full. When my husband explained the situation and the settlement agreement with Capital One the man said there was no record of this agreement or the payment. So at this point my husband said he wasnt sending them anything else until this was resolved. Two days later they filed for a judgement without any court notification for the full amount including the $600.00 that he had paid. His check was garnished for months and in June 2002 the debt was paid in full and reported to the courts as such. I found through his credit report that this debt was still being reported as unpaid in February, 2004. I went to the courts and got a copy of the Satisfaction of judgement and mailed to all 3 credit bureas. It was removed from his credit report promptly. Only to reappear in June 2004 worse than it was before. Now it was being reported by First Resolution Investment Corp. Dba/Capital One as being unpaid and in collections for twice the original amount owed. After 2 days phoning and many messages left the only person I got to talked to was a receptionist who I finally asked if she was the only one who actually worked there. After all this I was becoming increasingly disgusted and told the receptionist, who by the way was very polite, if someone did not return my call before the end of the day they would be hearing from my attorney this time around adn the little amount they collected would be nothing compared to what I would be asking for...Guess what? They returned my call within 30 minutes this time. Only to tell me of course it wasnt their mistake but someone at the credit bureas but they would fill out all the forms to have this corrected by the end of the day.....Beware do not enter into a settlement agreement with these people.....After they get you to pay a large amount up front they run to the court house and file for a judgement against you.....and worse yet you may not even get credit for the huge amount you already sent.
Posted by Ann O Nymous on 2005-06-07:
I'm sorry that that happened. My understanding is that they had to notify you of the court hearing otherwise the judgement is invalid. Hopefully your attorney can help with this.
Posted by Warangel on 2006-09-23:
As of this writing I am taking Capitol One to court for violation of Credit Practice. I lost my job two years ago and when I went back to work I lost about 24k per year in income. I was paying capitol one all along and got behind two months. The turned the account over to a so called law firm which is in fact a collection agency, posing as a law firm (we can prove this). I had recieved a call from these people and made arrangements to pay the card off. For the next month my phone rang three to five times per day wanting payment, remember this is AFTER arragements were already made. For just over a month three to five time per day I explained to these people that I had already made a deal with them. Each time it was a different person that called. I lost sleep, and had a heart attack due to stress caused by Capitol Ones agents. Yeah we are suing their butts and the so called Law firm. We have also reported this to the Atty, General here in this state and he has started aciton against Capitol One and their agents for violation of comsumers rights.
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Capital One Refuses to Transfer Money Mkt Funds
Posted by Drmike! on 06/12/2006
I have been trying for weeks to get Capital One Direct Banking to release funds I have in a money market savings account. Each time I have called, the person tells me that the order to release the funds has been received and that my funds should be transfered to my bank account in two to five days.

The funds, however, are NEVER transfered. I have so far talked to six people including account supervisors. Each time I am given a diffent excuse as to why the funds have not been transfered.

When I called last week I was told that my account had been restricted. When I asked why, the account supervisor told me it is because two previous addresses needed to be verified. I told her that the previous addresses had been verified when I opened the account. She admitted that this was true and informed me that she was only now lifting the freeze on my account.

Today I received a letter saying that there were no funds in my account so they couldn't make the transfer. When I called today, the person told me that the letter was a mistake and that indeed there were plenty of funds in the account and that the money would be transfered in two to five business days. Again.

Each time it has been a different excuse. I'm not sure if I will EVER get the funds from my Capital One money market account or not. Capital One has refused each and every time to provide me with a confirmation number or verification number to confirm that the funds would be transfered. They have each time refused to tell me when I might expect to receive the transfer (except to say "2 to 5 days," which has always been untrue). Each time they have fallen over themselves to let me know that "this time" they are telling me the truth.

I've filed a complaint with the Richmond office of the Better Business Bureau. Since I've never had a bank refuse to honor a withdrawal, I'm uncertain as to which agencies to contact. Anybody have any ideas on how to get Capital One to release my money?

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Posted by Dirtydave on 2006-06-12:
I think the Federal Trade Commission handles bank issues. www.http://ftc.gov
Posted by drmike! on 2006-06-12:
Thanks, Dirtydave! I've filed a complaint with the FTC. Let's see if that will help Capital One do the right thing.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-06-12:
Actually, I think they are probably a nationally chartered bank. If so, they are under the purview of the Controller of the Currency, a federal office. This is where you would file a complaint.

Why don't you just pull your money out of there and go someplace where they care?
Posted by drmike! on 2006-06-12:
Thanks, KenPopcorn! I checked it out. The Comptroller of Currency refered me to the FDIC. I have now filed a complaint with the FDIC as well as with the BBB and the FTC.

I'd LOVE to close out my account with Capital One Direct Banking and have been requesting just that since June 1st. They have thus far refused to transfer my money or to close my account. It is infuriating. I wonder how they would feel if it was their money? Hopefully, I'll eventually persuade Capital One to release my savings account funds and I'll be able to transfer them to a local institution where I can walk in and talk to a professional face to face.
Posted by Doc J on 2006-06-12:
There's a distinct advantage to working with financial planners having local offices. I like to have a face associated with any funds I turn over to someone. Good luck drmike. I foresee the best to come out of this is that you will eventually get your money, less some "fees", and a letter stating C-One's apology "for any inconvenience". Fortunately, it sounds like the transfer was not something time-sensitive. I hope.
Posted by miketech on 2006-06-12:
Sorry you are going through that. Looks like some good advise from the crowd. I was wondering when Cap One came up with the "No hassle" thing. Looks like what they really ment was "We'll hassle you like an ex-spouse". They just worded it different.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-06-12:
Sounds like Capital One has a personal vendetta against you. Are you a Dr.? Why on earth did you go with Cap1? They'll probably make some type of deductions. Eh.
Posted by drmike! on 2006-06-14:
Yeah! They finally transfered the funds! And it only took three complaints filed with the Better Business Bureau, the Federal Trade Commission, and the FDIC!!! Thank goodness there are agencies we can turn to when people like Capital One are unresponsive to reason and ethics.
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Posted by on 08/16/2004
Ive had so many problems with Capital one.Since the account was opened last year.They kept charging monthly fees and late fees when the account was never late (Later gave credit)there mistake. monthly fees which I was never told tell after receiving bills and interest rate never lowered as promised. I finaly paid it off with a Chase card on June 17 04 which they confirmed was payed and confirmed. Then ran my credit again without my concent to get me to reopen account which I declined. Then I get a bill for there monthly charge of $4.00.I disputed it.They gave credit June 25 04.Which they now say technically the account was reopened by them.said It will close after 1 more month the account is not used.Then the make another charge adjustment July 3rd for 99 cents. Which again they kept open for another month from that date.So to August 3rd there were not any more activity posted to the account by them.They tell me it is closed this time. I tossed out the card. Im thinking Finally!
Then I discover the card has been reopened all over again because somehoe someone purchased dvds from some club with it. I spoke with them last night I got the run around. It was never closed and so on. I called again today. The supervisors are worse in handling anything. Keep repeating That because the $4.00 and 99 cents adjustments they technically could leave the account open. That was there policy!Now they say I must pay the $18.00 and there fees all over again and then theyll start the 1 month no activity account will close routine. It seems to me were deling with Indians or Hindu.Was Capital one bought out?Or is the Phone calls routed to India?If thats the case were in trouble those 3rd world backward countries are Crimanals!These are the biggest Well organized crooks and cons Ive ever dealt with!


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Posted by bomingo46 on 2005-10-06:
it's illegal to run a credit check after an account has been closed/paid off. contact an attorney, you may eligible for a $1000.00 payment,plus attorney fees, for this illegal activity by the scums at capital one.
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Capital One Run-around
Posted by Drmike! on 06/09/2006
I have been trying to get Capital One Direct Banking to release funds I have in a money market account. Each time I have called, the person tells me that the order to release the funds has been received and that my funds should be transferred to my bank account in two to five days. The funds, however, are NEVER transferred. I have talked to numerous people including account supervisors. Each time I am given a different excuse as to why the funds have not been transferred.

Today when I called I was told that my account had been restricted. When I asked why, the account supervisor told me it is because two previous addresses needed to be verified. I told her that the previous addresses had been verified when I opened the account. She admitted that this was true and informed me that she was only now lifting the freeze on my account.

Each time it has been a different excuse. I'm not sure if I will EVER get the funds from my Capital One money market account or not. Capital One has refused each and every time to provide me with a confirmation number or verification number to confirm that the funds would be transferred. They have each time refused to tell me when I might expect to receive the transfer (except to say "2 to 5 days," which has always been untrue).

I will never put another penny into Capital One. I am planning on moving all my funds to a local financial institution where I can walk in and visit with a professional face to face.

Anybody have any ideas on how to get Capital One to release my money?
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Posted by Anonymous on 2006-06-09:
I have a capital one money market also – I never had to verify addresses other than the PIN & account number they send upon account creation. It took about two weeks from the time I applied/funded the account online until I could access the funds which I thought was too long. Are you able to access your account online? Did you ever receive your welcome letter with the account info?
Posted by drmike! on 2006-06-09:
Thanks for the comment, Stew. It took Capital One two weeks to send me the welcome letter and it was over a month before I had any access to my funds. In fact, I had to call and and complain before they allowed me to access my account online. Even now I cannot access my account by phone, but must wait for an actual person in order to check balances, etc. Very inefficient.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-06-09:
I wonder why? I've never had that problem. I do all transactions online. This does not give me a warm fuzzy. I've done one withdrawel in the last six months and it worked okay but I would be MAD AS HECK if my funds were tied up for no good reason. I wish you well.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-06-10:
Say please
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Capital One HC Finance Chooses Charge-Off over Modified PAY-OFF
Posted by Courtney Blair on 10/21/2009
SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH -- I called customer service today about my past due account. I have a problem with the unequivocal “NO” from the customer service representative. I asked to speak
to someone else, a supervisor perhaps, and was simply transferred back into the queue for someone else to deal with me. For the record, I called to ask if the loan could be modified. I asked if the monthly payment could be reduced, since I lost my job and my husband has had to take a 20% cut in pay. The representative said “no”!

I sent a letter to the Utah address on my statement. Their response was "sorry to hear"....blah blah.. "we regret that we are unable to help at this time".. and go on to say "please call us to discuss how we can work together"..blah blah.... Why should I bother calling again?

There is a notice on this month's statement saying they are considering selling my account to a collection agency and charging it off.

If they would lower the monthly payments and extend the payoff time, they could collect more interest and I could pay off the loan, but they won't even negotiate.

I had my home mortgage loan modified, my car loan modified, a construction loan modified, all with other lenders. Capital One simply refuses any assistance to the consumer. I want to pay the loan, they just refuse to make it possible for me to do that. They would rather ruin my credit by charging it off and turning me off to obnoxious collectors to be harassed on a daily basis. Shame on you Capital One Healthcare Finance. Your behavior is truly egregious.
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Posted by JR in Orlando on 2009-10-21:
You can't pay your bills and you don't like the way your creditors say "no." Is something wrong with this picture? The reality is for business/accounting reasons, in some circumstances it is better for the company to charge off the account than to have the money dribble in over time.

I don't mean to minimize your efforts to pay your bills and be responsible. Sometimes things are out of our control and to maintain peace of mind we have to accept what occurs and make the best of it.
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Closing an Account with Capital One Credit Card
Posted by Ninag on 05/12/2008
ANNAPOLIS, MARYLAND -- I closed my account with Capital One in November 07 and thought it was off the books. I destroyed my card and all balances had been paid. Evidently "closing" to Capital One means "inactive." The short story is anyone could use my card number to put charges on a "closed" account since Capital One does not verify information to reactivate a closed account.

Somehow my "closed" account was charged to pay my Verizon phone bill. I pay my phone bill online at Verizon. After speaking to Verizon the only way this could have happened was to unknowlingly select debit payment instead of a payment from my checking account. But how did my account information to charge the card get put into Verizon bill payment process. I entered no card information and have only my checking account designated to pay my phone bill. Secondly I hate these people so much I would never use Capital One again. And further more why pay an annual fee when most cards do not charge one. Why is Capital One so special except in regards to being the sneakiest company doing card business. My daughter actually got a piece of paper saying they had closed her account. Is her account really closed or just inactive? I guess I will go ask for a piece of paper saying closed but does that mean anything? WARNING: DO NOT OPEN AN ACCOUNT WITH THIS COMPANY.

Do all credit card companies place accounts on an inactive status when we think it is closed and cannot be opened again especially without proper authorization? Closed should be final not just inactive.

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Posted by tnchuck100 on 2008-05-12:
To close a credit card account you need to do the following:
1. Request a true payoff balance with a good until date.
2. Wait until you receive a zero balance statement.
3. Send a certified/return receipt requested notice specifically stating you are closing the account and will no longer honor any charges on the account.
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Plan to get marketing managers attention
Posted by Toner on 12/13/2005
Capital One
P.O.Box 85149
Richmond, Va. 23295-001 December 13,2005

Attention: Michael Robertson Dir. New Accounts

Dear Michael;

I have a short story to tell you. A story that I intend to relate only once so you may want to keep this correspondence on file for future reference. You’ll see why as we progress here.
Approximately two years ago this coming January 2006 I received an offer for your card. This was probably the fifth or sixth direct mail unrequested letter that I had received from CapitalOne in three months. This time instead of simply discarding the letter I opened it and sent it back unsigned with a note that I did not care to apply for the card. In a matter of thirty days I received a valid credit card with my name on it and a statement for $35.00. I cut up the card and threw the letter away. In approximately five months, this unauthorized card had gone from a card that I did not want to a $35.00 unpaid bill and sent to D&B for collection. CapitalOne had taken my account and imposed upon me a negative credit standing without me so much as even signing my name to any document or application. Shortly after the D&B report showing the charge, I notice that a second person has been added to the account. The name Taum Som now frequently appears on the mail I receive from your idiots in your mail marketing.
I failed to get your attention when I called the 800 number to have my name removed from your mailing list. I failed to get your attention when I wrote your company President and copied you last week.
Now the reason for keeping this letter on file.
Obviously your marketing manager has a terrific budget for direct mail. We noticed that your return permit #1837 has an unlimited return authorization on it. That’s good because to send me a letter in the future, it is going to cost CapitalOne more money and more time. I have decided to copy the envelope titled “BUSINESS REPLY MAIL” along with the first class permit number 1837 and the mail code zip at the bottom of the envelope and use it for my “return mail” as intended. There is going to be one slight change in this procedure. I will attach this “postage will be paid by addressee” to a package containing some wood scrap from my woodshop. I think that probably a thirty seven inch length of 2X4 would suffice for the intended purpose. Being over thirty six inches long and unbendable, the package(s) will require special handling by the USPS and your mail room. I think the weight will be around eight to 10 pounds each. This will place the cost at about $35 to $45 each for the first class postage.
Quite an imposition on both the USPS and CapitalOne but it will give you some idea of the imposition you create on this end whenever you send me another unwanted application for a card that has one of the highest APR rates in the industry.

My friends also think this is a great example of how to treat unwanted trash mail. They suggested that I put the idea and this letter on the net so more people could participate in the program. We’ll put it on every blog that is spidered by Google and Jeeves and all the others so that in about the next thirty days we could have (maybe) 30,000 people sending you some nice piles of expensive wood scrap. We will scan the prepaid reply envelope and attach it as a page for their copying convenience. Maybe this will get your attention.

Pissed because you screwed with my credit rating without cause or authorization.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2005-12-13:
LOL!!!! Oh to good to be true. Please post a follow up!
Posted by yoke on 2005-12-13:
Whenever you get unwanted mail that has a prepaid return envelope fill it up with anything (my shredded stuff does good) and send it back. They will have to pay for it.
Posted by Slimjim on 2005-12-13:
Wild stuff.
Posted by Mad Eye Moody on 2005-12-14:
Beautiful. Good luck! Drop me an email when a CA calls to harass you as they try to collect from you on the $35.00 charge (I'll bet by the time they get it, it will have ballooned to about $300.00) Stay tough!
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2005-12-16:
I get about 4 per week from Chase..and this has been for about a year now...sometimes two in my mailbox on the same day....I rip it up and mail it back with all the papers that came with it...and I send it back in their postage paid envelope...I stick a note with each one..."1st request to be removed from your junk mail list"..."2nd request to be removed from your junk mail list"..."when you get tired of paying for this junk, then maybe you will stop sending this junk to me"...I am up to "56th request to be removed from your junk mail list".. and I just send them as I get them....I'm thinking about saving them all starting in January and sending them all in one big envelope...postage due...about four times a year.
Posted by Ms.Consumer on 2005-12-23:
The tactics of these credit card leeches suck. I was the victim of Identity theft 4 years ago. The source of one of the scams was those stupid Capital one credit card offers they flood our mailboxes with. Called and called Capital one to get things cleared up. Person at Capital One kept promising to take care of it but never did. Yet she seemed to like to keep me on the phone forever in a crazy circular conversation. Credit card companies are Satan's best friends
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StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty Star
Horrible Service
Posted by ALoughrey on 12/01/2012
IRATE. I have never been so angry with a company in my life. Granted I screwed up and never paid my credit card bills, and it ending up in collections, I eventually got my sh*t straight and paid it off. HOWEVER, once I logged online to double check and make sure everything was taken care of, there was still a balance! I spoke to the highest person I could through the collection agency and they told me that the balance was completely zeroed out, so anything that shows up online would be Capital One's work, but I should give it another week JUST IN CASE. I did. In fact, I waited TWO. 30 days later, I still have a outstanding balance when I log online.

I called Capital One directly, and since the foreign girl couldn't help me, I asked for her supervisor. His name was Andrew. He's the most pathetic excuse for a Senior Supervisor. He refused to connect me with HIS supervisor, and told me he's only allowed to contact that person if there's some problem he just cannot fix. WELL, he couldn't fix mine, so who else am I supposed to contact? I understand, "Kill them with kindness." Oh he did that alright. He also hung up on me. Professional? I told him that I will come back to him and the company as a whole if this outstanding balance [snip] with my credit.

Since Capital One seems to be high and mighty enough to not have a customer service line for service compliments or complaints, I guess I'll just broadcast it everywhere I can!
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