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Capital One Cardholder For 5 Years NOT ONE INCREASE
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
Well, Where to start ? 5-6 Years ago I applied for a Capital one card. I was approved and was given a $500 credit limit. I paid the statement on time each and every month. After a year had gone by of having the $500 card. I called in and asked for a credit line increase. I was denied, and told that the reason for the denial would be mailed to me. About 10 days later it arrived. The reason ? Well here's the reason that they stated to me. In fact, I received 2, Yes, 2 separately mailed denial letters. And they BOTH stated the same thing. They both stated that the reason for my denial was:

"We are unable to verify your billing address"

Okay, What !!?? Unable to verify my billing address ? But yet they mailed me 2 letters, and mailed them to my billing address ? What kind of excuse is THAT???

Well, I just blew it off. Thinking, Okay, Maybe I just need more time to show them my credit worthiness, fine. I'll wait for my time to come.

The following year came, Year 2 denied, Year 3 denied, Year 4 denied, Then finally, In Nov-Dec of 2012 ( Year 5) I again called in but well prepared this time. This time I had a copy of my credit report AND my FICO score in hand .

My credit report doesn't have a single blemish ( Yes, From all 3 credit agencies). And my FICO score was 686.

Again I was denied a credit line increase !!! The reason ??

" Capital One is currently not accepting customer initiated credit line increase request at this time "

Well then why not state that to me on the phone when I had called in to ask for an increase ?? Why play make believe on the phone and pretend like your reviewing my account for an increase ???

Now, This time I told the Capital One representative that I was getting sick and tired of getting BS reasons, and that If I don't have an increase by March 2013 that I was going to close my account at that time .

Now, Just to let you know my account balance had been paid in full since October of 2012. So I would give them 6 months to give me an increase, or I was done.

I then hang up with Capital One. I now turn to my other credit cards. And begin to call them and ask for an increase on those cards.

Discover Card = I had only had my Discover card for about a year. They started me at a credit line of $1, 000. So I call them and ask for a credit line increase, They gave me a $4, 000 credit line increase.

Best Buy Mastercard ( Now owned by Capital One ) I had them for about a year and a half. Started me off at $600, 7 months later raised it to $1, 000. Now when I called in and asked, They raise it $900.00.

Citi Bank Diamond Preferred Credit card + I apply for the first time and they give me a $3, 000 line of credit.

But the Capital One card that I have had now for 5 years won't raise my credit line one single cent ????

So now March 2013 is here. No increase !! So I then state, Since you won't increase my limit, what's my interest rate ?? The guy says , "It's 22% ", I say, well then lets get THAT lowered at least. He says , " I'm sorry sir, I'm unable to do that for you " . You know what ?? Just close the account then. And he did so without even a whimper of trying to keep me as a customer.

So I close the account, Then immediately file a complaint against Capital One with the BBB.

3 Days go by, And a lady from Capital One Corporate Offices calls me regarding my complaint to the BBB.

I pretty much tell her exactly what I'm telling you here. About my 5 years of denial, yet other companies either giving me substantial credit increases, or other credit card companies STARTING ME OFF at $3, 000, and yet nothing from Capital One.

She asks me how much credit I have on my other CC's. I tell her $5, 000 on Discover, $2, 500 on my Discover ( Walmart), $3, 000 with Citi Bank, $7, 000 Wells Fargo CC, and $2, 000 with my Best Buy Mastercard.

She asks me then, " Sir, If we were able to get you a credit line in the ballpark range of your other credit cards, would you consider, or be willing to re-open your Capital One card that you closed with us " ??

I said , Absolutely !!

She then states that she will " talk it over with her colleagues " and see what they can do.

This was on Wednesday March 27th. So I'm waiting to see now, If Capital One will FINALLY step up to the plate and finally TREAT me like a " Valued Customer " , rather than just SAYING those words.

Now, right before I wrote this, I logged into my Capital One CLOSED account to see if anything had been changed. Well, To my surprise my account was reopened on Friday March 29th, By whom, I have no idea, I assume the lady at corporate that I had talked to. But the credit line still states $500, we shall see what happens the next few days.

I don't mind waiting my turn, But darnitt 5 YEARS???? To the poor guy that stated he was a member for 10 years, WOW!!!!

I don't want to hear the words " Conservative " ever again from Capital One . " Conservative " could have been giving me a nickel or dime credit increase, NOW THAT'S CONSERVATIVE!!!! But not giving a penny in 5 years ??? To a so called " Valued Customer " ?? That's what they tell me each year, that I'm a " Valued Customer ", LOL, So that's how you treat all of us " Valued Customers " ???

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User Replies:
Obsfucation on 04/01/2013:
Maybe they think that you already have enough outstanding credit. When they decision, they look at your FICO (which is just OK), then they look to see how much exposure you have on other cards. There are many variables that go into these decisions, not only your payment record with them. Look at it this way: if you maxxed out every card in your wallet right now, and then got laid off, could you continue making payments? That's the question they are also asking. It's a fair question.
Eggs and bacon!!! on 04/01/2013:
I think that is the problem you have too many cards.
trmn8r on 04/01/2013:
This is the bank's money we are talking about, so you are asking them for something they aren't obligated to give you. There could be a lot of truth in this statement: "Capital One is currently not accepting customer initiated credit line increase request at this time".

One problem may be your timing - the economic collapse of 2007/8 is having lingering effects. Many banks are still reluctant to increase credit lines. I am surprised that you had so many others do so.

Obfuscation above penned an excellent reply. Banks have raised their standards, and honestly a score below 700 isn't considered great today.
JR in Orlando on 04/01/2013:
Although not discussed by the OP, it may be that he pays the balance off every month. People who use credit cards and pay the account off in full each month are "not good customers" for the credit card company. They make money on the interest of someone who carries a balance. People who pay off their account each month, cost more than they are worth.

Also, if one carried a balance for a while and then asked for an increase, it may be more readily granted. From the credit card company's point of view, why give an increase to someone who pays off the account every month.
Slimjim on 04/01/2013:
I'm not sure I agree with JR's statement,"People who pay off their account each month, cost more than they are worth. ".
Fact is any merchant who takes a credit card pays a percentage on the transaction. While finance charges are a big revenue from those who carry balances, it is not the only revenue the lenders receive. Straight American Express accounts work primarily off the revenue generated from charge transaction fees from the merchants.
JR in Orlando on 04/01/2013:
The American Express fees to merchants are some of the highest in the business also. The point I was trying to make is that people who pay off their accounts each month think they are good customers. But from the viewpoint of the credit card company, they are not. The ideal customer for the credit card company is someone who carries a balance, but makes regularly payments each month.
Anonymous on 04/01/2013:
As a 7 year Capitol One customer, I just want to say that we have had an opposite experience. We carry a balance as high as $15k throughout the year, but its always paid off within a few months and we've been given a $4,000 increase over the last 4 years. Now we don't have any other credit lines (other than an old GM card with a $250 limit that hasn't been used in years) and we have never made a late payment & our credit score is close to 800. Capitol One gave us the increases, we did not ask for them. We make regular payments every month and like I said, we make very large payments (5k-10k) several times a year.
Karnamay on 04/02/2013:
I believe JR is absolutely correct. My husband and I have a credit score of 825 and 820. We asked for an increase with Visa for our honeymoon and they flat out refused. My friend, who works for Visa said it was because we always pay the card off in full every month.
be persistent ia on 06/05/2013:
Email executive office for cap one. Got call back and increase. Have been granted $2,000 in credit limit increases in less than a year. Opened card last summer.
Tim on 08/03/2013:
I have had the exact same problem with Citibank! Five Year Customer $500 credit line that they refuse to increase. Never late once, carried high balance over months, paid off with zero balance over months on/off for FIVE YEARS! They refuse to raise my limit every year! I'm done with them. Cap One $3000, Discover $6000 FICO 750, Salary 90k I just don't get it???
RJ on 09/21/2013:
The question I have is: Why do you want/need to continue carrying a Capital One product when you've graduated to, two "Prime" companies
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Additional Info: for Capital One Bank Being the Worst Bank ....... EVER!
Posted by on
1680 CAPITAL ONE DRIVE, VIRGINIA -- Fine. Since you people need it spelled out for you, and you don't want to take my word for it that this institution is the absolute EPITOME of incompetence, here goes:

1. On Tuesday, September 14, 2010, a mere 24 hours after Capital One's takeover of Chevy Chase Savings Bank, I happened to go to my local branch's ATM to take out a mere $40 from my savings account. When the balance slip came out, I nearly passed out. It said there was only $7,300 in there when I knew there was over $33,000 in there. I immediately called these new "owners" of the bank and could not believe what I was told. Here I'm using MY ATM card to take money out of MY savings account and these clowns told me that the $40 came out of one of my PARENTS' accounts. How ridiculous is THAT !! And the reason why ? Just because two weeks earlier, we added my name to five of their accounts for the ONLY reason being so I could call the bank and ask questions on their behalf. That's it. My dad is 92. My mom is 88. They don't hear or see too well so I'm trying to help them out. There was never any request or any mention WHATSOEVER of the mingling of my parents' funds with mine. What were they thinking ? Oh, yeah, that's right ! They WEREN'T!

2. In October of 2010, my mom went into the bank and changed one of their savings accounts to Capital One's "Simple Savings" in order to get that better 1.1% APY when she was previously getting some joke amount of. 25%. So when we got the November statement, the rate was quoted on the statement sheet as being. 7%. We made that first call to Customer Service who told us she was in fact getting 1.1%. They had no explanation as to why their OWN paperwork clearly said. 7%. The December statement came and the same thing happened. We finally called the local branch Manager that my mom deals with to find out what was going on. She admitted to me that upon calling Capital One's "Customer Advocacy" group that there were errors that were providing incorrect information on statements.

3. In November of 2010, they had the wrong social security number for my mom on a CD confirmation mailing. We then called both their "800" customer-service number and the local Branch manager who assured us that it was only wrong on that CD page, but that their SYSTEM had the correct number which was confirmed with them on the phone. So three weeks ago, when my mom got the 1099 in the mail, it STILL had the wrong social security number. Like it's not bad enough that these idiots had the wrong number on internal paperwork -- now, they're giving the Feds the wrong number, too !

4. What kind of normal bank does NOT have "transfer" slips ? My mom has to do a number of transfer transactions between a checking account and one of my dad's money-market accounts that receives electronic deposits of some Morgan Stanley dividend checks. Every time she has to go in to the branch and fill out a withdrawal slip from the money-market, a deposit slip to the checking and ends up receiving three receipts she has to deal with. What a PAIN !

I could go on, but for what purpose? On the afternoon of February 10, 2011, I made three attempts at calling the office of Capital One President and CEO Richard Fairbank. I know for a fact that his office is right here in McLean, VA, the main office for Capital One. When I called the main number of 703-720-1000, I specifically asked to be connected to the ASSISTANT to Richard Fairbank. I'm not stupid enough to ask for Fairbank himself. Each of the three times I was calling this local McLean, VA corp. office, I was connected to a "Senior Customer Service" person either in Dallas, Texas or other such venue five states away! I highly resent that. Whenever I have called any CEO's office, I can ALWAYS be connected to the assistant. So after that miserable treatment, that fine evening of February 10, 2011, I filed an on-line complaint with the Feds -- the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency. That's the group under the Treasury Department that oversees national banks since the FDIC is not over Capital One. I believe they need to send their bank examiners into this asylum and do a thorough investigation into the blatant incompetence of this group. On Monday, February 14, I got called by someone at Capital One in Texas who basically gave me a half-baked apology, saying they would correct my mom's 1099 ASAP, but hey, what are they going to do about all the other things? The damage is done. Best thing for us to do is simply close out our nine accounts and be GONE from these jerks !
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 02/24/2011:
So what's in your wallet? You sound smart, why wait so long before thinking about ending your relationship with Capital One? It obviously isn't working out for you, your parents don't approve, too many incompatibilities, and C1 is not living up to your expectations. If you're unhappy and not getting what you want and need from the relationship, it's time to let go and move on.
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Does Capital One Care if its Customers are Scammed?
Posted by on
Most Banks & Credit Unions have well established processes to address possible fraud being perpetuated against their customers -- especially phishing by con artists who target the institution's customers. Apparently, Capital One does not & does not care.

RECOMMENDATION: If you're a Capital One customer, or thinking of becoming one, use their information and call as if you've got a fraud issue--and see how you're treated, or would be if you did. You can state right up front you're sampling their process & be totally honest about your situation -- but save that for when you actually get to the right person. Compare them with other banks. You'll experience a big difference. Guaranteed.

My experience:

I got two suspicious calls asking for personal info right up front and the reason why was unclear. So I hung up.

After the second call my wife called me at work with a similar I called Capital One based on the "Bank" phone number provided at its website.

I explained the situation and was passed off a couple of time until I ended up right where I started. I called again, with similar results. I called the two convenient branches I frequent, again to no avail; the people there had no idea. One, however, informed me that the calls were "probably" associated with activating the new ATM card they claimed they sent me, but I never received, to replace the card with "Chevy Chase" on it. As a security precaution they canceled ALL my ATM cards!!

But since that didn't explain all the calls--if it did, why Capital One didn't say right up front they were calling to activate a new ATM card indicates very poor communication skills.

Then, out of rising curiosity I called the following numbers and was referred as follows:

1-888-810-4013 (banking customer service number on Cap One's website);
the person there referred me to "Security" which they assured me where there "24 hours"; based on the experience thus far I asked for the number in case the call got disconnected (blaming my phone for the likely problem). I was told I was being referred to: (301) 939-6600. That was never answered (and the call was not disconnected; the forwarding worked, such as it did).

I tried 703-720-2500 -- which reaches Capital One's CORPORATE TELEPHONE OPERATOR -- and that person transferred me to the Fraud Department at 1-866-344-8899 -- and the person answering there claimed they did NOT even service (at the time I called, March 4, 2011) Capital One!!!

Maybe that Capital One Corporate Telephone Operator was trying to tell me something.

BOTTOM LINE: I was NEVER able to contact anybody at Capital One that could, or would, address the apparent problem -- that someone seemed to be targeting Capital One customers via a focused, and persistent, phishing attack.

BENCHMARKS: I contacted my long-standing Credit Union, Insurer, and a couple of other local banks (one of who is my new bank post-Capital One...), all based on their webste info, and asked them the same question I tried to ask Capital One. EVERY one of them was able to explain their process...and it took exactly one phone call on my part to get to someone every time.

Why would anyone want to do business with with a bank that lets its customers fend for themselves?

Maybe that's why they're saturation marketing with TV commercials using lunkheaded barbarians (at least in the Northern Virginia area) -- they're targeting the market of dopes they can dupe??

I read somewhere that Capital One is (early 2011) providing credit card accounts for higher risk customers than its competition ( i.e. its providing credit cards to those rejected by credit card providers) -- so, one would naturally expect more problems...and it is in Capital One's selfish self-interest to provide lousy service given a clientele that would be having above-average problems ... or put another way ... they may provide the same level of service, which would be diluted by increasing use by sub-tier customers.

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User Replies:
tnchuck100 on 03/07/2011:
I just scanned the 57 "Favorable/Informative" reviews sited above. 33 were "Informative" that should have been posted as complaints. This would make the adjusted (more realistic) score above:
Favorable/Informative Reviews (24) Complaints (316)
collector-5957 on 03/07/2011:
Hey, Sounds familiar, that is how they do(actually do nothing) deal with fraud. We get the same commercial in Canada & yes I suspect they have to continually advertise as -God help you if you ever have a real problem. They are a disorganized, miserable company to deal with.
Veep on 03/08/2011:
RE: tnchuck100--Favorable/Informative vs. Complaint.

As my experience was prompted by an apparent phishing attempts (two) clearly linked to Capital One I tried to follow-up, unsuccessfully, via a number of avenues.

However, I was not personally inconvenienced by Capital One's act or omission. As such I don't really have a complaint -- other than that the bank clearly lacks a means or inclination to protect its customers in clear contrast to competitors that take such things seriously. As such this is "information" that others may find particularly useful as a selection/retention criteria.
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State Attorney General Goes After Capital One for Debt Collection and Re-Aging
Posted by on
January 25, 2010

West Virginia Attorney General Darrell McGraw announced Friday that his office has sued credit card issuer Capital One and a debt collection agency for “unconscionable conduct in connection with their credit card lending and collection practices.”

The complaint alleges that Capital One Bank, a subsidiary of Capital One Financial Corp. (NYSE: COF), tricked consumers into payment plans by sending them solicitations disguised as offers of new credit. The arrangement allowed Cap One to re-age the debt so that it did not fall under the statute of limitations.

The offer was sent to consumers who had charged-off accounts with Capital One or other creditors. Under the terms of the offer, Capital One agreed to provide the consumer $1 of new credit in exchange for the consumer’s agreeing to transfer the entire account balance of a charged-off account to the new credit card account.

“Capital One’s practice of offering nominal extension of credit, if and only if the consumer agreed to pay off a debt too old to be sued on is tantamount to loan sharking,” McGraw said in a statement.

The complaint also alleges that Capital One issued multiple low-limit credit cards, each charging exorbitant fees, rather than raising credit limits on consumers’ existing accounts. Also that Capital One “unconscionably” imposed over-the-limit fees on consumers’ accounts, sold services to consumers who could not benefit from the services and billed and attempted to collect for credit card accounts that were never activated.

Attorney General McGraw’s complaint names a collection agency, COSI Receivables Management, but does not say how the company was involved and how or if it was at fault. Also named in the complaint are three collection and recovery units of Capital One.

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User Replies:
Anonymous on 01/26/2010:
Sounds like a bargain to me. People get their bad debts reissued under new accounts with the chance to pay what they owe and erase the bad marks on their credit reports.
goduke on 01/26/2010:
Except that it doesn't erase the bad marks on their credit report. It only recreates the situation that created the bad mark, and gives rise to a second situation. Good for WVA.
beanbagbritches on 03/24/2010:
This is terrible! DB ... I'm glad you posted this. I have never liked Capitol One.
Anonymous on 03/24/2010:
Wow, great info here.
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Holding my $1,500 hostage against their own policies.
Posted by on
LAUREL, MARYLAND -- After I refinanced my mortgage I changed my auto-payment on the Chevy Chase Bank website to stop paying my mortgage automatically to Capital One (which owns Chevy Chase Bank) because I had refinanced with another lender. However, the "cancel payment" order apparently only applied to a single month, and a month later Capital One auto-deducted a payment of over $1,500.00 from my account. When I saw this deduction had taken place, I called Capital One two days later to tell them this payment had been made in error. They said that although my checking account showed the deduction, they had no record that they had received the payment (electronically... between their checking division and mortgage division. No record). They said they couldn't resolve it until they showed it had been received.

At the end of the week I called again. Now they said the payment had been processed on the day I called, AFTER I called and reported it was an error, but they would not refund it for ten business days because it was their policy to hold all funds for that amount of time before releasing them. They said it did not matter that I had called before the payment was received, or that the account was closed; it was their policy to hold all funds for ten business days regardless, and the money would be refunded to me by check in two weeks (ten business days plus weekends). On the Monday after the supposed "release date," I called to confirm that the check had been mailed. I was given a runaround and the woman kept telling me it was their policy to hold it for ten business days, and then it took the mail 3-5 days to arrive. She kept repeating this over and over, even after I said multiple times that I understood that and all I wanted was for them to tell me it HAD been mailed. She said they showed no record of that, but that she would do research and call me back.

Needless to say she didn't, so the next day I called back. This time I was told that not only had it not been mailed, but that only the previous day it had been sent to the cash department for processing. I asked how this was possible, because I had called twice before to discuss the problem with them and had been told each time, by multiple individuals, that the problem was on their records and that according to their policies it would be refunded on a specific date. I was told by the service person that she didn't know why, and that she had no timeframe for the refund of my money, but that the process of refunding it had just begun the day before.

Now it's 19 days later, and even though they have no account associated with these funds, no right or reason to hold it according to their own policies, they're holding it anyway, apparently because they can, and won't tell me when or if I'll get it back. They're being bullies, in essence, just for the sake of it. The attitude is, "What are you going to do about it?" I could really use that $1,500, but no amount of calling and explaining or arguing with them is making them give it back. They don't want to, so they won't.

I've been a Chevy Chase Bank customer for over ten years, and I actually refinanced that mortgage after they were bought by Capital One specifically because Capital One introduced a bunch of nasty, harassing policies relating to their mortgage division (in short: if I didn't pay by the first of the month, they called to harass me and ask "if you plan to pay your mortgage this month," even though I've never been late and always pay within the grace period, which is completely legal and fine). I didn't want to do business with them anymore after that, but this is simply a nightmare-- I knew they were bad, but not THIS bad. I'd warn anybody reading this to stay far away from Chevy Chase Bank and Capital One. It's really been a learning experience for me about just how corrupt a bank can be.
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User Replies:
oldisgood on 06/22/2010:
It is not the Chevy Chase Bank - that is an actor. It is Chase Bank. Sorry about your problem, though
mdgirl on 06/24/2010:
No, it's Chevy Chase Bank. That's the name of the bank. Chase Bank is a different institution.
oldisgood on 06/24/2010:
My bad. I really thought you had made the mistake. I do hope your problem has been solved by now.
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Denied Increase After Brother Murdered
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
CITY OF INDUSTRY, CALIFORNIA -- Oct 5, 2013 my brother was beaten to death by 4 men, one with brass knuckles. His wallet and cell phone were missing when ambulance and police arrived. I called Capital One Bank and requested an increase so I could purchase a ticket to get to my brothers funeral and support my mother and father since I'm the oldest.I have had this account since Apr 2007, never late and I was just asking because I needed to get home. My brothers body was held for two weeks because it was part of a crime scene. I finally borrowed the money to get home.

As consumers we have to stop doing business with those that only lets the money flow one way, into their coffers. I called a few days later and I canceled both accounts, I have been a great, on time paying customer for 7 yrs on the one card and only two on the second. I know they won't go out of business by me taking mine away, but at least their bottom line won't keep getting fat by me since I'm so undervalued. I have a credit card still, but not with them, that's a personal problem I know but I still feel as though since I have been paying bills on time I shouldn't have to wait ten days as I was told by the rep. Since my brothers body was held I did get to attend his funeral.

My mother has lost it and cries nightly about this senseless act. I don't know how I got through it, but I know I don't care for Capital One anymore. Sorry experience, very sorry customer care I think, a multi billion dollar company can't see to take care of those responsible customers that's the reason for their solid growth, not good at all.
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User Replies:
Jake on 12/28/2013:
Are you for real? They can't just increase your limit just like that, regardless of the situation. There are many rules and regulations and they can't just increase anyone's limit with every sob story they hear. I'm pretty sure they don't have a "Someone in your family died so we'll just increase your limit" rule. This isn't just Capital One, that would happen with any credit card company. They'll continue to do fine, in fact they'll probably be better off without you badgering them for an increase which they can not give to you.
Paul on 12/28/2013:
I wouldn't expect my credit card companies to adjust limits based on the reason a card holder gives, and certainly not based on a one-time need. As cold and heartless as it may sound, personal emergencies rarely play a role in the credit world.
Cwazychicken on 12/28/2013:
Now I feel bad for your family and I'm not saying you would do this, but there are scam artists out there that would say the same story to increase their credit or try to get things free....or try to get things companies normally don't do for their customers. Sorry you were not able to get what you wanted but companies just can not raise limits like this.
clutzycook on 12/28/2013:
I"m sorry for your loss, but I have to agree with the other posters. That's why I try to carry little or no balance on my credit card so if I need to purchase something in an emergency, I have the funds to do so.
olie on 12/28/2013:
I'm sorry that this happened to your family. I wonder, though, how close to your limit you were?

You may have a spotless payment history, but if you are close to your limit every month, you're probably not giving Cap One much to work with.
Old Timer on 12/29/2013:
Blackcattt35, glad to hear you were able to make the funeral. Sorry for your loss. It's such a shame that the OP has to take yet another beating in this case. First her Brother, then by Cap One, now by all the pundits on this site. Sad indeed.
FoDaddy19 on 01/01/2014:
Like the others, I offer my condolences for your loss, but also like the others, I agree that Capital One didn't do anything wrong here. They can't just up your credit limit on the spot just because you asked for it, there has to be oversight on their end because it's their money they are lending off and the credit limits they have set are there for a reason.

@ Old Timer, often times, people write negative reviews, without knowing or ignoring various company's state policies or being oblivious to common industry-wide policies. I'd say over half the complaints you read here fall into that category. To that end, it's more advantageous for the various OP's have those things explained to them by people who are at least somewhat familiar with how businesses operate, even if it's not something that they necessarily want to hear. Many people make the mistake of being subjective rather than objective when dealing with these issues.
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Beware of the Annual Membership Fee
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
I have had a Capital One card since 2003. I recently moved to a different town and received a forwarded bill from Capital One informing me that I owed a $39.00 membership fee by July 21st. I immediately contacted them to update my new mailing address and was informed that now since I did not pay my membership fee on time, I was now being charged a late fee!! I explained that I had just received the letter in the mail that day and that there was a post office delay due to my forwarding address, I also explained that I did not have a chance to update my new address yet but had a zero balance on the account so was not worried about it. Despite never having paid them late in the 10 years I had the card, they treated me very rude and unprofessional and told me I should have known my membership fee would be due. When I told them that I was a single parent and did not have the extra money to pay for fees I was told that there is nothing they can do to help me.

One supervisor hung up on me because she could not effectively justify the fees and her script did not have answers to my questions. I had asked her if she had a Capital One card with a yearly fee and if she felt that it was fair to make me pay a fee in addition to the interest I have paid over the years when I have used the card. They deducted $10 from the membership fee, but I still had to pay them $29.00 by phone to avoid getting a negative report to my credit bureau. I had told the Capital One representative that I was going to be voicing my horrible experience and cancelling the card she responded that it was my choice to do that but it wouldn't change my balance that was immediately due.

Unfortunately one of my other credit cards was recently bought out by Capital One and I am not happy. I am making this card my first priority to pay off and never ever do business with them again....ever.
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User Replies:
trmn8r on 08/07/2013:
Based on your description, my belief is that you owed this fee as the CSR explained. The forwarding delay is your responsibility, not theirs. Banks don't waive many fees these days, since they have become more important to make up for lost revenue elsewhere.

That said, I would not own a credit card with a yearly fee. I had one back around 1988, and got rid of it.
Weedwhacked on 08/07/2013:
It was late. I have never heard of a single parent waiver. If it existed everyone would claim to be separated.
DebtorBasher on 08/07/2013:
When you signed for the membership, you agreed to the fees. If you are not able to pay those fees...single parent or not, you should not have agreed to them.
If those who are not single parents have to pay fees, why wouldn't single parents have to pay them?

Regardless whether you close your account or not, you will still be responsible for paying off your balance and it won't stop them from reporting it to the credit bureaus.

Best thing to do is close the account and make payment arrangements with them for the balance and stick to the agreed arrangement. You might want to ask them about a hardship program, though being a single parent won't qualify you for it, but if you recently had a sudden drop of loss of employment or cut hours, you may qualify. But, once the agreement is broken, they will go after the full amount.

Good luck to you. But, don't play the single parent card...that pulls no weight whatsoever...sadly, single parenting is the norm really doesn't mean anything to creditors.
mbdeuce on 08/07/2013:
Response / Clarification: Why would I need a payment arrangement? I paid the balance off over the phone the same day. I rarely even use this card but kept it because I was in the process of going for a new mortgage and was told not to have any closed accounts for the time being. I have since closed the account.

I did not ask for a single parent waiver. I told them that I was unaware the $39 fee had been charged to my account (because I moved and did not get the letter on time) and did not have the extra money to pay a $39 plus late fee for an account I believed to be at a zero balance. I do not feel I should have been penalized and a one time courtesy was appropriate for the circumstances.
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Scammed Into Paying Off Credit Card Early
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Rating: 1/51
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- I have a platinum Capital One card I wanted to used to rent a car because it provided insurance saving me $20 a day with the rental agency. At the airport while out of town I called the credit card company to pay down my balance enough in order to have the funds for the rental transaction.

I was told the only way for it to go through immediately was to pay Western Union or moneygram and call them back with the transaction number, all other methods would be the next day. I was fine with this and found an airport terminal with a Western Union where I set up this transaction paying over $400. I called back with the number for it to go through to be told it would not go through for two more days.

My account had been over balance for 28 days which could not be released. So the lie by the first agency was in order to trick me into paying off my entire balance when I could have just paid them $80 as my regular payment. They tricked me into spending all of my travel money on the card that was not unavailable to me. Also I had to pay for the rental car agencies scam insurance (I don't own a car and have private insurance) this cost me another $20 a day for the length of my trip adding up to another 200.

I can't split the rental into different transactions and it must go on that scam of a card with Capital One in order to get the insurance. The agents the second time around told me first it would be available tomorrow then realized they were again correct and it would be available in a few more days because of the cut off time and weekend. In response to stealing $600 dollars from me and ruining my vacation they gave me a $35 credit.

If I had not been lied to in the first call I would have just had to pay the expensive insurance and be done with it. Now I have paid off a credit card and paid for the expensive insurance because they are scam artists.
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User Replies:
clutzycook on 02/26/2013:
On the bright side, your card is paid off now.
trmn8r on 02/26/2013:
As clutzy said, the good part of this is your card is paid off.

I use my cards regularly and heavily, and pay them off each month. It is a great convenience, and it costs me $0. Personally, I would find it very stressful to be near my "max" and also be paying interest.
JR in Orlando on 02/26/2013:
What is the scam? The op had an overdrawn credit card account. He waits until he is out of town at the airport to try to pay it down, instead of doing so prior to taking the trip.

The OP's rush, does not make a crisis for the credit card company. Regardless of what they said, one should not expect that a payment made today (depending on time of receipt like a bank) may not be posted until several days later, especially because of an intervening weekend, e.g. A deposit after hours on Thursday, may not be processed until Friday and not appear until Monday in one's account.
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Horrible Service
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Rating: 1/51
IRATE. I have never been so angry with a company in my life. Granted I screwed up and never paid my credit card bills, and it ending up in collections, I eventually got my sh*t straight and paid it off. HOWEVER, once I logged online to double check and make sure everything was taken care of, there was still a balance! I spoke to the highest person I could through the collection agency and they told me that the balance was completely zeroed out, so anything that shows up online would be Capital One's work, but I should give it another week JUST IN CASE. I did. In fact, I waited TWO. 30 days later, I still have a outstanding balance when I log online.

I called Capital One directly, and since the foreign girl couldn't help me, I asked for her supervisor. His name was Andrew. He's the most pathetic excuse for a Senior Supervisor. He refused to connect me with HIS supervisor, and told me he's only allowed to contact that person if there's some problem he just cannot fix. WELL, he couldn't fix mine, so who else am I supposed to contact? I understand, "Kill them with kindness." Oh he did that alright. He also hung up on me. Professional? I told him that I will come back to him and the company as a whole if this outstanding balance [snip] with my credit.

Since Capital One seems to be high and mighty enough to not have a customer service line for service compliments or complaints, I guess I'll just broadcast it everywhere I can!
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Deceptive Business Practices
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Rating: 1/51
I purchased a washer and dryer from Best Buy on the 18 months deferred interest. The offer would expire May 17, 2012. I made another purchase two months later on the same offer which the 18 months would expire July 2012. I made all of my minimum payments of $25 early every month. On May 15, 2012, two days before the offer on the first purchase expired I paid $800.00, which by my calculations based on the first terms should have more than paid off the first purchase. 12 days later I paid the remaining ballance on the May statement of 611.49. Mid August of 2012 I got a phone call from Capitol One saying I was 60 days late on my payments and I owed $652.00. I told them it was a mistake on their part and went home to find my records. I called them back and explained what I had done as described above. They said when I made the $800 payment I actually owed $872 by May 17 because when I made the second purchase it changed how each payment was applied to each balance so I had mis calculated what I owed on the first purchase, so they charged me over $600 interest plus late fees. They said I should have read my statements and checked my online statement even though I thought it was paid off ( who does that?). I paid the full amount they requested and asked if they would not report the late payment on my credit because I had paid over $1,400 in a two week period. They said they had done nothing technically wrong, it was all my fault. They did refund half of the $652 I paid but refused to remove the late payment from my credit even when I asked they keep the refund and remove the late payment. In 20 years of credit, several of those with Capitol One accounts, I have zero late payments until now. They are obviously more interested in trying to destroy a persons credit than anything probably because then they can charge more interest. I immediately canceled my account and filed complaints with BBB and everywhere else I could think of.....CAPITOL ONE IS A DECEPTIVE COMPANY.
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User Replies:
unhappy999 on 08/28/2012:
You said yourself, you failed to read your statement which would have told you what you had to pay to pay off the first purchase with no interest. It wasn't nice what Capital One did but they were within their rights to do it. It was nice that they refunded part of your money.
jonthethird on 08/28/2012:
My Capitol One statement, the old fashioned paper kind they mail each month, has a breakdown of what is owed on each purchase under terms and what was paid last time on each.
trmn8r on 08/28/2012:
When you have one of those interest-free offers, and make an additional purchase on the same account, it can throw a wrench into things. What you have to do is contact the credit company and ask ahead of time how it will impact the existing interest-free loan.

Also, when one of these offers is about to expire, it is safest to contact the company and find out what the payoff amount is. Unfortunately, you assumed that you were paying enough, but you were not. This can trigger getting whacked with interest for the entire interest-free period - because that is how all these offers work. They wait for you to make a mistake, and then smack you in the face. It's like playing with snakes, and you have to keep your venom anitdote handy at all times and make sure not to misstep. All banks do pretty much the same thing.
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