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Robobank With Fraudulent, Incompetent Customer Service Reps at Their Call Center
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Rating: 1/51

MCLEAN, VIRGINIA -- This is to report to you the most unsatisfactory results of a conversation with one of Cap One's customer reps. The call was in reference to my wife's difficulties in depositing a certified bank check from her deceased mother's estate to our joint checking account with Cap One via our desktop computer. My wife is wheelchair dependent and thus has great difficulty using ATM machines which are notoriously ADA unfriendly.

Her first attempt at depositing this check on 4/27 resulted in the a "not accepted" message on 4/28 since she unknowingly used a checking account not in our joint names. This prompted me to call customer service on 4/29; after explaining the situation to your rep, he emailed me 2 methods for her to redeposit the check. After attempting to do this via her personal log-in, she received the same "not accepted" message.

My 20 minute conversation with Cap One's second customer representative on 4/30 was most unhelpful since he spent 15 minutes talking to his "supervisor" before he could respond to even the simplest question. He then accused me of "trying to commit fraud " by assisting my handicapped wife, which prompted me to disconnect the conversation. On May 1 I learned from my local bank that Cap One's customer service representative had filed a notice in my name with "Early Warning Services" in Scottsdale AZ, which constitutes malicious discriminatory action on the part of Cap One.

Furthermore, I received a message that both of our accounts "are not available for withdrawal". This "frozen" account has so far cost me in excess of $100.00 in additional charges from businesses which are authorized to withdraw their monthly charges from my Cap One account and which have since been denied. A certified letter to the president of this "bank" has received no response whatsoever. The proper name for this robobank is (AL) CAPONE!

Increased Interest Rate From 9% to 14.9% for No Valid Reason
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Rating: 1/51

RICHMOND, VIRGINIA -- For no valid reason (always paid on time, and had credit scores in the high 700's)... Once I actually used the card for a big purchase, Capital One just decided to raise my interest rate from 9% to 14.9%. Of course, when I called to complain, I got some minimal wage call taker who "couldn't do anything" and said it was probably due to my credit score! Ah, yes, my credit score which is 88% above everyone else in the country!

And they did this to a policeman's widow... So any of their so called "charity donations" are just for tax write offs; they obviously don't care and are out to suck the money out of whoever they can. Just paid them off, and relished cutting up their credit card. Will never, ever trust them again... Now, their logo and commercials actually repulse me. Just a bad company who deserves to go under.

Poor Customer Policy
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Rating: 1/51

MASSACHUSETTS -- Capital ONE A COMPANY NOT TO BANK ON. A few years ago I had a Capital One CC for my business, I used this account for a decade. My bank sent a check automatically every 30 days to cover the minimum, this allowed me to pay the balance at my leisure and was usually paid in full two to three weeks after the automatic bank payment.

I am traveling and I checked into a hotel and my Capital One card gets rejected. I called Capital One to find out what the problem was, they told me I was late on a payment. The Balance on my Capital One account was Fifteen Dollars, they had received a One Hundred Dollar check and another check for over Two Thousand Dollars within three weeks of this phone call. They refused to reactivate the card until I could make the fifteen dollar payment, they actually said that this was due to a new Massachusetts regulation.

They had no problem leaving me stranded, fortunately I have an outstanding credit rating and used another line of credit. Now they send me junk mail five times a week telling me they want my business, what a joke. Vote with your feet when you get bad service from a company.

Fraud Going On Within Capital One?
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Rating: 1/51

RICHMOND, OHIO -- I received a phone call from Capital one, asking if I had applied for a credit card - I told them "No". They informed me that someone HAD applied for a card, using MY information and they suspected that it was fraud - thus the call. They gave me the phone numbers of three credit reporting agencies to call, telling me to inform them that someone had applied for a credit card, fraudulently, in my name. They explained that this COULD hurt my credit. They then assured me that they would take care of the matter and no card would be sent to me.

Today, I received a letter for Capital One congratulating me on becoming a Capital One Credit card member with a $5,000 credit line, my card will arrive in a week or so. They gave a number that I could call - NO reference number - nothing. When I called (and I was on the phone for close to an hour and a half) ALL they wanted was my social security number! Saying THAT was the ONLY way they could look up the card. Of course they had my name, phone number and address, but just HAD to have my social security number? Certainly I didn't give it to them.

I think they are crooks. My husband DOES have a Capital One credit card and has had for years - After all this today, he cancelled his card. Also, we could barely understand ANYONE we talked to. Do they NOT hire Americans anymore?

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Rating: 1/51

RICHMOND, VA -- I received good service when deposited money. However, when I needed to transfer money - I faced the problem. For 2 weeks I get no help from anybody at Capital One. It is not possible to transfer - I get advice to contact customer service. Customer service is not reachable. I am trying to contact for 2 weeks - on hold forever. It seems that bank is just holding your money without any possibility to transfer or use. We also tried to write to BBB, no answer from Capital One. Headquarters also do not answer any phones. Do not use this bank. They are just robbers.

Life Saver
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Rating: 5/51

I flew into Phoenix airport and would have to rent a car to go and visit my son, who is stationed in So. Arizona. Well the girl at the rental car place zipped my card thru for the $300 rental and then said "Oh no, I forgot to add the deposit amount of $150." I said, "no problem, I have cash," and she said "No it has to be on same card in the same transaction," so she credited the $300 and ran thru at $450. Well credit is not immediate and this all went over my limit.

So now I have no rental car. "But wait we have a guy who does rentals on the side for cash, I'm sure he can help you out." They told me I could rent a car for $450 cash thru him. I said, "I'm going to call Capital One." They told me it was a waste of time. I called and told them my situation and got connected to some awesome people who got everything straightened out. They had to talk with the rental car manager and instructed me NOT to hang up until I had the keys in my had. What could of been a nightmare worked out great and I had a wonderful vacation with my son and his wife. Thank you Capital One.

Additional Info: For Capital One Bank Being the Worst Bank... EVER!
By -

1680 CAPITAL ONE DRIVE, VIRGINIA -- Fine. Since you people need it spelled out for you, and you don't want to take my word for it that this institution is the absolute epitome of incompetence, here goes: On Tuesday, September 14, 2010, a mere 24 hours after capital one's takeover of Chevy Chase savings bank, I happened to go to my local branch's atm to take out a mere $40 from my savings account. When the balance slip came out, I nearly passed out. It said there was only $7,300 in there when I knew there was over $33,000 in there. I immediately called these new "owners" of the bank and could not believe what I was told.

Here I'm using my atm card to take money out of my savings account and these clowns told me that the $40 came out of one of my parents' accounts. How ridiculous is that!! And the reason why? Just because two weeks earlier, we added my name to five of their accounts for the only reason being so I could call the bank and ask questions on their behalf. That's it. My dad is 92. My mom is 88. They don't hear or see too well so I'm trying to help them out. There was never any request or any mention whatsoever of the mingling of my parents' funds with mine. What were they thinking? Oh, yeah, that's right! They weren't!

In October of 2010, my mom went into the bank and changed one of their savings accounts to capital one's "simple savings" in order to get that better 1.1% apy when she was previously getting some joke amount of .25%. So when we got the november statement, the rate was quoted on the statement sheet as being .7%. We made that first call to customer service who told us she was in fact getting 1.1%. They had no explanation as to why their own paperwork clearly said .7%. The december statement came and the same thing happened.

We finally called the local branch manager that my mom deals with to find out what was going on. She admitted to me that upon calling capital one's "customer advocacy" group that there were errors that were providing incorrect information on statements. In november of 2010, they had the wrong social security number for my mom on a cd confirmation mailing. We then called both their "800" customer service number and the local branch manager who assured us that it was only wrong on that cd page, but that their system had the correct number which was confirmed with them on the phone.

So three weeks ago, when my mom got the 1099 in the mail, it still had the wrong social security number. Like it's not bad enough that these idiots had the wrong number on internal paperwork -- now, they're giving the feds the wrong number, too!

What kind of normal bank does not have "transfer" slips? My mom has to do a number of transfer transactions between a checking account and one of my dad's money market accounts that receives electronic deposits of some morgan stanley dividend checks. Every time she has to go in to the branch and fill out a withdrawal slip from the money market, a deposit slip to the checking and ends up receiving three receipts she has to deal with. What a pain!

I could go on, but for what purpose? On the afternoon of february 10, 2011, I made three attempts at calling the office of capital one president and ceo richard fairbank. I know for a fact that his office is right here in mclean, va, the main office for capital one. When I called the main number of 703-720-1000, I specifically asked to be connected to the assistant to richard fairbank. I'm not stupid enough to ask for fairbank himself. Each of the three times I was calling this local mclean, va corp. office, I was connected to a "senior customer service" person either in dallas, texas or other such venue five states away! I highly resent that.

Whenever I have called any ceo's office, I can always be connected to the assistant. So after that miserable treatment, that fine evening of february 10, 2011, I filed an online complaint with the feds -- the office of the comptroller of the currency. That's the group under the treasury department that oversees national banks since the fdic is not over capital one. I believe they need to send their bank examiners into this asylum and do a thorough investigation into the blatant incompetence of this group.

On monday, february 14, I got called by someone at capital one in texas who basically gave me a half-baked apology, saying they would correct my mom's 1099 asap, but hey, what are they going to do about all the other things? The damage is done. Best thing for us to do is simply close out our nine accounts and be gone from these jerks!

Holding My $1,500 Hostage Against Their Own Policies.
By -

LAUREL, MARYLAND -- After I refinanced my mortgage I changed my auto-payment on the Chevy Chase Bank website to stop paying my mortgage automatically to Capital One (which owns Chevy Chase Bank) because I had refinanced with another lender. However, the "cancel payment" order apparently only applied to a single month, and a month later Capital One auto-deducted a payment of over $1,500.00 from my account. When I saw this deduction had taken place, I called Capital One two days later to tell them this payment had been made in error.

They said that although my checking account showed the deduction, they had no record that they had received the payment (electronically... between their checking division and mortgage division. No record). They said they couldn't resolve it until they showed it had been received. At the end of the week I called again. Now they said the payment had been processed on the day I called, AFTER I called and reported it was an error, but they would not refund it for ten business days because it was their policy to hold all funds for that amount of time before releasing them.

They said it did not matter that I had called before the payment was received, or that the account was closed; it was their policy to hold all funds for ten business days regardless and the money would be refunded to me by check in two weeks (ten business days plus weekends). On the Monday after the supposed "release date," I called to confirm that the check had been mailed. I was given a runaround and the woman kept telling me it was their policy to hold it for ten business days, and then it took the mail 3-5 days to arrive.

She kept repeating this over and over, even after I said multiple times that I understood that and all I wanted was for them to tell me it had been mailed. She said they showed no record of that, but that she would do research and call me back. Needless to say she didn't, so the next day I called back. This time I was told that not only had it not been mailed, but that only the previous day it had been sent to the cash department for processing.

I asked how this was possible because I had called twice before to discuss the problem with them and had been told each time, by multiple individuals, that the problem was on their records and that according to their policies it would be refunded on a specific date. I was told by the service person that she didn't know why, and that she had no time frame for the refund of my money, but that the process of refunding it had just begun the day before.

Now it's 19 days later and even though they have no account associated with these funds, no right or reason to hold it according to their own policies, they're holding it anyway, apparently because they can and won't tell me when or if I'll get it back. They're being bullies, in essence, just for the sake of it. The attitude is, "What are you going to do about it?" I could really use that $1,500, but no amount of calling and explaining or arguing with them is making them give it back. They don't want to, so they won't.

I've been a Chevy Chase Bank customer for over ten years and I actually refinanced that mortgage after they were bought by Capital One specifically because Capital One introduced a bunch of nasty, harassing policies relating to their mortgage division (in short: if I didn't pay by the first of the month, they called to harass me and ask "if you plan to pay your mortgage this month," even though I've never been late and always pay within the grace period, which is completely legal and fine).

I didn't want to do business with them anymore after that, but this is simply a nightmare-- I knew they were bad, but not THIS bad. I'd warn anybody reading this to stay far away from Chevy Chase Bank and Capital One. It's really been a learning experience for me about just how corrupt a bank can be.

Does Capital One Care if Its Customers Are Scammed?
By -

Most banks & credit unions have well established processes to address possible fraud being perpetuated against their customers -- especially phishing by con artists who target the institution's customers. Apparently, capital one does not & does not care. Recommendation: if you're a capital one customer, or thinking of becoming one, use their information and call as if you've got a fraud issue-- and see how you're treated, or would be if you did.

You can state right up front you're sampling their process & be totally honest about your situation -- but save that for when you actually get to the right person. Compare them with other banks. You'll experience a big difference. Guaranteed. My experience: I got two suspicious calls asking for personal info right up front and the reason why was unclear. So I hung up. After the second call my wife called me at work with a similar experience... so I called capital one based on the "bank" phone number provided at its website.

I explained the situation and was passed off a couple of time until I ended up right where I started. I called again, with similar results. I called the two convenient branches I frequent, again to no avail; the people there had no idea. One, however, informed me that the calls were "probably" associated with activating the new atm card they claimed they sent me, but I never received, to replace the card with "chevy chase" on it. As a security precaution they canceled all my atm cards!

But since that didn't explain all the calls-- if it did, why capital one didn't say right up front they were calling to activate a new atm card indicates very poor communication skills. Then, out of rising curiosity I called the following numbers and was referred as follows: 1-888-810-4013 (banking customer service number on cap one's website). The person there referred me to "security" which they assured me where there "24 hours"; based on the experience thus far I asked for the number in case the call got disconnected (blaming my phone for the likely problem).

I was told I was being referred to: **. That was never answered (and the call was not disconnected; the forwarding worked, such as it did). I tried 703-720-2500 which reaches capital one's corporate telephone operator and that person transferred me to the fraud department at ** and the person answering there claimed they did not even service (at the time I called, march 4, 2011) capital one! Maybe that capital one corporate telephone operator was trying to tell me something.

Bottom line: I was never able to contact anybody at capital one that could, or would, address the apparent problem -- that someone seemed to be targeting capital one customers via a focused, and persistent, phishing attack.

Benchmarks: I contacted my long standing credit union, insurer, and a couple of other local banks (one of who is my new bank post-capital one), all based on their website info and asked them the same question I tried to ask capital one. Every one of them was able to explain their process and it took exactly one phone call on my part to get to someone every time. Why would anyone want to do business with a bank that lets its customers fend for themselves? Maybe that's why they're saturation marketing with tv commercials using lunkheaded barbarians (at least in the northern Virginia area) they're targeting the market of dopes they can dupe?

I read somewhere that capital one is (early 2011) providing credit card accounts for higher risk customers than its competition (i.e. It's providing credit cards to those rejected by credit card providers) so, one would naturally expect more problems and it is in capital one's selfish self-interest to provide lousy service given a clientele that would be having above average problems.. Or put another way they may provide the same level of service, which would be diluted by increasing use by sub-tier customers.

I Feel Ripped Off by Capital One!
By -

MARYLAND -- I have two accounts with Capital One -- for clarity I will refer to them as Account A & Account B. About two weeks ago I used Online Bill Pay to set up some payments because I was traveling out of the country for an extended period. I inadvertently arranged for the funds to be withdrawn from Account A instead of Account B. There were insufficient funds in Account A to cover the payments but more than sufficient funds in Account B. My first indication of the error was when I received an email saying that the payments were not being honored.

I immediately logged into the account, saw the problem and corrected future payments to be taken from Account B. The problem was that in the meanwhile, Capital One had assessed $175.00 in fees against Account A. They paid one of the bills and returned the other 4. When I called Capital One, I explained my error and asked them to help me by waiving some of the fees. They agreed to waive $105.00 in fees. I was also told that the payments that had been rejected were going to be resubmitted into Account A and that I should ensure there were sufficient funds in that account to take care of those payments.

I immediately transferred from Account B into Account A WITHIN THE SAME BANK funds sufficient to take care of the overdraft (including the amount expected to be refunded) AND the payments that had been rejected. This conversation and transaction occurred between 11:30 and 12 noon on Thursday (8/26). So far so good. However, now being careful to monitor the situation, on Friday morning I logged into the accounts. To my surprise, an additional $140.00 in fees had been withdrawn from Account A (into which I had transferred funds the previous day)!

The fees were posted to the same date as the fees that had been visible during my call (8/25) and none of the payments had been made. When I again called Capital One, I was told that the fees had been already assessed but as I had had a negative balance they were not shown; once funds were deposited they were assessed against my account (A). The ledger (of which I have a copy) clearly showed where the negative balance changed to a positive balance on 8/25, but the actual posting of the transfer is correctly shown as 8/26.

I have the following issues with the lack of service provided by Capital One: A bank interested in providing service would, or should, have noted that there were sufficient funds in one account and not the other and acted accordingly. Whether that was to debit the correct account, to contact me about the discrepancy, or both, an assessment of fees under those circumstances would have been well earned. As it is the assessment of fees totaling $210.00 ($315.00 minus the $105.00 refunded) for an error on my part amounts to highway robbery.

There is something fundamentally dishonest about hiding some of the fees that were being assessed against my account because of the error, but then immediately posting AND withdrawing them once funds became available. I realize that much is automated these days, but the reason for my transfer of funds was to take care of the overdraft AND to cover the payments that had been submitted.

Automation means that the so-called "customer service representative" was able to know that the payments had already been submitted a second time, that there were additional fees being assessed as a result, and that payments into the account would be gobbled up by those fees. Her failure to disclose this information to me appears to have been reflective of bank policy and was dishonest.

This is why I feel that I have been lied to and ripped off by Capital One! Acquisition of Chevy Chase, with which my husband has banked for so many years, has changed what used to be an excellent bank into nothing but another uncaring and dishonest institution! I've added a clarification to address the following comments posted: The commenter said it is not the position of any financial institution of which he/she is aware to have in some way accommodated my error.

My point is that it should be. In fact, I have another account at a regional bank and I know for a fact that they would have withdrawn funds from one account to cover the overdraft -- for a fee but I don't mind paying for real service. The commenter questions whether the customer service associate was doing anything "fundamentally wrong" in not making sure that I knew of the extent to which these fees had accumulated, and further that there is no reason to believe the associate didn't already believe that I knew the full amount of the fees being discussed.

My response is that, in light of the conversation that I had with the representative, which extended for about 30 minutes, the representative knew or should have known this information and acted, perhaps according to bank policy but dishonestly from one individual to another. In fact, I believe I listed to her the fees that were posted at the time of our conversation. Furthermore, we also discussed how much I needed to transfer into the account to cover the overdraft fees and the outstanding payments. That would have been the opportune moment to tell me that there were other fees that were not visible to me on the account.

The only possible explanation that lets her, but not the bank off the hook, is that these fees were not visible to her either. To which I ask - why not? The commenter concluded that I should compliment, rather than complain about the bank's actions in having dropped $105.00 in fees. I acknowledge the bank's token actions and had the matter stopped there I would have had no complaint at all about its conduct.

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