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Lack of Intelligence and Outright Lying
By -

CALIFORNIA -- Where can I start this nightmare??? First, I had the funds to purchase the vehicle I ALWAYS wanted, BRAND NEW, CASH MONEY... I found the vehicle listed online at CarMax in Huston Tx. After about a dozen calls and three days of dealing with that dealership to get pictures of the described vehicle with no luck, I asked for someone to go out and describe the vehicle to me, I got two hang-ups from them. I guess they were too busy for a $40,000.00 cash sale. I finally asked for the GM and DEMANDED that for him to go out to the vehicle and describe it to me since they were "TOO BUSY" to post the pictures.

I liked the vehicle so paid the $599.00 to have it transferred to California. I was told it would take 28 days, FIRM. I said that was fine, for the funds for the sale were also 28 days out. It arrived 14 days early and I was treated like I was lying about the funds and was asked for PROOF that the funds were soon to be available. I showed the deposit receipt for almost $94,000.00 and the funds would be available in 5 days. I was asked to give a check and it would be held for the five days and then deposited for the sale of the vehicle.

THEY LIED..... The check was deposited the SAME DAY... and it BOUNCED TO THE MOON and completely RUINED my vacations because my account was in a multi-thousand dollar NEGATIVE amount... PLUS the day I did pick the vehicle up it looked like **. I asked for it to be detailed and it was nothing more than rinsed off and not even vacuumed out.

I was then apologized to PROFUSELY and PROMISED it would never happen again and CarMax, I was then asked to provide a cashiers check for the amount since the check bounced (CarMax's fault). I went to my bank and acquired the cashiers check as requested. In the infinite wisdom of CarMax, they REDEPOSITED the check when I had ALREADY taken the funds out in a cashiers check... SO, this check has now bounced for a second time...

My checking account, for the second time, is now over $50,000.00 over drawn and checks are bouncing all over the place. I spent several hours on the phone and at my banks ATM doing damage repair for what CarMax had done to my account and had to re-deposit the cashiers check to keep other check from bouncing, namely checks written to my daughter that they, employed by other banks, had any holds waived. Had these checks bounced they would have lost their jobs due to CarMax's stupidity.

CarMax Modesto PROMISES they will reimburse me ALL expenses... BUT what I am saying what about the inconvenience and the defamation of character and the repeated trips to my bank and the "HOURS" spent on the phone with my bank and CarMax for their screw-ups? PLUS, what if my daughters had lost their jobs because of this?

Total tally: Pictures of the truck... three days. Arriving 14 days early and demanding proof of the money... Received the vehicle looking like **. CarMax deposited a check that was supposed to be HELD for five days. Demanded a cashiers check THEN REDEPOSITED THE ORIGINAL CHECK... Almost causing the termination of my 3 daughters from their jobs as bank tellers. Can I express how angry I am with CarMax?????????????? Their incompetence is not measurable...... CarMax must start some MAJOR damage control RIGHT NOW!!!!

By -

Today is December 30th 2009. Exactly one week ago I got into touch with this company Carmax their Jackson, Mississippi branch and asked them about selling my fully loaded 2003 GMC Yukon and what I needed to do. I talked to a guy who's name I will not mention who I found out today he was also an appraiser (keep that in mind). He went over a list of features that could come with the truck which include dual power seats, heated seats, DVD system, running boards, aftermarket Alpine radio, dual climate control, rear air control, power everything, OnStar, plus much more.

I told the guy the pay off for my truck was $8264.22 and I needed to sell it because I just became unemployed and cannot afford the truck anymore. The guy then stated that my truck in good condition with all features working properly and everything was worth $9,800. Now I thought this was great I just wanted the payoff. I went on Kelly Blue Book my truck is worth $10,600. So I decided to drive 3 hours from my house to go sell my truck I also got my wife with my one year old son to follow me in her car which it is pouring down and my wife doesn't like driving far especially in bad weather because she starts to have panic attacks.

So despite all of this we took the ride. I got there around two in the afternoon and got it appraised the report came back that the truck was in good shape, tires good, interior good, exterior good, transmission and engine great, but needed a few minor repairs, keep in mind the truck is almost 7 years old. The appraisal came back and before I got the amount I wanted to talk to the person who appraised my truck so the little guy went to get him. He came back with him and he sat down and we talked about the truck.

I made the comment that the truck should make me some money and the guy who appraised my truck said and I quote "Oh well we will only resale it for around 14" and then stops and says "Well it's my break time", I'm like OK what the hell didn't even think about it twice. After the guy left, the man behind the computer said "OK well your truck appraised for $6,000." My jaw droped. So I drive 3 hours to here that they would sell the truck for $8,000 more than what they offered me and that my truck was worth $3600 less than what the original appraiser told me I would get. They wanted to buy a fully loaded Yukon 7 years old with only 111,643 miles on it.

I don't understand these people. I mean I know they're in it to make a profit but an $8,000 profit. Get real. What is this junk about. Companies like this one are the reason why the country is in a recession, because the big guys don't care about the little guys who are just trying to do right by there family and try to support them. I will never refer anyone to these people because they are a bunch of scam artist.

Where's The Customer Service?
By -

CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA -- I'm purchasing a vehicle from Carmax in Charlotte, NC. I've always sang the praises of Carmax and talked my dad into driving 4 hours to get his truck from there 5-6 years ago - that's how confident I was in them. Now it's time for me to purchase a car, my finances have already been run, I'm just waiting on the transfer so I can pick it up. It kills me at this point to give them $12K.

This was my $12K buying experience. I first got a call from a sales rep, he left a voice mail. I called him back and left a message but didn't hear back for 3-4 days so I just called back to Carmax, no big deal, these things happen. Then I spoke to another sales rep who was very nice upon the initial call (but keep in mind that this was end of the month and numbers have to be met). I was supposed to go there last weekend but we had a snow storm and we were snowed in, Carmax was closed. I have an appointment for Saturday but woke up with my eye completely swollen shut (Pink Eye) and ended up at the Dr's office instead.

I called on BOTH occasions to cancel. He asked me if I wanted to come in on Sunday but I said I'd wait until he was actually in the office, that it wouldn't be fair for him to come in on his day off. I sent him 2 Corolla stock numbers I liked and he said, sarcastically, "Are you sure you want a Corolla, it's not on recall you know". I had asked about recall and apparently he didn't like the question. I then get a call from original sales rep who left a message of "This is **, I need to know what you are coming to pick up your Camry". I don't know if this is the way he speaks in general but his voice was very commanding as if this Camry is weighing down the lot.

I finally go today (eyes still swollen). I called FIRST and asked for original sales rep, the lady was extremely snippy and states he is off, do I want his cell phone number. I said no that I was just on my way in. She huffed and stated "So do you want his cell phone number?!" I advise no again. I called 2nd sales rep and he states "Oh, so you've finally decided to come" which dripped of sarcasm. I get to the facility and am advised by new 3rd sales rep that 2nd sales rep is finishing up a sale and will be with us shortly but he'll take me out to the car.

Mr. Sales Rep #2 never made it over to us, he was having a smoke break so obviously he was busy. I don't think it really comes across in this review but everyone was so sarcastic and rude (minus new sales rep but I haven't finished the buying from yet so who knows). I'm tempted just to go to a dealer. It's hard to give someone $12K when they act obnoxious. I realize that the end of the month is over and now my sale is unimportant and this will be my last Carmax buying experience and I'll be warning everyone else along the way.

Don't Buy A Car From Carmax
By -

When I was looking for a Mercury Mariner, I found one online at Carmax that I REALLY liked. So I paid the transfer fee to get the car here from Texas. I love the car! If I could drive it that is.... I had the car setup to be brought here from Texas in late March, early May. The car came in on May 1st, when I purchased the car. I drove the car for my 30 days on in-transits because they were trying to get me a new title, as the one they had for the vehicle had 3 different stories of what happened to it.

1st thing, someone accidentally got it mixed in with other papers and it got shredded. 2nd thing, some used white-out on it (which makes the title invalid). 3rd, and guess this was the final answer was that the state I live in didn't accept how they "transferred" the title. SOOO... May came and went and they told me to just go ahead and drive my car on expired plates. When I told them this wasn't acceptable, they finally decided to give me a loaner car. I purchased a V6 Mariner, and I got a V8 Dodge Durango.... that cost me A LOT MORE in gas, not to mention that fresh new "wet dog smell" it came with.

Oh and did I mention that I live an hour from the dealership, so I have been driving my car and this gas-hog loaner car for an hour each way every time I have to deal with them?? Well it's been almost a month now and get what car I have?? Yep, the gas hog Durango!! I told them I wanted reimbursed for one month's car payment as I have had to take time off of work, make several trips an hour away to take car of this problem and dump a lot more money worth of gas into a vehicle that isn't mine (nor would mine cost me that much) and still pay for a car payment and insurance on a vehicle I can't legally drive!!!

Their claim to me was "well we don't just have money lying around to give to you when you are unhappy, this is a rare circumstance and we apologized more than once to you." Well it can't be that rare, because I read other reviews of people this has happened to AND the person sitting next to me in this "signing room" also had a problem with the title on their vehicle... Gee, must have been a bad day for titles!! Oh and the best part, when I walked up to the counter a girl in the business office was holding a title that got cut in half and she just said "It'll be OK"... How hard is it to properly handle a car title, when you are a car dealership!?!?!?!


The Carmax Experience, Well It Sucks!!!
By -

NORTH CAROLINA -- Purchased my vehicle March 31. Vehicle made a noise when purchased but thought it was a seatbelt warning sound. Read the instruction booklet and find that something is wrong with the battery. Take it to Carmax they replace the battery in addition to the alternator. Vehicle has same problem the very next day. I take vehicle back and this time they but in the correct battery. Two days pass and I have the same problem. This time they send it to the dealership for my type of vehicle. My car sits there for two weeks waiting on parts.

I have owned my car now for 25 days. My car has been in the shop for 17 days. I still do not have my car. The warranty I bought from Carmax. What good is it, they have to send it to the dealership because they can't figure out what's wrong with the car. I paid close to $2,000 for that warranty. My car payment is becoming due, I have already made an insurance payment. However, I don't have my car. They gave me a car to drive to make me feel better.

However, this car they gave me in no way on the level of the car I purchased. I do not feel they inspected the car well enough before putting it on the lot for sale. They will call you and be nice. However, that does not make me feel good. What happens next time when the 30 days are up. Will I get a loaner, I'll have to pay the deductible because the 30 days will have expired. However, I spent must have my 30 days where they will handle the repairs with my car in the shop. In essence, they get 18 plus days of not having to worry about me finding anymore problems because I don't have my car to drive to see if anything else goes wrong.

I wish anyone who buys a car from there good luck. And if you have reviewed this and it happens to you, well you got what you deserved because you did not take into account what happened to me. Oh yeah, and by the way, their vehicle maybe 2 or 3 thousand dollars lower than the dealers. However, by the time you buy the extended warranty for a few hundred dollars you really didn't save anything. At least when you buy from the dealer, they have these pre-certified vehicles that come with a warranty that close to what you have to pay for at CARMAX, so to me it comes out the same.

And if you buy from the dealer you have someone who knows this vehicle better because that is all they work on. And they probably have all the equipment necessary to do the type of inspection that should be done before a car is placed on the lot. I could write 18 days worth of material here to match the time that I have not had my car that I'm paying for, that I have to pay the interest on the loan for, and the insurance that I have to pay for, and I've got this crappy loaner car they gave me to make me feel better. Please!!!!

They are nice, but It will NOT make you feel better when you spend your hard earned money on a vehicle that does not work. Remember, go to the dealer and get a CERTIFIED PRE-OWNED and you will sleep better and have YOUR car in your driveway instead of some crappy loaner. THAT IS MY 3 CENTS AND MORE.

Did Not Honor Advertised Price
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Rating: 1/51

COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO -- I found a car I was interested in. Price was listed as $26599 on their website. Car was on the east coast. By the time my local Carmax (CO) opened for business the price had been changed to $29999. I asked for them to honor the previous listed price. After several calls that same day I was told they would NOT honor their original listing price. I will never use Carmax in the future! This is bait and switch advertising!

CarMax in Brandwine, MD
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Rating: 1/51

BRANDYWINE, MARYLAND -- I am so disappointed in my first experience with CarMax at the Brandywine, Md location. They did not meet my expectations at all. When I first arrived, no salesmen came to help me so that I can check out the vehicle that I found online prior to arriving. They just sent me over to the appraisal section and told me the person that I spoke to over the phone would be with me shortly.That person never came over to help. I waited an hour and a half to get car appraised by the way. I had to actually go over back to the front desk to ask if someone could help me so that I could check out the car that I was interested in.

When someone did, then we walked around for about 10 min to discover the car was no longer there. Then we had to go back inside to check the stock # and actually find where the vehicle was. The salesman assisting had issues getting into computer, left the station for about 20 minutes and during that time he had been chatting w/ co-workers, while I sat there waiting. He finally came back, got into system and found that car had already been sold. Then my car finally got appraised and the gentleman appraising it informed me that they do not offer Kelley blue book value.

He appraised my car for $2500 less than what the Kelley blue book value was in poor condition. That was huge disappointment. After that, I went back to speak w/ person assisting me with trade in, and basically he became very short and unhelpful with trying to continue with process of trading in my vehicle. I decided it wasn't the time to continue w/ process, the salesmen said okay and didn't seem concerned at all with helping me stay there and make the trade. I was there a total of two and half hours, and it was a complete disappointing waste of my time.

Broken and Out of Money!
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Rating: 1/51

VIRGINIA -- I have purchased two different cars from CarMax that have somehow ended up breaking down after 6 months. The first one was in and out of the shop a few times a month. The end result was 3 catalytic converters died; my muffler crumbled to pieces, and my ball joint was so old the mechanic told me I was lucky to still be alive. One time I had my car in the shop at CarMax and an employee stole multiple belongings out of my car that were never able to be returned. When I asked about trading my car in because I had enough, I was told they would only give me $4,000.

I complained and complained until they raised it to $6,000. I am now $14,000 in debt with my last car and now this car that I bought after. When I called CarMax they pretty much told me I was out of luck or could trade this car in for another but that would possibly make me a good $20,000+ in debt. I will soon be left with no car, no money to fix my car, and no money to get a new car. If this wasn't the second car I had bought from CarMax I wouldn't be so mad but it is. I am officially left high and dry. I work 13 hours a day to be able to afford my car but it has now left me unable to feed myself half the time.

This is unbelievably ridiculous that I have been through all of this with no help from CarMax!! I have looked into legal advice but figured I would contact someone higher than a store manager. I have wasted almost 2-3 years' worth of money on broken cars from CarMax. I am not happy!!!

CarMax Couldn't Possibly Have Done 125pt Inspection
By -

My husband and I purchased a 2003 Toyota Tundra from Carmax in Turkey Creek just before Christmas. After we signed the papers and paid the downpayment, Carmax wrecked the truck in the parking lot while bringing it out of the car wash. They had the vehicle for 5 days while they fixed the dent and scrape on the side of the vehicle. They generously offered us two free oil changes for our trouble. After we picked it up, within two days the truck started leaking oil. We took it back... they said it was a leaky axle and would fix it. Again, they had the truck for days.

While driving a loaner car, Carmax actually sold the loaner we had in use and made us bring back the vehicle we were driving. We picked up the truck after they "fixed it" again. Within a couple days, it resumed leaking oil. They said they would replace the axle. We picked up the truck (again), and after a week and a half, the truck made a loud popping noise when it was shifted into drive. It also began to make a whirring sound when driven. We had driven the vehicle for maybe two weeks total since Christmas and this weekend we took it back to Carmax and told them that we either wanted a different vehicle or every penny we spent back...

Carmax will not replace the vehicle or refund our money. They sold us a truck with a lot of problems. I'm not sure how a truck like this made it through their "vigorous" inspections, but I would like to warn other drivers of Carmax's treatment of hard working, honest individuals. I made a Facebook page about how much I hate CarMax. Maybe if I get enough people to "like" it, we can make CarMax accountable for their actions.

So CarMax Wrote Me a Bad Check for $25,000.00
By -

PLANO, TEXAS -- Took a SL500 to CarMax in Plano, TX to sell. Got $25,000.00 for it. Took the deal. Went through all the paperwork, signed in all the places told, got a check (they call draft)and left. I deposit the check a couple days later, and a week after that, I get a call from my bank that the check was returned. I ask if it's stamped NSF. Bank officer says "Strange, it doesn't have anything stamped on it." So off to call Carmax. Of course this all occurs during the snow storm that hit during Super Bowl. The Plano office is closed due to weather. I call corporate. They are worthless.

Finally after I threaten to call the local DA's office and State Attorney Generals office I get a call back from the finance manager at the Plano Carmax. He goes on to tell me how he saw the mistake, but had no way to contact me (BS). Long story short, they put a stop payment on my check because where he says that where I was directed to sign the title, was in the wrong spot. So after me telling him what I thought and it was all BS, he could have called or tried, he said he'd see if the Houston Carmax could overnight me a check.

I get my bank officer on the phone (3 way) and have the bank officer give the Carmax manager the banks address to deposit the check to rather than to me and then to the bank. The bank is pissed, I have a bad check of $25,000.00 that got returned, so I want them to know it isn't my fault. Everything I did was in good faith. So ask the manager, "why are you overnighting me a new check if my title is still incorrect." His response, "I hope you'll work with us". I'm still waiting on that check.

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