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Redeeming Points
Posted by Seeker of Truth on 03/18/2010
My Wife and I have been using the Carnival Master Card for a few years in order to accumulate points for a Future Cruise. Well, the Future is here. We Booked a 7 day Caribbean Cruise directly with Carnival. We were told that about a month after the Cruise was paid in full we could apply to redeem our over 60,000 Points. When we went to Carnival, we were told we had to go to Barclay Bank, since Carnival had NOTHING to do with the Points. We went to Barclay Bank and after over two hours of run arounds we were told to go to BarclaycardUS.com and Click on Rewards. We were unable to find REWARDS anywhere in the web Site.

As it stands we are no better off than when we started. WE EARNED THOSE POINTS AND WE ARE ENTITLED TO THEM. Why are they making it IMPOSSIBLE for us to redeem them? WE ARE SO CANCELLING THIS CARD!

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Posted by Anonymous on 2010-03-18:
Unfortunatley its because nothing is free anymore.
Posted by josephine brygidyr on 2013-01-15:
about six yrs ago, we bought three tickets for a cruise trip to Caribean. they wanted me to show my husband's veteran ID for discount, so we did. however, we never credit neither when we were about to board, we had to pay extra money. i will never forget about this. you cruise line is dirty and money hungry and i will never ever get on your cruise again.
Posted by Deb on 2013-06-21:
I also have the Carnival Fun Points credit card and it is IMPOSSIBLE to find where to redeem them. Try calling Barclay and getting somewhere is also IMPOSSIBLE.Think before you apply.
Posted by Violet71 on 2014-04-06:
I have a Capitol One points card. from day 1 when I earned points, I searched my account and made sure I knew where to go to view them, track my earning activity and the actual page to redeem. Why wait till last minute? Be proactive and save yourself problems.
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Very Poor Customer Service
Posted by Redwine on 02/12/2013
On November 24, 2012 we took the 7 day Exotic Eastern Caribbean Cruise. As we departed out of Miami we noticed that one engine was running hard, we knew something was wrong. Our stateroom was at the back of the ship Upper Deck 6, our bed vibrated for 3 nights, so much so that we couldn't sleep. The Captain makes the announcement that we would not be going to St Thomas. I'm sure you can imagine how upset the passengers were, the problem a broken engine the ship had very little power to move so we sailed at sea for 3 days on a vibrating ship before arriving in San Juan late in the evening.

Very little was said to the passengers which upset everyone even more. Prior to arriving in San Juan the Captain makes the announcement that he would decide if we would leave San Juan at midnight or pull out the next day. This would mean 2 ports that we would miss. The following day the Captain announces we will be in San Juan for the day, this upset passengers even more as we could not book any excursions due to the lack of communication to the passengers on a timely bases.

Crew on the Liberty tried to avoid the conversation regarding missed ports, vibrating ship and the lack of communication. Finally with a ship of upset passengers the Captain announces we will all receive a $50.00 rebate towards our sail and sign, as you can imagine this just upset passengers even more.

I do understand that things go wrong however the customer service we received was very poor not only on the ship but from customer service. I did email Carnival and received no reply, when I phoned I was told they could do nothing for us the $50.00 we received is what Carnival pays. There was no compensation for our room vibrating for 3 days, it was too bad so sad mentality. I was told a ship would never leave port if there was problems with it, however it did just that. I think Carnival needs to realize Engineers also go on Cruises and they know when something isn't right.

I would not book another Carnival Cruise, check out BBB and Consumer Reports and you'll see how many complaints they receive and what their true rating is, I wished we would have done this prior to booking. I have gone on many cruises and have never experienced such a lack of communication or lack of concern for passengers. Carnival instantly went into protect themselves mode instead of making sure every passenger on board was communicated to and the service they say they give stays at that level. It's a shame when they forget a little customer service goes a long way, I know if I would have received good customer service I never would have written this letter.

Carnival isn't the top of the line for cruises however good Customer service doesn't cost anything but it sure keeps customers coming back, word of mouth and Internet is a great way to let people know how poor or good service was, loss of business doesn't seem to concern Carnival. I was glad to find that out prior to booking our next years 2 week cruise vacation.

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Posted by Churro on 2013-02-12:
My wife tried to talk me into a carnival cruise but after reading their contract I said ain't no way I'd enter into such a one sided agreement. Geeze, I'm pretty sure if you were on a cruise and the power went out leaving you stranded in the gulf having to sleep on the deck because the air conditioning didn't work they still wouldn't issue you a refund. Of course what are the odds of that happening.

I vowed a long time ago floating buffets are not my destiny.
Posted by clutzycook on 2013-02-12:
Churro, I'm guessing that you're referring to the Carnival ship currently floating out in the Gulf? From what I read, Carnival is giving everyone on board a full refund, flying them home for free, and credit towards a future cruise (although who would want to take a cruise after an incident like that is beyond me).

I've been on two Carnival cruises. They're "meh" at best. I've heard them described as the Walmart of the cruise lines. From what I've read and from what my parents have told me, Royal Caribbean is way better. But, Hubby and I decided after our honeymoon cruise that we wouldn't do it again. It's just not for us.
Posted by trmn8r on 2013-02-12:
When ships miss ports, there isn't usually compensation that overcomes the disappointment of passengers.

While a travelling engineer may have felt something was wrong with an engine, the fact remains the engine worked for three days. IMO, there isn't proof Carnival did something irresponsible.

Like clutzy, after a cruise I took back in the 80's, I decided to never to do it again. Not my cup o tea.
Posted by ok4now on 2013-02-13:
My very first cruise was with Carnival, never again. If you like lousy food this is the cruise line for you. As Clutzy commented Royal Caribbean is much better. I cruised with them twice and have no complaints. Spend the extra money and get the balcony room. Enjoy sitting out watching the sunset from your private room. Go cheap and they put you in a closet with a fake window in the bowels of the ship. Your vacation, your choice.
Posted by Alain on 2013-02-13:
I've had friends and relatives who tried Carnival and they were kind enough to warn me never to use them. You are actually quite fortunate. Your Carnival ship didn't catch on fire in the Gulf or sink on a rock in the Mediterranean (which brings up a consideration: it may be a good idea to check if Carnival owns a cruise line under a different name before you use it).
Posted by Old Timer on 2013-02-13:
Good review, it makes another case for staying far away from Carnival. We are not big on cruise lines. The few we have taken were on Princess since our first cruise was a Princess cruise and went well. We have been thru the Panama Canal and some other places that a cruise made the most sense to see the sights.

One of the biggest problems I see with cruise lines is as is the case right now, you break down at sea you are pretty much screwed till you can get back to a port. I always try to have a plan B, on a cruise ship any plan B is pretty much removed from your options.
Posted by Dislike Carnival on 2013-02-13:
Carnival is the craps of Cruise, do not use them...each time I use them (2 time) it has full of BS and distrust with this company!!
Posted by tambo33 on 2013-02-14:
I have personally been on a total of 3 cruises 2x on Ecstacy & 1x on the Truimph. I honestly had a Great time on each cruise & the customer service was outstanding. I know everyone has their choice but to go on as to say its the worst is a little unfair. Things happen there's no certain time or not is it planned. This is exactly why they have Emergency backups as the one stated about the Truimph. Look no one has been injured and yes maybe they are living in a Nasty environment but it wasn't something done intentional. To go as far as to bash customer service is unfair, I have been following the story and they are crediting the entire cruise as they should, sail and sign on will be credited unless there are casino or gift shop credits,hotels & transportation had been lined up & they will have a free cruise the next time they decide to cruise. In my opinion that is great customer service & they are doing what they can from where they are standing. Although its unfortunate for everyone living in those conditions the last 3 days. It's totally not fair to criticize & bash the Cruise line for something they had no control of. Life's not perfect things happen its like buying a care having it for 3 weeks and there's a recall it the car breaks down nothing intentional just an unfortunate event. I personally enjoyed the cruise line & intend on exploring my next journey very soon(;
Posted by Alain on 2013-02-14:
Always good to hear a different opinion. Still, given the recent past of CCL corp. (Carnival, Holland America, Cunard, Princess and Costa): Carnival Triumph (2013), Costa Concordia (2012) and Carnival Splendor (2010) I think I'll take a pass on any Carnival cruises for the time being.
Posted by Dick on 2013-02-18:
Been on Carnival cruises in 1999 and 2000. Been through enough then to never use Carnival again. They did not maintain their equipment then nor now. They would fly a "mechanic" to the next port with duct tape and a can of three in oil and expect a miricle. Since then, look at their breakdown rate and on board fires. We have been using real cruise lines and enjoying the experiences!
Posted by Barnes on 2013-02-18:
My husband and I have been on two Carnival Cruises and have no complaints. We also cruised on the Celebrity and Royal Caribbean, Oasis of the Seas and those experiences were top class
Posted by Barbara N on 2013-02-18:
My husband and I have only been on Carnival once. Not for us. We have cruised with Royal Caribbean 3 times, but the last time was a Venice cruise. We splurged, got a suite, but unfortunately our stateroom was underneath a highly traveled, used part of the ship in the night/morning hours, complete with scraping chairs, etc. preventing us from sleeping! We complained sleepless night #1 to our stateroom attendant. She said the ship wa designed wrong...We contacted guest Relations repeatedly and were made to feel we were unreasonable but were promised contact with a supervisor. Never contacted. Finally a couple days before end of cruise, there was a vacant inside stateroom available for us (after we had purchased grand suites at over $5,000 each... Our concierge acknowledged a "continuing problem" with previous guests in our paid suite, and arranged for us to move into a family suite the night before our last day of cruise, and he suggested we take this up with Miami when we returned home. We did. We were sent two $650 certificates toward future Grand Suite reservations for the future. Lesson learned: Paying first class does not guarantee first class service...We loved exploring Venice...but were very sleep deprived. We haven't cruised since!
Posted by Cecil on 2013-02-18:
We have cruised about 15 times on many different lines (Carnival was the first). I am surprised several people liked Royal Caribbean. They are the worst and I would not cruise on Royal Caribbean if it was free. The Captain was very obnoxious and rude.
Posted by zeldaz on 2013-02-19:
Tambo33, do you work for Carnival? My 16-year old wondered why Carnival was not airlifting or somehow sending edible food and other necessities for the guests! If he could think of that, why couldn't they. As far as no on being injured, read the following reported by the LA Times - "A passenger was removed from the ship Monday for treatment in Mobile after suffering an unspecified medical problem, Thornton, Carnival vice president of planning, told a midafternoon briefing.

Thornton said he did not know whether the passenger was an adult or child, what condition the individual suffered or whether the person was hospitalized. Another passenger, a woman, had to be removed from the ship Monday for dialysis, Thornton has said." If there was no problem of disgusting conditions, I wonder if the medical problems would have occurred.

While the ship's staff were reportedly great, the cruise line's customer service from an executive standpoint was lousy. Compensation improved only when complaints were made about the initial offer. What you report was not the original compensatory offer.

Carnival, as long as I have heard about cruise lines, has had the worst reputation. It wouldn't if it didn't earn it!

Don't bash? Carnival needs a lot of bashing - enough to cause it to understand how its possible negligence affected those who worked hard for their vacation time and money. Who can find time to take another cruise in this economy? My bet is they only have a year to take the "free" cruise. (What about other fees associated with a cruise? Is Carnival paying for transportation to and from the "free" cruise"?)

If you do the research, this is not the first problem Carnival has had.
Posted by fred on 2013-07-23:
We won a $1000 promotional gift card from Carnival. Just booking the cruise has been a customer service nightmare. If we go, this will be the last time I consider Carnival.
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Carnival Cruise/Fascination Hell
Posted by Cctow97 on 12/25/2005
I recently booked and completed a cruise with Carnival Cruise Lines. I purchased this trip to celebrate my parents' 45th anniversary, my father turning 70, my mother retiring and their Christmas present. I will never use Carnival again in this life time. The luggage handlers on shore basically force you to tip them to assure "safe handling" of your baggage. The exact words used were, "Would you like to make a donation for safe handling of your luggage?" What choice was there? We were stranded in the port of Miami due to a plane crash at the mouth of the port--not the cruise line's fault, but the itinerary was changed from Cozumel, Mexico to two ports in the Bahamas. I think the fair thing to do would have been to offer the passengers a choice--did they want to continue on to Cozumel, skipping Key West, FL or go to the Bahamas. They did offer a $100 SHIPBOARD credit to all those on board, but since the Bahamas is a much cheaper cruise in price compared to the Cozumel cruise, I think a little more compensation would have been nice.

The staff was incredibly unknowledgeable and extremely rude. I made three trips to the purser's desk, once to ask a question that was met with hostility and rudeness, the other two times to issue a complaint in which I was again treated rudely and brusquely pushed aside in order to "take care of" the next customer in line. The cruise line was made aware at booking this trip was for my parents' anniversary. They were to get a special celebratory dinner in honor of this and I was told to call the line a week in advance to remind/confirm. I did this, but upon embarking on the cruise, I found not only were we scheduled at different dining times, but different dining rooms as well! I was told to speak to the maitre'd to have this corrected. He corrected it alright--he changed the table my children and I were seated at, but we were still on different dining times/rooms than my parents! Finally the 3rd night on board, the dining situation was corrected. My parents DID NOT receive any type of 'special' anniversary anything. When I informed them they were supposed to have their anniversary acknowledged, I was basically told oh well! I purchased 5 fountain cards for unlimited fountain soda consumption while on board. My kids--ages 12 and 14--found they could not get served A SODA unless I was with them. The bar staff refused to serve them soda!!

I was informed in one of their duty free shops onboard that I was allowed to purchase so many of certain items--I purchased 2 cartons of cigarettes, but was told I could purchase 3 since I had myself and two kids in my cabin. On the last night aboard, I received the debarkation letter from the lines that stated only one carton of cigarettes was allowed thru Customs, anything above that amount was subject to seizure by Customs. I also received Customs forms to fill out listing what I'd purchased. When I called the purser's desk to ask about this, the person answering told me she didn't know if they'd seize the second carton or not--if they didn't they would probably just charge me duty on it. I asked if I had to list every purchase I'd made both on the ship and ashore--again, the purser didn't know. We were told via cabin letter we should enjoy the breakfast buffet, which would be open until prior to debarking--we no sooner sat down to eat when they announced our deck had been cleared to debark and we should go to our cabin, gather our belongings and debark.

They had two crew members standing on the Lido deck where the breakfast buffet was being served telling people it was time to leave, they had to depart immediately. It wasn't quite 8 o'clock in the a.m. I was told upon booking we would have until 11 a.m. to debark. When I went to the purser's desk to adjust the amount of the tip they had charged me for, I was told it wasn't possible. Their crew "worked very hard" to make my cruise a pleasant one and it wasn't fair to them to have a tip adjusted below the standard guidelines. Needless to say, I was furious, but fighting it did no good. I will now call my credit card company to see if I can't have them adjust the amount.

I also plan on writing a letter of complaint to each and every officer of the Carnival Corporation to complain--not that I think it will do any good. But, if Carnival chooses not to respond, I will contact the BBB in my state and the Attorney General. I did not like the rudeness and lack of knowledge from the staff. I certainly did not care for the "Oh, well, we have your money and you're stuck with us" attitude. I don't like being harassed for tips and I caution any and all of those looking to book on Carnival to look elsewhere.
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Posted by Ms.Consumer on 2005-12-26:
What a horrible experience.
Posted by tander on 2005-12-26:
They probaly wished you would of jumped ship..*lol*
Posted by Mad Eye Moody on 2005-12-27:
You should have gotten WAY more than 100.00 bucks for a change like that. The cost of the cruise you paid for is way more than the one you actually went on. I would check out a consumer attorney to see if you had a case based on the low reimbursement they gave you to basically, shut you up long enough to get you out to sea.
Posted by hoodCOUNTY on 2005-12-29:
The Carnival Cruise from Galveston to Cozumel last year in January had awful food. Not once did I enjoy the evening meal. It was my first and last Carnival experience. Steak was terrible and the lobster we had one night was like a piece of rubber. Our cabin was nice and well kept but that was the only thing "well done" on board. I couldn't wait to get off of that ship.

We took a Royal Carribean cruise in August to Alaska on the "inside passsage." It was the best cruise we have had and every experience was wonderful. After 7 days, I was ready to turn around and immediately do it again.
Posted by Anonymous on 2005-12-30:
royal caribbean and probably other cruiselines had the same problem when that poor plane crashed---they had to stay in US waters. i was on carnival fascination 12/9-12/12 leaving port of miami and going to the bahamas---truly the greatest experience...the service was awesome, the nightlife was fun, the food could of been better, and for three days only cost 300 bucks with a free cabin upgrade. Its wayyyyyyy better than the celebration, people were complaining of seasickness because its a smaller cruiseship and is outright 'ghetto' meaning you have to rent a converter to use appliances (battery chargers, hair dryers, etc...) unlike the fascination...generally speaking, its a hit or miss with cruiselines---you can either have a good or bad experience...same applies for airlines.
Posted by clutzycook on 2008-10-12:
Regarding the baggage handlers @ the port. The same thing happened to me. The guys said something to the effect that now was the time they usually received a tip for taking care of our bags. I couldn't help but laugh to myself about it. You have to admit it's a clever racket, pay the guy $5-10 or risk spending the cruise in the same clothes you were wearing that day!
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Hell on the Ocean
Posted by 7557 on 03/14/2005
CARRIBEAN CRUISE, FLORIDA -- My wife and I recently endured a five-day cruise on the Jubilee. This was our ninth cruise, the second on Carnival Lines. Having booked many cruises (group and individual) as an independent travel agent, I understand the cruise industry better than most.

Specifics :

1. During the boarding process, we were told to stop and fill out the boarding passes (attached to this letter) despite completing the FunPass previously. We stopped and filled out these forms, only to be told moments later that we did not need to fill them out.

2. The room was up to the standards of most lines. The room steward did an outstanding job.

3. The food was somewhat disappointing. The two times I, and others at our table, ordered steaks, they were inedible. Not just tough, but inedible. The fish dishes were superb. When others at our table ordered iced tea, it either never came or came at the end of the meal. Ordering a glass of wine for those at our table was a challenge, as it came either at the end of the meal or, twice, not at all.

4. The biggest problem on the ship for not only us, but the others on board, was the continual engine vibration. It was so bad that it was the subject of most on-board conversations with the other passengers. A performer remarked that it was because of all the newlyweds on board. A clever comment, but hardly one to make up for the lost hours of sleep, I, and other, endured. Having been on cruise lines like RC, Premier, RDL, Disney as well as when I was an office in the US Navy, this is the most vibration from a sea-worthy craft I have ever experienced with the possible exception of a motor launch shuttle at the US Embassy in Manila. Coming on a cruise to relax was a letdown when it resulted in sleepless nights.

5. I was told that since I was a repeat sailing customer, we could attend the party/reception for the returning guests. I was asked during the phone interview twice and indicated that it was a second cruise. We were turned away at the door and not given an invitation, stating that there was no record of previous cruises.

I am not a complainer. I loved the previous cruises and have never written a complaint letter before. I feel that this was a wasted cruise and wish we had put our money on another cruise line. This was a large disappointment.

I realize the Jubilee is being transferred (sold?) to an Australian line. I can only guess it is because of the miserable comfort level on board. What has happened to Carnival Cruise Lines over the past four years? There is a very noticeable decline in caring for the guests.

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Posted by Ms.Consumer on 2006-01-30:
Turned away at the door? Now, that's cold.
Posted by ejack053824 on 2006-02-24:
I would have raised so much hell that they would have no choice but to let me in.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-12-17:
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Carnival Destiny Disaster 1/16/10
Posted by Beachguy187 on 01/25/2010
I recently took a cruise on your cruise line and I was grossly disappointed. The cruise was the Carnival Destiny which set sail on Saturday January 16th 2010 from Miami FL. This was my second cruise and I was expecting a great experience, especially since I was cruising with a self-proclaimed leader in the cruise industry. The misery began when we boarded the ship and found out that we would be delayed in our departure from port. After not leaving on time we were advised that there was a problem bringing portable drinking water onto the ship. I find this to be disconcerting knowing that there was enough time to reprint that day’s edition of “Capers”, this indicating that the problem was known well in advance.

Considering what happens in the next several hours one has to question whether your staff was being completely honest with the passengers about the true problem. Once we left port, nearly four hours late, we set out to sea only to be told that there was a problem with the ships propulsion system. Here is where one might ask if the true problem was being dealt with at the port? Although only a mere passenger, I am very well aware that if that ship were to never leave port, your cruise line would stand to lose a substantial amount of capital and suffer quite a tarnished reputation. However once the ship sets sail all passengers now become prisoners of the fine print of the sailing contract. To be brief, this cruise never made the two original ports of call, which I was planning my vacation around seeing as I had never been to these places; this is why I selected this itinerary. What transpires next is the complete addition of insult to injury.

In an attempt to compensate the passengers for this “technical problem”, you offered each passenger $75.00, which was deemed a refund of the port taxes for the non-visited ports of call. No other compensation was offered. This money, by law would have to be returned, as these ports were never called on. During the nearly three days at sea, the mood of the passengers was, as expected terrible, with no help from the staff to pacify the passengers. No offering of a complimentary cocktail or even a smallest token of apology from your cruise line. One particular instance to make note of was the insults delivered to audience by one of your entertainment staff during a karaoke performance. The staff member while moderating karaoke, tried to make jokes about the missed ports of call and, when booed, told the audience, “I’m not the captain and you can just leave”. My mother called Carnival cruise lines and asked where our location was and she was told we were in Grand Cayman meanwhile we were in Nassau, Bahamas. I think this bothers me the most especially since a 5.8 magnitude earthquake was felt on Grand Cayman the day we were supposed to be at that port and my mother was scared for my safety. All of these experiences combined with the fact that the two original ports of call were missed made for what I consider the worst vacation of my life. On top of that, this was my second cruise experience with Carnival, which has brought me to never want to board a cruise ship ever again. I am incensed at the fact the Carnival made such a feeble attempt to compensate passengers for such a major problem. I am also concerned by the idea that this problem was known, prior to the ships departure however the ship still set sail. Seeing as Carnival is refusing to offer any other compensation, I find no other alternative than filing a class action lawsuit against your company.

I also plan to file complaints and inquiries with maritime safety authorities regarding the sailing of this vessel, especially considering the same problem occurred in September of 2009.I am grossly disappointed in the business practices of your company and plan to enlighten the world and show them that you are clearly not the leader of the cruise line industry. I have already made contact with several news station investigative reporters to share this experience with them. If you truly are the leader of the cruise line industry you will try to make good on this and show the industry that you stand behind your commitment to quality.
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Posted by Skye on 2010-01-25:
Sorry they didn't make the ports, but what amount of compensation would make you happy??

What was the reason they didn't make them?
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-25:
From Carnival's ticket contract:

Carnival reserves the right to alter the ship’s course, ports of call, itinerary, activity and shore excursions to avoid such weather systems and insure the comfort and safety of the Guest and crew.

So, no, they do not have to return your money 'by law'.

Posted by Skye on 2010-01-25:
There you are, our M3C cruise expert!

Great answer.
Posted by Starlord on 2010-01-26:
I suppose you have never experienced any problems with your car, or a bus , train or airplane before. In the first place, it is POTABLE water, which means drinkable. Portable means easy to be moved, which makes no sense with water. The other problems you relate are mechanical in nature, and these things can happen, because machines are made by people, who are not perfect, therefore unable to make something perfect. As far as the karaoke, the audience was nasty in booing the MC, who was trying to lighten up the mood. Maybe you have a better way of handling hecklers, but if you had booed me, I would have been a bit stronger in my comeback. Quit yer whining.
Posted by kzinker on 2010-01-26:
For those if you who say things break down yes you are right but when you have 3000+ people on board you should be maintaining your vessels and making sure they are in working order. You mentioned that planes break down and you are right but the airline would be in major trouble if they kept sending an aircraft out with only one engine working. This problem has occurred many many times over the past year and instead of carnival properly fixing the issue they just keep sending the ship out. I spoke with carnival a few times and they have stated they will not take this ship out of the water to properly fix the problem.

They are getting their customers down there and notifiying them either at the port or around 10 pm the night before when there is nothing you can do. In the case of the Jan 16th sailing I was also on board this ship and they knew what they were doing it's not fair to get all those people out to sea be say oh by the way.....

It's also not fair to so to the innoncent workers on board they get paid very little and people were taking their gratudies away from them. That is their lively hood many of them count on those to feed and house their families. Also these people are worked so hard as it is and when the ship missed it's ports they suffer. It's not fair!! Carnival should be offering a discount on a future cruise for the inconvience. They knew darn well what they were doing!
Posted by momsey on 2010-01-26:
I can see where the majority of comments are coming from - yeah, it's in the contract, they can change itinerary, of course things break down, etc. However, I think if any of you had been on that cruise, you wouldn't have been as understanding! It sounds like it really sucked. To be stuck on the boat for three days when you want to be on a beautiful beach or wherever, it's not fun! I feel for the OP, although I'm sure there's really no recourse for her.
Posted by Jossie on 2010-01-27:
I found your complaint, as I was doing some research, before sending a letter to Carnival, regarding my Cruise November 16th, aboard the Carnival Destiny, upon which we had the exact same experience. We did not make our Port of Call to Grand Turks as the ship was having "Technical Difficulties" and did not have enough power to make it to this port, nor did it have enough power to spend the day in another Port, we had to leave Nassau at 12:30 PM, in order to make it to Miami by 8:00, the next day. Your story is the exact same experience we had in November, yet Carnival keeps making 100% profit.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-27:
Momsey, actually I would be very understanding. For me the best part of *any* cruise is to be over the water (have always had suites or balcony staterooms, and spend most of my time there, er on the balcony). I've considered taking a cruise and NOT even going on shore, at all, if the price is right. But, hey maybe that's just me.

On another note, if you book shore excursions through the cruise line, and it gets cancelled for any reason, you'll get your money back.
Posted by momsey on 2010-01-29:
MissMarple, I'm the opposite! I went on one cruise, and was most interested in the time I had on shore, on the beaches or sightseeing or excursions. Our way home, the last day at sea, it rained the whole day! I spent so much money in their darn casino and mall! I could have done without that. I can spend money in a mall at home! :o)

Again, to each his or her own. I would have gone stir crazy if I was stuck on a boat for 3 days straight.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-04-04:
Are you sure the word wasn't "potable," not "portable?"
Posted by PepperElf on 2010-04-04:
and off topic but something i learned a few years ago that i didn't know..

potable i always pronounced as Pot-able
but apparently it's more like pote-able

cool eh?
Posted by MRM on 2010-04-04:
Uh? Whud? Ive never heard of such word "Potable."
Posted by raven2010 on 2010-04-04:
potable: any liquid suitable for drinking ----I googled it lol
Posted by Frenchman on 2010-08-28:
Remained on guest list for this cruise as a way of consoling my family during my recently deceased father's birthday. Spent most of our savings on airfare, hotels, and tickets anyway. Cruise absolutely sucked. Merely added insult to injury and probably ended my childrens interest on ever "sailing".
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Worst cruise experience! what a waste of time and money!
Posted by Mom on the run on 02/27/2006
So my husband and I just returned from the Carnival Cruise to the Eastern Caribbean on the GLORY. This completely sucked! I advised them of my food allergy - they missed my entree', but got it in on the appetizer. So 2 nites recovering with hives and vomiting - thanks Carnival! Then the ship was so overrun with kids (we left ours home - wanted some alone time) that we never got to use the hot tub or the pool (separate for adults) - and when we told staff - there was nothing anyone could do about it. There were even kids in the casino - but nothing was enforced. IT was so crowded - nothing like the commercials or advertising! For a FUN ship, we missed the fun part. Complaining to Carnival - doesn't work. They don't care - they have their money! So much for a special anniversary cruise. I felt like we were on a DISNEY cruise - no lie! Kids were up and down the hallways until 3am playing tag. When security finally comes, they don't see anyone. Liberty travel - I hate you!!! I will never refer anyone to you or Carnival - and will do my best to let everyone know how your customer service is beyond lacking - it is non-existent. Thanks for ruining a week of our lives and wasting our money. BUYERS BEWARE!
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Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2006-02-28:
If people would check sites like this BEFORE their travel a lot of these could be avoided. I had no idea about Carnival until I came here, but I can assure you I won't be cruising with them anytime soon (or renting a UHaul truck or making a collect call from prison!).
Posted by PWee on 2006-08-05:
I wish I had come onto this site before I booked and we went on our Carnival Cruise last month. You're so right! They don't care about anything that happens on that ship, don't enforce the hot tub rules and it's crawling with kids. The pool slide was closed 2/4 days and once they reopened it, the water ice cold. I think the people who work on board Carnival are just as miserable and maybe that's why they just don't give a damn.
Posted by DPinFL on 2006-10-08:
I'm sorry (and honestly a bit surprised) at the number of negative comments re: numerous cruises on Carnival that haven't met passenger expectations. I'll soon be taking my 30th cruise, using multiple cruise lines (including some that no longer exist), and I MUST be one of the luckiest people EVER, as I've had only one (1) cruise that was bad enough for me to say the entire thing was a waste of time and money. Earlier this month I did my fifth with Carnival, and it was one of the best ever!!
Perhaps this cruise line is very hit-and-miss, and I've just been fortunate to catch its 'hit' sailings. And there have rarely (if ever) been large numbers of children on any of my vacations - perhaps due to never sailing during spring break, when high school senior trips and college breaks are common.
mom on the run states: "I felt like we were on a DISNEY cruise - no lie! Kids were up and down the hallways until 3am..." Again, perhaps I'm still just lucky, but especially on Disney Cruise Line I've found their children's programs are so popular that the kids WANT to stay in those special areas exclusive to them, and they don't want to be running around unsupervised. The counselors are really that good, and it's a great break for the parents.
OK, if my luck continues that way it has, I'll encourage others to join the 2/25/07 sailing on Carnival Sensation. I intend to have a great time on that vacation, and I'd like to see others of you doing the same thing. Have a great day, all !!!
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-12-13:
What a dolt! Everyone knows Carnival sux and don't say it's like DISNEY, Disney is one of the BEST cruise lines and kills Carnival! Carnival is called the welfare cruise line for a reason, it's cheap, low quality, and the passengers leave a lot to be desired. I guess Carnival would be great for a 22 year old but not a "mature" cruiser. You get what you deserve when you went with Carnival and you should have done your home work, nobody feels sorry for you.
Posted by sxcavanaugh on 2010-02-15:
Carnival is just awful. It isn't as if the complainers don't spell out exactly what displeases them. The food it low quality, often cold, and they insult you by charging for everything except the air you breath. The decor is laughable, the ships reek of smoke, and the the shows and activities are just God-awful. How is that a shock or a surprise? Are you telling me that you like dehydrated eggs, cold toast stacked on a tray, and burnt bacon?
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Carnival Imagination 12/15/2005
Posted by RAD on 01/30/2006
MIAMI, FLORIDA -- On December 15, 2005 my Stepson and I left on a four-day cruise on the Carnival Imagination out of the Port of Miami. I purchased the cruise as a graduation present for Allen and it was to be a chance for him and I to get to know each other a bit better. While we did get to know each other better, we were totally disappointed with everything about the cruise. I have been a passenger with Carnival on two different occasions, once on the Imagination and I chose this ship because of prior experience. Needless to say it was a major mistake. One of the first things I noticed upon boarding the ship was that the ship was far from clean. Outside of out stateroom was dirt and garbage. When we left the ship this dirt and garbage was still there. Upon entering the stateroom, Allen noticed that an electrical outlet was hanging from the wall. Shortly after the muster drill I notified the pursers desk and they told me that this would be taken care of in the very near future. It was still hanging from the wall the day we left the ship and it should be noted that this was a 220 volt outlet.

This was and probably still is a major safety hazard. The first evening was somewhat enjoyable, other than the food, which was served cold and it was impossible to find a clean table on deck. Staff would let dirty plates, glasses, silverware and napkins sit on the tables on deck and in the other dining areas of the ship for hours and staff would walk by the tables and not even make an attempt to clean up the areas. Throughout the ship one could find dirty plates, silverware, glasses, napkins and other garbage and it would still be there hours later. The overall quality of the food on this cruise was terrible. The only night we ate in the main ding room was the night of the Captains dinner. The Lobster that was served was cold and rubbery. It was so bad that everyone who was at our table sent it back only to have the second Lobster that was brought to the table as bad if not worse than the first. My stepson finally ended up ordering prime rib and it to was cold and not cooked the way he ordered. I never did eat my dinner that evening. Overall the food on this ship was not edible. The food served on deck was always and I repeat always cold. The restaurants never opened when they were supposed to and the food service staff was extremely rude.

Several people expressed their dissatisfaction at the overall quality of the food. My biggest complaint regarding this cruise was the insulting offer Carnival made to my stepson and myself to compensate us for our dissatisfaction with this cruise was the offer of $25.00 shipboard credit on our next cruise and the offer of a "Bon Voyage" gift on our cabin on our next cruise with Carnival. When I called Carnival to express my dissatisfaction with this offer they became very ruse and actually hung up on me. I then sent a second letter to the president of Carnival and I received another letter, not from him, but from one of his special advisors. I knew that my letter would never cross his desk. The second letter that I received was also an insult as far as I am concerned. IT is very apparent that Carnival does not care about their guests anymore taking into consideration the overall poor quality of their product and their customer service. Because of this I flatly refuse to ever set foot on another Carnival Ship or a ship belonging to one of their sister lines. I would advise anyone to think twice before setting foot on one of Carnival's so called "Fun Ships." This last cruise that I had with Carnival was anything but enjoyable.
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Posted by Slimjim on 2006-01-30:
Carnival has always been known as the bargain cruise line. While one can certainly enjoy one of their cruises, many also have made similar compalints. Even though Cunard is a sister line, it's world's away at the other end of the spectrum.
Posted by Ms.Consumer on 2006-01-30:
Is Carnival the Ford Fiesta of the cruise lines?
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-01-31:
Thanks for the google, slim. Maybe you can actually go on a cruise someday to backup your claims.
Posted by Slimjim on 2006-01-31:
I go on cruises quite a bit Pirate. See, people with jobs can afford to do that. Now should a post about cruisin the YMCA for dates come up, we'll let you take the floor.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-01-31:
Oh, I guess you work in the galley, so that's how you pay for your passage. Maybe you can address the cold and rubbery lobster then.
Posted by Slimjim on 2006-01-31:
Yeah sure, that's it. We usually just swim the lobster in tartar so no one notices.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-01-31:
Well, make sure the refrigeration is in working order, after all that's delicate seafood. I think you know where I'm going with this.
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Bedbugs on the ship
Posted by Adamselizabeth5879 on 11/25/2011
MIAMI, FLORIDA -- We cruised on the Carnival Liberty from Nov. 5 to Nov. 12, 2011. We unknowingly brought back bedbugs from the ship and right now we are battling to avert a major infestation. Before the cruise, we did not have bedbugs and we had not traveled anywhere for several months. The only way we could have gotten them was when our luggage was transported on and off the ship with hundreds of other passengers' bags, or if they were in our cabin. I am writing to Carnival's corporate office to inform them of this as well but I do not expect to get a response. Be warned, folks.

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Posted by Alain on 2011-11-26:
I have some friends going on Carnival in a few weeks. I'll warn them and thank you! I'll also pass it along to a travel agent friend of ours. She's had numerous problems with Carnival, as well.
Posted by jonthethird on 2011-11-26:
Bedbugs are a major problem at all hotels, cruise ships, where ever a group of random people gather. You can find bedbugs in the best hotels and the lowest. They are a scourge which has grown with the ability to travel easily.
Posted by raven2010 on 2011-11-26:
A local TV station recently did a report on the very high end hotels here in Ohio's capital that have had bedbug issues.

Those darn things are worse than cock roaches!
Posted by madconsumer on 2011-11-26:
i have read there is a spray that can be used while traveling to kill bedbugs. bad part is, the can is too large for carry-on.

whenever i travel, i always pull the sheets up near the foot of the bed and inspect the matress seems for evidence of them. this way i can do something.
Posted by raven2010 on 2011-11-26:
Mad, according to an expert interviewed by Dateline, those sprays as well as other options folks use when traveling just dont work.

Posted by jktshff1 on 2011-11-26:
Couple of helpful sites
Posted by Skye on 2011-11-26:
The only thing that will kill bed bugs dead, is HEAT.

There was a show on TV and this family had their entire house infested with bed bugs, and finally a pest control company came in, and told them, heat is the only thing that will kill them. They heated their entire house to 160 degrees, (family was not in it) and 48 hours later, those nasty bugs were dead.

It's horrible because nobody is safe from them. They get into luggage, movie theatre's, furniture trucks that remove old mattresses and deliver new ones, are also now being infested with bed bugs.

I just hope I never have to experience them.
Posted by Nohandle on 2011-11-26:
I hope I never experience it either Skye. I don't know of anyone personally who has had this problem but once locally a family, squeaky clean family, ended up with head lice with the children. That poor woman almost reached the point of being paranoid for fear her children would become re-infected.
Posted by jay p on 2013-02-15:
You have no idea
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Not satisfied at all
Posted by Thekaylee on 10/11/2009
The ships decor and atmosphere is terrific. but every activity costs a fortune and you have to use a sail and sign card (no cash accepted). the fine dining wasn't that fine, they had alternate dining of crappy food with fancy names, like fresh eggs that were powdered eggs, and only unsweetened tea and water and coffee to drink. They only have coke products for your fountain card, and they only come in can form. I didn't purchase one and I had tea or water all day, and oj in the morning. When I asked for oj in the day they wanted to charge me. So if you don't enjoy water or tea you will be thirsty. Their 24 hour pizzaria offers pepperoni that id never pay for so thank god it was included, adn the five deli options never change. The other pizzas offered had weird things on it like artichokes and anchovies, and the pizza maker loved to ignore customers. My fine dining was awful, wrecked by some redneck with no shoes always comming to dine drunk and loud, and even though we asked the waiter to ask him to calm down they did not, and I didn't want to return for a third try at "fine dining" in which the food portions are so tiny and they bring you coke in a can to sit next to your fine silverware. Overall it did not feel fancy at all. The bingo offered on the ship is $20 for three tiny squares, and everything seemed to have a hidden motive to get you to spend money. I felt so hungry at the end of everyday that I ordered room service ( inclusive) but the ten options on room service were awful to, and I ate pbj all week. It didn't seem liek we ever ported long enough to spend a true day at either destination, and you can't swim in the two pools onboard because they are super tiny and full of children. The nicest person I met was greg, our housekeeper, and the best activity offered was the casino and the comedy acts. The songdance shows they put on are good if your into that kinda thing, but all the free giveaways come with long seminars that push you to buy things from them. They had cheaper alcohol onboard but you can only order it and receive it when you get OFF the ship, and if you have access to any military posts you get the same price because its tax free. Overall I had an awful time and wasted enough money that I couldve gone on four other vacations. Ill never cruise carnival again, id rather spend the same amount flying ot the same destinations to visit. And be careful of the hidden gratuities they try to sneak on your sail and sign bill, and the 2 dollar gratuities tacked on to every alcoholic drink. I had more fun in Jacksonville before boarding the cruise, and I had more fun on my ten hour drive home than my five day all inclusive but so inclusive cruise. Please research carefully before choosing your vacation on the water. The pictures and excursions are not what they seem, and they offer things you can experience and buy anywhere else for cheaper or the same price. although I cruised fascination, I feel that I was deceived and do not feel as though their other ships would be any better.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-10-11:
I guess I am confused. the ONE thing cruises offer is tons and tons and tons and tons of FOOD. Did you not look into the options/menu before you booked??
Posted by new57 on 2009-10-11:
All cruise lines make money hawking drinks. It is a major revenue source for them, and can make or break their bottom line. Not defending them, but it is, what it is.

If you want a better experience, you need to go with RCCL. I have been on both, and it is a totally different and better experience on RCCL. IMHO.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-10-11:
So, how were the ports you visited?

Seriously, I've cruised Carnival 3 times and never had an issue with food. They also don't 'sneak' any gratuities on your bill, whatsoever. They make you well aware of what they will charge you for extras, including pop.

Yes, you can buy duty free items during your cruise, you just can't collect them until the last night (which the crew delivers to your stateroom, for free).
Posted by thekaylee on 2009-10-12:
i know. all ive heard is about the great food and i was so excited and then dissapointed. the options were slim and everything seemed fancied up instead of actually being fancy or good. we asked the woman at guest service what gratuities would be charged to our card, like it stated in our first newsletter onboard, and she told us it was part of the cruise cost we already paid for. But then when we received our sail and sign bill there were two seperate gratuities of fifty bucks each, which they removed with no issues, but i wonder who else had that on their bill and never noticed?
Posted by thekaylee on 2009-10-12:
the desserts that were chocolate tasted like they were made with unsweetened chocolate, and they had congealed cubes of fruit flavored blocks, but it wasn't jello, it was just weird. And they offered some kind of pudding/mouse thing that i cant even define, and cookies that were dry and crumbled with one bite.... the talapia was good, and the french toast was the best i ever had, but the condiment jars were left empty forever, and the baggettes were burnt. At one meal my husband asked for tongs to pick the bread up with and was ignored.... who else in that buffet line touched my bread that night fishing for one of their own?
Posted by thekaylee on 2009-10-12:
the things i did like were the escargot and the breakfast, the coffee ice cream, and the ham and cheese sandwhiches were good too.
Posted by Slimjim on 2010-02-03:
I don't know, certainly points of dissatisfaction here are SOP on cruises, but some others, maybe not. I know MM has always said the food has been good on Carnival on her trips, and I'm sure many have no complaints on that, but it does seem to come up more as under par than other lines in the general complaint area. Caned soda with dinner? That is a bit lame. Crowded pool and kids everywhere is another Carnival sticking point with a lot of reviews. Seems to me, Carnival probably is a great family cruise line (never did this line), but maybe more discerning couples and singles only patrons should opt for another.
Posted by UPSET CARNIVAL TRAVELER on 2010-02-08:
I just traveled with Carnival, I had 37 people in my group and everyone except the 3 kids HATED the food. Several of us had serious intestinal issues while on the ship. We ate off the ship every chance we got. The dining room was really bad. I have traveled with Royal Caribbean numerous times and enjoyed the buffet, dining room, midnight desert buffets...yum! All of the deserts tasted like flavorless cake mixes with different frostings, everything was stale and dried out.
Posted by sxcavanaugh on 2010-02-15:
Just got back this morning. Listen, the food is beyond terrible. The decor is tacky, the activities are lackluster, and the entire ship smells like an ashtray. I went to the "fine dining" the first night and literally got sick to my stomach. It wasn't even close to Denny's quality, frankly. I didn't go back. I thought the room service options were not that bad- but overall, in all seriousness, I would not accept another cruise on Carnival if they gave it to me for free. It was, by a massive margin, the worst vacation experience of my life.

I know it is difficult to hear that- but honest reviews are a true service to others. I have sailed other cruise lines, and they all put Carnival to shame. Carnival is truly terrible- every other line, especially Disney, puts a right beating on them in every category.
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REFUND on approx. $6000.00 of my money
Posted by UNHAPPY CLIENTS on 11/13/2006
CALIFORNIA -- In July, we were booked on the PRIDE for Mexico. Due to tropical storm the cruise was diverted to Canada. Passengers had the option of going to Canada or get a refund within 70 days. We opt to get a refund. Today is 11/13/2006, it's over 70 days and NO refund or contact from Carnival. I've been on the phone w/them for 3 wks now. The first call verified I was due a refund but I have to wait till someone calls me back from customer relations dept. NO CALLS. NOW the story is I've never cancelled the trip, I have to talk to someone else. All I've been getting is the run around. I was a very loyal customer because of this I'm NO LONGER a loyal customer. I WANT MY MONEY BACK. BEWARE of corp bullies and as far as I'm concern THIEVES. I wanted take some of the credit toward a Holiday cruise, but I have to paid for the Holiday cruise and WAIT for my refund after penalties been deducted for NOT cancelling my cruise. Which is a LIE. I have the flyer they handed out at Long Beach Pier,the name of the person that wrote our name down for a refund and I have witnesses. THEY HAVE APPROX. $6000.00 of MY MONEY. I WORK HARD FOR MY MONEY, I WANT IT BACK, YOU BULLIES.
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Posted by Slimjim on 2006-11-13:
I can't believe that credit for that cruise came down to someone standing on the pier taking names. There must have been a procedure and forms to fill out, or something more official? How could they say you didn't cancel if you were not on the Canadian diverted cruise? $6000 isn't pocket change. If they can't rectify your credit, you are probably going to want to talk to an attorney.
Posted by Skye on 2006-11-13:
Oh man, this doesn't sound good. Do you have have anything in writing that you wrote that you were cancelling??? That is insane they are giving you the run around. I agree with slim, you may have to get a lawyer, or maybe just pay for a consult with a lawyer, and he can write them a legal letter on your behalf. I am sure you don't want to rack up lawyer fees on top of this fiasco.
Posted by Doe3001 on 2006-11-13:
I smell scam. Read carefully the fine print and terms and conditions. If you decide to sue them it will probably cost you more than 6,000. Read my profile to se what you can expect from some "legitimate" companies. Meanwhile, if you paid with a credit card, call them. My credit card helped me to recover 1,254.95 USD one "legitimate" online travel agency tried to steal from me.
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