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Sent me the wrong order. Returned it. Never got my order. Billed me. Tried to resolve for 3 months
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One 5/9 I ordered some clothes from Casual Living, a catalog company. A few weeks later, I got a package with someone else's order but the correct invoice.

I returned the product two days later in their original packaging using their label.

They billed me.

It is now July 17th and I have not gotten a package with my product.

I have called them 4 times to talk about what happened. Two of the times I waited for a customer service agent for 20 minutes before I hung up. Two times I've gotten an agent. Once was in June and once in July. Both of them told me that there had not been time to get it back and to give them a week.

I asked for a supervisor to call me. They said he'd call within 2 business days. No one has called.

I've contacted my bank to contest the charges for no product.

I'd like to know how to put this out on social media. They do not have a Facebook page. Their catalog says 100% customer satisfaction. I'm not satisfied at all.
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Alain on 07/18/2011:
Casual Living, Inc. of 300 Constitution Dr., Tauton, MA 02780 is also part of Boston Apparel Group (same location-ph#'s (508) 895-3000 & 895-4183). You might try contacting the consumer protection office of the Massachusetts Attorney Generals Office at (617) 727-2200 for some advice (since the physical location of this company is in MA). I didn't notice any social media links for the company so using consumer sites such as this are your best way of relaying your experience.
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Customer No Service
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MASSACHUSETTS -- I ordered two shirts from Casual Living ( that promised to be flattering. When I first wore them, the fabric was "sticky" and stuck and hung up on everything I tried to wear them with (pants, skirts, all kinds of fabrics). It took me some time to cycle them through my wardrobe to see if anything would work; then additional time to try different things at the cleaners to get them to lay flat. I ended up returning them after the return period simply because I tried everything I could think of to make it work. I was told I couldn't return them even tho it was a fabric defect. I asked for a supervisor who told me to mail them in, at my expense, to their Return Review board who would decide. I spent quite a bit of time and postage to document everything and sent it off only to get the shirts mailed back to me with a form letter from Customer Service (not the Return Review board) that they no longer carried this item. This had nothing to do with my original return and was also something that they could have told me by phone or email before I spent time & money returning them. I emailed them asking for an escalation to a manager with no response at all for over a week. I emailed again and got an email that promised a representative was being assigned and I would hear within 24 hours. That was over a week ago and no one has contacted me.

So this is warning to online/catalog clothing buyers that Casual Living does not stand behind its products, have no customer service if you are returning instead of buying and couldn't care less what the customer experience is. Buy your clothing elsewhere - there are lots of great retailers out there with good customer service. I'll never buy from them again.
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Anonymous on 03/07/2011:
I think your best bet is to return items following the company's return policy. When you try to buck the system problems usually arise.
momsey on 03/07/2011:
Not only did you try to return the stuff after the return period, you had clearly worn it and cleaned it. You believe it to be a fabric defect, but it might just be the nature of the fabric they used. The best thing to do is try to get a good idea of how the fabric and fit feels when you first get it, and return it ASAP if there's something about it that you don't like. Why bother trying different things to get something to work when you can just return it and shop elsewhere?
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Responding to a complaint about clothing store Casual Living USA
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PO BOX 41, MASSACHUSETTS -- I had the same problem with not receiving a clothing order and was told that it was shipped but it never arrive. I just learned when calling their order number that the company has gone out of business.
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jktshff1 on 10/27/2011:
FYI, a link or a posting on the review that you are talking about would be helpful.
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ORDER NEVER RECEIVED. DOES NOT ANSWER TELEPHONES. CALLS THAT DO GET. Answered are not professional and they are rude and unhelpful.

DO not know what to do about order at this point.
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BEJ on 06/29/2011:
If you paid by credit card--dispute the charge with your credit card company.
madconsumer on 06/29/2011:
great review.

very helpful!!
Disaster Worker on 06/30/2011:
Also watch them carefully for what they call "Bill Me Later". If you hit that option thinking it is to bill you after you receive the merchanize, you'll get a big surprise on your next credit card bill. "BML" is a type of subscription service for about $20 a month that doesn't produce anything except generate revenue for them. It's almost impossible to get stopped if you hit that button.
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The Worst Customer Service
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I've ordered a dress in April. It was on back-ordered until May 3. Today, it's June 13th and I still don't have it. I call every day for the last 4 weeks and nothing!

No one knows why my order hasn't been shipped. Management does not return my calls.
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Alain on 06/14/2011:
It's time to cancel the order with them and let them know that you're not satisfied with their service.
paulette1 on 10/26/2011:
the company went out of business try calling their number 1 800 843 1881
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