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Penalty Charges!
Posted by Tegardens on 03/25/2011
BEWARE Cavalier not only over charges for monthly fees but if you do not provide written notice in advance of 30 days before having your service changed to another provider they will continue to charge you for those days! Even if your initial contract was dated 10 years ago.

Wow I wonder how many of my customers would put up with that if they chose to hire another contractor? Unbelievable!

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Rotten Service and Deficient Technical Service
Posted by Trialboy6 on 03/08/2011
When first contracting with Cavalier I had an echo on my telephone line for 9 months. My clients were convinced my telephone line was being recorded. It took numerous calls and three letters to correct the problem only to have the echo replaced by voice mail problems for 7 days. This was a business account and caused substantial problems with clients and new business. I had email issues due to apparent fluctuations in the T1 bandwidth and rejection of attachments for months. I terminated my service November 30, 2010 and it took until late February 2011 to get one of the lines to a new location. I still have billing issues with Cavalier trying to determine the termination fee well into four months since the change order.

Use Cavalier at your peril.
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Posted by Skye on 2011-03-08:
Never heard of Cavalier. What area's/states do they provide or not provide service for.
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Excellent Customer Service
Posted by Jldel on 01/28/2011
RICHMOND, VIRGINIA -- I have never written a review of any company, but I have been so impressed by Cavalier's customer service that they deserve to be recognized.

I have used them for 2 years. I switched to Cavalier from Verizon (which I had for almost 10 years)because there were service issues with my phone that they refused to fix. I purchased a phone line and DSL. The DSL didn't work because of the same issue I was having with Verizon. I didn't contact customer service because I didn't have the money to pay for a service call or the patience to make the call.

After about a month, Cavalier called me to say that they saw that I had never hooked up my DSL; and asked if I needed assistance. They offered to send someone out for free to hook it up for me. I agreed, knowing that it was the same issue that Verizon couldn't fix for less than $300, but decided to see what they said. A tech came out, and had it fixed within an hour, for no charge. For a procrastinator like me, who hates to make phone calls, this was the greatest service I could have hoped for.

I have never needed contact with them again, since two years ago, until this week. I subscribed to Netflix but was not able to stream for more than a few minutes without it stopping to retrieve more data. I sent a message to the support email to say that my connection was slow and asked if there was an update I had missed.

I received a call within a half an hour. Ian said that he had already checked into my issue, I needed a modem upgrade, and it was on its way to me, in the mail, free of charge.

A few days later, I did not have any Internet access and no dial tone on the phone. I sent another message to the support email and, again, received a call within a half an hour. I, unfortunately, did not get the customer service rep's name, but he was also extremely nice and helpful. The issue stemmed from the service ticket that was submitted from the ticket to upgrade my hardware. He was able to change the settings on my account and fix the issue. My phone had a dial tone within 5 minutes of being on the phone with him and the Internet was back on within 8 minutes. He stayed on the phone the whole time to make sure it was working.
I am very impressed with the response time, courtesy, and results of everyone I have dealt with at Cavalier. I would recommend them to everyone.
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Posted by Skye on 2011-01-28:
Interesting you are the first one to right a positive review about their service. They seem to have made a lot of people angry.

Glad you like their service and are very happy with it.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2011-01-28:
Good review
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Cavalier Telephone-Outrageous Charges!
Posted by PBOH on 12/21/2010
I have been with Cavalier Telephone and Internet for 3 years. For the most part I have been happy with the service. I recently needed to take off 2 of my 4 phone lines for my business, one was a fax we no longer used and one for an office that was damaged by a storm that we no longer used. They told me they would have to charge me $1400 in termination fees in order to take off the two lines. I explained to them that I no longer had use for the lines and had been a loyal client for 3 years paying $400 a month and I had just renewed for another three years a month before. The representative said she could not help me, it was a contract and there was no one I could speak to that would give me any other answer. I will be looking into cancelling with them in any way I can without paying a huge termination fee. I do not want to do business with people who have no sense of customer service.

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Posted by Alain on 2010-12-22:
They don't deserve your continued business. I noticed they have complaints about their customer service on 3 other websites, as well.
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Cavalier Service Undesirable
Posted by WayneRippy on 06/02/2010
ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA -- After considerable conversations with their sales force regarding their ability to provide us with two port forwarded IP addresses, and being reassured they could, we found out they couldn't unless we purchased an additional modem they were supposed to furnish as part of the agreement. That's the short part of the complaint. The worst part is it has now been over 6 months since I contracted for their services, and they have only partially provided what was agreed upon in the last month. but I have been billed as if I were fully up and running. The time spent with them as they pass you from person to person until you come right back to the original person you were dealing with is totally unacceptable. I would not recommend them to anyone for business services, if you want to utilize your time managing your own business, instead of helping Cavalier to manage theirs. As soon as my contact is over I am done with them.
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Cavalier won't port your number to others
Posted by Dadinthectiy on 12/07/2009
GEORGIA -- I tried twice to switch my phone service to Charter from Cavalier. In doing this, I was requesting to have my number ported to Charter.
On two different occasions, charter gave up trying. I am now trying with a different carrier.
We'll see what happens. If they won't port my number, I am going to make a FCC complaint.
I joined these folks for low price, but no matter what I do the price just keeps increasing with them. Stay clear of this company!
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Posted by i_am_canadian on 2009-12-07:
I don't think that the FCC would act on a complaint about something as trivial as a telephone number. In saying that, I don't know why Charter couldn't/wouldn't port your existing number over to them.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-12-07:
When I switched from Cavalier, retaining my old number wasn't even presented as a option. As for price, in my area Verizon charges around $6 a month less.
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Charged More Than Program Quoted
Posted by Gr8MomInMichigan on 04/17/2009
WATERFORD, MICHIGAN -- It turns out Cavalier’s quoted program of 24.95 costs me 38.40 per month (before taxes). I do not know how that works out, but my bill doesn’t make sense. I understand that there are fees associated with the service, but $13 is a lot of fees.

Also, it wasn’t until recently that they extended their customer service hours past 5:00 P.M. in their time zone.

Stay away from this company.

April 17, 2009
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Worst Company
Posted by Brooksie on 03/30/2009
NORFOLK, VIRGINIA -- I don't even know where to begin or why I stayed with this company for so long. First off, it took cavalier three months to get service in my house in 2006. For the past several years I had nothing but problems with the internet and phone being up and down, up and down, up and down because of the poor connection. I am a full time nursing student who is in need of a good internet service and with the problems that I have had with this company added stress to my studies. After speaking with representatives over the past years, well you can just call them liars. Because they promise your internet will be up one day and then it takes them two weeks to get you back up and running. Not only that but they billed me an outrageous bill of $300 and then turned and said it was because they audit my account. Because I never made a payment since 2006. So where were my funds going while on bill pay. Next thing is they had two accounts open in my name. I had no knowledge of it. I thought I had Phonemon. Here I had Phonemon and another services which they had the balls to send to my credit report. Which I had to dispute. I sent the headquarters three letters indicating my problems and never heard a word from them. To add more to this long note, they are now charging me another $200 bill. Stating that I have to pay for long distance calls. I am supposed to have phoneom. Long distance calls are supposed to be apart of my plan for $40 a month and I'm trying to dispute that but I am getting no where. They keep telling me that they are sending it to the billing department. Well its been a month. How long does the billing department take to figure out that they are stealing from customers. I am so fed up with this company. On top of this insanity, I am still with them. Well, they better get their acts straight, I have everything recorded and records in a file that is nice and thick and I am willing and ready to take legal action with this company.

I put up with so much stress and anxiety not to mention charging up my cell phone bills calling Cavalier about problems. I'm giving them 3 days to get their act straight, 3 days before they send this bill to my credit. If this so happens, I will take this further. They are not getting anymore cash from me. I'm done!!!!!!!!!!!

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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-03-30:
I just dropped Cavalier as my carrier because they refused to allow me to sign up for an advertised rate plan, even though I was an existing customer and service was available in my neighborhood. I got the same service from Verizon for less money. Consider switching carriers.
Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2009-03-30:
I suggest that you contact the Office of the Attorney General's Consumer Protection Division and the Federal Communications Commission.
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Mother Of Them All
Posted by Bjlynn on 03/02/2009
I liked Cavalier, until I moved. I moved from an apartment to a house sharing situation. I wanted to keep my phone and internet service. I called Cavalier in November to make the request. Told them I was moving on Dec 13, so would like to keep the phone hooked up through Dec 11, and turned on in new place on Dec 12. Was told since it was a separate line with a different company someone would need to be there to be sure it got hooked to correct room. Got home from work on Dec 5, phone dead, internet still working. Called tech, was told they already started moving the service, you moving. I replied it's not supposed to be done for another week. Tech said he could not promise, but would see if he could get service back. Came home next day no phone. Called the company on Monday, got nowhere and thought ok I will accept it. Called back on Dec 11 to make sure they were going to go there next day as I had arranged for someone to be there. Was told it had already been done. I said not possible, no one was there to let them in. She put me on hold, came back and said 1907 xxxxx. No I replied, 1908. I said tell you what I'm just going to cancel. I could not believe what she said next "cancel the move? I said no, cancel Cavalier service, I'm done.

Gets even better, a month later I get a bill for $85 for the billing period of Dec 6-Jan 7. Called again, was told the could adjust it down to $50 for what I asked. The man said it was the best he could do. I wrote them a letter, but they still sent me a bill for $50. Have file a complaint with BBB & Consumer protection.
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Cavalier Telephone Lied And Cheated Me
Posted by Cavilier cheats customers on 02/06/2009
FLORIDA -- Was unable to get service inside my home for 3 plus months. Kept the service for around 6 months plugged in outside my home. Then after I finally gave up and did not pay the bill. They kept billing me at the rate of 10 dollars extra on the past due bill per month. When I called to get the correct amount to pay this bill off ... I was hung up on. Yelled at.. Talked rudely to by at least 3 people. Some how they were not concerned about my paying the correct past due amount but just wanted to say over and over you did not pay the bill. And also please stop having people answer phones with other country accents that no one can understand. And then that person with the bad accent gets mad because he is not understood. And by the way.... None of the other telephone companies are that rude....Please learn from their examples. All I want is to get the correct amount on my past due bill. What happened to the seventy dollars you charged me to get your service?

Why are your employees so rude please give them a class on manners. Even if I owe you money you don't need to be rude or mean.

Mrs Sanders.
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