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Central Security Group
2448 E. 81st St. Suite 4300
Tulsa, OK 74137
888-642-4567 (ph)
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Security Monitoring in Austin
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Rating: 4/51

AUSTIN, TEXAS -- I was contacted by Jimmy on 11/19/2015 to discuss how the company would be able to assist with my circumstance. I was put at ease that someone with this company had the compassion to reach out and talk about solutions and/or listen to me. We did come to an agreement for the time being and will revisit my situation in three months. Jimmy, thank you for your call, your time and hope I can have positive communication in the near future.

Crooked/ Fraudulent business practice
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Rating: 1/51

Automatic annual renewal clause that is still in effect from 6 years ago is a little outrageous and is on the crooked side of doing business. Especially, since there is no updated paperwork inform the customer about being automatically renewed. How can a company continuing to charge the customer the monthly fee for the next 7 months and not providing any type of service is beyond me.

Company Response 11/19/2015:

Dear Customer,

Thank you for bringing your concerns to our attention. We are very alarmed at what you are describing in your review as it is far from the typical experience.

The renewal clause you referenced in your review was put in place as a safeguard feature to protect our customers. This has become an industry wide safety practice that has been proven to protect homes and loved ones.

Our leadership team would like to take a moment to walk through your experience, get your feedback and address your concerns.

Would you email your account information to csgcares@centralsecuritygroup.com at your earliest convenience. We look forward to speaking with you?

Thank you,

Bad Service
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Rating: 1/51

TULSA, OKLAHOMA -- This company will not stand behind its service techs that come to your home. The techs can tell and sell you anything, but the company will not back it up.

Central Security Group may be cheaper, but beware of the fine print.
By -

TULSA, OKLAHOMA -- Although cheaper than their competitors, avoid doing business with this Alarm System company. You have to sign a 3 year monitoring contract that cannot be moved to a new address, and is automatically renewable for another year, unless you notify them in writing that you do not want to renew the contract, 30 days before the expiration date. If you miss that date, even by a day or two, you are stuck with a monthly bill for a years monitoring service, even though you have moved, the equipment is no longer operative, (very expensive to repair) or you just no longer want the service.

This info is supposedly in a document attached to the contract which they may or may not provide you at the time of signing. Most reputable companies would provide a notice that the contract is about to be "automatically" renewed in ample time to accept the renewal or reject it. Central Monitoring depends on you to file the contract documents away and forget them until too late.

Buyer Beware!!!
By -

The service was great at first, then it became useless and a waste of money. First we had to sign a three year contract, which I suppose is understandable to cover the cost of installation and hardware. Then I discovered that they used to phone line to a bedroom as the security line, even though there was a separate phone line labeled "security line" in the junction box. Then we learned that our alarm had somehow been tripped while we were out shopping and had been going off for at least 45 minutes. We were never notified by the service or police, but did get the standard disingenuous apology when we called for an explanation.

After our three years were up we called to cancel. Unfortunately for us we were a month late and were told we were automatically committed to another year. "Read your contract," we were told, and there in the fine print, it was. Stupid me. The service has been none existent this last year. A few months ago I removed the now useless room motion detector to make room for a surround sound speaker. TWO WEEKS LATER they contacted us with information that the integrity of our system was compromised. TWO WEEKS!!!

To make no mistake, we called in advance to inform them that we would no longer need their service and we will call often to remind them. I have notified my bank and have stopped payment to this company. Sad that I have to take these measures but I no longer truth them - a security company I trusted our lives and belongings to. We have a dog now.

Negligence of service and unfair terms and practice
By -

TEMPE, ARIZONA -- This company offers very attractive price and gets consumers to sign a three-year contract. After a while we discovered that although the monthly fee was paid by us our home has not being monitored for over 6 months making the security of my family vulnerable, a service that we depended and paid for. And we were not informed about it until we contacted the company which confirmed that it had lost our signal.

This company makes consumers pay the monthly fee even after moving from the house, and threatens to harm the consumers credit if payment were not made. They don't provide monitoring service to the new location without a high transfer fee or a whole new contract and would not reimburse the fees for the period that was not monitored.
Please check the Better Better Business Bureau before you enlist this company's service.

Check The Permit Costs With Your City First
By -

Make sure if you sign up with this security system company you check the permit costs with your city first. The representative told me that my city did not charge for a permit. Turns out they did. $25... no big deal right? But the fact that they would not refund a measly $25 even though it was their fault that their list was not updated... just made me mad. Oh and good luck trying to talk to their customer service people. I waited like 3 weeks before someone even called me back.

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