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Rip Offs!
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Rating: 1/51

LONGMONT, COLORADO -- I have had service with this company at this address for a year. The entire year, my phone didn't work the way it should. When it rained or snowed or early in the morning when there is dew, there would be horrible static in the line. I had them come over maybe 8 times to try to repair whatever this was and was never charged a repair fee. I even asked them to come early in the morning when the problem was there which they did not do.

They came when they had time so of course the problem was not as obvious when they got here. After the last attempt at a repair, I found a card on my door telling me that my phone was fixed which it wasn't. I decided at this time to do something different for my home phone. I got the phone # ported and started my new service only to find that CenturyLink had tacked on an $85.00 repair charge for their last feeble attempt at a repair. I have called several times to find out what the fee was for only to be argued with, lied to, insulted and treated like complete and total crap.

They put me on hold to do some research and didn't come back on more than one occasion. The little that I did find out was that because I finally had enough of their BS and went with another company, they are now saying that the problem is in my house which is why they are charging me the $85.00. The problem isn't in my house because you go outside and plug a phone in the box. You can hear the static out there. This company is a bunch of thieves. I wouldn't recommend them for anything.

Hidden Fees Galore!
By -

I just signed up with CenturyTel for internet service that I thought was a great deal. I get my first bill and it's 4X what it should have been (yes 4 times more than what I signed up for). Here's why: They declined to inform me about a $15 equipment shipping charge. Granted I didn't specifically ask "will there be a shipping charge" but I did ask about installation related fees, of which they assured me there were none. The representative also noted on her report that she notified me of the $15 shipping fee, which she most certainly did not.

I asked about equipment rental fees, again the representative told me there were no rental fees. Then what the heck is the "$4.49 equipment fee" a month on my bill? "Oh, that's a "warranty fee" that I have to pay in case something happens... I guess I should have been a mind reader so I'd know specifically to ask if there is going to be a warranty fee because I've never heard of that before and the only way to opt out of paying a warranty on their equip is to buy your own. I wouldn't want to ship the equipment back though because I'll probably have to pay return shipping.

My first month was pro-rated and not counted as a "full month" so the discount I signed up for does not apply... What!? yeah, instead of starting your service the day it's installed, they designate a day that your service officially starts so when you sign up with a special offer that's for 12 months, it means 12 full months, starting whenever they feel like starting it (in my case, just short of a full month so I paid almost the entire service fee for my first month).

Finally taxes and misc fees, which I completely understand you have to pay but some of the fees were things from CenturyTel/CenturyLink like $1.25 internet access fee... isn't that part of what I'm paying for to begin with and not an extra expense? I get that $1.25 or $4.49 aren't' much but with all the hidden fees put together I am still paying twice what I should be paying for internet this month. I won't be continuing service with Centurytel/link when I'm done with my contract, I can tell you that much.

So many issues
By -

TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA -- I just moved to Tallahassee, FL and needed to connect local phone service. I originally went into the Embarq store to see how much they would cost to have both DSL and home phone service. The rep I spoke to said that "dial tone" service with no "bells and whistles" would cost $15 a month and the DSL would be $24.95. He then added that for "$4 more I could have voicemail, caller id, line protection, etc." I said, sure and he then stated that my bill per month would be $62. I may not have taken too many math classes in college, but if memory serves me $15 + $24.95 + $4 = 43.95, not 62. I told the rep that I changed my mind and only wanted the $15 dial tone service.

After trying to give me the DSL package with a free month and other things I didn't need...I finally convinced the rep (or so I thought) to give me just dial tone. I left the store with a massive receipt with cryptic codes on it and a date that my service was to be connected. Unsure of the rep's skills, I called Embarq after my service was turned on and was informed that my account had DSL, Voicemail, Caller ID, and all the other features I didn't request. I told the agent on the phone that I did not request any of those features and that I JUST wanted dial tone for $15 a month. She said she would take care of that and credit back my account.

The next month I receive a bill higher than expected and I noticed that unlimited *69 was placed on my account. I then called Embarq again explaining the situation. The first agent I spoke to said he could take *69 off my account, but that he would not credit my account because I "probably used it" I explained that I never requested anything on my account and that refusal to credit my account constituted "cramming" (the telephone term similar to bait and switch). The agent said I was being hostile and disconnected the call. I called back an hour later and had a credit applied to my account by speaking to a supervisor.

I thought everything was finally solved with Embarq, but this month I never received a bill and was almost late in paying. I was smart enough to go online and pay by electronic check before they charged me another fee. If this were 10 years ago, there wouldn't be anything I could do. However, I decided that enough was enough and I'm switching to VOIP for $9.95 a month and disconnecting my land line. LECs can't afford to treat their customers like AT&T did years ago.

High Fees, Monopoly
By -

My mother has a small business in Delafield, WI and was a CenturyTel / Centurylink customer for 19 years because there was no other provider in the area. With the advent of VoIP she decided to port her 3 numbers to Vonage and was informed by Vonage that CenturyTel would not let them port the numbers because there was no "agreement".

Mind you, she was being charged each month for "number portablity". A call to CenturyTel revealed that they would not port to Vonage because they were not a cable provider even though in federal court rulings Vonage has been determined to be in the same class as Time Warner's VoIP. We filed a complaint to the FCC and called Time Warner to have the numbers ported to them. Time Warner was hesitant to try to port because of issues they have had with CentruyTel ports in the past but finally agreed to try.

It took 3 months to get the numbers ported because of CenturyTel not cooperating with Time Warner but it finally got done. My mother was paying over $300 per month plus per minute charges for each call, local or not, with no internet. Now she is paying less than $100 per month for all 3 lines and internet and couldn't be happier. Also, about a month after the FCC complaint was filed they stopped charging the "number portability" charge.

The day that CenturyTel / Centurylink goes out of business will be great day for the American consumer. Their fees are outrageous and customer service is horrible and they will do anything to keep you from switching to another company, even violating federal law, and yet not give you a price break. If you have a choice, stay away from this company.

Idiotic company
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Rating: 1/51

PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- I signed up for internet service from CenturyLink and told them I needed my house connected to their lines outside. I had a modem and would take care of the rest. They sent me a 100 dollar modem and nobody came out to connect my house. When I called and complained, I was told someone would be out the next day. A serviceman showed up, took one look and told me my house was not connected to their lines (DUHHH).

I told him that is why he was here. He left, saying that was my problem, not his. I called CenturyLink, cancelled any service, sent back the unordered modem, and told them what I thought of them. Today I get a bill for 88 dollars for the service that was never hooked up and was advertised at 35 dollars a month. I never had service with them, and I tell you now, I never will. BUYER BEWARE.

Put On Hold
By -

You ever get home from work and it had been a hard day, and it's the start of Labor Day weekend, and you make plans for your last vacation of the year, and then you find out that your phone (land line) is down, no internet either, so you call and they tell you they'll have it fixed within 24 hours. Well all that is fine I guess if you don't have plans. What gets me is this, and I'm going to prove this with video and post it on YouTube, there was still 2 hours left in the work day this past Friday when my plans had to be cancelled, because I had to stay home and wait on them to show up the NEXT DAY.

I see all these CenturyLink trucks or vans sitting at cafes or restaurants from 8 to 10 in the mornings and 3 till 4:30 in the afternoon. I'm already paying for a service that is finding its way to being obsolete. With cell phones taking over, you'd think that they would be a little more energetic about keeping you as a customer. But why would they care? That's what happens when you have to depend on them as they are the only phone company. I know one thing if your power (electric) goes out the power company is usually right on it. No matter what time it is.

Worst customer service
By -

HUNTSVILLE, ALABAMA -- Took my specialty car in for service... HORRIFIED with their lack of concern for WE THE PEOPLE!!! We pay them for quality not BS, or back talk. They do not practice what they preach. An Ethics class is advisable. Suggestions. STAY FAR AWAY!!! And do your research 1st.

South Side Motors 8th Street . Highly recommended this co. Will be happy to help with all your questions & answers. They will teach. Allow you to observe. Happy to share their knowledge. No behind the curtain deals here. They treat your high $$$ baby just as if it was their own. Pass this to every one you know. They will be grateful.

Compliment, after reading a complaint
By -

This family has had nothing but professional and unusually good treatment from personnel at the Century BMW Auto Dealership in Huntsville, Alabama for several years. We have purchased autos there in the past. Currently own 2 automobiles purchased there and plan to return there in the future. Experience with the sales staff has always been carried out in a professional manner.

All following service work has also been satisfactorily completed in the same professional manner. I'm sorry to read about someone having an unhappy experience there. I agree somewhat with the writer who complained about service work prices and parts prices; but, remember this is a luxury auto so be prepared to spend a little more for the service training, and dealer knowledge to ride in a fine automobile. For what it's worth, my 3 cents!!!

CenturyLink = Century Stink
By -

CenturyLink. As a student, the internet is very important. Internet means being able to connect to the internet. With Century Stink it is a crap shoot. The past three weeks, there have been 3 outages. I was OK during the first, though I was working on a school project. Two weeks ago there was another. Now, contacting their tech support I learned that they were working on it. Internet came back up... no speed whatsoever.

I contacted Century Stink again. Oh, guess what? They no longer offer 24/7 tech support. Since the last outage, it is a service they no longer provide. 5 days now of horrid service and slow speeds. Maybe I should quit my job so I can reach their tech support people? I always love to hear how they are working on a problem and being thanked for my patients. I didn't say I had any. I am working on school.

Today, AGAIN, there was an outage. Again, I am told that may be by tomorrow I will have internet access. I won't touch their bundle billing packages, and the fact that every bill is different. How? I don't know. Glad I have a cell phone, and cable is being installed. Stay away from Century Stink at all costs!

Customer Service
By -

MARINETTE, WISCONSIN -- Well it began with my DSL not working the day it was supposed to be activated. I had only had my phone service for a few days. I called and they told me I had not been billed for it, and the billing for my normal phone service was all wrong and they would have to completely redo my order. I attempt to patiently have it redone, and end up knocking my DSL service down to the lowest level, knowing that I now cannot afford the service I had first requested.

They said normally there is a $35 fee for moving the service down, but they would credit that because I was unaware of all these extra costs. My 2nd bill arrives and there's a $35 fee! I call and ask about it - they said that yes they see the note on my account about it, and apologize, and that it'll be credited on my next bill. Next month arrives and it's still not credited. I call again and they apologize, say they will add it immediately. FINALLY the 4th month my $35 + tax is credited.

Other stuff: the VERY first day my phone was hooked up, after just a few hours, I get a telemarketer call - an automated voice message from Sprint PCS Wireless, which isn't even available in my area. I call Sprint a couple times with no luck. I try calling CenturyTel, and the rep says she can try to block the number for me, but I'll have to pay for it.

What - pay to have a # blocked that's annoying me when I never even signed up for their services, blah blah blah! I said I'd think about it. Several days later I call, desperate, and that I'll try it. She's going through to add it to my account. I wait for like 5, 10 minutes. Finally she says "sorry, it's not available in your area." What? You coulda told me that first, instead of having me wait! I tell ya, each customer service rep tells you something different. I hate it!

Another time, I see a "3-way call" on my bill. I never remember doing such a thing - I have no idea how to even initiate a 3-way call! It took some pondering, but I finally realized the # I supposedly called was CenturyTel's 1-800 Residential Service number! Gee whiz, it's their OWN number, and they're trying to charge me? They claimed that evidently I had not quite hung up before calling another #, and that's how it happened. I argued with them, begging to get it credited (for reasons listed above).

Finally they said they'd talk to their supervisor. More waiting. Then they finally said they were able to credit it. They forgot to credit the 2 cents of tax, like they were supposed to, but at this point I was like, who cares. Oh yeah - and this same day, I told them to add every kind of block imaginable on my account, so I don't accidentally dial any of this stuff and get charged for it. Months later...

I meant to dial the code that would block my caller ID information to the person I was calling. I THOUGHT it was *69, but I guess it was *67. Before I could do anything about it, I began to hear the last person I called. Argggh! The next day I call CenturyTel about it and asked why there wasn't a block for that, when I had requested it. She said she didn't see one but that she would add it. I wait maybe 5 minutes while she does that, and credits my account. She says to call back when I receive my statement to request credit, and that she had added a note on my account about it. Next month...

I call about the charge, and they credit my account. I then ask about the block, and they said it's not available for "Call Return". I try everything I can to ask things like "even if I did it unknowingly - if it was an accident, etc." but they said - "I'll credit this time, but not next time". Frustrated, I hung up, and vowed to not use so much as a free caller ID block - 'cause next time, if I dial wrong, it won't be free!

Once I get my tax return, I'm seriously considering switching to wireless (cell phone). Yeah, it may cost a little more (right now I have the bare minimum 'cause I don't need all those extra features) but I'm hoping I'll have less hassle and not have to continually contact Customer Service to credit my account about this or that!

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